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44th Annual Daytime Emmys Competition Gets Underway!


The 44th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards entry and judge registration process has begun!  Now through November 22nd is a key deadline for early submissions with the final date for daytime drama performer pre-nomination tape submissions December 16th.  The final deadline for everything related to registration and more is on December 21st.

This year brings some new developments in the acting categories.  NATAS has added the Oustanding Supporting/Guest Actor and Actress in a Digital Drama Series categories.  Contenders for this category will go directly to the blue ribbon round.  Younger Actor and Actress submissions, as in the last few years, will also go directly to the blue ribbon round.

As for the rules for pre-nomination submissions for the daytime drama performer categories, actors can choose material from one or two episodes max … and up to 4 minutes in total. However in a new rule change this year, during the blue ribbon final round of judging, daytime drama pre-nominated performers can choose scenes from up to 4 episodes creating a reel that is up to 20 minutes long.

NATAS’ David Michaels, Sr. VP Daytime Emmy Awards, said of the exciting road to Emmy gold ahead: “In watching all the incredible performances this year on your favorite daytime dramas, I am very excited to see what scenes the actors will choose to represent the best of their work for the competition.”

So, what do you think of the rule change allowing the pre-nominees to create a reel utilizing scenes from up to four episodes for the blue-ribbon round?  Who do you think is a standout thus far this year that deserves an Emmy nod? Share your thoughts below!

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21 Comments on "44th Annual Daytime Emmys Competition Gets Underway!"

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Will it be aired on television this time?

Scott (ATWT Fan)

The NATAS stated last year that they would be focusing their efforts in establishing a network to broadcast on. Would rather they broadcast online, though.

James R. Poissant

Oh, good—I can see Jane Elliot, Laura Wright, and Leslie Charleson all from GH picking out the reels they want the panel to see. Those ladies were fabulous in their work and I will take any win in any category for these 3!!!



James R. Poissant

Oops—my bad—didn’t mean to forget Maura—you’re right—she is also a powerful actress.

Scott (ATWT Fan)

Jane won’t submit; she’s stated, on multiple occasions, she’s not into the Emmy race. The only reason she put herself in the one year she was nominated because the GH team told her to or they’d do it for her, or something like that. So, I don’t expect to see her submitting herself for nomination.

James R. Poissant

Balls of fire—I didn’t know that—Deidre Hall on DAYS is the same way. I guess Jane knows that she doesn’t need a statue to know that we all love her. She sure does know how to steal the show when she’s on though.


I’m sure there are going to be submissions from GH…Nancy/Alexis, Morgan, Laura/Carly, Maurice/Sonny, Maura/Ava, Kiki all gave excellent performances…but it all for angst stuff. I wish there were more happy, fun types of Emmy Award winners. I don’t blame these excellent actors for submitting them, but I am sooo tired of all of the heavy, dark story lines. Writers…soaps are supposed to be the escape genre, not what GH has turned into.

Mary SF

Well 20 minutes is better than 4 — it will give a better indication of what the actor can do– just because someone has one great scene all year doesn’t mean they should get the Emmy and that is what was happening– this way judges will be able to see if the one scene translated into many scenes— hope they will televised it this year.


The previous 4 mins was a bit short, but 20 mins? Too long!


So many great from GH this year!!!! I do feel like it is Laura’s year


It would be nice to have it on TV this year, so we all can watch it!! Laura Wright, Nancy Graham, Maura West, Brian Craig and of course, Maurice Bernard…. please put it on TV,,, PLEASE


Laura Wright has so much emotional, excellent quality material from the past few weeks, it’s gonna be hard for her to narrow it down, I’m sure. I can’t speak for the quality on other shows, but I honestly can’t imagine anyone being as consistently good as she’s been. I would say just give her the Emmy right now, but I am admittedly biased, so we’ll wait for the process to play out, lol.

Hopefully Maurice Benard doesn’t get overlooked again. I don’t know why, but he never gets the recognition he deserves. He’s only won the one Emmy back in 2003, and hasn’t been nominated since 2011, and if there was ever a year, this should be it. With Tony Geary out of the picture, the door is wide open. Everyone has their thoughts on whether or not like they like Sonny Corinthos as a character, but there is no question of what kind of actor Maurice is,

Maura West, Bryan Craig, and Haley Erin for the stuff leading up to and the aftermath of Morgan’s death. Nancy Lee Grahn has been tremendous all year in the Alexis/Julian story, particularly the scenes where Alexis finally tore into Julian, and when she had her mental breakdown on the witness stand. I think William deVry has had his shining moments as well.

Not to forget the incomparable Finola Hughes and the scenes she shared with Ian Buchanan, where Anna saw Duke’s ghost when she was locked in the freezer, and then later they had their final dance/goodbye in her dreams at the Nurses Ball.

If Jane Elliot chooses to submit her name, she should always be on any list, but she doesn’t seem into the awards thing. And even though he’s regrettably not on the show anymore, and he did win this year for 2015 work, I think Tyler Christopher had another good year. So many great names to choose from on GH this year!


Agree with your choices Dan but with one comment…Alexis didn’t have a mental breakdown on the stand…she was drugged by Paul.


Thank you, Rebecca! I did know that Paul drugged her coffee, I didn’t know how to describe what happened to her. A meltdown, breakdown, either way it was great work by NLG.


Dan…LOL. Can just say “when she was drugged out of her mind…” 😉


Jane Elliott, Maura West, Nancy Lee Grahn, Maurice Bernard, Brian Craig, Kate Mansi, Billy Flynn, Ari Zucker, Heather Tom, Rena Sofer, Katherine Kelly Lang, John McCook, Scott Clifton, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Melissa Claire Egan, Justin Hartley.

Linda Papsodero

I think on GH Sonny is an outstanding actor. He is the best.


It’s sad that this whole process will only be implemented by 4 soaps. There was a time when there were 8, 10, 18 soaps on the air and eligible. It almost seems pointless, but 4 soaps is better than no soaps.


Maura West no doubt , she is superb , Alexis a big nod with the drinking scenes.


Outstanding supporting actress in drama Jenn Lilly /Melissa reeves !! Outstanding supporting actor Galen gearing rafe hernadez / chad dimera outstanding lead actress in drama Kate mansi arianna Zucker Kristen alfonso outstanding lead actor demios outstanding daytime drama of the year days of our live oh please oh please give it too days of our lives the dame well deserve it u guys no it

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