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A Martinez Clarifies His Current Status With Days of our Lives!



Daytime Emmy winner A Martinez took to social media via his Twitter and facebook accounts to clarify his status with Days of our Lives where he has played Eduardo Hernandez.  The actor who was on contract has now gone to recurring status by his own choice.

Martinez tweeted to fan reaction over the last several days of his on-screen story, “Much gratitude for all the Hernandez Love these last couple of days.”

He went on to say: “Wonderful work from everyone on the stage, and some lovely writing and direction as well. To clear up a couple of misapprehensions: Eduardo will return; and the character’s move to ‘recurring’ status was my wish. I love the family and love the show, but need the flexibility the change allows. There’s more to come, and a lot of it is extremely compelling.”

The former star of Santa Barbara is also part of the cast in Netflix upcoming fifth season of Longmire, which is set to premiere in September.  He tweeted this week: “The feeling of it… #Longmire returns four weeks from tonight. If you haven’t yet found it, it’s waiting for you…”

So, glad to know there will be more of A as Eduardo on DAYS? Will you be checking out Longmire’s upcoming season? Comment below!

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30 Comments on "A Martinez Clarifies His Current Status With Days of our Lives!"

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Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

His character was not well-written…hopefully that will change…he is a good actor…but his characters family had gotten to be overbearing with too much focus on them and not written interestingly-need to take them in a different direction,,,also they seem to be in too much conflict over Edourdos return…he came back months ago and that seems to be all his story-move forward!!!


Spin, spin , spin…. there is no other way to react. DAYS has a HUGE problem. It is probably the worst show on the air. The writing is beyond boring. The acting focus is on children who couldn’t recite the lines in the elementary school production of “Hansel and Gretel”. The more experienced actors are reciting dribble and they hate it. You can see it in their eyes. So few of the actors have any passion. They are gonna give the viewers a gimmick with the return of the 3 villains. None of them will stay and none have any potential of story other than running from their crimes. Not one current story has any depth or interesting points. It’s actually painful to watch. I hate to see daytime television suffer any more losses. But sadly, with their new writing regime coming into play and the continual focus on terrible actors they are opening the door to getting the ax. Brace yourselves DAYS fans, if the slaughter to the show continues your next replacement will be the Sarah Palin talk show.


Mateo…as far as I’m concerned, DOOL has H-U-G-E PROBLEMS PERIOD!!!!! Oh…and as for ‘a Sarah Palin talk show’…EVEN WORSE!!!!! BEYOND B-L-E-C-H!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good one.


Agreed! I unfortunately end up FFing most of the show because I find so little that is interesting or compelling.
>The teen-scene is the worst and even the veteran actors can do nothing to make their scenes any better.
>The entire Jennifer-Is-A-Junky story is beyond stupid and over-done. Who becomes THAT addicted to pills after taking them for a couple weeks?
>I’m sick to death of Hope and her entire storyline. She’s awful with both Aiden & Rafe.
>The entire Hernandez family can leave Salem and they wouldn’t be missed…especially Mama!

I could go on and on! The unfortunate thing is, this show tapes SO far in advance that it takes literally months to right any wrongs. At least other soaps can get rid of characters that aren’t working within weeks.


Hope is a widow; her husband Bo died in her arms. She is allowed to romantic feelings for another man. I don’t like Aidan but I do like Rafe.


Agreed, SZima. I am married to a doctor….one does not become addicted, as you say, to pain killers in that short span of time. It sort of creeps up on you.
And, SZima, that is the crux of the matter….That is, we, the fans, are taken for granted, insulting our intelligence. Miss Jenny has gone through so much turbulance in her life….now, that, would have been more believable…EMOTIONAL PAIN!!
I also agree about Hope; and I must have said this ad nauseam!!!!!
As mary says, yes, Hope is a widow….but, past her prime; not of falling in love and finding happiness again, don’t get me wrong. She has every right to have a fulfilling relationship. However, she has not given herself breathing space between all these high mountains she’s climbing. That’s on the writers.
Hope is no Maid Marian; the sweet, innocent, young thing waiting for her savior……and, Rafe is not her hero, Robin Hood. Really?? She’s a grandmother. She is written as an empty-headed foolish woman who drools after younger men. She is probably chock-full-of osteoporosis due to a lifetime of acrobatic regimen all her life. She’s around my own mother’s age. I can’t imagine my mother, albeit spry, living such a galvanizing life. Again, it is offensive to portray perfectly sane women as such. This is not true to life, regardless of the fact that it’s a soap. Give me some SUBSTANCE. Something to which I can relate, once in a while.
I love Kristian Alfonso, but, the storylines should fit the role. I never saw Rafe and a relationship with Hope coming. She is like the kiss of death…..brings doom and glooms wherever she goes, leaving devastation in her wake.
Hope should settle down for a while and get her ducks in a row; then shoot them one by one and see what’s left. Instead of perpetuating a perilous life, she should clean and get her house in order (I mean that euphemistically, not literally…LOL)….., .including , straightening that boring, cry-me-a-river, blowing-in-the-wind daughter of hers.


“Pitch” perfect, Mateo. Good job!!

Ted Martin

Good bye and good luck – hate to say it, but at least for me, his character adds absolutely nothing to the show –


I agree.


High five, Ted!!


@ mary.
I agree with you soooo much, mary. I have always said that Theo is the best. He is the only younger character I would keep on. What a gem.


He is awesome on Longmire


He really is. Such a good show and a great, complex role for him.


Great news if A’s character is hardly on, but it’d be better if he was gone for good. Days just needs Rafe and Gabriella.


Sorry to see him on re-occurring with DOOL but I love me some “Longmire” and he plays a great character.


Such a gifted actor with an understated, humble acting style. I have never disliked any character I have seen him portray. My favorite will always be Cruz Castillo.


me too ! he will always be cruz castillo to me . The cruz and eden love story from our very much missed santa barbara . Santa barbara was my first soap and was a huge part of my life . I was so surprised they didn’t bring cruz and eden back for the final episode . I later learnt they didn’t even bother to ask him back , i suppose the same thing happened to marcy walker . The acting of these two was just pure magic . It was the best soap ever made in my opinion .


Nickolas Marcy Walker quit acting and is working for a church. So I doubt she would have returned. The end of SB was the worst hatchet job ever done to any soap ever. A. is a terrific actor and given a chance he can bring it . BUT. I could never get use to the hair on his chin. Glad he will be returning.


Marcy walker was still very much in the acting buisness at the time . in 1991 she quit santa barbara to star in the cop show Palace Guard which flopped . in 1993 she joined Guiding light as reporter tangie hill . When that was done she returned to all my children as lisa colby the part she had played before joining santa barbara as eden and left i think in either 2005 or 2006 and it was at that point that she left acting and started working for a church . The end of Santa Barbara was indeed the worst hatchet job ever .


this man is gold

Ken Corday squandered and all the responsibility is “his”

Betty and Ted Corday’ dream

they should … never…. have fired Kassie DePaiva

Eduardo and Eve WERE gold

it just seems so obvious that REELING 6 months ahead… filming so far in advance

takes the spontaneity and energy out of the actors… who need that “live” feedback

the whole production is not working together

it’s like the blind leading the blind

or is it?

Ken Corday ???? !!!!! what the effing expletive are you doing

the decades plus of your parents livelihood is


Does Corday read these comments…if not maybe he should. He would realize how the teen crowd is so bad at acting and recast all of them. Also find a singer to replace Claire.Please !

John Gordon

I know, her singing sounds like a female Cat in labor –

What is WITH this show? Do the Producers NOT read the comments on Facebook or here or anywhere? Everyone pretty much concurs on the same issues – knock it off already with Claire’s singing, is she someone’s niece at the Production company or what – and as for the young actress who portrays Ciarra, well, either her acting skills are not up to par or the writing is just so lacking maybe even Meryl Streep couldn’t do much with it –

When Sonny returned, I thought, good maybe he can give Paul something to ponder but so far that hasn’t occurred. Why can’t Paul get involved with that younger guy who eyed him over and then let Sonny get surprisingly jealous? At least it would be SOMETHING – and something innovative – but no, no, they will probably stick with “Nicole is falling for Deimos but little does she know another woman is carrying his child” which is a plotline that has been used since 1937.


I like the actor who playing Theo.


I agree. I liked Eduardo and Eve and thought so much more could be done with the pair, especially following death of the daughter.


I didn’t think A was leaving. I thought it was obvious Ed would be back. They have to find out Dario is behind the threats and then Ed will return. I wish Dario would leave.


I agree! Please get rid of Dario ASAP!

I’ve never been a big A Martinez fan (I know, what’s wrong with me??) – but he has suffered the same fate that most new characters introduced since the last righting of the ship at Days – few of them have driven any story. Yes, I think introducing characters slowly and not throwing them front burner is a good choice overall – but look at all the characters that have come on in the last year and gone nowhere fast – Eduardo, Dario, Gabi, Summer, Phillip, Belle, Shawn. Yes, they’ve had stuff to do, but outside of whatever brought them to town in the first place, they’ve all just meandered from one casual story to the next, never having a real front burner story, never having a strong through line from A to C. Summer – comes in as part of Brady’s dream, turns out to be Maggie’s theiving thought to be dead daugther – and then she plays minor annoyance to Theresa with a few blasts from the past – and then she’s gone. Phillip comes in working with Deimos, quickly ends that association, frolics with Belle, decides to start a recording company, gets dumped by Belle – annnnd … he’s just around bouncing from sidekick to sidekick – which by the way, is the only thing Dario has done since coming back to Salem – he’s someon’s subservient partners in crime. And Gabi! Gabi! She comes back, discovers Will’s body, has a low key relationship with JJ – and C-story the whole time. I don’t get the need to cast all these people if they are going to be little more than filler. I like seeing their faces but having them constantly in background stories that get played sparsely, is just as frustrating as having them off screen. And why aren’t they playing the obvious – Belle/Shawn/Phillip/Chloe with side spin off complications with Dario and Chad (tell me why they aren’t playing Chad/Belle more than they are? There’s potential there for something rather interesting until and after Abby gets back). And WHY are they playing Ciara as much as they are. The actress is trying and I believe she is doing her best – but they have been giving her heavy material all year that she can’t handle. I’m not saying she can’t get there someday, but right now, she isn’t there and they keep giving her stories that needs a more expierenced actress to carry. The writers are doing her no favors by forcing her into these story situations that continuously show off how green she is. The talent is on screen. The stories are just sitting there, waiting to be developed. Actors are waiting to be used correctly (whether that means bumping some up to front burner, or bumping some down to back burner until they can get a bit more seasoned). And don’t tell me that the six months is the reason they can’t respond – are the writers, the producers, the actors NOT there… Read more »
John Gibson

I can’t believe the “new” regime of writers starting next week is the same Dena Higley who has been fired 2 or 3 times already in the last 15 years on Days. She is about as new as bring Andre back the tenth time from the dead. They need to fire all these old hack writers and get new blood. And keeping Nicole in the same stories with different male characters is a joke. Ej, Brady, Daniel, and now Deimos. Come on. Always a pregancy and its never hers!! My finger is getting tired Fast Forwarding everyday.


I really concur with so much that is being said. Seems there is an audience, but no one is happy with how characters are being brought in, and then given center stage, not developed, then they are gone, and the storylines are flat. I understand that for a variety of reasons new characters have to be brought in and then may have to go whether because the actors have other commitments, their character or storyline is not working out, etc.), but there is so much coming and going, storylines all over the place, that you cannot really connect with the characters or the storylines so much any more. In the golden days of soaps, you had a core group of characters and storylines that were building and you invested in them and wanted to watch. I understand that you do need to introduce new characters and storylines periodically to keep all fresh and from getting stale, and some characters are going to have to go off, but with so much coming and going you can’t invest and you lose interest. They come and go to quickly. Pethaps, it is salary or production issues, but Days would be better off with a smaller core group who have the main storylines then you have some sub-characters and storylines periodically that revolve around the main storylines. Then if they see a new character or storyline is peaking interest, they could go in that direction, but now it is a revolving door of characters. You want viewers to connect with the characters and invest in the storylines, and that can’t happen with everyone coming and going. I often have said that there should be a soap opera about the behind the scenes of soap operas – seems that may be more interesting than the actual soap opera!


Agree that the teen stories and some of the casting is not working! For one, some of the stories are inappropriate for the age group. The singing way over emphasized & the style well not appealing to large groups. As for introducing new characters you cannot force feed them, over prop and insert them everywhere! They need slower integration with the rest of the cast and a take over only turns off viewers. A soap should be ensemble, having writers create a pet situation is like an infestation of a virus you want eradicated. As for Hope, yes she should have had a real mourning period. It was insulting that Bo dies and immediately Rafe is inserted everywhere. She is not a child and needed to mourn, to think about her children not just which man she should run with.

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