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After Y&R's Dylan Says Goodbye To Sharon, Steve Burton Shares There's "More Scenes To Come!"



On Monday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, viewers saw Dylan (Steve Burton) and Sharon (Sharon Case) share an emotional goodbye as Dylan goes undercover on a dangerous case.

Sharon wants Dylan to wear his ring, but he says he can’t wear it where he is going, and for her to keep it for him.  Dylan, who has been through some very hard times of late, after learning that he is not the baby-daddy to a second child during his time in Genoa City, certainly needs some distance.

Now that Dylan is about to venture on to this case with the assistance of his dad, Paul (Doug Davidson), Christine (Lauralee Bell) and Kevin (Greg Rikaart), viewers thought Monday’s episode was the final appearance by Burton, who announced late last year he was departing the number one daytime drama series.

Answering various fans tweets and comments following his heartbreaking peformance on Monday’s airshow, Burton related:  “It’s not over yet!” and followed that with “Thx! But more scenes to come!”

So, how will this all end for Dylan?  Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of Y&R for the answer.  But first watch Dylan and Sharon’s goodbye scene after the jump.  Then weigh-in and let us know what you thought of Burton’s performance, and what you think is still to come? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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I’m guessing that Dylan will singlehandedly bring down Luther Fisk’s criminal empire but be gravely wounded so that Nick can be guilted into taking Christian to see him. On his deathbed, Dylan will beg Nick to allow Sharon to be a mother to Christian (you know, ’cause she’s done a stellar job with her other kids) and Nick will feel obligated to do honor his half brother’s dying wish since EVERYTHING is about sainted secret cult baby Dylan.

dante williams

That sounds interesting, but that sounds like basically Sharon and Nick would be together again if they were raising a child together again. I wonder if they will kill him off or leave it open for a recast, because they just killed Adam off not too long ago, so doing the same explosion fire bit would be terrible to me.


Dylan will go missing, end of story in case Steve wants to return.


You are right about Sharon, Alan…….of course I agree with you. But, Kay does have a point.
One can always argue that Sharon’s mind is compromised, and therefore, her thinking gets ‘hazy’, for lack of a better word.
One may also argue that life with the Newmans was not a walk in the park. She was crucified over and over by everyone, including Nick.
What is Nick’s excuse? All events leading to this point in Sharon’s life could partially but strongly be blamed on Nick and his father, who always got his son out of hot water before getting ‘boiled’.
Dr. Anderson falls straight on sanctimonious Nick’s shoulders. Yes, the eoman was nuts, but one can also blame Nick and his father for that. Another one biting the Newman dust, I’d say.
I wouldn’t go as far as calling him a bully….but, he is not the proper gentleman either. All he does is tighten the screws, when push comes to shove.
Do not get me wrong; I love Joshua Morrow….great acton. So, strictly speaking of the character here.


Bi-polar or not, Sharon is an awful mother. She left town — and her kids! — when she had trouble with Nick and then entered into an affair with Cameron; she let her kids think she was dead when she escaped from jail after being accused of dropping Skye in the volcano (oy); and then she married her children’s uncle and grandfather (great role model, Sharon). And Sharon isn’t going to win any daughter of the year awards, either.

Yes, Nick came from a privileged background but he has (mostly) learned from his mistakes to grow into a responsible man with a good heart, the intention of always doing the right thing, and a total devotion to his kids. I don’t see his trying to protect Faith from her mother’s behavior as being a bully or tightening the screws — I see it as a father trying to protect his child from harm. If anything, I don’t think he is tough enough when it comes to Sharon.

Sharon’s life with Nick may not have been a walk in the park but she shoulders at least half the blame for that (an affair with Diego; an affair with Cameron; sleeping with Brad when he was married to Victoria; running off with Adam in New Orleans even after she knew he switched Faith at birth — seriously , what mother forgives THAT?; marrying Victor; switching Summer’s DNA results; keeping Christian after she knew he wasn’t hers). And I don’t think it’s necessarily the Newmans who are to blame — when Sharon was married to Jack she slept with him, Billy, and Nick and then had no idea who her baby daddy was.


Nope do not want her in the Newman or it ! Would like for Sally to do a story on a long missing dad no more romance always going to be in her corner


Oh, Alan….you straightened me right out. LOL. How convincing are you! Perfect writing; perfect description; perfect commentsry; perfect post.
Yet, I cannot not like Sharon. It’s one of those things. It’s the same as, no matter how good nuBilly gets, I cannot like him. Strange, right?
I had completely forgotten about some of Sharon’s ” escapades”…..especially when she left her kids for an interminable amount of time. My children come first; always and forever.
The writers did all mothers everywhere a disservice parading Sharon the way they depicted her, albeit such mothers do exist.
Yes, the fact she never talks about her Mom anymore is disturbing….it would be great if TPTB would rethink that and re-introduced Doris.
I seem to have forgotten about Cameron? Also, didn’t Nick cheat on her first with her best friend, Grace, right under her nose?
I would never condone getting back at one’s mate by doing the same to him/her, but perhaps that fact did Sharon in? I know, I know…I’m fishing for excuses, LOL. As a matter of fact I have always balked at those who cheat just because their partners had cheated on them. Eg… Dante and Lulu, GH.
Sharon is one complicated woman living a very complicated life. I am soooo glad I am not she. LOL.


I like Sharon but she’s just a total mess. I would love to see Faith act out as a result of her mother’s actions and reject Sharon which could serve as a wake-up call. I don’t think it is realistic for all of Sharon’s kids to take a “oh, that’s just mom” approach to her behavior.

(Cameron was the abusive businessman Sharon had an affair with when she skipped town for a while. He showed up in Genoa City and when Sharon met him in his hotel room he attacked her and she hit him over the head and thought she killed him. She dumped what she thought was his body in the sewer but it turned out that Cameron was alive and had killed Cassie’s bio dad Frank and that was the body Sharon dumped. And yes, Nick was seduced by Grace — and then he and Sharon reconciled but she had a miscarriage and thought Nick was cheating so she had an affair with Raul’s brother Diego.)


Hey, Alan, I have completely erased Cameron from my mind. I drew a blank….but, I researched to refresh my memory…..I must have been cramming for exams, at the time, LOL.
I suppose that because I was so young, watching Sharon’s and Nick’s love blossom (High Schoolers?) left an impressionable and indelible mark on me. I was the typically blooming tween enraptured by young love.
Sharon will always hold a warm place in my heart because of that, I’m sure.
Thank you for the backstory, Alan….your descriptive writing serves the brain well.


Sad, sad, sad all around. I felt so much pity for Dylan, I can’t even find the appropriate words to express how profoundly this last scene touched me…to what depth.
The fates were against Dylan since he first stepped on Genoa City’s soil.

Karen Clark

He dies while undercover and Nick consoles Sharon and we are back in the saddle with Nick, Sharon and Chelsea. Here we go again.


It would be unfortunate to put Paul through another guilt trip and dead son. That’s not needed for dramatic impact right now. Sadly that’s probably what will happen. Paul shines inter acting with his children and siblings. This character needs to be recast.


I agree. I think he dies in Florida where he’s trying to solve a case and Nick tries to consoles Sharon and they end up in bed. I did read somewhere that she and Nick have a one nighter,


Hey, Nikki,
I guess we can’t really be that surprised. So, Nick and Sharon will end up in bed, as a one-time deal? Too bad, I always thought they would always go back to the beginning and be together again, albeit I want Dylan to come back to her. Their story is just ending too abruptly for my taste….but, it’s typical soap storytelling, I guess.
But, there was always the thought swirling in my head Nick and Sharon were meant for each other.
I wonder if their ‘lovemaking’ will produce a baby. Sharon always ends up pregnant.
Do you get the feeling, Nikki, that TPTB are teasing us into thinking that Nick and Phyllis are about to walk the walk? He has three choices now…Chelsea, Sharon and Phyllis. LOL.


Vicious circle, Karen….and life in GC goes on. The royal Newman saga continues. LOL.


Why wasnt Chelsea in that exploding house!


Noooooo let Sharon find some family like a missing Dad but Nick and hey I adore JM he is a sweetheart but he is a bully on screen when does this frat boy take responsibility for his actions ? SC has had to prop everyone of his latest romances please free her Sally let her grow and find her independence Bill Bell brought this character on who worked and took care of her disabled mom I want that girl back!


How is Nick a bully? Sharon is a terrible mother (and daughter) who is constantly given a free pass because she has the bi-polars while Nick constantly has to pick up the pieces whenever Sharon does something to scar her kids.


I figured there had to be more. I wonder if we will see Dylan in danger with a tease of his disappearance or death while undercover (although I thin killing off Dylan would be a mistake). Or maybe we will see him have one last opportunity to say goodbye before going deep undercover.

Previous teams have done Dylan no favors, taking a solid and promising character and twisting him in a wind with so much paternity and baby-switching nonsense. I sense Dylan will one day return but I would leave Genoa City after all that silly drama.


REALLY nice wording… especially your 2nd para

gawd… I don’t know if you watch GH. I really and truly NOW miss him as @Jason

it has to be said… what a dismal failure ; Jason and Sam ARE

Billy Miller would have made it.. @ GH… had he been Jake John Doe

too late… he’s so dull… Sam does nothing as well to prop either or

facts are

Steve Burton worked his take @GH

I wish him well

let me say: his take.. as Jason… forever worked


For sure— Dylan will Not die ..
As for recasting, it is most likely.
The Dylan character is ”connected” to the Newmans, so yeah most likely a recast.

Anyways- I won’t miss anything concerning Sharon and poor Dylan he should have never been put near Sharon she destroys everyone near to her ..

(((Sharon has started to resemble the Queen of the Swamp Kellyanne Conway.. ahaa! really I had that flash lol ..


Yes would not anyone to work for a living those hand outs are just great off our backs


Good one, Su! 🙂


Really? C’mon, now. Enough is enough….
Cannot get away from this hate. Seriously, enough!! I find it more and more discouraging coming to these sites. For shame!!!!


I agree, su. I said as much days ago. Regardless of the fact that a few of us think Sharon and Nick belong together, I feel that Sharon and Dylan shared something we had not seen before with any of her relationships. Sharon did something unthinkable by not being honest with Dylan. But, is that not typical of someone who has dealt with mental issues for years?
That fact, compounded with the fear of losing both Christian and Dylan can make someone with mental disease, such as Sharon, go off course.
But, the point is, Dylan stayed married to her. Yes, he was hurt, still is; however, he showed us that his love for his wife is greater than any hurt or angst he may feel.
In contrast, look at Nick…..anytime Sharon, or anyone bruises his ego. He pouts, sulks and puts himself first, instead of analyzing the whys.


Hi CC ..
Poor Dylan 🙁
He has PTSD and has lost Two sons by women playing him, that he loved..
I think he will be recast and hopefully with a stronger type charater, a real smart one lol ..


Wow, really?? Talking about SC’s looks?? Classy. She is stunning.


I agree, Didi. Sharon Case is beautiful. She could wear a burlap sack and her perfect figure would stand out!!


All people in media from talk shows, movies stars, tv personalities, presidents, to pillars of rock have had their looks, bodies etc open for public comment..
It is the way it is..
Kellyanne Conway has had many comments, many.
For some reason, soap actors are pampered from public opinion of their looks and facial repairs/lifts..
Soap actors, even tho public figures, are coddled from public opinions of their looks LOL makes no sense to me.
And yet.. I saw no one saying anything bad about Sharon, not a word as to being ugly, fat, gluply, nothing bad about her looks was said.


Sharon Case IS stunning indeed and does not resemble that Kelly Anne creature in the slightest.
Come on, SUOO–that was below the belt.


He should never have been in GC as Paul and Nikki’s child to begin with. I appreciate Steve Burton but glad the new regime is starting to repair the history that has been so blatantly rewritten and disrespected. I’m loving everything about Y&R now and can honestly say, I’ve not had to FF through a single scene since Sally Sussman’s writing has begun airing. Keep up the Great work Sally and Kay Alden.


No but he was and let it go I have


I agree with you on the writing comment. If they keep writing like this I will definitely very watching


I am all about Y&R again. Ms. Sussman and her team are very good. Without radical story turn, such as a disaster, they have been able to quickly repair and reboot this legacy drama series. I even have hope for Sharon, Victor, and Nikki, characters that in recent years had become unwatchable. There is a genuine sense of history and quality storytelling. Eager to see what is ahead! Sad that Dylan is collateral damage but his departure makes sense.


He should have been Nikki and Ian’s kid.


Wonderful scenes between Case and Burton, just the best the subtle moves the tears fantastic if Sally had been writing for Buryon all along it would have been great! Welcome back Queen Sharon and Noooo she will never be put back with that narcissistic Nick


I hope they don’t put Sharon and Nick back together. In my opinion thay story ended when she slept with Victor. And on that note I still say EEEEWWW


And that was MAB doing not Case don’t blame her she played a story out!!! God get off that girls back


I completely agree, SoapQueenForever!


And so in your world Victor has no responsibility for using his daughter in law lovely


The new EP and head writer have said in multiple interviews that the repair of Sharon is a priority and that she is 1 of the characters they are making a priority. I have a feeling they need a clean end with this. Heard a rumor that her high school man and Mariahs daddy isn’t really dead…..Interesting….Sharon Case is fabulous and has done well with the garbage she has had to deal with….Hope 2017 is a better year 4 her…?


Absolutely, Vicki. Sharon case is a true professional, in my book.


i read that they have already casted trevor st john in the role of mariah’s dad……….


Really? WOW!!!!! I hope it’s true. They could not have cast a better talent. Looove him.


Go find your safe place pull you grown up,panties on


Hmmmm. Grown up panties….that DEPENDS, Kay, my friend. LOL….I’m just being silly.


Oh brother.
No one knows what you are babbling about Kay.


Oh yes you do !! That’s what scares you

Mary SF

I personally hope they do not kill Dylan or have him presumed dead like Adam– just once I like to a soap writer write a plausible reason for a character to leave town— If I was writing this, I would have Dylan while undercover find Avery in the same city– he finds out when she left town she was with child and it was his. He is torn between the family he discovered and the family he left behind– he goes back to GC, but finds out Sharon had a one night stand with Nick, confesses he been seeing Avery– Sharon and Dylan mutually decide to end the marriage and Dylan goes back to Florida to be with Avery and their child. This takes Dylan back to where the character started and when enough time has passed and if needed, there could be a recast and Dylan could come back— no need to kill him off.


They should have had him leave after Sharon lied. He could have eventually forgave her if he decided to return to the soap.


As always, Mary, your words hit the spot. Love the premise. Do not kill Dylan. Leave the door open…agreed.

jeanine girard

I was never a SB fan and thought he acting was kind of wooden but his last couple of months really changed my tune. It’s too bad he didn’t show that kind of range from the beginning for whatever reason. He is going out on a high note with his very emotional scenes with some great acting we finally got to see (and feel). Best wishes to you, Mr. Burton.


That is exactly how I felt about SB….and said so. Agreed, jeanine….Steve, as Dylan, these last few weeks, convinced me he is not so ‘wooden’ and ‘stone cold’ as I thought.


too bad , just started to really enjoy dylan just as hes leaving
he s been hitting all the marks as a father grieving losing who he thought was his son. he and sharon have been heartbreaking lately.
hopefully if he just “disapears” off the canvas , avery can return in the future to find him!

stevie g

I certainly hope for Pauls sake they don’t kill off another one of his sons, and that one day whoever will play Dylan in the future gets to have his own child for real this time, as well as staying conneceted to Christian who is after all his nephew.


Steve really found his grove, last month. Its a shame he didnt stick around and see what the new writers could have done for him.


I was wondering if that was it.

I do think they should recast the role.

I liked Dylan with Sharon. His character was pretty blah until they got together. I think it also had something to do with the acting.


Agreed, Mo. You echo my sentiments.


Here is something REALLY stupid on Y&R right now, Devon’s bedside vigil! First off, he won the car, the car wouldnt be at the auction. If it were, they wouldnt throw him the keys. It needs registered! They didnt know who was going to win! Secondly, who drives 150 miles an hour in the snow! And thirdly, we dont really care if Devon lives and we have no sympathy for his she devil wife! END THE STORY NOW!


“We”? Please speak ONLY for yourself. You DO NOT speak for me or anyone else. I happen to care what happens to Devon and I want him to live. As for the “she devil” I am intrigued by her. I want to know more. I think this storyline will flesh out her background even further.


Ahhhh, Timmmy. As we are wont to discuss, you and I, so many times before, these writers take us for idiots.
Devon should not be driving anyway…….he still looks twelve to me. And, Hilary? Who the heck is this woman?
For the longest time I was under the impression she did not love her husband….only stayed married for convenience. Suddenly she’d give her life for his? Nah! Self-centered, ego-maniacs, and selfish people do not make such transformations overnight, regardless the dire circumstances.
Now, we are supposed to feel this anxiety; the suspense; wait with bated breath for him to remember what really happened. C’mon, now….been there, done that. Just get it over with…this is not creating any drama for me. I am assuming that TPTB are turning the corner, where Hilary is concerned? Are they trying to steer us towards that corner? The only reason Hilary is there is as a foil to Lily and Mariah.
I am not against that, don’t get me wrong. It is what SHOULD make good writing. But, make it believable. This story is not…Agreed.
I think Mariah and Devon will be thrown together, Timmmy. Too bad. She is the best asset Y&R has going for it, right now. Why waste her on Devon?
I can only be thankful Cane hasn’t been so visible….yet again, I have to suffer through Stitch.
Off topic: I must comment on how gorgeous Lauren looks. WOW!!!! I can only aspire to look like her in 20 or so years. Her skin looks fantastic ….and, I don’t mean just her face. LOL.


Devon is the black Michael Corinthos. Everyone who gets attached to him is a bore. DONT do that to the spicy Mariah!

Yes, Lauren and Nina on GH are defying age. That are both so pretty!


This is the one story I really hate. How many times must Devon be told and shown that his wife is an evil bitch from hell? Now he has amnesia of that night and has to be told all over again what he should have known long ago.
And as much as I despise Hillary (although I love the actress, she plays the bitch-diva beautifully) it is not her fault that idiot decided to drive 140 MPH on an icy road at midnight.
Lily and Neal treat Devon like he is a child who needs their protection. Neal even refers to him as a “boy” sometimes. He’s a grown ass man, and it’s time they treat him a such,


Jay, best to you, as well.


Tim…EXACTLY!!!!! Hilary is BEYOND TRASHY!!!!! B-u-t…that IMBECILE Devon WORKS MY NERVES EVEN MORE!!!!! Devon and Hilary=EPIC FAIL ALL-AROUND!!!!!!!!!!

Happy 2017, Tim.



Yes, Jay, my friend. But, Hilary is the best bitch on soaps, right now….her performance is outstanding. We do not like her, right? That’s what makes Mishael’s acting stand out…..she plays the sycophant , Lorelei the Siren to the hilt.
Love the actress. Devon is another story, LOL.


Hillary is Queen Bitch.. and a great one ! (BRAVA!)

Now– I am going to be really angry when my bitch is whitewashed into being what she should no be, a goddy lamer ..

((and that is exactly what is being done…geeeerrrrrrr!


Mm is gold she has taken the throne from VR


Steve Burton needs to go back to GH, we need him there – he was wasted on L&R.

Devon is a wimp and needs to stand up to his beachy wife. Really sick of big mouth Lilly who evidently doesn’t have a life other than screaming about Hilary. Glad I can fast forward past most of this. Actually, not sure why I’m even watching this any more. The only character that I care about is Chelsea and I do hope she ends up with Nick (who else is there?) and part of that is because Christian is really Adam’s son so I think if anyone knew that he might end up with Chelsea since she was his wife when he died. Another possible storyline…


Meant Y&R in previous post.


There are a number of great prod companies looking for solid, well written and intriguing content. Steve Burton and his “undercover” story arc should serve as a good material for CMT, CBS ACCESS, Netflix, Amazon.

Steve has talent, work ethic and a loyal large fanbase. He should be able to do all of the things he wants to with his career and enjoy life with his family, too.

Good guys can win too.

mp major

The Shylan couple will be one of the most memorable to me on Y&R. I never thought that I would see a pairing for Sharon surpassed her other historical young love Shick pairing. I have to give “Kudo” to JFP for bringing Steve Burton to Y&R. I really like this new character, Dylan, the minute I saw him arrived in Genoa City, Wisconsin. HIs background intro really suited him, too. Being a war veteran who did tours in Afghanistan and his struggle with PTSD. His stories have kept me watching through out the years of JFP/CPratt Years, four years, despite the prop driven, shock and awe, disasters, babies centric, repeats of paternities (to the point of becoming numb to paternities/babies s/ls), mainly, I kept watching Y&R because of SB’s Dylan, and all the Bill Bell’s veterans and their amazing acting abilities. Sharon Case is a true actress and it is astounding how she keeps it together honing her craft despite all the regimes who have put her character through the mud and slime and she comes out or survives everything thrown at her and I think that comes from the great acting ability of the actress and I hope she wins an emmy for it this year. I’ll still be rooting for the character even if she does not win. To me she’s won already. I will miss Shylan and Steve Burton. Thank you for your work and for your character, Dylan. Shylan will be one of my favorites of Sharon coupling and if not the one for me in history of Y&R.


I really believe that Paul is losing yet another son. I can see a recast of the character as I do not see Sharon back with Nick. Too much bad history between those two.

Actually, I thought Sharon would be actually carrying Dylan’s baby.

Enjoyed the Jack Lauren and Eric Forrester storyline including the history between Eric and Lauren.

Karen wallace

Please do what ever you have to do to get Steve Burton to come back to the y&r. The show is not the same without him and Sharon needs Dylan.

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