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Alison Sweeney and James Scott Interview – Day of DAYS 2013

Days of our Lives supercouple EJami, Alison Sweeney (Sami)and James Scott (EJ) chat with Michael Fairman at Day of DAYS 2013! Alison and James reveal … how they create the fight/sex scenes between Sami and EJ, what the fans are saying to them the most, a preview of the latest dilemma in their on-screen relationship that could cause quite the rift! Plus, Ali and James share what they thought of each other the first time they met!

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Thanks, Michael!

I’ve been waiting for this interview, and it didn’t disappoint. I am so enjoying the pairing of EJ and Sami. They are so much fun to watch. I’ll tell you, when they’re on the screen, everything else fades into the background. Can’t wait for their wedding!


Wedding?hahaha Sami will never marry EJ because he will never change. Sami is a Brady (at times the anti-Brady) but she always put her family first.


Sami Brady LOVES and wants to be with EJ DiMera!

Deal with it! -_-

Nicky D

Thank You Keia!! Lumi died the moment EJ DiMera declared I love the Good the Bad and everything in between! Oh wait Sami repeated the same words recently! Oh darling Daysfan seems you forgotten who the real SGB is!! hmm


Sami married Lucas and Rafe…how did that turned out? I think with both they were barely married over a year (if that) lol. And how many weddings have Sami Brady attempted to have over her lifetime…about 20. So yeah putting the words…Sami and “marriage” in the same sentence is a joke at this point. Her weddings and marriages have mostly been either disasters or short lived. So I’m kinda happy they aren’t rushing Ejami down the aisle like they did with all the other Sami pairings that usualy ended up in disasters or divorce court lol. Let’s me know they are really invested in the long haul and when they finally have a wedding…it’s going to be BIG!!


What a great interview. Love them!

daj ni

how can you love ej and sami? he raped twice and kidnapped her baby replaced her husband rafe had him rape her man I hate ej and sami on the screen rafe and sami love was murch more real. I am real days fan I know the history of them. I hope they break up. this is suppose to be a real love kind of storyline but it seems ppl now want to see unstable kind of love because the romantic love is boring. I hope days falls short in the polls because of this. all you ej and sami fans you must be new do your homework this couple should not be


Speaking of history, how about when EJ jumped in front of a bullet for Sami right before she went into witness protection where she continued to dream of him? There’s plenty of history good and bad, but as Sami said herself, “It always comes back to you.” Whenever the chips have been down, EJ and Sami have found their way to each other. They’re a strong team and they keep getting stronger together.

Rocky Reed

James Scott and Allison Sweeney always hit it out of the ball park! They are such a once in a life time talent. Thank you for sharing. Michael you are a very wise man, you understand the talent that you were squeezed between!


Loved this interview! Great questions and it’s easy to see how much James & Ali enjoy working with each other and love EJami.. I love EJami too! πŸ™‚


I don’t think Ali like the pair EJAMI. I think she is a LUMI fan for life. Plus Ali will never support rape for her character.


LMAO. You might want to read their Soap Opera Digest interview then. Ali most definitely likes James & loves working with him. I guess you’re also forgetting that her character Sami raped Austin. Both Sami & EJ are grey characters that have done a lot of bad things to a lot of people. They happen to be perfect for each other. And they have the best, hottest chemistry in daytime TV. Now you can go and make 40 more comments on every person’s post. lol


wow get over know..she is an actress, she is capable to love and enjoy different pairings for her character like any other is fiction, girl.

Nicky D

Oh Michael Thank You!! Honestly what a great interview somehow you always make them relax and be themselves. Alison and James have such a beautiful friendship and respect for each other that it reflects on our screens.Thats why we have fought for over 7 years for our lovestory! Thank You again for bringing us this interview (le sigh) can’t wait to see what Ejami have install for us..The Future is looking Bright!! angst and all but they ARE TOGETHER..Yeah Baby lol!! I still want our WEDDING!


Stop stating your lame wishes as facts!

You are just a Lumi troll that watches the show like everyone else, and You do NOT speak for Ali Sweeney!

EJami is the “IT” couple of DAYS right now and are NOT going any where anytime soon!

Lumi is over. Stop hating with such immaturity!

Instead of trolling EJami fan comments, how about you use your time and energy to support Bryan Datillo so that he can get more story as Lucas, OUTSIDE of Sami and EJ, and maybe be taken off of recurring status and be put back on contract!

Be a fan that he can be proud of by spreading love for him and YOUR favorites, not hate for the competition!


than can she hide it pretty well haha

Victoria Woods

Why wouldn’t she support it if her character is a rapists too? Sami RAPED Austin…Lol

daj ni

if that’s the case then Nicole and ej should be together they have a better chemistry.

reality check

Ej and Nicole have NO chemistry what’s so ever..just boring, nasty and smug..thankfully this nightmare is OVER !


Sami has been raped many times. First by Alan when she was a teenager. Then by EJ when he forced her to sleep with him. Then by Fafe (Fake Rafe) multiple times. And yes she raped Austin. So rape has been a throughline of sami’s story for 20 years. Viewers dont seem to mind so much, though, as the general consensus is that EJ is “hot”, he is changed, and Ejami are awesome. I am not sure why rape is considered a more heinous crime than murder on soaps, but it certainly is. Jason and Sonny and many others on GH are/were unrepentant murderers, but fans dont seem to mind. Murderers are he new heroes. Disgusting!


Fantastic interview, Michael!

Ali and James have such a rapport and that translates to such incredible chemistry onscreen. They’re such a big reason that EJ and Sami are my favourite soap couple of all time. I’m looking forward to what’s to come for Ejami’s complicated, compelling story.

daj ni

no they don’t. I hate them on screen. she is not the type of bad ej is. Nicole was. now she is not ethier. safe fan 4life


Safe was, and will ALWAYS be a boring, soul sucking, LAME, train wreck of a couple! As was Ejole!

I am glad that Sami has been freed from the sucking “Vortex of Rafe” and released into EJ land!

It gives AS the chance to shine with JS. Who is someone who can actually go toe to toe with her in scenes, and she with him.

EJami is the BEST couple on DAYS right now, outshining ALL of their past relationships! πŸ˜€

Safe NEVER even came close to EJami’s amazing dynamic!


Lol and yall super couple is the reason days rating are in the garbage now. Yall like drama I like love. Days is to shaky on real love. Might as well b a reality show. But hey I’ll watch a show who delivers on real love and drama that show real writing. So 30 yes I’ve been a fan. Yall keep this bullshit I’m going over to a real love soap like general hospital or young and the restless. I hope these writers get fired b4 there is no days couple to laugh at.


They make me blush! Love James and Alison hanging out and talking about EJ and Samantha. “I’ve never had as much fun being a part of a storyline as I have in the EJ and Sami storyline.” Same here, James; same here.


“So don’t cover up your face, with your new brown hair.” (Don’t mind me: just watching this one again and responding to myself. Join in if you please.) Seriously; cannot get enough of these two! They’re beyond awesome. *Major sigh*


Super interview, Michael! Not long enough for us Alison Sweeney and James Scott fans! They are so natural and easy with each other – seems like they really enjoy each other’s company!!! Thank you for a fun and entertaining interview with our favorite Days stars of all time!


Thankyou Michael for another fun interview. Really enjoy watching these actors create their magic on screen, they do it so well!


Thank you Michael. James and Alison have the best chemistry on DOOL and bring the amazing couple of EJAMI alive in such a wonderful way. Cannot wait for more of their passion and fireworks.


I just knew you would have the best interview with James and Ali. You really get the EJami/Jamison dynamic and it showed! It was so cute how you were caught in the middle of their fight. Thanks for making my night. I’m looking forward to the EJami fireworks that I’m sure will come to my screen very soon!


Thank You Michael for a Fabulous and Super Fun interview. I Adore James and Ali as much as I Love Ejami!!


Fabulous interview Michael!! Ali/James are just as fun to watch offscreen as they are on. Here’s hoping Ejami are around a long, long, LONG time!!


I love your interviews, Mr. Fairman, and I love James and Allison (and Ejami). What a great, playful interview! Thank you!


Love this interview so much. It really shows why Ejami is so great to root for. Thanks so much Michael, Ali, James.


Thank you Michael,James and Ali for this interview.
I was waiting for a longggggg tiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmeeeeeeee an interview by Michael Fairman with Ali and James TOGETHER. And i am not disappointed, to say the least. They are so fun and funny. Like someone already said : such a great rapport, it shows they know each others pretty well now. Awesome and such a delight to see.
And James, Ali, the success of this soap opera couple is thanks TO YOU, and YOU first guys. Dool tried everything to destroy, keep this pairing apart ect..for YEARS but the dynamic, the chemistry between you two always saved it..ALWAYS. Now Days finally did face up and saw the light by writing for your characters as the couple MANY many viewers want so so much. Let’s hope now they continue and keep writing your characters as always challenging, entertaining, interesting grey characters indivudually and as a couple.


Thank you Michael for a wonderful interview! I couldn’t stop laughing and now my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. It’s so fun to watch Ali and James interacting outside the show and really getting into defending their characters. Their chemistry on and off the show is just so fantastic! I’m so grateful Days finally gave EJami a chance!!


Omg I can’t stop watching this. I loved this interview with Ali and James. Always enjoy Michael’s interviews, but this Jamison one is extra awesome! Agree that EJami is super popular for Days of our Lives.


That right there is why ejami is so great, jamison are the best! LOVE this interview! James and Ali are so adorable! You give the best interviews, Michael! Thank you!


What a great interview, Michael. Thank you. I just love E.J., Sami and EJami. As well as Ali and James. Looking forward to the next part of their story! And a wedding in 2014!


Ahhhhh….FABULOUS interview Michael! You asked all the right questions. I thought I even saw Alison Sweeney blush…who can blame her when the most gorgeous man in the world tells you you’re beautiful! I didn’t think it possible but I just fell more in love with these two. Thank YOU!


Sami will never be ok with her twin getting raped the same way she got raped by a Dimera.


Something tells me Ali & James fight a lot. Something doesn’t seem right about the way Ali & James were acting. When LUMI fight, they had a playful friendly way to them but EJAMI seem more like a true hate between characters & actors.


They are actors, not their characters nutty DaysFan ! YIKES


Seriously? Are you for real? If so you certainly don’t know how to read people or peoples body language.
James and Alison are great friends off screen. They have even challenged each other and completed a triathlon together.
James and Alison ARE completely comfortable with and trust each other…. something Alison herself said right here in this interview.
I do not know who your favorite male pairing is for Sami but please do not be so blind.


This is uncalled for. Allison Sweeney, James Scott and Bryan Datillo are professionals. Implying that they are fighting or that they can’t separate fiction and reality is insulting to them.


I agree and I am a LUMI fan. Ali seems to enjoy working with all her leading men: Bryan, James & Galen. James & Bryan seem to have a nice camaraderie as well when they are together. Though I may not always like where the storyline is going with certain pairs I think Ali, Bryan, & James are all fabulous actors onscreen and I don’t see any animosity between any of them off screen.


Sami was raped by a Dimera & now her twin got raped by another Dimera. I can’t wait to see Sami punch the lies out of EJ.


Hey Michael you shouldn’t have been in the middle of Ali & James. If you had Ali sitting next to James she would have shown us how Sami will punch EJ. Sami will pack her bags and walk with her children. EJAMI is such a messed up pair. They are always fighting and this is why they will never work as a couple.


If you don’t like them, why take the time watching and commenting? Use your time and energy for something else. Or are you a closeted Ejami and are you still in denial? It is ok to come out and join the dark side πŸ™‚

daj ni

never. safe forever!!! they still was the best and the polls just proved it the highest ratings was when rafe and sami was together


Lumi has been over for so long it barely registers. “Something tells me Ali doesn’t like working with James….” please! You don’t know a damn thing …and projecting your dislike of James Scott/EJ on to Allison Sweeney is all kinds of bat shit crazy! And like somebody else said, why don’t you go support BD instead of wasting your time bashing JS and the EJami pairing. You are just embarrassing yourself. Now I will go back to just ignoring your foolish, asinine rants.


I can tell Ali doesn’t like working with James. She is not happy with Sami being with the guy who raped her and now her twin raped by another Dimera.


I think I will just take Ali’s word when she says how much she enjoys working with James. I am pretty sure, unlike yourself, she knows the difference between real and reel.


When will the whole “rape” thing quit being brought up. It has been discussed and forgiven by Samantha. Even she said it wasn’t like that. Time to move forward people.

daj ni

yes it was look at the clip it will show you


Please get the help that you need! Treatment is out there for you. πŸ™‚


Ah, not only are you still in denial, you’re also delusional, but who am I to change your mind. I respect you shipping Safe, but you should also be respectful towards both the Ejami’s and Ali and James.


As always fabulous job Michael – Ali & James are truly in a class all their own.


I loved this so much! They’re so great and fun together, I in love with the EJami story so happy to see them enjoying it so much as well. Thank you Michael!


Mr. Fairman
You have a gift sir. And I hope it never leaves you as you continue on the interviewing journey you’ve created for yourself!!!
I so loved this James & Alison interview and that you couldn’t keep up with the direction the mike had to be. And your laughing along with James & Alison’s was priceless!!!
How much do I love James & Alison. They are so in touch with how each other work and it shows on my TV screen with the amazing EJ & Sami scenes I get to watch each and every time.
I’m stoked to see what Ejami is going to bring to my TV screen over the next months!!!!!
Thank you, yet again Mr. Fairman, for such a great interview!!! You rock!!!!!!!


Thank you so much! I smiled through the whole interview. These two are why Ejami is such a hugely popular couple. Their chemistry is off the charts! So glad Days finally saw what we’ve seen all along! Loved what Ali said about first meeting James ! Plus, loved your mention of getting in trouble for talking about everyone loving Ejami!


Thank you so much for this interview Michael. You are a great interviewer and you never disappoint. James and Ali are amazing together both on and off screen. You can see the respect and admiration they have for each other! Love that EJami is finally being given a chance to shine πŸ™‚


What a fantastic interview! You always bring out the absolute best in your interviewees, and Alison and James are no exception. Such fun to watch the three of you mixing it up. Love them and love their fictional counterparts. Great job, Mr. Fairman! πŸ™‚


This interview has my #ejami #jameson feels skyrocketing . They ooze Chemistry even here – They both have such admiration and respect for each other . Its so exciting to see them xcited about the future SL. Cant wait .. Loved when AS said – What does every women feel when they meet James for the first time.Just keep talking … **swoon**


Such a fun and cute interview. It is so rare to see AS and JS being interviewed together, such a treat. Thanks mIchael. I hope the show keep their characters together, we did wait long enough !


Great interview Michael! Loved how the flow of it went and how they were so close as friends and how excited they are for the fit of EJAMI! πŸ™‚


Thank you for this interview Michael!

The video was so cute, especially when James made Ali blush! πŸ˜€

I love Ali and James, and want to THANK them as a EJami fan whose so grateful everyday that such AMAZING actors bring Sami and EJ to life in a way that enchants DAYS viewers and fans the world over!


Thank you Micheal for this amazing interview! Ali and James have such a great rapport off screen and that’s the reason EJ/Sami have been able to weather all that’s been thrown at them. It was funny and witty, you really have a way to bring out the best of your interviewees (sp?). Thanks again!


Daysfan why do you come here if you don’t like Ejami and post your crap?

Ali loves working with James if you can’t see that in this interview I suggest you start wearing glasses they are great friends and I am convince she loves Ejami the most as made no secret how much Sami is so much better with EJ you Lumis need to sop so bitter its making your fan base look really bad no offence. This is a soap not real life and today we saw to friends having a laugh with each other so loved how Ali blushed when James called her darling.




Well said…. totally agree!



One Lumi doesn’t represent the base, anymore than one Ejami represents yours. That poster is entitled to their opinion, whatever that might be. Believe ME, the majority of the Lumis don’t care what happens to Sami now, we are solely focused on Lucas’ new storyline, and the new love interest for him. Supporting Bryan and whatever this show has planned for him is first and foremost. So don’t lump everyone together, just because one person has an opinion doesn’t mean we all feel the same way. She doesn’t speak for the base anymore than you speak for yours.


well sad Regina can’t throw everyone under the same buss .

l’m ejami fan but is nice other fanbase enjoy also SL’s the hate from bases l don’t have that also enjoy rafe and lucas in sl where are now or going to be.


I agree one person does not an entire fandom make. But saying Lumis only focus on Lucas is in the same vein and would imply all Lumis are actually Lucas’ fan first and I’m not sure it’s true. I was a Lumi too and when that shipped crashed and burn I continued to enjoy their friendship. No all Lumis don’t care about Sami. I love her and that’s why I enjoy her with EJ.


Majority of Lumi fans are Lucas fans sadly..they seem to only love Sami when she is with Lucas..otherwise god forbid..they trash her as much as they can..pretty disturbing.


Oh I forgot to say so happy it looks like Ejami is not ending anytime soon to me best about Days is watching them if and when they spilt up no more days for me to me Ali and James are Days no disrespect to the other characters or the actors I know are fine as well but I watch for Ejami and I know Sami will marry him 2014 Sami loves EJ a lot more than she ever loved Rafe or Lucas both of those men saw Sami’s true feelings for EJ she ended up cheating on both of them because she couldn’t stay a away from EJ.


So true! Everyone in Salem knows that Sami can’t stay away from EJ. I, too, am here for Ejami. They are definitely why I watch! AS and JS are simply amazing and their chemistry is untouched!


Thank you Michael! I simply adored this interview. I’m almost suffering from cuteness overload! It was made of awesome ;). No, seriously, I loved the interaction of James and Ali as much as I love Ej and Sami. They have amazing chemistry on and off screen. Jamison brings Ejami to life and it is wonderful to see. I have to watch this again. Once again, thank you!


I just love love James and Ali amazing interview. TEAM EJAMI Thanks M

Karen Ly

This is why I love these 2 so much.Jamison playful banter was so CUTE! Omg. .James makes Alison blush was “le sigh” Thank you MF for a fantastic interview.


This is the one interview I was waiting for. You didn’t disappoint Michael!
I can’t get enough of Ali and James πŸ™‚


Absolutely loved and adored this interview. You can really tell how much they like and respect each other and how much fun they’re having playing EJ and Sami.
My only regret is that DAYS could have had this supercouple for years and didn’t run with them, but tried EVERYTHING under the sun to destroy them instead but the chemistry between AS/JS couldn’t be written out no matter how hard TPTB tried. It’s that rare lightening in a bottle that’s so hard to find that’s kept EJami alive.


Oh this is fantastic!! Love James and Ali! They’re fantastic actors :)!!!


Thanks, I love EJami so much!


Thanks so much for the interview! I love how it’s so obvious that Ali and James enjoy the EJami storyline. MF did a great job with this interview! It looked so fun! Sami is no saint and I’m sure she will remember the things she’s done in the past when she forgives EJ for this.


FANtastic interview. Grateful for the other interviews but I love these with Michael because I could hear everyone and the questions were fun and very interactive! Thank you!!


Michael, great interview! I love how comfortable they are as friends, it really translates so much chemistry on screen.


What a fun interview… Michael!!! I really enjoyed seeing these two be so playful together off screen!!!


I can always count on you Michael to have the best interviews. This one is pure pleasure. It showcases just why so many people love EJami. James and Ali love playing off each other, whether as EJ & Sami or themselves. I smiled from start to fade out. Thank you!!


Thanks Michael for sharing the interview! It was so much fun to watch. Lol at “Alison Sweeney insurance”. I love the story James td of his first meeting ever with Ali. It’s great to hear that she’s so supportive and encouraging of her colleagues. I’m really curious to see what it is that we’ll see that they’ve already filmed 7 months ahead for EJami. I’m sure it’ll be explosive and exciting as Ali and James are enthusiastic about it. Thank you so much!


Hi Michael.
I enjoyed the ease and flow of your DOD interview with Alison Sweeney and James Scott. Not much more can be said of them other than that NBC/SONY/ DAYS are fortunate to have these two consummate acting professionals as part of their entertainment family. Their dedication to their craft , their characters, and their show continues to resonate on screen.

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