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Alison Sweeney and James Scott On DAYS Finally Revisiting EJami Relationship!



In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, there is a fun and engaging interview with Days of our Lives most popular duo, Alison Sweeney and James Scott better known as EJami! The feature has some delicious interplay between Ali and James as they try to recount all the despicable things each of their characters of Sami and EJ perpetrated on one another!  It’s a must-read for all EJami fans!

In this small excerpt, when Alison and James were asked when they found out that Days of our Lives had finally decided to tell the love story of Sami and EJ, Alison related, “I feel even when we shot the New Year’s Eve scenes, where Sami kisses you know who at midnight, James and I really thought at that point that Sami was going to end up with Rafe.  So it wasn’t until we really saw the scripts come out … “ James:  “And even then we were a little skeptical”  Alison:  “Yeah, we kind of talked to Lisa de Cazotte (Co-EP, DAYS), like, “Is this for real? Is this really happening?” And she talked about how the writers felt and how they wanted to tell the story.  We were like, “Wait, really?”‘

So DAYS fans, were you as surprised as Alison and James were that EJami was going to finally get together and have their day in the sun? Were you skeptical at first? Let us know!

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Very happy Days decided to give EJami a chance after 7 yrs Safe/EJole had 4 years Show needed a change & with James/Ali’s natural chemistry I dont understand what took so long That aside as an EJami fan I am more than thrilled and loving all the EJami scenes we are getting & hope for many more. I look forward to their story finally being told as a real couple with no interlopers. The SOD article was just all sorts of awesome confirming what EJami fans have know all along EJ has always loved Sami above all else & I cant wait to see whats next!


After 7 years !!My couple is finally given a chance !!! I mean they opened up the SAFE and found nothing in it t !!I know I tune into DAYS more when Ejami is on .

Avelina comes from Santorini Greece
Avelina comes from Santorini Greece

I am so happy that DAYS is finally going to be telling the love story of EJAMI. They are so exciting to watch and I cant wait to see it unfold and watch EJ and Sami take on the Dimera and Brady clans. Its so good that no one is keeping a secret this time and I love EJAMI to bits. EJ really has loved only Sami and only turned to Nicole when Sami left him. I have finally been watching DAYS after a long hiatus as I didnt want to see EJ and Sami fighting all the time. They really do get people fired up and we can see that from the massive amount of responses on this article. Thanks so much Michael again for the EJAMI article.


No matter the chemistry, the love, and how many children they have, E.J. is still one of the evil Dimeras, and Marlena and John should be appalled that Sami is hooking up with him again just as they are appalled that Brady is with Kristen Dimera.


I love that Ej is evil because Sami is evil too. I’m a big Sami fan and I loved her best when she was blackmailing Kate back talking Marlena and John and just being evil to goodie too shoes sister Carrie. Sami just isn’t Sami with anyone elase. I hope Sami and Ej become Salam hot evil couple doing bad things to other people but still loving each other. I mean Sami is the Anti-Brady so her and Ej were ment for each other. If they were trying to pair Ej with Carrie I could see your point Jim. Ej is an evil Dimera. But they aren’t pairing Ej with Carrie. They are pairing the Dimera with the anti Brady. If you like white washed Sami Carrie0.2 then you are not a Sami fan because only a true Sami fan would love the Selfesh, conniving, recklose that is Samantha Gene Brady.


I love how much EJ stands by Sami’s side when Rafe spends most his time judging her. I hope they don’t ruin this couple and let them stick it out for awhile adding situations to their storyline to cause drama, not a 3rd person into the mix. James Scott & Ali bounce well off each other!


I agree ces! I’m looking forward to the future angst between EJ and Sami as a couple, and them fighting to be together. No more triangles! It’s overdone, especially with these two. They have enough rich history, and family drama being a Brady and DiMera for the writers not to come up with a decent story for them.


Yep, I agree with what you said Karen. There should be enough angst between the two families, Sami’s hatred for Kristen, Stefano returning and EJ dealing with his feelings for him (which they haven’t done yet since Stef has been in Europe @ the kidnap) and how it will affect Sami. I hope Days goes this route for a change.


the heart wants what the heart wants… oh… to live by soap rule…. you can’t not help but be “envious” at the escapades of said appetites run amok…

The DiMera’s are speculated….

throw me in the gutter… kick me to the curb… wanton forbidden far-reaching….


Isn’t that the truth Patrick? 🙂


Thanks for posting this Michael! This was the most refreshing and honest interview we’ve ever had from James and Ali regarding EJami. I think most fans were skeptical because the rug has been pulled out from under us so many times…but this time feels so different. So much care is being put into their story that it will be hard to ever believe EJ and Sami with anyone else. Plus with Sami returning to her roots, nobody loves that Sami more than EJ and once Sami commits to someone she doesn’t give up easy.

I give kudos to the show for finally taking a chance on EJami. The writers have done a phenomenal job so far and I’m looking forward to what they have in store for the fans. James and Ali’s chemistry is now on full display and I am serious when I say it’s the best thing on TV for me.


They do have great chemistry together but if they end up living in the Dimera mansion or anywhere else Marlena and John should be upset that Sami is hooking up with E.J. again like how they are upset that Brady is with E.J.s stepsister Kristen. Both E.J. and Kristen are evil and manipultive Dimeras. Kristen tried to kill Marlena, and E.J. was invovled in the duplicate Rafe plot that resulted in Faye Walkers death and E.J. IS part to blame for that. Sami is no saint herself but shes still far from being evil like those truly evil Dimeras. And no matter if E.J. changes for the better it doesnt change his involvement in the Rafe/Faye murder plot. He and Stephano continue to go unpunished for that and thats why i hope Sami and E.J. arent happy for long. And being a soap theyll most likely will split again, and itll be another happy day for me because i dont believe evil should be rewarded with a happy ending.


The thing is, many viewers do not see the character EJ exclusively black, and the character is not black or white EJ is a complex and passionate character who also have an amazing charismatic actor like James who plays this character. So many wiewers root for this character and want to see the character succeed in both love and everything else. Moreover when the show has a chemistry like EJami adds, it would be downright stupid if they did not run with this chemistry. IMO


I agree Angela! The writers have pulled a lot of bait and switch with EJami to bring in ratings. It’s great that they’re finally giving a lot of the GA and fans a true love story for them. They both have their faults and have done hurtful things to each other, but at the end of the day they always find their way back to each other. They really see each other as equals, and they have learned to forgive because of their love for each other as well.


Thank you Camilla…. it’s with angst… that EJ tread… his mind.


Surprised, shocked and was looking for someone to pull the rug out from under me.

I am elated that DAYS is FINALLY taking a chance and if they keep Sami and EJ in character, Ejami will be unstoppable.


I agree that’s this will be the couple that should scheme together and love together – waited for this couple six plus years


Are you all forgetting E.J. is a Dimera? Just because Sami and E.J. have great chemistry together doesnt make it right for them to become a couple. E.J. is just as evil as his stepsister Kristen. Kristen once attempted to kill Marlena and E.J. remains unpunished for his part in the duplicate Rafe plot that resulted in the death of Nicoles mother Faye. John and Marlena should be upset that Sami is hooking up with E.J. again just like they are with Brady and Kristen! Im glad this is a soap because i know sooner or later Sami and E.J. will split up again. I dont feel any EVIL Dimera deserves a happy ending.


Yep Helen!

I’m looking forward to next week when they scheme together to take Nick down, and make love LOL. Only these two could plan a take down of a character while showing their love for each other. EJ the DiMera prince and Sami the Anti-Brady will be all kinds of fun to watch. Like Lexie said, if they stopped trying to destroy each other, they would be the happiest they’ve ever been and that’s exactly what’s happening. EJ and Sami are in love and happy 🙂


Jim are you forgetting all of the evil things that Sami has done? They are two peas in their own pod!


I am sooo happy the Dark Prince and Anti-Brady are getting together. It’s the ultimate supercouple…light and dark, romantic and villains — yay! Yes, please!

Carolyn Levesque

I just love the EJami story. Years ago I watched Days & my favourites were
Sami & Ej. Now several years after I am watching Days again & loveing
EJami. As long as they are together I will be watching Days.


I suppose… that’s what make’s a soap interesting for me…. makes my mind wander… lean… dreaming of what if?

born with a silver spoon…

born in to… and deigned… to plight with the lesser value?

moral subjection…. i’m in the high life… how do I sustain what’s surrounding me?

envelope the cause…?

Victoria Woods

I am sooooo excited for this Ejami story! FINALLY Days of our Lives are putting this couple in a REAL relationship. It’s been so long, I must pinch myself to make sure it is happening. Here they come y’all, here come Ali Sweeney & James Scott!!!!!! Woo-Hoo…..


Dont get too exicted. This is a soap and i doubt theyll always stay together. Anyway, if John and Marlena are upset with Brady hooking up with the evil Kristen, they should feel the same about Sami and E.J. Sami is far from being a saint but she is nowhere as evil as E.J.! He goes unpunished for his past crimes including his part in the Rafe duplicated plot that resulted in Fayes death! I dont believe in happy endings for evil people like E.J. and being a soap he most likely will not stay with Sami 4ever!


I so wish Fay was still with us… and mixing it up with Roman and Abe…. add in Kayla… and it’s a go…

Fay is needed to temper Nicole…


So glad you’re excited Victoria 🙂 EJami are gaining fans with the current writing, and I’m happy to see the others excited as I am. Ali and James are bringing it! I’ve loved the scenes between Sami and EJ. You can see just how much they love each other, and accept each other.


This article is just chocked full of fun. James and Alison seem so excited to have the chance to tell, as Paul Harvey says, “the rest of the story”.

The actors are playful and show how much they love working together. I couldn’t be happier about what the show has written so far. And I can’t wait to see what happens next.


Must read is right. Love this interview. Days is back to must see status with so many good stories now: WilSon, Bristen, Ericole and the fabulousness that is Ejami!


Is it more right for Sami to be with the evil E.J. than Brady who is involved with E.J.s evil stepsis Kristen? E.J. is just as bad as Kristen and everyone in Salem should be angry and upset by both couplings. Nothing can change the fact that E.J. was involved in the Rafe duplicate plot that ended in the death of Faye Walker. Should Sami stay with him whether she knows this or not.? The actors have wonderful chemistry 2gether which is undeniably evident but i hate when a character goes unpunished for their wrong doings. Sami would dump him, i hope, in a New York minute if she found out. But knowing or not, some of us fans dont like seeing someone as evil as E.J. being rewarded with a happy ending and luckily this being a soap opera hopefully he will not and once again they
will split.


Why do you feel the need to post the same thing over and over again? We get it, you think EJ’s evil and doesn’t deserve a happy ending.

Carolyn Levesque

EJ & Sami have so much chemistry! They should be together. You can tell
Ali & James are enjoying this storyline. I think the show is changing his
character to be nicer the same with Sami. I think we need to ejoy the
excitement and relish their chemistry.


im not the only one who does repeat messages. Besides they were responses to different posters for each of them to read in their email box in case they dont reread this paticular spot.


one more thing some of these posts werent showing up when i did them, my computer is slow a lot sometimes, and i see no harm reposting my opinion to individual posters responses.


Jim, you’re pretty much saying you’re going to repeat the same message to every poster that says something positive about EJ and Sami as a couple. That’s called Spamming! That’s not you leaving an opinion about the posters comment.


Wow, All the references to the things EJ has done saying Sami shouldn’t be with him, and EJ should be punished, blah, blah, blah ,,, Sami forgave EJ, so let’s all move one. Sami knows all the weird things EJ has done – the fake Rafe, the car sex, etc. Let’s all just move on. These are James and Sami reciting line’s they’re given. Some of you write your opinions as if the characters are actually real people who think and make choices. For example your comment, “Sami would dump him, i hope, in a New York minute if she found out”.

The writers have moved on from these older storylines, and have given us a new supercouple. Clearly they are going with it, “lock, stock and barre” as the Oct 26th article discussed. It’s here!!! (Plus, James would have chemistry with a house plant!)


Now that ive reviewed what i posted i see i did go overboard posting too much on this subject and ill correct that in the future.I was having trouble posting and thought half of them werent showing up when my computer went blank. But ive seen others do it too. Anyway dont get me wrong i do like the chemistry between Sami and E.J. and they are growing on me as the most improved couple, but its still hard to overlook he’s a Dimera and knowing that sooner or later theyll break up again being a soap. so in the meantime i am beginning to enjoy them as a couple after rewatching the last two weeks of episodes. I can see how the do work better together as a couple than when they were apart so im willing to give them a chance 4 now.


I’m not sure how my comment elicited this response but, ok. I’m not looking for Days of Our Lives to be a moral beacon in my life. In real life everyone in Salem would have a prison record and one half of the citizenry would have long term restraining orders against the other half. But it’s not real life. I’m enjoying Ejami and Bristen. I’m not looking for a hearts-and-flowers-true-love-happily-ever-after story. I want soapy, juicy drama and right now Days is delivering that to me. Your mileage may vary.


Jane, it is a must read! Loved reading how excited Ali and James are about the story, and how much Ali is fan girdling with the rest of the EJami fans and the GA who have been waiting to see EJ and Sami finally together. Even better is that it’s for REAL this time. No more third parties coming between them. Sami and EJ together and in love has been great, and I’m looking forward to seeing their grayness come out this week against Nick 😉


wow… there’s so much reveal that could happen either way… it’s with trepidation that i fodder… for Nick…. his acting… is superlative… and i’ve posted before…. that this story needs to be shared…. ie: homophobia… and this is just a part of this magnificent… turn… for the actors…

i hope… that … i’ve said as much…. that Hope, Julie, Caroline, and Maggie… mother up and steer Nick’s hurt from straying from his true character… he envisions what’s “normal”…. a marriage… and rearing of children.

i’ve said before… i don’t know what to expect… and that’s what makes this story… the bomb…. !?!? Blake Berris…. thank you. Thus far.. neither Will and/or Sonny has cowered… and they rightfully have legalese to the biological child?

I give props to Lucas… who.. sans a relationship… is top drawer for parenting…

Whew! dag! throw in the draw of Justin and Adrienne… which we need more of… this cast… is knocking it out of the park….

the tensions… and possibilities of this story is keeping me open-ended…


Sorry about that. i put it in wrong spot. Had computer problem, and when some didnt show up i tried to rewrite some then realized i did multiple postings. By the way im enjoying the much improved DOOL, and after rewatching some episodes im starting to like E.J. and Sami together in spite of what i originally said.

If you just see the way that the were then, pre Rafe, and i mean if you really open your eyes and see it, you will see that she really has loved him all along. She was falling in love with him when Lucas showed back up out of prision, but blew him off because Lucas is a “good” man and they have a long history. The truth is is that she always saw Lucas as her friend when she was lying and scheming to get Austin. She didn’t look at him that way until much further into their lives and even then she was still going to marry Austin when EJ first cam onto the scene, not Lucas. Lucas was always all to happy to have Carrie instead, he settled for Sami. Yes they care about each other a lot, but not as true lovers do. They do in a best friends way. Then she was starting to admit to herself that she wanted to be with EJ, and when she went to tell him that she was pregnant, Nicole beat her to the punch. She saw them together and was more hurt/angry over the fact that Nicole was also having his baby… Then next thing you know BAM the mayor is dead and they ship her off to go to Rafe. When Roman let EJ call her and tell her that he was going to do that right thing and marry Nicole, you could tell by her words and by her crying to Rafe that she was deeply hurt. The make Rafe the new daddy thing was NEVER because she was scared and EJ was soooo evil, it was because of Nicole and her spitefulness. She choose not to tell him that she was pregnant out of spite for Nicole, but the truth is is that if she had told him, he would have dropped Nicole like a hot potato. She also didn’t because she knows that her family would never approve. She decided that a “stand up” (even though he has now done a few shady and illegal things for his own people ect) man like Rafe is what her family wanted for her, and that was more important. When she wanted to tell EJ the truth about baby Grace (before she died) Rafe (who did not even know EJ) went off on her for wanting to come clean and be honest and packed up to leave town. She was hell bent on stopping him from marrying Nicole and telling him the truth because she did not want him to marry Nicole, because she really did love him. When Johnny went missing, she went to EJ. Because even when they are at each other’s throats, you can clearly see what they really feel for each other. She’s always trying to live up to her families expectations, just like he’s always trying to live up to his families expectations. Their families do not accept them for who they… Read more »

Jim, everyone in Salem and i do mean EVERYONE right down to St. Caroline screwing around on her husband with evil Victor has done evil things. Bad things. The difference is that EJ accepts who he is and doesn’t make himself out to be more than he is. The rest of them act like hypocrites and “better” all of the time. Just give it a rest dude. Everyone has gone after someone, blackmailed someone, cheated, tried to kill or thought about killing someone else. It IS a soap opera, not a fairy tale.


I’ll admit I was totally surprised! Days was oddly stubborn about not telling the EJ and Sami love story even though it was so obviously there. They have two hot stars with awesome chemistry and the characters already have an amazing back story. It doesn’t take a member of Mensa to see these two are the pair to watch. I am one happy viewer now that they are going full steam ahead with them!


Not all of us are happy. E.J. and Sami being a couple should be as upsetting to everyone in Salem as they are with Brady hooking up with E.J.s stepsibling Kristen. Both are Dimeras and are manipulitve and evil. Kristen tried once to murder Marlena and E.J. is part blame in the duplicate Rafe plot resulting in the death of Faye. And just because no one in Salem knows this it doesnt change his part in it. Both E.J. and Kristen do not deserve any happiness for their evil doings, and knowing this being a soap im happy to know they most likely will not find any. The actors do have such great chemistry together and id be ecstatic seeing the characters together if it wasnt for E.J. doing such horrible things. Sami may not be walking around with a halo on her head but shes far from walking around with a pitchfork and two pointed ears like E.J. is.


Great reply Caitlin! I’m one of the happy viewers who are excited about EJ and Sami finally getting a real shot as a couple. From the moment Sami made her heartfelt confession to EJ I knew the writers were finally committing EJ. I loved it even more because EJ didn’t allow her to beg, plead, and chase for a chance with him, something she had to do with the other men in her life. I can’t wait to see what the writers have planned, and since Ali and James are still taping together were looking at for EJami in the next few months 🙂


ditto…. no woman… should… beg, plead, and chase at….

she was revealing… she cried.. because her heart ached for… and he recriprocated… like minds… meeting….


A poster said… no girdling…. geez! what a break from…

laura best

I love the fact that the show FINALLY put Ej & Sami together & are invested 100% in telling there love story.. so excited to see this all unfold in the coming months… James & Ali look like they are having so much fun playing there characters right now..

Excited to see grey Ejami take down Salem… should be fun to watch!!!

EJAMI ARE ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


E.J. and Sami maybe on fire but E.J. should be on fire in Hell for his involvement in the duplicate Rafe/resulting in Fayes death plot. Sami is no Saint but E.J. is the SON OF THE DEVIL who continues to go unpunished for his past sins. If John and Marlena are burning mad over Bradys relationship with bad girl Kristen they should equally be just as mad with Sami going back to bad boy E.J. Glad this is a soap so i know that THE DEVILS SON E.J. will not be rewarded with a happy ending.


Wow, All the references to the things EJ has done saying Sami shouldn’t be with him, and EJ should be punished, blah, blah, blah ,,, Sami forgave EJ, so let’s all move one. Clearly they’re the new “Hot” couple, so let’s enjoy it!!!


I have changed my opinion slightly in favor of Sami and E.J. as the grow on me and slowly moving on with it but i still wonder how Sami would react if she found about his connection to the Rafe duplicte that ended in Fays death. Istill wish Fay was around for Nicole and Abe.


Laura, EJami are for sure on fire. I can’t wait to see what they have planned for Nick, and even better we’ll be getting them making love. I’m excited for this week. Days has been great lately!


it’s LOVE in the afternoon… time… Fire…

I…. LOL… sensuals simmering the imagination… have at it.

whatever it takes to champion DAYS.


I’m excited, too, Laura! There are going to be some serious fireworks in Salem now that EJami are together. And you can really tell that James and Ali genuinely enjoy playing EJ and Sami, don’t take themselves too seriously, but enjoy challenging each other. And that makes it so much fun for us fans.


Thanks Michael!! So excited!! I’m so glad to see the writers giving EJ and Sami a real chance. Ali and James have such amazing chemistry, and it would have been ashame not to explore it further. Both characters know and accept each other, and I think that’s what makes them so rootable. I’m looking forward to their story, and know that Ali and James will be giving it their all.


Long overdue, and very welcomed. It is the best thing DOOL has done. Once again I am invested in watching. Every word! Every touch is magical. Fan Girl scream #Ejami 🙂


For me, after Ken Corday said lock stock barrel, I knew Ejami was coming. What I’m really surprised on is the quality and full extent of what KC said.

I’m so happy by both this article and EJami, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. 🙂


Actually, I wasn’t surprised, but I was relieved. I think we’ve seen it coming for quite some time now, although it has been a question of when it was going to happen. I have to say I wondered right along with Ali and James if Sami wouldn’t go back to Rafe after NYE for another brief go-around. The thing is, by that time, EJ had showed her that he was the right choice for her, and I would have been so disappointed for Sami if she had gone back to Rafe. It was also clear that the audience wouldn’t tolerate anymore vacillation on Sami’s part. And thank goodness it was settled too because the real Sami is not a fickle individual, and I think these last five months have done her character a lot of damage.

I’m glad though that the show is publicizing that Sami and EJ are now going to get their chance. A union between a DiMera and a Brady is writers’ heaven, particularly when the two participants care more about achieving their ends of their schemes rather than the means. With the character Sami back to her original roots, we are in for some mighty good times. And given the on-screen chemistry between the two actors, I know I’m going to love every moment of Ejami. Yay!


agree wholeheartedly with your 2nd paragraph…. course… this definately worked in the “ole” days… when the cast was twice as large… and more opinions and “ramifications” ensued…

i was on you-tube… watching kimberly and shane scenes… Geez! Kimberly rocked the bradys in to another stratosphere… course, this was also when Wayne Northop was on… he said of Kimberly… the world is your oyster… and Kimberly was sharing with Marlena… she’s spoiled… God love the stars of “ole”.

anyway… my point…. watching… Anna and Tony…. writers heaven…
Peter and Jennifer…. writers heaven….
Kristen, John, Marlena… writers heaven….

EJ and Sammi…. two magnates… Stefano and John Black… chess piecing it up.


I was very skeptical at first ! I have hoping for years that the story would go this way. I am so happy that they finally decided to bring them together. I was just about at the point of giving up in the fall, with all the Rafe junk . This is by far my favorite show on TV at this point, because the show has went with the fans and made everything the way it should be. Well worth the wait!!!!


watching Rafe and Kate stirred the pot…. I’ll have a decaf with Kate any time…


I was surprised but thrilled! I’ve always felt they have a dynamic relationship & if given a chance EJ & Sami could really have a romantic, thrilling story. I’m hoping we get some time to allow areal relationship to develop, and no matter what happens, this EJami fan is going to enjoy every minute!


I think EVERYONE was skeptical whether they were fans or not, but it was a great article and I love the Validation that came with it, GO EJAMI!


No, I love EJami & always knew we would get them as a real couple, I’m so happy it finally happen!!! I can’t wait to see their love story! Team EJami all the way! 😉


Haven’t bought an issue of SOD in years, but when I saw that they were doing a big interview with James Scott & Alison Sweeney, I had to rush out to buy. Thank you SOD! Love them and it was a great, insightful interview!!


I actually started watching soaps again for these two actors and couple. I’ like my characters and couples complex – ejami is certainly that. Easily the most stunning chemistry on soaps today. I can’t wait to watch this story unfold.


Its no suprise Sami and EJ got together and it will be no suprise when they eventually break up again. Will the marry and live in the Dimera mansion, and if they do will Marlena and John be equally upset about it as they are with Brady moving in the DiMansion with Kristen? Just because Sami had kids with EJ it doesnt make him any better than Kristen being Dimeras and both having done manipultive and evil things.

Lew S

I agree


Well said.. Ej is a true DiMera whereas Kristen is only adopted, so John and Marleana should be much more upset about Ej being with Sami.


“Only” adopted?? What does that mean? Adopted kids aren’t really “real” members of their families? Opinions about soap couples aside, that is flat out ignorant and offensive.

As to the topic of the DiMeras, I definitely expect John and Marlena to be upset, and rightly so. They don’t trust EJ. But they do believe that he loves Sami, which they don’t believe about Kristen (and again, rightly so). They just don’t trust that EJ won’t hurt Sami again.

Which is fine. Actually, it’s great. It’s one of the things that makes this storyline so compelling for so many viewers, the Romeo and Juliet aspect. Their feuding families will always give them problems, which on a soap opera equates to storyline. Jarlena were plagued for years by Marlena’s daughter, SAMI, refusing to accept their relationship. Now it’s Sami’s turn to deal with family baggage.

As for EJ being evil – the excellent SOD article talks all about how being with EJ reawakens Sami’s evil side. Which many of us have missed, and are thrilled to have back. It’s what made Sami such a larger than life character on this show. But to each their own….


Really Marlena has no room to judge Sami and who she has chosen. John was a Dimera soldier just like EJ. John’s crimes were done off screen before we “knew” him but according to him he did a lot of terrible things in the name of the Dimeras. Marlena, for the sake of her own happiness, left her husband and disappointed her children to be with the love of her life.


Christy, “only adopted” means that she does not have the DiMera genes as Ej does. It was not meant to be offensive or to say anything negative about adopted children…..just that they do not have the “evil” genes. Yes, they can certainly learn evil ways but they do not carry the same DNA.

Efanatic. I am not defending Marleana or John, just making a comment about how upset she should be about Sami being with Ej.


There’s no such thing as “evil” genes. You can talk about the upbringing of children and how their environment can influence them. But Stefano’s genes aren’t “evil” since he does have children who weren’t born evil. Lexie was a good person though she did some bad things in the past, Benjy was never evil, Chad isn’t evil, and although EJ has also done bad things, he isn’t evil because he’s able to do good. So your point that having Stefano’s genes makes EJ “evil” is invalid and makes no sense.


Isn’t John a Dimera also? Funny how that has been totally glossed over for years! John and Marlena have their own marital problems to worry about…


They’ve changed John so much over the years i dont really know who he is anymore.


Christy. Right ON!

EJ and Kristen were raised in the same “family”.

what makes the DiMera’s inriguing… along with the Hortons and Bradys… is their “standard”. and it’s straying… lusting… believing… dreaming… the impossible… and daring… oneself to live.

OK… nuff said… soaps equate the opposite’s attract… the poor and rich mixing… the high fallutin… and needy… social classes… stepping over…


With DAYS always toying with EJami fans, I was a little skeptical of ever getting EJami. Until Ken Corday went out and previewed EJami, Lock, Stock and Barrel. Then it was just a matter of being patient, as the painful SAFE SL dominating the screen.

But good things come to those who wait. I am loving having E.J. and Sami finally being a couple. They are the best couple on DAYS, unpredictable, sexy, cute, fun and so much more. I can’t wait to see them go after Nick! Team EJami.

I am so glad to see Ali and James as happy about the SL as we are! They are just the best.


Love it!!! Always love hearing AS/JS intakes about Ejami!!! Just bought the copy will cheerish this article best ever from SOD


The thing I found most telling about the article was how they both slipped into saying things like “you shot me” instead of saying “Sami shot me” and that went back and forth quite a bit in the piece. I thought that was quite interesting.


the give and take… the stop sign that gave us a breather and pulled and tugged, clammoring….

it’s like when to shut up and physically drawn in….

DAYS seems to be doing this a lot…. blinders… time… some times…


I had never seen one minute of Days Of Our Lives before last Fall. When Guiding Light and As The World Turns went off the air, I vowed never to watch another soap again, my ‘soap’ heart was broken for good. Then one day I was home sick and wasn’t near the remote and I saw Sami and EJ flirting/fighting and I was instantly hooked by their chemistry. Just like Ali & James, I thought Sami and Rafe were getting together because of the New Year’s Eve scenes. I was thrilled to see that DAYS went in another direction. I wasn’t sure of their history, but I stayed around to watch specifically for their scenes together. I could tell that this time around was special. They truly seemed to care about each other. I LOVE EJAMI!

After a few months, I’m now watching for them, as well as Daniel & Jennifer, Nicole & Eric, Will & Sonny and Brady!

Let’s hope DAYS lets this Ejami romance play out for a while. 🙂


I was so sad about GL & ATWT being cancelled. I wish they could do a reboot of one or both or maybe combine the two somehow.


Agree!! We need Reva back !!! Oh and i dream of Another World reboot!! That would be so incredible!! I wonder what Bay city is up too!


Hello, Snapegirl! Do I know as a LuRe fan? It was the Will and Sonny story which introduced me to EJ and Sami (in Nov 2011)…and like you, I was instantly hooked!

So, SO glad to see Ejami really happening, as a REAL couple finally! Yay! So much fun, so sexy, so perfectly imperfect! Thanks DAYS! And thanks Michael Fairman, for the opportunity to sound out our Ejami-love!


Hi! Yes, I’m the same SnapeGirl from the Lure fandom. I gave up on soaps, but I do check in over to LRO every week. I recognize you from over there and YT. 🙂

I had no idea this Sami/EJ pairing was so controversial. I’m thrilled that I wasn’t one of the fans waiting for them to get together for 7 years. I just hope that The Powers That Be over at DAYS give them a chance and not just one season’s worth of romance.

I could tell right away that EJ really loves Sami. It’s more interesting to see how a character like that deals with his moral compass while trying to balance a loving relationship.

PS: Nothing will replace Reid in my heart though. There has yet to be a character to top his depth and intricacies in my book. They didn’t even scratch the surface there. 🙁


Don’t know why I can’t reply to your reply, but yes I’m also glad I haven’t waited the seven years for Ejami.

Also, as much as I love Ejami, LuRe are still my favorite couple…but even though I adore Reid, I am a Luke girl at heart.

Anyway, nice to connect again!


you know… i have to agree… and believe.. it was like… writers… letting us know… Sammi is good with both EJ and Rafe…

and she chose…

could this be a sign… down the road….

it was all confetti and in the moment… stroke of midnight that it was Rafe and Sammie together..

and Nicole… “forcing” EJ -cause she had the choice… ?


My mother watched Guilding Light and Search for Tomorrow.

Rhonda Arvanitas

Surprised is an understatement! I had all but given up hope that their story would ever be told. James & Ali, are so powerful together as a couple it was hard to imagine why the show was not taking advantage of their amazing chemistry. I am still a little skeptical, but their interview gives me hope that it might last longer than 3 months.


Michael Ejami is the best so happy the writers finally had the guts to write for them Ali was so right about Sami always wanted EJ from day one the fans knew that she was always in denial when came to him so happy her and James did this interview on the best couple days of had in years they are the super couple of days so happy the writers finally saw that in the end.


I think most Ejami fans were as surprised as James and Alison. Slowly, we’re all realizing that this is for real. 🙂 We’ve had almost seven years of anticipation that resulted in a letdown, so it’s easy to see why we were skeptical.


I was sooooo skeptical thank god for the person that bashed ken Corday on the hesd to see the light and locked Gary Tomlin in the closet I love Melissa salmons all her dialogue is on point! One thing for sure there is some major improvement in writing or should I say there is a new head writer doing a great job? Eji have great potential it’s great to see the actors understand them ivambone happy camper !!!!

Leticia (speechless)

I was pleasantly surprised we got EJAMI. After almost 7 years of will they/won’t they it’s total vindication that Days has finally put the greatest couple in recent Days history together. Let the scheming begin.


I am so happy my typing is screwed lol thanks micheal


I was a little surprised and pretty skeptical, until the episode where Sami actually told EJ that she wanted to be with him. She explained her thought process and was prepared to prove herself to EJ, but he, unlike all those other guys before, didn’t make her do that. He accepted her word. We have a new EJami relationship at last and it’s one that I can finally see lasting. As an EJami fan, I’m thrilled!


I couldn’t care less


I always held out hope that eventually the EJami story was finally going to be told. I was so disappointed when their story was derailed this past summer with Rafe being inserted and to which we headed towards a “triangle”. EJami finally coming together was a long time in the making and Ihave to say the timing was just right. I didn’t like the fact that the writers had Sami jump from man to man something she has never done. EJami’s reunion was done right, EJ wouldnt let her beg him to be with her, finally she didn’t have to degrade herself over a man. EJami are each others perfect match, accept each other flaws and all and I’m excited that they’re together instead of enemies. What a fun ride this is going to be < 3!


Totally agree with you. And that forehead touch when he silently accepted Sami’s love and was giving her his answer was off the charts beautiful. Loved that scene so much!


The writers really played this triangle up to the last minute. NYE was bittersweet and frustrating. It continued on like that up until Nick and Gabi’s wedding. Right before the wedding, when Sami got all swept up in the romance of wedding preparations, she took one last goofy grab at the BOPE 2.0 image she had in her head of what SAFE was. She was jumping up and down at the idea that she and Rafe would be “Like you and Uncle Bo?” as she put it to Hope. Hope responded by saying, “Yeah, like me and Uncle Bo,” and added, “You can run, you can hide, but your true heart always wins out in the end.” – YOUR TRUE HEART – I took that as a message from the writers that this was about Sami and her heart. Her true heart that she’d run and hid from time and again, was about to win out. Oh Hope, you unintentional Ejami fan you!



that tugs at the heartstrings…


honestly…. that scene made me miss Bo. w/Hope. w/ Carly… w/Billie.


I am surprised because I just don’t see it. I am an Ejole fan all the way and believe Sami and EJ are poison together. Sami is a better person with Rafe or Lucus. And EJ and Nicole are better suited for each other. In time Sami will do something stupid to screw everything up and this will just be a “moment” for EJ and Sami.


I agree.


Funny that you say that Sami and EJ are ‘poison to each other’. Oh and EJ and Nicole weren’t I suppose – when he was being physically and emotionally abusive towards her and always chose someone else over her, including her own sister. LOL. As for them being better suited: nope. Nicole was a doormat and didn’t challenge EJ the way Sami – his equal – does. Besides, with Nicole EJ was black as soot, Stephano’s clone and that is NOT who EJ truly is. The essence of the character is he wants to be his own man, but he constantly messes up due to his upbringing.


Still holding out hope for Safe here!

Mary SF

Oh Phil you are one brave soul posting that on a page filled with EJami lovers. Hopefully they are too busy gushing over this couple to notice- otherwise your inbox might have been filled with who knows what. Personally I always wanted Sami to end up with Austin, but atlas I fear that ship has long sail.


Me too, but sami needs to settle with only one man, her bouncing back forth these years is getting old. So I’m glad they put e.j with sami. Sami has been fave character since I was little and she chase austin for years and I prefer patrick muldoon austin reed


Phil doesn’t have to worry about EJami fan insulting him for his views. The Safe fans showed their true selves to Ali when they insulted her, the actress, repeatedly on her blog to the point that she had to block them. We Ejami’s are only basking in the glow of our couple finally having a chance after having to endure the most boring pairing in soap history. We aren’t going to attack someone for not liking EJami. To each his own….


“… alas, I fear that ship has long sailed.”

and so we keep hoping… we find that in what’s left….

it’s still magic.


I am with you Phil! I believe in true romance. Ej and Sami are not what can be considered romance in the afternoon. It is a shame Days has resorted to that pairing.


Sami needs to be one for awhile, I like her with rafe, but the writers went another direction and do mine her with e.j


I heard a spoiler saying this: Sami makes love with one of her exes, but is the other out of the picture?

Sami made love with EJ. But this means that Rafe is gonna be back with her in no time! Look at what Galen told fans in Orlando! She is still connected to Rafe! They will always come back to each other. EJ will screw up as usual and Sami will run right into Rafe’s arms. EJami aren’t romantic, I agree.


Some things are just meant to be.
Ejami is one.
Much thanks goes to NBC/SONY and Days for recognizing the potential of Ejami and to Alison Sweeney and James Scott for bringing the complexities of Ej’s and Sami’s relationship to the forefront.
They are unique.


I was definitely surprised! Pleasantly, wonderfully, joyously surprised! It’s about time! Love James and Alison, and as a long-time Sami fan, I’ve always thought EJ was her perfect match. Those two were just made for each other. Thanks for the article, Michael. I’m off to pick up a copy of SOD. 🙂


Great SOD interview with Ali and James! I was just as skeptical as they were that the writers/producers were finally committed to telling a proper EJami story but I’m becoming a believer. It’s been wonderful so far and Ali and James are especially lighting up the screen since they have the writing to back them up.


This is a fantastic read with Ali and James, and I must say that it was about time that Days writer writes full for EJami, I mean that a chemistry that Ali and James has can not be ignored and this is probably the most important factorn that made this couple so hugely popular, moreover, it is a modern couple who can play badass, sexy, and entertaining stuff on screen, and if I’ll be honest soaps need more such couples like EJami that entertains to the max.


it’s true….

Sammi’s backbone… and the rest be damned… she’s back with a vengeance… and EJ… writers… the DiMera mystique… is on the horizon….


The full SOD interview with James & Ali was insightful & a great read. Just like somebody else already said, when Ken Corday previewed November sweeps & said that the show was putting lock, stock & barrel into EJami, I knew from previous experience over the years that he wasn’t lying & that his word is pretty much the law. What surprised me was the quality of the manner in which TPTB delievered EJami getting together. The show in general seems to be more crisp since the non Nick/Gabi wedding happened back in mid January. The Nick/Gabi/Will storyline has been a good umbrella story for many characters, GV & AZ are making magic subtext out of the Eric/Nicole storyline, Eileen Davidson continues to shine in the Bristen storyline & now this last week, both Kate Mansi & Nadia Bjorlin got a chance to shine & make the Jennifer/Daniel/Chloe storyline a little more interesting. So I guess, all in all, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how good EJami together & Days in general have been written since mid January.


Michael, thank you for posting about SOD’s charming article featuring EJami and for asking the question you did. It has been many years that fans of EJami have been hoping and waiting for this couple to be given the writing they deserve. The article validates what we had been convinced of since the start: that EJ’s world revolved around Sami and that he was the sun in her orbit as well, (to quote Kate!) The actors admitting that they have played this subtlely no matter what was on screen has been wonderful to hear. Was it a surprise that Days has finally decided to go with EJami? To go all out like they are? We are so unaccustomed to see this that it IS a surprise! EJ and Sami having intimate moments without anyone barging in? This is quite surprising! However, after being a fan almost since the beginning of EJami, I am more surprised that it took so long to get here! Thanks for your support of EJami, Michael! This is absolutely thrilling! EJami has our attention. Bring them on!


the subtle nuanced delivery of dancing…. are you with me… dalliance… is betrothed and mixing….

Salem’ites… side-line yourself or piqued yourself…


Definitely suprised..not because I thought the coupling wouldn’t eventually happen. I always believed the were potentially the most engaging couple I have seen on Days for years. I guess I just lost hope that the writers would stop placing obstacles in the way. Ali and James’ wonderful onscreen chemistry as EJ and Samantha was able to maintain my interest at times when the writing itself could not…I am so thankful for that. I am so excited for the actors and the story content of Days that this relationship is now being embraced in the writing. I really hope the writing will do it as much justice as the portraying actors have and continue to.


Hopfully next DOOLs will do something about the missing Bo, bring John back, and starting writing something for Kayla, Roman, and Abe.


It’s just wrong what they did with Bo. And I wish Steve could come back for Kayla, or maybe Stephanie. Kayla needs a storyline. Justin and Adrienne, too.


Kayla…. Justin and Adrienne…. Pronto…. front lines….

they deliver… are able… are present… in our minds…


Thanks, Michael! I was pleasantly surprised when the writers are finally going there with ejami. I always had hope and believed this couple had potential but when I saw it, a part of me was still skeptical. I was used to the writers teasing me then pulling the rug under me. It looks like James and Ali felt the same way. So, count me overjoyed that it’s for real this time. I have enjoyed them so much. Sami’s heartfelt confession to EJ will always be my favorite moment from her and the couple. I’m so excited as to where the show is taking them. Based on what James and Ali said in SOD, I think I’m going to love it.


Yes, Ali was so right about Sami always wanted (LOVED)


Oops! Sami always wanted LOVED EJ ! Sami was in denial. Love James & Ali.

Michael Jenkins

Sami has ALWAYS wanted and loved Ej. It is about time that she is no longer in denial mode.



its funny cuz ever since i started watching Days bak when Sami&Lucas were menacing everyone then each other i rooted for them to be 2gether..but now the fun chemistry that Ejami has is magic! It’s like they know what the deal is but they just cant resist anymore! ♥♥♥


Thank you for the opportunity to comment, Michael.

I was pleasantly surprised not just that Days is giving the EJami love story a chance to finally be told, but the amazing way the story is being told.

Loved the way that EJ and Sami’s friendship was rebuilt starting March 2012 and even though things took a minor detour from Sept through Dec, Sami’s feelings for EJ had already gotten to a point that it would be virtually impossible to not have him in her life, which would have been the case if she had gotten together with her ex-husband.

From the moment Sami realized the mistake she could have made and what/who she would be throwing away, EJami was born. Those words that came from Sami’s heart on January 31st said everything and everything! Watching the scenes brought out so many emotions and it was such a delight to see Ali and James bring their a-game and give life to the characters that many have grown to love.

If given a fair chance, EJami has a story that can keep things interesting for years! Kudos to Ali/James/SOD for making this issue of SOD an amazing read and I hope that EJami’s story continues!



Definitely surprise, especially considering the re-tread to make #SAFE work when the writing was naturally moving toward #EJami a year ago. Let’s hope the writers stick to it this time around.


This was a wonderful Interview. I love their chemistry and I am s happy the writers are giving Ejami a chance.We fans of them have been waiting for this for years.I have never been so excited to turn on my tv and watch Days in many years.I have been watching for over 20 years and This couple beats out all others for me.They pull me in like I am reading a never ending book I dont ever want to put down.Thanks Alison, James and Days for giving us this great story.


Forgot to say that I loved how Alison explained that Sami was muted & not herself after Grace died (during the Safe years) and she is now back to the the true Sami.


Me, too! I am SO happy Samantha Gene Brady has returned. She’s my favorite character on the show and has been for a very long time. When Ali explained how it felt with what her character has been through the past few years, I kept thinking to myself, “I’ll bet Ali is thrilled just like us to have the real Sami back!” The recent scenes that Sami has had with EJ, Nick, Will, Gabi and others have been awesome. I can’t wait to see what she does next!


Can you imagine… Juggling… all the mens…. EJ, Rafe, Lucas, …

it boggles the mind… to be at the top of your game… and responding to your true feelings… unrequited….

does Sammi know that? darn fallutin… tempest of the shrew….

our sammi brady….

where’s dr. Marlena…

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Preview – Week of May 21, 2018

Next week on Days of our Lives, Brady (Eric Martsolf) is in for quite the surprise when Theresa (Jen Lilley) shows up and turns his world upside down again. What will happen when Theresa discovers that Brady and her sister, Eve (Kassie DePaiva) are engaged?Meanwhile, Sonny (Freddie Smith) is in for surprise also, when he realizes Leo (Greg Rikaart) is going to turn the tables on him, after their steamy passionate kiss. And, Will (Chandler Massey) find a new clue in Dr. Rolf’s diary, as Kate (Lauren Koslow) learns her fate in Vivian’s death.

Check out these teasers from upcoming episodes of DAYS below, and then watch the latest promo from NBC. Tell us what storyline has piqued your interest the most via the comment section below.

Monday, May 21

Stefan threatens Abigail with Chad’s freedom.

Tuesday, May 22

Lani has a scare concerning her unborn baby.

Wednesday, May 24

Sonny’s world is turned upside down when he receives stunning news.

Thursday, May 23

Xander taunts Jennifer about her relationship with Eric.

Friday, May 25

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For the week ending April 30th through May 4th, DAYS moved past General Hospital as the third most-watched soap opera. Considering DAYS has been in the fourth position of all four soaps for the last several years, this is definitely worth noting.. DAYS came in with 2,301,000 average total viewers for the ratings week, while GH had 2, 288,000. In addition, GH tied an all-time low in the womens 18-34 ratings share.

As for The Young and the Restless, they also lost the most viewers for the week with -174,00, while coming in at 4,089,000 total viewers. Even though they remain at number one and are far ahead of the other three soaps, it seems the show, which in the past has hovered around 4.5 million a week, is down. In addition, the ratings reflected that B&B is now tied with Y&R for the number one show in the womens demo 18-34, and Y&R has tied some lows in total households, and the women 18-49 ratings share.

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Most recently, Lowder co-executive produced and starred in the digital drama adaption of DAYS EP Ken Corday’s novel, Ladies of the Lake, which is set to premiere its second season in June.

Now that Lowder is back on DAYS, the question remains under the creative pen of head writer, Ron Carlivati, who will he be playing given that Eric Martsolf is currently Brady Black and is not exiting the series?

Kyle took to social media sharing a video message on his arrival back in Salem expressing: “BEYOND excited to be rejoining my Days of our Lives family. See y’all soon!” SOD first reported the casting news. (more…)

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