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Alison Sweeney Set To Return To Days of our Lives!



Great news for Days of our Lives fans! Alison Sweeney is on her way back to the NBC daytime drama series to reprise her role as Sami Brady!

According to Soap Opera Digest, who broke the news, Sweeney will be on set in May and June taping new episodes for an extended stay this time.

Ali told SOD on finding some time to return to DAYS: “Unfortunately this year’s been hard for me because of my knee injury, so I had to push some stuff back. So, I figured out a schedule, blocked out some time that I had available and we figured it out!”

The exciting thing this time out is to see how Sami will be written under new head writer Ron Carlivati!  In fact, Carlivati tweeted on the news: “Here comes trouble…” noting how trouble always follows Sami on screen!

So, excited for an Alison Sweeney return? What do you think will be her story when she arrives back on the canvas? Comment below.

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52 Comments on "Alison Sweeney Set To Return To Days of our Lives!"

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4ever DAYS

I think DAYS hopes lapsed Sami/DAYS viewers will tune in as Sami rakes many characters over the coals, which will bring the viewers up to speed with all the characters and their storylines. And she’ll also be ushering the return of her son, Will.


Welcome back to DOOL, Alison. Her stay will only be for 2 months. The best news in a long time,. Alison is a wonderful actress, she is very busy with other projects. Maybe in the future she will return to DOOL full time. The future for Days looks more brighter with the hiring of Ron.

Tomas Torquemada

Maybe she can torture the useless teens as pay back for their torturing the audience.


Oh, this made me LOL! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! SO True!




Hey Tomas…L-O-L…and SO TRUE!!!!! And, while she’s at it, she can also torture TPTB at DOOL!!!!! After all, they’re the ones who inflicted those GOD-AWFUL TEENS on us all!!!!! BEYOND B-L-E-C-H!!!!!!!!!!

Just saying……….


I’ve never been a big fan of Alison Sweeney…. Do, I thank her, for keeping afloat the show.


that’s saying … a lot

for a two month gig… let’s see her come between Rafe and Hope. WHY NOT ?

Rafe and Hope are forced

Hope is so old … baggage galore… and used up.. and she just does not stir

sans the original Ciera Alice… Bo…. heck.. even Daniel Cosgrove.. built her

whats going to happen to her now… with Rafe… a miracle pregnancy.. isn’t she 50+

according to “WIKI” she was born onscreen .. in 1974. she’s 43. LOL… I don’t get that at all.. she’s haggie maggied OUT

’nuff said

i’m so tired of her… she wears on everything

shes sucking the life out of Rafe.

let’s see Sami… spiral Rafe life. if for nothing more than to steer Rafe out of Hope life.



Galen Gerring is so wasted

why shouldn’t we not want to see a budding romance and a life for Rafe… with his own children.

he’ll be babysitting Hope before we know it

lets lay waste and or nip this in the bud

Alison Sweeney returns to her former bad girl ways and takes no prisoners and shake

hell hath no fury


PATRICK!!!! My wonderful, poetic friend!!!! Welcome back!!!!
Agree with everything you have stated. You and I have always been in accord as far as Hope and Rafe are concerned. I never saw the intimate, come hither, exchange of looks…..never felt the passion.

Sami, on the otherhand brought fire, stormy weather, and sunshine to every relationship.
I am so tired of these ‘no clue’, go back to Mt. Olympus, soap gods portraying Hope as a youngster in her first taste of love. She’s supposed to be 43? Isn’t she a grandmother, who may end up as a great grandmother? Claire is having sex……within her child-bearing years. She must have had her son at the age of ten? LOL.

So, yeah….Hope is no 43-year old, as Kristian is looking her age. She’s about my mother’s age in real life. Hope, a baby? Insane!! ….almost as insane as Ravi in a relationship with Ashley ( Y&R).
Now, Patrick….Sami can still give Rafe a baby, yes? I think he was cheated by not having had a child….he loved Sami’s kids as his own. That would be the best thing that could happen to Rafe, as he’s always wanted a child. C’mon, writers, give the guy a break!! All he does is walk around moping.
Where’s the euphoria shown by a man in love? Sami will ‘rock his world’, again.
If not Sami, anyone else within a sensible age-appropriate, woman, will do……just NOT Hope.

Jeffrey P Bailey

Can’t wait Ron and Alison will be SPLENDID

Joan Faist

Very happy about this. Love Allison Sweeney.

James R. Poissant

This is going to be good—I know Ron is going to have Sami stirring the pot with everyone. We’re about to go for quite the ride when Ron’s shows air especially if he still uses his “surprise-a-day” technique he had on OLTL and GH.


What is the “surprise-a-day”?

James R. Poissant

Ron always put some kind of cliffhanger on every show so that you had to tune in tomorrow. Very few of his shows could be considered filler because he always added excitement. Some folks called it being plot-driven as opposed to being character-driven but alot of us didn’t care because the suspenseful moment was always fun to watch. If he still writes his shows the way he did in the past with other soaps, you’ll see what i mean very quickly. I do love this guy!!!

Tomas Torquemada

I want bad Sami… remember her undercover as a dude? Oh yeah, we need Bad Sami. I hope Ron enjoys Bad Sami as much as we do.

Will coming back would be fine, so long as it’s not NuWill. If Chandler won’t do it, then recast once more.


Lol, Tomas!! Yes, the undercover story was incredibly ‘stirring’….baaaad, baaaad Sami; come on down!!!!


Good news! I just wish EJ were returning with Sami.


I haven’t missed the overly dramatic “acting” or the character at all. It’s been a nice change, not having the “Sami” show, 24/7; however, TPTB have crucified the show with its onslaught of youth that cannot act, recasts, and terrible plots.
I tuned in yesterday while home for lunch and saw the Chad and Abigail scenes. First, I have always LOVED Chad. The actor that plays Chad is destined for greater things. He killed those scenes. NuAbigail is dreadful. Kate Mansi was gorgeous and grew into such a strong actress. NuAbigail is meek and weak. I was rooting for Chad to find Gabi (after NuAbigail left the scene) and I am not a fan of Gabi at all!


Hi, dmr,
I was afraid to say anything negative about nuAbby. But, I agree. She’s not doing it for me.
I have fallen for Billy Flynn since his first appearance on stage. He has gone beyond my expectations, but I see not the easiness with Marci. Their scenes together are clinical and stilted.
I think the PTB saw the disconnect between Chad and nuAbby…..not working. Therefore, they are being separated.
However, I do not see Chad with Gabi, either, in my opinion, albeit, I did love her and JJ together. But, the ‘bosses’ wanted Chad and Gabi as a couple; thus, JJ’s cheating.
Abby will be going on a downward, perilous spiral if paired with Dario. But, will there be passion? Isn’t thst always the case with bad boys? LOL.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Its all going to matter on her storyline but the show needed a boost with Sami’s return with
the departure of Nicole to fill the void…if only Teressa would return too…


Who is Teressa?

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Shane and Kim’s daughter who was involved with Brady…she departed a few months ago


Jenn Lilley played Theresa Donovan, Mo. Brady’s wife and mother to Tate?


I hope Ron (aka Jim Reilly Jr.) does not have Sami return just being an angry, hateful bitch for no reason. Sami has grown, and has matured. Of coirse she will always have that edge….she IS Sami afterall…..but she made peace with a lot of people before she left. To have her return as a one-note, one dimensional bitter woman again would be a cheat to the show and to the fans.


‘Bout time! I wish she could convince James Scott to come back with her! Maybe he would consider a short-term return.


That would be good, as well, SZima.
I’ve ‘chanted’, more times than not, that Sami, EJ, the younger kids and Will were together ( in Switzerland?), safely ensconced in a DiMera chalet, hidden within the Alps ( LOL) until the time was right to return? Pipe dreams, I know.


Yeayyyy!!!! If only Sami could reunite with Rafe….loved these two as a couple.

Grant Putnam

+1 to that. Cue the flashbacks!


Hopefully this means that real Will is also on his way back to Salem. Ron could possibly explain it that the Will we saw strangled by Ben was actually a brainwashed DiMera doppleganger (as much as I’d hate going that route again, I’d accept it if it meant getting a legacy character back that never should have been killed off in the first place). The switch could have been made when Will was in LA writing that screenplay. It would also explain his OOC behavior when he returned. Oh well, I can dream, can’t I?


Love your scenario, PF. Stefano did it with Rafe; why not Will? I’d prefer Chandler, but, as you point out, regardless of the actor, any legacy character will be welcomed.
Funny how we both had the same thought? ….down to the dreaming, LOL.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

But like i said long ago, Will was revived off camera and has been in a coma…he will probably wake up and show up at the wedding of Sonny and Paul in predictable fashion!!!


Yes, you did, Jimmy. We both agreed on that, as I had said the same thing. Sami had Will stashed away somewhere as he recouped.


If Chandler is brought back, then I’d like to see his marriage to Sonny re-done, correctly this time, with the correct actor playing Will.


Hi, Chandlerfan,
We can only wish and hope.


Maybe she can kick the asses of everyone calling Eric a murderer! Need EJ back. Hire Michael Muhney too!


Thank you soap gods!!


ron c. is capable of writing a classic sami/ austin/carrie / lucas saga!…
bring carrie and austin back next!!!


That was played out 20 years ago!!


I’m glad she’s returning. By the time her episodes air we will be well into Carlavatis stories and this may just be the icing the cake needs. .time will tell. .although it’s telling she’s filming already. .we’ll see. The man has an ego the size of Texas so I’m cautiously optimistic with him and this news.


Days needs to recast EJ with the actor who played Simon on ATWT! Sami can return to reveal he is alive!


I would like that.


great news, even if it’s limited. Hope EJ comes also. I’d like to see more of Sami, Carrie, Ej and Austin back for good or at least limited runs over the years.


EJ was killed off but I suppose his ghost could appear.

Jim Larson

Show is awful right now – hate to say it, but that’s how I feel – the writing is thin and tired – the acting, overall is certainly more than passable with the exception of some of the teens – but the storylines are just atrocious. This plot involving Nicole hiding out with the baby until some guy remembers that she was once Misty Circle – I mean, honestly, it’s beyond absurd.


Yes, yes, and yes! Agreed! & NuAbby is dreadful.


Unfortunately, we will have to wait six months to see Alison on screen.


This is great news, and I am excited about this. That being said a different headline would make me happier… I wanna see “Eileen Davidson makes a return visit to DAYS!” Make it happen Ron!


Great news! They need to bring James Scott as EJ and Chandler Massey as Will. The new regime needs to even bring a short arc with characters andvrelationships well loved. FOLKS WILL MM TUNE IN.


I thought she was busy on hallmark movie after movie


Music, meet my ears!


Great News! I understand that Sami comes back with a “real bombshell”. That bombshell may be an alive EJ, which would be wonderful! One thing for sure, her return will be something BIG with November sweeps, etc.


Welcome back Allison,hope you are here to stay because Days need something exciting to happen.

Margaret mccluskey

Please don’t bring back that annoying Allison Sweeny I was so glad to see the back end of her. Clyde and Ben were another pair that did not add to the show. Surely the writers can create some better characters. I know I am not the only person who feels this. These annoying characters are gone so please leave it that way, particularly that Sweeny woman. If these characters come back I will find a new soap to watch
Because I can’t bear the stupidity of the Sweeny woman and her acting is the pits.

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