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Anthony Turpel Makes His Debut As B&B's R. J. Forrester: What Were Your First Impressions?



This week, viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful watched the debut of young actor Anthony Turpel in the role of Ridge and Brooke’s son, R. J. Forrester.  In his first scenes opposite series stars and soap vets: Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke), Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) and Don Diamont (Bill), Turpel seemed to embody the spirit of the teenaged R. J.: tough, spunky, and outspoken, and a young man who loves his parents.

In story, R.J. appeared back in action and on the canvas as Brooke and Ridge shared a moment of closeness, as they discuss Brooke’s pending nuptials to Bill, and Ridge getting back Forrester Creations and running it, because of Brill’s union.

Turpel’s R. J. comes into the scene flaggergasted to hear that his mom is about to marry arch-enemy Dollar Bill Spencer.  Later, R. J visits Bill to speak his mind and gives him an earful about why Bill should not marry his mom, and that he utterly disapproves of it.

Seems fan reaction has been in the positive over the last several days as B&B has cast a strong young actor to play a key member of the Forrester family.

So, what were your first impressions of Anthony Turpel as the new R. J. Forrester?  Watch his scene with Don Diamont below where R.J. confronts Bill, and then share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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27 Comments on "Anthony Turpel Makes His Debut As B&B's R. J. Forrester: What Were Your First Impressions?"

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i was like wow – this kid is holding his own with the seasoned actors – i was impressed!


I was impressed! Great actor and seems to have stepped into the role DayOne. Looking forward to seeing him develope the character of RJ.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Better actor than Days teen scene combine-they could take acting lessons from him!!!

jeanine girard

He he..Tru Dat!


He reminds me of both young paul ryan (andrew kovavit) AND andrew dixon (maura west’s husband scott defrietas) from mid 80’s As the world turns jimh




OMG! Yes, he can actually act, unlike those Days teens. The Days teen scenes are so painful–I ff through them.

jeanine girard

Normally I’m not a fan of ‘kids’ coming back into the storyline, especially if it’s been a while and rarely mentioned until right before they debut.
But this young man is very impressive. Thought he was kind of bratty at first and was yet another ‘kid’ who couldn’t deal with his parents moving on.
I like how he was ‘bratty’ from the get-go rather than be another bland sibling in the families who just shows up all nicey-nice and then start changing their motives. Well done to the Casting Department!
Big LOL’s when RJ first burst in and $Bill thought he was an intern! Had to LOVE when he had Bill thrown for a rare loop (for $Bill) and was not impressed at all with him!
Bravo all around for that scene alone!

James R. Poissant

i think I am going to like having this kid around—with his chops, I have a good feeling he will be given some story to play around with.


His debut was good and on point, however we won’t be seeing him for long, I say that because the powers that be at B&B always make a big deal about brining in recast and new characters and as time goes on most of them are gone and if not put on recurring base because they at B&B can not think of how to write for these same characters and instead they always revert back to Liam and at the time hope, Liam, Hope and Steffy, Liam and Steffy, Liam, Steffy and Ivory and Watt. The same for Brooke, Ridge, Bill and Katey and with all of this mess they are always using countless repeated flash backs of the same old footage to fill in the time where actual dialog can be use.

As for Quinn character, she should have been gone like two years ago they keep,on doing the same old repeated stuff with her in real life she would have been committed the stuff they write for her is so tired and done with and this latest storyline with her and Eric is just pointless after the terror she has cause time and time with Eric F family, so with that said why is the character of Quinn still on the show. B&B really needs to get things together and write better for the characters and keep what you have and stop trying to at times bring new characters to the show and if you must have to please write where they and old characters make sense and stop writing BS storylines and please stop showing repeated flash back stuff with the characters as a cheap way to save on actual dialog it has gotten to be old and half the time it not making any sense this is done just about every week and sometimes twice in one show as well as it is done three out of the five day a week airing I could maybe see if B&B was a 60mn show and this was being done but it is a 30min show and less than that if you count out commercials the show is about 18min long so with that said why are they using pointless repeated flash back scenes just about every time we all watch.

andrew hass

Well considering that RJ is the son of Ridge and Brooke who are two of B&B’s main characters i have a feeling he’s going to be around for awhile.Now that doesn’t mean the show won’t age RJ again but i have a feeling the character us here to stay.
As foe Anthony Turpel who is playing RJ i think he’s doing a good job right now.


Give him an A+ ! Held his own (and then some) against 3 heavy weights. Plus he’s not your stereotypical pretty boy typecasting that soaps generally go for. R.J.’s gonna be trouble (in a good way) !


He’s a good actor and he’s brought the right edge to the role. For a kid who’s new to Daytime, I’m impressed so far. I wish the writing were a little less repetitive and simplistic. For instance, it’s hard for me to believe that the same boy who liked Bill a few years ago now doesn’t want him near his mother because he’s all about his parents getting back together. It also doesn’t help that he was invisible when his father married Caroline or told the world that Caroline’s baby was his. RJ was barely mentioned when Ridge helped bring Douglas into the world and doted on the baby like Ridge had never had a son before. But that’s B&B for you. Suddenly Eric’s great love for Quinn is more than his disgust for the awful things she’s done, and suddenly Quinn’s great love for Liam is forgotten because Eric is all that to her. It’s all very convenient writing, which is what B&B often does.

andrew hass

RJ’s been gone for awhile and so in that time his feelings towards Bill might have changed.Plus right now RJ sees Bill as an obstacle from his parents getting back together.So under different circumstances RJ might still like Bill but right now he sees Bill as like an enemy.


Thought he did great. Sick of the storyline of brook and bill Or/and Brooke and Ridge ugh enough!


Let’s keep him on the show. He’s good, really good !!!


I think he’s a wonderful addition to the cast. Loved how he held his own with Katherine Kelly Lang and Don Diamont. Looking forward to seeing more from this talented newcomer


He nailed it! He really stood out in his scene with Don Diamont and didn’t seem the least bit nervous to tell “Bill” what he thought! Good job! Want to add comment…. I am sooooooo over Brooke! I can’t see all the hoop-la?? I don’t get it, she’s not all “that”, she needs to find a man that’s not someone’s husband!!!


I completely agree. I could never understand what the big attraction to Brooke was. To me who only talent was that she knows how to lye on her back. Maybe that’s where the attraction is.


I thought he did a good job. I love this ‘third wheel’ in the Bill-Brooke romance.


The kid has experience (B&B never hires someone who doesn’t have good acting experience elsewhere) but what’s up with his posture? Stand up, Turpel! Quit slouching!


He is absolutely terrible! What’s with the forward lean? Looks like he’s falling over. Hope he improves sooner than later!

Rosslyn Picton

He has quite a bit of ‘swagger’ for a young kid. I actually wondered if he was Thorston Kaye’s son in real life. His slight ‘smirk’ is a little unnerving 😉


I thought Anthony did okay as an actor but what is wrong with his posture. He’s always stooped and leaning forward. Unless he has a medical problem someone that young should not have such bad posture. I’m far from perfect but that really bothers me.


I agree, glad it isn’t just me. This is TV.


I just said the same thing. My parents always told me “stand up straight”, I guess that has stuck with me all these years.

Bonnie christoffersen
Bonnie christoffersen

Anthony, R. J. Is a very good actor. He plays the part well. It’s a little strong individual for a 16 year old he seems like he’s over 20.


Don’t want to see any more soaps cut, once ABC gets rid of one, I’m worried after the fallout they’d drop the other two as well. I’m a GH fan don’t watch the others, so for me personally any soap may go just don’t canceln General Hospital , the rumor Guza was leaving made me happy, the show needs some fresh ideas this hit & run story has been literally played to death. Sadly Guza is staying and killing off great story potentials while keeping dead weight characters around to bore it’s audience


After the botched Bianca-Reese storyline, I frankly have lost interest in AMC. I don’t want OLTL but watch GH consistently. I think the smart bet would have some cast and crew from AMC moving over to GH with the NYC-based cast and crew relocating back and winding up on the OLTL canvas. I’d love to see some of the “medical personnel” from AMC (Angie, Jake) wind up at GH.


If ABC would get rid of Brian Frons and allow someone who truly had good ideas, allowed writers to writer, producers to produce, and give the fans what they want to see, the entire line-up could be saved.


CBS cut 2 of the longest running daytime dramas due to cost and budget. Obviously ABC is feeling the squeeze as well and if a soap needs to be cancelled then AMC is the correct choice.


no it is not , sir.


As a fan of all three ABC Soaps for many years (I now tivo all of them), I am not in favor of seeing any of them taken out of the line-up, as I enjoy and look forward to all three each day, but if I was absolutely forced to pick one, I would have to say that AMC has become my least favorite over the last few years. That being said, I agree that if you take one away, the chance is greater that the others can also go, and I am not in favor of that AT ALL. Replacing AMC with a talk show is foolish, in my opinion, as we already have so many talk shows, not to mention the slew of them that have come and gone (quickly) over the years, and the ABC soaps have had loyal viewership for many, many years. AMC, OLTL and GH are staples of ABC Daytime, with wonderfully talented actors and actresses that I hope to enjoy for many more years to come. Please re-think this possiblity!


If ANY ABC show should be let go,it should be “The Sonny Corinthos Show”.
(formerly known as “General Hospital”)

Enough with the freaking mob story! Get back to some good plots like back in the Luke and Laura days. I gave this show up years ago and haven’t looked back.

Long live AMC and OLTL.


I have watched all my children since i was a kid. I still watch. Please don’t take it off, watching the soaps everyday help me cope with everyday life. It takes me to another world, where i am happy and laughing. Lets me forgot about a bad day for a couple of hours. I am not saying i have a bad day everyday, only once in a awhile. I love the fashion on the soap too.

peggy long

I have watched AMC since the beginning. On my lunch hour when working and recorded until I retired in 2004. I really hope it is not cancelled. I also watch OLTL now that I am retired but these are the only 2. I feel like all the Pine Valley residents are my friends and I see them more than anyone else.


Are you kidding? This is a ‘soap fan’ webiste, and you are asking if your readers would be in FAVOR of another network dropping ANOTHER soap? The soap genre is in serious decline, thanks to a lack of imagination amongst network executives, and one more soap opera cancellation would certainly signal a death knell to the remaining programs. I don’t even watch AMC (I’m a life long DAYS fan, and I also watch GH), but the possibity of AMC- an ANY other soap’s cancellation at this point is dismial, at best. Don’t network execs understand that most soap lovers now DVR their shows, and conventional rating systems are very unreliable, at best. Soaps offer wonderful actors, escapism entertainment, fresh episodes all year long, and the veritable cliff-hanger. Please don’t tell me that the remaining six soaps could be replaced by boring talk shows, and even worse- more ‘reality TV’. If network leaders, and I use this term lightly, continue in this vain- then I strongly predict that broadcast televison will be obsolete and irrelevent witih the next decade.


Some soap always has to be last in the ratings. They need to come into the 21st century and realize there are a lot of women over the age of 49 who are shopping and buying products. It’s a new world. I would hate to see AMC replaced with another talk show for me NOT to watch. How many talking heads do we need on tv. That is not entertainment.


ya whats the point of replacing something that not alot of people watch with something else that alot of people won’t watch. I dont know anyone who watches that kind of stuff, except oprah. and ellen, but i dont consider them in the same category.


I’m not a watcher of AMC but I have friends who’s sad to see soaps go because of budget cuts.But these shows are so important to so many people.Why don’t TPTB find a way to keep them going instead of doing the Quick fix by doing a talk show /we have enough talk and reality shows.After awhile they are just the same old same old.i think more effort should be made to save these shows that have given so many of us pleasure for so many years.I’m still mourning the loss of ATWT.i can’t find anything to replace it and there is a void in my life.TPTP, try to save these shows, put them on less times a week, or in different time slots….At least try.i think the loyal fans deserve that much!


What do they expect? The thing about AMC is that they have lost their viewership by making people angry enough not to watch. It’s not apathy or boredom. It’s being so PO’d that the show continually ruins stories and characters people love only to replace them with ones they hate. I have never seen a show with the ability to alienate their audience like AMC. I sometimes wonder if they’re doing it on purpose.


my thoughts exactly. just create better storylines and people WILL watch! I know a few people myself who stopped watching over the years cuz it got so boring.


I would rather see General Hospital go, but the sad reality is All My Children is not the show it once was. One Life to Live is still the best of all the soaps that remain.


All I know is that I only tune in during the day to watch my Soaps. No Soaps, and my TV stays off during the daytime hours. I have never had much interest in Talk Shows.


I also agree with Shawn, above. Frons needs to quit with the micromanaging. He is driving soaps into the ground.


OLTL is my all time favorite. Don’t touch it! I used to love AMC and would never miss an episode, but TPTB have completely ruined this once crown jewel of ABC. I just turn the channel in disgust now, when it comes on. I believe there is hope for the show, but we are talking major overhaul….new writers, new focus, new energy and new attention paid to the veterans of the show. Too many sidekicks with leading stories that aren’t liked or aren’t capable of carrying the stories that they are given. However, if ABC doesn’t want to take the time to address these issues, then I say, “Yes, AMC is the show to send packing.”


It would be a huge loss to not only AMC fans, but to the all Soap Fans. With each soap that gets cut, we get closer and closer to the extinction of all Soaps. .


Of the three soaps left on ABC, I always thought AMC would be the first casualty….


I absolutely do not want amc cancelled,if they would get writers that could tell some good stories, fire frons,he absolutely has done nothing for daytime at all. I know some people do not like guza and oltl ppl are in ny so it would be hard to produse, but have eith gh or oltlv producer and writer writer both. AMC has the actors, they just need some ppl that can actually write,as you can tell I am not writer,but I have watch amc my whole life, I will be hurt so bad if they do cut amc from the line up BTW my tv will be either turnoff during the new talk show if they do cancel and i will contact any sponser and let them know they lost a customer. You would think they would look at the numbers that the talk is doing it is double digit below oltl woohoo great oltl keep it up.But please do not cancel my show! just get better writers than the ones that have wrote for the last 3 soaps cancelled!


All My Children

The Chew Cancelled After 7 Seasons; A Slice Of Justice For All My Children Fans?

Karma is a bitch! ABC announced yesterday that the foodie series The Chew has been axed after seven seasons. 

The Chew lost significant viewers when ABC fired main co-host chef, Mario Batali after reports of alleged sexual harassment over many years. Clinton Kelly, Carla Hall, and Michael Symon have remained the regular series hosts.

In addition, The Chew dropped 17% with women in the 18-49 demo and this has been its least watched season since its debut in 2011.  As ABC Daytime fans know, The Chew replaced iconic soap opera All My Children, when ABC made the decision to cancel the beloved soap and replace it with the food show.

So, let’s take a look at the numbers: All My Children lasted 41 years, while The Chew lasted 7 seasons. Hmm …

ABC noted that The Chew will cease production at the end of this season, but will continue to air until September with all-new episodes in June.  In addition, ABC announced that Good Morning America will expand to three hours.  Thus, switching up the ABC morning line-up.

So, are you glad that The Chew got fried?  Is this justice for All My Children fans who miss their beloved Pine Valley?  Comment below.

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Welcome To The New Michael Fairman TV: A Note From Michael Fairman

Photo Credit: Duff Images

By now, many of you have come across and seen that Michael Fairman On Air On Soaps has evolved into the new and exciting platform, Michael Fairman TV.

I hope you take the time to tour the new site, and enjoy its new look, new features, and extended coverage; which will focus on, and include, not only your beloved daytime soap operas, but primetime television drama, a slice of reality programming, as well as popular streaming and digital series.

This site has been a long time in the making, and we’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to make this transition as smooth as possible.  As with any change, we know that it will take some time for all of us, including me, to get used to it, and adjust to it.

I truly appreciate the community that we have built for the last 10 years, and I value each and every one of you.  As with any new launch, there will be small tweaks and revisions along the way that do come up.  Our goal is to make the best user experience for you, and to bring you the news, interviews, and coverage that you expect from the Michael Fairman brand.

I know many of you are already saying you miss the old Michael Fairman Soaps, but this is an upgrade, not a demolition.  That being said, Michael Fairman Soaps was no longer sustainable as is.  The site needed to grow, evolve, change, and modernize with the times. With modernization, part of that is making the site accessible, functional on mobile phones and devices, which we now are.  While some things can’t remain the same forever, we are always interested in your input.

I am very proud and excited for this new chapter.  I hope you will enjoy everything that is to come, and I appreciate all of your loyal support.  So, let’s christen this site together and celebrate turning over a new page.

With gratitude,



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Hunter King Returns To Y&R On Contract

It’s going to be a long hot summer when Hunter King reprises her role of Summer Newman on CBS’ The Young and the Restless.

 The actress, whose primetime comedy series Life in Pieces has been renewed by CBS, is now set for double duty. She will return to her daytime beginnings when she first airs on Monday, June 4th. The news was first reported by TV line. King is a two-time Daytime Emmy winner.

When we last saw King in 2016, the character of Summer took a break from her college studies to travel the world. When she returns, she will waste no time digging in her heels and getting into all sorts of trouble. What will happen when her mother Phyllis, played by Gina Tognoni, finds out Summer is back in Genoa City? Stay tuned.

So, are you excited to hear that King is on her way back to Y&R? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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