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Are They The Sexiest Couple On Soaps? Y&R's Tristan Rogers & Jess Walton Talk On-Screen Chemistry!

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These days on The Young and the Restless you can always find some hot young couples, but what about the more mature couplings?  They can be hot too, right?  Well, in a new interview with Soap Opera Uncensored, the E-zine names, Y&R’s Tristan Rogers (Colin) and Jess Walton (Jill)  this year’s “Sexiest Couple Alive”! And as they define it, “There’s nothing sexier than defying the status quo and finding love and sex in your prime.”

And today, don’t miss your chance at being part of live CBS Connect chat with Tristan and Jill starting at 12:30PMEST/9:30AMPST.  Follow Jess at @JessWaltonYR and Follow Tristan @TristanRogers

So how do Tristan and Jess, who have gotten a second chance at an on-screen romance as their characters of  Colon and Jill feel about their sex appeal?  Here are a few entertaining excerpts from their banter contained in the SOU interview!

Jess on if she ever thought she would be part of a romantic pairing at this time in her soap career:  “No! I was so excited the first time around with Tristan and then I was so angry when it ended because it was so successful. What gets me about this relationship is: Jill was very sexually attracted to him at first and then we thought Cane died, and Colin was really wonderful during that time, and I think that’s when she fell in love with him with her heart and soul. Their sexual relationship is so strong because they really, really love each other. That’s what is behind it all. She finds him enormously funny and she loves the good in him. Add the sexual attraction, and it’s a really powerful.”

Tristan and Jess on what they find sexy in one anotherTristan: “Basically, when we’re working with each other, it’s fun loving.  I’ve never been one to look at the script and say, ‘Oh, what’s the message or depth or truth of it.’ That’s not me at all. I want the entertainment value. I want people to tune in tomorrow and not run away to think about how they can be a better person. And that’s what I see in the both of us. There’s this desire to be fun with the script.” Jess: “I find that sexy about him, too. There’s always a twinkle in his eye. It’s that sense of humor, teasing playfulness.” Tristan: “I’m a clown!” Jess:  “He’s a clown. He’s also an alpha male so the combination of those two things is irresistible.”

So, what do you think? Are Tristan and Jess one of the sexiest duos in soaps as Colin and Jill on Y&R? Are you digging their on-screen chemistry?  Let us know!



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Katelyn Porter

YES!!!! Colin and Jill are so incredibly SEXY!!!!


no, tristan has more chemistry with finola hughes, so sorry but jes is no finola.

jimh(leave it to beaver)
jimh(leave it to beaver)

I liked him better on GH…

Mary SF

Speaking of GH perhaps you can help me with another one of annoying soap mysteries— Connie was shot in the gut and had a massive wound and it took her a long time to bleed out and die. AJ was shot with a similar wound and didn’t bleed out before helped arrived, but he was lying there for a bit. Yesterday Elizabeth gets hit in the shoulder area and nearly bleeds out from it in mere minutes— what is up with that? Don’t really know the character well, does she have some kind of condition that would cause her to crash so quickly or are the writers woefully unaware how gunshot wounds work?

Jake NJ

I agree…TR belongs in Port Charles.


I miss Tristan on General Hospital. Loved his humor as Robert Scorpio and his bond with Finola.


I totally agree. The Scorpios rock !!!


Tristan has no chemistry with Jess and Colin was written wrong. He and Cane make no connection on that show. It would have been better to bring back Deacon Sharpe and make Colin his dad.


In my opinion, I think Alexis and Julian are smoldering on General Hospital.


On the HOT scale;
Alexis and Julian are a 10+ !!!!!
Colin and Jill a 3 (that’s ok for senior citizens)

Elite Advisors

Alexis and Julian are terrific! They have done a great job bringing some ZING into Alexis! I love it


I’ll second that.


Jill and colin, are hot hot hot. Jess Walton and Tristan have wonderful chemistry together. You can tell that, jess loves working with Tristan Rogers. Finola and Tristan, also had great chemistry on general hospital.


IA..Jill and Colin are why I am checking out YR…Love them.


Agreed, both couples are fun to watch. Prefer Robert Scorpio, the most Iconic daytime agent EVER, but I’m grateful to see TR on the Young and the Restless and Jill is one of my favorites on that show!

Besides, GH is quickly turning into an unwatchable cartoon with Dr. O, Abbey Ewing and everyone becoming related to each other, soon to be some brand new Cassadines as well, out of the blue. Tristan got a lucky out. More power to him!


I totally agree. Now Tristan can be on a soap without constant violence,
like GH has been for years, ugh. Can’t that show go a week without
a shooting? Isn’t there enough violence in the real world?
Anyway, I think Colin and Jill are funny together. Sexy though?


I don’t want to be a killjoy here but c’mon!
there is nothing ”sexy” with Tristan Rogers (Colin) and Jess Walton (Jill) ..
When we were kids and we thought of our mom and dad ‘doing it’ we got grossed out!
this like grandma and grandpa doing it !! whew..
I luv Tristan and Jill but keep their sexapades behind closed doors

I had friends over and we watched Y&R for fun and the sex scene with Nik shampooing Sharon’s hair was stupid we laughed and laughed..
My friend said ”the writer of that must have watched some bad French porn.
Really , that was so stupid it was funny.. aha haaaa!

The writers really need to do their homework on great sexy sex..
Great hot and sexy is like Alexis and Julian.. not Jill and Collin..
Ohh gawd I gotta FF through most all Y&R not sexy sex stuff. or I’ll need some Pepto …..

I know some are into it, good and happy for them, but to others senior citizen sex is gross! c’mon it’s grandma and grandpa getting it on!!


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I guess your eye isn’t able to appreciate what most of us are. Tristan and Jess look hot all on their own, and together, they have that intangible something that just makes so very many of us want to watch. If you just want to watch sex, go to GH. Plenty of it there. But Colin and Jill take it a step further where the physical bond they have meshes perfectly with the chemistry they have. The huge number of posts on Twitter and elsewhere show that lots of fans absolutely love Colin and Jill.

Lew S.

I am glad Jess Walton has a storyline and is she on contract now? I am still on the fence with these two, because at the core Colin is a con man and he has hurt Jill before. Jess is looking pretty good these days! Goes to show that sexy has nothing to do with age.

Mary SF

Well soaps are finding catching on to something that those of us over fifty known for a while– sex doesn’t end when you pass your forties. LOL. Yes I do, like Jill and Colin, but I think Julian and Alexis are hotter as a couple than they are. Jill and Colin are sexy in a playful way, Julian and Alexis are sexy in “I need a cold shower after watching those two on screen”, kind of way.

jimh(leave it to beaver)
jimh(leave it to beaver)

I agree Julian and Alexis are better than Colin and Jill…just wish they’d stop having Alexis react like a giddy teenage school girl everytime the hot popular guy pays attention to her…lol. As for the gunshot and blood question you asked above…im not sure about that but me and an classmate(back in middle school 100 years ago…lol) were both accidentally cut in wood shop with similiar wounds on two seperate occasions and i bled a lot more than he did…guess some do bleed differently. But in the case of GH…they just might not be paying close to details…anyway, Liz is so pale and weak looking(like me…lol) compared to A.J. and Connie so maybe that could explain things…


Agreed about Alexis and her Julian “thing”…’s so darn undignified!!!! Well, that and the fact that in every scene she enters she has to be preceded by her cleavage! Save it for a special occasion Ms. Davis! Definitely not classy….


Jess describes Tristan perfectly. Its that combination that has appealed to viewers for decades and he has not lost it at all. I will always love him as Robert Scorpio but Tristan brings it all where ever he goes. I’m just so happy for him that this show truly appreciates his talent. Its just sad that the show where he played that legendary character for 30+ did not give him the respect he deserved.


JillColin does have chemistry but I just don’t care for the story and how Colin is connected to Jill.

This is a YR thread and I do realize GH fans hates that TR left but blame that on who didn’t sign him to a contract. Lets get back to article pertaining to YR.


Jess Walton and Tristan Rogers are great on Y&R as Jill and Colin. In fact, they are two of the few characters that are keeping me tuned in these days. They have great chemistry and they are both fantastic actors.

I think bringing back Genie Francis as Genevieve and Stephen Nichols as Tucker would be a great decision, it would make for some interesting stories, if written properly.



it’s “OK” writers and Y&R “production” to steer CLEAR “and” away… from

Victor… especially, Victor… and Nikki

there time has come.. and is GONE

new sexuality… loving… romance… flirtation… co-mingling… foreplay

whe’re witnessing… this from two sterling performers.. who – together – in spades

just draw you in… it’s charming… with Colin… and enchanting… “so happy” for Jill… these two… ARE laying the groundwork … and foundation… for Chancellor familial… renewed

this is thee TOP draw going on NOW in Genoa City

couldn’t be happier for these two

they’re the sexiest two…. and pairing… IN Genoa City


Their story line sucks! Genie Francis is done acting. She phoned in her past couple appearances on her two soaps. Matter of fact, they have given up on her at GH because her heart is just not into acting anymore.


I Love him as Robert but GH does not deserve him, I Love Colin and Jill and Yes Colin and Jill are the sexiest couple on Soaps.


Ditto, DITTO!!


I LOVE their scenes together; both play off eachother tremendously well! Of course, I’d watch anything that the great Jess Walton is in; she is a total force of nature on the show and I want to see MORE JESS!!! She is utterly fabulous and hilarious to watch!!


Are they a good couple? Perhaps. Sure. Why not?

SEXIEST couple of 2014 for all soaps? Uh hell to the no way Jose!

Branco makes odd choices for these “Best” lists. Always has, even since he was part of TVG Canada


Perhaps CBS gives Branco a kick back, jingle in his pocket, for his ”odd choices”
All know that Jill and Collin are in no way hot or sexy .. and are nowhere near being the hottest couple of the soaps LOL ..


Branco is allowed his opinions like you’re allowed yours, and I so agree with Branco on this….It’s because of Colin/Jill on why I am even still giving Y&R the time again, I just knew I was gone after we lost MM as Adam…I was out the door but then Colin returned and I starting getting into Colin and Jill and loving their chemistry very much..It’s fabulous to see an golden couple generate sexiness….I am along for this the new energy in Chancellor mansion.


Miss Rogers on GH, but him and Jess Walton are one of the bright spots on a bad show.


Two good actors but no chemistry and EVERY scene of theirs is in the “Chancelor Mansion”. This is the first mansion I’ve ever seen with one room!


Yep! I think they’re pretty darn hot….And I just love watching them together and I loved watching Tristan opposite of Emma Samms, Finola Hughes, Edie Lehman and I’m loving him bringing it again with Jess Walton.


I have liked Jess Walton on Capitol. but with Tristan, Its Finola Hughes. no other way. I can’t bring myself to watch Y&R because of Kill Farren Phelps,and reputation for killing every soap she gets her teeth into.


“Kill” thats good. Your right, she nearly ran GH into the ground! Wait til she starts killing off the Abbots and the Newmans!


Tristan/ Robert Scorpio GH is legend..
As Scorpio he had intrigue and charisma, a tuff charm, he was wow!
Tristan as Colin– he is coming off as a silly old dude..

Tristan should keep his pride/prestige and hurry back to GH..
GH suited him well..


I heart Robert Scorpio, my only TV crush, I tried to get back into GH because he was back but it didn’t feel right after the Robin story…Not used to Scorpio taken a back seat to anybody..I was kinda happy to see him go because they would’ve dumbed him down and and I can’t get with that..I’m so happy I get to see Tristan make magic in another role..Jill and Colin worked for me..They’re fun/sexy and looks like they’re having a good time. More please!!

Marisa Brighton

Yes! These two are sizzling on screen together. I look forward to watching YR on the days Jill and Colin are on heating up this show. Sexy doesn’t begin to describe what these two bring to their scenes.
I lovers TR on GH and followed him over to YR I’ll that I can say is I’m still a fan!


I hate it! Jill should have hooked up with Murphy and took Katherine’s place. Jill is too old to be making googly eyes. Send Tristan back to GH to fight the Cassidines where he belongs!


Murphy? The most noteworthy thing he has ever done is get ‘Catch Of The Day,’ hooking Diane out of the stream. LoL


Love the relationship. Fun to watch. Thanks for giving us this wonderful storyline!


Sure Tristan was great on GH (LONGtime GH fan here). Scorpio will always be an icon there, but it’s time to let it go. Y&R showed genius bringing Tristan on as Colin, and Jess and Tristan are just magic together. Daytime drama is long on drama and tension, and short on the things that make us smile. I love how Colin and Jill bring on the humor and balance it perfectly with the drama/mystery of the jewelry box. Entertainment value? I give it a 100 on a scale of 1 to 5.


The comedy they bring to the show is worth everything they pay them.


Jill and Colin are fun…but sexiest? That title belongs to Julian and Alexis by a mile….and I mean a smoking hot, fiery mile!!!


Jill and Colin are fun and sexy. There is nothing sexy about Julian imo…


Julian and Alexis are the hottest couple on daytime. The title belongs to them. I cannot think of any couple in the previous years that holds a candle to Julian and Alexis. Wish GH would get their act together with this couple and these characters.


He is a bad boy, but she loves him. Anything that puts those two actors on the same screen is fine by me


Don’t get me wrong…Colin and Jill are TOTAL FUN to watch. But…a possible Colin/Jill/Ian love triangle…now THAT would be EVEN MORE AWESOME to watch!!!!!

Just an idea……….


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