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Arianne Zucker To Exit Days of our Lives!

Say it isn’t so! Days of our Lives is about to say goodbye to one of its mainstays, Arianne Zucker (Nicole). The popular and critically-acclaimed star told Soap Opera Digest in an exclusive exit interview out this week, that she has decided to depart the long-running NBC soap opera.

Zucker has played Nicole since 1998, where she stayed with the series until 2006.  She then returned again in 2008 and earned three Daytime Emmy nominations for her work in the process.

According to SOD, Arianne will exit the show when her contract expires in late April.  As to her decision, the actress noted: “Two years ago, I was contemplating making the shift. I know there are a thousand girls who would take my job in a second, for me, it is my time to go.”

For now fans can expect to see Arianne for several more months on-screen since DAYS tapes six-month ahead.

So, what do you think of the Arianne Zucker bombshell? Sad to see her go? How do you think, or hope DAYS will decide to write-off the character of Nicole? Comment below!

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47 Comments on "Arianne Zucker To Exit Days of our Lives!"

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Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Nicole goes to prison for the murder of Deimos…or she runs off with baby Holly!!!

Scott (ATWT Fan)

Unlikely either of those situations to be happening.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Deimos will be murdered. no matter what and their will be many suspects..maybe by Chloe but could frame Nicole who goes to prison so Chloe can keep the baby or she leaves with Holly!!!


I disagree! I think it’s entirely possible that Nicole runs off with Holly; her biological child. I think it would teach Chloe the true meaning of payback. In any case, I am going to miss Nicole.


The latter is exactly what I’m thinking, Jimmy. Nicole takes off with the baby.
I am saddened by the news. Arianne is one of my favorite soap stars. And, ‘Nicole’ is a household ‘ name for most of my family. ( It’s also my niece’s name, LOL).
Life is everchanging….I can only wish her the best.
Good Luck, Arianne. Blessings and may good and happy things always accompany you in whatever you do. You are a beautiful person, inside and out!!

jake hernandez

Re-Cast! or bring back Jen Lilley and Theresa! huge hole left in the show


Agreed. Love Jenn, also. And, she did leave a void.


I would love to see Jen Lilley come back. However, she gave birth in October 2016 so I don’t know if Jen would be willing to return to work when her little one is only 5 months old. They could re-cast both Theresa and Nicole.


jen lilley is a foster parent – she did not give birth……………………

Scott (ATWT Fan)

Jen never gave birth; she because a foster parent, and has been fostering an eight-month old since October.

Scott (ATWT Fan)

Jen Lilley left the soap on her own accord, in order to pursue other acting opportunities, but she never ruled out a potential return, should timing and story be right.


She took the baby today.. she should just go away someplace with the viewer knowing she has her baby and is at peace.. Chloe should deal with it and NOT hunt for her either. Only Brady will know where she is later on.


I don’t care how Nicole is written out. It could be perfect and I will be sad. Ms. Zucker is wonderful!


I soooo wish Ari wasn’t leaving. She’s one of the best! As for Nicole, I hope she gets Holly back & has a happy ending.


THAT’S REALLY TOO BAD…NO SAMI…NO NICOLE…the more DAYS moves forward the more wrong happens.

Scott (ATWT Fan)

For me, this is a loss for Days of Our Lives that could turn into a gain for another soap opera. Arianne Zucker is a leading actress, however, she is treated as a supporting one, and that’s beyond unfortunate. I would love for The Young and the Restless or General Hospital to snatch her up, and for them to cater to Arianne’s grand talent.

As for the role of Nicole, I wouldn’t be surprised if she is written out for a period of 6-8+ months, and then is either ushered back with Arianne, or the soap ends up recasting with a new actress. Either way, it is a loss for the soap, but it is the best thing possible for Arianne.


I am very sad that Arianne is leaving days, she is a wonderful actress. She left before, and came back 2 years later. Days needs to call Alison Sweeney and ask her, if she wants to return to the show. I know Alison quit DOOL. They need to call Louise Sorel and bring back my madam Vivian Alamain with her side kick Ivan.


No No No, I am devasted by this news. Are they going to recast Nicole Walker?


This is terrible news, I hope they don’t kill her off. I know Deimos will be murdered, let Chloe kill Deimos. Chloe is very annoying, I love Nadia. but her character sucks big time right now.


Nicole gets her baby back from batshit crazy Chloe and moves away from Crazy Town to raise Holly with her sister.

Or she is assumed into heaven, body and soul, to sit at the right hand of Daniel.


I love Arianne, I will miss her so much. I hope she comes back to Days in the future. Days need to rehire Leann Hunley as Anna Dimera. Sign her to a contract. Also recast Laura Horton with Erika Slezak ex Viki OLTL.


Aw Nicole you are such a main character with so much passion that you will be sorely missed. If you are recast, they are some big shoes to fill. Wonder what you will be doing?


Glad! Nic
Glad! She become an annoyance! The downward spiral began when she demanded the daniel story trashed Eric!


I feel Arianne took over the lead actress role when Allison Sweeney left a few years back. With Theresa off the show, there doesn’t seem to be an heir apparent to take over for Arianne. Although DOOL received a renewal, it seems less fun to think about the future no seeing Arianne’s face.


I’m probably the only person on the planet who is delighted to see the character go, I wish Ari all the best in whatever she pursue in the future. She can definitely act. I just never saw the point of bring her to Salem in the 1st place.
Eric however, I really enjoy what is currently being written for him and Jennifer Horton. But I fear he will be stuck with Nicole in her attempt to kidnap Holly. IF that is the case, for me it’s going to be a tiring story for the next several months.


Oh gosh that is such a good prediction. Eric helping her hide out with the baby. And you are right, that is going to be tiring. I can’t imagine how drained Greg and Ari were at the end of every day. Such dark stories they were given.


I like her, but I’ve gotten really bored with Brady always rescuing her. Maybe Ari has become bored with it too. I wish her well. Yes, she can definitely act. I hope she lands something fantastic.

Mister Media

A new head writer will mean even more departures and, of course, some new arrivals. They had better oil up that infamous Days revolving door!


NOO.. one of the best actresses and best characters on the show! Say it ain’t so. I get it, and wish her well but NICOLE WALKER is one of the greatest DOOL characters ever!

4ever DAYS

I’ve always loved her as Nicole, but I’m happy she’s going because I hate when the performers dictate storyline, which is what she did…over and over again!


I love ari don’t leave!!!!!!

James R. Poissant

No way in Hell—I can’t believe this!!! Why would she leave? Nicole is such a fun character to watch and if she isn’t there, it could get boring in Salem. I really am at a loss for words. If this is true, then I hope she does well in whatever chapter in her life she opens but I will always miss Nicole. Ari brought alot of color to the character and she can’t be replaced. Not in my eyes anyway.


I will miss Nicole and Ari Zucker. She is a very talented actress. I hope Nicole gets her baby- finally. She and the baby leave withor without Brady or Eric. I want a happy ending for Nicole.


Adrianne had to be tired of the writers making her character so stupid and the lead female role which definitely should have gone to her character when Allison left – going to Hope and 80% of the airtime along with it.


Please bring back Alison Sweeney or any good actress please bring her back now we love Sami and ej but the writer says it good thing that Nicole left cause thing will change in good ways


I’m sad to see Arianne and Nicole leave Days.


damn…just as eric returns?! i was really hoping that ron was going to write a beautiful reunion story for them where nicole realises her true love is really eric( not daniel) and she forgives him
i guess its eric and jenny now. im ok with that , jenn and eric have hot chem. and to be honest nothing will top eric the priest and nicole his assistant love story. that was beautiful imo


Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!! I couldn’t deal when she left in 2006! Just give her a happy ending for once…


This is clearly unfortunate news for fans of DOOL. To me, this character is the best thing about the show!


Brother…EXACTLY!!!!! And…once Arianne Zucker does leave DOOL, the show is gonna sink EVEN FURTHER into STORYLINE SILLINESS!!!!! YIKES!!!!!

Later, Brother.


Don’t wait to see Nicole go and want to see her get to raise her daughter holly


Oh Ms. Sucker, please don’t leave, I was praying for Nicole to get Holly and some how through soap opera magic that Daniel would return and Nicole and Daniel would raise Holly together and be a happy family.


Oh Lord Ms. Zucker, please, please forgive me, I accidentally hit the s instead of z in your name. Please, please, please forgive me, because I think you are a FANTASTIC actress and I would never say anything bad about you. I also have to applaud you in the way you handled Mr. Trump. Please, Please don’t leave Days.


Oh rats I really liked her playing Nicole,but she has to do what she thinks is right I know that I will miss her. Recently I saw her in a lifetime movie she was excellent in that.I was hoping that her and Brady would become an item.Good luck and may God bless you.Hope to see you in more movies ,it is a shame days is losing actors like crazy


I am so sad to hear this ,I loved watching her play Nicole just the other night she was on Lifetime a lot of Days stars seem to be In lifetime movies,Actors having been leaving Days a lot as of late. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. I will miss you and one more thing i was so hoping that Nicole and Brady would get back together ,Rats


She is a good actress but her character was never allowed to be happy and she was always looking for love and never finding it. I supposed she got tired of the same old girl rom the wrong side of the tracks-baby stealing story lines. With her departure, hopefully Days will get another femme fatale. Hint to the new writers: Go younger.

Violet Lemm

Poor Nicole. She was never given much happiness, was she? Never given a man she loved to hold on to. Never given the child she always yearned for. Losing her mother to the Rafe imposter, hired by Stefano. While married to EJ, he betrayed her with her own sister. Now, Chloe wanting Nicole’s daughter for herself, Deimos, being an excuse to keep Holly. If that was me, I would have jumped off a bridge years ago!

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