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B&B's Brad Bell Previews: Ridge and Katie To Hit The Sheets While Brooke Hits The Skids!


There is a lot to look forward to upcoming on The Bold and the Beautiful in the coming months! And to get the inside scoop, TV Guide Magazine’s  Michael Logan, talked with B&B head honcho, Brad Bell to get the skinny on several of the key storyline and characters including what the heck is going on with Aly Forrester (Ashlyn Pearce) and is she a little off her rocker?   If you read the piece you will find out just where that is headed!

Now in the romance department between Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Katie (Heather Tom) , it looks like the duo will have sex on the upcoming March 18th episode of the CBS soap opera, and Brooke  (Katherine Kelly Lang) is going to come apart and turn to booze!   Here are a few excerpts from the chat with Brad!

Brad on Ridge and Katie hitting the sheets and Brooke’s reaction: “Brooke is completely stunned. Her head is spinning. She never loses! It’s such a foreign concept to her that she could be No. 2 — and losing Ridge to her sister, Katie, of all people! When B&B started, who would have thought that little Katie with the pimples would steal away the one and only Ridge Forrester? (Laughs) It was the ultimate long shot! Brooke feels very betrayed by Katie.”

Brad on Ridge’s decision to be with Katie and how it affects Brooke:  “Ridge is all about what’s right for Ridge and he is not going to be denied. He’s made his decision and everyone else better get out of the way! Brooke and Katie have been trying to keep their sisterly bond but this really puts the relationship to the test. Brooke doesn’t know quite how to handle it, so she ends up turning to liquor.  Our Brooke will hit the skids.”

So what do you think about the plot line that will have Brooke turning to the bottle?  Are you happy that Ridge and Katie will hit the sheets? Let us know!

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Elite Advisors

Honestly, I am happy that Ridge now has depth… he’s fun, he’s kind and sensitive… and yes very masculine…he’s a guys guy. I love that he is not choosing Brooke… I am also so tired of BRIDGE…her character needs a rehaul….send her on an Eat, Pray, Love thing…WE, the audience, need a break from HER.

I also hope we are done with Hope/ Liam…. I like Hope with her new love…. he brought her back to fun! She’s likeable again! Liam and Steffy were great…she brought excitement to his boring Eyore character. Although Steffy is terrific and brings it with any actor onscreen!

Love Rena Sofer …. her character is cray cray but she’s brought some real fun to this show!

Lastly give poor Eric a real love interest that is age appropriate…. his character is pushing 70 maybe… there are plenty of wonderful actresses out there who would be terrific….beautiful, sexy and full of life! He’s a handsome man….let’s see a real LOVE story for him…enough of Stephanie’s pics flying off walls already….cement the thing in the wall once and for all!


So Katie and Ridge are in love after 8 weeks. Wasn’t he the guy vowing eternal love to Brooke right before Christmas? Now the first week in March, they’re in love. Does this mean that they’re married by Memorial Day and divorced by the fourth of July? I could give a flip who Ridge ends up with but the rush job on this story is amazing. I can’t watch Brooke beg for love and sex with Ridge especially when he came back and told her he wanted a life with her and then proposed to her and has been hiding his feelings for Katie from Brooke. The main good thing I see with this Katie Ridge story is that with any luck Brooke will move away from both her sister and her ex hubby. She needs a story that doesn’t revolve around them.


Can Ridge meet someone outside of the Logans. It’s getting to point where it’s gross. And the fans want better story telling. Bring in someone new for Ridge, for Katie, and for Brooke. And if they must recycle….then no affairs! Let’s focus on designs and competitions. This soap cannot tell riveting/compelling stories or real life issues aside from Katie’s PPD, and even those scenes made my head hurt.


Sounds good. Looking forward to the story. And the one with Aly. Making her a little crazy has made her interesting.

Mary SF

Brad, Brad, Brad– I would have prefer the Ridge being gay scenario over another relative having a love affair with another relative’s ex.


But Thorsten Kaye and Heather Tom have undeniable chemistry together


I find them dull.

Mary SF

I agree, but the whole thing of someone falling in love with another’s characters relative like, father, mother, brother, sister, cousin etc has been done to death on this show. It is too bad TK came on as a recast Ridge, because I could have really loved this pairing if TK had been any other character other than Ridge and the worn out falling in love with your sister in law, or brother in law or father in law– it all been done, so done.


I see none. And the story is just as sleazy as any of Brooke’s escapades to me.

I love KKL and it will be interesting to see how she plays Brooke in this dark place.

Thanks Michael, as always 🙂

LaVerne Whitley

That’s just good acting…wrong move Katie this makrs you as low as your charactrr sister


Yes yes and I would love to be Ridges boyfriend. LOL. I would be the biggest slut in the valley, Ridge is my man, Brooke go have another drink you lush. I would teach Ridge, how it is, to be gay.


Gino…your comment truly made my day!!!!! LOL!!!!!


Mary you can correct me if I have missed any: Eric married to both Brooke & Donna. Thorne married to Brooke and involved with Donna and a slight flirtation with Katie. Nick Marone Married to Brooke & Bridget slept with Donna & Katie. Ridge a slight flirtation with Donna and a almost go there with Bridget by the way that one made Ronn Moss/Ridge disgusted: This is his idea of story telling!


I might add and I am beating a dead horse Winsor Harmon the hottest man on B&B yet no story no love interests. Instead I see TK with 400 wrinkles on the forehead Don Diamont who looks like a pimp and this is who he decides to have love scenes with. I want to throw up!!!!

Mary SF

Brooke slept with Bridget husband Deacon and had Hope. Brooke and Thomas flirted and kissed or more while tripped out on magic berries while stranded after a plane crash. Steffy slept with her step sister’s fiancee Liam, and Hope is now involved with Liam’s half brother Wyatt. Taylor had a thing with Throne who was her former brother in law and Eric who was her former father in law. Brooke had sex with Hope’s boyfriend claiming she thought he was Ridge. And now Aly has a crush for her cousin’s ex Liam—-there could be more, but I have lost count– it is all in family with Brad Bell, so Ridge being gay would have been a refreshing change rather than him hooking up with Brooke’s sister, so soon after Brooke hooked up with her sister’s husband Bill. Oh that is another one Steffy had a thing for Bill before hooking up with his son Liam. LOL.

Not related to B&B– if you’re still watching Y&R, do you think Ian Ward’s secret that he hinted at to both Paul and Dylan is the fact he can’t have children, which would mean Paul is really Dylan’s father and not Ian? I hope so, I always thought if Nikki has going to be Dylan’s mother that Paul should be his father. Also JFP has to connect him to another core character so Dylan to finish her master plan of making Steve Burton the main character of the show, right?

Mark Y

It turns my stomach.


Mary SF, I agree with the Paul and Dylan scenario ! Those are the same thoughts that crossed my mind when I was watching . That would be excellent !!!!. As far as Katie and Ridge, It’s the “off the charts”, chemistry between Tom and Kaye that makes this couple work so well. They make you feel, like all super-couples. It would NOT have worked with Moss. Tom and Moss did NOT have that amazing chemistry.


Can’t wait to see KKL play “Brooke” as a drunk. Perhaps she will play drunk as well as Linda Grey’s “Sue Ellen” on Dallas. Kudos to Brad Bell for this turn of events.


When is B&B going to go to hour long episodes? Maybe the better question is WHY NOT go to hour long episodes? Simply answered: Because the rehashed storylines would be doubled, causing it to be weak and haggard!

At it’s very best, B&B is a blueprint for stale storytelling!


DISGUSTING! A day in the park and they are in love? What drivel …..


He looks like her dad!! We are praying this soap opera is toast and soon!!!

LaVerne Whitley

I agree….he is too old another old man chasing young tail.. Lol!

mary papcun

I like Katie and ridge I hope he doesn’ hurt her and goes to Brooke then I will be upset because Katie needs happiness also Brooke too. I hope they could be sisters again they work so well together. Please brad help them both.


Wow cannot wait to see Brooke Logan as a drunk, lets just see how well, she plays a drunk. In my books sue ellen ewing and nikki newman play very good drunks.


Melody Thomas Scott plays the best drunk I’ve ever seen on daytime television.


I think BB has gone from having become really good in 12-13 to a big yawn now. Where are the GrandDames like Stephanie, outrageous like Sally? a gay hunks storyline like the others are doing?


Ron Moss’ exit was the best thing that has happened to B&B EVER!!!!!!!!


Thank you Ann !! I couldn’t have said it better myself !!!


I totally disagree. I’ve watched this show from day one thru 2012…and love him or not….NO ONE…NO ONE…is Ridge but Ronn Moss. He CREATED this roll & was Ridge for frakin 25 YEARS! There is NO OTHER RIDGE! No Stephanie? No “real” Ridge? Sorry, but I can’t watch this mess. I’m done!


correction: *created this role*


Didn’t Brooke already hit the skids at least twice before? When she went round the bend and wound up in Barbados, and again after Ridge and Ashley got engaged and Young Hope and RJ wound up sitting home alone all night while she was passed out in her car? Oh well. It’s not like Brad remembers his own show, anyway, LOL. He’s famous for rewriting and reusing everything.


She will drink wine for two weeks and poof she is addicted do you have any idea what a joke that is????


Sounds right to me. That’s about how long it took Ridge and Katie to fall in love.


Count me out. Don’t have time for drunk stories.


I would have to be drunk to watch that silly show!


And why not let Brooke have another mid-life crisis? I don’t see anything wrong with it.


I am loving Katie and Ridge!

LaVerne Whitley



This is a good idea. I personally understand how rejection from a life love can lead one to the bottle, so this makes sense, at least IMHO. I’d like to see some growth from Brooke, after she hits a rock bottom some way, and it’d be nice to see a rejuvenated and independent Brooke, though Brooke will always need a bit of scandal or Brooke wouldn’t be Brooke.


If this was the direction you were going in then getting rid of RonnMoss at an extremely crucial point in this decades long story falls so flat and leaves us viewers so highly disappointed and let down. Year after year..for me from day one..these two characters were repeatedly thrown into the most ridiculous of situations involving their relationship from one character after the next. What a huge let down to see ThorstenKaye..who looks shorter than Katie …portray this penultimate moment. Much like the reason seeing KimberlyMatulla day after day look into her scene partner’s eyes hoping that some spark will fly off of them and onto her…It never does..I could take Kimberly knowing that Ronn was still on the canvas and knowing that after so many years..I don’t think you can act but’re still Ridge irregardless..NOT ON BOARD.


And by the by..HULUPLUS has added the over the top but still with a grip on reality soap HOLLYOAKS. It used to be on BBCAMERICA after the dummies stopped airing EASTENDERS..Now I at least have CORONATIONSTREET and HOLLYOAKS to commiserate for the miserable state of American daytime. I reccomend watching. The reason this show was chosen is because of the storyline right now involving JohnPaulMcqueen being raped by one of his male high school students and the impact it’s had in the UK. It may be over the top at times but it’s over the top is gripping..just like CORONATIONSTREET who is so grounded it’s over the top moments are pure AWSOMENESS.


I agree…I love HollyOaks……but on huluplus the episodes are behind….i’ve been watching the current episodes daily… the show……I got bored with Coronation street so started watching Emmerdale again…….


Emmerdale too..can’t believe the whole val/eric/diane story with a promiscuous senior citizen getting hiv and possibly passing it on to her husband who slept with her sister before she could get the truth out!!! And the whole chilling end to crazy cameron after what he did to carl/genesis..etc. GREAT SHOW!!!


Brooke and the bottle ??? – haha – Brooke has also Macy Alexander driven to bottle!

Jeanette Lino

I am ecstatic about the storyline. I love Ridge and Katies’love story. .They deserve each other.To me, they are soulmates.Brooke and Bill now know how their former spouses truly felt.I don’t think Brooke or Bill care about how they hurt Katie.You know what they say about “KARMA”.So Katie and Ridge, go for it.I love the new Ridge.


I really love the pace of the Kridge storyline ! After the immensely dragged out Hope, Liam, Steffy mess, this is soooo refreshing. Finally, a love story worth investing in !! They have amazing chemistry. Looking forward to “The Sister Showdown !” Maybe now, Brooke will realize how much she and Bill are similar !!! Loving Hope and Wyatt’s banter !!! Now this is a couple that is NOT filled with gloom and doom…ie: Hope and Liam. Looks like we are definitely back on “the crazy train”, with Aly !!!!!


Man…the lengths Brad Bell will go to prop up Brooke.
What a disgusting soap.


I am absolutely delighted!!! I’m so sick of Brooke getting everything and everyone she wants. Give her time Liam and Wyatt she will be after you and then that should be pretty much the entire town.
Couldn’t be happier about Ridge and Katie!!!!!


I’m not liking this at all….I don’t care about Katie & Ridge at all….two hypocrites who were so judgemental of Brooke….Ridge walked out on her for no good reason & treated her like garbage when he returned, & Katie didn’t want Bill at all & did everything but pick them up & throw them into bed together…..I don’t want to see Brooke drunk, but if that’s what it takes to bring her & Bill together,then its ok with me….


I love Katie and Ridge together, such chemistry between Heather and Thorsten. I used to hate B&B because of slutty Brooke and dumbass Bill, plus, Liam the limp towel. Now, between Wyatt & Hope and Katie & Ridge, it is can’t-miss-TV!! Bill and Brooke getting a taste of their own medicine is great but even better is the pure, sweet romance between Katie and Ridge.


The writing on this show can be so stupid sometimes. Instead of falling in “love” with Ridge, you would think a smart cookie like Katie would be throwing some blame his way!!! After all, had not Ridge dumped Brooke on the honeymoon for TEXTING Deacon to stay away from Hope, she wouldn’t have even been available for a premarital affair, but as usual, everyone wants to blame Brooke….and the nuRidge needs to be taken down a notch, just bc you recast with a different face, don’t forget the character’s thoroughline…it’s been Ridge and Brooke since the beginning, I don’t believe for a second that Ridge and Katie are Endgame….SMH……


Ridge & Katie? Ack!! Puleeze. It has always been about Brooke & Ridge from day one. Ridge has flipped & flopped between Taylor and Brooke too many times and now this? Stupid, I do not see this new “Poetry Rige” and Katis having chemistry. Its just trying too hard.


I just dont think Katie and Ridge make a good storyline..It was bad enough that they put Brooke and Bill together at one time..Geeezzz enough is enough.Ridge and Brooke always found their way back to one another.Why couldnt Katie find love with Thorne , that would have made a good storyline I think.Thorne truely find happiness again as Katie.Then Brooke and Ridge as they always were.Give Bill what he deserves which maybe


Doesn’t brooke have the contract that gives bill his company back and his son….would be a better story line than hitting the bottle

sammie little

best thing happened when they got new ridge. best thing with ridge and Katie.. good job not so boring now


Brooke hitting the bottle…sounds like an Emmy nod to me. Looking forward to a story line other that which man is she with this week !!! Really happy with how the writers are putting and emphasis on the difference Brooke & Bill’s relationship and Katie and Ridge’s . Loving Hope and Wyatt, unlike Hope and Liam, they bring out the best in each other. The same way Liam and Steffy did with each other. I hope JMW returns soon !!! With Katie and Ridge, Hope and Wyatt, Steffy and Liam, B & B would burn up the screen and keep the ratings soaring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need to bring Thorne home !!! Would love to see him tame Quinn !


So Katie and Ridge are in love after 8 weeks. Wasn’t he the guy vowing eternal love to Brooke right before Christmas? Now the first week in March, they’re in love. Does this mean that they’re married by Memorial Day and divorced by the fourth of July? I could care less who Ridge ends up with but the rush job on this story is amazing. I can’t watch Brooke beg for love and sex with Ridge especially when he came back and told her he wanted a life with her and then proposed to her and has been hiding his feelings for Katie from Brooke. The main good thing I see with this Katie Ridge story is that with any luck Brooke will move away from both her sister and her ex hubby. She needs a story that doesn’t revolve around them.


Don’t worry he is going to chase her to the ends of the earth BB destroys any history the house Katie is in is the house Ridge bought for Taylor. Does he even know he still has kids with Taylor?????


Sorry but when I see what BB has destroyed I can not stand it!!!!


Loving Katie and ridge and happy Brooke will finally get hers. After all Brooke has done it is about time Ridge moved on to someone better. Plus they are hot!!!! I just hope Bell does not ruin it. Ridge should not be going after her. Who cares if Brooke goes with bill. Two rats together.

I just want some real investment in storyline a. More internal conflict with couples and not three way triangle. Katie and ridge can pull off any storyline. They have the acting in spades. So hands up to Brooke finally getting dumped


NO I AM NOT HAPPY about Ridge and Katie hitting the sheets. Matter of fact I stopped watching it when I realized that this Ridge was being such a Jerk. SO to put it simply I will not watch B& B anymore . I stopped watching a couple other soaps when they started breaking up long time couples and destroying relationships.
B & B isn’t for me anymore. NO, Soaps are for me anymore. They have destroyed the B&B and a few other shows . I will not be watching any soaps until they put the actors/actors back with there correct partners. Which apparently for ratings the Soaps aren’t in a mood to do.


Brooke absolutely deserves a big smack in the head and this should deliver it. Although, if Ridge is always only for Ridge then I guess he and Brooke are the best for each other.


Carol, Whatever event occurred in Paris, it has made Ridge more like Katie and less like Brooke ! He is no longer a self absorbed ego maniac !!! He is, now , perfect for Katie. She really loves him and he truly loves her. With Brooke, as you can see in her rants, it is all about winning : -( Looking forward to the story about Ridge in Paris and Katie and Ridge’s love story !!!!

LaVerne Whitley

I think their should be a new person for katie, not ridge can’t b& b afford another or more key male characters. No Brooke does not to turn to drink at her old age and with a son…that s not the norm. Who’s writing this crap. I feel the writers are going in circles with the story lines same old same old and predictable to the viewrrs. I like this soap but enough is enough! Thanks.


I have been watching B&B forever and I have to say that Thorsten Kaye is a real breathe of fresh air to the show…I find him to be the right ingredients of handsome, charm and really knows how to sweep a woman off her toes…lol….lucky Katie….it can’t be all about Brooke all the time….gets old….looking forward to more of Thorsten….where oh where have u been!!!!

tana parker

This is sickening…I didn’t like Brooke and Bill but Katie is the one that pushed them together and Ridge had told her it was over. So he comes back SO in love with Brooke. Spends a week or two talking to Katie and poof they are IN LOVE. What a joke! Why don’t these writers see that the sisters need to make peace and kick Ridge’s butt to the curb. You have all these guys that are on here that would make great couples with… Thorn… Some of the guys that work at their company. And now I guess when they finally break up…. Katie will have to be pregnant with Ridge’s baby. I am thinking they need to find another storyline or I am about to find a new soap! I do like the refreshing line with Ali. At least its not Liam about to marry hope until Stephie falls in bed with him or Ridge with Taylor or Brooke!! Add some casts!!


Way to go Tana! I agree with you 1,000 percent. Why I have watched this soap for all these years is pure insanity on my part. I guess I just keep hoping that someone, somewhere will come up with a new idea. This storyline is total nonsense. And just one question; why is Ridge never blamed for his reprehensible actions? When will someone call Ridge Forrester the low-down dog that he is instead of blaming everything that goes wrong for anyone on Brooke. It just doesn’t make sense. And Saint Katie is the biggest hypocrite there is.


Donna is the hypocrite !! She wanted Katie to forgive Brooke for sleeping with her HUSBAND , but finds it so terrible that Katie is in a loving relationship with Ridge. Ridge and Brooke are NOT married and Katie and Ridge have NOT slept together. Donna has the same warped sense of right and wrong, which I’m sure she learned from Brooke !! With sisters like that, who needs enemies !!! So happy that Ridge and Katie will be making love this week. Hopefully, this will be a very long soul-mate love story for them. Moss and Tom never would have had the chemistry that Kaye and Tom have. If I hear 1 more time about the Brooke and Ridge story, I think I will vomit !!!!!


Logan slogan: Incest is best!


I LOVE!!!! LOVE!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!!!!! The storyline with Ridge and Katie, I love the chemistry between them and about time B&B..This new plot has brought me back after years of Brooke sleeping with her husbands, father, brother, brother and daughters boyfriend, boyfriend and having kids all over….I am so glad that B&B didn’t try to replace Ronn Moss with a mirror image, by bringing in Thorsten Kaye they were able to change up Ridge and thank goodness!!! Brooke needs someone like Bill and B&B needs to get them back together…Katie and Ridge can bring love and passion back without all of the drama!! BRAVO!!!!

Ann Foster

I am thrilled that something is finally going Katie’s way! I love Katie and Ridge together. It’s great that Brooke got a taste of her own medicine. Brooke didn’t mind Thomas and his twin sisters having to live without Ridge when she stole him from Taylor! I hope that this new couple lasts!


Love Katie and Ridge ! Hopefully, this means that “The Brooke Show” is over !!! As far as Bill and Rick—both hypocrites !!!!!!!!!!! Bill didn’t care when he was hurting Katie and Rick strung Maya along for how long ? Send Rick to UAE with Brooke and Bill and leave them there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward more Katie and Ridge. Please bring back Steffy for Liam !!


If anyone believes that there is no chemistry between Katie and Ridge, they need to watch the 3/18 -3/19 episodes. This was so beautifully done !!! Bravo and thank you B & B !!! As far as Bill and Rick…”those who live in glass houses….” I guess TPTB would like us to feel sorry for Brooke–it’s not going to happen.


Couldn’t agree more – these scenes were so beautifully done. Loved how they created this intimacy with this couple – talk about HOT. It nice to finally have a mature couple together – we are loving Krdige!


Ugh! I almost lost my lunch watching that love seen between Katie and Ridge yesterday. This Ridge looks old enough to be Katie’s grandfather. And I’m guessing that the people in favor of these two together and think that they are so morally superior to Brooke, don’t remember when Ridge was kissing Bridget (a woman he once thought was his daughter) and Katie stabbing Bridget in the back by sleeping with Nick. Oh how soon we forget. LOL

LaVerne Whitley

Why can’t b&b get someone all together different to come on the show for Brooke. Why turn her into some weak old drunk. Why ? This is so white of b&b and Ridge is an old man that went away and it seems that people on this soap uses the L word too loosely with no substance.


I hate the fact that ridge is with Katie. I can’t believe how the both of them came down on Brooke so hard and made her feel so bad for being with Bill when it was Katie’s idea to begin with. She got all that started. Yes they were wrong for ultimately giving in to their feelings. But Brooke was the bigger person when she forgot about her feelings in order for her sister’s happiness. Now that Katie and ridge ate together how is that any different from what Brooke and Bill did. Now Katie wants to act all smug with Brooke, talking about she loves Ridge. She is a damn fool if she thinks he is not doing this to get back at Brooke for hurting him. Hell what did he think would happen after he left for Paris for a year. She wasn’t supposed to just put her life on hold. Ridge will leave Katie eventually and when he does I hope Brooke is not there to pick up the peices.


Glad I gave up B&B. Love TK, but when I heard they were pairing him with Katie, I knew that there was no way I could come back and suffer through that. B&B sucks now, IMO, and has for a looooooong time.


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When we last saw King in 2016, the character of Summer took a break from her college studies to travel the world. When she returns, she will waste no time digging in her heels and getting into all sorts of trouble. What will happen when her mother Phyllis, played by Gina Tognoni, finds out Summer is back in Genoa City? Stay tuned.

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Ryan Paevey (Ex-Nathan), who left the series earlier this year, took to Twitter upon seeing the episode and the image of the little baby that is his on-screen offspring.

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