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B&B's Brad Bell previews the fall storylines & if there might be cast-cutting!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

The Bold and the Beautiful’s head honcho, Brad Bell, spoke with On-Air On-Soaps previewing the fall storylines he has planned to kick B&B into high gear over the next couple months.  From Stephanie’s cancer storyline, to Adam Gregory’s Thomas 2.0, to the decision to give Bill Spencer Jr. a son,  Brad shares with us his thought-process.  However the question on the minds of many long time viewers of the soap and new ones seems to be, what can be done to ensure that some of the cast gets more airtime.   Brad has a revealing answer to that as well.     Below is our “quickie” interview!

Fans always make comments and write to me, and it is indeed true, that it seems there is not enough airtime for all these characters you have on a half hour show. The complexity seems to come when you keep going back to the core original characters, while actresses such as Sarah Brown (Aggie) are put on the back-burner. How can we see more of everyone on the canvas?  Is there any plan set in motion to fix this, although it must be daunting?

BRAD:  “Those people writing to you are 100% right. There are too many characters and it is a juggling act right now. I do feel it is something we need to work on, and a character or two may end up dying this fall, or into next year.  We may have to make some hard decisions and drop people from contracts, but just when you have somebody waiting in the wing, who is a great actor, there is a plot twist and you need them.  So you can’t just get rid of them.  This is a difficult time in soaps, but here at B&B we are also building the foundation for the next generation that is going to be a part of the show for years to come. That is how I am justifying our large cast right now.  It’s trying to find who can carry the show forward along with our main core characters.  I think we are getting a young group together now, that are just wonderful.”

Stephanie’s cancer storyline was a shocker that no one was expecting, and that is a great subject one to tackle. Is this story going to play out over the next few months?  We suspect this storyline could contain your Emmy shows for this year’s competition.

BRAD: “We are investing a lot of time, effort, and location shoots going into this very special story arc featuring Susan Flannery (Stephanie) and Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) in a story that should be very touching and moving.  This was a story I have wanted to tell for maybe five to eight years.  It has been in the back of my mind, and I talked myself out of it many, many times.  It has to do with the issue of homelessness in Los Angeles. And, now I am telling this, and it is interwoven into this story of Stephanie’s cancer.  The two stories collide in a very unique and inspirational way.   This will play out in the end of October really, and into November.”

And, you have a new Thomas in Adam Gregory?  What can we expect… a total bad-boy?

BRAD:  “Yes, we have a new Thomas and we are going to turn the show upside down with this new character.  He is going to be very much like his father, Ridge, a little naughty, very sexual, a rule-breaker, and yet a hero so we are trying to do that balancing act.  And we have some fashion shows coming up for November and some twists.  Amber gets in the came and does what she does best, causing some trouble.  And there may even be possibly a wedding coming up.”

Why the decision to give Bill Spencer Jr. a son and have Liam as the “chosen one”?

BRAD: “I knew I wanted to round out Bill Spencer Jr’s family.  I knew once we secured Don Diamont (Bill), that we want to build around him since he is a force. Don nailed the character of Bill Spencer.  I think of it as “Dr. Evil” and his son, Scotty!  And in doing so they are polar opposites and would provide the show with humor, which I think is so important, and we created this family with Heather Tom (Katie), Scott Clifton (Liam) and Don Diamont. The thought of that was very alluring to me. They are three great talents.”

Your mother, Lee Bell ,just won another award and recognition for her legendary career from IATSE.  Lee tells me she is still on the set every day.  Does she ever call you, or come up to you and give you advice on the characters or what to do with a storyline?

BRAD:  “She is very involved and here everyday.  She watches the shows before I watch the shows and calls me with comments.  She will be like, “Shouldn’t there be more romance in these shows?” And I go, “Yeah, you’re right.” Her comments are very broad and very wise.  And still at my mom’s age she will say to me, “Get Ridge’s shirt off!” (Laughs)  She likes the influx of young talent on our show, and knows it’s key to what we do and that grabbing a young demo is key.”

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I’d like to see B&B give Thorne a storyline. He is wasted. I almost wish he was Liam’s father. That little we got to see of him during the blood test scenes were great. They should also age his daughter too.

I also wish they’d have a storyline where Massimo dies and Ridge and Nick fight over who should control the family business. Have it where Ridge feels he should run that and Forrestor creations.

John Eady

I too, would like to see Thorne have more authority with Forrester and also his daughter come in with a bang, puting Stephanie, Thomas and Hope look bad. She could be a nauural designer having been self taught with Thrones help.
I would like to see Massimo come back and get even with Nick by taking over Jackie M having been a secrete silentpartner in the ownership [holding the note] on the Jackie M loan.


Nice to hear from Brad Bell. I’m glad he is addressing the problem of too many characters without story. It seem such a waste.And, it is not easy when you are doing only a half-hour show. I hope they do justice with stephanie’s cancer story, because many people will be watching that have been touched by cancer in many forms. Good interview, Michael….


This is Brad bell. Remember that “major” death years ago that turned out to be Samantha’s dog?! If ppl don’t remember her, it’s no surprise. Sydney Penny portrayed Samantha, 1 of B&B’s most boring chars ever! B&B did the same w/ Pam’s dog Tiny. And the fact that he describes Bill Junior and Liam as Dr. Evil and his son, well that says it all. Bill Junior and Liam are awful, whether it be in their ridiculous attempts at comedy or drama. If Brad bell thinks the younger cast can carry the show if/when Flannery retires, he’s mistaken. Matula and Conroy are good, but they are in no way in the same league as Flannery. JMW is uneven. Clifton’s awful and Gregory’s a newbie. They need to rehire Lesli Kay! Even if SJB is a good actress, the Aggie char is a complete and utter flop.


Bill and LIam add humor give me a break. It now makes sense of the lame character of Liam, are now watching a semi sitcom, only its not funny its irritating. Really who wants to see $Bill as a daddy yuk! The younger cast are just not doing it for me and its the storylines, the writing fix that and you’ll have generations to come viewers. If they persist in this story line repeat loop they will loose viewers. Give us back drama, solid plot lines, beleiveable, well written characters and drop the lame arse comedy.

Steffy Hope Liam Oliver Amber and Aggie are just irritating to watch as they repeat story lines 20 years old. Surely there is more to the drama and soap of fashion houses than rivals for a girls viriginity, babby daddy stories ad nauseum and the continuation of familial rivalries by the younger set.


As a long time viewer of ATWT i started watching B&B because it came on right before ATWT.i will say that it’s so refreshing that Bradley Bell listens to his fans and cares what they think unlike TPTB of ATWT.Our beloved show went off after 54 years and it was rushed and ended with most of us having our hearts broken.I hope mr. bell will continue to give a voice to his fans.i hated the Oliver Brooke having sex storyline.To me it seemed so stupid that Oliver wouldn’t know that Hope would never want her “first time”to be in that situation.And Brooke , who has made love with Ridge FOREVER wouldn’t know it wasn’t him! I will say I stared watching when Don Diamont came on.He has gotten more gorgeous as he ages.I love his character…he’ll do such underhanded things to get what he wants and makes no bones about it..I love him and don’t ever let him go, because i’ll never watch..without him.Please continue to listen to your fans, remember they can make or break a show.I ‘m still missing aTWT, but if it had a decent endind and if the writers had listened i wouldn’t have this heartache that will never go away!!!


I have some ideas for Mr. Bell:

1) Get rid of the Jones family. Theres just no time for them unfortunately. That includes Taylor and Whip.

2) Make the rivalry between Hope and Steffy more than a Taylor/Brooke retread. Its tired already. a hot girl Like Steffy hardly needs to horn in on Hopes action all the time.

3) Marcus needs to go, he cant act anyway.

4)The core familys are the Logan’s, Forrester’s and Marone’s. They should bring back Massimo.

I actually want to see Brooke and Stephanie get along, they are more fun to watch in the current cancer storyline than when Stephanie is just out to get her.

Maybe they should just do shorter story arcs that concentrate on using certain cast members for a period of time.


1. Even if SJB is a good actress, they need to completely revamp Aggie if she’s to stay on the canvas. Aggie is useless, as is Whip. The only Jones they really need is Oliver. The party boink could always be revisited. Oliver could go after Brooke. Or if Bridget is paired w/ HOwen, then Jackie should go after Oliver instead of Rick. Lowder is an awful actor and Rick/Jackie dynamic doesn’t work. Rick wouldn’t need to draw her baths/dress up in demeaning outfits/etc bec Rick doesn’t need to. He’s a rich Forrester, while the cougar/cub dynamic is all abt the sexual and monetary power of cougar Jackie over her cub HOwen. What better way for Jackie to bounce back from being dumped by HOwen for a younger Bridget than for Jackie to snag an even younger man like Oliver. Jackie needs a manservant/boy toy she can control, and they don’t even need to love each other. Jackie/Oliver would retain Jackie’s cougar image, and annoy Nick and Aggie. This is only an alternative though, since I doubt Brad bell would want to break up Jackie/HOwen. He obviously likes that pairing, so he’ll probably make it a triangle w/ Bridget.

2. Steffy’s a mess for going after one of Hope’s guys again. What’s she going to do once her own biological brother Thomas goes after Hope? LOL!

3. Marcus contributes some much needed racial diversity to B&B, so for that reason alone I don’t think he should go. However, Battle is a bad actor. And Brad bell clearly can’t write for black characters at all! He wrote on warp speed abt Marcus being reunited w/ Donna, yet he stretched out Liam’s reunion w/ Bill, and he involved more chars in that arc. I don’t think Brad bell is interested in writing for racial minorities, even if B&B is set in LA!

4. I doubt they’d bring Massimo back.

I hate the false sentimentality of Steph/Brooke w/ this cancer storyline. B&B is abt dramatic but campy storylines.


I have been watching the show since 1990 when my first child was born. It was great tehn. I feel that Bell has lost touch with the fan base. He completely destroyed the Taylor and more or less ignore her fans(which is reflected in the ratings). He alos ruined the the once charismatic character of Nick. I haven’t given up yet; but I am having a hard time hanging on.
If you are not a fan of Brooke, this show is not for you.


Give TAYLOR a story BRADLEY!!! What’s it gotta take? A house to fall on your @ss!!!


Bell, swallow your pride and give Taylor a nice, juicy story.


So tired of the constant Brooke in every single storyline….try back burning her for a chage! And who cares about the love life of Hope? I am disappointed that it seems that Stephanie’s cancer seems to revolve around what Brooke…thinks…feels….Someone said it perfectly….if you are not a Brooke fan then this show is not for you! It’s a shame because alot of us fans from the start feel cheated! Tired of Bell trying to turn Brooke into some kind of saint!


For those of you who think this show revolves around Brooke….think again because the character with the most story and awards is Stephanie!!! She gets away with murder and still comes out smelling like a rose while Brooke is always painted as evil.

I say lose the following: Aggie is blah! Taylor is disgustingly unprofessional and a poor parent! Hope/Steff remake of Brooke/Taylor is BORING!!!

Since ATWT went off the air and this show has went to some of the poor quality stories …well I have fast forwarded through so much I wonder why I bother except for sexy $Bill!!


i’m still mourning the loss of ATWT.But I do watch B&B once in a while.It seems to lack so much of the heart and soul that ATWT had.I do love Don Diamont as Bill Spencer.Even when he’s bad he’s good.and sexy…he’s not getting older , he’s getting better!Thorne is wasted and that’s sad, Brooke and Oliver having sex was really stupid,Hope dropping Oliver and falling for Liam is too fast.I like Oliver….so cute and so niceAnd Steffy has become a young woman with no morals at all….and she only wants who and what Hope has. Bridget having Owens baby is a prime example of people doing what feels good at the time no matter what the consequenses can be.I used to think Taylor was a good person, but now not so much.I do think if Susan Flannery does leave ,this show will be in trouble.Even with all the nasty things shes done she still is the heart(even if sometimes an evil one) of this show!


Lynda, you are SOOOOOOOOOO right, If you are not a Brooke fan, then B&B is not for you! I still can’t figure out why Bell seems to believe no other character is deserving of some airtime other than Brooke & her boring daughter Hope, who seems to be heading the way of Brooke 2.0. I don’t know if the old saying about “gentleman prefer blondes” is true but Brad Bell certainly seems to prefer them, doesn’t he?

Nu-Thomas is a waste of airtime. Either re-cast or back-burn this kid quick! He looks like the casting dept went out & tried to find Owen’s long lost twin.
Texas Battle needs some fine tuning but how is he supposed to get better in his role of Marcus if he’s never on screen. Rick Hurst is being wasted; I’m surprised he hasn’t quit yet. Same for Winsor Harmon.

JMW’s Steffy is so far above Matula’s Hope that there is no comparison. They should never ever be in scenes together. Ever!


Do you really think the new Thomas is like Owens twin.?I think he’s actually a younger version of Ridge.Rick Hearst and Windsor Harmon are wasted.I hate that Steffy is becoming a spoiled , self indulgent ,brat with no morals.I love Hopes character.She’s sweet and a “good girl”, which is lacking in most soaps and T.V shows and life in general!


Yep, Nu-Thomas & Owen give off the appearance of double vision to me. I think it’s all the dark hair & slim build body or something.

I love how spoiled and sexual Steffy is coming off, but probably not for the reason most people do. I like it b/c I get a good chuckle out of all the folks who were swearing it was not bad behavior when Brooke was doing the same thing when chasing Ridge, Nick, Eric, etc; it was just her pursuing the love of her life, her destiny. Now when Steffy does it, it’s terrible & skanky. Girls gotta get her laughs where she can!

I currently refer to Hope as Hopeless. I just don’t know why I can’t stand that kid, but I can’t. I’d rather Bell have aged Ally, Dino, RJ or even Jack than this waste of screen time we’re getting with Hope.


I’d like to see Thorne given some screentime for a change. But I guess unless you are Brooke your character is never given any airtime.

And it’s time for Aggie to go. She is completely USELESS and I HATE her with Nick. It’s boring.


Aggie/Nick’s a lot better than spoilers saying Amber will kiss Nick! Here’s hoping Aggie mops the floor w/ that tramp Amber. It’ll be interesting if they fight since both of them are trailer trash that have crawled their way to the red carpet of fashion. But Amber’s trashier of course. LOL.

Regarding Brad bell, it’s not as if he’s only neglecting characters now. He’s been doing this forever. People seem to be writing here like Brad bell used to use everyone, and now he can only write for Brooke, Ridge and Stephanie. That’s not the case. He can only consistently write for Stephanie, Ridge and Brooke, and then he writes for some others. The rest of them are basically being paid to act once in a blue moon. He does write some for the younger crowd/Spencer contingent (Hope, Steffy, Oliver, Liam, Bill and now w/ Thomas) and the Jackie M arc (Nick, Jackie, Bridget, HOwen and now Rick). The rest of the chars are glorified extras. So it’s not as if it’s Ridge, Brooke and Steph only. But yes they get majority of the airtime and storylines.

Bell has hired/written for the likes of Eileen Davidson, Alley Mills, Lesli Kay, Rick Hearst, SJB, Harmon, Sabato Junior, Mascolo, etc. He writes for them for awhile, and then it’s off to the background. So what Bell’s doing w/ the cast now is nothing new.


Mr. Bell: You are doing a great job with the storylines. Stephanie and Brooke have some of the greatest scenes together as I write and hopefully, this will not change as the majority of us are enjoying it. Some of the characters, Aggie, Whip and Oliver can be forgotten very easily so if you decide to cut costs, I would like to see these cast members leave B&B. Other than that, I am enjoying the show!


I like Oliver…he’s so cute and i liked him with Hope.For some reason I’m uneasy about Liam…and i hope that Hope doesn’t give him what Oliver had so much patience to wait for .I’m still missing my beloved ATWT and B&B and Y&R don’t seem to have the heart and soul ATWT did!




i love that stephanie and brooke are showing emotions toward eachother. It is getting a little annoying with steffy chasing hope’s men, but then it just shows how sexuality doesnt always get you the guy. so i love that part. i also think that B&B should go to one hour. if it had a whole hour you wouldnt have to cut anyone and then we would get more show time for the other characters.


I think B&B gets vacation time bec of the 30 minute format so i doubt they’d go to an hr. The cast would probably whine abt going to an hr. LOL! Also, Brad bell can’t even write the show well w/ 30 mins so going to an hr would make it even more of a mess. LOL. I hate the new Steph/Brooke arc. That slide in Steph’s party was soooooooooo stupid. This new arc is false sentimentality at its worst. I like how pathetic Steffy is appearing, chasing after anyone Hope likes. Steffy needs to get slapped already. Brooke should have done it during the party boink reveal, or Hope.


I was hoping to hear that B&B was going HD, With Days going HD in Nov and OLTL to follow according to rumors But B&B is a top rated soap an no rumor of HD


The young actors do not have the substance to carry a successful show like that. I like Thorne and Taylor but rarely be seen. However, I watched the show for many years just to see how ‘Stephanie’ is defending her life. Susan Flannery is a great actress but she obviously wants to retire (thanks for all) and Bill wants to create a new teenager team to carry on. I will leave the show when Susan Flannery leaves. There will not be much to look at afterwards, I am afraid. Thanks to all the cast for nearly 20 years entertainment and my best wishes for Susan Flannerys real health and her retirement. Karin

John T

I’ve watched B&B for many years except when I get enough BS and quit for 5 or 6 months at a time but then go back and find all the chnages but still just another bunch of the same SOS. GOD help me, I sure would not live a life like these people. They don’t respect anyone, not even themselves. Something good always turns bad. That’s not all true. Maybe in Bell’s life but not in mine. Yes, you have my P.O.’ed attention and I watch but get disgusted when I do. Make someone “”””good””” a super hero or example. There’s not bad in all people. Money doesn’t make a person mean. I know because I have both, money & happiness. And your character’s-What did Thomas do, go out and get a face lift and attitue adjudgement. Sorry, he doesn’t fit the place. Amber needs to go back into whatever hole she came out of. I’m surprised you havnt had some “gay’s” on. THANKS!!!! It would be a disaster to have a gay Forrester. They are too well know for woment chasers, married or single. Stephannie and Erick should be the HEAD of Forrester since they were the founders. More of Thoren [the orphan???]! and did Thorne loose his daughter? Is she still alive?Let the “young ones” have their show for as the older characters leave so will the viewers for it is passing time for all us older peolple who have been so faithful tro watch your program. We grew up with it. So as we go [die] so will your show and then you can write about “The Death of The Bold and the Beautiful”. Cheers


Amber has to go away…i don’t like her at all.When she’s on I turn the TV off !

David Smith

Taylor Should be given a better Storyline…. Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe should be the core of the show. Also Taylor should maybe have another child with Ridge
Maybe when she was suppose ly dead she was pregnant and had s child a girl or boy who coems in search of her. Also if it is a girl maybe she could fall in love with Thomas and spin story line around that or same could be said about it for Steffy. Also Ridge and Taylor need to unity and get married again. Maybe Bill might be interested in Taylor and chances after her and Ridges get jealous. NO more of the Brooke storyline . Or maybe the child that Nick has with Brooke actually turn out to be Taylor and Nick baby? Bring back phoebe also she was a better character. Taylor is a woman of respect she should not be thrown from man to man, but should have a significant other such as Ridge Or Bill even Nick… She should be a force to be recon with… The Brook Ridge story line has cause a lot of viewers to stop looking and this logan thing is crap cause how they multiple so fast Forrester vs Brooke not Logan family they not supposed to be winning all the time, Discard all of them………Taylor family is what need to be spinning the show around and Taylor should be groomed to replace Stephanie. Also Felicia Thorne and Kristin all have children where are they why must we see Hope, Katie and Donna?


Phoebe is dead, so unless she comes back as a ghost it’s not happening.But this is a soap after all so nothing would surprise me!


I have watched B&B since the very first show with the exception of missing a couple years here and there. I agree that Thorne and Taylor need more of a storyline but I love Whip’s character. Rick Hearst is a wonderful actor and I was so happy when they brought him back. I’m not a fan of Aggie and do not like the Nick/Aggie story at all. I miss seeing Nick on his boat or in the bar. I am also surprised that Nick isn’t more involved in Hope’s life because they were so close when she was young. I also like the Steffy/Hope storyline because the situation is the opposite of the Brooke/Taylor feud and Taylor doesn’t see it at all. I hope Felicia and Dino come back with the cancer storyline. And there is not a single person I love watching more on this show than Don Diamont. He has breathed new life into this show and I LOVE watching him….because he’s sexy and has great storylines/one liners. Less Brooke, more Dollar Bill!


I’m loving Don Diamont…he really is so sexy without even trying!I know a lot of people don’t like the beard, but I love it.Shame on me….I’m old enough to be his mother!!!


i would love for a stephanie and eric reunion and a bridget and owen pairing


I love the B&B and it is the highlight of my day. The cancer story line and the homelessl story are very touching. I am enjoying it very much. Susan Flannery is my favorite and I also love Pam and Jackie. I wish Thorne had a bigger story. Thanks


Would love to see “Thorn” (and his daughter) given more of a shot at some spotlight. It’s as though he’s the “step-child” in this show and never really gets much of a opportunity or the recognition one would think he would have as a constant fixture in the family and at “Forrester”.


The story line with Nick and his constant inappropriate sexual relationships is getting old. He is the male version of Brooke. The only good tht i can find is that I won money on a bet that I made with a friend, months before he bedded Aggie. With her first appearance on the show, it was obvious tht the marriage would end and he would be with her!! Comon guys, couldn’t you try to have some semblence of reality in the show?


Ashley Jones has been sacrificed for the most boring stories ever to appear on bold from the homeless fiasco to the “younger” generation. Aggie and Nick are a dud and this show is on a downhill spiral. Get Jones back Brad. You are a fool to let her even go on recurring for newbies no one cares about at all!

I am in agreement the Aggie character is a dud. She contributes nothing to the show. My goodness – doesn’t she feel just a little bit slutty? After all Nick NEVER takes her any where. Not even to his house. Have you seen them anywhere together, since him and Bridget split, except screwing in his office? I’d be getting pretty tired of that if I were her. This story line with Brooke and Thomas, better not go down that dark path, the writers seem to be eluding too. There are just some story lines that shoud never be. Leave Brooke and Ridge’s marriage alone. Their marriage should be sacred at this point in the show – after all they have been though to get to this point. They should NEVER be split up again. If Stephanie retires – Brooke should become the matriarch of the family – and she and Ridge should take their place as the head of the Forester clan. I can not stand to see them split up – and Ridge back with Taylor. PLEASE – that bridge has been burned long ago. I NEVER liked Ridge and Taylor together. I always thought the Taylor character to be just as annoying as I now see Aggie. They absolutely NEVER had or will have the charisma and passion that Brooke and Ridge have. And for Taylor to always be running Brooke in the ground for being a predator needs to stop. Miss holyer than thou – she who has been with Ridge, Thorne, Nick, Whip, Rick and even Brooke’s father Steven – has a lot of nerve calling Brooke a slut. Please don’t bring back Leslie Kay – another character who brought nothing to the show. She always wore the most rediculous outfits. Nothing age appropriate. I guess that was there where of making her edgy – I think she just looked stupid. I hope Thomas’s mens line is a huge success – but NOT at the expense of Brooke and Ridges marriage. I hope the writers allow that to play out – and there will no hanky panky between him and Brooke. So that she is redeemed – and show everyone she can work with Thomas – without anything happening between them. Stir up trouble somewhere else. I’m not sure I want to see Liam’s heart broken – I really like his character. Have to see where the writers take that story line. I would like to see Hope in college. Instead of spending so much time at Foresster. She is setting a bad example for the younger people who watch the show. They need to see her going to college – even if she is rich enough to have her own line handed to her. She still needs an education. I would also like to see RJ. Where is he? Will he be coming home for the holidays? If not – why not. Surely that school he’s in – gives time off for the holidays. Why… Read more »


John T

Well, I see you ar at “it” again and don’t even ask what I’m talking about. I think your Tomas is headed down the wrong path. You don’t give your characters [sp] much sense on how to choose women. You’ve got it where, when a new woman come on, all the men start sizeing her up with one thing on their mind. When do the guy’s ever get out on a stag party and live it up faithfully? Is this your iminaginary life style or was you raised the way you write? Come on, give your men a little self respect. Not all men are as sex crazy as you apparently are and have your characters play. Let the young one’s “grow up” and have some clean legal fun. Show them dating and laughing. Let everyone laugh more and get away from the funeral home atmosphere. But don’t get away with the reality of the series. I used to watch B&B but now I record it so I can fast forward through commercials and parts of you series I don’t like. Writing like you are now, I’d like to know the skelton in your closet! You are leaving out some of the other good actors. Thorn and wher is is daughter? Get Amber and Aggie out. Bring back Masimo and let him get even with Nick [as promised] for what Nick did to him. Good luck, you gonna need it.

John T

Well I’m back!!! Still have your male actors playing “hen pecked”. This Lian and Hope and Brook! Whats up now? Why don’t you just let Lian tell Brook to hit the road and get out of his and Hope’s marriage OR tell Brook he has had it with her trying to tell him how to live his life, that he didn’t marry her, to but out or he is through and for Brook and Hope “stick ir” and turn walk out and tell them he is through. Why let Ridge, as usual,be a p*()(&(*^? He should stand up to Brook and let her know who is boss and let him grow old and quit being so oversexed. You have him acting like a teenager. You must be doing OK as the rateings are good and I commend you on this. I just can’t beleive there are so many men in this country that let women rule their life. Is Thorn still on B&B and what happened to his daughter. You are playing him as the smartest of everyone on B&B by keeping him and his daughter out of the turmoil of the show. He is my favorite. You guy’s that write this must have one hell of a mixd up life and do you wear dresses or pants? Will see you in about another 6 months, watch it in parts then write a note again.


Hunter King Returns To Y&R On Contract

It’s going to be a long hot summer when Hunter King reprises her role of Summer Newman on CBS’ The Young and the Restless.

 The actress, whose primetime comedy series Life in Pieces has been renewed by CBS, is now set for double duty. She will return to her daytime beginnings when she first airs on Monday, June 4th. The news was first reported by TV line. King is a two-time Daytime Emmy winner.

When we last saw King in 2016, the character of Summer took a break from her college studies to travel the world. When she returns, she will waste no time digging in her heels and getting into all sorts of trouble. What will happen when her mother Phyllis, played by Gina Tognoni, finds out Summer is back in Genoa City? Stay tuned.

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Ryan Paevey Sends Out Touching Tweet On The Birth Of His TV Son On General Hospital!

On yesterday’s GH, viewers saw the tender moment when Maxie (Kirsten Storms) delivered her baby, who is the bio-son of her late husband, Nathan West.

When Maxie finds out she had a boy to carry on the legacy of her beloved husband, she is overcome.

Ryan Paevey (Ex-Nathan), who left the series earlier this year, took to Twitter upon seeing the episode and the image of the little baby that is his on-screen offspring.

He expressed: “Welcome to the world, little one …. it’s a scary place sometimes, and i so wish i could have been there to show you all the good stuff. Your mother loves you,and will take care of you and teach you …. watch out for her her for me will ya?”

Aaawww.  So many GH fans have been touched by the gesture, and how nice it is that it makes the whole journey and end of Nathan’s West story heartbreaking and bittersweet.

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B&B Alum Kim Matula Shares Reaction To Cancellation Of Her Series, LA TO VEGAS!

Not good news for The Bold and the Beautiful star, Kim Matula (Ex-Hope).  Her primetime sitcom LA to Vegas was unfortunately cancelled by FOX on Monday.

The single-camera sitcom set aboard the fictional Jackpot Airlines weekend flights to Sin City and Tinseltown, first season averaged 2.3 million viewers, and a 0.73 rating share in the 18-49 demo.

Kim Matula took to her Instagram following the news of the end of “LA to Vegas” stating:  Well, this one hurts. Thank you to our dedicated, appreciative, complimentary, and all together incredible fans. You all helped make our show what it was and let me tell you, we had an absolute blast.” (more…)

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The GH Nurses Ball 2018 concludes this week. After all the performances, and all the drama, what will be the repercussions felt long after the last performance? Watch the latest promo and then let us know, how you think it will end! Leave A Comment

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