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B&B’s Scott Clifton Turns In Another Top-Notch Performance As Liam Tells Steffy: "I Hate You!"


The drama continued on Wednesday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, in the pick-up to the bombshell dropped by Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) on her husband, Liam (Scott Clifton).  After being pressed and cornered about her deceit, Steffy confesses that she slept with Bill (Don Diamont).

Liam, who now has that major bit of intel sinking in, realizes the depths of his wife’s portrayal, as well as his father’s.  Especially, after believing that Bill drugged or took advantage of Steffy on the night she was so upset upon learning that Liam shared a kiss with Sally (Courtney Hope), when those two thought they might die.

Steffy sets the record straight by saying she doesn’t know quite how it all happened, but Bill did not drug, or attack her.  Thus, Liam realizes it was consensual sex and that sends him reeling even more as his outrage grows.  Now Liam says he wants to kill his father, and he hates him, and he tells Steffy, “I hate you!”.

Not wanting to be the pushover that everyone thinks he is, Liam decides he will move out of the house that was his father’s.  Steffy keeps crying begging Liam to not give up on her.  However, he has had it with her.  Liam then reveals how devastated he is that they had the opportunity to raise a child the right way as two loving parents, something he never had and wanted to provide, but now she took that from him.

Looks like Liam is on his way to confront Bill, and there is more drama ahead.  Once again, defending Daytime Emmy-winning Lead Actor, Scott Clifton gave another stellar performance that should be remembered come Emmy time in 2019 (since those scenes aired past the eligibility rules of this year’s upcoming 45th Annual Daytime Emmy kudofest).

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood also took to Twitter today after the scenes aired relating: “Fun Fact! The day before we filmed those scenes I got engaged in real life. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster. Proposed to in real life then had to tell my TV Husband I slept with his Father… allllllll in 24 hours lol”

Watch the “I Hate You” scene as Liam and Steffy’s relationship hits the skids after the jump.  Then let us know what you thought about the performances on today’s episode from Scott and Jacqui. Comment below.

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31 Comments on "B&B’s Scott Clifton Turns In Another Top-Notch Performance As Liam Tells Steffy: "I Hate You!""

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Gloria E

I could never stand Steffy and I am so happy Liam finally grew a pair told her off. I never liked him until today when I finally stood up like a man and did something. This is the first time this couple has ever been interesting to me…

lulu love



I liked him when he was trying to help Sally for the nasty things Bill did to her company and legacy. But Bill had to have his way … again.

Gloria E

I know!!! Me too I likeid him better with Sally because she wasn’t a snob like Steffy. Now that Hope’s back the show seems to completely forgot that Sally was even there…. haven’t seen hide nor hair of her or her family…. I feel sorry for Sally because she was cheated not only out of Thomas but also Liam…. you can’t seem to win on the show unless you have blonde hair…. as a brunette I find that offensive….


I’ve never liked Steffy either. Have never seen her appeal. And I do like Sally better than most on B&B, especially with Liam. As for Liam I have really liked how he walked out on Steffy. Just hope he can hold to it because you know she is going to play emotional blackmail with him because of the baby. As for Bill…ugh! Speaking of Liam, while it was a weird storyline, I even liked him during the Quinn-losing his memory episodes. Combine Sally, Bill’s tower, Scott has had some good stuff to work with.


Oh WOW! Drama with a capital D!

I wonder if Liam will go for full custody. They weren’t even married a year.

Steffy ruined it!!!!!

I do want happy couples on the soap. Wait until Ridge finds out.

lulu love

what can Ridge do he is just like Steffy


He can try to rip Bill’s head apart since he slept with his daughter!


lulu love…as far as I’m concerned, Ridge is WAY MORE WORSE that Steffy…HIS OWN DAUGHTER!!!!! BEYOND YUCK!!!!!

Have a good one.

Mary SF

This is B&B where I hate you lasts about a week– remember Eric disowning Ridge after he kissed Quinn– where was Ridge during Christmas? — in the thick of the family celebrations. Bill was never going to forgive Liam for his take over Spencer but did- so this might last a while but eventually Liam will forgive her and Bill–especially with a baby on the way–can’t believe the writers would have Steffy lose another child– I hope not-

Andrew Hass

I think Liam might forgive Steffy sooner than he might forgive Bill because she’s having his baby which means she”s going to always be a part of his life in one way or another.So Bill’s betrayal might be harder for Liam to forgive

lulu love

Steffy was apart of the adultery to.When something like this happens and you think all is forgiven it isn’t if you stay together you will always be wondering who are they bedding now. and the children is hurt as well.Divorce is best. But be good parents to the child or children. everybody put your self in real life of liam if you caught your spouse doing something like that. Especially with a family member could you look them in the face and make happy conversation.


It’s the depth of Steffy’s and his father’s “betrayal,” not “portrayal.”

Debra m

Scott was amazing. I see another Emmy win for him. He has grown so much as an actor. I remember him as a chubby teen when he played Dillon on GH. He was good in that part too, which is why I never connected to the new actor playing Dillon. He hit the jackpot getting the role of Liam on B&B. Now he is in the leading man category.

Mister Media

Great episode and good acting. On a side note, I thought it was funny when Bill told Wyatt that he wanted Liam to have the cliff-side house as it would be a great place to raise a family. Yep – small children on a cliff. Perfect!


HaHa! None of those houses are child friendly.


AT ALL!!!!!


Well, Hope Logan is coming back, right? Cue the merry-go-round music. She might turn Liam’s and Wyatt’s heads again. Everyone remember where they are because you will do it again in a few years, just like Brooke, Ridge, Thorne, Bill and Katie, and… oh, ad a recast Taylor, and…

It is difficult to rally around Liam and Steffy as a couple. The obstacles are often of their own making, and their actions are carbon of Brooke and Ridge. To be honest, I could be happy if they split for good and next week realize they really do love someone else.

But seriously… genuine kudos to Mr. Clifton. He plays his Liam character well, despite the history of being wishy-washy around Steffy and Hope. This plot turn could really prompt change and growth but I am not sure the writers/producers will allow that, or if so, allow it to last.


Hey Iakovos…’Cue the merry-go-round music’…BEYOND FUNNY…LOL!!!!!

Have a good one.


Brad no granddaughter of Stephanie Forrester would take that kind of verbal abuse off of that clown! Please Susan Flannery come back one episode as a ghost and tell your granddaughter to stop her sniveling. I hear we have Hope coming back oh goody she and Liam can get engaged at warp speed !


Excellent acting by Scott as well as Jacqueline and Don. All three brought raw emotion to their lines that just jumped off my screen! Lucky Steffy gets to wallow by the ocean; if you’re going to be torn apart emotionally that’s the place to do it!


Liam finally grows a pair and shows some real anger. I just hope that next week all is forgiven and he’s back with Steffy….they tend to forgive and forget really fast on this show. I can’t wait until Ridge and Brooke hear this bit of news….I mean, it was just a short while ago Bill was begging Brooke to take him back then all of a sudden he’s crazy over Steffy and sleeping with her. Ridge is gonna want to rip Bill’s head off!


Kudos, to Scott Clifton, performance, fast forward, six months….he won’t leave her…..and Hope returning won’t matter, no matter what the writers do.


Yeah. Steffy will probably have some unforseen (yeah, right) health crisis like they always do that will have Liam running back. Poor sap. He deserves better.

john tuski

Both actors gave exceptional performances!


I admit I was grossed out by the “inlaws having sex” concept (even though B & B has always been borderline incestuous). However, it’s been a very long time since I’ve been riveted to a story line like this. All the actors deserve a big applause for their performances; my heart was aching for Liam.


I think the most disturbing thing about the story is the way the character of Bill is portrayed. Don Diamont is not the suave, handsome businessman like he was as Brad Carlton on Y&R. Here, is is like they say in SIXTEEN CANDLES … “an oily bohunk.” Whatever that means, it fits. He is just plain creepy and gets what he wants.

What I would LOVE to see is more of the brotherly love between Wyatt and Liam as was the case yesterday. I would love to see both brothers see their pathetic, disgusting excuse of a father for what he is and dump him and venture into their own business — taking Katie and maybe Ivy with them. I know that would never happen because that would mean creating a new script and not reusing the old one that I know they will.

It’s a shame though because Scott and Darin play very well together. It would be nice to see them as strong brothers.

Gloria E

ITA…. this family talks about family so important but they’re really creepy with each other… all of them have slept with Steffy…. I wonder if the writers even think about that… I think it would be really gross if I slept with my daughter’s husband or she slept with my husband…. or I slept with my sister’s husband…. they do all of that on B& B….


Chrystie…EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT IDEA about Liam and Wyatt venturing into their own business together!!!!! Oh…and they should bring Sally on board with them. My dear…Liam and Wyatt including Sally would TOTALLY STICK inside BILL THE DIRTBAG’S CRAW…ULTIMATE LOL!!!!! And Bill himself does nothing but act like a demonic, spoiled and whiny CHILD!!!!! And that Steffy is nothing but an annoying, stuck-up and stuffy AIRHEAD!!!!! Oh…and I think that Liam should dump that whiny Steffy, sue and win FULL CUSTODY of the unborn baby, get back together with Sally and raise the baby with Sally. And, besides…I think that Sally would be A WAY BETER MOTHER to that baby than that BLUBBERING BASKET CASE Steffy…TOTALLY!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good one, Chrystie.


Chrystie…”an oily bohunk”…TOO FUNNY…LOL!!!!! And a very, very accurate description. Thank You.



Right?! He is just portrayef as swarmy. Not a ladies man and not a leading man – – just ick.

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