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B&B's Thorsten Kaye Talks Soap Icons: Katherine Kelly Lang, John McCook, Agnes Nixon, and Eileen Herlie!

Photo: CBS/Cliff Lipson

Photo: CBS/Cliff Lipson

Last week, The Bold and the Beautiful celebrated its longest-running cast members; Katherine Kelly Lang and John McCook.  The duo have played Brooke and Eric for 30 years, and given viewers countless memorable performances.  Atop the CBS Television City Helipad, the cast and crew gathered together to honor these iconic B&B actors as part of the series month long 30th anniversary festivities.

Daytime fan favorite, Thorsten Kaye (Ridge Forrester) chatted with On-Air On-Soaps following the speeches, hugs, and tears for his castmates to share: his thoughts on them, and his time working on the CBS Daytime sudser as Ridge #2.

Currently on B&B, Ridge may soon find himself in hot water with Brooke and Eric, due to his seemingly growing attraction now to Eric’s wife, Quinn (Rena Sofer). So, the stage is set for fireworks with stalwart Kaye smack dab in the middle of all the action.

Since our last conversation with Thorsten, daytime has mourned the loss of All My Children and One Life to Live creator, Agnes Nixon, who Kaye reveals holds a special place in his heart having played characters on both her shows, as does he fondly recall another AMC legend, the late Eileen Herlie, (Ex-Myrtle).

Self-effacing, candid, and often retrospective, here’s what Thorsten had to say about all these icons he has had the opportunity to share some screen time with, and more.

You were just in Australia last month taping episodes for B&B’s 30th anniversary celebration. How was it?  I saw all the fun pictures with the cast flying Qantas!

Photo: MatrixPicturesAU

THORSTEN:  Australia was fantastic.  I had never been there before and Qantas Airlines really took care of us.  What a great way to fly!  It’s one of those flights that you don’t want to end, because the moon is out there, the bourbon is coming, everyone is friendly.  No one is pissed off.  It was a pretty cool experience.

We are celebrating Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and John McCook (Eric), 30 years as the longest running and original cast members of B&B.  What can you say about working with each of them?

THORSTEN:  John is an (bleep).  So, we can start there. (Laughs) Seriously, John McCook is my favorite person here, because you can sit down with him after work and have a cocktail in his room. It is nice for me, and coming from Europe where every theatre has a bar – this theatre has a bar, and it’s John’s, and not everyone is invited. He says they are all invited, but they are not. (Laughs)  The thing about Kelly, to me, is she is prettier now than she was 30 years ago.  I don’t even know how that happens.  I saw pictures of her back then, and I am like, “yes, she is pretty.”   But now, she is just this sexual being, and she is so kind, and so lovely.  I think that obviously comes across in the camera.

Photo: KatherineKellyLangInstagram

How has it been playing the Brooke and Ridge relationship with Kelly?  Has it been hard to portray that relationship for you, being you are the second Ridge?

THORSTEN:  It may be hard for her. But for me, I am just showing up and hanging out with a beautiful woman.  For her, she just has to pretend that this fat older guy is actually somebody she wants to be with. (Laughs)  She always gives 100%, and I know that is a cliché, but it’s true.  There was never a moment where I felt she wanted the old guy back (Ronn Moss).  Whether she does or not, I don’t know, but she sure is up to working with me and is completely committed, and I love that.

Have you loved the opportunity to work with Rena Sofer (Quinn), or were you like “What is going on ? Quinn and Ridge making out?” (Laughs)


THORSTEN:  There is a lot of, “What is going on?” still.  Sometimes, I am missing the why, and you kind of have to make that up. But it’s easy to play that you fall for someone like Rena. She’s hot!  But it’s hard to fall out of love with someone enough to then look somewhere else. So you have to just put that down to a character flaw.

Are you enjoying your run on B&B now that you have been here awhile? 

THORSTEN:  It is what it is and what it is … is a great place to work.  I like showing up here.  I have dreaded coming to work at other places, but I don’t feel that coming to work here.

Are you still commuting back and forth from the east coast? How is your wife OLTL’s Susan Haskell (Ex-Marty)?

Photo Credit: Getty

THORSTEN:  Yeah, I am, and that’s challenging. Unfortunately I don’t think that can last forever.  I’m just too old.  I can’t do it, it hurts! (Laughs)  Susan is good and we miss our family time together, and every time we turn around our kids are getting older, and that’s unfortunate. 

What were your thoughts on the passing of All My Children and One Life to Live creator, Agnes Nixon? Were you close with her, since you played Zach Slater for many years in Pine Valley, and before that, Patrick Thornhart of Llanview?

THORSTEN:  I had a great relationship with her, and she was such a smart lady.


And of course, there was your other favorite lady, the great Eileen Herlie (Ex-Myrtle, AMC). What a wonderful on and off-screen relationship you formed with her!

THORSTEN:  Ah, those are my ladies. What Eileen had and what Agnes had, and my friend Dorothy Bridges had, they had stories of a time where I should have lived.  The golden time of Hollywood where actors where actors, and there was no Twitter, and no one got caught eating pizza at someone else’s house – it was just the magic of it.   I miss that.  I think Agnes writing, and Eileen’s ability to tell a story, and Dorothy’s storytelling, they remember that, and the glamour and the innocence of what that was. I love them.  I still have Agnes’ cell phone number in my phone and I can’t erase it.  I have Dorothy’s and Eileen’s numbers, too. These women understood the human condition more than anyone else.  Eileen talked about an actor named Sir Laurence Olivier, and John Gielgud, and Richard Burton, and to just sit with this woman, and allow her to speak freely and speak quietly, and just listen … I miss those times in a selfish way.  I just miss all of them.


If your current storyline comes to a head, can you see yourself and Mr. McCook having an on-screen showdown?

THORSTEN:  I could see a showdown with John on-screen. We had others before.  I don’t know if that is the basis of the story we are telling, but I would hate to not work with him.  So, I would rather fight with him on-camera than not work with him at all.

So, what did you think of Thorsten’s comments and remembrances on working with Katherine Kelly Lang, John McCook, Rena Sofer, Eileen Herlie, and portraying characters in both of Agnes’ Nixon’s beloved soap operas? What do you hope happens for Ridge romantically? Should he end up with Quinn, Brooke, or someone else? Share your thoughts below!

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23 Comments on "B&B's Thorsten Kaye Talks Soap Icons: Katherine Kelly Lang, John McCook, Agnes Nixon, and Eileen Herlie!"

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He is right KKL just looks better as she gets older she works hard at it he will never be Ridge to me but that’s ok still a nice guy he just should have been cast as a designer but not Ridge sometimes you just can’t replace a actor after 25 years ! The funny thing is TK has chemistry with Rena and he had smoldering off the charts with LG but he and Kelly like brother and sister


I love interviews with TK. He is just so funny!

Kevin C

I actually love Thorsten playing Ridge and I enjoyed his interview.


It is strange that AMC is talked about in past tense. I still miss the show to this day. I loved Zack and Kendall, Bianca, Brooke, Adam, JR, Babe, Jackson and Erica. The show has such a level of class and elegance to it that is missing from most daytime dramas nowadays.

But, with that being said, I think B&B is incredible. I relate to all of the characters and never fast forward through anything. Katherine Kelly Lang is the epitome of beauty and class. I love how John McCook has come out of the background and become the star of the show. He is the Sean Connery of daytime.

Max Daddee

I’ll always remember Thorsten from AMC and OLTL. I have alot of appreciate for his comm’ents about the legendary ladies who passed on and what they were, the era they represented. I have such respect for them. They are very much missed.


Thanks for the interview. Love TK and loved his onscreen and offscreen relationship with Eileen Herlie and Myrtle Fargate. It’s nice to hear that she and Agnes still mean so much to him. As for B&B, he sounds as confused about Ridge’s intentions with Quinn as the audience is. It’s headscratching how Ridge can pledge his destiny to Brooke one second and flirt with and kiss Quinn the next. TK played Patrick as a one-woman man with Marty, and Zach was all Kendall’s no matter what was written thanks in part to TK’s performances, but Ridge goes from woman to woman to woman and barely comes up for air. I think that’s new and strange for TK. But he sounds like he’s enjoying his castmates and the perks of the job. I’m happy he’s doing so well.

John McCook

Thorston LOVES being an actor, no matter what…I am as elated as I was his first day, that he’s on B&B with me…he makes it a better show…(He’s not as funny as I am, but he’s amusing….)

Kevin C

John, so good to have you write and post and it’s great to know that you are looking at Michael Fairmans site ..I have been watching you since your Y&R days…you are wonderful and I actually written Brad Bell and never heard from him…I asked Brad to hire Jaime Lyn Bauer for I think it could bring some great story and to see you two together again would be so wonderful…


I hope this is the real John McCook commenting. I have been a HUGE fan since my teens and I am 30 now. Love seeing your frontburner status on the show and you are one of the most handsome men in Hollywood! Dont ever let them have you stop doing love scenes! You are a gorgeous man!


LOL…ya, I’m cynical too as to whether you are the actor, John McCook or just a poster who signed on with the name and is “playin’ us”…but, I’ll play. If it IS you…just want to say you’re fantastic and I love your character, complete with all the charm you bring to the role!


He’s not Ridge #2, he’s #3. Lane Davies played Ridge for a bit in the 90’s.


If Thorsten Kaye is an “older fat guy,” as he describes himself, then Yikes!! I am truly old and fat! 🙂


As a relative newcomer to the show I never saw Ridge played by anyone but Thorsten and I’m loving him! I’ve been a fan since OLTL; had a major crush! Not old by any means, just seasoned, sexy and smart! 🙂

Nice interview. Playful and contemplative. Hope the NY/LA commute doesn’t mean the near end of Thorsten’s “Ridge” days….


I just couldn’t help feel as I read between the lines, that as much as Thorsten says he’s okay at B&B, it is still not the highlight of his career. Just wonder if the trip between East and West coast, and losing family time you can never get back will make him reevaluate staying with Ridge? But for now, lucky for him he is employed in a key role.


True. Although, as said, I felt it was a nice interview, I had some of the same reaction as you. He’s funny, “sassy”, smart. (He also reminds me a tad of Ridge with his “love of the ladies!, LOL.) But you’re right; it wasn’t a very enthusiastic response tot he role or the show…though lots of love for some co-stars. And yep…that commute isn’t good. Wouldn’t be for any couple with hopes of staying together and sharing a home life.

On a selfish note, I do hope he’s in the role for quite the while to come. I think he’s perfect for it.

Hope you’re doing better. Missed some of the conversation you “interjected” re a conversation between two of our posters but just know I’m with you on our political climate. The rash of anti-semitic acts which was brought up-and- center by the rhetoric of a certain campaign only adds fuel to my ire!


i respect the actor and obviously i don’t have a bad word to say about him but he was totally miscast as ridge . only ronn moss could play ridge , ronn is and will always be the one , only and definitive ridge forrester . i am happy Bold made it to 30 but my last episode was stephanie’s death . haven’t watched since and have no plans to .


Actors come and go; just ask Broadway.


All I can say is whatever KKL is taking she needs to bottle it I have never even someone just glow she must be very happy she is just radiant!


Not one actress on daytime right now that glows like she does awesome to watch I hope she gets that Emmy sometime no one deserves it more! Go Kelly

Cheryl Vanover

I started watching B&B when Ridge joined. I had never liked Ron Moss, he was self-centered and thought he was God’s gift to women on screen and off screen. Thorsten is like a breath of fresh air, I love him as Ridge. Of course, I’ve loved him playing al of his roles. To me, he is the most amazing actor that I’ve ever seen.

Katherine does get more beautiful with age, as Thorsten gets more handsome with age. Rena is gorgeous as well. I’m loving the storyline between Thorsten and Rena. He does love scenes like none I’ve seen before. LOVE the way he looks at her!!

It bothers me that he has to travel so much, to and from work, and that it takes away from his time with his family and definitely can’t be good for his health. I care about him very much. I love him as Ridge but if he ever leaves, I follow.

I find it hard to believe that Thorsten has never won an Emmy, he’s deserved them for so many years. It’s disheartening to see some of these people win them knowing that some don’t deserve them like he does.

Bold and the Beautiful is an amazing show, bt I agree with Thorsten, they need to slow things down when it comes to relationships.


B&B is unwatchable & I’ve finally taken it off my DVR. You had the romantic deeply in love Caroline/Ridge suddenly end & Caroline disappear.Then Ridge never utters Caroline’s name again & instantly reconnects with Brooke Crazy Quinn was saying how Liam was the love of her life then after a couple shags with Eric he’s the love of her life. Zende & Nicole broke up & went MIA for months.What does B&B do? Suddenly he proposes & they marry the next week.No story of reconciliation just POOF! I could go on & on but on B&B love is puddle deep. Nothing resonates because it’s fast & all plot points.
Couple that with the vapid widely overplayed Steffy/Liam/Wyatt, the MIA Avants, Caroline, Ivy,etc. Now you have the addition of 5 (!) unwanted Spectras on a half hour show. Watching them is like watching Hee Haw. As if that wasn’t enough they have probably Daytime’s best actress (Heather Tom) reduced to playing daytime’s version of Gladys Kravitz. B&B is utter trash now.


Scoma60…Lot of good points here. Part of the reason I don’t worry when I miss a day or two or three, etc’s.

Cindy Becker

Love, love, love Thorsten. He has been a favorite of mine since 1995 as Patrick on One Life to Live. Such a great guy! One of the Brown Penny Sisters

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