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Billy Warlock On A. J. Quartermaine: "That Character Has Never Been Given A Fair Shake!"



From one A. J. Quartermaine to another!  After the news broke this morning that Sean Kanan is out at General Hospital, after Kanan revealed he was disappointed in the writing and the direction they were taking the character and by mutual decision with the series EP, Frank Valentini to part ways,  another former A.J., Billy Warlock, took to his Twitter account to express his feelings over the show losing Kanan and the character of A. J. itself!

Warlock first tweeted, “I must say if it’s true about SK I am truly bummed.  Not just for him but for AJ as well. SK was a great AJ! Go B&B.”  But then followed up with another tweet which expressed, “Believe when I say I’m not lobbying. It’s just how I feel. That character has never been given a fair shake.”

When you look at all the twist and turns for the character of A.J. over the years, does Warlock have a point? 

What do you think?  Has the character of A.J. been bungled over the years by various regimes at GH?  Let us know your thoughts!

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jimh(leave it to beaver)
jimh(leave it to beaver)

I have had a lot of bad luck over the years so i never had any problem the way A.J. was written except for the relish storyline and his story dropped for two months…besides A.J. can always return one day with either Sean K., Billy W. or even with a newbie like Micheal M. ex Adam or Billy M. ex Billy from Y&R…no big deal to me but sad to see only a few Qs left!!!


Agree. And like I said in the Sean leaving post, Frank and Ron did the character no favors this time around for sure.

Sal Piscioneri

yes yes yes agree>>>>>>>>>>.


Well even it may be true but if he was looking for work, this may not happen now being A.J again. Its tough there are budget restraints that do not allow everything, I understand as I live within a budget in my personal life and yes its tough but a necessity and im sure the soaps are the same way. Good luck to SK maybe sometime in the future he will return.


AJ has been a whiny crybaby for literally decades. His character needs to grow. Mainly up. No matter who plays AJ the victimhood has to go. No one cares about a 40 year mess there’s got to be more to AJ than drunkeness and misery.


Are they recasting or killing off AJ? I am not getting a clear picture on this. Does anyone know?

jimh(leave it to beaver)
jimh(leave it to beaver)

I believe he’ll be in a coma and sent to that same clinic where Nina was supposed to be!!!


The fact that BOTH actors have publicly complained about how unfairly the character has been treated speaks volumes. Heaven knows that there are a lot of longtime GH viewers like me who have always hoped that the writers would FINALLY stop making A.J. the show’s ‘whipping boy’ and give him real growth and happiness. I hope Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati are raked over the coal over this. If they’re smart, they’ll keep A.J. in a coma and recast him with a strong, dynamic actor who will FINALLY put Sonny in his place. Here’s a crazy casting idea for a new A.J.- how aout MICHAEL MUHNEY??


isn’t Michael Muhney that guy that got really handsy with a teen actress on his old show?


The only proof so far that MM put hands on HK comes from TMZ. Really! He would be great as new Jason, AJ or anything they want to give him. I think he is the best actor in daytime.

jimh(leave it to beaver)
jimh(leave it to beaver)

Thats one of my picks…M.M. if they eventually recast…and i suggested A.J. to be in a coma in another post!!!


Sean Kanan is plenty strong…a whole lotta good-looking…and I’m sure he could have put Sonny in his place if the writing was there! Sucks.


100% agree. It’s the writing. Sean K. plenty strong enough to play a strong AJ. Character development / storyline is the problem.


Ditto. SK could have made AJ amazing if the writers had written the story that way. I would have loved to see AJ as Sonny’s downfall.


Rebecca, now I may be reading between the lines but I don’t think MB is happy with his storyline either as he is dropping hints about extending his contract which is up on 7 months. He may be blowing smoke as he is oft to do, but I really don’t think he relishes (no word play intended) the idea of his character lying to his son that he would not hurt AJ, only to break his promise in his mis guided belief that AJ killed Connie. See? This storyline does not only inflict harm on the character of AJ, it inflicts irreparable harm on Sonny as well.


Hey Harry…where’d you read that? Was it on Twitter?

I don’t know…Maurice Bernard has barely done anything but GH…(as far as I know a few TV movies here and there…). Not sure how in demand he would be on another soap; on the one hand others may not want to touch him because he’s been Sonny for soooooo long they themselves might have him pegged that character forevermore.

On the other hand…another soap may just swoop him up since he’s been (seeminlgly) unavailable before.

As for his wanting to leave because of the current storyline…I’d find that surprising for a few reasons. First…he’s at the forefront once again. When the new writers came on he had griped that while he welcomes new blood (no mafia pun there!) to the show…there needs to be a balance. Meaning, he didn’t like the facd that he was getting less screen time. Now it seems they’ve returned him back so he’s probably thrilled.

I also think (at Sean Kanan’s/AJ’s expense) that a story where he has to hide what he did from Michael…or live in fear of being found out…or perhaps being found out and the repercussions (not sure which direction they’re taking this) could make for very good drama.

As for Sean Kanan…you know how I feel. Big loss for me as a fan/viewer.


I thought SK was terrific as AJ and hope he’s happy on B&B. I would LOVE for AJ to be recast with Michael Muhney and for the character to be written differently. MM would be amazing. His multi dimensional, riveting performances would be incredible to watch as AJ!


Absolutely. I was excited to see Sean Kanan back in the role of AJ and the return of the Quartermaine family. They totally dropped the ball. But they will never admit it.


I agree, 1,000%!


I watch GH from time to time, but Sean Kanan as AJ brought me back to the show.. they really messed up by letting him go. Kanan played AJ better than every other actor in that part.



I couldn’t agree more. I liked both SK and BW as AJ. I always found it odd how AJ was treated so badly (by the writers).


And with both actors, the fans are with A.J., no matter how he’s trashed by the writers.


I don’t think that BW would make a good AJ at all. Just can’t see him in this role so I hope they either recast with someone else or let AJ remain off the canvas.


you know he’s been AJ before, right?

Lynda Robinson

B W was a great A J and he is a great actor the writers never have given him a fair shake in any of his roles and I don’t know why he is awesome!


I initially thought Bill Warlock was an odd choice as an AJ recast, but he made it work interjecting a wounded son vulnerability into his performance. His comments here show what a class act he is and I find it very sweet that he not only feels bad for Sean, he feels bad for the character he once played.
No matter who is playing him, I am forever rooting for AJ. Just once, just ONCE! I’d like to see this man win.




It was awful! No chemistry with anyone.


He’ll always be “Ricky Flyer” to me……


He is not lobbying for a job first of all they have to put AJ in a coma if they are going to keep Sonny & Ava around obviously they are AJ has to go. MW is the new it girl on this show and I am already bored with her and it has nothing to do with her personally. Just add her to all the rest of the over the top acting on GH.


This is what I mean when I say gh is a mess right now a Quartermaine character with long term ties to the show should not be treated like this. I’m glad sean is coming back to bold and beautiful which is a much better show anyway!


AJ was a drunk and a kidnapper who pretended to be dead to avoid prosecution. To have him be a romantic leading man right out would have been ridiculous. Plus his story was stalled when the show had to switch gears when Kimberly McCullough came back.

The fact that both actors have spoken publicly only speaks to their lack of class. If you’re a GH hater you’re going to twist everything to support that hate.


Ahem, but you think it’s okay for Franco, the man who orchestrated Michael’s rape and who tortured and tormented Jason to be Carly’s romantic leading man? You think it’s okay that a cold blooded murderer like Julian is having an affair with Alexis?
I disagree with your assessment of both actors having a lack of class for speaking the truth. Warlock did not disparage Ron or the show, he merely said this character he once played never got a break–tis true. And Sean said the writing for the character was not to his liking. Neither actor said anything that we viewers didn’t already understand.


Where did I comment on Franco or Julian? Don’t put words in my mouth.

I never said AJ wasn’t a viable character, but he needed to go through some rehab, literally and figuratively, before I could see him as a leading man. And “speaking the truth” is problematic in that “the truth” is subjective and not always appropriate or respectful. It’s best to know when to say nothing and merely shake hands and move on.


What does class have anything to do with this? RC can not take anybody not thinking he parted the Red Sea. The man needs to seek therapy nobody is going to love everything you write. Live with it!!! Gosh there are always hit and misses he is as thin skinned as I have ever seen he is nasty on twitter just when people are making funny jokes. GH will be in the toilet soon if he does not become a grown up FV is not the problem RC is.


Oh please. Plenty of people are unhappy with the writing on GH these days and that doesn’t make them GH “haters” – it makes them people unhappy with the writing.
It’s completely possible to love a show and hate the current direction and writing. We all don’t have to think Ron C. is a genius or else we don’t “love” the show.
I love the show but Ron C. and his “talent”……not so much.
And because I love the show I wish they’d get someone in to write it who actually CARED about GH, which we haven’t had in at least a decade.

It’s starting to feel like AMC.


And once again someone who disagrees with me is putting words in my mouth. Show me where I said Mr. C is a genius or that you don’t love the show. I didn’t.

You misunderstand the term “hater.” A hater is someone who only posts negative comments. I completely understand viewers being unhappy with the show, as there are viewers who don’t like what’s happening on every show on television. But the ratings hold up and that’s what the network cares about.


MFarris, now follow closely since my point eluded your grasp. You said that AJ could not be considered as romantic leading man based on his past. Your stance is negated by men who have committed far worse crimes (ie, Sonny, Jason, Julian and Franco) being given romantic lead statuses. That is why I brought those characters up–to negate your rather silly point.


I agree, Bose, and I am so tired of the overuse, misuse of the term”hater.” It’s on my list of pet peeves along with the overuse and misuse of the word “literally.”
It is literally driving me insane!


mfarris70…I agree with Harry. by what you wrote you implied that AJ alone could/should not be a leading man because of his ways. however, even by omission…what does that say about Sonny, Rick, Julian, Franco, Luke…they have ALL committed crimes and have been center stage and pegged as “leading men.”

As for AJ kidnapping anyone…if you remember it was HIS SON that was stolen from HIM! He was rightfully a distraught, desperate man willing to do anything to get his son alone…prove to him he loved him…that he didn’t leave him…and to give him his side of the story. He didn’t hurt anyone…his intentions were always good and on the defensive…where people put him. I think your take on the character is a tad…a huge tad…off.


Again, putting words in my mouth. I’m trying to share an opposing point of view and enjoy discussion but don’t attribute things to me that I never said. Seems to be a habit with people who don’t like the show.

Yes, just about every man in PC has committed crimes and is now a romantic interest. My point was that AJ also did and needed to be mended a bit before I could cheer him on in his quest for Elizabeth. I was enjoying watching him try to be a better man, to make a huge mistake, to try and get his life together. I thought it was great story. And by the way, I think that faking Michael’s death probably hurt a lot of people!


mfarris79…I enjoy discussion too and am not…nor do I have a desire to…argue over a soap. So, take this with a grain of salt and part of a “lively” discussion.

I STILL disagree with your comments. First, I never thought AJ was a bad man to begin with, thus I didn’t really feel he needed to be a “better man.” I think he was vulnerable, hurt and a scapegoat. I think his actions were justifiable…he had no recourse in getting his son back, his life was threatened and harmed numerous times by Sonny when he attempted to claim his son. When I said he didn’t “hurt” anyone I meant physically. He had no help legally, nor from his family… parents to Emily to his own brother who helped keep his son away from him. As I said the kidnapping was a desperate act by an understandably desperate man.

Alcoholism is a condition that needs support and understanding…not hate and venom that was spewed upon this character…with the hideous assumption that Michael would be better raised by a murderer with known enemies than in the Q household. It was ridiculous from the start…though made for a good storyline.

The problem now is many AJ fans had eagerly awaited the character’s return as well as Sean Kanan’s…and once again the writers made AJ a victim who could never catch a break. It looked as though they brought him back to be a new power player…with success, a relationship and his son by his side…but ultimately reduced him to right back where he had been so unfortunately written…

Was really loving both the character of AJ….someone I actually cared about and rooted for. Also loved Sean Kanan’s portrayal. I think he and Michael shared a resemblance…I think their on-screen chemistry was great…and I think AJ added a touch of humanity to the show.

And…if he’s continually bad-mouthed even after the character’s departure, that too will be exasperating.


Yes he does, it’s clear that no matter whose in charge they can’t seem to write fairly for any character that goes against sonny . They already are turning Anna incompetent just to make sonny look good…

Cindy Tendollen

I so agree with you. I am so tired of Sonny.


As much as I agree with Billy Warlock on his statement, please do NOT bring him back as AJ! The only AJ for me is Sean Kanan. I’m so disappointed to hear that he is leaving; though, I can’t blame him. There was so much potential for AJ, having Sean back-bringing the Q’s forefront and center, ELQ, his relationship with Michael, his chemistry with Maura West, Laura Wright, etc. I’ll miss Sean.


I have thought if they recast Jason, which I think GH needs to do or entice Steve Burton back somehow someway,,,

But if they recast Jason with Billy Miller or really any other actor – the resemblance between SK and SB could be distracting and make it harder for the new actor to quickly assimilate on the show.

I am sure there is much more to the reason for the changes.. but this could be a contributing factor.


Why is it every time a male character needs to be cast Michael Muhney’s name is alway’s mentioned? I would like to see a recast ( and not MM) and see a sober AJ.


Michael Muhney is an excellent actor and would bring his A-Game to GH.. and his million of fans with him to GH..
Michael Muhney would make a great Q ..

I tweeted FV and RC to grab Michael Muhney !!!!


Honestly, I could really see Billy Miller as A.J., I think he’d be amazing… Michael Muhney seems more fit to play Jason in my opinion. I’m sad Sean Kanan is leaving though, I liked his portrayal of A.J.

I wasn’t a viewer back when Billy Warlock played A.J. but I watched him as Ben Hollander on Y&R back in 2007 & 2008 and I really liked him. I agree with his comments about A.J., since his return he hasn’t really had any great material, other than his relationship with Elizabeth, which I was really hoping would work out.


I liked the character AJ.. He is full of drama and always in a mess lol
Kanan is an actor.
He is hired to act a part/character
If Kanan doesn’t like what he is doing then he should leave..
He is not a writer or directer he is an actor..
I wish him the best in finding what he wants..

Kanan did not his roll/character at Y&R either..
when leaving from Y&R he did comment he was at his best being the bad guy and that was rolls he wanted to play..




I have never been a fan of AJ, however…. I thought he was coming back this time sober and being a mensch. He acted stupidly, besides the drinking he confronted someone he believed to be a killer, and he believed someone he hardly knew (same person, Ava.) the character has potential. Perhaps if they have A.J. leave to go to a facility like Betty Ford, someday he can return. I think the writing on GH is getting worse and worse.

Cindy Tendollen

It is too bad that SK is leaving. I always liked him as AJ. I hope they don’t kill him off. I am so sick of Sonny and now Ava getting away with the things they do.


Regardless of AJ’s problems in the past RC and FV had an opportunity to reinvent the character and rebuild the Quartermaines. Instead we got…RELISH??? And what ever happened with Edward’s will, the missing Q heir, the battle for control of ELQ and the fate of PickleLila anyway?

I don’t know if I’d say the character of AJ never got a fair shake but SK certainly didn’t. It’s a mystery to me why SK/AJ was even brought back in the first place when Cartini clearly didn’t have a story in place beyond a stupid relish sight gag on Chew.

You gotta wonder what they’re thinking sometimes.


No disrespect to the characters but for years GH has been mostly the Sonny/Carly/Jason/Sam show. You’d think there were no other characters on the show. When Frank and Ron came in other characters were given a chance, finally. However, I’ve noticed that a lot of characters are either MIA or aren’t given a storyline. AJ being one of those characters. I have never been a big fan but it would be nice to see the character doing something other than what he has been doing. AJ has never really fully been given a chance to show potential as a character. Hopefully they will recast the role and not kill ANOTHER Quartermaine off the show.


Michael E Knight for new AJ
Imagine the chemistry with Chad Duell and Jane Elliot.
Best wishes on B&B, Sean. Will miss you.
But life goes on, hopefully, for AJ.


M.E.K. is too old.


MEK is 54, two years older than the longest AJQ, BW. Also SK is 47. MEK looks darn good for 54 IMO. Anyway, actors age irrelevant. Just ask William Devry, just eight (?) years older than “daughter” Kelly Monaco.


And was RH (Franco) too old? Didn’t seem to matter he was in his forties, even though James (Franco, original Franco) is in his thirties.


Not a bad idea, Steven and yes, Michael Knight looks at least 5 years younger than his age. He’s be great, however, I simply don’t trust Ron not to continue with his ruination of this character. He seems primarily interested in introducing new characters (2 new 20 somethings will soon be shoring up to Port Charles) and boasting those characters. Right now, we have Robocop who is such a bad actor he makes his bare chest upstage him in order to distract.
But I adore Michael Knight, think he’s a very gifted actor who has the ability to make the viewers fall in love with him even when he’s screwing up.


I was definitely hoping for something better and once again they made him an drunken crybaby. Its ridiculous you would think the new writers would come up with improved characters but not true some are just not worth watching. good luck to sk he deserves a good role sorry it couldnt be on our show.


These writers and this producer is the one totally lacking in class. He consistently brings back characters from the past for the sole purpose of destroying them or making them look cartoonish and foolish in an effort to prop up a newer cast. Im ashamed that the soap press tolerates this practice and condones it. Im ashamed that producers think this is a way to go. GH is definitely now on the wrong track. I had hope for a new producer but he is doing the same thing that awful former producer did and is doing now to Y&R. Once Y&R became the Burton hour, it become worthless and I cancelled it. History should be respected, characters deserve integrity of character and the audience some respect. Im sad to say these new producers have little respect for the genre or the audience and they are ruining once great soaps. They sure broke my soap addiction.


I disagree with every thing you said..
GH is a suburb soap in all ways..
Never forget; GH has ”doubled” it’s viewers in a short time..
So, all is well ..
I have great respect for ALL at GH..
They have done great work and have kept me fully awake and wanting more.. And kept GH on the air, daily..
soaps have changed since 1970 everything moves forward and in other directions.. GH has moved along very well.. 🙂


GH has not doubled its viewers. Ratings are up for all soaps right now, but that is a matter of default considering there is no more AMC and OLTL to watch on either ABC or Prospect.

Marjorie Manford

You must be kidding me suoOOOO if you think that crap is great. The show is very cartoonish and campy. Way to many new characters coming in all at once and there not tied to any core characters. Your right soaps have changed since the 70’s back then they were well written.


Wonderfully said.
What is happening at GH right now reminds me of what happened to AMC – and it’s not a good memory.

There are good writers out there – I wish GH would find one.


Soap writers are extremely hard to find, they are a rare breed..
Writers do not want to 80-100 pages of script, daily..
And to be able to connect past 20yrs to date..
Mostly writers would not want to put up with the soap fans..
They usually are a hateful hoard who bad mouth them at every breath .. lol .. who would want that put on them..
We are very lucky to have soap writers still hanging in there..

soaps switch writers but its rare a new writer enters the soap world.. the demands of a soap writer are very high.. I’d say stress off the charts..
be thankful we have writers.. 🙂


Boes, AMC was my first soap–once upon a time it was a great soap under Agnes Nixon’s tenure. But the last 5 or 7 years of it was simply dreadful. It was as if it were cannibalizing itself, as if it were trying to run off viewers. When it was cancelled, I didn’t mourn because I had already mourned its passing.
Yes, I am getting the same feeling about GH. It has become so bad it almost feels deliberate.


Sue, I do not know where you come up with your facts (the mother ship?) but soap writers are NOT hard to find nor are they a rare breed. What is a rare breed are EMPLOYED soap writers. I know of many qualified, unemployed soap writers who would jump at the chance to write for GH and they would do a much better job than Ron who ruins veteran characters, writes choppy storylines and runs off actors who are disenchanted with his writing.


AJ was bungled (again) by the writers, but would be great to see Warlock back if Kanan had to go.

Marjorie Manford

Would love to see Billy Warlock back but Ron only going to destroy AJ no matter who’s playing the role.


Go back to DAYS, B.W.!!!

Ann Marie

I agree with Sean comments about the writing of his character.

Marjorie Manford

He was right of course. Ron has a temper tantrum on Twitter this guy is nuts and needs to go. Sadly i don’t think his going anywhere.


AJ never had a story to being with! He was a drunk, didn’t have a life! They could have done better for AJ. Got help for his drinking, had a relationship with Liz or someone else, a better foundation for Michael….. ya the writers didn’t do absolutely nothing for AJ. Cheers!


Amen !!!! AJ was never given a chance to have a real family like most people do.
He was always the villain.


Curious as to how Billy really feels. Does he mean the character has never been given a fair shake or the actors portraying him have never been given a fair shake? Or is it both. Glad to see he holds no bitterness and has moved on in his life and as an actor. Wait what show is he on now? What exactly is he doing now?

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon
Elizabeth Kerri Mahon

I for one am going to miss Sean Kanan. Although Billy Warlock is a talented actor, to me, Sean Kanan was always AJ. The best part of his return were his scenes with Chad Duell as Michael. They really did seem like father/son, but the rest was just the same old, same old. AJ as a punching bag for Tracy, Ned, and Sonny. It galls me that AJ was considered to be a bad father because of his alcoholism, but a gangster who breaks glassware, and treasts women like crap, is considered a good father! The show had ample opportunity to let the audience know what exactly AJ was up to all the years that he was away. I’m pretty sure he didn’t spend all his time in the clinic playing pinochle with Cesar Faison! Also the point about the missing Quartermaine heir is valid, whatever happened to that storyline? When does Tracy find the time to run ELQ, since she seems to spend most of her time worrying about Luke Spencer.


I always felt that Sean Kanan was one of the best AJ’s. The character, though an alcoholic, has always been dumped on be everyone throughout the years, Sonny, Carly etc. It comes down to the writing. They wanted Aj to be the drunk and Jason, though a criminal, to be the golden boy. Good Luck to Sean at B&B

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Onstage Mike (Max Gail) takes a mic, and makes a moment of saying he has Alzheimer’s and then launches into the song he remembers,“The Summer Wind.” As he sings, he imagines being accompanied by a big band as he proceeds to deliver a showstopper.  Suddenly, in reality, Mike is lost and disoriented … scared he stares around at the audience.  Sonny (Maurice Benard) gets up to the stage to help his dad by cluing him into the lyrics.  Sonny sings with Mike and gets him through the song.  They receive a standing ovation.

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Elsewhere, Maxie (Kristen Storms) has gone into labor, and Peter is right there safely delivering her baby boy. Maxie is taken by paramedics to the hospital, while Peter calls Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) at Maxie’s urging to let him know what happened.  Spinelli has just found out, through Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Steve Burton) that Peter is Henrick!

Anna is walking into a trap on the pier as she waits for Henrick. When he appears, he has no idea that Anna is his mother, and thinks it’s all been a set-up.  He points a gun to eliminate her once and for all, but Anna says she has something to tell him.

The Nurses’ Ball concludes with a touching finale of “Champion” featuring: Epiphany (Sonya Eddy), Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel), Bobbie (Jackie Zeman), Amy (Risa Dorken) and the other nurses.

So, what did you think of the final episode of the GH Nurses’ Ball 2018?  What did you think of the musical performances? Do you think Maxie’s baby will be OK? Will Anna be able to tell Henrik that she is his mom? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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When Maxie finds out she had a boy to carry on the legacy of her beloved husband, she is overcome.

Ryan Paevey (Ex-Nathan), who left the series earlier this year, took to Twitter upon seeing the episode and the image of the little baby that is his on-screen offspring.

He expressed: “Welcome to the world, little one …. it’s a scary place sometimes, and i so wish i could have been there to show you all the good stuff. Your mother loves you,and will take care of you and teach you …. watch out for her her for me will ya?”

Aaawww.  So many GH fans have been touched by the gesture, and how nice it is that it makes the whole journey and end of Nathan’s West story heartbreaking and bittersweet.

Were you touched by Ryan’s tweet?  Missing him on GH? Comment below

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GH Preview – Week of May 21, 2018

The conclusion of the Nurses’ Ball brings with it suspense, game-changing moments, and impacts many couples.

Peter (Wes Ramsey) is one step ahead of Anna (Finola Hughes), who is hoping her plans to meet him on the pier work out.   However, it seems like Peter AKA Henrick Faison is not going to so easily walk into a trap, except, little does he know that Anna is his biological mother. How will this turn out?

What will happen to Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and her baby? And now that Robert (Tristan Rogers) is freed from being held hostage, will he blow the whistle on Valentin (James Patrick Stuart)?

Check out some teasers for next week’s General Hospital. Then let us know what you are hoping goes down in Port Charles when the smoke clears after the ball?

Monday, May 21

Valentin walks a fine line

Tuesday, May 22

Peter feels deceived

Wednesday, May 23

Dante has had enough

Thursday, May 24

Alexis quickly regrets her actions

Friday, May 25

Sonny is tormented

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The GH Nurses Ball 2018 concludes this week. After all the performances, and all the drama, what will be the repercussions felt long after the last performance? Watch the latest promo and then let us know, how you think it will end! Leave A Comment

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  • dmr: “UGH. We'll have to endure not only annoying Abby, but, Summer, too? No thanks.

Power Performance

Marci Miller as Abigail

Days of our LIves

Airdate: 5-8-2018