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BREAKING NEWS: Eileen Davidson Let-Go at Y&R! But Is She On Her Way Back to DAYS?



Oh no!  What is happening to daytime?  Now, another  of our colleagues has lost their gig!  This time its Eileen Davidson (Ashley) of The Young and the Restless!  The actress took to Twitter this morning to confirm the news that began circulating over the last few days, and also earlier today from Daytime Confidential,  that she had been shown the front door at the number one soap.

Eileen tweeted, “Change is in the air, people!  Last week I lost my childcare.  This week I lost my job! It all works out because I don’t need a babysitter if I’m not working.#beingpositive”

In an updated tweet on May 12th, the actress stated, “It’s official.  I’ve been let go at Y&R. Not really sure exactly why. But in the big picture,  I guess it doesn’t really matter.”

However, there may be good news for her on the horizon!  Soap Opera Digest is now reporting that Davidson may be being lured back to Days of our Lives to play either Kristen Blake or Susan Banks!  The roles she made famous from 1993-1998!

If fans recall, Davidson was also let go at Y&R once before, back in 2006, and then given new life by Y&R’s  sister soap, The Bold and the Beautiful, only to eventually land back in Genoa City.  With Tucker sleeping with Harmony on recent air shows and all the other issues plaguing the character now, it looks as though this was all in the cards.

What do you think of Eileen’s firing?  Will you miss her as Ashley?  Would you be into Eileen back on DAYS as Susan or Kristen? Let us know!

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121 Comments on "BREAKING NEWS: Eileen Davidson Let-Go at Y&R! But Is She On Her Way Back to DAYS?"

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barbara t

How do soap stars just get fired? Anyway hopefully she goes to days, they need all the help they can get even though they do have a wonderful cast . Eileen davidson is a keeper.


According to Michelle Stafford in her Twitter to Michael Fairman, she was “let go.” Same thing. Like the scene from MR. MOM – “technically furloughed.”

Anyway, contracts, contracts, contracts. They have clauses in them and either side can part ways.

kay killgore

You are right Christine every contract can change after 26 weeks no matter how many years they put down. MTS had a contract last year which she got paid so much for each episode she had ran out her term so therefore for 6 months she was waiting to start a new cycle or change it I do not know what this current one is. This is per Lynda Hirsch’s column last year and she usually has the scoop.


‘wonderful cast’ are you kidding, they just fired 4 actors in a row, they are not better than Y&R, actually they are almost worst..

barbara t

I am talking about the soap stars (TH E CAST) not the idiots who are firing them. Hello the cast are the people that are on the soaps not behind the scenes, whatever.


Without a doubt I would rather see her on Y&R? than on Days. I was a hugh Days of our Lives fan until the storyline got so crazy. I have watched Y&R since 1974. I love Ashley and feel that her role on Y & R was very important. She does a great job of portraying a smart, successful CEO. We want her back!!


I hate that she was fired, but I can’t help but feel a little giddy at the prospect of her returning to DAYS. The canvas is WAITING for her!!! I SOOOooo want to see her interaction with EJ/James Scott!!! EJ needs his mother and James and Eileen would be great co-stars.

kay killgore

I remember her vaguely on Days but she will always be Ashley to me and the Abbott family needs her I was hoping they would bring Tracy back permantley they needed a touch stone since LML killed off John. I just called my sister and she said the one classy lady on the soap and she is gone she said she has been so fed up maybe it is time to stop watching. Good Luck Eileen!!!

Michael S

I’d love to see Eileen come to GH as a Cassadine. A sibling Alexis never new about. Loved to see scenes of Tony and Eileen.


Great idea. If she doesn’t come to GH, I hope she goes back to Days as EJ’s mother to help him out.


Is Maria Arena Bell out of her mind? Davidson has intermittently been on Y&R for almost 30 years.

Very bad decision on the part of Y&R and I hope that their ratings dropped below the 4 million viewers bar because of this.


Michael Muhney tweeted the other day that there are too many actors on this soap and not enough storyline.. SMH, he, himself will be off the canvas soon and not seen again until July!


AMEN – the writers on this show must only have to think once a month , the rest of the time the show just stinks. Is anyone else tired of Victor and Sharon?

Devoted Fan

I have read all over people blasting MAB for Sony not reaching an agreement with ED. I remember reading what MTS wrote re: Sony and she praised MAB basically stating that MAB and Sony are not the same. I hope this is true. As much as I am so very disappointed in MAB’s decisions regarding Y&R, I am under the impression that she has no control over Sony. I think she will have to deal with this fall-out from Sony too.

I think Sony wants Y&R cancelled, but that’s just my opinion.

kay killgore

I asked below but Sony owns Days also don’t they? So why would they be behind this if they want her over at Days? I am confused!

Devoted Fan

I don’t know if they own Days. But if they do and they want her over at Days, why wouldn’t they be behind this?


I don’t know if Eileen Davidson has the kind of rabid fan base that Melody Thomas Scott has, but maybe she can get her job back via Twitter like Melody did.

That being said. I worked in the legal department at Sony for three years before leaving to raise my family. It was a GREAT company to work for – very family oriented (at least when you were basically just a pion like myself). And THAT being said. It is a business and they are there to make money. I wish I had the inside track still so I could comment on whether Sony wants Y&R to succeed or fail. I know it is not cheap to run. Maybe they are hoping for something like another Dr. Oz to fall into their laps. Lord knows we have enough of those shows.

I only know from what I saw in files on other shows is that the suits have a lot of control over scripts and talent.

But you also have to keep in mind that if people are getting excited about the prospect of Eileen Davidson going to Days of Our Lives that Sony owns that one too. So if we are to suppose that Sony wants Y&R to fail, it would stand to reason they want DAYS to fail too.

And to comment on Eileen being let go. I suppose they have written poor Ashley into a corner. They ruined Tucker and they just couldn’t give her enough to do at Jabot like in the good old days when she was in the lab a lot. Victor appears to be occupied with Sharon. Not many other available men left unless she was to take up with Colin and then fight over him when Jill came back.

I hope this does not mean that Marcy Rylan (Abby) will be next. She is such a sweet person and she has so much potential, but is being wasted right now. I hope Eileen will be back.

kay killgore

Thanks Christine for the info and too be honest since Eileen has come back it has been one crappy storyline after another, she will do fine she writes books etc. I just about have thrown up this week with Sharon & Victor and then Patch & Angie in bed oh excuse me Harmony & Tucker!!!!

Devoted Fan

Rah rah rah Sony.

I also recall how disrespectful they were to Eric Braeden.

I am here as a fan of soaps, not Sony. To each his own. It all just smacks of what I read about Brian Fons and how he ruined one of the ABC soaps as a prelude to getting it cancelled. I have only ever watched CBS soaps.

If Days fans are happy that ED may be going back – great. I know Stephen Nichols has nothing to do with ED contract negotiations but Tucker’s new character has everything to do with his wife Ashley, a core legacy character being gone. It will be quite insulting if Tucker is allowed to remain on the canvas when Ashley leaves, in my opinion.


Devoted Fan, I meant no disrespect to your post. I only meant to infer that I hate how Sony gets such a bad rap because it really was an incredible company to work for – that is if you were someone like me who was not an actor and paid the BIG bucks. Ha! Ha! I am sure the actors have other choice words for them.

I hate to say it, but I have the feeling that CBS and Sony may want out of the daytime soap business too. I guess it will remain to be seen once the current contract runs out whether it gets a renewal or not.

I really wish I did have some inside information because Sony can make some crazy deals. I never thought in a million years they would be able to convince Directv to take on DAMAGES for two more seasons after it was bleeding money on FX. I mean you talk about expensive shows, and DAMAGES is one of them. Plus the two leads were due for pay increases and it still happened.

I am holding out hope that Y&R will be on the air for MANY years to come, but I am a pessimist by nature. 🙁


i can’t help but commiserate.. about the state of soaps… “our stories”… with underrated… top shelf actors.. we’ve watched… like every day… for our whole lives… SONY… PLEASE, RE-HIRE, BO AND KRISTEN/SUSAN. It’s like the passing of Alice Horton… I just want what’s familiar.

David Larsson

It’s a really sad thing nowadays that soaps are firing the veterans/fan favorites but keeping the newer characters nobody cares about. For example, Y&R fires Eileen Davidson and yet the actress playing Daisy still has a job.

B&B eliminated Brandon Beemer and the Marone family and yet Kim Matula, Scott Clifton, and Jacqueline Woods are all still employed (I mean no offense to the actors).

Days did the same thing recently so there’s no need to go into that.

And General Hospital has been doing this type of thing for so long I wouldn’t know where to start.


I have watched ED for years on Y&R. As of late, her role has diminished; they could have wrote something for her. But not too much storylines for the other veterans from AMC and DOOL. Sorry to see her go but if she could come back like the actresss who plays Tracey, it would be better than nothing at all. Hopefully, she will go to another show. And they keep all the younger actors and actresess because they are cheaper!

kay killgore

I told you people MAB is now called Conan The Destroyer! It has to be MAB because Sony runs Days also right? Sharon Case if you are indeed tweeting about how you hate this story with Erc Braeden stop or you will be out of a job too. No other explanation except they really are mentally ill at Y&R. Eileen Davidson is one of the sweetest gals I know and I have never heard her complain or anything or try to throw her weight around. Mr. Fairman get an interview please with this lovely lady. Several of my friends have wanted to start a petition against MAB etc I think I will help them.


Y&R Comment Line: 323.575.2345 (ask for the Y&R comment line)


Love Eileen, and would love to see her back on Days, but not as Kristen. Don’t want her messing with John and Marlena. That is so 1996! lol
Would love to see Susan come back to see her ‘baby’ Elvis.


Yep but John and Marlena are boring without a spoiler, it is not new..they are a CHEESY BORE so for their sake Kristen should come back, for


i am so upset and in shock that eileen davidson lost her job. i hope eileen goes back to days of our lives as susan or kristen. maybe she can play both roles again. a few weeks ago on tv guide online canada did say there would be firings actors losing there job on the young and the restless. eileen davidson got fired a few years ago on the young and the restless. if i were her i would never come back to the young and the restless. what a slap in the face. expect more pink slips. get rid of all the producers and fire maria arena bell. she is ruining the young and the restless. eileen davidson i love you so much. you are a wonderful actress. hopefully we will see you again on days of our lives.

france carpentier

Well if its the case for eillen the Bell family should at least give us a full explanation why they have fired Eillen


Eileen Davidson and Ashley Abbott are not the actor and character that should leave Genoa City. I was hoping for a stronger more stable Abbott family presence toi counter the Newmans. (I have been hoping that for a long time, patient through the silliness that was Adam torment of Ashley during her marriage to Victor.)

Why is it anymore than backstage machinations of our beloved genre seem to steal focus or do harm to the most important global goal of creating entertaining and engaging drama day to day?

kim delmotte

hope to see her back on days from canada


WHAT?! Are they total idiots at YR? I will say that if Days doesn’t pick her up right away then they are even bigger idiots!


She will be missed on Y&R, but hope DOOL picks her up.


Its a shame. Eileen is a wonderful actress. May she move forward successfully and make Y&R regret the day they let her go!


Time for ED to come back to DAYS OF OUR LIVES!!

Kristen DiMera >>>>> Ashley Abbott

I hope DAYS offers her the moon and stars…DAYS fans have been wanting her to come back for YEARS!


NO ! Ashley and Kristen are different characters, BOTH are great.

kay killgore

Mr. Fairman a personal request could you please try to find out the TRUTH concerning this last time she got fired LML did it and Bradley Bell stepped in and saved her. So I am confused and I just hate how she got written for poorly again and gone again!


I am done with this show. Eileen Davidson is a keeper and they totally destroyed the. Character. Under Bill Bell, Ashley was sexy and strong. Under this management. She’s become needy and naïve. MAB and crew have done this to most of the Y & R females. I love soaps and I want them to succeed. But, the stories and the production decisions do not make sense. Ms. Davidson, you are a talented beauty and I am sure another show will snatch you up.


You said this so well, lew. You speak the truth. Thank you for sharing.


Get her back to DAYS now!!!! Y&R did not appreciated Eileen or her talent.. We love and want her back on DAYS!

kay killgore

Would they Days according to a lot of you guys I don’t know I have not watched in years they treated CC like crap. I am just saying!!!


Yep Days are not better with their actors..but whatever right now Y&R is the soap firing Eileen so Days is in some ‘good graces’ in one year when Days will fire Eileen Days will be ‘satan’ ha ha ha


What else have we come to expect from MAB’s reign of terror? I really hope that Days picks her up. EJ needs his mom back.


Are they crazy at Y&R why would you fire one of the best actresss on the show.I have a couple of questions what storyline will they come up with to cause Ashley Abbott to leave Genoa City and when will Eileen Davidson last airdate on Y&R.Couldnt they get rid of a character like Daisy who is rarely on instead of what they are doing now.


I want Eileen Davidson back on DAYS! Kristen Blake is absolutely legendary, and the show needs her!


Hello to the YEAH! EJ needs his mama! His hot mama! I am more than thrilled if she comes back! Susan Banks is awesome!


Y&R are idiots for letting her go, they obviously aren’t as observant as us viewers in seeing that Ashley and Cane have chemistry there. And God forbid they want to change things up and have someone come between Cane and Lilly.

But I would LOVE for Days to bring her back as Kristen and Susan again! She was going to be on there years ago for like 5 episodes as Susan. And now would be the best time for Days to have Kristen and Susan back on. Stefano is losing his kids left and right so he needs his villian daughter Kristen back, and Kristen can come between one of the couples like John and Marlena again. And Susan is hilarious.


So sad about Eileen Davidson leaving. What is MAB thinking. So many characters on Y&R that we could do without. Ashley is a legacy character. I don’t know how much longer I will watch this mess of a show.


Don’t know what is going on at Y&R, but they’re bass ackwards. I would love for Eileen to come on Days as Kristen, Susan, whoever! Especially now that EJ is grown. And maybe she can tell EJ that he really is a Dimera.

Of course, going by Stefano’s blood ties credos, he wouldn’t give the time of day to Kristen or Peter.


NO ! NO ! NO ! ….Are they crazy at Y&R ?
I can think of several actors that would better serve the show by being sacked…..but Eileen Davidson is NOT one of them.


DAYS is so hurting right now, especially for female villains (Gabi is a joke and Nicole seems to have lost her edge) I know as a longtime fan, I would LOVE to see Kristen Blake DiMera back in Salem. She and Marlena and Stefano were the reasons I got hooked on DAYS in the first place. I think it would be a grave mistake for DAYS not to snatch her up now that they have the chance to. Make it happen, DAYS! We’ve been waiting a long time!!!


As much as I love the genre, I cant support this show any longer.

Daisy, Harmony, Ricky, Eden, NuKyle, Avery and Tucker…just a few that should be let go before they get rid of a legacy character like Ashley.

I stopped watching B&B because it became all about Liam and the twi idiots chasing after him and now Im done with this.

Maybe MAB is going the way of Ellen Wheeler and Chris Goutman, slowly and methodically dismantling this soap piece by piece.


Not to mention that Eileen Davidson is actually a fine actress, she deserves better and so do the viewers. Ill follow her to Days if she ends up there.


I just loved it, back in the day… when Kristen and Peter… stood at the helm…. of the Dimera Empire… Stefano’s Brood… They simmered with so much hot to trot, all that… command. Eileen’s Susan was laugh out loud… pure entertainment.


MAB, what is wrong is you???????????????

TnT 2.0 Forever

I was thinking the same thing, but I don’t want to answer because I want my comments to be posted. Eileen Davidson is an amazing actress. I first saw her on Days, so I hope she ends up there.

Eileen Fan

I cannot believe it!!!! Eileen Davidson is one of the best actress and Ashley Abbott is a legacy character created by the great William J.Bell…how can they let her go???????????? They are so many useless characters like Eden, Sofia, Daisy…this is a big mistake….I really hope she will be back soon!!!!!! They should kick away Maria Bell…and bring back Kay Alden. She was amazing writer and I think her talent is wasted in B&B 😉

Eileen Fan

and please get rid of Sharon instead of Ashley…

france carpentier

please get rid os sophia she makes me sick

love the soaps

it is hard to believe that Daisy is STILL on the show and yet a legacy character such as Ashley is gone. The sibling dynamic between Jack and Ashley is one of the best on daytime, so real and believable. The Abbots are getting fewer in number while the Newmans are growing. Phylllis’s little bundle of joy and the ghastly prospect of Shaon once again becoming Mrs. Victor Newman. Excuse me as I cringe.

Eileen Fan

Yes I agree with you. The scenes of Jack&Ashley are pure magic 🙂 I still can’t believe that Ashley is going away and I pray that they won’t recast her ’cause Eileen Davidson is THE Ashley Abbott!!!! Who are they gonna kick next ? And honestly couldn’t care less for Danny&Christine’s return…I would prefer keeping Ashley in the show instead


Days needs her more than Y&R! She should play both Kristin & Susan Banks!

michael kernan

I think Eileen is great as Ashley and plays a great mom and business woman

michael kernan

keep her on Y&R


I believe Ashley’s character was let go in order to pay for Danny and Christine’s return which is nuts. Ms. Marie Bell, if you really want Y & R ratings to go through the roof, get rid of Daisy, Daniel, Ricky and Tucker and hire a real actress, Ms Susan Lucci! Erica Kane needs to move to Genoa City! She would bring style and class!


Joy if Susan Lucci were to come to Y&R she would have to come as a complety new character and not as Erika Kane as i dont think ABC would go for it.


Susan Lucci!!! Are you mad?? There’s a reason the woman was nominated 17 times before actually winning an Emmy. She CAN”T ACT!!!! She’s so phony and plastic it’s incredible.


thank you for saying that jeff – i could not agree with you more!!


LOL… Cat Fight! Ms. La Lucci – She Femme Fetaled her ACT… Yesturday.
I’m Mad. I do miss Tom Cudahy tho. Too much information HOT.


Daytime emmys are a joke Jeff.

barbara t

Jeff, you are so funny, I also agree with you.

france carpentier

you guys are lucky we cannot see the day time emmys in canada


Awesome for days fans … Come back to your roots !! She played three people on days and she was brilliant !!


It was not Days ‘roots’ it was the OTT campy fun era, and although i love Eileen Davidson, and really enjoyed her days part i am not sure this stuff would work right now..they tried recently and the ratings were BAD, personally i was bored by this silly stuff, not my cup of tea anymore..So i don’t know although i would like Eileen to stay on my screen..


This is ridiculous. Ashley is a legacy character, and Eileen is the one and only Ashley. I’m so sick of MAB. SHE is the one who needs to be shown the door. We do not want Genie Francis, Debbie Morgan, Daisy Duke or Grace Under Fire. We want our Y&R back!


It’s obvious that everyone LOVES Eileen Davidson and feels so passionate about this, but it’s only temporary, folks! Y&R is keenly aware of their legacy characters and you can be sure Eileen will be back at some point. The return of Danny and Christine (and so many others before them) is proof. Eileen is one of the most recognizable and talented actors in daytime and her portrayal of Ashley Abbott is the stuff of soap opera LEGEND!


I hope you are correct, kalamaty. What do you think about all this need to pair off characters and give them only stories revolving around romance? I remain upset about Ashley’s descent into stupidity (the Victor marriage and Adam torment), and any sharon Newman hook-up. Give these women exciting storylines about discovering new purpose in their lives, use of their money to help a cause, try something new with their careers other that cosmetics. If marriage is so sacred to the general public then why is treated so badly on daytime dramas?


I have been trying to support this show and watching it again after years of being away. Her character Ashley will be missed as will Eileen. I wish they would take others in her place like the horrible new Kyle and Ricky and Daisy! The actor playing Kyle is so bad it is painful to have to watch his scenes! I hope Eileen does go to DOOL so she is working as she is very talented. Much more talented tha the younger ground currently hitting GC.



france carpentier

who is mab


In truth, they haven’t given Ashley much in the way of story for a while so I am not shocked. I was sorry that a few years ago they backed out of the coupling of Ashley & Neil. They started it and suddenly slammed on the breaks.

Y&R does have too large a cast to have constant story for every character. I don’t know how many of he actors are or would be willing to go on recurring instead of contract basis but, it might be better so they could orbit them in & out of story. With contract guarantees they are forced to use an actor X number of episodes or like the case of Melody Thompson-Scott, write them out when they are over that guarantee.

While ED’s Ashley is a legacy character and she is a fine actress….I keep trying to think of what stories they can tell with her that would be fresh.

kay killgore

Chaz I agree with you and I just read ED’s twitter post and she said she did not know why but in the scheme of things it does not really matter. I watched three episodes last night and just shook my head, I am embarassed for all of them maybe ED is the lucky one.


They could have built a story about Adam, what he did to her and how and if they can overcome it..a deep complex character written story and this time not so much based on romance, about one who hurt so much another and how they can deal with that.


Davidson needs to return to the role that PUT HER ON THE MAP….Kristen Blake DiMera on DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

She is great is Ashley on Y&R, but Kristen is the role of her career IMO…no matter how long she was at Y&R or at DAYS.


euh NO she is good as Ashley and it is a FAR MORE important role than Kristen/Susan on Days although she was campy fun on Days Ashley is the role she is the most known.


Thank you baby Jesus! There is a god, now the next article had better be ‘Eileen Davidson to Days of Our Lives’ because if its not heads will roll! Kristen would have SUCH a great story line and potential it’s just almost unbelievable. Corday, Tomlin, Whitesell, Meng, if you’re reading this HIRE HER NOW!!!


There are at least half a dozen characters that could be written off the canvas without touching the core Abbott family, and no one would miss them. I am quickly losing interest in Y & R. I really did not care that Tucker and Harmony ended up in bed, What I cared about was watching Ashley come unglued at the sight. Remember friends, Ashley has a history of mental illness. I would much rather see Victor with Ashley, rather than Sharon. What would the good folk of Genoa city say if Ashley became involved in a lesbian relationship? Note to soaps, not just Y & R: stories that are driven by characters that we care about, work. Plot driven stories with newbies and bad actors, and new characters with no ties; do NOT work.


I truly discovered Eileen Davidson on DAYS when she played a dual role: Kristen/Susan. I was in awe of her tremendous talent. I also liked her as Ashley on
Y & R but I always felt that she was being wasted as actress. Maybe it was the way she was written or not written at all. But Y & R never used her full potential. What a pity!
If DAYS were smart, they would hire her NOW A.S.A.P.


in as much as Victor and Jack “are all that” it gets kinda old – when stellar talent – ala Ashley “the formidable” Eileen Davidson; are cast as patsies… 2ndary to the BIG guys. Never treated top shelf… I loved Kristen/Susan… EILEEN DAVIDSON WAS DAYS -when SHE STARRED THEIR. with EJ on the skids… disowned by Stefano, and Dear Lex passing…. Kristen needs to return pronto and helm the Dimera Empire… I liked Kristen with John…. give John and Marlena a STORY… Passion. can you imagine the intelligent, tour de fource acting EJ and Kristen would be? ALSO, bring back Peter…. Give Jennifer a shot and STORY. it’s heartfelt to have her back… when she was with GRAN…. alice horton. it was so touching… sorry that jack is leaving… but, this would be perfect…. flirtatious… simmering sensuality for Jenn… if Peter returned.


Ever since Don Diamont was shown the door, NO veteran actor has been safe at Y&R. The cast just keeps ballooning and the show keeps growing worse. Seriously, scrounge up an episode of the show from, oh, 1993 online and look at how amazingly well-plotted and written it was. Family and friends actually interacted! The storylines were compelling and the acting wonderful. Now the show can only coast on that former glory as the Abbott family is further decimated. Eventually, I will have no reasons left to watch daytime television 🙁


Y&R, suprises me to say this about a soap… but, is BORING! i haven’t watched, since sharon and Adam split up… like a year ago? letting Eileen Davidson go… BIG Mistake… again… ! Core family… Excellent, intelligent.. fascinating to watch… Ashley was. What more? I don’t get Y&R…. Jack needs FAMILY. DAYS!!!!! DAYS!!!! PERFECT TIME TO RETURN SUSAN. Stefano needs family… with EJ not “his” son… with Lexie gone… SUSAN Mixing it up with Marlena and John… would be excellent story. lets get her involved with justin and adrienne… Smart, hold her own… commands attention…. can you tell i like her… Dag!


I mean’t to say Kristen…. Laugh out loud Susan… would be even better.


what Susan and Kristen would do with Justin and Adrienne, seriously ?!! You want a story for Justin and Adrienne bring back Angelica..but Kristen/Susan is not up for that..if she comes back she will be involved with Marlena, Stefano and Ej people like that.
Love Eileen Davidson she aged so well, not a smart move to get rid of her Y&R i guess you did not have stories for Ashley but come on find one she is a major vet, let her come back around Victor instead of this ridiculous Sharon/Victor hook up !

Susan M.

Can”t identify with this soap at all.. Never watched it.. I was strickly a OLTL fan…. Can’t watch all the soaps on the other networks……………I had to pick one and it was alwats OLTL for me…Didn’t need to watch other soaps on other channels…I watch GH now……..

Debra S

I can’t believe they let Eileen go. Total bull that they couldn’t find storyline for her. Tucker and Ashley were a great couple. IMO one of the best pairings in the last 3 years on the show and there is plenty of story to be told if the writers had the brains to do so.


What a crock of SHIT!! They want to bring on this SOARS CRAP with the kids and let a fine actress like her go!!!! BS!!!! BS!!!!! BS!!!!

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He expressed: “Welcome to the world, little one …. it’s a scary place sometimes, and i so wish i could have been there to show you all the good stuff. Your mother loves you,and will take care of you and teach you …. watch out for her her for me will ya?”

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Following their triple-crown victory of winning Outstanding Daytime Drama Series, Writing Team in a Drama Series, and Directing Team honors at the 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, Days of our Lives continued their upswing when the recent ratings were released this week.

For the week ending April 30th through May 4th, DAYS moved past General Hospital as the third most-watched soap opera. Considering DAYS has been in the fourth position of all four soaps for the last several years, this is definitely worth noting.. DAYS came in with 2,301,000 average total viewers for the ratings week, while GH had 2, 288,000. In addition, GH tied an all-time low in the womens 18-34 ratings share.

As for The Young and the Restless, they also lost the most viewers for the week with -174,00, while coming in at 4,089,000 total viewers. Even though they remain at number one and are far ahead of the other three soaps, it seems the show, which in the past has hovered around 4.5 million a week, is down. In addition, the ratings reflected that B&B is now tied with Y&R for the number one show in the womens demo 18-34, and Y&R has tied some lows in total households, and the women 18-49 ratings share.

The Bold and the Beautiful remains second of the soaps with 3,227,00 viewers, but is down over 100,000 total viewers from last year at this time. View the entire ratings picture via SON here. (more…)

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The GH Nurses Ball 2018 concludes this week. After all the performances, and all the drama, what will be the repercussions felt long after the last performance? Watch the latest promo and then let us know, how you think it will end! Leave A Comment

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