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BREAKING NEWS: Susan Flannery Decides to Leave The Bold and the Beautiful!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Hot on the heels of another one of the “core four” cast members of The Bold and the Beautiful, Ronn Moss (Ridge) exiting the series comes word this afternoon via CBS Soaps In Depth that four-time Daytime Emmy winning actress, Susan Flannery (Stephanie) has decided to depart the series as well!

According to SID, “Flannery has told the powers-that-be of her intention to leave the show. A source tells us the actress has signed a short-term contract with B&B to allow executive producer and head writer Bradley Bell some time to strategize in terms of storyline.  A B&B rep confirmed that Flannery recently signed a new contract with the show but stated, “It’s our policy not to comment on the terms of actors’ contracts.”‘

So soapers, what do you think of B&B without Susan Flannery?  She has been one of the most heralded actresses in the soap genre for decades and certainly of the last 25 years on the number two CBS soap.  Weigh-in!

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47 Comments on "BREAKING NEWS: Susan Flannery Decides to Leave The Bold and the Beautiful!"

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Mark F.

I can’t say I’m really shocked since I heard that Flannery had wanted to retire for years. I will miss her though. Stephanie is the heart of Bold and Beautiful, and without her Bold and Beautiful will not be the same!!!

pj jones

what a wonderful actress. Unlike Ron Moss, she will be missed.


I am not shocked by this but am very sad. Susan is by far one of the most gifted and beautiful talents ever! She has made us feel every emotion possible right along with her (and against her)! She will be missed.


I am not surprised. The focus of the show is changing. It won’t be the same without her.


The end of an era!
Susan has been talking about retiring for a while. Please Brad Bell, give her a very good send off!


When I found out that Susan was leaving the show, I was stunned. But the more I thought about it, she’s been working non stop for decades in the daytime genre as well as prime-time and it makes perfect sense that she has decided to retire. She’s a wonderful actress and truly one of most loved in the industry. She will be greatly missed. I’ll have to get my box of tissues ready for those final days of seeing her on B&B. It’s going to be difficult watching that show without her on it. I agree with PJ, unlike Ronn Moss, she will be missed.

Thank you Susan for 25 fabulous years of being Queen Stephanie on B&B! I tip my hat to you and give you a standing O for the fabulous work you’ve done.




The photo you posted with this reminds me of a recent one I saw of Sharon Gless. SHE could replace her easy. Now I would watch if SHE was in the cast. I watch GH so I don’t do the BOLD thing. Pretty soon this show will be on it’s way out if they all keep leaving anyway.

Barbara from Atlanta

Very interesting. When I saw Gless on Nip/Tuck several years ago, I thought the same thing — that she bore a resemblance to the later years Stephanie. I’m sure people would howl at the idea but, if she were available, Gless might be a decent replacement as Stephanie.

With all of the current events at Y&R and B&B, does anyone else get the feeling that these shows are entering the four-quarter of their runs? I’m wondering if this is the beginning of the end of both. GL and ATWT both declined significantly before they were cancelled. It seems to me that these shows are starting on the same downward spiral to cancellation.

Kendall Troy

The end of Bold & the Beautiful! You think suffering through the Liam drivel will be worth it without Stephanie? I think not…


i will miss susan flannery as stefanie forrester. what a wonderful lady and actress. maybe they should recast her with erika slezek or marj dusay. do not kill off stefanie.


Wow! Nice post. imagine Erika Slezek as Stephanie. this would surely make all the OLTL fans, day.

it’s Marj Dusay that got my attention…. talk about a powerful presence. Alexandra Spaulding on Guiding Light…. and as David Haywards Mother on all my children… Phenomenal.. is what sums up her talent…. if not as Stephanie… a love interest for Eric.

Abby Abbott -Newman

No ! Recast i prefer they kill her off someone else replace Susan Flannery no, it’s not the same, i follow her since Dallas is impossible to see another person replace her. Hell no


Not good.

B&B is a sinking ship as it is. This is bad news baby.

Judith Sekscenski

I totally agree Jules. Bad news indeed.


The show is Over, it has become the KKL show and focus on the new Ridge, Brook, Taylor drivel with KKL in the stephanie role.

Will eric go too?

Abby Abbott -Newman

I will miss you Both Ronn and Susan.




My sentiments exactly!


I will wake up smiling when only one person is cut. hope the mope….


Another nail in the B&B coffin!!


Wow…Talk about deserting a sinking ship………


It’s awful. She is fabulous, but she hasn’t had much to do lately, which is a travesty. It’s a shame because good story could be told with her. I don’t want to see Hope/Liam/Steffy 24/7 as it has been. It’s a half hour show, but story needs to be divied up and not given over to one group or one story. We need our vets/older actors. Sometimes their stories are more interesting and enjoyable. And you do not need to be their age to enjoy or like them. Maybe she will make recurring appearances like Felicia or Thorne. KKL is staying, which is good. I’m sure John McCook will stay. Maybe he and Donna will reunite. Stories are there. Brad just needs to find them and stop resorting to H/L/S triangle. We’d appreciate it more if we didn’t see it for 2.5 hours a week!


This is not gonna sit well with my mom! lol .. I’m not a fan of B&B, but WOW, the show is not going to be the same. 🙁


It’s devastating to think of daytime television without Susan Flannery, Kim Zimmer, Erika Slezak, and Susan Lucci. And Robin Strasser. And Victoria Wyndham, for that matter. I know, I know…but a soap fan can always dream!


Soap Fans can always dream…. and reminisce.

of your list…. The great Victoria Wyndham…. “Another World”. Rachel and Carl.

Soaps I miss.

2. AW


B&B is in transition, but what awaits on the other side of that can be very good for viewers old and new… if Brad Bell and Company think carefully. This show cannot rest on the long-suffering (and I am talking viewers) Hope-Liam-Steffy triangle and the preposterous silly ways it plays. A Brooke Logan renaissance coupled with the dispatch of many lingering characters who no longer serve major storylines is the answer. I cannot imgaine a Stephanie recast, so let Eric, Thorne and Felicia represent the Forresters and let many of the others go. Introduce a new family and restore some of the class struggles and let’s have a little diversity and fashion focus. I know the show plays like a telenovela and that makes it popular internationally but USA is the audience first and foremost.

Susan Flannery is an amazing actor and has been a rock on B&B. Some of her storylines are unforgettable and when the material has been less than great, she raises the level. I pray for a dramatic and powerful sendoff that is the fulcrum for a new era of B&B.


…so that’s why I’m European and B&B is the ONLY daytime drama I don’t like – ever! I prefer American Soaps playing like American Soaps 🙂


Why cant Hunter Tylo finally leave the sow.
Why RM & SF?
Both nice persons …nobody needs Taylor on that show .


SOD is saying that Susan is staying. I hope it’s true!


It certainly looks like Susan will be staying with B&B! I agree with Boldboy that Hunter Tylo needs to go. I’ve never liked her and I liked her even less when she bot botox injections in her lips that made her entire face go from bad to worse!


Yes, Hunter really destroyed herself. Recently SOD printed pictures of Hunter over the years from when she first began on soaps to now and she was a beautiful lady, but the lips are too much. I understand getting some work done, but let it be natural looking.


I suspect this is more of a reflection on CBS playing politics than on B&B.

As for Susan Flannery, I wish her the best in all her endeavors. She’s more than welcome to online web series.


This is sad but not surprising. Flannery has been rumoured to want out and retire. The European market might make BandB still viable but somehow it is losing its momentum. Two “key” characters leaving/gone. It does seem soaps in general are dying. The remaining divas will be I guess Melodie Thomas Scott, Jeanne Cooper, the lady who plays Jill Abbott, Deidre Hall, Kristian Alfonso, Kelley Monaco I suppose and these ladies imho don’t have the same cache of Flannery, Lucci, Slezak, Zimmer et al. I would think she and all the ladies but Susan Lucci would find other work easier. Why? Well they are all wonderful actresses. But everyone but Lucci are more flexible actors; actually let me qualify this – Lucci is going to be typecast moreover, people will have trouble with her playing an overly matronly role, grandmother etc. Lucci has a more “glamourous” younger look which sadly will probably make it harder for her to find work in her age “category”. Flannery, Zimmer, Slezak all have more of a mature figure and could therefore fit more roles in their age categories. I do think Lucci could handle a diversity of roles but we just haven’t seen it because everyone wants Erica Kane not some old fuddy duddy so to speak. One would think Zimmer, Flannery, Slezak et al will find work before Lucci or more work but time will tell.


How can you possibly include Lucci with Flannery, Zimmer and Slezak? Lucci’s acting is more accurately like Ronn Moss’s caliber of acting.


She is one of the greatest legends of daytime television. Flannery is the Bold and Beautiful and without her there is no future for it. I hope that she will get one more great story. I think millions of viewers will miss her dearly!!!


Stephanie should leave w/ Ridge permanently! No recasts for both of these characters. I only skim thru recaps of B&B and I don’t care who leaves. It’s only a dumb soap.

Jedi Boy

LOL. I know some people do not think Lucci is a good actress some say she is horrible. But really, I have seen her in other things and she is solid. The problem is most productions want Erica Kane she is so iconic. At the very least if you said Lucci was a horrible actress and not in the league of Flannery, Zimmer, Slezak etc then I think you would have to balance it and say objectively and none of them are even close to her as to being a star – daytime or otherwise. They probably would not have been paid so well if it was not for Ms. Lucci either. I am just trying to be fair in the analysis but we all have our own opinions.

susan M.

I like Erika Slezak better than Ms. Lucci…………..I like Erika Slezak (FIRST) And Lucci(SECOND)……………..Ms. Slezak is more down to earth ,seems to me a very considerate person,very likeable & defintely a team player…Lucci is more hollywood oriented, she has stars in her eyes,and she likes being in front of the camera by herself & she is a good actress but I prefer Erika Slezak over her ….I don’t agree Erika Slezak got paid well because she earned it & not because of anyone else…….

susan M.

Some of Lucci’s roles on LMN she alway’s plays a temptress ..I liked her as Ebbi the female scoorge……..It was a change of pace & refreshingly different from her other roles…

Howard T

First, let me say that I am glad to see that there are still so many fans of the soap genre. As we see the airwaves littered with so many “talk shows”, I also hope that the corp. sponsors recognize that there is still an enthusiastic fanbase for the soaps. As I see many of the classic soaps and actors go off into the sunset, I am afraid that we are are witnessing the end of an era. As a real fan, I hope not. I wish Susan Flannery the best of everything in her future and offer up a sincere thankyou for the joy she brought so many viewers of B&B.


I have always thought that the bad boy Deacon and Amber would make the perfect foil couple for the show….Stephenie always loved Amber and she could come back in her honer!

DJ Dunagan

Say it so!!!! I love Stephanie she is the show, Stephanie held her ground strong , independent , take no stuff from anybody. I am really going to miss her she is the reason I watched, but after 25 years I understand and wish her all the success in the world. Susan you will be missed. Your #1 fan. May God continue to bless you.

Christine Matteson

It is so sad seeing this play out on the Bold and the Beautiful. The show will not be the ephanisame, and she will be heavily missed by all. I have been watching the show for Mega Years, have bought a book on the pictorials of the show, and have loved Stephanie from day one, as I am a granmother, 65 years old. It is so hard, and my son, age 44,is torn up over this also. I know all good things have to come to the end, but this is heartbreaking and tragic. Losing Stephanie is like losing a personal member of my own family. How will we live without our beloved Stephanie? My family will miss her dearly, we love her


I can’t hold back the tears today. I really enjoyed her character and strength of her character, she will be missed. I didn’t know Ronn Moss left the show. WIth alot of stories that have been taking off the air. I can honestly say I will miss the characters. I wish them both luck in they’re new endeavors and God bless them both.

Dot Stewart

it will never be the same with out susan and Ridge i miss and love you two happy new year


Please, Please hook Liam and Hope up. I can’t stand Wyatt with his smart a s s. He is too confident about him self. He walked right in took Hope in like he owns her. Quin to leave the show also, but not before she stop Brook wedding. She is too sure of herself but Deacon coming to town. Sparks will fly then.

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Welcome To The New Michael Fairman TV: A Note From Michael Fairman

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By now, many of you have come across and seen that Michael Fairman On Air On Soaps has evolved into the new and exciting platform, Michael Fairman TV.

I hope you take the time to tour the new site, and enjoy its new look, new features, and extended coverage; which will focus on, and include, not only your beloved daytime soap operas, but primetime television drama, a slice of reality programming, as well as popular streaming and digital series.

This site has been a long time in the making, and we’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to make this transition as smooth as possible.  As with any change, we know that it will take some time for all of us, including me, to get used to it, and adjust to it.

I truly appreciate the community that we have built for the last 10 years, and I value each and every one of you.  As with any new launch, there will be small tweaks and revisions along the way that do come up.  Our goal is to make the best user experience for you, and to bring you the news, interviews, and coverage that you expect from the Michael Fairman brand.

I know many of you are already saying you miss the old Michael Fairman Soaps, but this is an upgrade, not a demolition.  That being said, Michael Fairman Soaps was no longer sustainable as is.  The site needed to grow, evolve, change, and modernize with the times. With modernization, part of that is making the site accessible, functional on mobile phones and devices, which we now are.  While some things can’t remain the same forever, we are always interested in your input.

I am very proud and excited for this new chapter.  I hope you will enjoy everything that is to come, and I appreciate all of your loyal support.  So, let’s christen this site together and celebrate turning over a new page.

With gratitude,



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