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Chandler Massey Returning To DAYS As Will Horton!

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Bam! Days of our Lives storylines are ramping up under new head writer Ron Carlivati with an exciting return by none other than multi-Daytime Emmy winner Chandler Massey!

Massey,who is beloved by DAYS fans is apparently reprising his role of Will Horton, even though the character was murdered on-screen when the character was played by Guy Wilson, following Massey’s exit from the show in 2013.

According to, who broke the news on Monday, “Massey returned to work in the last month. His first episode will air sometime in September.”

“I am so excited to be bringing Will back to Salem!” Massey told EW. “I can’t wait for the fans to see what we have planned. You won’t want to miss it!”

Head writer Ron Carlivati teased Massye’s return with this tweet “Whaaaattt??? #WillHortonIsDead #OrIsHe #HowCanThisBe #TuneInAndFindOut @nbcdays @ChandlerMassey @Ali_Sweeney #Days #Dool #DaysOfOurLives

So, what do you think DAYS fans? Is Will alive?  Is Will dead?  Let us know your thoughts on the return of Chandler Massey in the comment section below!

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4ever DAYS

I knew it from the time Will was “murdered.”

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

I said it would happened right when he was murdered…i told posters he probably was in a coma after someone off camera noticed him still breathing or having a faint pulse…the funeral was fake…only Sami knew he was alive!”..He will probably return when Paul and Sonny are getting married!!!


Yes, yes, yes………all of us who wished and prayed and hoped for Chandler to come ‘alive’ are jumping for joy. Thank you, soap gods for listening!!!!!!!
I have always maintained with you, Jimmy and 4ever that Will was not dead. He has been with Sami, EJ and the kids, all this time….LOL.
Do you remember how some said that Sami did not seem to be in much distress over her son’s death? This is why. TPTB probably knew all along Will would materialize sooner or later, and told Sami to tone it down? Maybe?
Ok, guys, let’s celebrate….raise your glass y’all. Cheers!!

4ever DAYS

You sure did, Jimmy! I’m still hoping for a coma instead of a doppelganger scenario.


this will all coincide with Sami coming home for two months

the return of her beloved son… bringing him HOME.

it’s going to be one of the best returns … legacy character , absolutely

a relative newbie who can act

and just a cutie petutie…. with Sonny.. AND Paul


RIGHT (& WRITE) THAT WRONG, RON!!! Will should have NEVER been killed off. I loved Nick too, but they eulogize Nick way more than they do Will and Will was so much more of a crucial character to the fabric of the show and its history.

I can’t wait to see CM back. He ran out of steam at the end of his last run, but I hope time and distance allowed him to gain a new perspective and appreciation.

This is such great news, and I just feel Ron can do it better than anyone.

Tomas Torquemada

He never should have been killed. I’m guessing that the recast wasn’t entirely satisfying for fans, which meant trouble for the character.

I recall Mr. Corday saying that once a character is dead he’s not bringing them back to life. For once the eating of crow couldn’t be more satisfying. Bringing him back is the right thing for the show.

I hope Sonny Paul stay together and that will rolls in to town with a new beau. (I’m so tired of pointless triangles. Days seems to have these in spades right now.) The character deserves a better storyline than oh who does Sonny want? That Chad Abbey Whinygirl storyline is a FF experience. Ditto with the teen triangle. Nicole Demios Brady. Enough already.

Fingers crossed for Ron and Chandler.

Andrew Hass

To get Will back i think the fans can forgive Ken Corday for going back on his word that once a character on Days dies they’ll stay dead.Plus Corday could say he said under a different writing team and so what he said no longer counts.

Andrew Hass

Maybe some time away and just enjoying college life has helped Chandler and he’s coming back to some meaty story i’m sure.So maybe Chandler getting meaty story again will challenge him to step up his game and not just go through the motions during the end of his first one.


Naturally, I’m extremely pleased at this development. I’m hoping that they do indeed give Chandler significant meaty material to perform.

My fear is that they will fill his time with nonsense drivel, to appease the easily-offended pearl-clutching blue-haired old ladies in the audience, as they did for the last 6 months of his previous run.
Despite actively TRYING to continue watching the show in Chandler’s absence, it was too difficult to withstand. Even if the show does wimp out of a meaningful story line for Will, I will still reward the show anyway by resuming watching it regularly again (commercials and all) when Chandler returns, regardless of how they portray his character.

I would be okay with an amnesia storyline, which would allow Sonny to re-introduce Will to his Will’s own life. In the process, it would show how much Sonny cares for Will, having learned the most idiosyncratic details of Will, and relating those details back to him.

It presents an interesting storyline wherein Sonny believed he was married to Will, but Will might not know anything about that at all (if he was body-double switched, as Stefano has with other characters, before the marriage took place).

It certainly would redeem Will’s character, turning him back into the sweet character we remember, if it turned out that it was his double who did the cheating on Sonny.

Chandler seemed to turn any scene with any actor into something worthwhile and memorable. However, his best scenes by far were those with his grandmother Marlena. If the show wants to appeal to its sensitive elderly matrons core audience, then it should try to pack in as many Chandler/Marlena scenes as possible.


A good time to thank you Michael – as your site gave us Will fans a place to air our discontent about “Kill Will”. It’s been a long road as Days doubled-down into darkness.

Thank goodness that Ron Carlivati is making moves to set the Days’ world aright! Thank you Mr Carlivati!

Count this fan very excited and happy! And I’m so excited to see Chandler back on my screen.

Chandler Massey, as Will Horton, on Days of Our Lives – one of my favorite things ever!

I stopped watching when they killed Will. So there’s eyeballs coming back right there!


The best news in a long time, I heard rumours than Ron wants to bring back old Favourite characters. Chandler is a terrific actor. Bring back Vivian Alamain and Anna Dimera full time on contract. I miss my madam, also bring back Ivan. They were so funny together.


Ah, Vivian! I miss her so much! It would be great to have her back. I would also like to see Shawn, Belle, Austin and Carrie all brought back on contract, and rehire Julie Pinson as Billie – she fit the role MUCH better than Lisa Rinna, who can’t act to save her life, and who looks like she could be Lauren Koslow’s sister, not daughter. And while we’re at it, how about Chelsea and Max, too?


Max is on B&B. 😉

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Yes,,,bring them back!!!


Oh, Claudio…you and I do worship Vivian, don’t we? If only, my friend….spice, and all that’s naughty, would return to Days. LOL.


Oh yes I would love to see Vivian back.She would add some life to the show also a bit of comedy too.I miss her.


AWESOME NEWS! I don’t care what kind of story they come up with to explain that Will is not dead. Just so glad Chandler is back! Just wish we didn’t have to wait so long for him to air.

Sorry Paul. Not sorry.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Probably off camera someone notice Will was still breathing or he moved or moaned but was in a coma…to keep him safe from the killer his funeral was faked but only Sami knew all this!!!…i posted he was alive right after Will was ‘murdered’!!!


Who didnt think this would be Ron Carlivati’s first storyline? I am not a fan of this type of writing. When we cant even trust or believe what we are shown on screen, it lessens the emotional impact and connection. Years ago….there was DEAD….and then there was Soap Dead. Now there is only Soap Dead. Jim Reilly forever ruined DEAD for the soap genre with his 2003-2004 serial killer story. I am completely neutral on Will coming back. I much preferred Guy Wilson’s take on the role, as he was much more like a son of Lucas and Sami would be. I think the presuned dead son to be brought back should be Hope’s son Zack! That was a senseless cruel killing of a child. It could be that Stefano or Andre or whoever took him away and raised him. It would give Hope wonderful material to play. They should use the actor who played him in Hope’s dream. Very charismatic young man!


Oh, Jenny, my friend…..anything to give Hope something of substance would do.

4ever DAYS

The actor who played Zack in Hope’s dream is playing Ciara’s “boyfriend.”


Exactly. Zack is back and dating his sister. LOL


THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE! I am so excited for this! And under Ron, Salem will truly shine once again! I cannot wait to see Will and Sami back in action! Can EJ be far behind?!


And i also hope that this reunites “LUMI”. I am a HUGE Lucas and Sami fan!!!


Hmmmm….very interesting thought, Richard. I’d rather see Lumi than Lucas and Adrienne. But, what about Rafe? And EJ? It would be a treat to see three grown men at Sami’s mercy. ……how about Sami regressing to her ‘wicked’ ways? LOL.


Ron has said Sami is going to be getting her bad girl edge back! I hope they also age the twins, Johnny and Allie! That would give Lucas something to do!! Allie could be Salem’s new bad girl and be a rival of Claire’s and Ciara!


I’m not a DAYS watcher, but Chandler is a very talented actor and I’m sure Mr. Carlivati (whose work I enjoyed on the late, lamented ONE LIFE TO LIVE) will do the character justice.

4ever DAYS

Well, Bart, why not jump in and watch? It would be cool to have a new viewer’s perspective!


Ron Carlivati did an outstanding job while writing for our beloved One Life to Live. I can’t wait for his material to air. He’s the only reason I’m willing to give Days another try.



Lew S.

Great News!


Great news!!!!!
………look forward to the “new and much needed improved “Days Of Our Lives!!!


This is fantastic news! Not only can we welcome back Will Horton, but also welcome back the back-from-the-dead stories that Ron C is famous for. He did it plenty of times on GH, and with any luck, maybe we can get EJ and Kristen back on DAYS too!

Will should have never been killed off in the first place, though I doubt it was actually Will who died. My bet is on Andre having switched the real Will, keeping him kidnapped and held hostage somewhere, and replacing him with a doppelganger – like Stefano did with Rafe a few years ago – in order to exact revenge on Sami for stealing all that money from DiMera.

Regardless of how DAYS handles Will’s resurrection, I’m so glad they’re fixing this massive mistake and bringing Chandler Massey back to play the role. He and Freddie Smith sold WilSon much better then Freddie and Guy did, and for me, Guy Wilson never fit the role of Will as well as Chandler did.

4ever DAYS

When Chandler’ run ended 4 years ago I named him Chandler Messy because I thought he made a mess of things with his departure.

Welcome back, Mr. Massey!

4ever DAYS



Well thank you for owning that. I remember reading that!


LOL, 4ever…..I’ve given up correcting myself….happens to all of us.


RC is the Jesus Christ of daytime drama, resurrecting everyone. LOL I will allow some fixes as DAYS needs them (and Chandler Massey as Will is welcome in Salem again), but please, please, no endless crazy plots and hard-to-believe twists and turns. I like the family vibe DAYS has, much like what we had on the P&G soaps. I am weary of reliance on convenient resurrections and dubious parentages and baby switches.


This is great news. I am looking forward to seeing which storylines get axed after Ron takes over. I can no longer take Nicole being kidnapped or Brady having a SECOND heart transplant. Last week when Lani was with the crazy guy, I found myself screaming at the TV. Why was JJ and the other officer standing in a park and in the town square listening to the conversation. Why not outside the hotel room? I just want some things to make sense.

Please make this a GREAT storyline that is not rushed to accommodate Allison Sweeney’s schedule. I would love to see an arc storyline. Can Will bring EJ back from the dead with him?!?!?

James R. Poissant

I don’t know what to say. I am glad that Will is coming back but how do we take the explanation when we saw the brutal murder of the character? I knew Ron would blow us away just like he did when he wrote for GH but I never expected this. Makes me wonder if Ben Weston will also pop up to do some more menacing. I don’t care how this plays out because no matter what, it’s always going to be something that gets me excited. I’m a big fan of Ron’s writing!!!


count me in as well… I am a big fan of Rons writing

reading these posts and reliving the death of Will

still brings tears

Hallelujah… my one wish… for Claudio and every one else… bring back Vivian

I would love me some Celeste


i’m wondering if DAYS would create a new character for Tanya Boyd… and be Vanessa mother ?

fun thought just to have her back in any capacity

Celeste left Salem… in 2012 , after ; LOVED Lexie died.

IE: Vivian Alamain… was last seen in Salem… June, 2011.


On B&B, Taylor had an open casket funeral in 2002 and came back a couple years later. After that, I realized soaps can bring back anyone from any on-screen death. Crazy!!


death is not funny

you take notice of how much

this decades plus of intervention… suit your needs

I like this touch and plenty


*tough and plenty”


Who cares how they deal with Will’s resurrection? I don’t. Just glad he and Chandler are back.


Me too Mo but now that I think about it the story most likely will not only involve Will’s shock return from the dead but it almost certainly will involve the real death of another beloved Brady family member…Grandma Caroline…which means Theresa may pop back up too. Peggy McKay’s long absence will be addressed and I think this is why the returns.


Did Stefano ever learn that the elder Weston was indirectly responsible for EJ’s death, and directly involved in covering up EJ’s murder?

I thought for sure they were setting up some kind of big revenge scenario for Stefano, but if so, I must have missed it.

I just couldn’t stomach watching more than a few minutes of the show here and there, after they unceremoniously got rid of Chandler, and even moreso after they literally put Chandler’s replacement into a garbage bag. (That one leaves a bitter aftertaste, that I hope against reason that Chandler’s return will cure.)


That’s Ron C for you he will bring back every dead character that was popular, he will undue every previous writers work . in the beginnings it’s great then it becomes repetitive then cartoonish then right down unbearable get ready dool fans you guys are in for quite the ride.!


He will be portraying Bill, Will’s twin. Stefano, had him hidden away on a private island.

Mary SF

Okay, this is Ron— I remember his days on GH– big time teasers, promises of big names coming back — but in the end, most returns lasted a couple of months at most, so although I am glad they are correcting the horrible mistake of killing a legacy character off– before I jump for joy for his return I will wait to see what the story is, and how long it lasts— BUT HONESTLY DAYS–giving out a teaser MONTHS away is so ahhhh don’t have words– either bump up the filming schedule or else try to keep things under wraps— there is waiting and then there’s I could be dead by September so why tell me now waiting


ROFL..but i agree if you put a cat in a bag then let us be surprised when it finds it’s way out. Don’t just say watch this and simply pick the bag up and dump the cat back out onto the floor. What was the point? Your cryptically goofy tweet? No thanks. What a shock if we hadn’t known. On the other hand you gotta get viewers interested in coming no doubt there’s others we won’t be told least i hope.


well… i’m going to skip and jump through your means

watch out

i’m in



“…there is waiting and then there’s I could be dead by September ”



the summer months are usually a lot of down time with tiger beat fare.


The best thing that could happen to Days.


They barely do anything with Paul/Sonny’s relationship as it is. So I guess now they’ll barely do anything with a Paul/Sonny/Will triangle?

Jim Larson

I agree – and they didn’t do a THING with Neville’s character (the former Bell hop who had a thing for Paul) and on New Year’s Eve, he threw Paul at Sonny and said something like “you two belong together” and they didn’t add any spice to it at all – they barely showed Sonny being jealous when Paul with be with the former bell hop (obviously I can’t remember the character’s name) who was supposed to be “now working” as an Administrative Assistant at the Hospital – and then, they do NOTHING with it –
Okay, so I guess that fans didn’t take to the recasting of Will H., and Chandler left the show to “pursue his school work” and now suddenly he’s back so I guess that what his Agent Representation actually did was re-negotiate his contract.
Also, right now, the show is AWFUL – the writing is dreadful! How many more times can Nicole be in a Cage or in a locked closet or held in a meat locker or whatever – it’s so repetitious – they NEED to form a triangle with Will, Sonny and Paul and do some creative writing and bring back the Bellhop who is now working in the Hospital who’s character name I can’t remember…..


This is the best news. I turned off DOOL .when they killed off Will. I was so disheartened by the comments by TPTB at that time. So glad that Will is coming back. I’ll be returning also.


Note to Chandler:

Welcome back to Days. Be sure to stick to your diet and constantly praise the writer.



So much for Ken’s comment years ago that people who die would stay dead. I just had to laugh when I heard Will is back. I don’t care that this [Ken’s] statement isn’t true. Glad Will and Chandler are back.

Right now there is more bad than good on Days, but this is a step in the right direction.


Maybe Chandler Massey is NOT coming back to Salem / Days Of Our Lives as the character of Will Horton. Instead, maybe some sort of a Will look-a-like, a Will doppleganger, or a long-lost twin sibling of the character of Will Horton? You never really know….


Actually, I would be okay with any of those scenarios. Chandler is a versatile actor who could bring those characters to life, while having obvious fun doing so.

It might be more interesting if Chandler’s new character came to Salem knowing nothing about the town, nor the complex inter-relationships between the city’s residents. As the new character learned about Salem’s history, it would give new audience members an education in that folklore at the same time.

Scott (ATWT Fan)

This shows that Ken Corday is absolutely talking out of his ass when it comes to Days of Our Lives. So far, two of the characters who died under his “once you’re dead, you’re dead” commentary have been brought back to the land of the living, so to speak. It just makes him look so foolish, and truly makes me believe he is the next person who is taken out of the picture, and I hope those as Sony Television and NBC begin to realize this, especially if we want a renewal in 2018.

Now, onto my next issue: Ron Carlivati. His writing of those in the LGBTQ community really bugs me, and he stereotypes those involved. Example: Lucas and Brad at General Hospital. I am hoping that he’s capable of handling the resurrection of Will Horton, and that he does meet the same fate as when he resurrected the character of Duke Lavery at General Hospital, and that this is a forever return. The murder of Will Horton, while I did understand it and its importance to the story being told, at the time, was still one of the most controversial decisions made in recent soap opera history.

Thirdly: Chandler Massey. I liked his Will Horton, and do wish him the absolute best. However, part of me wished that Guy Wilson would have been the one to return. His uncanny resemblance to both Alison Sweeney (Sami) and Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) was unlike anything I’d ever seen before. But, at the end of the day, I’m glad they were able to bring someone familiar back into the role, and not result in an automatic recast. And, I hope, that Chandler appreciates what he has right now, as many do not get second chances, especially at Days of Our Lives, and that he keeps line of communication open to those who are higher up on the totem pole.

Now, if we’re bringing those back from the dead, I have a few names I’d love to see brought back, as well. And no, a certain Deveraux is NOT one of those names.


Hi Scott

i’m hoping the difference between Lucas and Brad

and DAYS Will and Sonny

is that DAYS characters are definitely core characters of VETS. and the audience LOVED them to bits

as for GH Lucas and Brad… argh! I LOVE THEM… Brad is the only reason to watch Finn.

GH really needs to stop with the overkill of Sonny and Carly, Jason and Sam, and Finn and Hayden.

give your canvas some much needed attention and FEATURE the much better actors.


The Oliver/Kyle love story that Ron wrote on OLTL makes me think he’ll deliver some great material for Will and Sonny.


Yes, as long as Marlena doesn’t suddenly claim to be a lesbian in order to run for public office.


Great point given, Alan! 🙂 I do remember that Kyle & Olver love story on the no-no tune-up “One Life To Live” (“OLTL”).


*now-defunct lol I apologize for that typo, which was at the faults of my cellular device’s auto-correct lol


I’m so glad that he’s coming back as Will, and I really hope it’s long term! I’m glad Sami is coming back too. They must like what Ron C. has planned for them.

Jim Larson

Okay I really give up what HAPPENED to the Bell hop who had a thing for Paul and then dated him (briefly) = I think maybe DERRICK was the character’s name? The writers did NOTHING With him – they could have done so much more – Sonny was jealous – why didn’t they pursue that angle?


Yes! That is correct! THAT IS who it was… Derreck 🙂


I hope this isn’t one of rc’s look-how-clever-i-am storylines with people running around in masks and stuff. Just bring will back and let chandler work his magic.


Really excited about Massey’s return!

Andrew Hass

I’m very happy that Chandler Massey is coming back as Will and i have a feeling that Will’s return story will be an umbrella story where it could involve most of the characters on the show in different ways.


Looking forward to savoring Chandler’s forthcoming emotionally-moving work sufficient to garner three Emmy awards in the grown-up categories, as a matching set to his Outstanding Younger actor awards.


Chandler also should allow the producers, or at least his own agent, to write an actual SCRIPT for him to follow when accepting awards or giving “impromptu” answers to reporters’ questions. With a written script, he will nail it.

Perhaps all of the Days’ actors should do likewise, if the producers are going to be so sensitive to every extemporaneous syllable out of the actors’ mouths.

How is it possible that such accomplished actors can give riveting performances from a script, but then botch-up a simple off-the-cuff answer to a simple question due to the unintentional and un-thought-out implied repercussions?


All I got to say where there is a Will there is a way.Welcome back Chandler


I think what might have happen is that they might have faked Wil’s death or either that someone found him and he was still breathing took him in and took care of him,but then again what do I know,i know we saw him dead in the body bag but this is Days you got to remember anything can happen.. Maybe he was thrown into the ocean and someone spotted him took him in an d took care of him ,Maybe Will had amnesia. That is why it took so long to come back to Salem ,Or was there another brother that was his twin?? With Days u never know,Unless they used that old trick with the face like they did with Roman once before thinking it was him but it was not.


Chandler back from dead is very good news; hope Will is still gay however since I haven’t watched since his unfortunate experience.

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