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Chrishell Stause Cast In New Role On The Young and the Restless!

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Now here’s some interesting casting news.  None other than Chrishell Stause is heading to Genoa City and CBS’ The Young and the Restless.  

The actress who first appeared on the daytime scene on All My Children (Ex-Amanda) and then Days of our Lives  (Ex-Jordan) is set to stir things up when her new character of Bethany Bryant arrives on the scene.

According to TV Line who first broke the news, Bethany is a young woman who relishes the chance to push things to the limit and live dangerously as long as she’s not the one who gets burned.  The wild child will find herself immersed in a prominent family’s juicy drama.

Stause will make her Y&R debut on the May 23rd episode.  In real life, Stause is dating Y&R leading man, Justin Hartley (Adam) and is best friends with Justin’s on-screen lady love Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea).

Hartley took to Twitter to support of the Stause casting news stating:  “This is great news!!! Proud of this lady and proud of the show for this fine hire!!”

Meanwhile. Stause was overwhelmed with the support from CBS Daytime tweeting: “WOW-do you guys know how to make a girl feel special!! I grew up watching Y&R w/ my mom & I can’t tell you what this warm welcome means.”

So, how do you think Bethany will stir things up in GC?   Will she be linked to and become involved with Adam? Another Newman? An Abbott?  What do you think of Chrishell coming on to Y&R?  Comment below!

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57 Comments on "Chrishell Stause Cast In New Role On The Young and the Restless!"

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Mister Media

I like her and will watch to see what the character is all about.

Dennis Valverde

Me too Mister Media She is my favorite actress!

Mr. X

Nothing against Chrishell who i’m sure will do a fine job in her new role but I would have rather seen her as a recast for maybe Paul’s daughter Heather or even Mac.


I concur, her or Rebecca Herbst as Mac


Sometimes some characters just don’t fit into the bigger picture.. I prefer her to be new.. She sounds like Hayden on GH


Wow! Impressive. She and Justin are a couple in real life, aren’t they? Perhaps, Chelsea and Adam are strolling down splitsville.


Hi, Nikki, my ‘buddy’,
Chrishell is a very likable actress….easy going. I loved her both as Amanda and Jordan. It’s a matter of taste.
And, I said the same thing about Natalie….I really like her now because she is interesting…..multi-faceted.
Summer? If it wasn’t bad enough how many Y&R fans have not taken to the character; TPTB made it worse by starting this so-out-of-sync sexual liaison with Luca…..the Spaniard with an Italian name who looks neither Castilian Spanish nor Italian. LOL.


I hope so, HELLsea is nothing but a NAG! Romance is gone!


How about a Summer recast!


Oh my Timmm you have my vote with that one, but we’ll have to wait and see how she plays out. Hopefully they don’t break up Adam & Chelsea to put them together. I thought if Adam & Chelsea break up Adam would find out about the baby and head over to Sage. You know Tim when the computer geek (Natalie) came on the scene I didn’t care much for her but now I like her. I never seen Chrishell acting so time and a good storyline will tell.


I agree. The character of Heather never should have been cut out.


They had two really good actresses that played Heather. Bring either back PLEASE!


EXACTLY. She would’ve been an excellent recast for Heather or Mac!!! But we all know Chuck Pratt doesn’t pay attn to a shows history. Damn shame.


I have been asking for a Mac come-back forever. She needs to take the reins to everything Chancellor…..Devon, with his ‘strange’ wife, will run it to the ground.


Gang, seriously….Summer? Gina Tognoni is pushing it age wise as Phyllis, and Chrishell is 35 years old. I like the suggestion here that she should have been Paul’s daughter Heather. Adam and Heather were an item back in the day, and Justin and Chrishell are an item. I just wish these shows would look at the canvas when they get all hot and bothered because they have a “big star” coming on board…and see where the person could be written in where it would have the most meaningful impact within the framework and history of the show. “Big stars” rarely translate or transfer from one show to the other. There is an endless list of proven talent, even Emmy winning talent, who just did not cut it on a different show. That is most ALWAYS due to miscasting, bad writing, or no thought plan for the character, so they just sort of flounder. Genie Francis, Sarah Brown, Maura West, Michelle Stafford, Eden Riegel, Jensen Buchanan, etc, etc have all had soaring success on at least one show, and have been complete disasters at other shows for one or all of the reasons I mentioned above, which have nothing to do with their abilities as actors. It just seems so wasteful when writers and execs handicap and hamstring proven popular performers right out of the starting gate!


I love it so cool


Welcome back to Daytime Chrishell, she is a wonderful actress and I will be watching her on Y&R.

Dennis Valverde

Yes Johnny Chrishell Stause is a wonderful Actress


Love her as an actress but way to many new people on these soaps and the storylines continue to suffer. They should have brought her over as someone who’s off the canvas and returning and whom already has history.


Cross your fingers because Y&R fumbled the ball with the characters that Steve and Jason play!


This actress is gorgeous and I wish her well. The problem with Y&R is not that they don’t have top notch talent, it’s that they don’t know how to use it. This current team pays little attention to the shows history except to constantly rewrite it, it puts characters in situations that they can never get out of successfully, and forgets the legends that are still ON THE SHOW. I don’t mind new blood, but never at the expense of the mighty talent already on the show. Seems like the 40, 50 and 60 something set are all but forgotten at times.

Scott (ATWT Fan)

Following the mismanagement of her in the role of Jordan Ridgeway on Days of Our Lives, I am hoping that the team at The Young and the Restless will treat her right. Was not a fan of her as Amanda on All My Children, so I have hopes that Bethany will be different.

Though, I would rather have seen her as Heather Stevens or Mackenzie Browning, but am will to see how Bethany works out!

Mark Y

A friend from Hillary’s past


Interesting casting. I wonder if she’s on the scene to break up Adam and Chelsea and they skip town together? I hope this is the case because (even though I’m a fan) JH’s talents are being wasted on a show that constantly recycles storylines. It must get boring always having to apologize to annoying Chelsea and asking for another chance to be a family. I know he filmed a prime time pilot, I hope it was picked up.

Mary SF

Don’t pair her with off screen love– I have always found real life couples to have zero chemistry when it comes to their characters, I don’t know why, but they rarely work on screen. Other than that, new characters are often needed to stir the pot, but over all I find writers create new characters because they get more money for it, so often the new characters feel like square pegs trying to fit into a round hole, because they never really gel into the canvas—


Chrishell Stause = age 34
Melissa Claire Egan = age 34
Justin Heartly = age 39
and all the other ‘new’ and the many players upfront are seem to be the younger..
Perhaps- Putting the ‘young’ back into the Young and the Restless?

I think it a bit strained and weird when husband and wife work on the same soap..
Hey! ever notice;
there are many soap actors married to soap actors..
hmm maybe soap actors don’t have much of a life outside the soaps and mary from within.. lol

Jim Preston

Well, when you think about it – where would anyone meet anyone – many people meet at work functions and then date. So, yes, I think actors are in the same boat, they meet and work together either in a film project or tv series – I think it does happen that way.


Chrishell will be a excellent addition to the show. I think she will be great with Billy Abbott. He needs to get away from Victoria. Chrishell will help Billy to see there is life with out Little Ms Victor jr…. Billy don’t need to get romantic with his sister n law, been there done so many time with the Newman family

Please here wishing they put Chrishell with Billy!!


I hope so too Coco. The only thing Victoria is missing lately is shorter hair and a mustash, and can somebody please tell me what Nick’s job is? All he ever does is walk around wearing a suit tell Victoria what a wonderful job she’s doing.


Like you Nikki, I am unfamiliar with Crishell. Fans of AMC are excited so count me in! I do hope she and Billy hook up! I’m done with VICtoria and I hope Billy and FAKE Fillis dont sleep together. If they do, the only good part is Jack can dump her!

I cannot stand Chelsea and I want her gone! Seriously, Adam has been pretty well behaved compared to his past dealings and all that Hellshea does is NAG! What guy would put up with this? And Adam is handsome and rich, he isnt desperate!

KNATalie, not a fan. She should have been a Chloe recast. She looks to much like Elizabeth Hendrickson. And how about this, Kevin never once said, hey you mind me of my ex-girlfriend. No one has noticed? BUT, she is a good actress. You know there will be a love triangle with her, Kevin and Mariah. And speaking of Mariah, she acts as if she is dirt poor. She is a Newman, Sharon will front her some money to go to college!

Later Nik!


Well, we don’t seem to be having much luck with these younger parts, given the early demises of gorgeous Matthew Atkinson (Austin), Courtney, three different adult Kyles, a forgotten Fenmore, Shawn, a now-recurring-only Noah, long gone Eden, Ricky Williams, and others I’m sure I missed. Maybe this one will fit in? No offense to the actress, but I’m not holding my breath.


I think this is great new’s!!! They need a fresh face…The show is so boring now!!!


Congratulations to Chrishell. I hope Y&R puts her to better use than DOOL did.


Happy to see an AMCer employed! Theres a million ways to go with her. She could be Natalie’s older sister, a fashion model, someone from Chelsea’s past who hopefully steals Adam away from her or the new prison doctors or judge Moxley’s daughter?


Budget cuts… what really happened to the actors that played Noah and Marissa? And now there’s money for this one? Pleasssssse……

Scott (ATWT Fan)

Sofia Pernas (Marisa) was only cut to recurring status because she booked a pilot; that had nothing to do with budget cuts. Robert Adamson (Noah) is probably linked to budget cuts, but also to Sofia’s bump.


She booked the pilot AFTER she was changed to recurring, otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to book it.


Can’t stand this pandering to Chuck Pratt & JFP they could not write a story anymore for Noah the son of two legacy characters that have been created and on our screens for 21 years ! I could care less about this woman we do not need another new character the vets that put this show to number one where are they other then Eric Braeden who they are scared of so that’s why he gets story . What’s wrong with Daytime? They have no loyalties you can write stories without airplane crashes blown up buildings that was what Daytime was always about relationships and fleshing them out making you feel their pain their happiness etc! Go and check out old tapes on You Tube it has and always will be about character development ! Ok I said my peace back to the books finals are on me! Could not hold my temper Dam I hate when someone screws something up that was never broken


And this is it the place for it but RIP Prince one of the greatest entertainers I have ever seen! Would really appreciate it if he could rest in peace instead of the Driveby Media starting in on drugs etc! Really on a roll tonight leave people alone let’s try looking for the good in souls not the bad!


Congrats, so glad to hear the great news Chrishell will be terrific she always is. I hope she will be on for a very long time. She deserves a major role. Can’t wait to see her.


Congrats to Chrishell! Can’t wait to see what she will bring to Y&R. I hope they put her and Billy together. Now that will make for an interesting storyline, especially where Victoria is concerned. Will be quite intereating….


I knew it was just a matter of time before she would show up here especially after leaving DOOL

Tani Sterling

I am an outsider. It is difficult to see so many newcomers. Too many storylines are left without finish. Too many I said; some need to linger.

In my field it became very complicated, years ago, when women spouses kept their birth names because often they married people working in the same field. One always had to be very careful to whom one was speaking. They may, in fact, have been married to one not so friendly to the conversation.

I wish everyone well, but wish I didn’t know this. Politically I don’t like it. It can work.
Probably has often in the past. I would like it the other way around: a new actor came on set and fell in love.



Chrishell is not married. I guess your post is about Chrishell and Justin dating, but huh?

Tani Sterling

I understand you “huh.” This was poorly written. My attempted point was that couples, whether married or single, can cause confusing group dynamics in the work place. There are always exceptions.

Too many new people arriving on the set which is breaking up a much needed core set of characters. That is one of the problems in my humble opinion.


More pushing out y and r actors for actors from failed/low rated soaps. Bad enough they gave Chancellor mansion to an actor Jeanne Cooper never acted with.


Good point about the Chancellor Mansion. It looks like a whorehouse now! Tucker, Mac, Phillip and Nina should be living there along with Esther!


Don’t forget Brock and Jill!


Hi April. Just one little quibble with your post. I get what you are saying about bringing in big names from other shows…it bothers me too. But, You mention failed shows…Chrishell was on All My Children, which was on the air for 41 years, most of those years being near the top of the ratings. Any show that lasts 41 years can hardly be called “failed”. Yes, it was cancelled, but it did not fail. You also mention low rated…well, ALL the soaps are low rated, that’s why there’s only 4 left. Ratings have ceased to even be an issue with the daytime soaps. All the soaps are just hanging on because network executives do not want to piss off die hard fans by cancelling them. Also, they have come up with NOTHING else that works in daytime. Talk shows are cancelled as quickly as they premiere, lifestyle shows are just vanity projects for the hosts, and they get cancelled too. (Really, do people in middle America REALLY want to see Tyra Banks going on about how fabulous life is?) I realize it was just your word choice, but I think by all accounts, the 4 remaining soaps, the youngest one being 29 years old, and the oldest being 53, can ALL be considered successes, not failed in any way.

Jay Trotter

Phelps and Pratt continue to prove they don’t care about show history and legacy characters. They don’t wanna write for Noah and Kyle, third generation characters who can carry the Newman and Abbott name, so they get demoted to the point we will hardly ever seen them. The oldest Newman grandson and first born child of Shick get demoted as does the young son of Jack Abbott. Phelps and Pratt are giving us yet another new character instead doing the right thing and hiring Stause to play a recasted Mac, Heather, or Eden. They could’ve given the Williams and Baldwin families a boost by bringing back Heather or Eden. I suppose they would much rather have Billy engage in a sickening affair with his brother’s wife than bring back his first love.


Jay…I get what you’re saying here. Oh…and…as far as I’m concerned, Phelps and Pratt don’t give a damn about us soap viewers…or what we want!!!!! BEYOND DUMB AS HELL!!!!!



The character breakdown does not excite me. I like Chrishell, but another new character? Really?


I think it will be weird. Chrishell’s real life boyfriend (Justin) is on the show and is hooked up with her real life best friend (Missy Claire Egan) on the show. They (Adam and Chelsea)spend so much time in the sack and kissing (and although it is ALL ACTING), who wants to watch their best friend kissing their boyfriend all day? Its all strange to me. JMO…


I’m really excited! Chrishell is a great actress, and I think she’ll fit well on the Y&R canvas. She never really fit in at DAYS, but that was because of the writing. Jordan never really had a purpose, and newbies rarely fare well on DAYS (look at Fynn, Lani and Summer for current examples, as well as countless others from the past, like Taylor, Madison, Ian, Serena, Paige, Clyde, etc.)

I would have preferred she join the show as Mac or Heather, though, as other people have commented. Characters with ties to the canvas are usually much better than newbies, but remember that characters like Phyllis, Sharon and Chelsea were all newbies at one time, and they have become long-lasting characters on the show. I have hope that Chrishell will stick around long term.

I also find it amusing that so many ex-AMC stars have appeared on Y&R. Billy Miller, Amelia Heinle, Elizabeth Hendrickson, Melissa Claire Egan, Peter Bergman, Michael E. Knight, Genie Francis, Debbi Morgan, Darnell Williams, etc. have all been on AMC before joining Y&R.

With any luck, the show will sign Chrishell (and Michael E. Knight, for that matter) to contract ASAP, and keep their characters around.

Dennis Valverde

I agree Jimmy I want Chrishell Stause to stay on the show too They need to give her a contract!

Sandy J.

I’m so glad to read that Chrishell has been hired on to Y&R. I hope they won’t write her character to come between Adam and Chelsea; it would make more sense (well, to me, anyway) to pair her with Billy. That would make Victoria miss him all the more when she sees the two together. However, I’ll accept Chrishell as Bethany in just about any storyline. This actress can make anything work.

At least it’s something and someone new (to this canvas) to look forward to. Welcome, Chrishell !

sue Kennedy

Summer is really a bad actress/ Is she a relative of any big shot?Why hasn’t Lauren been on so little these days?Please do something else with Victorias hair??Ihave watched the show since its beginning and still enjoy it every day!

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