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Co-Head Writer Thom Racina Posts Message: "Start Watching One Life To Live Come April"



Veteran soap scribe, Thom Racina was recently named the new co-head writer of Prospect Park’s One Life to Live along with Susie Bedsow Horgan!  Racina just took to his facebook page to let his followers, colleagues, and fans know he is in his new digs, the One Life studios in Stamford Connecticut.  He ends his post with a special note telling everyone to watch for One Life to Live come April!  We had heard originally some previous reports that the series would not end up online till May. So it would appear we are just a few months away from seeing the rebirth of the beloved soap.

Here’s what the enthusiastic scribe who will help lead the new Llanview creative direction stated: “Well, I’ve arrived in Llanview, which is now situated in our studios in Stamford, CT, and I couldn’t be happier. Not only are we on groundbreaking territory here with Prospect Park reinventing soaps for the Internet, but I’m looking forward to putting the results of my creative passion into story and the voices of characters once again.

I’m working, as most of you know, with my writing partner, Susie Horgan, with whom I’ve written 3 pilots over the last few years, and this is our dream come true because we met after our daytime careers were pretty much over (the shows were dying)…and now, suddenly, we are the co-head writers and we couldn’t be more thrilled. What a blessing!

Susie has posted several pictures of us “hard at work” sipping martinis–in fact she just handed me one (it’s dinner time after all), so I toast you, friends and fans, and I sincerely hope you will support us and tell your friends and start watching One Life To Live come April.”

So soapers does Thom’s statement give you more good feelings now that the production offices are open. and that Thom says April is the target date to see One Life to Live again?  Let us know your thoughts!

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I am not really interested in watching an online version of these soaps. Most of the actors will not be back with the shows as many have moved on to other projects.

Lisa Jaworski

Wow! What a “Debbie Downer!” You must not have been a big fan to begin with or you would be as thrilled as the rest of us just to have our shows back! In fact, many of the original actors have signed back on are also thrilled to be a part of this. Will they be different? Sure, but something is better then nothing! Plus, being online you can watch it anytime or anywhere you want too! I couldn’t be more thrilled or more happy about it because I am a life long fan and I miss the show, the characters and even the actors that play them. Be happy and give it a try. Sort of like when we switched from radio to TV. Just go with it and support our shows.


Thank you Lisa. Well said. For those of us who have missed & mourned this show every single day-well the news couldn’t be better. We’ll take OLTL any way & with anyone we can get. It is OLTL!!!


Right on Lisa!!! I don’t really care what form the shows take, I’m just thrilled that OLTL is coming back. It’s been a staple in my house for so many years and I was devastated when it was cancelled. I’m so glad they are making a return. I’ve been filling my craving by watching the old episodes on Soapnet, early in the morning, but I can’t wait to see what happens in April. This life long fan, will definitely be tuning in, logging on or whatever else I need to do…LOL


That is your opinion and you are welcome to watch online. I watched OLTL on and off for years, but it was not my favorite soap, true. I was more a ATWT fan and GL but I did watch OLTL for years. I started watching when Todd and Blair first met. I don’t think many of the younger stars will come back to OLTL and doubt very much Melissa Archer will return as she has been making quite a few movies lately and seems to have relocated to California. I am not on board for a new Natalie, Jessica, Starr, Todd and John.


I take it back I was wrong, I see Melissa Archer is coming back to OLTL.


I don’t know what Deb means here, since we’re getting back
Prospect Park announcmnet stated, “It has closed the following deals with cast members and production executives, with more deals expected to close in the coming weeks, for The Online Network’s production of All My Children.” Now take a look at the official cast as of today!

One Life to Live Cast List:

Photo Credit: Wire Image

Erika Slezak as Victoria Lord Buchanan
Robin Strasser as Dorian Lord
Tuc Watkins as David Vickers
Robert S. Woods as Bo Buchanan
Kassie DePaiva as Blair Cramer
Jerry verDorn as Clint Buchanan
Florencia Lozano as Tea Delgado
Melissa Archer as Natalie Buchanan Banks
Hillary B. Smith as Nora Buchanan
Kelley Missal as Danielle Manning
Josh Kelly as Cutter Wentworth
Andrew Trischitta as Jack Manning
Sean Ringgold as Shaun Evans
Shenaz Treasury Rama Patel
Nick Choksi as Vimal Patel

That’s a HUGE portion of the original cast. And we’re getting some character recasts.
Some people can’t bear it if there aren’t clouds in the sky. Nothing brings more joy to some than being unhappy and spreading it around.


OLTL has always been a superior, well-written and crafted soap. It’s no surprise so many past cast members are coming back. I was a huge fan of AMC, but it had been falling off the creative cliff for a long time. Not OLTL! I can’t wait for its return. AMC… not so much.


well yea i agree its better then nothing and yea it will for sure be different but i do look forward to seeing how it takes shape.. i am just really looking forward to the oltl more so then the AMC .. truth be told i dont know if i will be able to get into watching them on the computer… also it has been such a long time will there still be as much interest in them OOOOOOO i do hope it gets them plenty of new fans and i hope alot of the old ones are able to come back . but I think they will need to do some BIG BIG BIG promoting and stuff like that they will need to get the actors out there on talk shows and fan events and stuff like that so it gets the word out there….


Deb lots of the original characters are coming back, Bo, Nora, Vicki, Clint, Natalie and more. I can’t wait for the first show!!

Lisa Jaworski

Actually, if you have a Wi Fi TV with an Internet connection you will be able to watch it on your TV!!! Its just like watching regular TV! It’s the wave of the future folks! You have to keep up with the times or you will be stuck listening to 8 tracks!


I just hope it’s on T.V. in some form. I know more people who would watch it On Demand than on the internet. We don’t all have the internet at home!


It just gets better and better and better.


Can’t wait. Just hope they don’t take John, Starr, and Todd.


They can’t make the actors go to the show they are all under contract with ABC and not PP.


actually the 3 of them were were kinda if you wanna calll it on loan from prospect park with the understanding that if they got it and going they would have to go back.. and there is an agreement i think that at some point they will get back to gh

Scott Paquin

I am thrilled with the show coming back! There has been such a huge void without it.

Kristen Howe

That’s two months away at least, more or less. Happy happy joy joy! Good news.


I wsh the new writers would bring Tina(Andrea Evans)back to OLTL


Would love to see the Kyle/Oliver story back. It was daring, bold, and sweet (after all the hubbub it was shown to help the ratings, not hurt them.)


Another hopeful sign! I look forward to finding out exactly how this will play out, and look forward to seeing it all come to fruition in April !!!!


When will AMC go online?


I can’t wait to see OLTL written by other writers!

Mary Fergen

I’ve read on a couple of sources that PP will be going for a younger demographic when OLTL starts online. Many of us longtime fans are concerned that this means the cast will consist of many youngsters and newbies. Yes, they have hired some much-loved vets, but we’re afraid that this is to lure us in to start, and then back-burner them. PP needs to remember that it’s mostly the fans who have watched this show for decades who worked the hardest to have it return. We want to see all generations of characters interacting, both online and back on a tv network!


I agree with Mary. It’s great to see something happening with the show.


The vast majority of hires have been the vets so I don’ think that’s much of a worry.

BUT I do want to see “next generation” too, just as we did when the show as broadcast on ABC.


Exactly! Who wants to watch a show full of over 60-somethings? That’s been the problem with the soaps and why they couldn’t generate a younger audience every year. They’ve got to build younger-aimed storylines to lure in younger viewers. They’re the ones watching shows on computers, phones and ipads anyway.

Lisa Jaworski

Thrilled beyond belief!!!!!!!!


Aside from me being worried about the intentions and plans for AMC + OLTL– which seem to be centered around tying up any stories with the vets, and wheeling in the youngsters to be front and center–I’m still not looking forward to these upcoming revivals until a cable deal is announced. I’m tired of taking the heat for advocating for them to come to cable, but I must continue doing so. Various predicaments will hinder the ability of much of the audience to watch online.


There are other soaps on the Internet, so what is ‘ground breaking’ about this? That they used to be on network TV?


You’re right, and most of them are pretty good.
But what is groundbreaking is the revival of two shows that between them span almost 100 years, and have reached audiences far and wide in those years.

Reviving a network show that was considered dead and gone, dumped by networks that said that the days of soaps were over IS groundbreaking.

And even more than that, it’s heartening to think that these longterm shows are surviving once again, even after their previous network homes dumped them. And, how much their revival owes to overwhelming fan support that never gave up.


I can’t wait for this to happen. I will watch it whatever it’s on. I just hope there are lots more old favorites coming back!


My hope is that a cable station will see the viability of this show and pick it up or we can continue to see OLTL characters pop up in Port Charles and maybe intertwine stories….either way its good news. Lets hope all those fans crying about the cancellation “log on” and watch. THATS the only way we will ever hope to see this show on TV again!


I wish Prospect Park the best of luck with this, but sorry-

Until/unless I actually see these soaps airing on the internet in a non-diminished way with actual evidence that this could last long-term, I remain highly skeptical about this. Personally, I just don’t see these so-called reboots getting off the ground without some kind of TV deal in place to share costs. They almost certainly cannot get by on only online advertising to generate enough viewers and ad revenue to offset the costs. The economics involved just does not make sense.

You know the expression- Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


On top of that, these shows will not appeal to the younger demos advertisers covet.


lol that is true…. I am was thinking the same thing.. how are they paying the actors if they are not charging us or there are no commercials. my thinking will be we hae options… pay to watch it with out commercials or watch them with the commercials… but who knows yea i feel the same i will have to waite and see what it brings but i will be viewing with an open mind at first but yea i am wondering how the quality will be as well


Oh Yeah…You bet I’ll be watching! So excited!

James McDonald

Will we be able to see the online episodes for free or is it by paid-subscription only?


Just as I jumped on GH with the arrival of Cartini if only to help support the genre, I will try my hand at online soaps with OLTL. My mom was a diehard AMC fan but is not sold on the online format. I truly hope that if there is sufficient interest, maybe these shows can get picked up by cable some how. Surely Lifetime has openings in its schedule.


I am looking forward to watching OLTL again. I hope it will be good, I would like David vickers back. He is aways good. good luck

Debbie Harris

It has been reported that Tuc Watkins IS coming back as David Vickers!!




Hope you will not forget to stay with the “history/core that made the show like the Lords, Cramers and Buchanans. Also hope you guys will solve the cliff hanger and bring Trevor St John back.


Not a One Life to Live fan, so I won’t be watching the web version. But I wish them (and AMC) the best of luck. And please, for the love of all that is unholy, take Todd, Starr, the vampire, and Ron C. with you.

Debbie Harris

It All sounds Great!! Can’t wait to see OLTL Live again!!
Oh how I have missed my Fave Soap!!


Well i will start by saying how excited i am about the whole thing and i am looking forward to the relaunch.. I hope it was all worth it and that it all goes the way they plan. I am just wanting to know if i am going to have to pay to see it when they come back.. BECAUSE that i wont do no matter how much i love and miss OLTL.. I know I will give it a shot and watch with an open mind hoping for the Best for all involved and may




For sure! Since Roger is stuck on GH, bring Trevor back in his place.
I know Trevor was the one who wanted to leave the show before, but maybe he’s changed his mind.


This is what is making my 2013!!!! Thank u to everyone involved for working so hard and making this happen. From the bottom I my heart, thank u!


Im happy. That one life to live is coming back, but not happy to be watching it online. I like tv better. Sorry wont be watching!!!!

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