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CONFIRMED: Roger Howarth is set to return to One Life to Live!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

After months of speculation and Todd Manning rumors, it has come to somewhat of a conclusion, but not entirely! Soap Opera Digest is exclusively confirming this afternoon that Roger Howarth (ex-Todd; ex-Paul, ATWT) is returning to One Life to Live! According to SOD, Howarth begins filming in May.

Howarth stated on his return to Llanview, “I am looking forward to returning to OLTL. We are going to have a lot of fun telling this story and I am excited to see how it will unfold.”   The Daytime Award winning actor has been in Los Angeles for pilot season, and was reportedly courted by a West Coast soap as well as One Life. Details surrounding how the actor will return to the fold are still up in the air.  And, then there is the issue of Trevor St. John, the current Todd Manning at One Life.  Well, according to OLTL’s Executive Producer Frank Valentini, ” We have a great story planned that will involve both actors.”

So soapers, are you excited by the news? Do you think it will be the story of the Two Todd’s? Stay tuned!

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So, does this bode well for OLTL to stay on the air? Would they have gone through with this very expensive casting if they were planning to announce a cancellation in the next few weeks?


Really ? Really !! I am so exited for a Roger return……now I can stop driving my husband crazy by jacking up the internet bill watching ‘old’ Todd episodes.
Really ,really excited !! 🙂


I got goosebumps Lisa!!! The man has returned….home.


After ATWT I was done with soaps. I remember saying the only thing that would get me to watch again is if Roger went back to OLTL. Guess I better warm up the DVR. I just pray they make this work.


Roger will make it work…..


Hallejuah! An actor of his talent DESERVES a job. I absolutely loved his work on ATWT. I may have to start watching OLTL just for him.


Well, another interesting bombshell! So much speculation on so many soaps. I don’t know what to believe any more. And so, I’m not going to give any of it any credulity until I see it on my TV.


This is great news! I’ve been waiting and hoping for RH to come back to OLTL!


Sorry but I am not happy with this.

To me TSJ is Todd Manning, not RH. This is incredibly disappointing to me. I am not happy about this. TSJ fit better with the other actors on the series.

I still say OLTL should be cancelled. This won’t help their ratings at all IMO.

Phyllis (Phyone) Scott
Phyllis (Phyone) Scott

I’m with you, Scott. This news rattles me to no end. I might go on a hunger strike. I am tired of TPTB at OLTL dumping on Trevor St John, the finest actor in daytime. I will say it again: the finest actor in daytime. Jealousy is at the root of this atrocity. He outshines everybody- and for that he must be over looked for an Emmy? The Emmy is not deserving of TSJ. And don’t get me started on the break up of Evangeline and Todd, the best chemistry ever. Why did OLTL act against its own interest? Jealousy. And now they want to bring back their ” golden boy”? The one who quit the role, not once, not twice, but three times! I am soooo disgusted.

Dolores Bright

Scott & Phyliss, No ONE said Roger would be replacing TSJ! I personally would love it because despite what you two think Roger is Todd! Just because he left because he wasn’t happy with the story line doesn’t make him a prima donna, just a person with his own point of view. No one is jealous of TSJ, and No one that I have read here thinks he’s the best actor in Daytime except for you! I heard they were going to have roles for both actors! Didn’t TSJ leave the role now! Can you say the word Hypocrite?! Roger was doing a tv series, 2 in fact, Dawson’s Creek, and Prey! That shows his talent there alone. If you’re so disgusted then don’t watch! There are a lot of people that will be happily anticipating Roger’s return! I’m happy to say I’m one of them!

Phyllis (Phyone) Scott
Phyllis (Phyone) Scott

To: Dolores Bright

Thank you for your reply. I am an enthusiastic supporter of TSJ. Sometimes, I get carried away. And believe me, if TSJ leaves OLTL, I will not be tuning in. I was never a fan of OLTL. I was there to watch TSJ’s storylines. My soap was EDGE OF NIGHT and that’s long gone. I did not mean to imply that Roger was not talented. You don’t win an Emmy for nothing. When did TSJ leave OLTL? I have not heard that. I am a member of TSJ’s fan base and we ALL think he’s the best! That’s not a scientific result, it’s an opinion. I know a lot of people champion Roger’s return. That’s fine. I heard different from you–that one Todd will be out. I’m upset that it might be Trevor. Let’s be friends.


I like Trevor St. John better, he’s a wonderful actor!
I hope they bring back Roger Howarth as someone else!


wonderful actor? wait till you see Roger!


I’ve seen Roger and I do like him but for me Trevor is Todd now and I prefer for it to stay that way. i hope RH is coming back as a new character, maybe Todd’s long lost twin or something. that would be really interesting.


I like Trevor St. John, he’s a wonderful actor!
I hope they bring back Roger Howarth as someone else!


Wow…..The Prince of Darkness returns……Amen………Welcome back Todd!


This sucks. Never liked Todd Manning until Trevor St. John’s amazing performance changed my mind about the character. I’ll be okay with Roger Howarth’s return if it’s temporary just to flashback in order to develop and learn more about Tomas.


YAY Welcome Home ROGER!!! The one and ONLY Todd Manning.


I really like RH, but I haven fallen in love with TSJ as Todd. Would love to see RH back as a twin or someone that could be Interesting.

What I don’t understand is how can RH still be Todd. Didn’t Tea have a DNA test done when she first returned to prove Danny was Todd’s. I remember her saying that. Danny was created on the island and was that prior to the Todd face listen


I am glad that Roger Howarth is returrning to OLTL. This is the shot in the arm that the show needs. I like Trevor’s work, but no one can play Todd like Roger.

Phyllis (Phyone) Scott
Phyllis (Phyone) Scott

You’re right. Trevor plays him better!


Far – out best news ever!


I think both actors are terrific. I am all for any scenario that gets people talking about OLTL and ultimately watching. TSJ performance during the execution story was one of the best I have ever seen. That completely won me over. I hope he stays on for a long time as Todd or not.


Can he play Todd and a Todd look a like to start? Two old Todds/two original Todds would be even better than one! An old Todd twin? Tea got a brother out of nowhere, maybe Todd can have one too? How about a sister for Tea? For new original Todd? Oh yeah! Roger is back! I hope that the show will get a chance to continue to air before the slated fate its apparently faced.


@ okeefefan…if you go back and look at some Todd/Tea stuff on YouTube,Tea had 2 older half brothers and a brother.
Personally I hope TSJ is Walker and Roger is AND always will be Todd Manning.
I hope the show gets a good boost too !



Poor Rodger gets his job back and then gets the boot


Roger is wonderful. It is so sad, though,
that the show has been
cancelled. The ultimate
betrayal by ABC execs.


YES! No matter how much time the show has left, having Roger Howarth back on OLTL is this is the best news I have heard about this show in years. It is going to be so good to see him working with Erika Slezak, Hillary Smith, Susan Haskell and Florencia Lozano again. He is a truly amazing actor and the one and only Todd Manning.


I became a fan of OLTL in 2007, so I only really have known Trevor as Todd Manning. I’ve always thought he’s a talented actor. I still do. But now that I knew Roger was coming back as possibly the real Todd Manning, I started watching old TM clips from the 90s-starting at Marty’s rape. I’m slowly getting through the history of Todd Manning of the years of Roger playing the role. I’ve quickly become a huge RH fan in his portrayal of Todd Manning. It’s more the writing than TSJ as an actor I don’t like sometimes, knowing more of Todd Manning’s history. I still hope that RH Todd ends up being the real Todd. But I’m interested to see who he will be exactly if he isn’t the real Todd Manning. I can’t wait for when the two Todds meet face-to-face (which is really soon)!


I love them both, I hope the storyline will be exciting and I hop OLTL continues on after January!! preferably on a television station!!


Roger Howarth is the todd manning that I fell in love with along with andrea evans “Tina” I hope that this brother sister reunion will hapen soon because nobody played them as well as the actors who originated the roles. YAY roger and andrea welcome back you two.were missed and now that you’re back, watch oltl ratings go through the roof!!!


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