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Connie Britton Shares Heartfelt Message On Nashville Cancellation: "I'd Just Like To Say It's Been My Honor To be Part Of This World … Thanks For the Music."



Series star and exeutive producer, Connie Britton took to her Instagram on Friday morning with a very special message to everyone who has been part of her journey as country music superstar Rayna James on Nashville.

Yesterday, the news broke that ABC decided not to renew the series for its fifth season, breaking the hearts of many longtime viewers, who loved the sudsy Music City drama.

Britton shared: “To the amazing friends and family who are Nashville, to the cast and crew, and most of all to the fans… I’d just like to say it’s been my honor to be a part of this world, to live in it and breathe it in and try to replicate it.  Sometimes we were more successful than others. But the place of Nashville in my heart is deep and permanent.  I am grateful for the hard work and faith of so many who dedicated themselves to creating and supporting this show.  I am forever changed for the better. Thanks for the music.”

Yesterday, Britton’s on-screen love interest Charles Esten (Deacon) tweeted upon the heartbreaking news of the show not receiving a pick-up: “So grateful to so many for the dream that has been Nashville. Not always easy to be Deacon. But to play him? An absolute joy and an honor.

Chris Carmack who plays Will Lexington tweeted: Nashvillewill be so cherished by so many… Trying to wrap my head around it…”

What did you think about the statements from Britton, Esten and Carmack on the axing of Nashville? We are waiting to hear Nashville cast member, and former GH star Jonathan Jackson’s sentiments as well, and will keep you updated.

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40 Comments on "Connie Britton Shares Heartfelt Message On Nashville Cancellation: "I'd Just Like To Say It's Been My Honor To be Part Of This World … Thanks For the Music.""

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I am very saddened by this unexpected development. Nashville is one of my favorite shows and I will miss it. Wonderful cast.


I hope JJ comes back as Lucky!


Yes that’s the rumor Brian, Jonathan might come back to GH as Lucky Spencer.

nancy dillingham

Second the emotion! Jonathan Jackson and his mentor Genie Francis–what a story that could be–if only . . .




Only ABC show I watched. Now I’m done with them. Hoping another network gets wise and picks it up. It’s the one show I enjoy viewing each week.


Nashville deserved to be cancelled, it went down hill fast. Thank you ABC, for pulling the plug on Nashville.


Agree jonboy. One of the better shows. Quality on every level.


It seems that ABC dropped the ball again in communications. Charles Esten said he found out at the same time ss the news was breaking on social media. Did ABC not learn anything from the Kelly Ripa debacle? This type of news affect hundreds of people – cast and crew. The lack of respect for these actors is astounding, yet ABC keeps doing it.


RAY, this was not a shocker. Nashville was always on the bubble. It never had high ratings. ABC stuck with Nashville for 4 years, ratings were terrible.


Which is a mystery Yolanda because it was a great show. They needed to promote it differently.


You are so right, Yolanda….This low-rated show managed to inexplicably pull through every year, yet ABC cancelled the far superior “Forever” last season whilst once again allowing “Nashville” to live for another season….it definitely was not worth it!


As I was saying, Nashville was so superior to formulaic shows like Forever, which is why it lasted longer. Word is it’s being shopped around…here’s hoping some other network will recognize quality and pick it up.

nancy dillingham

Love Charles Easten–bring him on GH to play opposite Genie Francis–come on, everyone, join the bandwagon. Charles, can you hear us?


Normally, I agree with you, Nancy, but not on this one. However, I would most certainly welcome Chris Carmack to Port Charles!!!!


I liked Connie Britton role in American Horror Story, much better than her role in Nashville..
Perhaps she will return to AHS ..


So sad…I’m really going to miss that world and those characters. Just so frustrating that quality shows come and go while garbage like Jerry Springer and the like go on for years. Doesn’t say much for the viewing public. Scary!

It really is a strange emotional journey we go on when we get involved in fictional characters and their world. We become absorbed, we become attached and then they’re abruptly gone. Sort of like closing the last page of a great book…except the story is finished and you have time to prepare….

Maybe CMT should pick up the show!


I’m going to miss this show. Have been a fan since the beginning. Such a talented cast. Nashville will remain a part of my heart always.


Yes me too, loved the show.


I sure am going to miss it. One of my favorite shows!!

S Davis

Please ABC reconsider axing Nashville…one of the best shows out there. So sick of those reality shows!!!!thT are constantly being renewed!!!!!!

Donna Dykema

My friends and I are furious that Nashville has been canceled. ABC is notorious for getting rid of good shows and early cancellations of new shows. We all have decided to not watch any new shows that ABC brings on and hope that another network will be smart enough to bring back the popular Nashville. Best of luck to one of the best casts on tv! You will be missed!


Nashville got cancelled, so who cares lol. The show never had good ratings. ABC made the right call, in cancelling Nashville. The best was season 1 and 2, the rest was boring and horrible storylines. RIP Nashville.


A lot of us care Leeza. The show has many disappointed fans. Daytime soaps ebb and flow and somehow lasted decades…yet they’re way cornier, over-the-top ridiculous and repetitive. I think most of us still watch one or the few left out of habit and familiarity. Nashville on the other hand had believable stories, poignancy, entertainment. Shame it’s been aborted.

nancy dillingham

Yes, it started out with great promise–then faded each year.


That really sucks love that show they are always canceling the good show


I agree Lina, hopefully Netflix or NBC might pickup Nashville. ABC are pathetic losers, they will stab you in the back.


this show was so boring im glad they put it out of its misery!


Yes Mark, me too. The show was bad, and the acting was cheesy. I am glad, the show is history.


Me three, Mark and Allen. I tried to watch this show and it just didn’t grab me, despite featuring the awesome Jonathan Jackson.


jJ please come back to GH




This is what happens, when not enough people watch the show, not just record it.


I went to the web site E network. Nashville is being shopped around, by other networks. Let’s hope this is true and Nashville gets picked up by another network. ABC you suck, big time for cancelling a good show.


i wouldn’t hold my breath with the shopping around thing . this stunt is pulled around all the time . Hardly any shows get saved and if they do they last no more than a year . Even Dallas couldn’t be saved .


The show has been pretty awful the last couple of weeks with the emancipation storyline that resulted in violence. I do like the cast very much and the music. It would be nice to see JJ back on GH.


she has been in 3 hit series

Friday Night Lights
American Horror Story

she’s huge

it’s exciting to say… she’s been emmy nominated in all three shows

best lead actress

can’t say that I’ve watched … Friday night lights or Nashville

I am indebted to her.. because of my love, for… Jessica Lange

Connie Britton is a huge part of American Horror Story success

“thank you”

Janet Byrnes

I am disappointed . I watched the show and enjoyed it. I started watching because of JJ .I just hope he gets another show and never returns to GH. Run JJ run .

I watched Nashville, and liked most of the characters and the music. Good luck to all the cast and crew. ABC does it again. Boo Hiss to them

Carol Bryan

Thank you for the many nights of enjoyment I have had watching your show…..the music was so enjoyable and the story lines were so real life. I will definitely miss each and every one of you…. 🙁


So sorry it was cancelled.. Was looking forward to new writers or whatever they were going to do next year..
They should have given it a chance


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