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Could DAYS Rafe be getting a new love interest?

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

On-Air On-Soaps was on the red carpet last week at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences/Days of our Lives 45th anniversary event speaking with Galen Gering (Rafe) and DAYS exec, Ken Corday to get their thoughts on the ongoing current plight of Rafe/Sami/EJ that continually evolves and never quite resolves!

Corday offered up his sentiments on how he sees the viewers take on it.  “First of all, the fans are split down the middle and I love it.  We stretch the rubber band until it snaps.  And, Sami snapped a couple weeks ago and when you get a good thing in story, you run with it.”

Then when asked if Rafe is going to snap too, Corday revealed, “Rafe is not going to snap.  He is solid and he is the G-man.  There are other women besides Sami, too.  Let’s not forget that! And I am talking about someone currently on the canvas.”   Gering was genuinely surprised by his boss’s remarks, “That is revealing news there.  Not sure if he really mean me or not, but either way it bodes well.”

So what do you think? Do you want Rafe paired with another gal in Salem? And if so, who would be the right romantic interest for Agent Hernandez? Make sure to read all the interview from the red carpet with the cast of DAYS in the latest Michael’s Blog entry!

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Rafe’s dreamy appeal is how devoted he is to his girl. We don’t need a bunch of bed hoppers. Romance in the afternoon is not about how many different partners can be switched around. Bo and Hope have such enduring appeal because no matter what forces come between them they are soul mates destined to find their way back. Rafe and Sami are special on the show because they have a similar love affair. They have had horrible obstacles to overcome, but yet they still have found their way back together. I’d rather see some action adventure & witty sparks added to their story than another triangle. Safe have hot chemistry – I think there is still steam floating around from that sexy locker room scene! I’d like to see the writers bring out more of that with something new for this couple. Capitalize on sneaky sassy Sami and protective, upfront Rafe. Bring on some creative Safe fireworks not rotating romances.


GMAFB Rafe and Samie barley know each other! The chemistry is EJ and Samie! They have two children together, they have the history of Santos and Collen. Safe share nothing but sex, and it’s gross! They had the audicity to have sex on Samie’s wedding night to EJ! How low class! Then again Rafe has no class! That is not romance, it nomance in my book! You want to talk about obstacles; well EJamie has had them all, no one wants to see them together, everytime they get close someone or something always gets in the way! Well this viewer wants EJAMIE!


I agree that Rafe needs to be with one girl; it’s just not Sami. There aren’t sparks flying the way that they do when EJ and Sami are on screen. Plus, I don’t think Rafe’s background has been developed enough to make him intricate enough to be paired with Sami long term. She’s a wild child, and he isn’t. Place him with someone who would benefit from his staidness. Nicole would be a perfect match since she needs someone like Rafe.


Yes! Nicole would be a great pairing for Rafe!


My god comparing Rafe and Sami to Bo and Hope : blasphemy !
Anyway i just want the guy to go away, he doesn’t work with anybody.
Bring back Eric Brady and Nicholas Alamain instead.


The main obstacle Safe had to overcome was Rafe walking out on Sami for no reason like when she wanted to know what happened to his fiance. And that locker room scene was trashy and disgusting. It made Sami look like a tramp for making out with Rafe right after accepting Ej’s proposal and Rafe could have just said I love and want you and don’t marry Ej and this whole shooting SL coulda been avoided. I don’t know how Rafe constantly pushing Sami away and walking out on her equates to some sort of great love. They need to try Rafe with someone else if they want fans to get behind his character cuz Rafe and Sami just don’t fit.


I totally agree with you about SAFE. They have the hottest chemistry.
I have never seen any kind of chemistry with ejami besides lies,rape,manipulation. just because Ejami have kids together don’t mean they belong together.
No one belongs with a abuser even if they are the father of the children.
This I know from first hand experience.
Bo and Hope so belong together. Just like Sami and Rafe belong together.


I love how Ken Corday is changing his tune now….First he knew that fans wanted Safe, now he says they are split down the middle. What’s next? The ratings go down even further until he says that the fans want Ejami. This is why I’m scared that Days will be the next Soap to be cancelled. It seems like the guy in charge has no idea what the fans want.


the ratings went way down when Ejami was on screen. Now they are trying to fix that mess. The storyline of the shooting wasn’t the right way to do it. I agree there. Ej going to prison would of been the right way to fix it. Ej needs to pay for his crimes once and for all.


OMG… it’s still EJ’s fault? Everything is EJ/EJami’s fault. I could care less about Ejami vs. Safe or whoever their trying to curse with Sami Brady this week, but I’m not blind. Did you not see which week tanked in the ratings? The blessed Safe reunion that all us fans supposedly wanted. So if what your saying is true then why didn’t the ratings soar that week, and then climb ever since then? Where were all the viewers that wanted to see EJ get what’s coming to him? Where is this “majority” of fans that “wanted Safe”. I’ll tell you where they are…in Ken Corday’s head. Safe is obnoxious and irritating. At least with EJami we had James Scott to look at (plus the man is one of the best actors in Daytime). I think the viewers have made it clear that the so-called root-for couple is an epic fail. Ken Corday thought he could tell us who to root for, but it came back and bit him on the butt.


I’m starting to get the feeling that Corday WANTS Days to get cancelled. Nobody could be as dumb as he has been in handling this show. It’s not possible. There must be something in it for him if the show goes away.


If I hadn’t seen the white hot chemistry between EJ and Sami, then maybe I could see the appeal of Sami and Rafe, but honestly, they’re just a wanna be couple to me now. There’s not another couple in daytime that has the sizzle of EJami. Hopefully, one day Ken Corday will realize the deep appeal of this couple and write them a genuinely romantic story.

In the meantime, give Rafe a chance with another actress with whom he can be more natural and maybe have some sparks. I just get a brother/sister vibe from GG and Ali. It’s kind of a turnoff for me.


So Rafe is going to be placed w/someone else whose currently on-screen. Could it be Nicole? Because I wouldn’t be opposed to that at the moment, I am enjoying Bricole thought. EJami comes first and foremost for me though. I don’t get any kind of vibe w Ali and Galen…it’s like Sami is a shell of her former self whenever shes around him. It sickens me.


Safe just doesn’t have IT. They are boring and Ali just has no spark with him. EJAMI is unique. THey have the chemsitry that lights up a room. When they are in a room together, across the room from each other, its only them. EJAMI has a unique combination that DAYS needs to capitalize on. Make them a gray couple that have their way with the people of Salem. Sami needs to live in the Dimera mansion not in some brick walled apartment.


I will always be a LUMI fan first and foremost but if I can’t have them, I’d rather her be with EJ. Rafe is so boring and he doesn’t accept Sami for who she is, he’s always trying to change her and make her do what HE wants. I thought they were cute in the safehouse but since then whatever they had has fizzled out… I keep hoping they’ll bring back Rafe’s “dead” girlfriend who will turn out not to be dead.


That’s a good idea!


just want Rafe gone period. he is a slug with no chemistry unless its with Prescious the Oranguatan.


EJ and Sami are the pairing w/the appeal that says “I’m only for this one person, she’s it for me.”

When Galen talks about Rami relationship, he definitely acts as if he could do better than Sami. That Sami should be happy that he chooses to be with her and that it doesn’t matter to Rafe is he leaves her as long as she isn’t with EJ. And he portrays Rafe that way.

For James his opinion is that Sami is it for him, he tried to move on and it just doesn’t work for him because Sami is his one true love through thick and thin. He also portrays that character’s mindset well.

EJami are that love story. The couple that can just be real w/each other if Sami could just stop fighting it every step of the way because it’s not the acceptable thing.


I’m glad Rafe may have a new love interest. He has no chemistry or spark with Sami. Besides, Sami has enough on her plate with Ej and their children. Days use to be about family and romance. I wish they’d get some of that back. Put Sami and Ej together with their children. Give them some romance and put that unbelievable and undeniable chemistry to good use. And I don’t mean sex…I mean just sweet endearing moments between them and with their children.


Yeah, they are pushing lots of cheap sex right now. Wish they would focus more on ROMANCE and the slow burn.


EJ and Sami should be together.The writers have wasted years not putting one of the hottest couples on Daytime TV,Soaps together as a real couple.The chemistry that James Scott and Ali Sweeney have is just magical.I think that Rafe should have another love interest because Galen G. has no chemistry with Ali and he does not shine like he could, if paired with the right person.

C rael

No more Safe!!!! Ejami always and forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t buy what KC said for one minute! I would rather have Rafe gone but if he stays I’d like to see him with Nicole since she is the only person I’ve seen him with that had any chemistry at all. Plus Nicole always needs saving, Sami Brady does NOT! Or I’d really like to see if he has chemistry with Chloe they look stunning together. I say get Bope and Ejami back together at least for a while and everyone else can do the bed hopping. They need families on this show besides the Carvers whom we rarely see! And after all KC’s talk of DOOL being about family and romance he needs to deliver.


i want a bricole and rafe triangle


No I don’t want Rafe with anyone else. I couldn’t see anyone else on canvas for him. Now a new love interest for Ej would be so much better so he would could obsessing over Sami.
Rafe and Sami belong together. They have a real love connection.
I love how Rafe and Sami love each other so much and it shows in there eyes. They just show it by looking at each other and how they are amazing together.The chemistry they have just sizzles. SAFE all the way!!!


I love how Galen and Ali bring SAFE to live. They are awesome actor and actress. They have so much chemistry together on screen it is amazing how they pro tray it.
They don’t even have to say anything and you can see how much love is between Sami and Rafe without words even being said. Love SAFE only couple I love besides BOPE


as long he is away from Sami l don’t mind he gonna be paired with


I guess if we HAVE to keep Rafe around because the powers that be don’t want to let “bedroom eyes” go….pair him with either Carly, Stephanie or Nicole. I’d rather him and Gabi just leave Salem…BORING.


I would Rather Ej leave Salem. He should of never came to Salem.If it wasn’t for the Rape Sami would not even have kids with Ej.
I hope they turn around and make Johnny Lucas’s and Sydney Nicole and Ej’s get Ej completely away from Sami.
Sami don’t deserve no abuser in her life.She deserves someone that loves her truely and fully.That is not Ej. All he cares about is lying and manipulating her ever chance he gets.
SAFE has more chermistry then Ejami ever has. There is no chemistry when it comes to lies,rape and manipulation.


I’d love to see him with Nicole. She could really use a knight in shining armor! (What’s Sami supposed to do with one of those? lol) I still remember the Snarky wit between Rafe and Nicole when he was hounding her during the baby-switch. Nicely matched!
When E.J. and Samantha are together, all is right with the world!


for eric brady’s return why don’t you get jake pavelka for that part eric brady all grown up and smoking hot


i do love ej and rafe but i know sami she loves and craves danger over safe she will always keep running to ej she says she loves rafe but i think she still loves ej why would she stll bother continuing being in his face and always running into him


Thanks Michael! I see there’s a lot of SAFE bashing, but SAFE truly is the rooting couple here! As far as a new love interest for Rafe, I don’t think the character of Rafe is fickled or does flip flops on the people he loves. Like KC stated, Rafe is solid and is the good guy here and he loves Sami! As far as somebody already on canvas…that could very be Nicole but I would think she’d be reconciled to EJ, not Rafe because they were never a couple. Enough of Ejami already, we’ve seen nothing but hurt, manipulation, control and abuse…just when Sami thought it was safe to jump back into the waters…here come’s ejerk with another one of his brilliant plans that NEVER seems to work and is Stefano’s constant spoiled brat of son and his puppet at best…let’s just move forward with SAFE!


Ahhh once again. Safe/Rafe/Galen bashing. Theres a surprise! I agree with my fellow safe buds and Im not trying to be cranky to Ejami fans…but enough already. Ejami has had their chance for hasnt worked. So lets give SAFE a chance. Chemistry is obviously in the eye of the beholder..and I see LOADS of it with Sami + Rafe! Love the romance. He would do anything for her. And continuously shows that. EJ does nothing but lie and manipulate and plot. If thats ur type of guy? I can see why you love him! He’s king of that stuff. But I feel like Ive had enough of watching controling and abusive behavior and I am sooo enjoying the love and romance Safe offers. I also feel like Ali’s real life friendship with Galen shines thru (not to say she isnt friends with JS as well) but its just adds a lil somethin. We will all disagree to the bitter end Im afraid! But I for one am so glad Galen/Rafe was brought to Days! No bed hopping for our hero please!! Hes a one woman kinda guy!!! Writers dont screw this up! PLEASE!


Girl I am so with you! I love Rafe and I totally agree with Sami when she says he’s the best thing that ever happened to her! And those who bash Galen are just getting fantasy and reality mixed up a little! I totally agree with you the face that Ali and Galen obviously love working together adds a lil somethin to their scenes. Love it and love them! The Ej and Sami story disgusts me as it is always manipulation and lies between them!!!!! At least Sami and Rafe are against the rest of the world NOT each other. Bring on the wedding bells I say 😉


Funny…looking back at a few of the posts previous to mine (I usually dont).
Amazing how easy it is to bash when you’re “anonymous” isnt it? JS may be a great actor to YOU but to me he is very very difficult to watch (and thats an understatement). I wont go into why..I think thats unkind and I cant stand it when you guys do it to Galen. That said. Your opinion Ms. Anonynous is just that, AN OPINION. Just because you state it..doesnt make it true. Trust me when I say therre are plenty of fans that are NOT fans of your JS.Nor are they posting all over boards or forums etc. Im not talking even safe fans…just GA. Why does everyone have to get so viscious? State yer love for your guy and zip it already! To each his/her own!


SAFE is the only couple that makes sense. EJami is wrong in too many ways to mention. Let’s start with RAPE. Their fans are delusional and as obsessed with JS as EJ is with Sami. EJ is no fun to watch, everytime they are on screen i’m bored to tears. It has been way too long and the s/l stinks like an old pair of sneakers. Onward and upward with SAFE will help bring back dedicated viewers. Thank you.


In reading this interview again, I think KC is talking about Sami is not the only woman in Salem for EJ…not Rafe….even GG wasn’t sure what to make of it whether KC said that for Rafe or not….so I say GO SAFE!


I agree with you on that. I think that KC wasn’t talking about Rafe I think he was talking about Ej. Sami isn’t the only woman in Salem for Ej. Nicole is perfect for Ej both are villians.
Sami isn’t a villain she has done bad things.As for shooting Ej that was long over due.To bad Ej didn’t die. I wish he would just leave Salem already.
SAFE is the best thing that has happen to days in a long time.
SAFE and BOPE are the rooting couples of Days.
SAFE deserve to be happy without that lying manipulating person in Sami’s life.Days needs to make Johnny Lucas’s and Sydney Ej and Nicole’s kid. To get Ej out of Sami’s orbit once and for good.
Please let Sami have the happiness she deserves with Rafe


I wholeheartedly agree with you cinnamon about Johnny and Sydney…although I don’t like how Nicole was so desperate to hang onto EJ in the babyswitch, I would like to see her have her miracle baby if that’s Sydney and make room for a SAFE baby…if we love the way Rafe treats Sami now, wait til she’s pregnant with his baby….oh so sweet, we ain’t seen nothing yet…that is if tptb will do that for them and for us, lol!


I prefer Rafe just move to another town I dislike the character more each day. As for those defending his acting I just have to say that for me KC’s statement about GG, and that he doesn’t have to say anything he can say so much with his eyes, was very telling that even they are aware of his limitations. And MF even made reference to GG acting skills in an interview previous to him starting on DOOL. When you don’t know that he said something with sadness until Sami points it out that says a lot (only one example). GG seems like a real nice guy, he is gorgeous and I’m sure a great model. But not all models can act and GG’s acting leaves much to be desired. I see only minimal improvement from his days on Passions. And I don’t feel that pointing out someone isn’t talented in a particular area is bashing it’s just calling it like you see it. And there are many people who aren’t Ej/Ejami fans who see it.


That’s your opinion. Mine is that GG is a wonderful actor. Look at the fanbase he has created in such a short time. A bad actor wouldn’t have a following like this without maximum skills. His body language, timing and sex appeal does just fine. But thank you for adding such positivity.


Not only that SupercoupleSAFE, Galen worked for what 10 years on Passion? That’s not easily done in today’s soap business, so for Days to scoop him up has been nothing but A+++++…


Thank you thank you thank you KC for getting this right. SAFE is truely fantastic and makes me smile everytime they’re together.

ejami is like old news already forgotten


Leave Rafe and Sami together. They have projected real love and the chemistry is beyond sizzling!


YAY! Love Galen. I like Rafe – but NOT WITH SAMI. They are totally boring together. Rafe would be great paired with someone else. I think SAFE fans are confusing loving the character with loving the couple. Rafe IS great. He’s a great hero figure for us. But there’s no real chemistry with Galen and Ali, unfortunately. Go to youtube and watch Lucas and Sami – there was actual heat there. You could tell that those two were very comfortable with each other, and they enjoyed putting on a show for us. Same with James Scott – he enjoys playing up that chemistry with EJ and Sami. Galen seems to be a super nice guy, but there’s no sense that he and Ali are having fun giving us a sexy, romantic couple to watch.

Pair him with Nicole and see what happens. Or even Carly. Or Stephanie – they did that whole “baby girl, more experienced guy” thing with Bo and Hope and it worked. Give it a shot and see if they have chemistry. But please – do a slow burn. Not these flash-in-the-pan hookups. It’s cheap and it’s not why we tune in.


Lucas Horton is the man for Sami,EJ is the man for Nicole and Bo is all the man Hope will ever need.


I would love to have Sydney be Ej and Nicole child,Johnny to be Lucas’s son.
I know Lucas is out of town now but Im hopeing he will be back soon,if not with Sami for his family and fans.


Put this boring guy with someone else Sami belongs with EJ Ejami have 1000 times more chemistry than dull Safe i believe Rafe will moved on with another woman i hear Ejami will be happening very soon we all know he is going to get his kids back so there will be plenty of Ejami magic moments in the next few months sooner or later Sami is going wake and realise EJ is the man she truly loves and not Rafe.

Safe are the worst couple i have ever seen no offence its like watching paint dry watching them i am glad KC knows its Ejami that are super couple by telling us they are moving Rafe on with another woman. They will never break the Ejami connection and as for that person saying they are old news well Safe storyline is all based around EJ without him they would of been backburned along time ago they mega boring just like Lumi.


safe is BORING!!!!


please cancel james scott’s real life wedding he cannot marry in real life please stop him from england at the big sur in the next year please for me

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