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DALLAS Renewed Already For A Second Season by TNT!



Fantastic news!  TNT’s reboot of Dallas which had had stellar cable ratings over the past three weeks of its first season debut, already got picked up by the network for a season two!  Can you say, “Bonafide Hit?”

In a press release today TNT programming president Michael Wright announced that the Dallas has been given the orders for another 15 episodes that will debut in 2013! So far, the show is averaging 6.9 million viewers for its first season.

Wright stated, “Dallas has been a success for us on every level: pitch-perfect writing, smart directing and buzz-worthy performances by a new generation of stars and their iconic counterparts. With Dallas’ top-flight ratings, robust growth through time-shifted viewing and the extensive online buzz, it’s clear the Ewings of Southfork have once again captured the imagination of viewers.”

So look for more dysfunctional family drama, just like us soapers, like it!  What do you think of the quick renewal pick-up? Do you think it gives hope that the soaps are going to have a true resurgence on primetime?  Will the rumored Dynasty reboot be next in line?

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47 Comments on "DALLAS Renewed Already For A Second Season by TNT!"

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so happy to see a reboot working….

who is going to the successful network that reboots “One Life To Live” ???

yes, i am still hopeful… everyone wait some 20 odd years for “Dallas”, and i will be there if and when it happens for “One Life To Live”

barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1
barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1

I hope it will be sooner then 20 years.

susan M.

So will I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great idea!


Fantastic news! Smart people there at TNT, eh?


Great news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ok, reboot Knots Landing….this was the real show with a great cast and it was drama!


But Knots Landing was never as good once Donna Mills aka Abby left so if they bring it back make sure Abby returns!

Or food for thought-how about Abby pays a visit to new Dallas? Would love to see JR and Abby go a few rounds LOL!

barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1
barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1

That’s a good Idea, I would love to see her shake things up. However I never liked that she went after Gary when he was with Valene.


It may have been wrong for Abby to go after Gary but you gotta admit the Abby/Gary/Val triangle spiced up KL in a BIG way. The show was good before, but that triangle made it must-see tv.

And besides I liked Abby over wishy-washy eternal v ictim Val always!


Barbara t. – wasn’t that horrible… to see Valene struggle… with Abby? Oye! Course, Gary, “being” a “man”… couldn’t fight off Abby….

Gosh! it was a something… knot’s … to see.. Valene with best friend Karen… go head to heads with Abby… Donna Miss, all her own… never saw nothing, like her…. a force…. even delectable then Joan Collins.

the one couple that i really liked… the down to earth.. not caught up in the oil riches.. was Donna and Ray.
The story that held me captive… was Valenes missing twins… .and the return of her babies.. ala Donna.


Well Gary was a weakling from day one. Part of why I never was a real big KL fan was the two core characters, Gary and Val were both such big weaklings!

Gary was nowhere as strong as Bobby or JR-hell even Ray had more strength than him!

And Val all she did was whine over Gary-what she saw in him was beyond me with his drinking and cheating all the time. But then Val was no prize herself always being a victim and rarely really fighting back.

It may sound mean but I cheered Abby mowing both of em down LOL! And Abby wasn’t in love with Gary, I never deluted myself on that. I knew she wanted his money and power and I loved watching her in action!

But Abby had one redeeming quality and that was her love for her children. Remember how Abby single-handedly fought to get her daughter, Olivia off drugs?

And Abby did feel remore over the twins with Val and even played a role in getting them back to her.


Almost 7 million viewers is impressive. If only OLTL could follow after Dallas.

barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1
barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1

Wouldn’t that be nice.


I’m ecstatic! for Dallas… the actors, and fans, alike. Any soap formatted show, be it, prime time, or daytime.. works.. and is a clear indicator…that soaps have a life on television. i just finished.. episodes 2 and 3.. and my first thought.. is… JR.. is JR! he hasn’t lost his touch.

my favorite scene… was when he was with Ann… telling her about… how he couldn’t Miss Ellie and Bobby were so close… and he spent most of his life… “hating” Bobby…. and told Ann it was a lot of wasted years. and JR, shared.. how, Daddy, plucked JR up, and steered him to become the head of Ewing oil… and Miss Ellie snatched Bobby up… So, you could see, how the two brothers… past present and future.. belies….who, and what, they’ve become.

now, that, we know…. and they, the writers, and actors, know… they’re coming back… let’s get more guest stars of old… and please… show more Sue ellen.


between this and hearing GH is safe for now (it got OLTL’s old 2 pm timeslot) I am in soap opera hog heaven LOL!

Also hearing rumors that Kirsten Storms may be on her way back as Maxie makes me happy since I loathe the current actress and want a Spixie reunion but only with KS!

Plus I read in Soaps In Depth Kimberly McCullough signed up for ABC’s directing program and said if it can be worked out where she directs and can do GH at same time, she would definitely agree to come back! Here’s hoping something can be worked out on that one!

Anyway I loved original Dallas and am currently collecting it on dvd (up to season 9 so far). Love the new one and am thrilled it is a big hit. Now lets bring more of the original cast on more regularly like Lucy and Ray and please move heaven and earth to bring Victoria Principal back as Pam! I am sure Ann is nice but I want my Pam and Bobby dammit!


LOL… Here, Here! We need some good SECURE news… our soaps… will.. persevere… networks… preserve what belongs! SERIALS.

Kirsten Storms… IS SO ADOREABLE. I’m glad, Jen Lilly… made the role, hers.. in the the interim…. she surprised me…. after all the melee. she surprised, me, when she married Matt… and Matt, manned up and went to Prison… wasn’t maxie funny when asked, where’s her husband… she says.. he’s in a government position… something to that affect… and blurted out prison… I’ll miss Matt…

although, Patricks prescription…”plan”… totally, took me by surprise… he’s (?) going to crash and burn? with Maxie, picking up the pieces?

Lucky you.. with the collection of the original Dallas…. I SO WISH I HAD ALL OF KNOT’S LANDING… now that would be hog heaven.. for me…

NEW DAYS FANS! PLEASE tune in when the formidable… Ms. Eileen Davidson… RETURNS TO DOOL… as Kristen DeMira…. The Phoenix’ daughter… now that’s enticement enough….. high brow drama permeates John and Marlena’s consciousness.


I have to mention… Spinelli, telling Maxie off….. I’m done!…. doorMATTing for you… WAITING! that was heartbreaking… the look in Jen Lilly’s face.. was believeable.

wow… kirsten. has missed alot.


First off I can’t stand Jen Lilley as Maxie especially during Robin’s death she grated on my nerves throwing that fit at Robin’s funeral. And wearing that red dress too! How tacky and insensative can she be?

I will welcome KS back with open arms cause JL clearly had zippo chemistry with BA and that why Spixie is done…for now. If KS returns I definitely see a Spixie reunion coming.

And Spinelli did have ever right to tell Maxie off after she treated him like dirt when he went all out to clear her name and get her out of prison.

And let’s not forget Spinelli has never waivered loving Maxie whereas she cheated on him!

On different note, I want Robin back-and not just to give Scrubs a happy ending either. I think Kimberly is realizing now she can do both directing and be on GH if the workload is balanced evenly. I hope TPTB move heaven and earth to make this happen!


Oh and btw nothing could ever entice me back to Days-I quit that show way back in the 90s when John and Marlena slept together when Isabella was barely dead in her grave. And they focked no less on a table in a conference room while a party was going on just outside the door. And FYI Marlena was married to and living under the same roof as Roman when this happened, that sanctimonious hobag! And to cap things off, poor Sami accidentally walked in and saw them going at it on the table. Is it any wonder for years Sami hated Mommy Dearest?

As for now, with Peter Reckell leaving that seals any glimmer of me ever looking at Days again. Bo and Hope were the couple that hooked me in the first place and to see them end is stomping on any last bit of Days love I have left.

Plus I don’t look at all the character names and don’t even recognize most of them. If I were to watch (and I sure as hell won’t) it wouldn’t be returning to an old favorite, it would be watching a whole new show! And sorry I not interested!




Now maybe they’ll explore the mystery of Pamela’s disappearance. Would be nice to see Pam and Ann face off. This has quickly become my fav night-time show!


Oh bring it on! Ann is too saintly for my taste! Pam could be at times but she knew how to fight back too! She at least once gave JR a good smackdown and she also gave one to her psycho bitch sister Katherine when she learned Katherine wrote the letter to Bobby that made him ask Pam for a divorce. And Pam also knew how to keep Cliff in line too! Pam is direly needed back for so many reasons I can’t keep count!

barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1
barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1

I never liked when she went with that Mark Graison either, I hope tptb try to talk pam into coming back, I hear she is still saying no.

barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1
barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1

That would be interesting, I don’t know about a Pam, Anne, face off, it looks like Bobby and anne have been married for a while, Pam would look like a fool trying to start something there, anne is a very strong Character, a character that won’t take no crap off anyway, did you see her load up that rifle? I still would like to see Pam show up at South Fork to see her son and Explain why she left and why she never stayed in touch at least to see that her son was alright.


I think of Pam as being Bobby’s great love. They fought to stay together for a long time and against a terrific opposing force — JR. I remember being very disappointed when she was with Mark Graison – it changed the tone of the series for me.

barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1
barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1

oops, Take no crap off anyone.


Let Pam go. She made a choice to leave and let’s accept that. DALLAS is in the day opted not for a recast. I think having Christopher always deal with the loss of his mother by abandonment is a great character motivator.


According to Wikipedia:

Pam made a brief appearance in the 12th season premiere, with a different appearance due to plastic surgery (which also doubled as an explanation for Margaret Michaels portraying the role rather than Victoria Principal). She reveals to her brother Cliff that she is happy in her new life and plans to marry her doctor. Later, after Cliff leaves, her fiance asks why she didn’t tell Cliff that she has a terminal disease and only has a year to live. Though this was the character’s final appearance in the series, Pam has never been declared dead on the show.[43]

That doesn’t sound a case like a case of disappearance to me — so I assume some rewriting has occurred.


I WANT a KNOTTS reboot!!! That being said, I am loving DALLAS, and thrilled to see it succeed…now, please more Sue Ellen!


Knots Landing coming back would be so wonderful. I Love Knots landing.


Great news for a great show


I am so glad. Dallas is on fire. Now I am hoping OLTL is not far behind. If I remember correctly, PP has til Jan. to do something with OLTL. It would be the perfect opportunity for TNT to pick up another show focused around a family from Texas…The Buchanans. Long live One Life To Live.


Love it! Great news!


Enjoying Dallas! So glad it’s been renewed! Hope Cliff Barnes gets more screen time.

radical delusion

Fantasmagoric! But i never had a doubt. I predicted this exact scenario, down to the network when the original series ended. Hopefully Ms. Principal, who as we know, does not need to act for money, will see the success and quality of the writing and production of the continuation and come back at least to recur. I think it would be great to have pam back as a regular and all the storylines around chris’ abandonment issues. However, I doubt Victoria has the time with all her businesses, so hopefully a recurring role (at least 25-50 % of the episodes) could be worked out. What I DO NOT want to see is a 2 episode quick “tie up” of pam’s loose ends just so she can never come back or come back once year for ratings sweeps.



Radical Delusion

Just watched the scene where Cliff sees Pam (played by Margaret Michaels) for the last time. Considering the fact that the actress had never played the role before and did just one seen, I think it was as good of a recast as any I’ve ever seen. Anyone who has ever watched a daytime soap knows that an actor taking over an already-established role usually takes a few months to fully “settle in.” That being said, I feel that if Victoria Principal will not return to “Dallas,” the producers should consider Margaret Michaels. As much as I love the new show and think the writing is great, there is a void and that void is Pam’s abscence. To me, the original show was never the same after she left (they managed to keep the same feel for one season after because bobby’s search for her was prevalent so her presence was still felt in the storylines) and the “resurrection” is lacking her as well. I don’t want some 2 episode “wrap-up” either, which would be insulting. She needs to come back either full-time, part-time, or for at least a 4 episode arc with the possibility of future return.


Love the new Dallas. I certainly hope the don’t screw it up by having Knots characters on. Gary makes sense but Val is to ugly to appear.


I agree! Joan Van Ark looks like Herman Munster without the sex appeal!


That’s mean! Plus she doesn’t look like Herman Munster! She looks like a tranny in a fright wig!


How DARE you she is a great actress and wonderful person! …Who just happens to look like she was beat in the face with a shovel. Truthfully she was ugly before the plastic surgery – Donna Mills was far more interesting and attractive.


I dont agree, Valene and Gary are the best. I hope they bring Knots Landing back, It would make the show even better. KNOTS LANDING RULES


Your wrong – Joan Van Ark is a hideous granny clown who should only appear on camera in total darkness and not on Dallas. She appeared in only a handful of Dallas episodes and was the least important character to appear. Dora Mae was more important to the plot! If Val must be on the role should be recast with Iggy Pop.


Please Please Please BRING BACK KNOTSLANDING There was nothing like it……


Well they wouldn’tbe able to afford all the main cast so they would need to narrow it to Abby Gary and Karen. Val isn’t. necessary – she was always dull. Abby is far more interesting and still looks attractive. Joan looks like an ugly horsefaced hag.


Glad the night soaps are coming back. This is what we need. We need knots landing toooooooooo.


Y&R and Dallas Alum, Oscar Winner George Kennedy Has Died

Photo Credit: WireImage

George Kennedy,  the Oscar-winning star of 1967’s Cool Hand Luke, which also starred Paul Newman has died at age 91, his grandson, Cory Schenkel confirmed.

Kennedy died in his sleep at his Boise, Idaho home early Sunday morning, the day of the Academy Awards.  He had been in failing health ever since his wife Joan died a little over a year ago. George had been under hospice care for the past month.

In the soaps, Kennedy is most remembered for his guest stints on The Young and the Restless playing Victor Newman’s despicable father, Albert Miller.  Kennedy first played the role in 2003 and then reprised it again in 2010.   Victor’s relationship with his father gave Eric Braeden some of the finest material of his career as the complex Victor.  Albert had abandoned his family, causing his son to be raised in an orphanage.

CBS original primetime soap Dallas also featured Kennedy as Carter McKay, one of the Ewing families bitter enemies from 1988 to 1991.  Geroge also played the role in two follow-up TV movies, 1996’s Dallas: J.R. Returns and 1998’s Dallas: War of the Ewings.  In addition, Kennedy appeared in several of the 70’s major disaster films including the original Airport and several sequels, as well as in Earthquake.  In the 80’s, he would appear in The Naked Gun franchise of films along with Leslie Nielsen.

After the jump, watch George Kennedy as Albert on The Young and the Restless in scenes with Eric Braeden and Joshua Morrow (Nick).  Then share your thoughts on the passing of this talented actor in the comment section below! (more…)

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As The World Turns

7th Annual Indie Series Awards Nominations Announced: Winterthorne, EastSiders & The Bay Battle It Out In Drama Series! Van Hansis, Melissa Archer, Lilly Melgar, Kathleen Gati, Deidre Hall, Martha Madison,Tristan Rogers & More Soap Notables Score Nods!


On Wednesday, nominations were announced for the 7th Annual Indie Series Awards.  The ISA’s celebrate the best in independently produced scripted entertainment created for the Web.  Nominations this year were announced in 30 categories.

Online series which featured stars of your favorite daytime dramas took three of the top four spots that led all fields in total nominations.  Michael Caruso’s Winterthorne scored a record-tying 13 nominations, followed by Gregori J. Martin’s The Bay with 12, and Kit Williamson’s EastSiders with 10.   The series Hollywood Wasteland also scored 11 nominations.

The winners will be announced in ceremonies on April 6th at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, and the awards show will be hosted by Days of our Lives Eric Martsolf (Brady) and Jen Lilley (Theresa) starting at 8PMPST.

The nominations were revealed within a very special video presentation hosted by actress Jillian Claire, which features a cameo by Eric Martsolf.


From Van Hansis, Elizabeth Hubbard, Deidre Hall, Eric Martsolf, John-Paul Lavoisier, Martha Madison, Lilly Melgar, Brianna Brown, Constance Wu, Tristan Rogers, Karrueche Tran, Linda Gray, Kathleen Gati, Carolyn Hennesy, Kevin Spirtas, Patsy Pease, Melissa Claire Egan, Melissa Archer and more, there is plenty of talent on the web these days and they all are ISA nominees this year.

Below is just a sampling of categories featuring daytime notables who received nominations.  For the complete list go to Serial Scoop and click here!  (more…)

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Former Dallas Star Josh Henderson Back With New Series From E!: The Arrangement


We all loved Josh Henderson’s portrayal of John Ross Ewing on TNT’s defunct revival of the classic primetime soap, Dallas.

Since Dallas was never able to find a suitable home at another network, Henderson had teased via social media some time ago that he had something big in the works.

Now it is revealed! On Friday, E! announced plans for its second scripted series following The Royals.  The new show is called The Arrangement and stars Henderson alongside Christina Evangelista. The story revolves around a young actress named Megan Morrison (Evangelista), who auditions for a huge summer movie alongside top Hollywood action movie star Kyle West (Henderson). When Megan’s audition leads to a first date with Kylie, she’s presented with a contract that could change her life forever. But will she accept The Arrangement?   Michael Vartan and Lexa Doig also star in the series.

On his official Instagram account, Henderson shared his enthusiasm for the reveal of his next role: “Been waiting for bout 4 months till it became official.. And So excited today cuz I can finally announce I’ve got a new show coming !! 1st season will be 10 episodes on E! More to come soon.” (more…)

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