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DAYS Billy Flynn Chats On Crafting Chad, Kate Mansi's Departure, Chabby, Falling In Love & The Daytime Emmys!



Out of the gate, Days of our Lives Billy Flynn (Chad DiMera) had one of the fastest rises in popularity of any young actor in the soap genre.  Flynn had extra added pressure being a recast, and taking over the role of Chad after it was played by another actor (Casey Deidrick) who was extremely well-liked.  Although it took a bit of time to re-establish Chad back on to the Salem canvas, and with a story that would allow Billy to show his acting chops … once things took off there was no stopping what would follow.

Put in a love story opposite Kate Mansi’s Abigail, fans of the NBC daytime drama series named the couple “Chabby”, and in a riveting triangle and story arc, Abigail’s then fiancé’ Ben Weston (Rob Scott Wilson) turned serial killer, when his jealous rage got the best of him delivering for months high-stakes drama that ultimately led Chad to save the day for Abigail and her baby!  Fast forward a few months later … bombshell!  Viewers and Chad finally learn that he is the baby daddy to little Thomas, not Ben.  After a DiMera-style brainwashing attempt, true love triumphed. Chad can now try to make a family with Abby and his son.  But will it truly happen for the long term?  Can Chad ever find true happiness, or will his twisted family ties set out to spoil everything he has gained in his life?

On-Air On-Soaps sat down with Billy Flynn for this very forthcoming and candid interview to talk about: his whirlwind success on DAYS, how he has managed to infuse the character of Chad with so much complexity that viewers can’t wait to see what the guy does next, being a younger leading man in daytime, and his thoughts on the departure of his on-screen partner, Kate Mansi and why their chemistry worked so well.   Billy also chimes-in on what he thinks of the bad rap the soap genre gets from the rest of the entertainment world, and what he has learned during his almost two years in daytime.  Finally, Billy weighs-in on his chances for a Daytime Emmy nomination, and opens up about the woman that changed his life …  his beautiful fiancée, actress Gina Comparetto.  Always one to talk straight from the heart, here’s what Billy had to share!

Did you know when you initially came on to DAYS that you would be put in this younger leading man capacity on the canvas?


BILLY:  When I was cast, Marnie Saitta (DAYS casting director) explained that this character would potentially be a leading man, but that was when James Scott (Ex-EJ) and other actors were still here.  So, I had no idea if that would happen.  My character was written as a cocky kid who came to town.  I wasn’t playing leading man material from the start.  I go back to the scene with Abby in Will’s apartment, because of the context of that scene.  I think that was the beginning of when people started looking at Chad, and Abigail as this modern day supercouple in the making, or couple to root for.  I think that is where the audience, and the producers, and writers saw the sparks.  It was the moment where people saw me in a different light on the show, and that is when I started to be written differently.  There are not a lot of guys who can play the strong masculine type, but who can also be vulnerable.  I think that is always the strength in one’s work.

Speaking of the strong masculine types who can vulnerable, who are your favorite leading men right now in Hollywood?  Whose work do you admire?

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BILLY:  I think Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite actor, and I would say him over Daniel Day-Lewis only because he will do only one film in five years.  With Leo, he does maybe one or two films a year.  He is still a movie star, but he has lost someone of the anonymity that Daniel Day-Lewis has been able to keep.  Leonardo is still believable every time he steps into a role.  He is brilliant, and you as the audience buy into it.  I would also say Tom Hardy is one of my favorites, and Michael Fassbender.  I also think Eddie Redmayne is brilliant.  What’s nice about Eddie is that it almost seemed that he came out of nowhere, even though he had been working a long time.  It’s very different for an actor who started in England.  They have less blowback on their career path.  When I told my parents that I wanted to be an actor at 16, they were like “Don’t be ridiculous.”  But when English actors tell their parents they want to pursue acting, they go into an all arts school, because it is such a social acceptable thing over there.

Can you watch your work back on the air shows?


BILLY:   I can watch my work, but I am never satifisied with it.  You can ask our producer, Albert Alaar.  When I am done with a scene, even if people on the crew told me they liked it, I will walk away and nitpick what was wrong.  This genre sets you up for that, because you only get one take, and maybe only four hours of preparation time to do a scene without even knowing you’re blocking.  And then they throw blocking in, which sometimes doesn’t make any sense at all.  You think to yourself, “Why am I going over here?” (Laughs)  Then you are supposed to memorize 70 pages of dialog.  But what I have grown to be able to do is bring the subtlety in my performance behind the eyes.  It’s not always good on daytime, because there isn’t enough time to perfect scenes.  But I have always come to the table thinking, “Why can’t we in daytime strive for that kind of work.”   For instance, if I am not emotional in that moment in a scene that might call for tears, I won’t cry.  These are lessons I have learned while being on the show.  I had this scene where I was supposed to cry over EJ’s ashes, and be vulnerable.  It was just the most atrocious, and fake-crying performance I ever saw!  It was then that I promised myself I would never do that again.

How long have you been on the show?  The fan response has been absolutely incredible in such a short time.  Do you feel you have been able to steer the direction of Chad, as well as the audience’s perception of him?   Do you see your ascension in popularity the perfect storm of a combination of things, including the storylines you have been given to play?


BILLY:  In April of this year, I will have been filming for two years, but airing for a year and half.  I think what has transpired is kind of a perfect storm, maybe.  On daytime, you see a lot of guys being masculine with their jaws clenched.  If I am feeling weird in a moment, because I feel it’s ridiculous, I will find the humor in it.  When you start to feel more comfortable with a character you start to put your own personality into it.

When you found out that Chad was going to be brainwashed by Andre (Thaao Penghlis) and you would have to play these scenes with your head strapped to a chair, and your eyes popping out, what was your initial reaction?  The purpose of this was, of course, to throw a monkey wrench into the short lived happiness of Chad and Abigail (Kate Mansi).


BILLY:  I was not happy with the way that it was done, and I have expressed that before.  I didn’t understand what the brainwashing did to service the story.  I saw the script, and the way that I looked at it I realized I had to commit to the material completely.  A person being brainwashed can be absurd.  But goddamnit, I am going to play brainwashed!  I am sitting there looking at four blanks screens that in post-production they are going to put a bunch of images of Belle (Martha Madison) and Abigail, and other things.  You are being told you are not in love with somebody, and you are supposed to chase somebody else.  You’re strapped to this chair, and you have to fight things that a “normal” person might do in the situation, like shut their eyes and not watch the screens.  Brainwash over! Well, we don’t have things to hold my eyes open, and so I have to keep my eyes open for the scene to work.  As an actor, you have these problems to overcome, but you have to commit to it.  By the end of the scene I realized Thaao was doing such a brilliant job of being so menacing.  I had tears rolling down my eyes by the end of it.  So I played it as: “OK, you are going to see Abby being ripped right out of Chad.”  Thaao gave me some great notes.  At the end of it, Chad is saying Abby’s name as she is getting ripped out of his brain.  Then I had to figure out how to walk around being brainwashed, yet still being yourself.  So now you have no relationship with this person, who you just saved from a fire, and yet she is the love of your life.  I chose to play that Chad had certain ticks.  Chad was inside this locked room, if you will, with the brainwashed Chad on the exterior. You saw that certain words snapped Chad back into a certain posture.  Chad mumbles. To play the brainwashed Chad I slowed down my speech a little bit.  I made sure when Abby was in the scenes, I never made eye contact with her.  But you would also see my eyes tick if I did!

What did you think about the scenes where a brainwashed Chad goes about trying to seduce Belle (Martha Madison)?


BILLY:   I don’t think I could have played that scene any less charming, and I played it almost robotic.  I knew the writers had written that for me.  I didn’t necessarily like it, but this is how I’m going to portray it.  I have to play that Chad has no love for Belle.  The audience in that scene saw a guy doing what he was being told to do.  I will say the lines like they were programmed, almost like they were things that were fed to me, and in that scene it wasn’t that Belle wanted to be with Chad.  She was kind of rebounding off the fact that she couldn’t be with Phillip (John-Paul Lavoisier) for the night.  What was good about that whole scenario was Abby coming in and trying to save Chad, even though he was so cold to her.

The New Year’s Eve episode was nice timing though to resolve this story arc, and for Chad to snap out of it, already! (Laughs)

BILLY:  It was good that just in time for New Year’s Chad snapped out of it, and remembered his love for Abby. 

Let’s discuss the cabin fire, and Killer Ben (Rob Scott Wilson) attempting to set Chad and Abigail ablaze.  What did you think about how those scenes were set up? Chad was to play the hero in this scenario.


BILLY:  I agreed with a lot of it, but my biggest struggle with it was, for instance, with how everything Rafe (Galen Gering) and Chad did together to find Abigail, you are just not going to have Rafe be around to help Chad in the end.  Chad just trekked up to the cabin in the snow alone!  He breaks in, but then he gets knocked out with a tap to the back of the head.  Then, they sort of immobilized the hero of the story with Chad being tied to the bed for two episodes.  That was the only part I was sort of unhappy with.  Chad had already gotten into a huge fight with Ben and lost.  I almost felt to get knocked out again so soon after the first time … it almost felt like a kick to the hero of the story.  So, then it almost seems not heroic anymore.  I don’t mind playing a weak character, as long as it’s done in the right way.  That being said, everybody committed so hard to that story that it was very good.  From the 50th anniversary standpoint, I think what we have done since has been even better.  I think what’s coming up is really strong, and Chad and Abby’s relationship has grown so much.  I think it’s honest, and heartbreaking.  And, if I was ever going to get nominated for a Daytime Emmy, I would say the stuff that is coming up is the strongest for me, personally.

Then there was that gory fight scene between Ben and Chad.  It was one of the most violent and graphic ever witnessed on daytime, but so dramatic, and so well choreographed!

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BILLY:  We did those scenes in one take!  They had stunt doubles that were going to do a second pass.  It was a bloody mess on screen, but it looked good.  Losing a fight is never awesome, but what I took from it was what it added to Chad’s character.  Since I came in I have gotten very lucky with how I have sort of sculpted Chad’s growth.  I wanted people to hate him at first; because that was the only way I could get people to not think about the old Chad.  I wanted them to have some feeling, or some reaction.  I opted for having people say about Chad: “I don’t like him.  He’s smarmy.  He’s a prick.”  But then I wanted to layer it.  The audience feels like they have seen Chad go from this little s**t to this man who is in love.  I wanted the viewers to feel like they have gone on this journey with Chad from the very beginning, and I think they have.  I feel very fortunate, and from that I am now instilling in the character that Chad doesn’t ever give up.  Ben would hit Chad, and he gets back up, and it takes a bit longer.  There was a part of the scene that was cut, when he smashes my head into the bed, but Chad grabs him and says, “I’m not going to quit!”  And then he bashes my head against the bed that one final time.

The on-screen relationship and chemistry you were able to forge with Kate Mansi was truly special.   Why do you think it worked so well?

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BILLY:   I got lucky.  Sometimes on soaps you can bounce from relationship to relationship on the show, and not have chemistry with anybody.  Whatever it is that we had, it just worked.  I tested with Kate two years ago.  I don’t think they knew where they ultimately wanted to have the characters end up.  They went through Abby being paired with Ben, and Chad being paired with Jordan (Chrishell Stause), but when they saw the chemistry between Kate and me, I think they decided this is how they were going to go.  It’s like any other relationship – you fight, you get along, there are things you don’t agree on as actors, and it’s up and down.  We both work in different ways, and in the end we connect.  We just sort of get their by going our different routes, and when your characters are written a certain way, and you have been together awhile, you kind of know how your scene partner is going to do something in a scene.  It almost mirrors a real-life relationship where you can almost finish the other person’s sentence.  That being said, both of us as actors have been able to surprise the other a lot in our scenes, which is nice, too!  I think our scenes have had a lot of little moments, or nuggets within them that the audience appreciates.

Kate announced she decided to leave DAYS.  You had spent such a great deal of time working with her. and creating the love story of Chad and Abby.  How did you find out she was leaving?  Did she come to you and tell you?  What will you miss about working with her the most?

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BILLY:  Well, I think there was a process to her leaving.  Once it was decided Kate was going leave in December, she came to me and told me.  Kate had her reasons.  I believe it was a really hard decision for her to make.  I believe prior to that, her contract was up in September.  The way they were going to round out the story didn’t work, or she didn’t feel right by having it end that way.  Kate stayed another three months, I believe, which was really great of her.  It was very selfless, because the story we were able tell in those three months was crucial, amazing, and heartbreaking.  In the end, I think she was happy with at least that, or I hope she was.  The story that we (as in her and me) told together can’t be duplicated.  We shared our own experiences that I won’t have with another Abigail, or whatever the producers choose to do.  I am happy for Kate, though.  She’s moving on.  It’s on her own accord, which knowing Kate; she wouldn’t have it any other way.   She’s going to be fine.  The mark Kate left on the show will be hers, and forever.

On soap operas, it is very important for the actors to keep the integrity of their characters in scenes.   They are almost the guardians of their alter egos, even though the writers created them.  What do you think about the work that is being done currently in this genre?

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BILLY:  I tell you, some of the soap actors blow my mind.  My perception has completely changed about soap actors since coming to Days of our Lives.   I was a broke actor eating black beans, eating two meals a day, living on sailboat.  I remember thinking; I was still never going to do a soap if it came up.  I was trying to figure out, why are these people soap opera actors as opposed to just an “actor”?   I had these negative thoughts. But then you come in, and you see how these people work here, and it’s incredible.  I have seen how movie stars work, and I have seen primetime TV stars work.  They could not do what some of these people in our industry can do.  The soap genre has birthed a lot of our A-list stars today.  There is still a connotation of the soaps as the red-headed stepchild of the industry, and yet three or four of the top movie stars right now started on Australian soaps.  So when somebody says to me, “Oh, you’re just a on a soap,” I say, “Really?  Put your number one client in a scene with me doing 70 pages of dialog a day with no preparation time, and let’s see who is a better actor.”    I think we are in a generation now where a lot of the lead actors on the CW right now have come from the soaps.  You have Chris and Liam Hemsworth, and Margot Robbie, and these people were on the Australian soaps: Home & Away, and Neighbours, and they aren’t necessarily better than American soaps.  Now true, they do shoot on location.  (Laughs)

Are you worried about a “soap stigma” moving forward with your career?

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BILLY:  I am hoping when it is my time to move on, I won’t run into that.  Look at Thaao Penghlis.  He has been around forever, and he has done a lot of different things, as a lot of these actors have.  It’s interesting, even when you are talking to an agent, or manager they will be like, “Oh, he’s on a soap?  I’d rather take on a guy who has had five lines in a movie, then someone who is a lead on a soap!”  Are you crazy?  Soap operas do provide an opportunity though for someone who is green to get better, and sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.   It’s just like in any other career.   I was a financial analyst before.  I got hired by a great company with top of the line business school people.  They gave me an opportunity, and I sucked at it, which is why I’m not there anymore.  My passion was always acting.

Looking at your body of work of 2015, what were some of the moments you were most proud of?

BILLY:  I am proud of certain moments, but I always come back as an actor to the scene with Abby in the apartment where Chad tells her he loves her, and there were such tears in it too, but it was a place in my acting that just hit me, and a place I was never able to get to before.  That moment caught me off guard.  It truly felt like my first honest moment that I had on the show, so far.  I also liked when Chad learns he is the father of Thomas.  As the character, Chad has always wanted a child.  Previously, he had baby Grace, who had passed away and who he never really knew.  Chad is this flawed character, who has always desperately wanted to be a part of a family, and he has never truly had one.  He is just a guy who wants to be loved, and to be able to be loved.

Now Chad is the father to his baby boy, and that makes him even more endearing to the audience.  All and all, the writers have set the character up pretty well for the near term.


BILLY:  For the character, I thought it was beautiful.  As long as he has Abby, that is his number one.  Chad loves Thomas, but he also loves Thomas because he is a part of Abby.  You will see all of that play out in the next six months.  It was love that pulled Chad out of the brainwashing, and introducing Chad to his son.  I remember doing those scenes where he is pulled out of it.  I have this gasp for air, and I say to Abby, “How could I do this to you?”  It is scenes like that, or the apartment scene I mentioned before, that I always go back to my personal life and think of my fiancée’ Gina, and how I would feel saying terrible things to her, or in the baby scenario.  It would break my heart.   You will see in the next six months, if you see emotion and love coming from me, it’s Gina who is behind it all, while still staying in context of what the moment I’m playing is about.

What does you fiancée think of your performances on DAYS, and that you have to make out with women on camera?

BILLY:  Gina is an actress, and she gets it.  It’s never easy when you see the other person living in this other world.  She said to me, “When and if you choose to move on, you’re not going to be out of work for very long.”  She is a huge supporter, as I am of her.

Why is Gina the one for you, and the love of your life?

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BILLY:  I had a girlfriend when I was 16, and I was a really troubled kid, and I was in a foster home when I was young.   For whatever reason, she got me out of this mess, and it was more like an escape for me – not that I wasn’t good to her, but I was young.  We were together for like 4 or 5 years.  She went to this college.  I ended up following her there.  I wasn’t a good boyfriend, but I wasn’t ready to be one.  Cut to: after we broke up, because I wasn’t ready for a relationship as I wasn’t a faithful guy, I realized later I wasn’t in love with her.  However, I didn’t realize that the time, because all I knew was this relationship was coming crashing down.  So I promised myself I would never lie to somebody again, and I wouldn’t ever to that to somebody again till I was ready to settle down, and give my heart to somebody.  I went through eight years of not having a girlfriend, and not being in a committed relationship, or even doing anything more than dating.  I remember the first time I saw Gina.  I thought I would like to go out with her.  It took me two years to even ask her out, and I knew her that long.  I sent her a text saying, “Happy Birthday.”  She texted me back, “It’s not my birthday!”  But then it was her birthday and I asked her out, but I knew she was the one.  Then we dated a few times and my insecurities held me back, and I was working a lot.  So, I kind of used that excuse just to not see her.  Then DAYS had a long summer break last June, and I couldn’t stop thinking about her.  So I texted her and said, “I have a month off.  I would like to see you every single day, if that’s OK.”   And I have seen her every day since; she took all of the doubts I had about myself being in a relationship right out of my mind.   It’s been just so nice and easy being with her.

So, how did you propose to Gina?  Were you nervous about it when the time came?

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BILLY:  I had gotten the ring when we went back to Minnesota for Gina to meet my parents for the first time.  I had actually gotten the ring from a person my mom had set me up with.  I told Gina I had to leave for awhile, and I went to purchase the ring, and I came back.  I was so nervous for like a month thinking, is she going to love me forever? Those were the things that come up a month before you propose, where you go through this weird phase.  My best friend came in town for my birthday, and we picked him up from the airport, and we all went out, and we all had a bit much to drink.  So the next day she was slightly hung-over, but we had made plans to go to the beach.   Then we came home that night, and we got into this bickering match about the fact that she was giving me a birthday present, but she hadn’t wrapped it yet, because she hadn’t had time.  I was like, “Baby, you said we were going to do this before my friends come over, because I don’t want to be opening presents around them, and I don’t want to be rude.” And she was like, “Well, I just didn’t’ have the time!”   I thought, now is the time to propose!  She was still in her sweats, her make-up was half done, and it was such a perfect moment.  I was in the other room and I said, “I love our life.” She said, “Me, too.”  I said, “Would you come out here for a minute?”  I then got down on one knee and proposed!  It was the exact moment it should have been.  But the moment that got me was when she called her mom to tell her, and how emotional she was.  It was such a beautiful thing to see.  It gets me every time just thinking about that.  She turned my life upside down.  I think that is what has helped make Chad easy to play, because when I started to put myself into Chad that is when Chad started to really grow.  I came in playing this façade, but as soon as I started putting some heart in to the guy, things changed.  In soaps you are living this character’s life, and it’s not called Days of our Lives for nothing! (Laughs).  Now, I try to put as much as I can of myself in Chad every day.

You have submitted yourself in the Lead Actor category for this year’s Daytime Emmy race.  If you were to receive an Emmy nomination, would you see that as the capper on a great year?

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BILLY:   I would love it, but I don’t think I deserve one more than anybody else.  Here is my thing with the Daytime Emmys … for so many years it’s been like this boy’s club. You have the three biggest shows: The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful and General Hospital.   I think the last time DAYS even got a Lead Actor nomination was with James Scott.  So, it’s the same people almost every year, but that being said, on DAYS we have had a lot of great performances this year, but I don’t think I deserve it more than anybody else on the show.  I think it would be nice for DAYS to get that kind of recognition, because of the political agenda where it can seem like you have to have appeared on all four soaps to even get a nomination.  DAYS even got a lot of slack for tying for Best Drama Series last year, and that’s ridiculous.  I have seen the other shows.  I think Justin Hartley (Adam, Y&R) is really good, and he deserves a nomination this year.  There is nobody on DAYS that is not just as good.  I would be super-honored if I get a nomination in the Lead Actor category, and would be OK if I didn’t win.  For me, it’s just about the work.  I am just so humbled and honored to have the opportunity I have here at DAYS.  If I get a nomination that’s great, but for some people getting a nomination for them means the world.  I don’t think that way.  If my peers think I did good work that is great.  But if not, I have my people around me, and my fiancée who think I am doing pretty good, and that’s alright with me.

In closing, we cannot forget the fans!  They have rallied around you, and have fallen in love with you, and Chad.  Again, it’s very impressive how you have been able to in a very short time win them over, and captivate them.  Congrats on that!

Photo Credit: DAYS/Barnes&Noble

BILLY:  I can say, if I don’t get a nomination the fans are going to have a s**tfit! (Laughs)  I went from 3,000 fans to a lot on social media in short order, and it’s been crazy.  I try to chirp back, and talk to the fans on Twitter when I can, and Thaao and I have had that fun banter back and forth.  Now if I was in a film I would try to be more reclusive, because you are trying to get the public to buy you as a certain character.  But we are not winning Oscars here.  We are doing the best work we can, and in soaps people fall in love with who you are as opposed to your character, sometimes.  I just try to give the fans on social media as much of me as I can, because I am really honored that they even care about me, especially from where I started.  If they take the time to write me on Twitter, it’s one response back to someone.  I don’t understand why more people don’t take the time to respond.  The whole thing is cool.  It’s pretty awesome where I am now from back when I was living in Minnesota, and so confused.   I am in a great place.  If nothing else ever happened, I could see me staying at DAYS for a number of years.

So, what have you thought of Billy Flynn’s progression in playing the character of Chad DiMera? What do you think about the sentiments he shared on the exit of Kate Mansi?  What were your favorite scenes so far featuring Billy?  What did you think about what he had to say about the talent pool in the soap genre, and the often “perception” of those who work in the medium?  Do you hope Billy lands a Daytime Emmy nomination for his work? Share your thoughts on our interview in the comment section below!

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I’d Iike to express what a beautiful actor and person Billy seems to be inside and out!! A very intelligent, heartwarming interview proving why us fans love him so much!! Bravo to you and may you snag an Emmy because it will be well deserved!!

margaret fernando

Fantastic interview.very imformative.billy flynn certainly deserves an emmy nomination.he portrays chad so naturally .love the humour he brings to the role.lastly i hope that even with kate mansi leaving that they recast the role of abigail so that the chabby love story can continue.

Deanna Blosser

Billy you are a great actor I’m proud of you keep up the great work you do and you do deserve an Emmy I love you


Why not ask Billy about the actors who lost their jobs because of this supposed “great” story and his claims that he didn’t know any of them despite having scenes with Melissa Archer and many scenes with Guy Wilson yet he doesn’t know them or about his thoughts on the homophobic way in which legacy character Will Horton was brutally murdered while others who have done far worse than Will are allowed to live but Will is deemed not worthy of life.


Why don’t you ask the writers and producers that question since he’s not the one who made that decision!


Lol. Good answer


Billy Flynn is an awesome actor!!! One of favourite actors of all time! And it’s not his fault they killed off Will lol smdh


I know the anger and disappointment you feel, Art. The ‘disposal’ of Will was a bad move. But, it had nothing to do with Billy. So, let’s not point fingers toward an actor who was just doing his job…..and, a good one at that. Killing Will was not fair to the actor or the fans; however, neither is your way of thinking toward Billy. And, for what it’s worth, I am on the fence about why Guy was fired. Was it because he represented a gay character or because he just did a pitiful job in the role of Will. Regardless, Will should still be living in Salem….other than Lucas, what male Horton is left?


I read the same interview you are referring to and I came away from it with a different read. When he was talking about the actors that had left and not really knowing them (and remember, at the time of the interview, he was six months down the road in filming so it covered a number of people), he really didn’t name names, and he was clearly referring to all the people that had left by that time, not just ones connected to his story. But let’s look at them – Melissa Archer he literally did a handful of scenes with so to say he didn’t know her would have been accurate. He had a few scenes with Aiden, no scenes with Bo, really never crossed over with Daniel, really didn’t cross over with Paige, so that would leave Will and Ben (sorry for the character names). So, the majority of people, he didn’t really know.

But even so, there was nothing in that interview that sounded malicious or uncaring. He was simply referring to what happened in the story, how it related to his story and he mentioned that he didn’t have a connection to most of the actors who had recently left – which was true.

You aren’t the first person to have taken a negative view to his words, but he didn’t create the situation and really didn’t say anything horrible. You may not like the story, you may resent that some of your favorite characters are gone (believe me, I hate that Will was senselessly sacrificed for that story), but Billy was not at fault and doesn’t deserve negativity directed at him because of it.


Thanks for the interview,love Billy/Chad amazing actor. The chemistry between he and Kate/Abby was amazing and this will be missed when Kate Mansi leaves.


I love Abby and Chad.sorry Kate is going away.hope she comes back soon


Great article! He seems to be well adjusted and very thankful to be on Days. I hope he gets a nomination. He deserves it. Looking forward to more of his work, especially with Thaao. They have a great love/hate relationship!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

I see him leaving the show one day for primetime and movies so Days fans enjoy him while you can…and for those talking about the age difference between Victor and Deimos under a previous post there is also the same age difference between brothers Chad and Andre you failed to see….what if they were to cast Billys fiancee Gina as the new Abby?


That was my take on it too Jim. I see him leaving when his contract is up. I sensed a lot of these stories to him are kinda BS. I sensed a little too much information coming out him; something producers & writers frown upon …. Almost Geary like in the dismay factor. Very talented guy and smart. Personable & damn honest. As Jim said, enjoy him while you can Days fans.

Nancy J

Michael, after reading your interview with Billy Flynn I have become an even bigger fan of his. I love what he had to say about the soap stigma” some people just don’t get how hard they work. Billy is very honest. Truthfully I started watching Days again with the return of Stephen Nicholas. But, Billy caught my attention Fast. And I love his chemistry Kate. I love Kate but, I hope they consider a recast. I don’t want to lose “Chabby” One last thing and fans might disagree but, Chad reminds me a lot of Steve. Tough dude with a big heart. But, doesn’t always like to show it.


I do enjoy his character on DOOL. Quite frankly, I think he should replace Jamie Dornan in 50 Shades. Huge improvement.


Oh, yeah….those eyes! That body…..just his being/his essence sends me. And, I’m married. LOL.


I loved Casey Deidrick as Chad, and never thought I would warm up to Billy Flynn, but I did. He’s right, it’s because of Abigail. And their chemistry. And the way Billy portrayed his love for her. Kate & Casey didn’t have the same chemistry, I preferred Chad with Melanie back then. So it will be interesting to see what happens when (if) they recast Abby. Supercouples have been recast before, but it is hardly ever the same. Roman/John being the exception. So I’ll just take a wait-and-see attitude. Chabby were my favorite young couple, and I haven’t really warmed to any of the others. At least Steve & Kayla, Marlena & John are still there for those of us who love an enduring romance, but we all fell in love with them when they were in their 20s. We’ve watched their love growing over the years. I cannot think of any other young couple on DAYS right now that can fill the gap Chabby will leave behind.


What I love about Billy Flynn is that he “gets it”. He understands about committing to the role, even if he doesn’t necessarily like the story arc he’s playing. He understands that the fans are critical to a character’s or a couple’s (or a soap’s) success, and he talks to them through social media and in person in funny, warm, engaging ways. He also understands how rare it is to find an acting partner with whom he clicks and with whom he can make a long-term, engaging couple like he’s done with Kate Mansi. For me, Chabby have been one of the most consistently well-done things on DOOL since Higley and Griffin took over, and I’m not sure how much of it has to to do with the writers themselves. Billy gives thoughtful, intelligent interviews and I hope he has many more wonderful years on DOOL.


Billy is an amazing actor the emotions he shows on Days is stellar. I had the privilege of meeting Billy in Niagara Falls by accident, we crossed paths in the lobby of the hotel and I immediately knew who he was (those blue eyes) he stopped said hello and asked if I wanted a selfie (of course I did) he was so nice, just a regular guy. We took a couple of pictures and chatted for a bit. Wish I could see him again. Gina is a lucky lady. Keep Billy on Days for a long time. He makes his character so believable.


That warms my heart, Cecile. I LOVE hearing how actors are decent people in real life. I have been following him on social media and I appreciate his humor, sarcasm, self deprecation. Those traits make one stand out from the rest of the pretentious who do not let people get to know them in the slightest.

Lucky girl!


He seems like such a nice, genuine person. I wish him much deserved success.


I call it now, this guy will be in movies. The honesty and the depth and heart of this guy is remarkable and should be showcased in movies. I’m with him, if he doesn’t receive a nomination, *uck em all, he don’t need it!!! We just want to see him act because that is what he is, a phenomenal and true to form actor! God I love Billy

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

HA!…i beat you…above i said i see him leaving one day for primetime and movies!


Not only are you an incredible actor, but you’re also a class act Mr. Flynn! Every interview I see or article I read about you is just another reason to not only like you but to cheer for you. You show respect for others and a real care and concern too. Put that together with your humble attitude, ability to connect with the audience, great sense of humor and…gotta add the shallower elements in there too…Cheyes, Chass, et al. You are HOT as hell! All of this makes you riveting to watch. Talk about can’t miss TV! Any episode you’re in is certainly that : ) The only soap I watch is Days and a big reason for that is to see you and the character you’ve created. The chemistry you have not only with Kate Mansi but with almost every person you’re in a scene with- Deidre, Galen, Thaao, to name a few is amazing! There’s no doubt you’ll go on to do other things, not because jobs outside of soaps are better but they are different making you able to expand your craft and share it with a bigger audience. But until then, I’ll take every single minute you’re on Days and cherish it. Thank you Mr. Flynn for what you’ve given us through this character. You’ve made me smile, laugh, cry, feel sadness, happiness, hope and so much more. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!


That was very beautiful and I wholeheartedly agree with ALL of it. 🙂

4ever DAYS

I predict he will quit at the end of his contract in April which will place his last airdate sometime in September or October. Kate leaving was probably a factor in his decision…such a shame.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

I kind of said the same thing…he will leave for primetime and movies but i did not know when his contract ends…i dont think they should recast if he does leave…the show should now focus on Deimos (is that his name?) and pair him with Nicole…lets have a villian war between Deimos and Andre!

4ever DAYS

I agree, Jimmy. I also like your earlier suggestion for DAYS to hire Billy’s fiancée for the role of Abby. If not, give the characters a rest if Billy leaves.

Read my reply to Patrick.


I hope he has a three year contract and not two.

4ever DAYS

Me too, blake!


awwhh… shucks… that’s not the vibe i’m getting

“… I am in a great place. If nothing else ever happened, I could see me staying at DAYS for a number of years. ”

RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE – this is what made me excited

per his words… he’s been on set 2 years
per his words… he’s been REELING 1 1/2 years.

so my young pup…. LOL handsome to boot

STAY put…. he has a legion of fans….

OK i’m selfishly commanding this

I predict Billy Flynn will in fact be a nominee in the lead acting category !

4ever DAYS

I hope Billy does stay a long time, Patrick, but Kate left and Billy’s girlfriend, actress Gina Comparetto, is encouraging (not a bad thing) Billy to leave DAYS. Reread Michael’s question: What does your fiancée think…and Billy’s reply quoting Gina.

Maybe hiring Gina for the role of Abby would be a good thing.

Billy should be an Emmy nominee and winner!



I didn’t read that part

is this a case of STARS in their eyes… oy! I don’t know.. I hope BF’ rethinks his path…. and riches … to STARDOM

he certainly is talented

but their is such a big gene pool …. of starry eyed notion

it would seem he’s “only” been in the REAL business world… his 2 plus years at DAYS

he should fill his cache… and bank his DAYS payroll for a bit

the DiMera Empire needs Chad

I wonder if DAYS is planning on hiring / recasting … either EJ or Peter Blake

this is no diss on the camaraderie between Filly Flynn and Thaao Penghliss

cheers this duo for keeping the DiMera frontburner

ie: Billy Flynn has all the potential and hindsight to figure himself in film and telee….


it really sounds, like; his life took a turn for the better.. with his being cast on DOOL


affirmation…. exaltation… by both; him and his girlfriend

soak this in…. this is a huge step

why wouldn’t it be… steady employment

it’s not the Oscars… but it’s work in this medium
it’s an experience and inroad to resume

I laud this man’ work

bar none: he deserves good scripts


I agree. He’s going to bolt.


What a truly honest interview. I have to admit I was one that didn’t think the casting of this young man would work but Billy’s incredible talent knows no bounds! He truly has personified “Chad” and his extraordinary talent will shine on. The very best to you Billy Flynn in your professional and personal life. Your star truly shines bright!


Errol Flynn…oops, ahem…I mean Billy Flynn deserves the praise/accolades. He rose from the floor to the dais to the pedestal, in my opinion. His acting is not all there is to it. Billy is charming. He is princely. He is gorgeous; not in the classic sense, but in the sexy, virile man sense. He is a turn-on. Period.
I did not like the idea of Abby and him as a couple because I found Abby’s behavior disgusting…..not only that, I just did not take to her. But, I have changed my mind since then. She has proved to be one of my faves on Days. The girl can act; can put her point across with one look. More importantly, Kate and Billy have found their niche….I only hope the next Abby will have the same rapport with him.


I hope they recast Abby!! In this article Billy said within the next 6 months we’ll see this love story play out but he said something about it being heartbreaking!!! They better not kill her off 🙁

Yvonne Martin

Great article! I was prepared NOT to like Billy, I loved the old taller Chad. His first scenes were cocky and I thought they were going to push him down our throats…fast forward a year and I was reading the preview to see what days Billy was going to be on, fast forwarding at times to get to his scenes, Billy is a lead actor. His playing to the scenes is rare, years ago Lane Davies hit me the same way, you would be smiling then tears, they are that good. I have no doubt Billy will do great things and hopefully be recognized for his gifts and dedication.

Donna Dykema

I just went back to Days after yrs. of not watching it, mainly because of the return of so many of my “older favorites”. Billy Flynn caught my attention as soon as I watched his first few scenes. Here is both a GOOD actor and not hard on the eyes either! I hope they keep him front and center even with the exit of Kate. Best of happiness in his personal life as well!


I like Billy Flynn and his Chad a lot. I’m grateful that he is on Days because he is great to watch and you can get lost in his big, beautiful, blue eyes!

4ever DAYS

Then it must have taken a long time to find you when his eyes were wide open and non-blinking during the brainwash, blake. lol


Cute, 4ever. I love your sarcasm. As I keep saying on other sites, as well….anyone with a twisted sense of humor, as mine, is my hero/heroine. Keep ’em coming. And, I agree with blake…….those azure eyes, as deep and clear as a calm island sea, are the windows to anyone’s soul. Pardon the cliche’. Lol.
I do believe we all (well, more than most) agree upon Billy’s overwhelming impact on us……however, let’s not put Rob (Ben) aside. I still have flashes of the malevolent expressions as his hand did the devil’s work ( I sort of covered my face with my hands…lol), and then go on through his day with that innocent, caring look on his very good-looking face, as nothing; no massacre; nothing macabre, took place. To me, that is the mark of excellent acting.
There is no denying both he and Billy are heartthrobs……more importantly, I personally believe, they helped Days climb out of that proverbial slump/ditch, somewhat, no?


when I first saw him; I likened him

you become engulfed in his eyes


add in his mannerisms… and it’s so much more than “vulnerable”

from the get go of his premiere… he never skipped a beat… that speaks volumes on his take on his being….

he adroitly portrayed confidently with an ease; his DiMera mystique and je ne sais quoi…. male pheromone…

I am more than satisfied that the DiMera crest and DiMera Empire rests easily with his portrait


Maybe, Patrick…I’m with you, all the way. But, Stefano lives? Or what we saw ( eyes blinking) was a reflex? Andre found the ‘body’….so, where does this leave Chad’s plans of taking over the DiMera ‘castle’ and everything that entails. More importantly, what does it mean for Hope and Rafe? Will Rafe assume the blame? That he shot Stefano? If he is still alive, I hope Hope gets put away for good….just to get out of Rafe’s life. Lol.


First of all, THANK YOU, Michael Fairman, for my favorite interview so far. I enjoyed the group one he was in, but Billy Flynn did not have enough to say for my taste. Ha! Ha!

That being said, this only confirms what I have believed for a long time and that is that Billy Flynn is sensational. Wow! What a great guy. I love that he does put himself out on social media. My favorite picture on Instagram this year has been the one of him and Gina in their ugly Christmas sweaters with their CATS! If you have not seen it, I highly suggest you check it out. The hashtags were hilarious.

Billy puts love, humor, sarcasm, and self deprecation to the forefront. I love that he is a real person and not a facade. He is the type of actor (and there are only a few for me) that I would like to sit down to dinner with. My others are Timothy Olyphant and Ryan Reynolds. These three have a lot in common with humor being a major commonality. So many actors and people take themselves way too serious or are way too narcissistic. This is not the case here. These are the types of people that make me love life.

I fear we are enjoying his performances on DOOL on borrowed time. Either he will leave when his contract is up because, let’s face it, he IS a rising star, or DOOL will not be renewed. We should be happy with the fact that as fans of Billy Flynn have been able to enjoy him for as long as we have.

I also love that the casting department chose him over another guy with six pack abs and no personality. Robert Scott Wilson WAS that guy until they actually gave him something to do. I detested the character of Abby when paired with Ben because Ben was like this Dudley Do-Right who couldn’t do anything but take his shirt off. That may work for the Chippendales kind of girls, but THIS girl likes to see character development and talent. DOOL did right by all actors by giving Wilson something to do and allowing Chad and Abby to shine as characters.

I also believe he will do extremely well in either primetime or motion pictures. He has the right amount of cockiness and respect for what is written for him. I like that he does not just swallow the company Kool Aid and say that he just loves everything that is written for him.

Thank you to Billy Flynn for sitting down for this interview. I am sure he had other things to do and didn’t have to and for that I am grateful.


I think he is full of himself and he knows it. He should leave so Kate Mansi will come back. Fans see what they want to see.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)



I am sorry, but you are delusional if you think Kate left because of Billy. I think the hardest part of Kate leaving was Billy. Watch and read her interviews as well. All the veteran actors at DAYS have even said they are the future of Daytime….


Thank you Lora… I couldn’t agree more

even Kate Mansi readily admitted… since the advent of new regime… new headwriting…new production….

her words : she has given her all… for about a year… plus… continuing on to her exit

which is sad and disheartening for all the fans of the show and this stratosphere couple.

it’s amazing what happens when the behind the scenes production elevates the set(s) and the actors are game on … bringing their A game.

DAYS is GOOD … more than

I am so excited… and yes if it’s at the very least emmy nominations…

Billy Flynn : Lead Actor
Kate Mansi: best supporting
Robert Scott Wilson: best supporting

this is big

4ever DAYS

Kate agreed to extend her contract three months in order to wrap up the storyline, piggy. That’s hardly something she would do if she wanted to get away from Billy.

Did you read Michael Fairman’s group interview (Billy, Kate, SN & MBE)? One can’t help but think they have a mutual respect and admiration for each other and their fellow cast members.


I was blown away… by all of Kate Mansi’ response and insight.. in to this profession

she championed this trio

Billy / Robert / Kate

magna cum laude ; they just earmarked young talent…. so deserving

I see emmys

Lew S.


Lew S.

The “what?”is in response to Piggy.


Oh, no, piggy!! You need to take a better look at the majority. Are you familiar with the term, “sour grapes”?
Most of our posting friends are aware of how I critique characters/actors without mercy. Believe me, everyone here except for a handful, see the promise in Billy Flynn, as an up-and-coming movie star. He has the look and attitude. Not only is he easy on the eye, but he draws the viewer in.
Then, again, as individuals, we do have different tastes.
On another note, I am confused by your declaration. Are you blaming Billy for Kate’s exit? Seriously? If Billy leaves, Kate will come back? You make it sound as if these two are at odds with each other. Do you know something I don’t?
Younger thespians do try and seek bigger and better roles. She just got her feet wet. And, perhaps she wants to spread her wings and explore the possibilities. We do not know. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit, if we see Kate doing primetime ….if her attempt fails, we shall see her on daytime again.
So, please let us not assume anything.

Kellie fogg

Great interview. Love Billy as Chad. He us doing Emmy worthy work. He is right his fans will not be happy if he does not get a nonmiation. Love Billy ‘s interviews he is ooen and honest. I akso love his and Thaoo tweets they are so funny. I enjoy watching him as Chad. Billy is great is doing a great job.


Mr. Flynn is one honest and endearing actor…I hope he does well in his career he is so deserving !


Thank you, Michael, for a great interview. I’m no spring chicken and usually don’t like the young leads as much as the mature leading men. Billy & Chad are the exception. He’s my guilty pleasure.

This interview makes me like him even more. I’m very happy for him as I was a troubled adolescent myself. I love the fact that he’s turned his life around and wish him much success, hopeful on Days for a long time. When it is his time to leave I will follow his career. Whatever it is, he has it.


Michael, I agree that this is your best interview.

It took more than a year before I saw Billy’s portrayal of Chad as the heir apparent to James Scott’s EJ. He has become one of the main stars of the show and a great Lead Actor.

I realized Billy was the real deal when I saw his scenes with Deidra Hall. I wish that relationship would be explored at a deeper level. Since Chad does not have a mother figure and Marlena no longer has Will to advise, the potential could be great.

If the character of Abigail is not going to be recast, I would like to see Chad with Theresa. There are days that I like Theresa with Brady, but I hated how she had to beg him to love her. I would like to see a romance where it evolves SLOWLY, unlike the disastrous pacing of Belle and Phillip jumping in bed together. Neither of these characters have shown us anything to make us want to see them together.

Back to Billy. I like the passion he has for the character. If he doesn’t agree with the writer’s choices, he lets them know. I wish more actors would do the same. If writers are not aware of certain things not making sense, how can they effectively do their jobs? Billy’s passion comes across like that of Tony Geary’s, except with less ego.

I have said in other colums that it would be nice to see some new blood at the Daytime Emmy Awards. For years, it was Susan Lucci, Erica Slezak, David Canary, Peter Bergman, Kim Zimmer, Susan Flannery, Eric Braden, etc. I’d like to see a new generation of actors nominated, although I think Finola Hughes and Gina Tognoni are amazing actresses and deserve recognition.

Cheers to seeing Billy in Lead Actor, and Kate Mansi and Kristian Alfonso in Lead Actress. I am also hoping to see Robert Scott Wilson, Suzanne Rogers, Freddie Smith, Bryan Datillo and Kassie Depaiva on the Emmy ballot.


Ray, I could have written this myself. I feel exactly the same way.

I just love that the majority of fans commenting on this interview and on this actor are mature and are able to separate actor from character. Sometimes it makes you wonder their mental state, but there is no denying it here that the majority actually APPRECIATE the work that Billy Flynn has done in his professional and personal life (i.e., interacting with the fans, social media, etc.). To me that makes me embrace them all the more.

I remember when James Scott (EJ) was leaving and the majority were lamenting that there was no one else that would make you tune-in to watch. I vehemently disagreed because we had Billy Flynn. Yes, he had not been allowed to fully expand his wings, but he was getting there. He had made enough of an impression on this girl.

I am not the type of female fan that just goes ga-ga for the half naked male body. I just ADORE character development and Billy Flynn continues to deliver that in spades. I need an escape from the day to day. I can go online and look at half-naked guys if I want, but what I can’t get is the time that soaps give you to watch a character change right before your eyes. Now if Y&R would only do justice to Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher) after all these years and let him mature instead of keeping him the 20-something hacker/prankster, I would be very happy. Ha!Ha!

In any event, I maintain that we are enjoying Billy Flynn on DOOL on borrowed time. It will be any day now that he leaves for the next thing to further develop his craft. In the meantime, I will enjoy every emotion he makes me feel.

Oh, and I agree about Theresa. Before “Chabby” caught on and I actually liked the character of Abigail, I had said I wanted Chad to be with someone with spunk. I really wanted him with Melanie (as played by Molly Burnett) because she was just quirky enough, but Theresa (as played by Jen Liley) is spunky and fun. I enjoy her with Brady, but I am fearing they are going to turn her into more Mother Theresa than the Theresa we are accustomed to. Those scenes where she was working on her clothing for the fashion show kind of scared me because it was like she was this perfect little mama and business woman. She needs to keep her edge. She should have ripped out Victor’s eyes for telling her that SHE was the reason why Daniel died and Brady was in the hospital – because they turned around to get her gift. That was the lamest excuse I ever heard.


I think Billy Flynn has been wonderful as a much more matured version of Chad. I have not seen the. Chemistry he has with Kate matched since. the young John and Marlana , and younger Beau and Hope!!! I have been a fan since Julie was a teenager causing trouble for Horton family. Love chabby, old school love. Want to see them grow older together. Bring famiy togetherness back….. This is what days was about.


Billy is great. Chad and Chad/Abigail are the reason I started watching Days again. I love the honesty and sincerity.


the fight scene that transpired with Chad ending up in a coma….

the fight scene with RSW and BW… was done in “ONE” take

gritty realism…

the care that was taken; because they injected their own mindset and shared scripture

blown away


To echo what others have said, Billy is doing a great job. I had not watched Days for awhile (I avoided the killings especially of Will which was too tragic and sad for me to watch for many reasons), and when I saw Billy Flynn playing Chad I was so impressed by the depth of his acting, and how he had strengthened the role of Chad. I now find my self watching and looking for him to be in scenes. He has both the magnetism, but natural realism that draws you in. Congratulations and kudos to him for the good work that he brings to the show, and the character of Chad. He has developed the character, and made him his own. He is Chad.

stevie g

Great interview. I particularly love how he knows so much about Aussie Soaps.


Why isn’t Billy on the cast list as Chad?


I am a grandmother of ten and am currently battling a second round of leulemia. Every day I look forward to Days especially if Chad is going to be on At first I didn’t care for him but Mow I love his vulnerability
Billy Flynn. has transformed Chad. into a sympathetic believable character with many sides. Billy may be a little older than my 23. year old grandson whom. I love dearly
When Chad is hurting I hurt for him and want to comfort him as I would my gramddson Thomas I want the best for Chad and Billy and. hope to see them for a long time. Also congratulations to Billy and his finance What a beauitiful couple


also an jemmy should be in the future for Biilly


I have watched you playing Chad on days for awhile. I think your the greatest actor. It won’t be the same. Now what are your plans? Congrats to your up coming life. I m your biggest fan. Could you send me an autograph picture of yourself? My address is 2517 e. 13th st.indpls, Ind 46201.

Da Gma

I am up in my years so to speak. I won’t tell you how many but almost “Older n Dirt”. I have watched all of the Soaps, Soap Operas or as what my roommates and I called them “SO’s” throughout my life . Almost as if I was an “SO” junkie. I started right out of High School and going to College. One of my roommates got me hooked on them. Long story short I have watched all the “SO’s ” and watched some come and go. I started watching “Days” from the time it first started. My Father and Mother was the one that really stirred my interest in “Days” more than the others . Because they were big fans of McDonald Carey and saw everything he had done as an actor. So naturally I followed in their footsteps and liked him also. I loved “The Hortons”, “Doug and Julie” before they were together, “Marlena”, “Bo and Hope” before they were together as well as All of the other cast members. I have watched “Days” ever since that first airing. In fact it is the only “SO” I follow now. I record every episode so that I never miss one. A lot of friends and acquaintances do also. When Billy Flynn started as Chad I wasn’t sure that the Chad character would ever be the same. It took me awhile to warm up to the new Chad . But it all changed when Abby had his son. I saw Billy transition Chad into a kind and loving man. He makes it seem so genuine and you become drawn into it all and you can forget that is an “SO”. When Abby had an actress change I thought oh it wont be the same now Again. However Billy/Chad helped the transition . He is a great actor to be able to get us viewers to feel all of the emotions as though everything is genuine and drawn into the characters as if we are right there with them. I am a big “Chad” fan. I think all of the actors and actresses of Days are fantastic! The whole cast is to be commended for drawing us viewers into being able to feel and be caught in all the emotions and actions of each character. Also for sharing their great talent with us. I know from Many years of being a big fan of “Days” I Give Billy/Chad and All of the Cast members a Huge “THANK YOU”!

Da Gma

I think the interview was great. It was good to be able to read about the real Billy Flynn. I thought he was very honest and gave us an idea of who Billy is. I appreciate the chance to know something about him and what his personality and life is like. I Thank You for the well informed interview. Great Job!

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Most recently, Lowder co-executive produced and starred in the digital drama adaption of DAYS EP Ken Corday’s novel, Ladies of the Lake, which is set to premiere its second season in June.

Now that Lowder is back on DAYS, the question remains under the creative pen of head writer, Ron Carlivati, who will he be playing given that Eric Martsolf is currently Brady Black and is not exiting the series?

Kyle took to social media sharing a video message on his arrival back in Salem expressing: “BEYOND excited to be rejoining my Days of our Lives family. See y’all soon!” SOD first reported the casting news. (more…)

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The GH Nurses Ball 2018 concludes this week. After all the performances, and all the drama, what will be the repercussions felt long after the last performance? Watch the latest promo and then let us know, how you think it will end! Leave A Comment

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Marci Miller as Abigail

Days of our LIves

Airdate: 5-8-2018