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DAYS Exited Peter Reckell Thanks Fans For Love & Support Following Daytime Emmy Snub!

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Peter Reckell returned to Days of our Lives for the series 50th anniversary storyline that culminated in November with the death of his beloved and iconic character of Bo Brady.  Many of his DAYS castmates, felt that Peter delivered the best work of his three decade career on the NBC soap opera during his brief return to daytime.

In the set-up of the last beats of his story, Bo learns that he is dying from abrain tumor from his sister Kayla (the Pre-Emmy nominated Mary Beth Evans, who was terrific in the scenes).  And then in the next several episodes, tries to prepare himself for the envitable.  He shares his grief with his best friend Patch (Stephen Nichols), and asks Rafe (Galen Gering) took look after Hope (Kristian Alfonso) after he is gone.  Peter entered the Emmy race this year in the Lead Actor in a Drama Series but failed to get through to the next round.  That bit of news sent fans sharing their love for Peter and disappointment for him.

In addition, The Young and the Restless Daytime Emmy winner, Doug Davidson (Paul Williams), who is one of the most classy guy’s in the business, took to Twitter to also tell Peter and his new castmate Jason Thompson that they were wrongly overlooked.   Davidson expressed: “Thinking of 2 performers that should be on the list too…@peterreckell and @MyJasonThompson A deep bow to them. Others as well.”   Davidson did make it to the blue ribbon round in the Lead Actor category.

In the end, Reckell took a moment on social media to address his long time fans today with this:  “The LOVE and SUPPORT from you guys is what’s meaningful to me!!! Thanks So Much!!!”

So, did the Emmy voters get it wrong with leaving Peter off the final Lead Actor ballot? Disappointed in his final run as Bo, he won’t get a chance at a Daytime Emmy one last time? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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4ever DAYS

It’s unbelievable that Peter Reckell was snubbed! Kristian Alfonso should’ve been nominated too! But hey, Vivian Giovanni was nominated and should be annihilated by Lauren Boles!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Too many good actors overlooked and why the bunch of untalented teens even considered for nomination-what a joke!!!…i miss Lauren Boles…what a great little talent…they dont age the children on Coronation Street like they do to our soaps…they have a talented child actress who plays Amy Barlow and they wisely know how to use her-she is a gifted scene stealer!!!

Mara A Mitchell

For a dramatic recast Viv is superb. Long term Lauren Boles is best child actor Days ever!


OMG! Are you kidding me? nuCiara is AWFUL! She should be paying me for being forced to watch her acting class, which she is failing miserably at. The role needs to be recast STAT!

4ever DAYS

*Vivian Jovanni


I agree Peter should have been nominated [he was GREAT!!] the child “Ciara” and Kristen should not have been overlooked either.

4ever DAYS

Lauren Boles (little Ciara) wasn’t overlooked, virginia. I hope big Ciara is dropped after round one and little Ciara wins the gold!

I would grade Vivian Jovanni’s first performances an F, but she’s turning in D+ performances nowaDAYS. I’m hopeful she’ll continue improving.


Absolutely he was robbed!

Jim Preston

I thought that his scenes were “okay” and I did think it a tad silly that he died right in the middle of fake Leaf Park, but of course, it’s a soap. I don’t think we need to throw Daytime Emmy Awards at every actor on every show to prove their worth. It is after all just a Popularity Contest Award.
I’m not saying he wasn’t believable in the scenes he had to play, just that I was pretty much unmoved by them, keep in mind I am not a super long time watcher of the show, I have only watched for a little over two years – and I thought his “tortue” scenes went on too long and he and “Patch” escaping on a motorcycle was also a little far fetched.



Tim S

Ditto…very sad. Say ya a lot about the credibility of the Emmys.


DOOL was only getting better for the Anniversary episodes and bringing Peter Reckell back to play Bo Brady ignited that and probably was mostly responsible for the much needed ratings. Now the storylines are getting yucky and boring. Ken Corday said we would be on the edge of our seats during the Anniversary shows and he was right. We were only to be robbed of a great Bo Brady adventure. They had him die way too soon and they had him in captivity way too long with not much dialogue to make for a great storyline. I know it was Peter’s decision to only tape a few episodes so you have to take that into consideration also next to the other Actors/Actresses who have been on longer. If Peter had only stayed on until after the Holidays it would have probably made a difference but it was Peter’s decision to kill off Bo Brady pretty quickly. I guess he does not want to miss out on his Daughter’s life as he stated that his Wife would call him while he was playing Bo Brady ( at work ) to say to him oh ” you missed our Daughter’s first word or first steps” something like that I think to make him feel guilty that he was working and she had to take care of their kid and could not do her career as a singer. That is why he retired so he could be the stay at home dad. Yes he should have been nominated but you have to look at the whole picture. Even though he came back briefly he still robbed the Fans of a great Bo story. It was a disaster from the beginning!

joe smith

you are soooooooooooo right, it would have been better for Peter NOT to come back just to selfishly killoff his character like lucy lawless did on Xena. So they can never be played again. It was just a selfish move with no considerstion for the fans who blindly support any move that is made.


He seriously thought he deserved one? Funny. I do agree that he is more deserving of a pre-nom than some of the ones chosen. Billy Flynn comes to mind.
What I’m wondering is why on earth Robert Scott Wilson isn’t listed? He was brilliant as psycho Ben.

James McDonald

How young are these people that nominate the Daytime soap opera actors? How experienced are the judges? Don’t they recognize excellent acting skills and talent? Peter Reckell was snubbed. I also think Suzanne Rogers (“Maggie”, Days Of Our Lives) has done excellent work as well in the past year.


Why would he? He was there all of about a blip and was nothing spectacular at that.


The best & most deserving were snubbed. Jason Thompson, Peter, and Robert Scott all robbed. Tell me why Missy Reeves was on this ballot? One less thing to watch!


she’s riding on the coattail of Kassie DePaiva

I’m certain she submitted the scenes when she walked in on Eve and JJ at the hotel

that’s about the only scene I think made her alive… for that time being

this should be a real doozy of a time… watching her overdose on prescription painKILLherS

I hope she la la lands in a long COMA


isn’t this a layed out story board fix for easy reel

Jennifer has an underlying guilt be it survivors guilt… over Daniel, Eric, and Brady… and nary a focus was given her.. with all the fallout…

watching her at home… slumber and easy does it as pain registers , with the audience, argh! I meant with her character… she overdoses… Jack visits… and wrapped in a ribbon…. Gran Alice pulls and tugs at her heart strings and a spiritual awakening…. argh! brings her back

whoopee … Melissa Reeves


Lol Patrick. She hasnt done much in years!

Tim S

Missy reeves has not had a decent story line for a long tIme. Maybe this pill popping one will be good


Maybe she should remove her 5 inch *house* shoes and she’d be a bit more convincing. Wonder is Missy is up for being a pill popper? Hallucinate and start seeing Jack.


Well said, Ces!!!!! I mean…Rob Scott Wilson did FABULOUS work on DOOL!!!!! I will never understand as to why Melissa Reeves is even nominated this year!!!!! To me, her character of Jennifer is S-O BLAH AND EVEN MORE BORING!!!!! S-o unfair!!!!!


Agreed jaybird. Matt brought out the best in Missy and since then she has been extremely blah. Putting her with Dr. Dull didn’t help matters. Missy needs someone like Matt (or keep Matt!!) to liven her up. Crazy that she submitted herself.


I have always loved Peter Reckell, BUT, I’m not sure that he is deserving of an Emmy considering all the wonderful actors and performances this year by actors that have worked their butts off day in and day out all year! Sentiment should not negate their contribution and talent.

Vickie HART

He should have gotten it! They brought him back and always been great so they should not have went by the ending.

Eric leathers

No matter what Peter deserves an emmy his final scenes as bo deserves one hopefully we will see bo again one day

susan kidwell


Delores Decker

They don’t know,an EXCELLENT actor,when they see one.I will miss him tremendously.Have a WONDERFUL life Peter.

Beverly Charlene Goff Meadows
Beverly Charlene Goff Meadows

Not sure what year any of the judges were looking at; obviously not 2015!!!
Bo/Peter Reckell was robbed as was Kristian Alfonso, Nicole/Arianne Zuker and many others. Not really sure why Y&R are always heavy on the nominations…Could be some bias showing up. Maybe all the fans of our favorite daytime shows should boycott the Daytime Emmys!!!!


I’m certain… and have to believe

that next years nominations; will include

Suzanne Rogers
Arianne Zucker
A Martinez

hopefully, Bryan Dattillo along with Thaao Penghlis ( he’s bringing it as he searches for his father, Stefano ! )

would love to see Jenn Lilly materialize

now i’d love DAYS to be renewed for another 2 years; along with the rehiring of Kassie DePaiva and Daniel Cosgrove

long live Salem’ites


Emmy’s became a bad joke! If you are 20 or less no matter what they give you a nod? Forget talent it does not count! Even when his story sucks they hand Geary a nod? Stephen Nichols and Reckell can turn in outstanding work and you can be certain they will never be recognized! The emmy’s became a bad joke !


I will always miss him and so will his thousands of fan.. He was wrongly snubbed…He did an excellent job..I think the Emmys should let the fans vote in all categories..Who are the people who do the voting…They made the mistake of never voting for Susan Lucci.

Willa Sargent

oh yes Peter Reckell & Kristian Alfonso was definitely ROBBED of a Emmy nomination,, i can’t believe they both were overlooked,,i am mad as hell too!!! #iam50yrsDaysfan and been with Days since i was 11 yrs old!!! i see this is just not right!!! i see on Days actors like Robert Scott Wilson, Billy Flynn also ignored!!! Kassie DePavia also done great acting as Eve,,, plus Ari Zuker.. wow i cant believe this is going dismissed!!


I love Peter but sorry I don’t think he deserved one. The scenes were stupid and I don’t get what everyone saying he was great was watching because they weren’t that great at all. He looked uncomfortable with grown up Ciara, and then overacted some other scenes. The storyline was rushed and silly and inconsistent and I don’t believe in giving an actor one just because he decided to hang up his acting shoes. Peter’s wife was touring so he was only able to stay for a short time as he had to be home to mind his daughter and that’s perfectly understandable but you don’t deserve an emmy for what his scenes were about.


Hi Susan! How are you? Yes I totally agree with what you said. Remember when he was sitting next to Ciara like almost dumbfounded or speechless and she was like Dad what’s wrong? And then he said nothing..I just can’t believe how grown up you are..well neither can we, ha ha! He did seem uncomfortable. His scenes were rushed along and I made sure I didn’t miss a day or blink! I really think his Wife influenced his decision to up and leave the California lifestyle. He sold that beautiful custom built home he had in Brentwood I think is where it was? The solar-powered home and eco green friendly that he put his heart and soul into..gave the house that was there previously to Habitat for Humanity to build his dream home. He only lived in it for 4 years if that. Another vacation home he had in Michigan he sold as well. He like gave up everything I guess to keep his Wife happy. I guess whenever he has a bad day or is upset his Wife tells him to go for a bike ride,,I don’t know about her! You never see a picture of their Daughter only when she is in a costume and her face is totally painted or from a distance where she has her back to a tree. Maybe he was ready to retire but I have my suspicions. Oh well..have a great day and take care!! Cheryl

I love gh

He should have enteredi n the supporting or guest appearance categories since his run was short. The voters are in the daytime community and know that he is not interested in a permanent role on Days. With such talent, I get it. He deserves an Emmy for his great work, just perhaps in another category.


Guest Actors cannot be a character that has been on.the show or returns to the
Show. That category is for newly created roles

susan kidwell


Velma Green

Bo should have won.Wish he would come,back to Days.They need him.Days is getting worse everyday.Won’t be surprised to see it dropped.


A lot of questions with the prenoms. Confusion reigns all around.


He was certainly robbed! His final scenes had everyone in tears! The daytime emmy voters must be blind.

Jim Preston

I wasn’t in tears, I found it idiotic that he just died like that, there wasn’t any consideration for chemotherapy or radiation, yes, I understand, it’s a soap and we allow for some silliness.
I just didn’t think the storyline was all that compelling, his torture scenes went on too long, and then his final scene of dying in the park was a tad inane. So, no, I don’t think it was a performance that automatically screams “Emmy” award.


Absolutely Peter deserved a nod and a win. He has been one of the most underrated actors in daytime for three decades.
His scenes in his early years, with Roman’s “death” on the beach, when Pop Shawn had a heart attack, were ignored. Part of it, IMO, is that Peter’s Bo was and remains IMMENSELY popular with fans, and Emmy panels frankly usually go for the villains, the crazies and the overacting because they only see snippets and have no clue about the actors who play the actual good guys. When the over the top actors/characters usually win, that’s the reason.
Peter has won so many fan awards because Bo is a beloved protagonist instead of an over the top crazy. Brings life on a steady basis, keeping a “good guy” interesting for decades (despite some horrid writing) is much harder than playing a nut case (why ED gets recognized for crazy lady on DAYS and not for normal person on Y &R).

It was stupid, and unfair. Peter deserved the Emmy many times and was ignored so this was no surprise.

Brenda Sisler

I’m shocked and upset that Peter Reckell didn’t make it on the ballot he’s been a great actor and deserves more to his ending. I’ve followed his storyline as Bo from beginning to end. Good luck and best wishes to Peter Reckell with your future. You will greatly be missed you have the trophy in my opinion great job.


Yes Peter and Kristian were both snubbed and so were a few others!


While I think PR did an exceptional job in his final Storyline I think lead actor is a stretch as he is not a contract player. His performance should have been entered as guest performance or the category Donna Mills co-won last year.


Peter could not enter guest star category…that category is for newly created roles


I agree. He did a fantastic job but he wasn’t on the show long enough for a lead actor nomination. He should have been nominated for best guest performance.

I imagine Jason Thompson wasn’t nominated because he barely had a story and very little screen time.


I always loved Bo and Hope, and was glad when Bo came back, but I was hoping they would be together longer. All happened so fast. He had just returned, and then he was gone. Not enough time to have it really pull at your heart strings eventhough I felt sad that he would be gone, and it was the end of an era. I know Peter probably wanted to wrap it quickly, and just came on to give the Bo fans a proper farewell. With that said, his departure was emotional, but it could have even had more of an impact if they had developed the storyline more. Days has a tendency to rush some important moments that need to sizzle a little, or drag out some storylines too long that need to end. Well, they are moving Hope along in an effort to make Bo a distant memory.


I watched it, and I agree P R deserved a chance. The show is fine and it has loads of good actors. has for a long time, and they never get a mention. I guess they can’t all win, but I stopped watching because the same ones do every year. It is a popularity contest. The fans know who is left. in the lurch.


I have been a fan of Days since 1965, I absolutely love Bo & Hope, I have watched their love story from the very beginning I think they are the best Super Couple ever, I agree that Peter’s return was to short I. think they could have played it out a little longer or shortened the captivity storyline and made his return to his family and Hope longer, after all they are so popular because of their great love for each other. I know Peter wants time with his daughter and I respect him for that, I just think they could have written this differently. Also I absolutely think that both Peter and Kristian were snubbed at the Daytime Emmy’s after watching them for 30 years they so deserve it. Their love story is what has made all soaps last for so long. I am not going to watch the Emmy’s this year because I am so disgusted that they were not nominated. Maybe they will have a special dedication to them and Bo and Hope. Also Days is making way to much of the other deaths and gave Bo barely a funeral, maybe rename Salem Police Station or something like that in his honor.


Reckell and Stephen Nichols have been snubbed by the emmys for years. This is not a true award for talent any longer it is simply a promotion by certain producers to get something. The fact that the emmys nominate young people with barely had a handful of appearances with nothing exceptional on screen devalues any so called award.

Wont be watching the emmys they have been a bad joke for years.

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