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Days of our Lives Casting Sophisticated Actress To Play Powerful, Charming, Businesswoman: Who Would You Suggest For The Part?



Casting news out of Days of our Lives.  According to Soap Opera Digest, the NBC soap is looking for a mature actress in the age range of mid 50’s or 60’s to play a role for at least 7 to 10 episodes when the series returns from its extended holiday hiatus in mid-January.

The role is said to be that of a  sophisticated beauty to play the role of Evangeline, a powerful, charming, sometimes ruthless businesswoman.

Due to the show taping six months ahead, look for Evangeline to air in the summer of the new year.  

So, put your casting director hats on … which actress from daytime or primetime television, do you think would be the perfect fit for the part, and that you would like to see mix it up on the canvas of Days of our Lives? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Martha Stewart-lol


lol too funny Jim


Well, I must say, Jimmy….that witty sense of humor is still there!! Sooo glad.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

My sense of humor helps somewhat but i cant wake up a day with more bad news…yesterday, my sister been rushed to the hospital again-must be nearly a dozen times since last Christmas, my father going back to nursing home for 30 days,,,we suppose to see a lawyer but my sister is often sick…i need physical rehab for my injured arm…then we were told all the money my father saved could end up going for his care if he remains in nursing home which means all these years of my taking care of three family memories means i could end up loosing everything my father promised me,,,this is the second Christmas in a row our family couldnt celebrate the holiday due to illness…i didnt even decorate this year for the very first time…someone says there is light at the end of the tunnel but i cant reach it as it gets dimmer and dimmer…sorry for being gloom and doom…Merry Christmas!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Sorry Celia…i wasnt going to talk about it anymore,,,,and the end of my comments didnt come out right.-sounded horrible when i reread wishing You and all others a Merry Christmas. and i mean that in a good way!!!


Hey, Jimmy,
Don’t ever feel you can’t express how or what you feel to me, as I’m sure to anyone else on these sites.
And, you’re not alone. I spent this entire week at the Church, and soup kitchen and I hear stories such as yours on a daily basis.
This is why I urge you to seek help… to a social worker. I understand that your financial problems are compounded by you collective health.
But, since you and your sister have been your dad’s caregivers, you should have gotten some compensation for that. There are such programs.
I know things look bleak right now….you find yourself in dire straits……I understand; who am I to speak to you about rainbows and butterflies?
Things will get better. You are an American citizen….entitled to help. Have faith, my friend…it keeps me going.
Merry Christmas to you, too. And you do not sound horrible….feel free to ‘talk’ any time….good therapy. Love you.

jake hernandez

thats a no brainer..Elizabeth Hubbard; if not her, Erika Slezak; time to bring these ladies back to daytime!

Johnny Grant

ERIKA SLEZAK without a doubt – maybe she can breathe some life into this Soap which needs all the help it can get.

Max Daddee

Erika Slezak. Need I say more? Can’t believe that no one’s hired her for a permanent role on a soap since OLTL.

4ever DAYS

I could care less…because as you say, Mr. Fairman, it won’t be for another six months. Plus, it’s a small role. I’d rather read a story about how great Judi Evans is doing as Adrienne stricken with cancer. She’s hitting one home run after another and that’s happening now.

4ever DAYS


4ever DAYS

I spoke too soon. Mr. Fairman is featuring a story with Judi Evans!


Judi has been wonderful, hasn’t she? I had not had a good cry in a while …..nothing has been worthwhile.
What got me the most, 4ever, was when Kate walked into Adrienne’s hospital room….oh, my gosh!!!!! The pained expression on their faces was palpable…..the compassion on Kate’s face more than I can say….impressive!!

James R. Poissant

Why does the show have to keep filming so fa in advance? To answer the question, I would put Kimberlin Brown’s name in for the role—she needs something to do in front of he camera and she would be great on DAYS.


for the love of God… NBC / Sony / @ DAYS, simply put

Robin Christopher, ex SKye


is a must for long-term contractual


Kim Zimmer. Would be great to see Beth Chamberlin and Beth Ehlers on a soap again also.

Mark Y

Wouldn’t it though?


Susan Lucci would be great in the part .

Johnny Grant

Of course I don’t know for sure, but I think Susan Lucci is too associated with Erica Kane or the similar gal she played for a few seasons on Devious Maids. Don’t get me wrong I love Susan Lucci I just don’t know if fans can accept her in a role that’s totally serious, she has a funny side to her and I see very little humor injected into the scripts at Days of Our Lives — they clearly do not know how to interweave comedy with drama.


Hi All….Sophisticated, check….beauty, check….age range, check….great actress, check….Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Colleen Zenk.

Mark Y

She’s all those things!


Although I have never been a fan of Days, and as a long time viewer of ATWT, she was the first person that popped into my head. The description of the character sounds like it fits her to a tee. She was one of my faves on the show and it would be wonderful to see her back on screen


I would LOVE to see Colleen Zenk. I would love to see her play Kate’s sister. Seeing Kate going from one bad relationship to another is getting tiresome. Lets see a new dynamic, with her interacting with someone new. Sign Zenk to a long-term contract. She is gorgeous.

Barbara from Atlanta

There is only one obvious choice:



Too funny, Barbara….and, so ‘fitting’.


linda dano from another world


colleen zenk pinter


This 6-month window is ridiculous. It doesn’t allow time to react when things aren’t clicking.

How about going the nighttime soap route and go with Tracy Scoggins or Sheree Wilson?


Colleen Zenk

Mister Media

Robin Christopher or Florencia Lozano please….a tad young perhaps, but sophisticated beauties indeed!

Scott (ATWT Fan)

Colleen Zenk! She needs to be back in daytime; and given that they are shut down for two-months, wouldn’t that mean they are 3-4 months ahead, especially since they shut down a month earlier this year, too?


What about Lauren Koslow? She’d be perfect, lol.




The possibilities seem endless. Collen Zenk, Kim Zimmer, Julia Duffy,Kathleen Noone, Linda Dano, Morgan Fairchild,


How fun would it be if they brought back Gloria Loring as this new character! She’s a fan favorite and they switched actor roles before! She’s still looking great!

Freeman Griffin



Robin Strasser is my first thought too. I understand she lives in California now.


Good call. Love Robin, Llanviewer….actually, anyone of the ladies from OLTL will do.
Also, Susan Lucci? I know she just turned seventy. We’re December babies….day, not year…LOL.
But, she looks so good, she could pass for fifty.


That would be cool


There are man women from soaps cancelled I would like to see on screen again. We are blessed with many talents. I wish DAYS did not work on this insane advance schedule. It may be a budget salve for producers and NBC, but creatively, I think it has disadvantages.


Anything is better for a budgeting strategy than Valentini’s block taping. It ruins the pacing of stories. Trust me.

James R. Poissant

All these names I’m seeing are awesome suggestions for the role—every single one of these ladies could pull it off with no problem!!!


Why is this show still taping 6 months in advance? I thought NBC wanted them to stop that and go to a normal daytime taping schedule.

4ever DAYS

After the present production break, DAYS will be five months ahead, Llanviewer717.

NBC only stated they “wish” DAYS didn’t have their large tape to air schedule. That wish turned into a rumor that it was mandatory. The truth is if NBC wanted a shorter tape to air schedule, then they would have to give more money to DAYS and Sony who have to have this production schedule in order to not run out of money.

Different topic: Kassie DePaiva was on yesterDAYS show! I believe this was to be her contract comeback, but that was changed due to her illness, so I don’t know how long she’ll appear before she had to get treatment. It seems she won’t appear that long this go-around, but DAYS really did have big plans for her.

I hope Mr. Fairman interviews her about her health/treatments and her present DAYS doings as well as what is onscreen now.


Kimberlin Brown.


LOVE all the posts….

Beth Chamberlain, ex-Beth, GL
Colleen Zenk , ex-Barbara , ATWT
Robin Crhistopher, ex-Skye, GH

it’s possible to love these women in equal measure… just delight

Colleen Zenk for the job. aside from the Snyders…. Babs will always be held in high regard. LOVE her.

jake hernandez

Marj Dusay would be another great possibility


True, it’s stupid she hasn’t been on another soap since GL was cancelled.


brenda dickson !

jeanine girard

Well, whoever they select I hope they do right by the actress. We know how many time a fan favorite comes on board to great fanfare and then…. I do like the idea of Colleen Zenk as well. Classy, beautiful and can play ruthless but can have a degree of empathy for others. If she were brought on, make it a long term role and have Trent Dawson play a role in her business/organization. GOLD!!


Robin Strasser if they are looking for mature… love her…

Kelly Sullivan also would be terrific if they could get her


Hi, Elite,
I love Kelly Sullivan, but, she is too young, I think…..well, for the ‘mature’ woman they are seeking.
She is nowhere near 55.


marcy walker!!!( eden, santa barabara)
would love to see her and a matinez reunited on another nbc soap!
keep her and pit her against eduardo as two citizens of the law fighting the same cause albeit taking different methods…slow burn and bring them together romantically in a different take from cruz and eden from sants barabra!
cruz and eden were supercouple royalty …days could use a new supercouple!! the pairing could generate buzz…

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