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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Eileen Davidson Makes Her Triumphant Return As Susan Spins A Story To Sami Just As Paul Sees Will Alive!


As we head into Monday, Days of our Lives ended with quite a Friday cliffhanger, and the return of Eileen Davidson as the one and only Susan Banks!

How could we not love her spouting to Sami, you are “Mean, mean, mean” or “Rude, rude, rude!”  Davidson was back in top form as Susan and her initial scenes with Alison Sweeney (Sami), Deidre Hall (Marlena) and Drake Hogestyn (John) were gold.  And …  there is much more to come in this compelling story. During the episode, while in Memphis, Susan Banks holds a shotgun on Sami.  A desperate mother, Sami demands Susan tell her if Will (Chandler Massey) is alive.  John is surprised to learn Elvis is her new boyfriend! Susan asks if he’s jealous. Marlena wants to know what happened to Susan’s relationship with Edmund.  She says it fell apart after EJ’s death, and we get a glimpse that something is very amiss with Susan.

Sami wants to know the connection between Susan and Dr. Rolf.  She tells Susan he would not give her answers as to what happened to Will, and then killed himself!  Susan said that Rolf had a thing for her, and then appears upset at the news of his demise, adding in true Susan fashion, “He was one of those vampires.”   Everyone is perplexed.  Susan clarifies that they bonded over their feelings for Stefano, stating there’s a fine line between love and hate.  Sami tells her EJ’s been leaving her clues for a year that he is alive and she has been searching for him high and low.

Susan admits she has this bedroom with his initials on the wall, because she misses her son so much. Then, Susan announces she blames Sami for EJ’s death stating, “I sold my soul to take your boy.”  An emotional Susan explains how she has suffered.  Then in shocker, Susan says she was present when Will died and saw Ben (Rob Scott Wilson) leave the scene of his crime.  She goes on to detail how she called Rolf to tell him she wanted someone resurrected, and paid Rolf to bring Will back to life so she could kill him all by herself!  Susan then claims that Rolf injected him with the “re-animator stuff”,  but it didn’t work!  Clearly, Susan is lying because … at the dive bar in town, Paul (Christopher Sean) sees a very much alive Will Horton tending bar!

What did you think of the return of Eileen Davidson as Susan Banks? What will Susan do next? Will everyone finally be reunited with Will? Watch this week’s promo for DAYS below, and then share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Eileen Davidson, in ANY form, can bring about amazing changes to a show. I know Kristen will appear again too but all I can say is DAYS is just killing it on all fronts. I can’t wait to see what Ron Carlivati does next. Talk about bringing Will back to life…can we talk about bringing DAYS back to life???


Eileen was so perfect as Susan like she never left. Loved how she reacted to John by asking if he was jealous. So many wondered who she was coming back as and if Rolf was involved would we think?? Never would have imagined that she would be involved but I love it!


On Monday’s episode when she told her male companion that Salem was full of “mean, mean people” and “vampires” I busted out laughing. I always love when she says those things! lol


I loved Kristen, and she would make more intrigue than this woman hillbilly. Susan Banks should be an a high caliber lady who was EJ’S mother. Just doesn’t fit.


Is that really Will with amnesia or is this going to be a long lost twin somehow…is that really Susan or Kristen disguised as Susan…remember Ron C. is writing now-lol


You said it, Jimmy…not too sure about Will….but, whether it’s Susan or Kristin in disguise or vice versa— it’s fine with me, my friend. LOL.

Andrew Hass

I think Will will have amnesia because there’s no way he would willingly stay away from his daughter.Plus Will having amnesia could have a lot of story potential because he could be drawn to Paul and not to Sonny.


When Will was ‘killed’ i commented he wasnt dead and probably in a coma so i too believe this is what will happen…perhaps he is already involved with someone else-a man or even a woman…the latter would be a shocker!!!


i meant would show up with amnesia after being in a coma…

Jim Larson

With so many ridiculous “look-a-likes” running around Salem, how do we know it’s not just a young guy who LOOKS like Will?


I love Susan she makes the show,my friend even enjoyed watching her.She can certainly make you laugh.I hope she sticks around for awhile .You can Bank on it,sorry about that.


Susan is hilarious, I forgot how funny she is!

James R. Poissant

Boy is this going to be a November to remember!!!


TOTALLY!!!!! Days is rocking. Thank you Ron!


No kidding!!!!


Oh, Lordy, Lord….I embrace you Susan….do your thing. It makes no difference what approach, what scheme you have in mind, I will love it anyway.
You are the medicine Days and the viewers need!!


Yes she is!


Ahhhh, blake….Ms Davidson is a gift to soaps. Lucky are Y&R and Days for having her. I thank both soaps for gracing us with her presence.
The characters Eileen plays could not be more different….night and day.
This fact only speaks of her greatness as a thespian. Susan has always been my fave….could watch her every day; all day.

Felicia YATES

Is she leaving y & r.?




Both Y&R and DOOL is owned by Sony, the plan is for Eileen to remain on both shows. She has departed the the Housewives Series.

Mark Y


Felicia YATES

I watch this show as well? Eileen is a very good actress.
Keep her as Ashley!


It was so great to see Eileen/Susan again. And the story does make sense. In Salem anyway because if Rolf could regenerate the dead, wouldn’t we all want some of that juice? Wonder if Rolf used it on himself.

Looking forward to more of the story and Paul saw Will (maybe?!) at the bar.

Days is great again!

Andrew Hass

I also thought Paul would be the one of the first people to see Will alive and that he wouldn’t say anything right away.That way Paul doesn’t look so perfect and that he can make mistakes.


LOL, Andrew….there are mistakes and then there are mistakes…..know what I mean?
I realize you have good intentions, Andrew; you’re probably one with a big, generous heart ( so am I….sometimes too much)…but, to me what you just described Paul as doing is not a mistake, not if it’s purposely done….it makes him sneaky and lacking integrity.
Yet, You are right, in that we, as humans are not perfect; we are not infallible…..we have flaws.
And, we cannot condemn, Paul, I guess. Love makes us do things we normally would not do, yes? LOL.

Andrew Hass

Well maybe i should have used a different word besides mistake in what Paul did.However to be fair to Paul he was probably in shock when he saw Will or someone that looked like Will.So yes Paul succumbed to his fear of losing Sonny and kept quiet about seeing Will but Paul knows if Will was alive he would be with his daughter and not working in a bar in Memphis.Plus considering what other characters on Days have done over the years i don’t think he can really condemn Paul for having a momentary lapse in judgement that he might regret later.


Well, Andrew….Paul did not disappoint any of us. He could not go through with the subterfuge. I knew he wouldn’t. Good for him. I love Paul, Sonny and Will….so, this is a very heartfelt dilemma for Sonny….but, I feel for Paul the most. He loves Sonny so much but seems to be caught between a rock and a hardplace.
What to do, what to do…..what is the right thing? Also, if Will does have amnesia as was suggested, he will not remember his daughter or anyone else.
I love the writing…..bravi, writers.

Andrew Hass

I also feel sorry for Paul because right now he’s in limbo regarding his relationship with Sonny.Now that doesn’t excuse Paul did in regards to him not saying anything right away about seeing Will but his actions were understandable.As far as Paul could tell Will was not been held against his will or that he was unhappy working at that bar.So in Paul’s mind he may have thought Will was intentionally staying away for some reason.


I know, Andrew. I am happy Will is back, and albeit this is a soap, his resurrection will break hearts.
Sonny will be faced with a big challenge….several, actually. The biggest hurdle will be choosing, after all is said and fone.
Another hurtle will be, getting Will’s brain ‘adjusted’. At this point, he thinks he’s EJ. What a mess.
Is this truly Susan,? ….hurting so much over the loss of her son that she was compelled to turn Will into EJ for selfish reasons?…. or, is it Kristen seeking revenge on Marlena via Will ?
Yes, you may be right about what could have gone through Paul’s mind. He got the feeling Will did not want to be found.
But, Paul is a good guy…noble of heart, and he had to tell Sonny….he would not be able to live with himself by hiding that fact.



Andrew Hass

As for Paul, as much as he wants to marry Sonny i don’t think he wanted to keep a secret from Sonny as they started their life together.Also Paul may not have wanted to always be looking over his shoulder expecting to see Will there.I think Sonny will forgive Paul for making a momentary lapse of judgement but he may not forget what Paul did and so Sonny’s trust in Paul might have been shaken.
As for Will, i have a feeling it might be a while before he remembers who he is.Now Will might be convinced that Susan lied to him and that he is really Will but at the same time he doesn’t remember people and he doesn’t feel any emotional connections to them either.
I think the Susan we are seeing now is the real one but if Kristen appears she might get rid of Susan somehow and take her place.Plus when everyone goes back to Salem maybe they drag Susan along to make sure she pays for what she did but they would be unaware it’s not really Susan but Kristen.


You and I seem to share the same feelings/thoughts for Paul….love him.
And, I like your premise, Andrew. Kristen could, indeed, show up and pose as Susan.
Also, as I told Jimh, perhaps the only way for Will to remember is to come face to face with Ben. What could be more traumatic than that? Will needs his amnesia/brainwashing shaken out of him with fright, LOL.

Andrew Hass

Yes coming face to face with Ben who was the one who tried to kill him could cause Will to remember but it could also damage to him.Plus when Will does come face to face with Ben maybe it should happen in a controlled setting and not in a situation where Will may not be prepared to see Ben.However like i said i think Will having amnesia will last for awhile because it doesn’t make sense that the show would reveal to the viewers that Will has amnesia and then have him remember a few weeks later.Plus i think it could be interesting if Will has flashes of memory but they are jumbled up.For example maybe Will has flashes of memory of been with Paul which could confuse him since he was told Sonny was his husband.


Yes!!!!!!! Eileen Davidson is back! I can watch DOOL again!!!


You should be, it’s great again!

Johnny Grant

Frankly, and I may be in a minority here, I think the show has gone from boring to ridiculously inane. Yes, I know it’s a Soap, and the genre is known for the highly improbable and (most certainly) doesn’t reflect real life….but even at that this show should win an award for Most Absurd Storylines –


Days does outrageous stories. You won’t find Y&R doing these types of stories, but that’s fine. There’s a place for it all and I personally am loving Days right now.


Ron is setting up some classic soapy goodness with the Will/Sonny/Paul triangle. Paul is going to take Lucas’ advice and not tell anyone about seeing Will and that is going to come back and bite him which will only make his losing Sonny even more heartbreaking.

As for Susan — more, please! Sally Sussman’s exit from Y&R is already painfully obvious and while I love the character of Ashley Abbott, I can’t help but think that Eileen’s talents would be better utilized over at DAYS with Ron in charge.


My crystal ball says … Will has been programed to be E J..

Andrew Hass

I also think Will has amnesia and Susan made him think he’s EJ.In Susan’s mind she may have thought she was given another chance to have a son with Will’s amnesia.


Is Will going to remember he’s gay? Ha!

Yes, I think Susan is using Will as a substitute for EJ.


I’d rather Kristen come back to DOOL instead of Susan.

But, hey…that’s just me.



Seems Kristen might be coming back also.

Andrew Hass

I also wonder if Kristen might also be coming back but maybe not until near the end of Eileen Davidson’s current run on Days.Alison Sweeney who plays Sami is also only back for a short time too.So the show will have to explain why Sami would leave Will so soon after finding him alive.So maybe Kristen reappears and it comes out that she injected EJ with that drug and so Sami has follow that lead even though it means leaving Will.


Maybe Susan is really Kristen disguised as Susan???


Kristen you are mean mean mean, I love Susan Banks she is too wacky and funny. lol


Kristen is another “vampire” to Susan lol.


On Monday’s episode when she told her male companion that Salem was full of “mean, mean people” and “vampires” I busted out laughing. I always love when she says those things!


I think Susan is really Kristen posing as Susan. The real Susan would never be this mean, mean, mean.
We will soon see.

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