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Days Of Our Lives Hits Over 2-Year-Plus High In Total Viewers!

Photo Credit: NBC


The messy nuptials of Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) and Kristen DiMera (Eileen Davidson) certainly got viewers tuning in to the long running NBC soap opera Days of our Lives! 

Shortly after the series celebrates its 48th anniversary, DAYS delivered the reveal and fallout of Kristen’s scheme of getting Father Eric (Greg Vaughan) in bed, which was shown to the the attendees in the church for the wedding thanks to Victor (John Aniston)with an assist from Marlena (Deidre Hall)!

For the ratings week of November 11-15th, the wedding shocker and its aftermath, generated  DAYS highest total viewer numbers since February 2011!

According to an NBC press release,  “In total viewers, Days of our Lives averaged 2.845 million persons for the week, its highest week long average since the week of Jan. 31-Feb. 4, 2011, 33 months ago, during which it averaged 3.030 million viewers.”

In addition, for the week versus the same week last year, DAYS was up 21% in the women 18-34 race (211,000 vs. 175,000), up 19% in the women 18-49 demographic (651,000 vs. 549,000), up 17% in the women 25-54 race (803,000 vs. 688,000) and up 18% in total viewers (2.8 million vs. 2.4 million).

So, what do you think about DAYS impressive numbers from the fallout of Brady and Kristen’s nuptials? Did you tune-in and enjoy the events that transpired in story?  Weigh-in!

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40 Comments on "Days Of Our Lives Hits Over 2-Year-Plus High In Total Viewers!"

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David Fournier

Great news for Days of Our Lives. Glad to see it up.

ABC also released a press release looks like a great week for General Hospital as well

“General Hospital”: (2:00 – 3:00 p.m.)

“General Hospital” climbed to an over 2 year high in Women 18-49 (753,000/1.2 rating) and over 2 and a half year high in Women 25-54 (1.00 million/1.6 rating), placing a solid #2 in the demos, and set a near 11 month high in Total Viewers (2.98 million) – since weeks of 8/15/11, 3/21/11 and 12/24/12, respectively. Furthermore, “General Hospital” ranked as the #1 program in daytime for the 12th time in the past 13 weeks in Women 18-34 (255,000/0.8 rating).

“General Hospital” posted solid gains over year ago levels, including by 6% in Total Viewers (2.98 million vs. 2.81 million), by 8% in Women 18-49 (753,000 vs. 697,000) and by 16% in Women 25-54 (1.00 million vs. 863,000).


Thanks for the good news about GH David, much appreciated!!!! It truly has been climbing in the ratings!!!


wouldn’t it be nice, to rest, knowing… an ABC or NBC show was #1?

Happy DAYS “IS” it: thank god


So over the past 48 hours, Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives and General Hospital have been shattering records?

And Young and the Restless? Still a mess?


So women over 54 don’t matter to viewing numbers? Hmmm. And we have lots of disposable income. Maybe I’ll stop watching TV. Online soaps are pretty good.

jimh(leave it to beaver)
jimh(leave it to beaver)

It was the best soap that week, and continues to be good…keeps it up it could well trade places with GH for third place again unless Robin finally reveals herself to Patrick on GH and then itl go back to third…but thats if Patrick and Sabrina dont marry and go on honeymoon first or Faison stops her…

jimh(leave it to beaver)
jimh(leave it to beaver)

Back in Aug.(i went back several months to research because i seriously needed to refreshion my memory which is affected by some medical problems i have and i dont want to make any more mistakes, like i did recently in my comments, if i can help it)I noticed in my research this past summer i had mentioned i would like to see Kelly Sullivan join Days as Kristen and i still feel the same…with E.D. gone back to Y&R id say recast with Kelly Sullivan(if willing and avaible) unless E.D. is able to return to wrap up the role. I like E.D.s Kristen but if Days needs to recast…Kelly…who i miss on GH…would be the perfect recast in this role…however, id want to see her on Days and wouldnt mind her even in a different role.


yes i said that, as well a couple of weeks ago. recast kristen dimera with kelly sullivan ex connie gh. she would be wonderful as kristen dimera. kelly is a terrific actress. gh made a huge mistake, in firing kelly sullivan.


you know… Eileen Davidson is watchable in any role… at this point… be it Y&R or DAYS.

selfishly, I want for DAYS.

it occurred to me as of late: DAYS Kristen… from the get go … always has to fight for herself, be on guard… from everyone in Salem… you know… in a constant.. yeah, it’s me… so ?!?!

would that be a tough grind… day in and day out… always, not having to prove herself to me… but to the audience…

heck… the halo-ed brethren of Salem get in a mood… that’s impenetrable.

DiMera’s further story… for a REASON.

I thank ED for her contribution

Kelly Sullivan would do fine, wonders, her intelligence and natural sexiness would carry her… all over

talk about a tough DiMera… good or evil… thats our Kelly Sullivan

as for going to Genoa City…. she’d warlord her stay with Victor and Jack… might… and certain she’d bring accolades back to, and forefront Abbott memory…

you know… she’d keep DAYS, Y&R.. did keep GH… above and beyond

so does Eileen Davidson


Bravo Days! Last week was excellent. Greg Vaughan was outstanding!! Eric Martsolf was the best I’ve ever seen him. Arianne Zucker – what can I say – she breaks your heart with all her scenes. John Aniston was delicious and needs to be seen more. Deidre Hall – her reactions and her emotion shone through her scenes. And finally, Eileen Davidson, the queen of vengeful, psychotic, tortured women who can have you cheering for her one minute and appalled at her actions the next. All of these actors deserve an Emmy nod for their portrayals and Days deserves Best Soap for this week’s shows. Proof that when you put the right actors/characters in the forefront with a good, soapy story people will watch.


Loved Days last week everyday was great my fave day was the Ejami fight when Sami kicked EJ out of bed classic acting from Ali and James but I have to say the whole week was great magic acting from Eileen, GV and EM and AZ and DH it just a marvellous week that Brady and Eric punch up was brilliant to watch.


More! More! As always, I am so happy for the success DAYS is having with these imaginative and wickedly entertaining and crazy stories. I hope they continue to climb in viewership. They really and truly deserve it! Congrats to everyone involved!

……And I believe they’re up for renewal in January. This was a mighty fine time to have this press release with this news!


“oh, god” thank you Jules for the news… ie: renewing…

I hope

repeat…. thee networks… cannot survive without at least ONE (1) soap in your daytime line-up

DON’T Mess with

Mary SF

Loved it. Days always bring it for sweeps week and this Nov did not disappoint. I am also enjoying the fallout. I laugh myself silly today seeing Fr. Eric outfit. I guess a suspended priest wears all grey and when he gets defrock he can wear colors again LOL. And Victor’s exchange with Marlena was pure gold. These things might have the impact as a big reveal, but they are as much of a reason as the grand stuff as to why I like this show.


Eileen Davidson created quite a unique character in Kristin Dimera. She will definitely be missed and I am Looking forward to her next go round on the show.


Love love LOVE Days!!!!

Jack Parkins

Well of COURSE the existing soaps are doing well. Not to suggest that Days of Our Lives isn’t a fine show because it most certainly is, but there are so few soaps to choose from that the very few that have been lucky enough to survive are doing just great. Some people are saying that soaps are a dying genre, but it seems to me that NBC is doing just great with Days of our Lives and CBS is doing well with their shows, and ABC’s General Hospital is pulling in the numbers.
Don’t mean to go off topic here but All My Children should NEVER have been taken off ABC-TV. If they ever secure the rights to it, they should re-launch it as a Half hour lead-in show to General Hospital. I know for a fact that it would pull in extremely high numbers. I predict that despite people stating that the soaps are a “dying genre” I feel they will have a come-back to some degree. Eventually, people will get bored with all this “Reality” garbage and endless cooking shows. and just how many Talk Shows do we need. People want fantasy and drama, everyday life is mundane enough as it is, we don’t need that mirrored on our TV screens, we want Dramatic storylines and this is evidenced by the high ratings that General Hospital, DOOL, and the other few soaps are generating!


Move on already and come back to planet Earth please. AMC is done and is NEVER coming back to ABC. Even if ABC bought back the rights (rather unlikely at this point) where exactly would ABC put it? Dream on. Like it or not, ABC seems very happy with The Chew. Its ratings are growing and are at least on par with what declining AMC pulled in its final years on ABC. Plus, it’s much cheaper to produce, so ABC seems to be making more $$$ in that time period. Please try to understand that already.

Yes, the four remaining soaps seem to all be holding their own right now. But they’re not the only daytime programs that are faring well. Try looking up the ratings. Many talk shows (network and syndication) are doing very well and have aired for years, so there seems to be a consistent demand for these programs. It seems clear that a very large group of viewers DON’T seem to be getting bored with “reality” garbage (LOL), talk shows, judge shows, cooking shows, etc. Far from it.

Those talk/reality shows may not be your cup of tea, and that’s perfectly fine. I think there are probably a few too many myself, and there are a few that I can’t stand. But please don’t put down the many people who do enjoy them. You and other soap fans are not so far above everyone else.

I have absolutely nothing against soap operas, and I think they certainly do deserve a place in daytime. They have legions of loyal fans. But I have a major gripe with soap fan commenters who are completely intolerant of viewers who have different tastes than them. Different strokes for different folks, people.

Jack Parkins

Nick, I work in Cancer Research trust me I am acutely aware of the hazards of being on, as you call it, “planet earth”. I am not, as you phrase it, “intolerant” of someone who enjoys a cooking show. ABC-TV did not even consider, to the best of my knowledge, experimenting with a different model of the iconic ALL MY CHILDREN, as in trimming the episodes down to a half hour or presenting it as a one hour a week night-time Program. I completely agree that, unfortunately, at this particular point in time it is unlikely that it will resurface. However, none of us can foretell what the future will hold so I shall refrain from dispensing negative predictions regarding the show’s ultimate fate.
In my opinion, (please note, my OPINION) the airways are bombarded and saturated with inane reality shows and Talk shows and certainly, many people watch them. I am not, in any way shape or form, passing judgment
on (or as you refer to it, “putting down”) people who watch “I Survived a Japanese Game Show” or “Battle of the Brides” or this season’s “The Bachelor”. They are inexpensive to produce, don’t require writers, no professional actors are required, and no elaborate sets are needed.
It profoundly saddens me that this is what is presented on TV today, aesthetic value has been replaced by ribald amusement.


Best show on the air right now period! GH is a close second but I prefer Days! GH has surface plot device edge of your seat moments, but with the exception of the Robin stuff it is fluff, don ‘t get me wrong I love GH, but I find the storylines on DAYS to be much deeper and more complex these days.


I have to agree:

Days is: focus… innuendo, nuances, delivery, reaction, further intrigue… must see TV

GH: on par with, surprises…? bait and hook… and it’s more than that.. makes Serial FUN.. whereas:

my days is serious, quality, my own investment… delivery, I like my imagination with… whew…

deservedly, #1 and #2, your call


Yes yes wonderful news. i love days of our lives. to bad eileen davidson left the show, i will miss kristen so much.


DAYS has been great, is still great and will continue being great!

My username says it all.


Shows what sustained suspenseful simmering storytelling combined with strong acting, attention to history, and involvement of others on the canvas can do. We as an audience follow along and gather for the payoff!


“…gather for the payoff!”

pressing for DAYS: get a load of cashola and BIG SHOW: Donovans’ and Brady clan.


what a coup and MUST cull meaty material from


please cancel days of our lives, it will be cancelled in 2015. i know that for a fact. just keep general hospital and young and the restless. they are better soaps.


You’re crazy to think DAYS fans would support YawneR if DAYS is dropped. DAYS viewers are accustomed to edgy entertainment. Daring daytime drama is where it’s at! Not dimwitted dull crap like YawneR! Be careful what you wish for! If DAYS drops dead, then they all will die!


DOOL is my favorite soap currently and I am so happy for its ratings. I hate both GH and Y & R and hope both bite the dust ASAP.


are you crazy. gh is going know where. gh is on fire right now, look at the ratings. young and the restless got renewed for 3 more years. one thing i do agree with you, is days has been really really good lately.


No, I am not crazy. If I was, I would not have earned a Ph.D. degree at age 29 and been a successful tenured University Professor for the past 11 years and still gainfully employed. You have your opinion and I respect that. But, I have a mind of my own and my opinion.


Are your students crazy for DAYS? How big is DAYS on campus? How and when did you become a fan? I’m looking forward to your reply. Happy Thanksgiving!


I started watching Days during this week because I kept seeing people talk about how good it was on twitter. I was not disappointed. I’m definitely going to keep watching.


Great to hear! Welcome to Days! It’s a great show, and deserves its ratings.


How do you know that “for a fact?”


You go, Days!!!! I’ve been watching Days for 47 years and have never been bored! Some storylines stand out more than others but it is on fire!!! The fallout of the Kristen/Brady is reverberating throughout Salem and beyond. Will Kristen be found, only to make more trouble than she already has? I will miss Eileen Davidson but not Kristen. The storylines and acting have been phenomenal. The only one that I don’t like is Jennifer/Daniel. Keep up the good work, Days! You’ve got my tv and dvr tuned in every day. Wouldn’t miss an episode!


Days was the soap of the week last week.


LOVE THIS! DOOL finally getting the love they deserve. This show has been rocking! When I go to my DVR DOOL has been my first pick for weeks, GH a close second and sadly, I’m two weeks behind on Y&R (but that’s no reflection on the talented actors). I don’t watch B&B but am always happy for their fans. Lots of soapy goodness on daytime tv.


Excellent Read!

we have the same soap musts:

#2 and nipping at Salem heels: GH
#3 Y&R – I’m at a loss for how to help Genoa City – but: it’s a treasure trove
#4 B&B – could never disbend my belief to watch millionnaires

3 soaps giving and getting ALL TIME big numbers



I LOVE my Days of OUR Lives!

I press how good and excellent Salem Lives!

Yes… Yahoo… Always true to DOOL.

a recap from another post I share again:

LOL… I cherish the passion we fans have

it’s so true… I’ll be nesting through thick and thin… with these 4 staples… and last remaining… TREASURES’

example: after all the Kristen, DAYS hoopla… congrats to DAYS for through the roof 2 year HIGH…

spike in ratings… ploy….. for sweeps…. I’ll take it.

one can’t help but think… about our keen awareness of how soaps and television operate…

so… lo and behold… i was totally stumped and caught off guard… who should pop up on my screen…. immediately… and reeled .. surprise… and giddy… so soon after one of my favs… Eileen Davidson… Curtain calls… standing Ovation..

but… Thee ‘Donovans’! what a blast… my heart lept.

Shane – Kimberly – Theresa

and… notwithstanding… T… has been FUN – intriguing… with Abbi and Jordan
a renewed bonding.. with JJ and Jennifer
all the major drama ensuing… with EJ and Sammi…. wow… egg shell drama.. enticing… and root for… eithor/or… this is testing LOVE
tour de force acting.. with Justin… with any one! and with EJ and Adri and cast is sublime…a treasure… and sexy as all get out
watching the Bradys rally around… Theresa… Kayla/Hope/Caroline/Roman.. with, must come back… Shane and Kimberly… was heart wrenching…
simmering sensuality… on fire…. bubbling with electricity… Kate/Jordan/Rafe
what’s going to happen with Ariana grace… altho… I’m afraid the demise of Gabbi
looms on the horizon… I don’t know that i like this happening to Arianna’ mother.
the mere fact that Nicole is pushing Eric aside… the instant he dissed her… didn’t believe her.. and that pause of doubt.. cemented.. her heartache…

i’m sure theres’ something I missed.

without being too wordy…

DAYS has so much going for it… that.. I must press with and for.


The Kristen-Brady-Eric story climax was a blast!

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Next week on Days of our Lives, Brady (Eric Martsolf) is in for quite the surprise when Theresa (Jen Lilley) shows up and turns his world upside down again. What will happen when Theresa discovers that Brady and her sister, Eve (Kassie DePaiva) are engaged?Meanwhile, Sonny (Freddie Smith) is in for surprise also, when he realizes Leo (Greg Rikaart) is going to turn the tables on him, after their steamy passionate kiss. And, Will (Chandler Massey) find a new clue in Dr. Rolf’s diary, as Kate (Lauren Koslow) learns her fate in Vivian’s death.

Check out these teasers from upcoming episodes of DAYS below, and then watch the latest promo from NBC. Tell us what storyline has piqued your interest the most via the comment section below.

Monday, May 21

Stefan threatens Abigail with Chad’s freedom.

Tuesday, May 22

Lani has a scare concerning her unborn baby.

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RATINGS: DAYS Overtakes GH And Takes The Number Three Spot!

Following their triple-crown victory of winning Outstanding Daytime Drama Series, Writing Team in a Drama Series, and Directing Team honors at the 45th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, Days of our Lives continued their upswing when the recent ratings were released this week.

For the week ending April 30th through May 4th, DAYS moved past General Hospital as the third most-watched soap opera. Considering DAYS has been in the fourth position of all four soaps for the last several years, this is definitely worth noting.. DAYS came in with 2,301,000 average total viewers for the ratings week, while GH had 2, 288,000. In addition, GH tied an all-time low in the womens 18-34 ratings share.

As for The Young and the Restless, they also lost the most viewers for the week with -174,00, while coming in at 4,089,000 total viewers. Even though they remain at number one and are far ahead of the other three soaps, it seems the show, which in the past has hovered around 4.5 million a week, is down. In addition, the ratings reflected that B&B is now tied with Y&R for the number one show in the womens demo 18-34, and Y&R has tied some lows in total households, and the women 18-49 ratings share.

The Bold and the Beautiful remains second of the soaps with 3,227,00 viewers, but is down over 100,000 total viewers from last year at this time. View the entire ratings picture via SON here. (more…)

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Days Of Our Lives

Kyle Lowder Returns To DAYS: But What Role Is He Playing?

Kyle Lowder, who started his soap career on Days of our Lives as Brady Black from 2000-2005, has returned to the NBC Daytime Emmy Award-winning drama series.

Most recently, Lowder co-executive produced and starred in the digital drama adaption of DAYS EP Ken Corday’s novel, Ladies of the Lake, which is set to premiere its second season in June.

Now that Lowder is back on DAYS, the question remains under the creative pen of head writer, Ron Carlivati, who will he be playing given that Eric Martsolf is currently Brady Black and is not exiting the series?

Kyle took to social media sharing a video message on his arrival back in Salem expressing: “BEYOND excited to be rejoining my Days of our Lives family. See y’all soon!” SOD first reported the casting news. (more…)

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