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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Hope Shoots Stefano!



Dark DAYS continue and this one has everyone abuzz, and serves up much conjecture!

On Friday in a major cliffhanger, after being baited and taunted by her arch-enemy Stefano DiMera (Joe Mascolo), a disraught Hope (Kristian Alfons0) plugs the guy with not one, not two, but three bullets to finish him off!  Now even though the Phoenix always rises again, did Hope murder the DiMera kingpin once and for all?  Hope came to the DiMera mansion to have it out with Stefano, and her tortured past at the hands of him gets dredged up.  Hope believes Stefano was behind Bo’s (Peter Reckell) capture and imprisonment that led to the escalation of his brain tumor and his ultimate death.

A very angry and revenge-filled Hope confronts Stefano, who to get her to leave tells her that she is right he did everything to Bo, even though he also added that what he is saying is bogus.  Stefano tells Hope she doesn’t have the guts to hurt him.  He even tells her to grab the gun in the drawer and shoot him.   She doesn’t have to do that.   You see, Hope brought her own gun.  And after Stefano’s continued insults and utter nastiness towards her, Hope loses it.  She screams out and fires three shots.  A bloody Stefano goes down  … chess piece and all!

What did you think about the final scenes of Friday’s cliffhanger? Did Hope finally “checkmate” Stefan for good?  Watch a preview for next week’s DAYS with the latest promo from NBC, where Rafe  (Galen Gering) comes upon the scene and looks to be covering up Hope’s crime!

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I’m a little torn over this plot development. On the one hand, it was very well acted by KA and JM. Hope has lost her grip on reality and gunned down a major villain without having any proof that he was responsible for Bo’s death, although she did admit that his kidnapping and brainwashing her in the past (decades ago) stole precious time from her and Bo. It’s a huge plot development that should have long-term consequences for Hope, Andre, Chad, Rafe, and maybe Ciara. On the other hand, this wasn’t as big a surprise as DOOL probably wanted it to be, at least not to me. Thaao Penghlis had revealed something a few months back that hinted at Stefano’s death, and Ken Corday said there’d be a shocking murder in cold blood coming up, so putting 2 and 2 together, alot of fans figured out Hope would kill Stefano. It’s also the 2nd death of a major character this week, which is getting ridiculous. DOOL needs to stop killing off characters for awhile if his/her death is going to actually mean something to the characters in Salem and the viewers. Plus, I can’t help but feel that this is a story development designed to move Hope and Rafe to coupledom sooner rather than later, and that bugs me. Couples should come together more gradually, more naturally, than through plot twists and rushed pacing. She’s grieving Bo. She’d just married Aidan and planned on spending a life with him. They shouldn’t be pushing Hope and Rafe together artificially, IMO.

I will miss Joe Mascolo. He was a delight to watch on DOOL and we could always count on the Phoenix rising a few times, or having children who came out of the woodwork. Stefano DiMera will be missed.


Ugh, Beth….right? Hope and Rafe? Please NOOOOO!!!!!!!
Stefano was a baddie, but he was such a formidable, dominant figure. I don’t know; it’s kind of hard thinking of DAYS without Stefano causing havoc……my Great-Granmother was all excited because she saw Joseph on TV today…….JAWS 2. She lives on Martha’s Vineyard ( where the movies were filmed), and she was one of the extras (crowd). LOL. She is so proud of that!


Grandmother (sp. correction)


@Beth – Hope and Rafe have been very good friends for a long time. So it is not as if they suddenly introduced Rafe to the canvas. Also, Rafe promised Bo that he would look after Hope which is what he is trying to do. That is why I think Rafe will accept responsibility for killing Stefano. Rate could see allowing Hope to get away with killing Stefano as helping her so she’s free to care for Ciara.

I also hope that DOOL of our lives will stop killing off major characters but somehow I think there will be at least one more; Victor. He is the man who framed his own brother. Victor’s nephew Deimos is coming to Salem to avenge his father. That vengeance just might include killing his Uncle Victor. John Aniston is 82 years old and may want to retire from the show.


Hey, Mary.
Yes, we all know Bo asked Rafe to take ‘care’ of Hope. I doubt Bo’s intention included any sexual connotation. I have given my comment, earlier, for what it’s worth……but, of all the family members available and ready to take Hope into their ‘arms’, why ask Rafe? It is contrived. It is obvious TPTB want to start something between these two. I, personally, think it’s dumb, if not inconceivable. She is too old for Rafe. He is young and I always thought he wanted kids….she’s past her childbearing years. Maybe a fling? But why? Rafe deserves better than this problematic woman. And, more importantly, Rafe and Bo were never so close that Bo would give him the responsibility of undertaking such a task….because that is what it eventually be….A magnanimous TASK!!!!! It does not make sense and I do not buy it. Just sayin’.
I want John Aniston to stay put. I love him and his dry humor. He’s one of the reasons I watch.

Bil Thompson

I’m sorry to say that I personally think his acting is SO corny and over-the-top and that atrocious accent belongs in a local Playhouse production. Perhaps at one time he was better, I don’t know, I have only been watching this show for 2 1/2 years or so, and his acting always seemed very forced and unconvincing as compared to, say, Jon Aniston who always delivers a believable performance. So, if his character has to make an exit, might as well do it with a BANG…or 3.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Either Hope will get off with a temporary insanity plea or Rafe claims he shot Stephano!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)


Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Did they even show Jen in her coma…were Bill and Laura-Jen’s parents even mentioned-you think her parents would come and see her-Days would have enough money to bring them back for a brief visit hadnt they aged the kids!

4ever DAYS

Jennifer wasn’t in a coma, Jimmy.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

4ever Days…i missed a couple of epps. and thought i read somewhere Jen was in a coma…thanks for letting me know!


I agree: temporary insanity and Hope is home free in time for sweeps.

JM went out strong. But if anyone should have shot him it should have been his Queen of the Night, Marlena.

Jim, I like your Corrie / Callum theory from awhile back. But if he’s alive, who’s rotting away under Gails bed?!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Not sure…maybe backed up sewage?


at least, had it been… ‘his” Queen of the Night, Marlena

this would have … “some” ramifications… for … Marlena ?

would have been a more provocative stirring twist… instead of Hope ?!?!

viewers have already disappeared with Bo. so… this was nothing more than a plot point… to usher out… the greatest ACT… done in by the new IT girl… Kristian Alfonso


I think Rafe will claim responsibility. That way Hope will be free to care for Ciara.


Is Stefano ever really dead for too long???


He is dead that is unless DOOL brings him back with a complete face change. JM has had health issues for a long time.


I was thinking the same thing. Is Stefano really dead? If it were not for his age and failing health, whisk is rumored so often, I would say probably not. We shall see.


Which, not whisk. Gawwwwd! Autocorrect!


This could be an interesting plot turn, especially if Stefano is dead for good this time.


Maybe he’s the major character being murdered !


Let me begin by saying that I am happy that they followed through on the threat of Hope shooting him. I was certain she would run out of the house all crying and full of shame and self pity. However, Hope as some renegade is an awful experience to watch. She is awful in this type of portrayal. It’s all overplayed and it looks like she’s acting instead of being believable. Let’s put it this way, her 30 years on this show with this storyline are as bad in this portrayal as the new Ciara after a couple of months. Hope is better as the victim/heroine. Not that she is all that in the first place but her angry/mean portrayal needs a dose of a class at Lee Strasberg. I hope that all the killing of characters ends at Stefano’s upteenth murder. I swear the writers solve everything by killing everyone off. I can’t imagine how scared the majority of the actors are knowing that at any moment a tie or bullet could be the end of their acting roles on DAYS. There must be a hellish amount of brown nosing to the writers.


Oh, yeah, right on, Mateo.


I’ve always said of Hope.

2 things

she does romance… so well… that, she owns it. ie: Bo and Aiden.
she owns the familial … her bonding with family … ’nuff said.

it’s a lot for her character to be going through…. or, did she?

no Bo
no Aiden
New Ciara

now she’s all commando and AMAZONIAN Woman hear me roar!

does it seem like she’s once again… the reigning queen… the new IT girl again… that… ( I don’t know about this ) that the show…is revolving in and around Kristian Alfonso ?

she no longer has a good support system… w/ Bo, Aiden, and Lauren Boles gone.

I’m actually liking Rafe acting over Hope.

sometimes when I look at her… Maria Shriver comes to mind.

after all the dust settles… how will Hope Fare?

I for one… truly hope Stefano doesn’t die at the hands of Hope ???? what will this do for her character ? will this ??? make all Salem’ites rally around her… and she’s the HEROine…

just doesn’t muster up that interesting… I would have wanted Stefano to go out bigger than this … perhaps at the hands of one of his own…. Andre… or even bring back Peter Blake or EJ … to do him in.

I thought it was so telling… STefano to Andre… ( not verbatim ) “I’m tired ” like he was foretelling Andre… that he has a bad feeling… that the DiMera is on it’s last leg… and that his Dynasty’ reign is not what it is…

at the time.. I thought… this is when Andre takes it upon himself to oust his own father.

so… I had wanted more Drama… to feature Joseph Mascolo… if this is how Stefano goes out… with three gun shots… this quickly…

I don’t know… I sure love the guy

ps: back to Hope… I’m not really jiving with; or feeling Hope; ( MEH ) watching her exact revenge… when I would have preferred watching her for wcwb a little bit … mourn for Bo… and even Aiden…. heck… eye nuCiara… with a blank stare

maybe she’ll collapse; shut down; and she’ll have to deal with all the fallout


Hope is waaaay too unnecessarily idolized. Her time has come and gone. I find no interest in her antics. Enough, I say! I get tired just thinking about her idiotic heroics of gallivanting around town looking for, W H A T?????? Golly Gee, by the time she’s done, she will completely disappear and become the invisible woman. She’s thin enough as she is. She will blow away with a good, hefty gust of wind.


I was actually shocked to see Hope go through with it .but I have this feeling deep down inside that Stephano is not dead. and if it turns out that he is oh well. I am sure he will return again in the near future..I didn’t hate Stephano but I think he got what was coming to him.Hey I dont believe for one minute that Kristian is dead either .but what do I know…Bare in mind that Hope did not shoot him in the head so who knows what may have happened. Looking forward to Monday to see what happens.

Mary greenlee

If stefano is dead , you might as well close the book on days of our lives. It looks like the new writers are managing to
Destroy one of the best day time series, that outlived all the rest. I only watch the show now, to see how long before the end finally happens.I guess all the new kids they hired, to replace veteran actors, will be collecting unemployment.


Stephano is such a hard man to hate but he is also hard to love.yet he is one of the biggest characters on the show, I am not for the young kids stories it ruined the show the last time they tried bringing in young blood.Lets hope it is not a repeat. Not happy they got rid of Kassy either , I liked her as Eve.. but that is another story.Do you think that Rafe will cover up her crime? I myself would love to see Rafe and Hope together.

L izzie

Just think it’s a dream, people like him live


I’m sick of Hope. She’s reacted to all of this so inappropriately in that she’s trying to kill people instead of letting Rafe and Roman handle it. She’s left her daughter, granddaughter, and mother in-law to run off chasing Bo’s kidnappers rather than grieve him with his family and friends. Has she given Chase any attention? The poor kid has no one but she and Ciara, and neither sit and let him talk. I hope Rafe or Roman arrests Hope or Andre kills her first. She’s beyond asinine imo. To the point where I hate seeing her. Why couldn’t she have died instead of Daniel or Bo?


well… DAYS production certainly does move things along … don’t they

it just smarts how fast DAYS is moving

with nothing to savor or give the audience an ending… that would help with closure… and solidify the writing…

Hope has yet to be shown grieving… for either Bo, or Aiden… and yes she needs to deal with Aiden

so now… Hope may be dealing with a murder charge ! let’s see how fast the Salem P.D. muck this all up… and Hope is set free…. and no one in Salem will care… as the big bad wolf is done!


I love you, Lia! Why can’t anyone else see this? You are the only one who seems to compartmentalize Hope, as she should be. I want the old Hope back….the sensible Hope. She has been going downhill since Aiden.
Unfortunately and soooo ridiculously, Rafe comes to the rescue. He is a lawman and is willfully breaking the law for this spastic, all-over-the-place woman. Why? Oh, yeah….he promised Bo. C’mon.
As you say, her daughter needs her….all of her. I can’t stand it when TPTB write mothers this way….that a man, a spouse, a lover takes precedence over her child. Caramba and sacrebleu, I say!


Her behavior is hard to overlook when she thinks it’s more important to go after thugs, than grieve the man she so calls love. To leave her child behind to grieve her dad alone, and worry about her mother’s safety. She’s abandoned Chase a young man who has no one to grieve his father with. She’s over the top outrageous, and my God look how Rafe had changed….for her. He’s ready to throw himself in the fire. So sad he lost all sense of right, because she’s such a pathetic woman and not worth it. And how laughable that of all the men in town Bo would choose Rafe as his replacement in her life. Lol Really?

Donna Dykema

Love the very talented Joe Mascolo but it’s time for another bad guy to surface. He has earned a wonderful rest in his golden years. Bless you Joe!


how can DAYS replace an ICON as huge as Stefano DiMera


Michael Muhney as Peter Blake


Vincent Irizarry as Deimos ( Kiriakis ? )


I like that, Patrick. Two of my favorite actors.


Stefano is finally dead, that’s wonderful news. Joseph Mascolo had a good run. Now lets kill off Theresa. I hate her, what a witch. Hope and Rafe will be the next super couple.

James McDonald

Joseph Mascolo has had a good run on Days Of Our Lives since 1982. It could be that he is ready for retirement. Some sources say, he is the age of 86 or more. He deserves to be able to stay home and sleep in. I like the character of Stefano DiMera that only Mascolo can do. If this is the final demise of Stefano, perhaps this will keep Thaao P. on as “Andre” for a longer stay. I would have liked to have seen “Stefano” go out with a grand exit.


Is that really the way the great Stefano would go out? I would have imagined something bigger than that.


ditto !

I’m so disappointed… Hope did it? seriously!


I know what you mean. It should have been John, but for some reason Ken Corday loves him some Hope and she is NEVER on the back burner. Hell, she was on EVERY DAY in November. Seriously! God forbid, John and Marlena get that kind of airtime that Hope gets.

Mary SF

Well I have seen Stefano get pumped full of bullets before, seen him in his coffin, only to find out a few months down the road he is still alive. However it is obvious the actor playing him is not well and since I can’t imagined a recast perhaps this time Stefano finally met his end.

Without Stefano the show will need to find a new villain and Andre isn’t cutting it for me. I find Andre humorless and devoid of any emotion other than being pissed off. Stefano, was a mean sob, but over the years we saw he had layers also, even some tender moments when the house was filled with grandchildren. So losing another major character right now is yet another blow for this show.

And I’m not certain how this will change the character Hope but this dark version is not working for me. Much like when Anna “killed” Carlos on GH, I am finding it difficult to accept if Hope didn’t kill Stefano years ago for what he did to her and Bo and family, why now. I don’t buy the idea grief turns a morally upright person into a cold blooded killer. For me, when the heroines or heros resort to this type of behavior it is a cheap stunt that the writer will have to undo at some point, so why are you wasting my time with cheap manipulation?

If this was twenty years ago and there were lots of daytime drama to chose from, I would be shopping for a new soap right about now, but since Days is only one of four left I will watch, but just barely.


As many of you know Joe Mascolo is leaving Days due to health reasons . So Stefano was killed off for good this time , yes he is the one being murdered . This episode was amazing , one of the best in Days history . You see Stefano taunting Hope with the use of bad language , making a mockery of her and Bo and insulting a dead man ( Bo ) . Hope can’t take it anymore and out of her mind with grief and anger guns and kills Stefano with 3 bullets ! Amanda my next door neighbour is excited as much as i am . She is such a big Patch and Kayla fan and is thrilled to have them back on too ! People in my church community are now tuning back into Days and love it ! Some have given up for good on Bold and Beautiful and Young and restless because of the massive decline in quality of both soaps.

Angela Boyd

I think the house has finally fell on that wicked SOB. ..what will he return as a revival of HBO’s The Crip Keeper. Stefano knew she was a woman on the edge and he taunted her because he wanted out, he said himself to Andre that he was tired…Sammi of all people take money like that and the Phoenix can’t find her…lol He knew it was time to exit the game so he sent Andre away so he could make his final checkmate…what better way to leave than having a Brady go down for your murder..didn’t you guys see Joe laugh when the first bullet hit …genius. .only thing I am upset about is John didn’t get to do it !…I will miss you Joe


Well, while it appears that Stefano is dead – who knows since he has come back so many times. If JM is retiring then it could be.

As for me, I am not into so many murders and deaths on the show. This is what happens to days when they get into a mode they start to over do it, and do too much. I know they may have been trying to clean house to move and change the direction of the show and storylines, they are trying to grab ratings, but hey it is the 50th anniversary, let’s have some celebration and happiness too!

With this said, everyone has been giving good performances, but if someone is leaving can they walk into the sunset, and then move in another direction. Unfortunately, death and murders are a part of life, so I understand if they have some of that, but does it have to be all the time now, and so much. Sadly, we can watch the news for this. We watch soap operas as an escape from the horror of the news. . Days has a tendency to descend too deep into darkness at times.

Bring on the romance and happiness! This viewer will watch that.


Joe Mascolo has not looked well, maybe he has decided to retire and they let Stefano go out with a bang. Andre will now be head of the DiMera family.


If I am correct I think he has diabetes,maybe that is why he is in a wheel chair.


I will miss Stefano because he was a love/hate character; plus, he kept the show interesting. Someone mentioned Kristen, I forgot about her coming back to the show. I said Tony in other comments, but I meant to say Andre as the DiMera to take on the good citizens of Salem. Make Chad tougher since it can be done with the new Chad. Give these men loyal wives who will support them regardless . Why? When a woman marries a man with a shady character , she didn’t just learn this about him; she knew it from the beginning. These women let others tell them about their men and what they should do about them. Writers, give these DiMera men – women with ‘I don’t care attitudes.”


I will miss Stefano and I don’t blame the actor for retiring, he definitely deserves it and I hope he enjoys his retirement!

Mary greenlee

I thought stefeno looked pretty good when hope shot him.
Maybe he will be off and on, he is the only one that keeps dool jumping. They need to rewind, & bring back the old story line and go from there. Hope and rafe do not need to be a pair,
You dont forget a lost love that fast.she needed little ciara
to take care of.nicole needs dr.jonas


I didn’t think the shooting scene was that great. Maybe they were limited by Joe’s abilities/health.

Hope is no longer the romantic lead. She is a murderer. I don’t think it was the right path to go down. How can they redeem her?

Hope is Abby’s cousin. Hope just killed her baby’s daddy’s daddy. Wait till the ornament hanging this year. Should be fun!

Mary greenlee

I have the answer to keeping dool from going down the drain.
Everyone at the party was unknowingly given a mind altering drug, sending them into a drug induced sleep when they got
Home. Each one that was drugged ,awaken in their own beds,
with a big headache , but not injured or dead.
C’mon its not that crazy!!!
It’s rewinding.


Lol, Mo. Murderer, maybe. She is crazy, for sure. How about both?


I am SICK of this death and despair. So many wonderful actors and characters have left DOOL. It doesn’t even seem like the same show anymore. And please stop with all of these kids that noone recognizes! Come on DOOL get on track before you lose more viewers!

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