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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Nicole Says Her Final Goodbyes To Daniel & Chad Remembers!



It was heartbreak city for many Salemites on Wednesday’s episode of Days of our Lives with sad goodbyes, plus a major breakthrough for another.

It had been decided that Brady (Eric Martsolf) will get Daniel’s  (Shawn Christian) heart, and the transplant surgery needs to begin asap.  Next, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) must say their final goodbyes to Daniel.  Arianne Zucker really made viewers tear up just as Nicole was, as she was overcome trying to say farewell to the love of her life.  Nicole tells Daniel in their final moments: “Thank you for loving me.  You were an unbelievable gift in my life.”  Maggie also had to be strong in the face of the most tragic circumstance a mother should ever have to endure.


Meanwhile, Billy Flynn delivered another touching performance as Chad finally makes his major breakthrough from his heinous brainwashing at the hands of Andre (Thaao Penghlis)!  Chad recalls his love for Abby (Kate Mansi) and their relationship and relates to his newborn son, Thomas!  It was once again powerful work by Flynn and Kate Mansi.  Later, in the hospital, Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) tells Abigail that Daniel did not make it.  Abby is devastasted while in the midst of her happiness with Chad.

The heartbreak continued after the heart transplant surgery when Nicole insists on seeing Daniel in the hospital morgue.  Once again she breaksdown as Fynn (Alexander Bruzt) stands by her.

So, what did you think of the performances on Wednesday’s Days of our Lives?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Days is my favorite American soap right now but thats not the reason i believe Days should sweep the emmys next year…its because of the improved writing and bravo performance by its vets!


Hi, Jimmy,
You may be right about Days, as doing better, even after the best storyline has taken a ‘leave’. As macabre as Ben and his madness was, his story kept me on my toes. But, Jimmy, I have had it with Hope and the continuation of her stupid revenge/hate/futility into all that is Days. So boring……so annoying… not entertaining. Right now, that is the only deterrent for me. I wouldn’t mind if Hope disappeared altogether. Later.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

..Hope shot the Steph…she will probably get off with temporary insanity…i would rather Ciara leave-she is a snooze and so is the whole teen snoozapalozza gang!


Lol, Jimmy. That stupid shooting was so weird. It just didn’t seem real. It was as though it all played out in Hope’s head. She should be locked up; not for shooting Stefano, he deserves every rotten thing coming his way; but for her revenge-binge…….an asylum? I said this before. She didn’t seem so concerned about Bo when she was doing the IT with pie-faced Aiden.
Ciara? Mousy-looking girl, and just as boring. Someone remarked she looks like a young Kristian Alfonso. My gosh….Kristian’s face was so beautiful at that age. I watched old episodes. Ciara doesn’t even come close. The only thing they have in common is their Italian heritage.


Another great episode for Suzanne Rogers and Ari Zucker. I also think Billy Flynn just keeps getting better – a true leading man.

Cindy sousa

It was so sad I cried seeing Nicole crying.she is such an amazing actress.I hope she stays around for long time


Ari and Suzanne are killing me. I’m literally sobbing every day.


I love Billy Flynn! Aside from Jen Lilley, and Patch and Kayla being reunited, he is the single-handed BEST thing DOOL has going for it.

That being said, I am so glad Chad got his memory back because if I have to see him envision that spider, the lions attacking one another, the maggots, etc., again I think I was going to scream. Pretty poor brainwashing there, Andre, if putting one’s infant in your arms can undo everything.

I am happy that he snapped out of it because this week with all the doom and gloom at least ONE couple should be happy and an infant child really does better to be able to bond with both its mother and father from the beginning. I remember when our 4 and 6-year-old boys were infants and all the time both me and my husband spent with them laying on our chests. They call it kangaroo care and it is such a special thing for both parent and child to experience.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

With whatsherface leaving as Abby, her and Chad wont be happy for long…Andre will catch on to Chad’s deceit and Abby will vanish…its just a guess…unless they do a quick recast!


Chad remembering was very clumsy came way too fast. And it didn’t really answer, for Abby, what had happened to him.

On the other hand, I thought Nicole saying goodbye was very sad.

Where is Maxine? And why has no one told Maggie ERIC WAS DRUNK AND CAUSED THE ACCIDENT????!!!!


My thoughts exactly. How did Chad get over the brainwashing that fast & will he turn on Abby the next time he sees Belle? Is Andre gonna grab him from behind at the mansion, chloroform him & do it again? How is it these people just get grabbed & snatched & strangled-what a very scary little town.

I about died myself when they took Daniel to the O.R. & he was in the bed next to Brady & they got out that instrument that starting buzzing-GOD.

And I did not expect them to bring Daniel back & let Nicole see him again after the transplant. I made the mistake of watching this very late last night & just tossed & turned all night. This has been a very disturbing last few weeks on the show.

And where IS Maxine? She will be devastated over this-she should have been on duty that night.

And I wish somehow they could get everyone together & tell them all everything! I mean hardly anyone knows that Eric was drunk-does Kate even know about the accident? Does Caroline? She lives at Victor’s now. You’d think they’d have gotten her up when Victor & Maggie left or at least sent Roman over there or something.

And how weird when Gabby & Rafe were in the square & Gabby checked her phone & said “oh my friend’s mother was in an accident, I hope she’s ok” Seriously? Does Gabby not know that Rafe certainly knows Jennifer & JJ? Why did Rafe not hear about this wreck? He would want to be there for Nicole & everyone else.

And finally, I have not heard Parker’s name mentioned once! Or Chloe! I always thought Parker looked exactly like Daniel from day 1. Who remembers the paternity swtich when Caroline (I believe) made the switch for reasons I struggle to remember.

Anyway, Maggie & Nicole have done me in-so so sad beyond words.


In theory, Gloria…I agree, the entire operating room/instruments scenario was horrifying. Too close to home for me.
I know it’s a soap, LOL, but, what struck me was the fact that Daniel’s coloring was as normal as can be. No colorless lips, no ashen complexion. Plus, in death, the face does not usually look scrunched up….especially, not after the care of a medical staff. Daniel’s brow was furrowed, perplexed almost. That was odd. The make up people should have worked on his face or something. You know, smoothen it out and make him look like a human sans a heart. DEAD!!!! Later.

Bil Thompson

That’s a good question, where in the heck IS Maxine? Did she go on Family Medical Leave or something? Isn’t she the Lead RN at the Hospital? Just how much vacation time has she accrued?


Kudos go to Arianne Zucker and Suzanne Rogers for great acting through the story of Daniel’s passing. The story with Abbi and Chad is beyond ridiculous. Brainwashing miraculously cured by a baby? Please! The Dimeara powers must be really really weak if that is all it takes. This is where DAYS does NOT follow through adequately. They tell far fetched tales and the pay out is seldom worth it. Now let’s see where the crazy train departs next. I understand that another bloody murder is coming down the line….but seriously it’s getting to the point where I don’t really care. Which is a sad state. Billy Flynn is an acting dynamo who deserves a better story than this.

Bil Thompson

I also didn’t quite get how Chad picks up the baby and his memory comes back. It was almost, anti-climatic in some ways. I thought maybe he would remember that his evil villainous older brother strapped him to a table and put strange thoughts in his head – at any rate, it was so stupid that I’m glad that portion is over.
But the absolute most RIDICULOUS scene was when John squinted and said he wanted to “donate his heart” for a transplant. Really? Who does that? Of course, maybe I shouldn’t complain because then we would be spared his non stop inquisitive confused squint and his raspy voiced speeches. The scenes between him and Marlena could be used as a cure for Chronic Insomnia.


Jughead does that, Bil. Everything John says and does is open to ridicule. I could go on and on….lol. But, my comment will be banned, if I do.


Nicole (Ari) is always fantastic! She is a great actor, and once again did an outstanding job as she painfully said good-bye to Daniel. She always brings raw emotion, warmth, and realism to all of her performances. As always Maggie (Suzanne) is the dignified matriarch of Days who poignantly and beautifully portrayed a heartbroken mother with the intense emotion that no one would ever want to experience. Both Ari and Suzanne gave excellent performances. They are very important to Days. Billy Flynn has really evolved in his role, and is giving fine performances as a strong Dimera and leading character. Kudos to all.
While these performances have been great, I hope Days will move away from constant deaths and murders. You can only take so much sadness. Romance, intrigue, mystery is fine for a nice soap escape.

Mellisa M

Without a doubt, DAYS is THE BEST soap on TV right now. No other show is even close to it. Every day is must watch. It has returned triumphantly to the top. Just great on all levels. Congrats to the whole cast & crew. Bravo!!!!!


k, now that nicole has said ‘ bye’ to daniel she can now say ‘ hello’ again to her true love eric! …# ericole all day!!!


Poor Nicole finally finds the right man and he is dead. Ari Zucker and Suzanne Rogers definitely need to be nominated for Emmys this year!

Glad Chad got his memory back regarding Abby and the baby. I hated seeing those stupid clips from his brainwashing. Hopefully Andre won’t be able to do it again.

Is Eric supposed to just come back and be okay?


AZ is one of the few actresses who truly makes me feel emotions. when she is happy, I feel happy. And when she is heartbroken, and crying, she makes me believe it. She should be leading the pack of formidable woman on this show, and have a dynamic love interest!! they squandered MAJOR potential of making her and Eric the next power couple. chemistry like that is something most soaps kill for, but DAYS seriously missed the boat!! Hopefully 2016 finds Mizz Walker large and in charge, and having a man who loves her for HER, not for something he wants or expects her to be!


I have commented on that very thing, off snd on, Dylan, since I’ve joined these boards. Ari is not only drop-dead gorgeous, but also a well-balanced, most talented performer. Nonetheless, not as recognized as some with egos as big as Texas, and not as deserving, in my opinion. Then again, who am I but only an avid fan?
I do agree with the Eric issue, as well. I have made my sentiments known. I think Greg is also gorgeous, but Eric is a big wah, wah, wah, baby. So sanctimonious…. He repudiated Nicole one too many times. I do believe, as yourself, that ship’s sails have lost their wind.
However, you are probably right. The most logical conclusion will be to pair Nicole with someone; albeit, as I said before, Nicole should take it easy for a while. No entanglements.


Hi, May,
A heart infection is not so simplistic. If not properly treated, such infections could lead to a place of no return. Obviously, you are right, in one sense. Eric’s situation was milked to create drama. But, anything to do with the heart needs to be taken very seriously and studied/examined diligently and delicately from all angles. The complexities of the heart are many, as it controls the body from beginning to end.

James R. Poissant

This episode broke my heart as I watched Nicole in her scenes with Daniel. Arianne owned the day this episode aired. I couldn’t believe just how real her tears and pain were but I felt what Nicole was going through and this has shown me just how greatly DAYS has improved. The stories that have been told lately have all been a grand slam without a single strike against them. Keep it up, DAYS!!!


I agree that Nicole’s performance was outstanding and she seemed to be crying from the heart. However I do think that it just went on and on too long. She had about 4 or 5 scenes over 2 shows where she just talked to a dead Daniel and pretty much kept saying the same thing. They should have inserted some flashbacks in there of her and Daniel to break up the crying and the talking.

Frankly, I always thought they were a boring couple and always preferred her and Eric. They definitely squandered their potential and Eric’s story line potential. I know he is leaving the show but I hope they don’t kill his character. There is more story potential in him having to deal with the repercussions of driving drunk.

The whole Chad being brainwashed story line was so ridiculous. I am just glad it is over.

Bil Thompson

I guess I will be criticized for saying this, but some of her crying scenes seemed a little forced and “acted” and I didn’t see any real tears. The actress who played Maggie, I thought, was more convincing. I know they are difficult scenes to play, some actors really over play those scenes. At any rate, it was sad to watch.


Oh, Bil. I saw Nicole’s tears. Her face, especially in her interlude with Chloe. Her eyes were red-rimmed, her nose red and her face blotchy. Her acting out her pain was not as impressive as Kassie’s Eve, but I thought her crying, her mourning, her pain were genuine. Not forced, by any means. Suzanne is much older and much more experienced. It is only natural for her to have given us her all. I am sure she performed many similar scenes a few times in her tenure with Days. Acting is her trade. I would hope she’d impress us, considering how long she has been doing this. But, so far, no one compares to Kassie. Just my opinion.
Nicole, on the other hand, must have truly drawn from a deep painful experience in her life to give that performance. I thought she outdid herself. She was great.


Nicole’s mourning probably had to do with it being her actual boyfriend in real life. What I don’t understand is why they had Eric out for so long when he was only suffering from a heart infection? Sure, he had taken a bump or two but no brain injury or other organ damage. He should have been coherent earlier if you ask me but, then again, there wouldn’t have been the emotional roller coaster for his mother and dad to have their scenes. I thought Kayla stating Eric needed the heart just as bad when clearly no protocol of treatment happened first. The logical person to receive the heart was Brady.

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