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Days of our Lives Serves Up The Rafesode!



On Wednesday’s episode of Days of our Lives, another standalone character-centric show was the order of the day. This time featuring Galen Gering as the heroic Rafe Hernandez.

As Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Rafe are trapped in the tunnel under Stefano’s old house in a devious plot set in motion by Andre DiMera (Thaao Penghlis), Rafe is in and out of consciousness. He is plaqued with nightmares and wrestling with his guilt over Hope being in this predicament as she hangs on to life by a thread.

Aiden (Daniel Cosgrove) and Andre are the first people Rafe encounters during his hallucinations as a gloating duo.  Aiden is wearing a red tie, which eventually Rafe uses to try to strangle him with.  In turn,  Andre laughs the whole thing off expressing, “Is that all you got?”  He goes on to say the only person Rafe is capable of killing is “the woman he loves.”


Later during his hallucinations, Rafe sees his father Eduardo (A Martinez), who encourages his son to be strong and to use the gun he brought to avenge Hope!  Ciara (Vivian Jovanni) and Shawn (Brandon Beemer) show up too, both asking why Rafe let this happen extolling, “You promised our dad you’d take care of her.”   Next appears Rafe’s brother Dario (Jordi Vilasuso), who urges Rafe to get on with his life.  Rafe’s mother, Adrianna (Alma Delfina) comes to him next.  Rafe tells his mother she should have approved of Hope, and now she is gone!  Suddenly Gabi (Camila Banus) appears and they both tell Rafe that Hope’s fate is actually in his hands.

But then to really make Rafe feel even worse than he does, Hope’s father Doug (Bill Hayes) appears and blames Rafe for allowing Aiden to enter back into Hope’s orbit.  Finally having enough guilt and anger built up inside of him, Rafe takes the gun and shoots both Aiden and Andre.  The room is now full with everyone rallying around Rafe. Doug says to go to Hope.  He does, and the lovebirds profess their love for each other before Hope dies.


Back in reality, Rafe wakes up and checks on Hope and has to find a way for them to get out of their predicament, or surely die.  Rafe goes to try to break the door down, while Hope dreams of kissing Rafe.  Finally, Rafe using a rock to get the door open and to break the lock which he sucessfully does! He screams for help as the episode concludes.

What did you think of DAYS Rafesode? Did it engage you, or was it a dissapointment? What did you think of the performances? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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48 Comments on "Days of our Lives Serves Up The Rafesode!"

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Mister Media

While it was somewhat entertaining, it was also contrived and a bit tedious. However it was a perfect opportunity to film an entire episode in the dark which seems to be their preferred go-to mode. Soon Days will just be a black screen with audio.

Sarah White Sees

I loved the episode and all the performances. Galen Gering was absolutely top notch.

Scott (ATWT Fan)

Once was awesome; twice was cute; three times is overkill. I’m over these one-off episodes at this point. It’s becoming a stale waste.


I suspect you’ll see more and more of these type of episodes with Days. It’s yet another budget-cutting type of episode.



Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

It was ok but once again too dark and violent!!!…every episode is someone trying to physical harm another person …hallucination or not Rafe strangles needs lighter moments to balance it all out…i remember Doug and Robert doing those comical hospital fundraisers with other cast members.-guess stuff like that too difficult to write anymore…suppose Kristen survived window fall and returned and had the Brady baby kidnap and will be responsible for Teressa’s death…then next Caroline takes an ax and chops up Maggie and serve her remains in the Brady’s famous clam chowder so she can have Victor!!!


Stop, Jimmy. You are killing me. Can’t stop laughing.
I can actually see Caroline chopping Maggie up during one of her episodes. When will she announce her pregnancy with Victor’s child?
Poor Rafe and Hope….how many times can these people take a hit? What a way to live.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Caroline mistakes her pregnancy for irritable bowl syndrome, unaware she is pregnant while having visions of Rosemary’s Baby!!!-lol


Caroline will become Lizzie Borden lol.Love your posts


when is the story going to start about Rafe being adopted?


Hmmm, interesting, vinee. Rafe DOES look different from the rest of his family….it’s like, “One of these things doesn’t belong here…”.


I liked it, hopefully you’ll get rid of demara & aiden, sick of demara & his plots. Please get rid of him!


It was a new low in daytime tv. I am embarrassed for this show. Dena Higley and her Rafe obsession is insane. He is on every day. He did not need a stand alone episode. I didn’t even watch but the tweets said it all. It was 99% hate. I’m done watching the Rafe show. Where are the other cast who can actually act? Took this show off my DVR yesterday. It’s just sad it has come to this but why watch when we see nothing but Rafe and Hope? Will start watching GH again now.

John Gordon

It was an exercise in tedium to even watch this episode – it was so drawn out, with pasted together clips of flashbacks of Hope and Rafe which we DON’T need – the dream sequence(s) were sooo boring and inane.
I wish that there was a way to FF on the NBC app, I could have skipped this entire episode – it told us nothing. We KNOW Hope will be all right, we KNOW they will be rescued, it’s like, geez GET ON with it already! The writers should all be booted off this show and replaced with fans LoL – I’m partially kidding but the writing is just absolutely dreadful.
I would rather have a sprinkling of several storylines then have one long dream sequence centered around one character – I don’t dislike Rafe nor do I dislike the actor portraying him but it was really much too contrived and not compelling at all.


I enjoyed the episode as am a longtime Hope fan and I like the sweet romance of R & H. The Re are an bases who create the negative because they are not getting what they want! As a longtime Days fan, I take the bad and the good! I really enjoyed the Rafe episode as I enjoyed some of the other stand alone episodes! And there are a lot of positive comments re the episode!

John Gordon

Jane, you are more than entitled to your opinion but according to the DOOL FB page, and according to the comments here for the most part, viewers found this episode to be too long and drawn out.
Okay, that being said, the writing team really needs to get on the stick and come up with something more original than “guess what, Hope is in peril for the 100th time” and will Rafe get her out in time – which of course he would – and his crawling out of that so called dungeon which led to Chad’s living room was beyond laughable.


The problem is, I have never found Rafe interesting. Okay, occasionally, I slightly find him interesting but only when he is part of someone else’s story – like supporting role. Otherwise, he bores me to tears. As a result, I have no use for his family – his dad and his brother have done NOTHING since coming to the canvas except be cohorts in other people’s story lines. His mom works my last nerve. Gabi – Gabi I like but she’s been a bit player since coming back to the show and she’s been missing for weeks.

This Rafe/Hope standalone was ff material for me. Watched a total of about five minutes of it.


I like Rafe and Galen Gering. But, that episode was overkill and did nothing to advance the story line which desperately needs advancing. We already know Rafe has a severe Sir Galahad complex plus overwhelming guilt about not being able to protect the people he loves. Nothing new was added. The show needs to make progress in story telling.

John Gordon

That’s putting it kindly – this show needs help desperately. The writing is absolutely dreadful – and while soaps can be rather “drawn out” this show brings new meaning to that expression. It moves at a snail’s pace –
Also, although I’ve said this for a long time – they need some new Sets. How many times can they meet “outside” in Fake Leaf Park – where there is never so much as a breeze?


“Fake Leaf Park” I love it. That’s my pet peeve too. It is definitely a multi-use space. Good for funerals, psychotherapy sessions, plotting crimes, romantic interludes, dying of brain tumors, falls from cliffs, and discussing your most personal business. Every time I see that pitiful, disgusting park, I go nuts. However, we should prepare ourselves. We’ll probably be seeing a lot more of it in the future. They had to spend a couple of dollars for the bomb blast basement and tunnels.


A few things…

1. The name of the episode ALONE was RIDICULOUS…’Rafesode’…OH, BLAH!!!!!
2. The entire episode was RIDICULOUS…PERIOD!!!!!
3. To me, Rafe is FAR FROM HEROIC!!!!! N-o.
4. At this point, Rafe does nothing but annoy me.
5. Most of all, if DOOL is trying to get cancelled, well, then, it is ‘sadly succeeding’. Truly lame.

Tick Tock, Tick Tock……….


You know why, don’t you, Jay? Rafe is fine when not around Hope. She brings him down like an anchor, in the deep Black Sea.
I really thought he and Claudia had something ‘oomphy’…..they connected….felt sparks going. She’s young and bubbly and beautiful. Now, a little mystery is being ‘explored’ with her past. Isn’t that always the case? Same old sing-song: a mean boyfriend is after her…LOL.
Hope’s aura is sooo dark, she influences Rafe’s moods; thus, he picks up her vibe and becomes droll and annoying. She is a grandmother; can’t ‘they’ match her up with one of Claire’ friend’s grandfather?
Rafe needs a life and it isn’t with nanna.
Tick; Tock is right on, my friend!


Celia…ever since Bo died, Hope has TOTALLY lost her way. Also, more and more, Hope is making an absolute fool out of herself (cougar-wise). Most of all, since Hope is (supposed) to be a grandmother, she needs to start acting/behaving like one. Just saying……….

Later, my friend.

4ever DAYS

Dαчѕ σf σur Lívєѕ should stop having character centric episodes because there’s not much to watch if someone doesn’t like the character(s) featured. There should be something for everyone. However, I did like the episode.


LOVE Rafe! I’m rooting for Hope and Rafe as a couple– I think they have chemistry. Cannot stand Aiden and Daniel is a wonderful actor one can love to hate. But I’m ready to see him take his son and leave town already…too much dark drama with those two!


I turned it off half way through. Galen Gering is not a strong enough actor to carry a whole episode. I guess that’s why they had to bring in all the other actors for it. I find myself watching less and less. They are determined to use Gering as some sort of leading man. Every time I turn on the show there is Rafe and Hope. Then I turn it off. I have decided to not even bother to turn it on anymore. After 20+ years of watching, I’m done.


Didn’t like it. Especially when he shot Aiden. Too much of this. I saw Dead Aiden’s eyes blink.

They need to dial down on these character centric episodes.

John Gordon

LoL I did too!! Isn’t that funny, I saw his eyes blink when he was supposed to be dead – the episode was much too drawn out and the dream sequence was idiotic.

Also, this is off the track, how come sometimes Andre has a scar on his cheek some episodes and in others he does not? Don’t the make up people believe in continuity?


This show has become such a disappointment. I used to enjoy the one hour escape from my busy day to watch. Sadly, it has become a chore. I’m so tired of seeing the Rafe character. It is so obvious with the heavy handed writing that they are trying to make him some kind of leading man hero. I find it offensive that they force this character to no end. There are other cast who deserve air time. I used to like Hope but she has become unwatchable for me. The final straw for me was this stand alone episode. I knew it was coming so I didn’t watch. Nor did I watch any of the bomb nonsense. It was no big deal to tune out and I didn’t miss it. Therefore, I am tuning out permanently. I hope the show is not cancelled for those who still watch but it will not bother me if it is.


I absolutely loved it. I thought that Galen Gering was fantastic. I will never understand the Rafe-hate because I think that the character is awesome, a true hero. I’ve been a little slow jumping on the Rafe/Hope train, but Wednesday’s episode made me excited about where this couple could go.


Of all the characters on this show he gets a solo episode? What about the vets or others who can actually act? What was the point of it? Rafe had a dream? I didn’t watch as I have no interest in this character. Actually, I have no interest in this show anymore. Only caught a couple episodes in the last few weeks. Rafe Of Our Lives has turned me off for good. Deleted from PVR and put GH on there instead.


that show was frighteningly bad. I think Galen Gering is the hottest thing but he can only act off good actors (actresses) – the woman cast as his mother who is supposedly some great telenvela actress is god awful. The stereotypical spansih crap is an insult. Is Dena Higley going for good??


regretfully… I do not like her presence, either

it’s hard to understand her…. has she had “any” conflict with any one of her children at all yet ?

I certainly cant’ see … what Eduardo saw in her

it’s no wonder he high tailed it outa “mehico” to be with Eve

I can’t see her character interacting with any one else on the cast ?

perhaps Abe ? or Roman ?

some one ( post ) stated…. that their could be a possible storyline.. that Rafe is adopted ?

DAYS needs to go back to just Rafe and Gabs…. plus Arianna Grace

if Eve is hired back on contract… then certainly…. YES their was steam tension fireworks easy rapport… between Eve and Eduardo…

would have been a great threesome… between Eve / Justin / Eduardo YUM


Yes! DePalva really turned it on by the end of her run. Killing off her daughter was stupid. Do you know if Higley is staying? She needs to be tossed into the Dimera tunnels!
BTW – no one has mentioned John’s ridiculous wig recently – what the hell is up with that??????
As much as Drake can’t act either – he is a core character. I met him once and he is stunning in real life (altho very short lol). Also a super nice guy. AND PLEASE take that stupid beard off the father!!!!! I think they should have a Maggie stand alone episode – she killed it the other day!


I’m sorry, but it was just terrible. I actually turned it off after about 15 min when I realized that would be the whole show. I’m afraid for the future of Days if this is what they consider is even worth airing. It should never had made it to air. Unless you are a die hard Rafe fan, what was the point? Can’t believe he has that many fans to warrant a whole episode with really no point. Pretty much done with this show. It seems they want to make it all about Rafe, his family, his love life….his dreams. Just not here for it. I hear General Hospital is worth watching. Going to try that.

Tom Jenkins

It really and truly was awful, impossible to sit through, and when it was over a sighed thank God THAT’S over –


Tired of this character. He is supporting at best and surely not a lead. I turned it off. That’s all I have to say.


I didn’t see it. But I am a fan of the stand alone shows. They are well produced, the directing, pacing, and music is usually very unique. They also give us glimpses and psychologically insightful writing that soaps rarely do anymore. I would rather these one hit shows be focused on beloved veterans as sort of a 50th Anniversary Season reward for the lo ng time cast members. Maybe because I have never gotten the character of Rafe, I can NOT understand the countless regimes who seem to find this character fascinating, and the continual attempts to anchor him into the show with a family. I get that there was a NBC ordered mandate to make room for and hire Passions actors after that piece of trash was cancelled. Eric Martsolf has been a soaring success as Brady! Galen Gering and Lindsay Hartley, not so much. But all in all, I hope Days does these shows once a month or two. It is a change of pace and they usually result in GREAT acting, as in the case of 2017 Supporting Actress Emmy winner Melissa Reeves for her Star Turn in her stand alone!


Galen Gering is… “Rafe’alicious ”

his yum factor is at best mesmerizing

OK… I think he’s in the same realm of a current day Cary Grant




I stretch

thus far…

I liken Billy Miller… GH Jason…to current day… George Peppard

I liken Greg Vaughan… DOOL Eric Brady… to current day…William Holden


I liken this character to Dudley Do Right.
Dudley Do Rafe….
A cartoon character.
In 8 years he has failed to bring anything substantial to the show. They just keep shuffling him around without success.


If I truly had my way

Robert Mitchum would be in my dreams

Winifred Dellinger

Rafe is a beloved character we would love to see more of. I was thrilled to see a whole episode about him. Galen’s acting was superb. He shows emotion the very best. But I would rather have seen more reality and less dreaming.


Galen Gering he was okay but I liked him better when Passions was on.I don’t know this story kind of bored me to death.


It was good I love rafe in hope there cut couple hope deserves Emmy

Tom Jenkins

Plus when he (Rafe) climbed up through the so called hidden tunnel and wound up in Chad’s Living room that was so ridiculous I laughed out loud and I seldom do that watching this boring show.


Had to turn it off! This episode didn’t work!


As I said before it didn’t do a thing for me.Gee when is Days going to stop being so dull and boring?.This show needs to bring back some of the old characters just to liven it up some.I wouldn’t mind seeing Vivian,and Lurch again.Now she made the show.Also Susan use to crack me up.Please add some kind of humor to this show.Or something. I bet the posters here could write a better show.I cant believe they renewed it ,surprise it is still on .How about some action . I mean it s getting tired some watching this show drag its feet. One question who do you believe Rafe will end up with? Yet with all this said I still watch it.hoping something exciting will happen. Still this show needs help I think the new writers ruined it. Hey I wouldn’t even mind seeing even Eugene . but this is just my opinion..

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