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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: The Aiden Episode – Daniel Cosgrove's Return!



Monday’s episode of Days of our Lives ushered in the return of Daniel Cosgrove (Aiden) in a compelling episode that gave the fan favorite, who was written-off six months ago, a nice make up gift with a show devoted to him that come Emmy time next year would definitely be a submission for him.

DAYS also took the viewers on a journey through the episode via a chapter storytelling device, as they unraveled the back-story of what happened to Aiden and where he has been, since all had believed he was the one who tried to kill his bride, Hope (Kristian Alfonso).

The story picked in part one called “The Intruder”, where Rafe (Galen Gering) has just brought Hope home from their night together, and Aiden is in Hope’s house and stuns her that he is alive!  Next in a chapter called “The Wedding Night”, the series goes back in time six months prior to when Hope was set up to be killed by her new husband.   When Aiden goes downstairs to get ready to prepare for murdering Hope, he chickens out.  He heads out the front door and is greeted by an Aiden doppelganger.  Andre (Thaao Penghlis) shows up behind him and utters: “I knew you would be too squeamish to finish the job.”   He then injects Aiden with a syringe-filled with a drug to the neck and Aiden goes down.  Next, Andre puts Aiden in a trunk of a car saying he is going to take good car of him.

In the next chapter: Six Months Ago” The Cell Part”, Aiden is now imprisoned by Andre who keeps knocking him out by gassing him in his cell.   Aiden refuses to eat the food brought to him, but befriends a dead bird, who is in the cell with him.  He says, “Who killed you little fella?”  To torture Aiden even further, a video is shown to him of his wedding to Hope and then of Hope being strangled to death.  Aiden cries out for his son Chase (Jonathan McClendon) and then cries out in horror as the Aiden doppelganger is killing Hope, “Why did you have to kill her?”  Fast forward: it’s now two months ago where we are in the “Cell Part Two”; now Aiden is kind of losing his mind, has grown a full beard, is talking to the dead bird, and scribbling important notes to himself on the notepads left by Andre.  He says, “The devils in the details.”   It’s been 115 days since his captivity.  Then comes the newsfeed that he sees on the screen provided by Andre  … Chase is being arrested for raping Ciara (Vivian Jovanni) as gas comes in through the duct in the wall, and Aiden passes out.


Now it’s three weeks ago “The Escape”.  Aiden has figured out how long to hold his breath to not be affected by the noxious fumes from his calculations on his notepad.  When the guard comes to bring him his plate of food, Aiden is faking being knocked out by the gas.  He attacks the guard from behind, just as the guard opens the gate. Aiden puts him in a sleeper hold, and knocks the guy out to ensure his escape.  He then takes the dead bird with him and goes free.

We are now up to one week ago; “The Road Home”: Aiden has made it to a men’s room, cleans up and shaves off his beard.  He tells the bird it’s time he flies solo and leaves the dead bird behind.   He then hitches a ride on the road to get back to Salem.   The episode now takes us back to the beginning to two hours ago; “The Goodnight Kiss”: Aiden uses a key to get inside Hope’s house, before Rafe and Hope come back from their night.  Finally, we are back at real time; “The Intruder” Part Two:  Aiden tells Hope he is alive.  She freaks out and draws a gun, and gets him to the ground and calls the police for back-up.  She tells them to take him into custody, while he protests.  Hope says, “Aiden Jennings, you’re under arrest for attempted murder.”

It was a great performance by Daniel Cosgrove, and an intriguing way to tell the back-story, whether you like another doppelganger explanation as to how they saved the character of Aiden from being despicable.  Cosgrove is back on Days of our Lives, and so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.  Is this the true Aiden?  What did you think of the Aiden-centric episode?  Share our thoughts in the comment section below!

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40 Comments on "DAYS OF OUR LIVES: The Aiden Episode – Daniel Cosgrove's Return!"

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Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Its a good episode but why is everyone kidnapped to tell a story-Bo, Aiden,Ciara, John and Paul-i could go on…just glad to see some Days improvement!!!…Hope as Ramboette is overly vengeful!!!…and the actress who played Summer shouldve played Sarah and paired with Rafe-they look good together!!!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Most annoying is Ciara-why does the actress talk like she is gritting her teeth?


I have been asking for a Ciara recast for months. This ‘actress’ is awful!!!!!


I agree, she is the worst.


I’ll be glad when the episodes with the new writing team begin to roll in. Tired of the dark, sadistic scenes. The repetitive gassing and well preserved “6-months dead” bird was a bit much. And if Andre has been jailed for a few months and Stefano is dead, how is anyone still on their payroll 3 weeks ago? (the guard Aiden fought during his escape).


Daniel Cosgrove did a great job in this episode. I loved how he showed Aiden starting to go crazy but trying to hold onto his sanity. His desperation was palpable. I loved how the chapters unfolded the story.

I can’t imagine what the end goal is here. Hope certainly isn’t going to go back to the father of the man who raped her daughter. Still, I’m very glad to see Daniel back on the air.


as I’ve posted… could …. “any one” buy into… a dream sequence… and just go back…. and bring back Lauren Boles… as the original Ciara Alice

BUT… keep the SORAS Chase as is

you then have a complete… happy Family

Aiden, Hope, Chase, and Lauren Boles… dynamo back in Salem

DAYS needs this family… power

Ken Corday needs to take responsibility for how fast DAYS went dark.

James R. Poissant

You don’t suppose the writers will go as far as saying Chase was also abducted so when Ciara was raped, it was really by someone she didn’t know and not her stepbrother?


Good heavens I hope not.



I had thought of the same thing… that it was Aiden Doppleanger… who was wearing a “Chase” mask…. but then… it seems like Chase already confessed…

after all this time… it stills smarts

I wanted to suppose…is scenes with father and this SORAS Chase relationship

would have made this close knit family that much more

he’s a good actor that kid


Forgot to add that I hope the return of Aiden can bring a silver lining to Chase’s future somehow. I would also like to see a silver lining for Ciara’s future. I have been bothered by the Chase/Ciara rape storyline. Although Chase definitely needs to serve time for what he did, Andre needs to be brought to task for putting the rape idea into the kid’s head in the first place. It would be nice if the truth could come out and maybe it would help Chase to forgive himself and for Ciara to move forward and accept counseling.


I appreciate Days doing something different, like having these episodes where it is just about 1 story. But this one didn’t quite work – there was way too much time spent on just one person being on screen, and as much as I like Daniel Cosgrove, I got bored and started fast forwarding.

And I guess it doesn’t help that I don’t buy the whole back story. I get why they would switch him out with a double – because ‘Daniel’ had to be around to inherit the money. But once switched out, why the mask? This stranger that looks like Daniel was going to kill her – so what did he care if she saw his face or not? It made sense that the real Daniel wanted to cover his face because he was ashamed of what he was doing – so much so that when Hope pulled his mask off, he was horrified! Anyone remember that scene? Because I do – it was a striking moment in their struggle, and a fake sent there with the sole job of killing Hope, wouldn’t have cared one way or the other.

Oh, and it was kind of funny – I thought for a moment that Days was breaking the fourth wall as Daniel watched an episode of Days of Our Lives showing his wedding (with different camera angles and close ups) and Hope being attacked. I mean, I certainly don’t remember a camera man around trying to get the best shot when Daniel was strangling Hope – do you? But alas, it was just over the top, nonsensical story telling.

I hope they do have Daniel get upset that his son has gone so off track in life while in Hope’s care. When he ‘died’ his son was besties with Ciara and a reasonably well adjusted. He comes back and his son is a rapist of his ‘sister’, is best friends with Andre and has a whole town against him. Wouldn’t you be like, “WTH happened Hope??”

But I will say this, if they are using this sketchy story with plot holes and bad ideas to bring Daniel back, they damn sure better bring Will back. There’s no excuse not to now. Even if the show doesn’t want to write for the character long term, they need to correct their mistake and send him off into the world ALIVE to return another day when they have a writing team that has enough creativity not to be stymied by the whole ‘gay-thing’.


Aiden is the character’s name. You’re interchanging the actor’s real name when you talk about storyline. For a min, I thought you were talking about Dr. Daniel.

And yes, I thought it odd that they had footage of Hope being attacked. I figured “Aiden” had put a nanny cam in the room.


Sorry – I didn’t even realize I had gone from Aiden to Daniel – does this mean I’m losing my mind like Abigail?


loved it!
very rare i d sit thru an hour of just one actor…. but for daniel cosgrove i d sit thru two hrs!
he s the real deal
thank you for the episode and the return!

Lois Yandt

I can’t even bear to watch days anymore….the ship is sinking, it makes me sad. Bring DC back was really the last straw for me.


I am not sure anyone really applauded the murderous Aiden storyline, and no one I know wanted Mr. Cosgrove written out of Salem. On those points, I am happy for the rewrite. I just tire of all the tropes and tho, not a longtime DOOL viewer, I know the DiMera history and me thinks those Gothic families with nebulous businesses and beyond-reach powers are growing old as story foundations. I will watch with interest and hope this twist and turn is soon straight and we are on our way to new inventive stories and adventures for Aiden and Hope.

Mister Media

I found it a bit contrived and over-wrought, but overall satisfying due to Cosgrove’s commitment to the material and the production values. A good, solid effort.


I found this episode to be ridiculous and a total waste of time. Why do the writers feel the need to rewrite a story that just aired six months ago? Dumb idea when tons of vets are sitting on the back burner and this guy gets a whole episode to himself. Days has lost its way!!!


I did not enjoy it. Reminded me of the movie “Castaway” with Tom Hanks and his volleyball Wilson.


Why didn’t Aiden’s hair grow? Was the barber visiting every few weeks?


I’d watch him read the phonebook

Jim Preston

Days seems to be coming up with anything at all to stay afloat, at least that’s the overall feeling that I sense.
I realize that Soaps come up with plots that borderline on the absurd, but after all it IS a soap –


Daniel Cosgrove’s performance was excellent, but the storyline is pointless. If they wanted to redeem Aiden (a concept I agree with) they needed to go back further in time. As it is, we still end up with an Aiden who considered killing Hope. How can Hope possibly be involved with a guy who tried to kill her? What’s next, the reconciliation and relationship between Ciera and Chase? I liked the characters of Aiden and Chase, but the current storylines have destroyed both. It’s time to cut both loose.


and i’m still wondering… if Roman, Hope, and Rafe… get together and discuss their dirty cop secrets

I like that DAYS has taken the time to rectify… their best “asset” and it’s obvious it’s Kristian Alfonso… they NEED… big time… Daniel Cosgrove… the romance and love story was palpable… you add in Steve and Kayla… and yes, i’ll prop them… Brady and Theresa… are romance

add in Victor and Maggie
Doug and Julie… which is a moot point.. as we rarely see them

DAYS really ruined their opportunity with Vincent Irizarry… tried and true.. BUT he’s FANTASTIC as a doctor… Salem general… with kayla by his side… wow

DAYS really ruined their opportunity with Wally Kurth and Judi Evans
this really bites… talk above LOVE written all over them.

once again… I lay blame… @

Ken Corday went and chopped up with total disregard and respect his parents legacy

just saying… I love Daniel Cosgrove.. and welcome him back… because Hope and Rafe are like bubble gum.

I can’t even venture how…. fans will get over the Chase and Ciera rape… I took a month off.. and need to catch up.. because of Aiden back on screen


lets not forget … MORE romance

John and Marlena
Chad and Abs
JJ and Gabi
Will and Sonny… if the rumor mill is true… Chandler Massey

OR… DAYS Paul and Sonny

Days has a lot of magical couples they could cull from

this is better than all the other soaps

OK already… it’s all in the writing


i’m missing Chandler Massey and Kassie DePaiva… to brighten up OUR Days

plain and simple… so much excite could be generated across the board

Lauren Boles as well

Mark Y

I don’t watch Days but am very happy DC is back on. He was great on GL and ATWT playing key family members.


Yeah he was great on Guiding Light as Bill Lewis. Bill and Lizzie were a great couple.

Mary SF

I thought it was good. I was okay with the stand alone episode– the only false note was that poor bird should have been decomposed after six months– DG had a real chance to shine, but now that his character is back, what next? Cannot see how the character can fit into the canvas long term–but I am glad they are redeeming the character, trying to undo some of big mistakes made earlier, but will it be too little too late?


Thought it was Tastefully done I enjoyed the episode

Fatima Mamun

It was an excellent episode!! There are only a handul of actors on Days right now that could handle that type of material and Daniel Cosgrove was magnificent. Days made a huge mistake destroying Aiden for the 50th. The character was becoming established despite the lack of air time and then BOOM, the 50th came and they wanted Bo back for a few weeks to give closure, so what do they do?! Destroy another love interest for Hope that had a growing fanbase. What the writers did was completely absurd. Aiden needs to be redeemed or at least fixed in such a way that he is viable. Daniel Cosgrove is one of the few actors on Days that I find to be mesmerizing and he definitely was on Monday’s episode!!


that episode was an excellent episode ! Quit complaining ! Cosgrove’s acting was amazing . The way the episode was built made it by far one of the best episodes in the history of the soap . if you haven’t watched it go to the nbc website . It is monday’s episode . For all of you disappointed in the show and i am one of them i can say that monday’s episode was a turning point , a very positive turning point and not just because Aiden came back .


I am so glad they brought back Daniel Cosgrove. Now, I hope Aiden and Hope can get back together. There is no chemistry between Hope and Rafe and I hated watching them together.


Well, glad they are bringing Aiden back however convoluted the story line is, but can’t imagine Hope ever going back to him even if he wasn’t the actual murderer he was involved in the original plot. The thing is it took time to build the romance and chemistry between Hope and Aiden, and just when it was starting to gel they broke them up which was a shame. Days seems to do this frequently. I may be the only one, but I actually don’t mind the Hope/Rafe romance, in fact, some of the scenes are really endearing. So now, I can’t imagine how Hope would ever choose Aiden again over a stand up person like Rafe. Please do not do something dark, mean, ugly to break them up. Can’t take that kind of darkness in a soap opera. Other genres are for that.


Hope and Aiden are married. Wonder how that will play out.


This episode was complete rubbish. Daniel Cosgrove is a good actor but this was soap opera at it’s worst. If a new viewer tuned in on Monday they would have turned the show off within 5 minutes. As for the character of Aiden and the rewrite of his story, neither was needed. The character was a two tier character. If you are going to go all out to return someone from the dead, make it a character that is vital to the show. Aiden is not. This is not a slam at Cosgrove but just shabby/lazy writing.


What is shabby/lazy writing is the putting Hope and Rafe together. Those two have the chemistry of a wet dish rag. Rate should be paired with someone else; maybe Nicole again. Bringing Daniel Cosgrove back is one of the best decisions DOOL has made. Now maybe we can witness he great chemistry between Hope and Aiden once again. And while they are at it, please oh please, recast Ciara asap.

Leslie Ann

Chemistry is in the eye of the beholder and some fans love Rafe and Hope. They have potential. Story wise, Aiden has no long term potential. That is why this is not a great decision. Characters with ties to the canvas should be brought back like Will, Jack, Eric etc..


I found this episode pretty boring. Can’t see Hope falling back in love with Aiden since he was a liar, a gambler, a thief (he took money from her to pay his debt) and in cahoots with the DiMera’s. Hopefully they will let Hope divorce him and move the character into someone else’s orbit. Cosgrove is a good actor so I’m not mad that he is on the show again, but hope his time with Hope is done soon.


well.. if that’s how the show goes… I absolutely “loved” Aiden instant rapport and heat when he met Kayla


absolutely this is gold

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