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DAYS PATERNITY ROW Shocker! Stefano is not EJ DiMera's Bio-Dad! – Watch the Preview



This week Days of our Lives is setting in motion the future of  EJ DiMera and Kate Roberts DiMera as Stefano kicks them out of the DiMera mansion and to the curb!  But why? Well, we know Kate had a fling with Ian, and as for EJ, well it turns out Stefano is not his bio-dad after all!

It appears that Alice Horton had the secret of the paternity of EJ DiMera in her letter to Stefano that had been in her safety deposit box, and as this week plays out viewers will learn the shocking revelation.

Watch the promo after the jump, and then let us know, EJ DiMera (AKA James Scott) fans, if you like the twist of Stefano not being EJ’s father, or not!

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Tasha Jones

Please tell me it is John…that story already bores me!


Susan was already pregnant when she came to Salen and met John. Stop messing with the history writers!!!!!! The whole double secret story was so inane and boring. I get they want to spice up the show, but this is not the way to do it. I really hope it’s not John. And it can’t be a Brady since EJ had children with Sami. Just keep it as is. This really makes me mad.


Back in 1997, Days aired a clip of Stefano dressed as Elvis while Rolf was artificially inseminating Susan with Stefano’s sperm in some lab.

So, with that said – it’s possible that Stefano is not Ej’s father. Rolf could have injected anyone’s sperm into Susan. Technically it’s not a rewrite of history because that possibility was always there.

However, I hate this too. The rumor is John will be Ej’s dad. And if you remember from Santo/Colleen storyline, John is Santo and Colleens son. Which is troubling considering Colleen is a Brady. Which means EJ would have to be a Brady too which is gross because he has kids with Sami.


I guess I don’t remember that clip. I always thought Stefano went above and beyond to have sex with Susan.

Yes, if John is EJ’s father that means his grandmother is also what, Sami’s great-grandmother?

The show works better with EJ being a DiMera, especially now with Lexie dying. If EJ isn’t a DiMera, then Lexie isn’t his sister (although they can think of one another as siblings). And I like the brotherly relationship that had been developing at one time between Chad and EJ, but if EJ isn’t a DiMera, then that’s out the window. And EJ thinks of himself as a DiMera and Stefano thinks of EJ as his son, so who cares what some paper says? Stefano should just burn it and move on. He’s got an ally in his fight against John. If it’s revealed EJ isn’t his son or is John’s son, then would EJ’s loyalty change?


What if there was a “baby switch way back when and Susan’s baby by Stefano died and Susan stole a baby that turned out to be the son of Gina and The Pawn? (See comment by Kelly Irons below.)


absolutely not true. if you watch the old clip, rolf was not there. another doctor did it. and susan was not artificially inseminated, she was implanted with an embryo. so stefano already knew the parentage of that embryo that turned out to be ej. rolf had nothing whatsoever to do with this. the clip is on youtube.


It’s absolutely stupid. I really wish the writers would not play around with history. It works much better having EJ as a DiMera. Plus, the whole history is that Stefano dressed up as Elvis and impregnated Susan, EJ’s mothers. So what gives now? I hope it’s a mistake and the new writers will correct this idiocy.


I agree!!!! Your comment is spot on. Leave history the way it is.


If EJ is the son of Hope and John (Gina and The Pawn), then EJ is STILL a DiMera because John is a DiMera. EJ just would not be a DiMera by Stefano. This makes the story VERY interesting and also explain Stefano’s strange behavior toward EJ.

Stefano loves EJ, but hates The Pawn. EJ as John’s son would be the MOST DANGEROUS threat to Stefano. EJ knows all of Stefano’s business and could bring him down for good! How hard would it be to get EJ to betray Stefano. Maybe not as easy as one might think! It is hard when a boy grows up loving a man who he thinks is his Dad….And EJ and Stefano have been close!

Oh, its getting good in Salem!


Another thing the writers have conveniently forgotton–that Stefano and John are half brothers. I still don’t want them to change EJ’s paternity.

I actually have to disagree with your last comment. I’m not enjoying too many of the stories lately. Adding Cameron was a waste. I fast forwarded through a bunch of scenes yesterday. I did watch/enjoy EJ and Kate scenes, but not looking forward to Stefano saying EJ isn’t his son. Has Stefano even conducted any tests or is he just relying on Alice’s info? And I guess we are to believe Alice got the info from Susan when Alice helped her (that never did seem right to me). And how did Alice and Stefano concoct the whole let’s get a joint security box and bury our secrets scenario? Way back when, didn’t Stefano want EJ to impregnante Sami so he could use the stem cells to save his health? Did the stem cells have to be related to Stefano to work? Granted, if John is a DiMera and EJ’s dad, it would still be related, but it just all seems like they’re rewriting too much history and ruining a lot of things along the way to make it at all worthwhile. I’m hoping that eventually the truth will come out that EJ is Stefano’s son after all. And why didn’t Stefano just throw EJ out the minute he read the note? But according to EJ, it seems Stefano has been undermining EJ longer than he’s known EJ isn’t his kid. Very discombobulated tale and doesn’t work for me.


I respect your opinion, Mo, but I am enjoying the Stefano not EJ’s dad story. It is good to me. to answer your last question, “Why didn’t Stefano throw EJ out…?” Stefano has to protect himself. EJ could be Stefano’s most dangerous enemy. Stefano had to neutralize EJ’s ability to hurt him as much as he possibly could. Easier to do that in secret. So an emotional tirade in front of EJ was not to Stefano’s advantage. Also, Stefano loves EJ (as much as Stefano can and does love anybody). So he is not going to through EJ out unless he has to. EJ will just never inherit “the goods” from Stefano.

I do not think the writers have forgotten that Stefano and John are half brothers. Quite the contrary. I beleive that will be a major part of the story. Stefano hates John but loves EJ. Let’s see how that plays out! LOL! This story is just too RICH with possibilities. To me it is by far the best story on Days right now.


Meant to type throw instead of through. Sorry about that.


totally predictable!!! that’s also Stefano has been thwarting all that EJ has been doing and going after.

B.J. Reese

Not a long term DOOL watcher, but I would love it, if E.J.’s not a Dimera spawn. I want him to rise above Stefano’s influence and teachings. 🙂

Plus I want Nicole to take him back. 🙂


I would like to see him with Sami and FINALLY act on their deep love for each other…


M E TOO!!!!!!


Stupid plot twist! Sick of these paternity changes all the time.


I knew it! I was hoping it was not true. I was hoping Alice would had something bigger. What a dissappointment!


I think that it will turn out that Ian is E.J.’s bio dad!


Egads! I hope not. Maybe Ian will exit with his wife. We can but hope.


Ian as EJ’s Dad? That would be a HOOT! When I read that comment I LOL big time!


I think the writers need to go back and watch the shows that revolved around Susan and Kristen and John and the baby. That was one of the best storylines and messing with it is an insult to viewers IMO. If this is the best they had, I’m glad that pair of writers is gone. Really not impressed with what they dished out.


Seriously??? Alice kept this secret? How stupid. And it’s so stupid that EJ is not Stefano’s son. EJ is more interesting as the villian you love to hate. EJ and Stefano make a good father/son team.

Now I’m glad the writers were let go! Maybe the current team will


Accidentally hit submit before I was done lol

Maybe the current team will correct this mess!


EJ and Stefano do make a good team and it’s assinine to have this plot twist when history shows you who EJ’s parents are. I mean, was I the only one watching back then? It certainly feels like no one at Days was. I really dislike it when new writers come on board and then have to change things past because they have no imagination. Did Stefano do a DNA test to make sure? Not that paternity tests in Salem are ever correct. This decision is just all kinds of wrong.


Ratings of soaps go down when hack writers screw with a show’s history. They think viewers will accept whatever crap they come up with. We have spent years with these characters and their stories, we don’t want the past re-written every time the names on the writers room door changes. Give us new exciting plotting and maybe the ratings will go up.


I thought that the ecret would be that EJ was Alice’s son! Well, while I like him as a DiMera, not he will change and EJole will be back!


Isn’t it obvious to anyone who EJ’s parents are???? or did I miss a post..The minute Stefano cried when he read his letter from Alice Horton, bells sure went off in my head. Who else had another letter? Come on you guys I can’t be the only one who thinks it will be Princess Gina and John. Who else? I may be off, but I completely think this is the answer and besides making the most sense for future issues and more bonding to thicken the plot. It makes absolute sense to me. I almost feel like I am letting a spoiler out. We will see. Anyone else see this as the answer? Looking forward to some talk.


You think Gina and John are EJ’s parents? Is that what you’re saying?


That was my first thought too, that EJ’s parents are Hope and John (i.e. Gina and The Pawn). That makes a LOT of sense to me because why else would Alice Horton have such a secret? What interest would she have in EJ unless he is a Horton?


Well, there’s the real Princess Gina and then there’s Hope masquerading as PG. I’m sorry, but no way is Hope EJ’s mom unless she gave birth when she was like 10. I mean, EJ has got to be in his thirties and Hope in her forties so it just doesn’t jive.

I don’t know how EJ could have a diff mother anyway because where does that leave Susan? What about the baby she gave birth to?

Did they ever answer the baby picture question or are they hoping we’ve forgotton?


When you are dealing with soaps, you have to be prepared for liberties to be taken regarding age. Based on the date of birth given for Sami, relative to her affairs/marriage to EJ, Sami is a cougar! LOL! So counting years doesn’t work on soaps.!


Good. Maybe now we can get Stefano out of Salem. I’m sorry for Kate, though. EJ ehh who cares.


I liked many of the scenes between EJ and Stefano – the father/son power struggle, love, anger, etc. Rumor has it that JM is retiring which may be part of the reason for this story line. If they are ever to bring Sami and EJ together, I can understand why they would have to do this. The biggest obstacle for Sami about EJ is that Stefano is his father, and that he is a DiMera. This would change all of that. Of course, with the continuous “who is your Daddy story lines’. One Day Stefano is not EJ’s daddy then the next day he could be. I hope they stop doing the who is your Daddy story lines soon. Too many of them.


I know! All these unknown children suddenly bursting onto the scene. Cameron, Chad, Melanie, Lexie, Daniel. I think those are the ones currently in Salem.


Also, with Sami having children by EJ, doesn’t that mean she had children with her cousin? or is it second cousin?

Since Caroline Brady is Sami’s grandmother / John’s aunt, that makes Roman & John cousin’s, so Sami is John’s second cousin (also his step-daughter, since he’s “married” to Marlena).

And EJ’s grandfather / John’s father is Santo DeMira, which makes John also Ej’s uncle?

Or are they too distantly related to make a differnce? And does it even matter in the world of the soaps?


That is so correct! It must be Gina’s baby!!!! Months ago there was a scene with stefano and hope and there was a baby picture on his shelf — he said something to her about whether she “really wanted to know the truth.” Then, they focused the camera back on the baby picture — Hope has to be EJ’s mom. I think there was a baby switch between the EJ we know from Susan’s and Stefano’s “EJ” that is probably alive in Africa (where Doug and Julie are at). This all makes sense. The coin in the egg has something to do with finding his son in Africa that’s why stefano wanted it so bad. This also makes sense why he used EJ to take John down — knowing John is EJ’s real father.


My guess is Princess Gina and John are the parents. This would explain why Alice had the picture. I believe the kids were switched, maybe even Stefano’s kid died. If everyone remembers, it has been mentioned a few times that John and Hope will need to get divorced but in the beginning they thought about living their lives they way it was and just stay married, but Carrie convinced them that if they didn’t this would come back to haunt them. This will now stop them from getting an annulment because this means they consummated their marriage. John and Hope not being able to get divorced will end up being a way bigger story then EJ not being Stefano’s son!


Ok….don’t forget that Victor is a part of this too. Remember when the whole Daniel/Maggie thing came out the picture of the baby was also in Victors home too. We will have to watch this all unfold. Victor helped Daniel’s birth mother get pregnant….What if there were twins? I don’t know if Daniel and EJ could pass age wise though. Is Maggie EJ’s mom too? But he does look like John. And they are pretty good at matching up families on Days. What ever happens here Victor is definately involved. Maybe Susan was a suroget also. All a master plan by Victor to bring Stephano down….


I have only been watching Days for five years but was under the impression that EJ was raised as a Wells and didnt know he was a Dimera until he got older. Is this correct ? I think he is the son of Hope and John (Gina and the Pawn). I find it doubtful that Alice would have ever wanted Hope to know this and therefore, kept it a secret–thinking that Stefano would never see EJ’s alleged ‘real’ birth certificate. Stefano would feel absolute betrayal and horror at the thought of John being EJ’s biological father. If its true that John is EJ’s father, it would definitely change the storyline. I can see EJ turning on Stefano and Stefano either dying from diabetes or going to prison for life (that is, if JM is actually retiring).


lexie has been on the show for like 20 years and chad,melanie and daniel has been on the show for a few years now


don’t messwith Ej, he and Stephano are made for each other


Stephano is Ej’s son

barbara t

I agree.


I hate the fact the stephano is not EJ’s father… I love them together..


I can barely remember that Susan was pregnant years ago and I think that baby was either switched or Stepano sent the real baby to live somewhere else. EJ is proably John and Gina’s boy. I can really see that story line happening because Alice Horton would want to cover up that fact. I am kind of sad to see some of the characters leaving soon though and will wonder what would have happened to those characters such as Austin and Carrie.


I think he is either a Kiriokis or a Horton. I don’t think EJ is John’s because they do try to shy away from incest and with Sami and EJ’s kids the writers wouldn’t do that unless they try Anne explain how they wouldn’t be related.

kelly irons

John is not Sami’s father, Roman is. So where the incest idea comes from I do not know. If John and Hope are EJ’s parents and Stefano has already said he is not EJ’s dad last week, come on, who else can it be…really. I also think that is why there was something for both Stefano and Hope in that lockbox, comeon this one’s pretty easy I think.


Speaking as a DOOL fan since Marlena was married to Don (before Roman), I HATE this new storyline. If it turns out Hope and John are EJ’s parents, I will stop watching, as it is not possible. Bo was Hope’s first lover, not John (who was with Marlena then, thinking he was Roman), so how in the world did Hope produce a baby that is now in his thirties? Was she 11 when she gave birth? I hate when soap re-write history to suit their own purposes and forget all us long-term fans have memories.

Currently I am only watching DOOL for the Will storyline. Sure, make John EJ’s bio-dad, but keep Susan or some other women — not Hope — as the mother.


I’ve watched DOOL with my grandma when I was much younger and remember the whole Susuan story and all that. Hope can’t be EJ’s mom…she had Shawn D first with Bo…so Shawn D would have to be older than EJ and there’s no way. She became Princess Gina after she had Shawn D…am I wrong?


No you are right…


What will Sami do when she finds out that EJ doesn’t belong to Stefano? This could free them up to finally be together and once again she will hurt Lucas…


Am I the only one who wants to see Sami and EJ together???? Let Brady go back to Nicole or even Austin possibly but I enjoy the Sami and EJ together. She is the one and only for him…it doesn’t even feel right when he tries to express his love for other women.


I have been a DOOL fan for the last 19 years. I LOVE the dynamics of EJ and Stephano as a father/son villain duo. HOW COULD THE WRITERS MAKE EJ SOMEONE ELSE’S SON??? Who is going to take over the DiMera family? Stephano can’t be on the show forever, EJ would have is the ONLY person that could take over the ultimate villain in the DOOL storylines. You love to hate him, he’s great! Now they are going to make him John’s son? Ian’s son? A Horton? YUCK, BORING, HATE THE STORYLINE. What a huge disappointment . . . THE WRITERS BETTER FIX THIS ASAP!!!


EJ’s birth name was originally John Black, Jr. It was later changed to EJ Dimera when paternity deterimed John was not his father, which means somebody changed the results of the paternity…


Hi, I’ve been reading these comments with great interest! For the person who questioned the possibilty of Gina/Hope being EJ’s father, obviously, that would not be possible, considering EJ’s apparent age today. But when he WAS born, it was 1997!! The DOOL pple just fast-aged him. (They do that occasionall, like when 4 year olds go away for a few months, and come back as teenagers! )

Also, when we found out that John & Stefano were half-brothers, wasn’t there an episode which flashed back to show Santo DeMira as looking just like EJ? And didn’t Santo want Sami & EJ to have a child together because EJ was his look-a-like, while Sami was the spitting image of Colleen Brady?

I know it gets confusing, but it’s still a lot of fun to watch and “try to” keep track of!
Just my 2 cents.

Pat. Dee

Yes. You are right…so why, now is EJ not a DiMera. Leave him a DiMera.

barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1
barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1

Hey donnalou, Really, John and stefano are half brothers? I didn’t know that, Just started watching in September, it’s nice to hear interesting things like them being half brothers, something I didn’t know, that says a lot. Thanks.


Duh… Gina/Hope would, of course have been a mother… NOT a father, as I mistakenly typed! Sorry about that!


This is proof that they are SO running out of stories for this show!!!!!


I find it interesting Stefano – while suddenly being so cold to EJ – insists nobody else be told the truth that EJ isn’t his son. Why? Not just for Lexie, I think. We know Lexie really is dying (the actress wants to leave the show) and we hear the actor playing Stefano wants to retire. I think Lexie finds out Stefano “killed” her, and she goes out with a bang. She shoots Stefano, and nobody finds out EJ is not DiMera. That way, the writers can get rid of this storyline, but leave a mystery for later if they want to use it.


I’ve been watching Days since I could hear it in my Mom’s Womb and I remember most the shows history. From John coming to Salem supposedly as Roman. Marlena being the devil,No and Isabella being Kirakis.

All the way to the new stories Will is Gay, Rafe Sank at the safehouse on & on & on

So anyway I don’t know about writers all I know is DAYS and all of you are right. princess Gina can’t be Elvis mom although age is never a factor in Soaps. I think Askin is the only character who truly plays her age. Sorry I could talk Days forever. The only thing that is plausible to me is

The insemenation happened at Victor clinic and “Something went wrong” I don’t know maybe Ej is Vicks kid and Daniel is Stefano but why would Alice keep this secret to protect Mickey/Maggie marriage and not mess up Daniels life.

What ever the writers come up with it is going to suck because Alice wouldn’t keep a secret about a child not being a Dimera considering the torment he put on the Hortons but we shall see


I meant Bo and Isabella being Kirakis
I ment Sami plays her own age

Pat. Dee

I hate the story as it is now. Stefano will rise. ( I hope)’ EJ looks like Santo, his grandfather. Leave him a DiMera. Why do you have someone framing him. I hope it is Stefano to prove his love. I don’t want EJ in jail. That stinks. Get rid of Will already. I can’t stand his character with EJ. Wil is so bad..he should stay with his little gay friends not with EJ. Come on… I love the DiMeras they have the power and class..
I shut it off today when that idiot planted the gloves. How stupid. Get with of Rafe, his character is dead. Keep EJ on top of The Brady’s. That is when it’s exciting… It is getting boring now especially if EJ goes to prison. Guess I won’t watch it until Oct. when Kristen comes back with Stefano.

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