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DAYS Peter Reckell, Mary Beth Evans & Stephen Nichols Deliver Power Performances As Bo Learns He's Dying!



Get out the hankies-stat! If Monday’s episode of NBC’s Days of our Lives is any indication of what the coming weeks are going to look like in Salem, it’s going to be extremely sad, which will provide the backdrop for compelling performances.

The first of which was delivered by the incredible Peter Reckell (Bo).  You can’t get any better than this daytime icon, who broke viewers heart when he learns the fate of his heath from his sister, Dr.  Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans).  Alone with Bo, she reveals his tests show that he has a very progressive large brain tumor.  She also reveals that chemotherapy and surgery don’t look to be an option for Bo, since he has such a comprimised immune system after years of capitivity and torture from his kidnappers, and would not withstand the procedures.  In essence, Bo doesn’t have long to live.  After the most heartbreaking of exchanges where Kayla tries to hold it together, she breaks down and then hugs her brother and cries over his fate.  It was beautiful performance by Mary Beth Evans and Reckell.

Later, alone in the park, Bo tries to come to terms with the cruel hand he has been dealt.  After fighting valiantly to get back to his family and coming home, he is on borrowed time.  He cries out, “Why? Why?” to the heavens in a hankie-filled moment for all DAYS viewers.

Next, it is Steve (Stephen Nichols) who learns from Kayla that Bo is dying.  He tries to comfort her, but she is just overcome.  Steve heads off to find Bo and knew exactly where to find him in the park.   In one of the most touching and memorable moments between Steve and Bo ever, they grieve over this devastating news for Bo.  Steve is struggling himself with his own emotions that his beloved best friend is dying.  Next up, when Bo tells Hope  (Kristian Alfonso) the news!

So, what did you thknk of the performances of Reckell, Evans, and Nichols?  Share your thoughts on the moments on yesterday’s DAYS  in the comment section below!

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67 Comments on "DAYS Peter Reckell, Mary Beth Evans & Stephen Nichols Deliver Power Performances As Bo Learns He's Dying!"

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Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

We all know Bos short return meant he was being killed off and i believe Hope will remarry Bo while he is in hospital…his last words to Hope should be-‘I never stopped loving you Fancy Face!’…shouldnt Chelsea be here too for this story…isnt she Bos daughter?


I agree, they should remarry before he dies.


Oh, you mean the stillborn baby born in the swamp who showed up five years later as a 17 year old person? Best left forgotten.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Yeah, that swamp thing…lol


DAYS is doing it rightI I hope there is commitment in this show and this quality of storytelling for 50 more years.


And i hope it gets cancelled soon 🙂

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Why would you come here to say that…why should a show be canceled if you dont like it…i dont think ive seen your post name here before so do you use two names so no one here knows who you are…are you just saying that to get an argument started…hope no one responds to you-waste of time but i have some to waste so i dont care…lol


Jimh you are a hoot…honestly I laughed when I saw Linas post. .what a goofy thing to say lol


Yes, but Dave and Jum, Lina put a smiley face on his/her comment so that makes it okay.


Peter Reckell killed Bo. It is his decision not to return to the soap that gave Bo his death sentence.

It is sad and I hate to see Bo die.

I am not looking forward to more Ciara scenes and desperately miss Lauren Boles. I also think Ciara was more girly than this aged Ciara is.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

The never shouldve aged the children…Lauren Boles was a fine child actress…possibly the best in daytime…i like little Theo and Chase too…i wish they would wait and let these children age more naturally like some foriegn soaps do…give the stories to the adults you have instead…write children as children then when they become teens write teen stories for them…these children actors would be teens in just a few short years…i understand why they do it but Days done it too quickly…they aged Ciara just in a few weeks after we seen Lauren in the role…


Jim, the young woman playing Sierra is especially poor when she is emotional and hysterical. She cries, whines and screams through her nose and the effect is akin to nails on a chalkboard.


I agree. Lauren could have shown us she missed her dad. She could have been upset at Chase.

If you’re going to age, at least get a decent actress. And keep her true to the character.


Lauren Boles, as good as she was, is 12 years old. That means DOOL could not use Ciara as often as wanted or needed because of the legal restrictions of the Coogan Act. The way around that was to have Ciara aged so an actress over the age of 18 could be hired. Vivian Jovanni is 19 years old. As an adult, Vivian can work the long hours that DOOL now requires.

Eileen Hargis

U have it wrong, Peter had no say in this. KC wanted to give Bope fans some closure, Peter was told to come back and then told his character would die. He never had any choice in staying on Days.


there are so many interviews where peter reckell says out of his own mouth that he chose to leave dool 3 years ago because s he wanted to spend more time with his wife & daughter – there is one on this site dated 11/8/15 where it states he chose to leave.
peter only came back this time to give the character of bo brady a proper goodbye – he never had any intentions of staying long term on the show……………..


I cannot tolerate the grown up Ciara! Where is our precious little girl? This was rotten timing on Days part to do this now. And to do it overnight was just jarring. Lauren had been on for years since she was really little. And this is just too much-having Bo missing for years, tortured, finally gets home, walks in to find Hope getting murdered, saves her & kills Aiden within an hr. of being home, now a death sentence. A little too much if you ask me. I loved the scenes with Kayla & Steve & Bo. I hope Steve sticks around. Wish Bo would too.

Eileen Hargis

I wasnt referring to his leaving the show in 2012, but on his return. He came back thinking he could stay, but found out differently. I know what he thot cause of what he said NOT in interviews, thats just face saving.


Oh, it’s Ciera! I spelled her name wrong and thought it was Sierra.
I totally agree with you, Gloria.


These actors are all amazing, and their anguish was portrayed in a very believable way. We can look forward to lots more sorrow in the weeks to come, but hopefully we will also get some romance (my favorite) and happy, fun moments at the holidays before Bo’s big swan song.


The acting was superb for sure, Maddie. I love the bromance which exists between Bo and Steve. I appreciate the fact that you have two manly men who can cry, express their love for each other without sacrificing their masculinity.
Yesterday, Steve was so sad lying there on the park grass crying his eye out.


“crying his eye out”, lol. One of my favorite Steve lines is when he and Marcus saw Lexie in the bar, flirting with all the lowlifes there (she was undercover and they didn’t know it) “I can’t believe my EYE.”


best bromance in television is Steve & Bo! Throw in Marybeth Evans and these scenes were awesome.
I hate that PR is leaving but I’m glad he’s going out with a bang — I bet Tony Geary would have loved to be killed off this way 😉

nancy dillingham

Harry, I agree with you. What a graceful, lovely way to have a legacy character leave the canvas. Saw Bo’s scenes with Rafe today where he passes the mantle to him. Superbly underplayed and written! Even Galen Gering seemed affected (not just as an actor playing the scene) as Bo told him he was dying and asked Rafe to take care of Hope and keep his family safe. And thanking Rafe for not denying that he loves Hope. I cried at the genuine scene and felt serene about Peter Reckell’s leaving. I’m sure Peter must feel that way also.
Yes, such a contrast to the terrible way that Tony Geary left GH. He can’t feel good about that. And I can just feel Genie Francis’ reaction as she comes back to the canvas without the “burden” of TG and the way he chose to leave the story of Luke and Laura. I grieve at the contrast of the ending of two great love stories–one so beautifully done and the other so devastatingly and painfullydone–for the longtime fans of the great love story of Luke and Laura and
and former fans of TG who sacrificed the fans and Genie Francis on the alter of ego. Still shaking my head in sorrow for what might have been.

nancy dillingham

And I forgot the mention the rarest of things–an actual ROMANTIC and sweet love scene between Hope and Bo–so lovely it made me cry. Days is truly bringing back the soap in classic fashion.


Beautifully said, Miss Dillingham.
(Looking furtively around—Suooo doesn’t come round these parts, does she?)


@Ces….After having witnessed Tony Geary’s prolonged Clusterfluke debacle, I would have loved to have him killed off this way!


Harry…I only come ’round these parts sporadically…depending on topic, actor, etc because I’ve only watched a limited number of episodes. I did catch the Bo scenes…and even in my limited involvement it totally depressed me!

But just in the midst of my despair your “crying out of his eye” line LIFTED my spirits and saved me from an emotional cookie binge.


The acting was incredible! It was so wonderful to have felt all these emotions again over a soap! Such incredible actors with so much talent.


Days has so many Emmy worthy performances lately.


It’s been a long time since I cried throughout an entire episode. I balled my eyes out and Reckell,Evan,Nichols were pitch perfect. So much shared history between those 3 characters. DAYS is the only remaining soap hitting it out of the park.

nancy dillingham

Me, too–and it felt so very good–lol.


I think its a lot of cruel and unusual punishment for Hope’s husband to try to strangle her on her wedding night, see him die, and now to lose Bo too! Just to prop her and Rafe?! No thanks!! Days has been awesome lately, but that is too much grief and sadness. Before Hope could realistically trust love again would take YEARS in real life. To tell a story any other way is a cheat to the character and the audience. I am not on board with this story, but I am a lifelong fan of this show so I will be watching.


I just don’t know how to get their …yet

ie: Rafe and Hope

I just don’t see their personalities meshing

it’s one thing to watch two good looking people , together… heck even having sex

but … how long is it going to be … before Hope is ready to move on from 2 dead husbands

the grief for both is vast

no matter how unredeeming… Aiden was written… she fell in love with him
she loved Bo all her life time

so… ??? now it’s Rafe turn to turn his attention to Hope?

I can see it; Hope will justify (written, as such) that; Bo came home to set her free
Aiden was a killer and set her up

hence the easy way out… and , perhaps it will be that much faster to see Kristian Alfonso and Galen Gerring …. spiral

DAYS wasted Daniel Cosgrove

Hope will once again… be left dangling ala Jennifer … single

there was so much chemistry and was a dream team in Aiden and Hope… I marveled that fancy face found love that quickly… with a dream cast in DG

Mary SF

Well I am glad they are finally giving the character a proper farewell. They way they wrote Bo off the last time was insulting not only to PR who played the character for so long, but for viewers as well. And as depressing as this story is going to be on top of all the darkness of recent murders it will be worth it when we are given great scenes like the ones mentioned in the article. That moment in the park with Steve and Bo reminded me why I love daytime dramas.


Can no one in daytime have a happy ending anymore??? That is the very basis for daytime soaps. The escapism, the dream, the fantasy. While I agree that PR killed Bo, Bo and hope are one of day times most noted supercouples and now it’s coming to a tragic end. Like and Laura??? No happy ending. Holden and Lily??? No happy ending. Daytime is becoming a joke when it comes to romance. If they ever did this to Sonny and Brenda…I would hit my TV with a bat. At least vanessa marvel has stated that no matter where she went in her career if gh came calling to write out sonny, she would return to please her fans. Actors like PR and TG have no respect for fans that have lauclnched their career for the past 20 years and helped give them a cushy lifestyle. And in hindsight the writers at days will regret years down the line killing bo and especially Will Horton. That was a mistake of epic proportions. Why don’t they just beg rkk to comeback to the role??? Pathetic

cindy martinez

Stephen, Mary Beth and Peter WOWZA they put it all out there and as always brought history, heart and a whole lot of special to those scenes. They went there and then some. Left us all heart broken and Grateful for sharing their ALL with us.

nancy dillingham

Yes! Mary Beth Evans was fantastic!


Just when I think the show can’t get any better, it provides another memorable episode. The scenes with Bo and Kayla were incredible. It seemed Kayla had be strong as his doctor and devastated as his sister. The friendship between Bo and Steve has been one of the best in daytime history. The return of Stephen Nichols has given the show a true leading man, one that have been missing for a few years.

The only problem I see with DOOL is that they will have to narrow down the list of actors to nominate for the Daytime Emmys. As I have stated before, it is time Kristian Alfonso gets her time in the spotlight.

Keep it coming Days – the best hour in daytime.

nancy dillingham

In spades!


At the end of the day, Corday should be put into retirement. The Tomsell Bo exit as well as the Tomsell EJ/Sami exits had the stench of bitter executive producer all over them. I have said this on other sites. I think the whole Days reboot is designed to tie up the series on NBC and for Corday to launch his websoap with some of the younger characters. I think Corday already knows that the show is in it’s last season and he doesn’t care what fans think about his choices. He wants new younger eyeballs watching so they can follow some of these newbies to the web. Why else would they rapidly age Chase and Ciara? They spent more time on Chase’s reaction to his father’s death than other elements that would have made more sense. It’s all about money and the next revenue stream.

Eileen Hargis

Tony , u nailed it, Ive been saying this for a good while.


Thank you… I think there is serious reason to go their;

“… I think the whole Days reboot is designed to tie up the series on NBC and for Corday to launch his websoap ”

speculation and misfire happens

ie: in a SOD issue a couple months back… he readily admitted he wasn’t even present for upwards to two years… and let the show … languish… and left unattended…. (read the issue; not verbatim)

he disregarded his own parents… Betty and Ted Corday dream


You just brought Bo back and going to kill him off again. These story lines are just to much to deal with.

Just stop moving in these crazy ways.


Amazing. Peter Reckell deserved the Emmy back in 2009 and was cheated. He definitely should win now….along with MBE. Those two really delivered the emotion. Bo Brady is an icon character and Peter Reckell has been one of the most underrated performers of the genre. Love his Bo. Yesterday was heartbreaking. But I am so glad that Peter and his fans are getting the closure Bo Brady deserves. What TomSell did, trashing Bo, made me hate the show and I would not watch. Now I am back and because of PR and MBE and SN I may stay for a while.

nancy dillingham

Yes the scenes between MBE and PR were fantastic, as I said. Heartbreaking–and very realistic–scenes. I had a good cry along with Mary Beth–her tears looked very genuine.

Mary Castle

First Peter is the best actor i ever watched sense 1983, U can’t beat Steve & Mary Beth. All 3 need a Emmy. again DOOL goofed BAD putting Bo in back ground they have & will loose a lot of fans Bo/ Peter is the show with the all 80s & 90s actors , He will be missed & i won’t watch the show anymore Peter needs his family W his fans

nancy dillingham

Stephen Nichols’ and Peter Reckell’s scenes were touching and raw–great television. Too old friends, in effect, saying goodbye.

Mary Castle

TY for the reply, after watching my husband die after 42 yrs i can’t watch anything depressing it hurt too much.But i will watch anything with Peter in it. Peter is the finest actor i have see in my 68 yrs. watched today loved BO/Hope , But WOW Peter’s scene W/ Rafe I cried with him his acting is truly so deep soul from the heart. Please its Emmy time ! Mary Beth & Stephen need that Emmy Too !


Mary, I am so sorry for your loss.
These scenes must be hitting you especially hard–they’re being so well played by all the actors involved.

4ever DAYS

Powerful DAYS!!!!!


There you go again being a big bully, 4Ever Days.
(Just kidding).


This just shows that given proper material, PR can shine!! Just sorry it’s his swan song; can’t blame him for wanting to move on with his life though. I’m happy he came back a hero at least …. he will forever be missed Mr. Reckell!


See, I am not feeling Peter Reckell’so return… he is subpar at best. Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans I agree have been phenomenal, and wait til Hope finds out I am sure Kristen Alfonso will blow it out of the park…she has been great latlely!


i agree with your entire post especially – i don’t see anything great about peter reckell’s acting this time around either…………stephen nichols and mary beth evans are knocking every scene out of the park………….jmo


I’m about a week behind…

so… it sounds like… Bo, Hope, and Cierra… never even had a chance to “live” together… or be “normal” if that was possible… to see this family together and whole… even if .. for a little while

to see it all spiral and crash in and around them….

with so many posts commenting on how uninteresting nuCierra Alice is… it’s just another bonding moment that is lost

I’ll be watching For Kristian Alfonso’ take… her emmy reel ?


Those three actors have brought their A+ game to these episodes. They’re leaving it all on the sound stage and I’m more impressed by them and their performances than in any of their other performances over the years. If this is the story that Days is telling, they’re doing it right.

However, I have to say that it is a very dark, very grim story at a time when I need Daytime to be an escape from the woes of the world, and it hurts like heck to watch Bo die. Plus, it’s at the holidays, no less, and right after Will and all the other victims of the Necktie Killer. The timing is bad. I watch out of loyalty to the show and the actors and because I can tell that everyone involved is giving it their all. But I have to take a deep breath before I tune in because it is very emotional, tough stuff to watch. I’m looking forward to lighter material, hopefully in the next few weeks.

nancy dillingham

I think the Thanksgiving scenes will be healing, don’t you?


I returned to watching the show to see the return of the vets. The other stories are watchable, I am fine watching so far. I hate to see Bo DIE BUT LETS FACE IT. Bo can always return. This is a soap and lately no one is dead forever. P.R. wants his freedom, no one makes us work at a job we don’t want, so give the guy a chance. He returned, There are loads of good actors who are there, and they are trying. Before Bo returned and the necktie killer story I was bored to death.


Absolutely fabulous!!! LOVE Bo, Hope, Steve and Kayla back together again!! PLEASE do not kill Bo off!


Wow! The Bo-related scenes over the past few days have been amazing. I don’t love that Bo is dying, but I understand why and appreciate the opportunity it is giving Peter Reckell, Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans to shine. I thought the scenes with Bo & Kayla were rough (I don’t know that there is a better crier in daytime than Mary Beth Evans), but man … when Steve broke down and he and Bo hugged, I knew make-up was not in the cards for me that day. All three actors have been rocking their scenes, and while I’m sad to see Bo go, I am loving the quality dialogue, nods to history and stellar performances his death is bringing.


I think that Killing Bo off is a mistake. Replace the actor -it has been done before with Robert (Sam Fowler from Another World). The character Bo is a major part of the show.
Btw, days is amazing!


Having been a Days of Our Lives fan from day one, the day they kill Bo will be the last day I watch. Yes, there needed to be a reason Bo left, but to long time fans, killing him off will be a huge slap in the face. It will also show Mr. Corday does not care about longevity of his fan base. For so long it was the Sammie Brady and EJ show. If Ken Corday and writers think Hope and Rafe will be a super couple it will be a huge joke. Yes, I do have a life, but visiting Days of Our lIves is a good way to take time off from reality. Guess it is time to turn the recorder off, but we long time fans can always hope and pray, they writers find a cure for Bo. Great to have Peter back Much success to you now and in the futuer.

debbie bowers

don’t kill BO off it is a mistake if you kill him off.I will no watch it no more I been watch it for 25 YEAR or more WHAT IS BO WITH OUT HOPE let him and hope die together on a lover trip BO AND HOPE is the show !!!!


I think it sucks that the writers brought Bo back only to have him die. It’s not only cruel to Hope and his kids, but cruel to the fans. Why don’t they come up with a procedure that will save his life – Bo has saved many other lives. The dimera’s die and come back to life all the time, why can’t they come up with something for Bo. There’s too much death going on in Salem. What’s good for the evil Dimera’s, should be better for the good Brady family. I don’t think that I will want to continue to watch days if Bo dies and I’ve been a fan for over 30 years.


Don’t let Bo die off like that,he just got back to Hope,family and friends. Victor find the best surgeon. Bo’s mother is up in age. Sammi ,needs her,too. Let Bo live. I’ve been a long time fan over 50 years.


So very sad to see Bo die today.Actually the whole show brought tears to my eyes,it is ashame that Peter was let go so soon after just returning,I could feel Hopes pain,I can relate to this particular story. anyway Peter will be missed,His performance was very moving,

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