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Eileen Davidson Dishes On The State Of Y&R's Ashley & Confirms Return To RHOBH For Season 7!


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She’s beloved in the daytime genre for the enduring role as Ashley Abbott on The Young and the Restless, and her Daytime-Emmy winning star turn as Kristen DiMera on Days of our Lives, but soap fans identify her most as the one and only Eileen Davidson.

A few years ago Eileen added ‘reality star’ to her resume appearing in season 5 and 6 of the hit Bravo franchise, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman caught up this week with Eileen at the CBS TCA Summer Party With The Stars to get the lowdown on: where things stand with Ashley, her take on the new EP of the top rated soap, her thoughts on being part of the legacy of the series that is about to air its 11,000 episode milestone, and how we need to go about finding a new leading man for Ash!

Then, Eileen confirms that she is indeed back for her third season of RHOBH, and that being on the series has provided her with some exciting and unique opportunities, and why in the beginning she was the “reluctant reality star”, and more.

We always love the chance to speak with Eileen, who calls it like she sees it, but with humor, and that star-appeal spark that makes her so special to us and millions of viewers worldwide.

Y&R needs to find a good man for Ashley!  The series toiled with a pairing between her and Dr. Simon Neville prior to Michael E. Knight exiting the show.  Have you put in your dibs for who you would like to  work with now from the cast, romantically?


EILEEN:  Yeah, it would be nice for them to find a man for Ashley.  But I have not discussed it at this point.  There has been a changing of the guard at the show recently that you sometimes wonder what’s the point putting in your two-cents when a lot is happening.  So I really haven’t, but it’s probably time that I do.

How is Mal Young to work with as your new executive producer?

EILEEN:  I love Mal.  He’s terrific!  I got along well with Jill Farren Phelps (Ex-Y&R, executive producer) and I get along well with Chuck Pratt Jr. (EP and head writer, Y&R), too.  So, I don’t have any issues there.  But right now a story for Ashley isn’t quite happening, so I have been concentrating on other things.

How does Ashley feel now about her daughter Abby’s (Melissa Ordway) marriage, and relationship with Stitch (Sean Carrigan)?  After all, Stitch and Ashley were red hot there for awhile.

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EILEEN:  Well, she loves her daughter, and that’s about what Ashley has going on in her life right now! (Laughs)  But, I think Ashley is happy for it.

So her feelings for Stitch are over, and Ashley just compartmentalized them for now?

EILEEN:  Yes, I would say so, just because it would be weird for her to be harboring this thing for him, unless the show is going to do something with it.  So I would say ‘yes’ … until further notice.

Y&R’s will air its 11,000th episode coming up in September.  Did you think it would be around as long as it has when you started on the series back in 1982?

EILEEN:  No!  Who has any concept of what that is?   It’s too huge.  Even my son, Jesse, who saw the script and the episode number on it went, “What??”  I go, “I know!”

Could you possibly envision a time when Victor (Eric Braeden) and Ashley would reconnect in a romantic way after all the ups and downs with their relationship, and their families?

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EILEEN:   I’m always open for a good storyline, but I don’t know.  They have tried it, and they have been there and done that.  But again, it depends on how everything is written.

There was so much press on last seasons’ The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, in which you appeared as part of the cast, and at times you were vocal about some of the scenes, and moments with the other ladies that were filmed for inclusion in the episodes!

EILEEN:   It is what it is!  I don’t know what to tell you. (Laughs)  They always get new people on the show, so there are new personalities involved in the mix.

I’m amazed that you continued with RHOBH, only because it was just never something I thought you would entertain being a part of it, but it’s also been great exposure for you and opened you up to a new audience.

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EILEEN:  This will be my third season coming up on RHOBH, and I would never, ever in a million years, seen myself on a reality show, either.  However, I have to say it has opened up some things for me.  The books I wrote are now being made into movies, and I am going to star in them, and I just had another interesting meeting the other day about something I’m working on.  I am pretty excited about all of that.

It’s so funny, because knowing you as long as I have I would never have predicted you opening your life up on a reality show.  You were always known to be such a private person.

EILEEN:  Tell me about it, I know!  It just got to the point where I’m like, “What the hell!” (Laughs).  But I decided if I am going to be doing it, then I am really going to do it. So, I am opening my life up even more, and even being more real.  If I am going to be in a reality show, then I want it to be the real me that is shown, and not a façade.  And if I am going to do it and appear on it, then I think I can help people, and lead through example.  As people know, I have lost a lot of people in my life, and I will be exploring that, and grief, and taking it to a different level.


Does your husband Vincent Van Patten ever watch you on Y&R or RHOBH and see the shenanigans you get involved with on-screen?

EILEEN:   Sometimes he watches me on Y&R, and sometimes he watches “Housewives”.  But sometimes he does say to me: “It’s entertainment, honey.” And my response is, “AHHHHH” (Laughs)  He then goes, “Honey, it’s great TV.”

So, what storyline would you like to see Y&R’s Ashley involved in where she is driving story? Who should be Ash’s next leading man? Glad to hear Eileen is back for season 7 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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49 Comments on "Eileen Davidson Dishes On The State Of Y&R's Ashley & Confirms Return To RHOBH For Season 7!"

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Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Ashley needs to visit Bold and Beautiful and have an affair with Erick Forrester and fight with Quinn…


Im so very happy Eileen Davidson will be back on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


I kinda agree about Ash and Eric, but really would like her with new man TO BE AROUND for a long arc. Bring on a musical interest, who opens a new spot in town…Bailey Chase, Daniel Gillies, and Brian Wimmer, some choses.


Really need her back on DAYS! The show needs Kristen full time!




Oh, my gosh, Ric. I looove Susan and Kristen….especially Susan. I bet if Eileen showed up as Susan, the ratings would rocket to the moon.

4ever DAYS

I agree, Celia!

Susan can show up as President of the ‘Vampire Killers Club,’ but her problem is there’s only one other member…her brother Tommy! But that’s OK because Tommy is a hitman. He just has to exchange his gun for a stake!

Susan visits her sister, Sister Mary Moira, who is now Mother Superior of a convent where Kristen is hiding out! Susan mistakenly believes her sister is the Queen Mother of the Vampire Den! Susan hatches a plan to drive stakes through the hearts of all the “vampires” and/or blow the Den (convent) sky high, with Tommy’s help!

Another resident could be Savannah Wilder. Hopefully they could lure Shannon Tweed back as Savannah who turned a new leaf and is now a nun mistaken for a vampire! Roman, played by the same actor who played Chris who was involved with Savannah could even be revealed as Roman after all! The thought of Shannon Tweed in a Habit gives me a chuckle!

It could be a huge umbrella storyline involving many characters…Maybe Will is recuperating there, too!

4ever DAYS

*Roman can be revealed as Chris!

4ever DAYS

High “stakes” dramedy, Celia, LOL!


@4ever DAYS.
Absolutely love it, 4ever!!!!! You and Jimh must take the same writing class. LOL.
And, yes, Roman should take off the Chris K mask. I wonder if he knows Faison?
You are so very funny….


YES! Her talents are utilized on DOOL! I LOVE Susan, hahahaha!


I don’t watch Real House Wives.
I have watched Eileen as Ashley since she began on the show.
I love her character – Ashley is a very strong,driven, independent woman;which may make her hard to write for AND hard to pair her with a man worthy of her – she’s a tough cookie.
I do think Victor is the love of her life ,but due to his manipulations and machinations, that relationship has run its course.
Maybe they should just leave it alone – a woman can be vital and interesting without being attached to a man.


Hey, Lisa.
I don’t watch any of those ridiculous, demeaning shows either.
But, I do love Eileen Davidson, regardless.
Oh, yes. You are so right. I agree that a woman does not need a man to feel empowered or self-sufficient.
However, I disagree about Victor. At this point in his life, he should not be anyone’s eternal love. He is too old for both Nikki and Ashley. But, soon enough, someone will end up pregnant by him. Meredith? LOL.


Don’t watch dool or yr but do watch rhobh and Eileen and Lisa rinna are the two most annoying housewives on that show, they are really unbearable, I was hoping they get the boot this coming season but appearantly the are both coming back, oh well gotta have someone of two to hate so they are my pick.


I agree Aria. I was surprised they asked them both back??


Eilieen is bored of Ashley.Just look at videos when she plays Kristen!She lightens up,she enjoys it,so by all means pay her the same salary and send her on Days!


Hi, Marion,
I agree. It seems, that for a while now, Ashley has been filling space for the sake of Abbott continuity. What a waste. She and Neville had such potential. But, we don’t really know why Michael left. His own volition?.
Regardless, I miss the ‘old’ Ashley…..the chemist; the lover; the mother; the sister……the woman with a fruitful brain.
I just can’t believe she’s on that so-called-reality show; which, may I add, I have not caught one episode, except for snippets on E news. But, I know people who do watch it. I am told the show is the farthest thing from reality.
Somehow, these ‘players’ lose both dignity and integrity. To each his/her own.
The ‘unreality’ of it could, also, be said about the Kardashians. The master-mind is Kris (sp), and I admire that in a woman. She created an empire. However, since it is, supposedly, a reality show….make it somewhat real!!
All the weight loss Khloe and Kim underwent? Well, when someone loses weight, the rear end and mammary glands go with it. But, these ladies did not lose one inch in said areas. Silicone Valley!!
Ahhh, what will we not do for the mighty dollar!!


I agree Celia ….. “these ‘players’ lose both dignity and integrity.”
People are laughing AT them , NOT with them. It is very sad. I feel sorry for their children. They must be so embarrassed?


I wanted to add that we don’t know what happened with Nevello(sp?). He had great chemistry with Ashley and great potential.


WORD, can’t believe they asked her back. Like her character on Y&R, a real Zzzzzzzzzzzz


I’d like to see Ashley take back the Jabot CEO position (Jack decides to focus on that boring foundation crap) and while looking for land to build her own home wanders onto an overgrown estate where she draws the attention of a handsome reclusive millionaire living on the outskirts of town. After a slow, romantic courtship they become engaged and Ashley learns that her divorce to Cole Howard was never officially finalized which brings Cole back to town where he is drawn back into Victoria’s orbit (Victor pushes Cole towards his daughter to prevent her from reuniting with Billy Boy). Looking for a reason to stay in Genoa City, Cole discovers that Ashley’s fiancee is a widower whose wife died under mysterious circumstances so he pitches a true crime book about it to his publisher, Randolph House which is run by Leanna Randolph a.k.a. Leanna Love. As Leanna gets the chapters of Cole’s book she begins leaking details to undermine Ashley and her beau (Leanna is still harboring resentment for Ashley marrying Steven Lassiter) and creates an air of scandal around Jabot in the media which leads to a drop in both sales and the stock price as investors begin to question Ashley’s judgement. As a result the two women’s feud is reignited and they become hellbent on destroying one another (a sort of female Jack/Victor dynamic).

Maybe it’s just me but when you have an actress like Eileen Davidson on contract and she is put on the back burner so that Summer Newman can be front and center, it’s time for a new head writer. Just sayin’…


Alan, as par for the course, you are spot on.
And Jim h (leave it to beaver) as usual, you just crack me the hell up.


exactly. i’m so sick of seeing Summer


Yeah; it’s one thing dealing with just Summer. But, we are also forced to suffer through “Lucifantori’s” wheeling and dealing, robert.


You and a whole lot of others.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Micheal E. Knight…he didnt fit well here…he was a ‘TAD” better on AMC-lol


Yup! Thaddeus Gardner Martin….best character, EVER!!


I disagree Jimh. I thought he had great chemistry and potential with Ashley.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

yes,,,but the writing just wasnt there…he could always come back!!!


You are right, Abruzzfan. I also think Ashley and Neville had something going. Too bad the relationship was truncated before it even started.
I was just agreeing to the character of Tad and Jimh’s play-on-words. Jimmy is very good at that and I am sure his intent was to create levity.


I have heard how much everyone loved Tad- the Cad!! Understood! I can see why he was so loved! 🙂


Eileen is so neat and I love her as ashley but I LOVED her as Kristen on days!!!


One word—Disappointed! While I am grateful for the interview, I am disappointed that not more was said about Michael E Knight. I was looking forward to reading about how Eileen loved working with the incredibly talented and well loved MEK, and how she herself was greatly disappointed when his character was written off. It also puzzles me because MEK’s exit garnered very little attention from the soap opera media. It’s almost as if he were ushered out the back door with a “sshhh!” and a final pay check–a pay off, so to speak. Yes, I have a suspicious mind but cannot help but wonder if there is not more to the story about the hows and whys of the great Michael E Knight’s exit strategy. I love Dr Neville and miss him already.
The other reason for my disappointment? Eileen Davidson electing to be on that low brow, idiotic, insult-to-humanity-and sisterhood reality TV series. She says that her character Ashley does not appear to be in any future front burner story lines. Speaking for myself, her appearance on that heinous excuse for entertainment might be part of the problem. I tunned in once or twice just to watch her but was so turned off that the thrill I once harbored for Ashely was quickly and methodically extinguished. I think my reaction might underscore part of the answer as to why Ashely is not being given a decent story worthy of her talent and star power.


What star power? A bad dye hair job and oh so full of herself lets get Beth Maitland/Tracy back on this show lets get Lauren a storyline


Bad hair-dye job? Oh, Kay. I must disagree. Eileen’s hair is beautiful compared to others on the show., whom you have mentioned. At the least, it does not look like straw, and she wears no extensions.


Oh, k/kay, what can we do to get Traci/Beth Back? At this point I’d even settle for recurring status. And why can’t Cane go back to working with Lauren since Brash n’ Sassy is shaping up to look like High School Confidential with backstabbing, sourpuss Billy and flibbertgibbit Victoria again batting her eyelashes. Why are they making Cane look the fool while one-track minded Billy Boy is suddenly a marketing guru? If I were the gorgeous Mr. Ashby, I’d make a run for it NOW!


Harry, I feel exactly the same about these Bloody Awful “reality” shows. I still don’t understand the concept: most of these insults to intelligence are pre-scripted and “crafted” for maximum entertainment ‘value’. How is that REALITY? I was shocked that our Eileen would jeopardize our image of her with this drivel, so, like you, I will just avoid it. But I’d also like more Ashley time, especially her delicious fights with Hilary.


I would love to get Beth/Traci Abbott back. She was the sensible one and I wanted to know what happened with her & Steve. If only we could get more of her & Jill/ Michael/ Lauren. I like the Jack Phyllis story line as well but OMG can we have a show without Summer? I’m sorry but that is one actress I can’t stomach & she on almost daily.


I completely agree with you @Harry. I don’t understand why the very popular MEK exited? Very strange – indeed. His exit seemed to be swept under the rug and it was barely mentioned in the soap opera world.

When I heard Eileen was going to be on the show, I tuned in to see it for the first time ever. When I saw a couple shows, I felt sorry for her and kept thinking – how much money was she getting to humiliate herself? I was even more embarrassed for Lisa Rinna. Eileen doesn’t need to lower herself. As far as Lisa Rinna, I kept thinking about how embarrassed her daughters musty be? Lisa doesn’t need to lower herself either.


They really need her back on Days! I miss her so much! She was my favorite character on there.


eilleen is the goddess of daytime!!!
i m so excited rhobh asked her back..imo… she s the most normal of the bunch… some fans thinks she s a pot stirrer but i appreciate that she needs resolution to problems and is not fake like some of the othe other housewives
i ve followed her from y n r to her second stint with days!
my fave stories was her as kirsten/ brady/ eric… i was hoping she d make a paly for eric with his child after the rape which was soap milestone!
she s less instrumental on y n r which has always been such a waste… i ve always thought if maybe adams backs turned by everyone in genao city i d love for ash to forgive him and thay have a illicit affair.. the abbotts and newmans woud go nuts! she s best apaired with a younger hot male and she needs to be back in victors orbit again
coincedentally soap opera digest has a vintage throwback thursday article of eileens first interview 35 years ago…wow.. eileen is better than ever, classic beauty


she has been wasted since she came back to Y&R. she should be driving storyline,not being back burned. it’s mind boggling unpopular people are on everyday while fan favorites aren’t


I love Eileen! Don’t watch Days or the Housewives show, but on Y and R,
love her and wish she were on more often. She and Abby are great
as mom and daughter, etc., but I am still so disappointed that her
budding relationship and awesome chemistry with Neville was wasted,
then, poof! Michael Knight is gone. It is just wrong!


To me, it seems like a safe take on her Y&R stays, “I love Mal, everything is great” you know to keep her job. Meanwhile she seems to dismiss Ashley out of frustration? MEK was a bust on the show and he and Ashley had zero chem! I would like the original Tucker to come back for Ashley and Chancelor Industries.


Love Eileen. Would love to see her get a story on Y&R, would love for her to return to Days.

Barbara from Atlanta

Ashley has always been one of my favorite Y&R characters and Davidson has always been the best at playing her. That being said, I think the writers have woefully underused both of them. Ashley should be a pivotal character in a plot, NOT simply trotting around fretting over Abby.

The writers need to focus on a plot for Ashley. Reading between the lines on Davidson’s comments, I get the impression from this interview that she presently may be bored with Ashley. Can’t say that I blame her from the measly writing that has been done for the character.


Eileen Davidson makes the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills so much more interesting. He’s the only one that really gives it to that Lisa Vanderpump who is so nasty and mean. I love Eileen Davidson on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


Eileen is just so beautiful and talented! RHOBH is way below her talent; although, I know the pay was hard to turn away from. I miss Eileen on DOOL. It doesn’t seem as though her talents are utilized on Y&R, IMO.


I would really love to see her back on Days this show needs her help to liven it up some.


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When we last saw King in 2016, the character of Summer took a break from her college studies to travel the world. When she returns, she will waste no time digging in her heels and getting into all sorts of trouble. What will happen when her mother Phyllis, played by Gina Tognoni, finds out Summer is back in Genoa City? Stay tuned.

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