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Eileen Davidson Rejoins Days of our Lives as Kristen DiMera and Susan Banks!



The rumors were swirling and reports have been leaking, but as it turns out, Eileen Davidson is rejoining the cast of Days of our Lives from all reports as Kristen DiMera and Susan Banks.   This comes hot on the heels of the ever-popular, beautiful and talented, Davidson being let-go again from The Young and the Restless as Ashley Abbott.

And now, according to Soap Opera Uncensored’s Nelson Branco there were several things going down behind-the-scenes with Davidson’s shift of shows.  Branco stated,  “Sony wanted Davidson on both DAYS and Y&R.  However, sources say that the Y&R writing team refused to share Davidson with DAYS and forced Sony to make a decision, ultimately leading to her Y&R firing.”   Branco also reports that Davidson was wanted very much by the DAYS regime to return to her very famous dual roles in Salem.

So what do you think about Davidson coming back to DAYS?  We can’t wait to see her shake things up again!  Looks like Y&R’s loss will be DAYS gain!

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Events Diva



Hate to lose her on Y&R her being back on DOOL could win her a long overdue emmy. She plays the hell out of all of the characters however the writing for Kristin on DOOL is so GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!


the writing on Dool is not good !


Yes it is


It is about time Days makes a very good decision.. lets hope they can write a good storyline for the return…. Disappointed with previous storyline they have done when they brought back actors! Will give Days one more chance.. Don’t screw this one up DAYS!!!!!!!!!


She is going to play EJ’s mother ? She loooks too young even though they are 20 years apart ! Can’t wait to have her back !!


Best news of the week but they better not mess this is like they did Vivian and Carly.

barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1
barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1

Wow, I wish somebody wanted to share me, just kidding. Anyway this is good news for days I couldn’t understand why y&r wanted to let her go well now we know why, good for days Never seen Eileen Davidson on days before because I am new to this soap so this will be nice. Shes a good actress, I am looking forward to seeing her or should seeing two of her coming back to salem, her characters sound very interesting.


She def was a treat when she was on the show before… stay tuned… Don’t screw this up DAYS!!!!

barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1
barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1

oops, did I screw that sentence up or what? I meant, I am looking forward to seeing her, or should I say seeing two of her coming back to salem.


it’s a treat to “know” that Eileen is sought after…. i’m sure, Y&R… will once again… leave the door open. I’ve always felt she was undervalued. I mean… they’ve continued to write for the Newmans… what’s that difficult to write for two Abbotts? Ashley and Traci?

For those New Fans… of DAYS… as a long time fan here… i’ll be the first to say… DAYS has had it’s better days… and just saying… I stick with this show… thru thick and thin… and.. for those in the know… it’s heart wrenching to find out, about cast reducts… letting go… (RIP – Stefano, Lexie, Bo, Melanie, Madison, Ian, Carrie, Austin, Jack)… and now, i read, the latest Soap digest… on the cover… that Brady and Nicole… are in the rumour mill.. to be let go… how much sucker punched can one take? I’ll, add Carly and Vivian… to this endearing list….

for the new fans… Kristen/Susan… was stellar.. captivating… for the 5 years, she was on DAYS.. prior… and she’ll once again.. deliver…

i’m in angst… turmoiled.. with the rest of you… about the writing.. on all serials… but, it’s my belief.. that currently… DAYS is back in fine form… for the genre today. OK… i’ve posted.. that my ratings.. would be 1. GH, 2. DAYS, 3. B&B, 4. Y&R.

i believe… that with the current cast… LEFT… that John, Marlena, Kristen, Sammi, Lucas, Will, Kate, Billie, Jennifer, Abbie, Abe, Kayla, Hope, Carolyn, Maggie, Victor, EJ… hopefully, stefano… Roman… anyway.. you know the drill… are acting their hearts out.. how else to believe the best for. it’s all par for the course… championing.. what we have. i wish they’d show Sonny, Adrienne, and Justin, more. Hopefully, i havent’ left any one out.

Chick from Ohio

I stopped watching in 93 when she came on Days and Matt Ashford was let go, and I plan on doing the same this go ’round as well.



Chick from Ohio

See ya!! Once TPTB agree to how painfully rediculous and unfunny “Susan” appears in High-Definition, I’ll be back. 🙂



Chick from Ohio

Ditto! *kiss kiss*
(have fun faking smiles to the tv when deep inside you’ll wish it would all just go away)



Eileen Davidson is exactly what is needed right now at DAYS. The show needs a new STRONG villain and Kristen DiMera is PERFECT for that.

I looke forward to Davidsons first interactions with Hall, Hogestyn, Scott and Mascolo.

Welcome home to Salem Eileen!!


`for sure she was a hostage for some sheik in a castl’es harem and as susan she can get to know her grandkids, either way e’j will have more to do and some one to fight for stephano’s fortune and businesesses with lol..


Double-edged sword for me. Bringing Kristen back probably means that we’ll see John and Marlena more, which I always want, but I don’t like the potential of them writing it as a triangle. It would be cool if John and Marlena stay united through, what will probably be, manipulations by Kristen. It’ll be fun to have Susan back in town too.



I wasn’t watching DAYS during Eileen’s run on the series; I’ll miss her terribly as Ashley Abbott but Y&R hasn’t used her. So hopefully DAYS will!

Avelina loves Santorini Greece
Avelina loves Santorini Greece

I love Eileen and I cant wait to see her on DAYS. this really is their gain and I wish Eileen all the best. She is a great actress.


Yeah i think they waste her talent on YR!


I AM SO HAPPY! I adore Eileen! Hopefully now Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall will get OFF the bench and DAYS will utilize their talents as actors!


Maybe if I was a YR fan I’d be upset by the behind the scenes craziness, but since I am a Days fan and only a Days fan, I am soooo happy with Sony, I feel like buying them a cake!

Seriously, Sony must love Days an awful lot to basically fire Eileen from YR so Days could hire her. But truthfully, there’s no way her character on YR could possibly have the storyline potential and overall amazingness of Kristen and Susan. I mean, not only is she Stefano’s daughter, she’s John’s ex, Marlena’s enemy, AND on top of that she’s Ej’s mother/sister/fake-mother, and friend toall of Salem (Marlena included). People in this industry would love to have one of these roles, let alone both!

Can’t wait for Eileen back onscreen!! Just hope Days doesn’t get Daniel anywhere NEAR her. Just say no to Dr. Taniel Bonas.


As a long-time Y&R and “new” DAYS fan, I see why Y&R fans could be pissed at Sony. But at the same time, I see why Sony made the decision they made. Y&R/MAB have slacked with their storyline(s) and control of Eileen as Ashley Abbott. Let’s not forget, ED was originally Ashley Abbott, so there’s no history there for her as that character.

But Sony has let Y&R destroy the character of Ashley, and they obviously feel her talents will be better used at DAYS, which I agree with them on. My gripe is Y&R and why did not they refuse to let her do both soaps? They barely use her as it is.


Katie! Nice! Press! long time DAYS fan here…

it’s gut wrenching… and like “a sucker punch” how much… we have to counter… the writing… as they’re replaced… let go, fired… i don’t even like typing this stuff… in the “old” days… we never had to think about this… soaps were that good.

i won’t jinx… any further… My soap… is still on… and the DiMera’s are back with a vengeance! EJ needs some family… allies! They’re watching all of Salemites….


I love Susan Banks! I am so glad Eileen will be playing this character again. Don’t care for Kristen—-she is mean, mean, mean!!!


I’m glad she’s coming back. I’ve never been able to get into The Young And The Restless no matter how many times I’ve tried.

barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1
barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1

I can’t either, And I did try.


I’m with several of you, let’s hope DAYS doesn’t mess up!!!!

GREAT news by the way!


Looking forward to Eileen’s return. Such a great actress. It will be interesting when it comes out that John is actually Ej’s father. Lol. He really is the only logical choice. Days please don’t ruin this character.


let Stefano being Ej’s father, no need for John in this role, it would be cringe-worthy.


OMG! Deb! the machinations… reverberations… tremors… ok… i’m giddy…

this is serious… upheavel.. to the bliss… honesty… eternal being.. of what John and Marlena are about.



BEST NEWS EVER!!!! I’ve waited for this day since April of 1998!


GOOD. I’m thrilled for her. What a hell of a raw deal she was dealt. But she’s landing, and that’s a big deal today with the actors of no fewer than four recent soaps now looking for work, so many of them uber talented, that anyone lands anywhere is cause for celebration for them. Go, Eileen, I’m pulling for you!


I salute your words… Hilary….

I’m in angst… turmoiled.. over the state of our genre…

your words… uber talented.

Annette Li

Awesome! So looking forward to seeing her again on DAYS. Let’s see what Kristen / Susan can do this time around…


This reminds me a bit of what happened with Genie Francis when ABC Daytime had her forced out of her AMC role to go back to GH.

On one side, I’m saddened for Eileen to be deprived of her colleagues and a character she’s been playing for so many years but on the other side, I think Days being a much more flamboyant and high octane show than Y&R will afford Eileen the chance to go back to playing some delightfully sadistic gallows comedy! I just hope to god they have good material for her. We don’t want hacks writing for Kristen.

Sarah White Sees

Love this news! What a coup for DOOL!! I’ve been hoping for this ever since Y&R let her go.


Whoo hoo! Eileen is an awesome talent and beauty. Thank you to Sony and Days. Best decision ever! Especially since Y&R was wasting her. Eileen will give this show a much needed shot of adrenaline in Salem and she she should win the Emmy she lost in 1998. She is my favorite Days character(s) and can’t wait to see her back with Stephano, facing off against Marlena, seducing Brady, teaming up with Nicole, arguing with Kate and trying to win EJ over. We missed you Eileen! Welcome home 🙂


I would prefer her to team up with Sami, she was closed to Sami back in the day not Nicole !


you have no idea… how dissapointed i was that year… 1998… i think, most days fans will agree….. days actors aren’t given the emmy recognition… and Eileen Davidson… so deserved that accolade. we all knew it was a two person race that year… Guiding Lights…Cynthia Watros won, that year…. ex-annie dutton lewis… I was beside myself…

i thought she was deserving to a point… she was the first femme fetale… that was so good, on even footing… for robert newmans, Josh… Annie was Reva’s consummate Rival.


Cool, i hope to see her interact with Ej, Marlena, John, Sami well Stefano (if he is coming back) but i fear for the writing…We will see but bring back Jack too please.


I for one am sooooooo excited! I love her and I can’t wait for her to come back to DOOL. I am thrilled that I will be watching her work with James Scott!!!!!!!!! Thank you DOOL and NBC! She is awesome!


This is bittersweet. Eileen belongs on Y&R , but the show-runners over there are systematically destroying that show. If I were writing Y&R, Eileen would be front and center all the time, and Ashley would be written as the sweet, sophisticated class act she deserves to be written as. I am glad for Eileen though, because she deserves to be on a show that appreciates and utilizes her talents and beauty.


Right on guy! Like your comment 🙂


“Sources say that the Y&R writing team refused to share Davidson with Days.” What a bunch of stupid, petty brats. It must be hell living in LA with so many people employed in this business.


From Dallas, Texas all 🙂
Anyway, being a fan of Y&R I will miss Eileen not being part of the core of this show again, I cannot believe the powers at be let her go, yes Days gain is good, and Y&R loss.

Y&R is good, but could be better, wished the WITCH that was over it would be fired.

Eileen can now tweet that she has a job again – I wish her the best!


Twitter Qoute: Just lost my job don’t know why: Enough !!! Please people are losing jobs every day I have had enough with game playing go for it I hated her character on days reality check go sell it somewhere else. Recast Shari Shattuck was a great Ashley! Sorry I am put out with Hollwood Divas who are poor pitiful me she always had a job. Disgusted!!!!


Best soap news I have read in a LONG time! I loved Days when Kristen and Susan were on. I can’t wait to see them turn up Days and John and Marlena again!


Kristen’s return means John and Marlena will FINALLY get a decent story. She is such a batshit crazy psycho, probably the most epic villainess in the history of Days of Our Lives.

That being said, I am much more excited to see Susan again! The hair, the teeth, the glasses, the voice! LOVE HER!


I would also LOVE to see her reprise the roles of Sister Mary Moira, Thomas Banks, and maybe even Penelope (in a ghostly cameo appearance). Sister Mary Moira could certainly teach the sinners of Salem a few lessons in repentance! I loved when she slapped Sami with a ruler back in the day for being such a beeyotch.

Steve Ungrey

What’s the phrase… been there, done that?

Sorry. I can’t get excited about this. Not when the show just fired Matt Ashford, Sarah Brown, Christie Clark and Patrick Muldoon. Perhaps the show should have tried to write better story for Jack and Jennifer instead of back-burnering the couple. Perhaps we could have had Sarah and Ian Buchanan better used?

The show’s a mess. And losing Peter Reckell won’t help either.

Hey, for those of you wanting Eileen back so badly… more power to you. I’ll be here when you start bitching about how the character is being written. (winks)




Don’t worry I won’t (winks back). I hated the way Kristen left and as much as I hated Kristen. ED rocked the hell out of this role. That doesn’t mean I’m not sad about all the firing (specificall MA and PR) but this is great gain for DAYS…as long as they don’t screw it up!


DAYS FANS!!!! SOAP FANS! This is Magnanimous! Ok… OMG! have to say something… right quick… to join in the hooray! Kristen DiMera Lives!

I’m with most… PLEASE! “DAYS”… DO NOT SCREW THIS UP…. The potential… for her… is ultimate! She’s royalty in my book. Hello Ms. Davidson. Tell Daddy… “the Phoenix”… Hello.

The atmosphere… for John Black.. and Marlena Evans Brady… just escalated.


So excited! She was awesome on Days. I think she’ll get a better story than on Y&R. Hopefully Stefano will return too. AWESOME!!!


I just started watching DOOL a few months ago, so I never saw her on the show. I’m glad she’ll at least be on some show and it will be interesting to see her in another role. I’m looking forward to this.


I want her to interact with Sami; Susan hated Sami but Kristen loved Sami..remember, interesting dynamics who could make interesting storylines, add that her ties with John, Marlena and Ej..hope they will write great stories for these characters.


Once again MAB would be blamed, where was Brad Bell? LPB needs to fire her daughter in law! Even Lynn Latham was better than her.


Maria is to blame. She’s a hack. She isn’t a blood Bell, so she shouldn’t be in control of Y&R. LPB or Lauralee should be in control of the soap now. And they need to bring back Kay Aldean as the head scribe, she worked under Bill for many years and was there during their prime years.


They need to just cance all the soaps, the writing has gotten so lazy over the years, u can predict whats going to happen way b4 it happens


This better not be a “Jack” deal when we get all psyched to see the return of a fave & then the writers screw up big time & soon it’s bye bye all over again.


I have never watched Days, so I have never seen ED in those roles.
But I can say that it’s too bad the PTB couldn’t come to a meeting of the minds.
I have always loved ED in the role of Ashley Abbott and I think it a bloody crime that she has been let go ……..AGAIN !!!


MAB/Y&R let her go in ’07. This time it was Sony. And as a fan of ED/Ashley, I am proud of their decision. MAB/Y&R have no reason not to share Eileen at this time. I mean, they’ve backburned and destroyed her marriage to Tucker and made Ashley a weak little girl. Hopefully Corday can finally prove himself and bring ED back into the forefront of Daytime.


Sweet. Here’s hoping the current Days writers can match Davidson’s supreme talent!


Anything’s better than the hack writing of Maria Arena’s writing team. They’ve misused Eileen continuously over the past 2-3 years. They brought her back and put her with Victor, kind of strong. And then she lost her baby and stumbled. At least Brad Bell could handle ED/Ashley.


I am a huge fan of eileen davidson and i am so glad that she is coming back to days of our lives.i am also glad that is will finally give john and marlena a good storyline.


BIG mistake by Y&R! I will miss her as Ashley, because I have loved that character for years. But, they don’t know what to do with her, so she should take her talents elsewhere. She was a hoot as Susan and very evill as Kristen many years ago. I can’t wait to see them again!


Its sad to see Ashley go. Shes a very good actress. But if it were Phyllis it would not be sad. Also getting rid of Rickey on Y & R is another Big Mistake..


Omg!!! This is what I was praying for years!! The return of Kristen Blake !!! She was my favorite .. From the good girl that John fell in love with to the evil biatch she became !!! Maybe Peter Blake can come back to cause havoc to Jen Horton as well !! Im sooo happy right now <3


OMG I was waiting for this news forever! I can’t wait to see Kristen come back and come face to face with John and Marlena…especially Marlena. They had the best enemy chemistry ever! Days definitely needs a new villianess and Kristen delivers. Can’t wait to love to hate her again!
DAYS don’t screw this up!!!!!!


That’s a good statement Shanice “I can’t wait to hate her again!” I hope John and Marlena defeat her mind games again!!!!


This stinks I don’t want Kristen to come back to DAYS and mess up John and Marlena’s lives!!!!!!!

Dan Kranker

Another piss-poor decision from the Y&R team, and the much-despised-by-fans “MAB” running the show there.

I’m a hetro male in my 50s and have been watching this show since I was in college (1980-ish). Long story but we had a klitch of construction guys who all took lunch at the same time to catch the show in a local bar. People of all ages watch Y&R — my kids watch it… I know an 80 yr old guy who has been watching it as long as I have, etc. etc. (although I’m sure we’re not the core audience – whatever).

It only makes sense in my feeble mind that you would try to preserve continuity by keeping the casting for the key Abbott family members consistent, but what the hell do I know? So what happens when they want to feature Ashley in a storyline – they bring in an impostor like they did in the ’90s-ish ? She was a disaster.

PS – Eileen looks better than ever and could easily pass for a woman 15 yrs younger – what’s her secret?


Great news! It’s been long overdue. Kristen 4EVER!!

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