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Elizabeth Hendrickson Off Contract On Y&R

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A recent report from Daytime Confidential has that Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe) who made a triumphant return last year, and who was supposedly the last person that saw Adam Newman (Justin Hartley) alive (and is responsible for “killing” him), has been taken off contract.

However, as per their usual policy, Y&R does not comment on actors contract status with the show. While Liz came back to the number-one soap opera with the mystery surrounding who is the bio-dad of her daughter, Bella, that story has not seen much airtime of late.

Insiders sourced to DC added: “Elizabeth only signed on for a year. She’s still there through spring and could stick around on recurring.”

Will Y&R continue to utilize Chloe and get to some of her big secrets in the near future ? Time will tell.

So, what do you think of Liz being taken off contract? Comment below.

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44 Comments on "Elizabeth Hendrickson Off Contract On Y&R"

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see this is where it gets so frustrating for the viewers ..they let go of a long time fan fave with so much storty to still tell with the character then turn around and bring a character like scott fenmore on,,why cant they get it right.


True, Randy. Elizabeth is one of the best….always appreviated her acting, since her AMC days.
But, sadly, she has been stuck in limbo, as Chelsea’s ear and shoulder. ……a lackey,

Scott (ATWT Fan)

Elizabeth only signed a one-year deal with The Young and the Restless, and has probably opted to not re-sign, and instead, maybe she desires to be recurring with the serial. I’m sure that both Mal Young and Sally Sussman must’ve offered her an extension on her deal.


People always complain the show “let them go”. This is not the case, she only wanted to sign on for a year. Her choice not theirs.


I am sorry to say that the character has become superfluous.
Too bad the unsolved mystery around Adam’s presumed death leaves with Chloe. No closure?


I agree. I don’t understand how they can continue with this story. Billy hasn’t found out about Bella, Chloe once told Victor that she didn’t kill Adam and he escaped. Are they going to bring in a new Adam? Or bring back Michael Muhney? Or maybe have Justin do double duty with “This is us”? I get so annoyed because they keep starting new stories before they finish an old one. I can’t stand Chelsea with Nick.


I know, Nikki. It’s disheartening and disappointing. My head is spinning!!
And, I don’t like Chelsea, period. LOL.


Nikki, good to see you back here and spewing your wisdom with us! I ONLY like Nick and HELLsea together IF they bring back Adam and we see a major love triangle!


I don’t know if you both (Timmm & Celia) remember when Chloe told Victor that she didn’t kill Adam but do they think the fans really believe that a person like Victor with his temper always in his family’s business, helped Adam escape, had a plane ready for take off with Chelsea, Adam & the baby then let Chloe blow the place up and he’s just going to sit back and do nothing? Really this is Victor we’re talking about. He runs his family’s life. There is definitely a story to be told here. I want to see an all and all out (Katherine & Jill) type brawl when Chelsea learns what Chloe did. I want to see Kevin leave her for Mariah and have Mariah tell him where to get off. Oh goodness we’re in the middle of a snow blizzard and I think my temper is getting like Victor’s.


Elizabeth is a wonderful actress, but I won’t miss Chloe too much. Like Paul said last week, Kevin has come so far, he can find someone who appreciates him AS IS, instead of his having to constantly jump thru Chloe’s hoops. I DO hope the truth about Adam, Bella’s father, and Adam’s son is revealed before she goes.


I would like to at least like know who’s the baby’s daddy!!


I think it’s Billy, Diane. There were so many clues pointing in that direction, but regardless of what I, or anyone else think, the PTB may make up the daddy as the story comes to a close….or, we will never know. I t may just be left as is…not knowing. This would not be the first time.


Bella, is deffenally Billy’s baby, as Chloe did steal his semen deposit, why else did she take it ?, I think it really should come out that she killed Adam


chloe carried that sample around in her purse before she left – that specimen has to be kept at a certain temperature or it is not viable – let’s not forget she had sex with kevin the night before she left –

Lew S.

I like what Mal Young and his writing team are doing, but you can’t only focus on characters that were created by Bill Bell. Elizabeth Hendrickson is a very good actress and deserves better. Also, storylines that had the audience hooked, should not be dropped/ignored, like they never happened. The audience is smarter than that.

James R. Poissant

They need to rethink their decision. Elizabeth and her character are so much fun to watch on the show that by diminishing her, they are shooting themselves in the foot. Dumb move as far as I’m concerned.


NOT their decision, she chose to only sign a one year contract and not re-sign.


Chloe isn’t really needed at this point in the story. The show can afford to let the character take a break, then bring her back in three or four years when they are ready to reintroduce Adam. In the meantime, they can build up the Nick/Chelsea romance with Sharon sniffing around her ex. Then when Chelsea gets pregnant with Nick’s child, Adam can be brought back for a romantic quadrangle reminiscent of the Lance/Lorie/Lucas/Lesley story back in the day. Classic soap opera. I like how Sally is writing the long game so that stories will have actual payoffs.

Kevin C

Alan, I like your thinking…Those were the days with the Lance/Lorie/Lucas/Lesley story…I also so agree on liking how Sally is writing the story…


The long game? More like the slow boring game.

I am not seeing a single interesting story on the canvas since Sally took over.


Personally, I’d rather watch a slow, carefully told story than the plothole ridden stories GH is serving up.

Lil' Angel

As much as I like the actress, the unfortunate reality is that Chloe lifts right out of the story.


Nick and Chelsea have zero chemistry, in my opinion..


I enjoyed Y&R for as long as I can remember. I quit watching it about six months ago. Too many changes I can’t understand. This issue with Elizabeth Hendrickson is just another one.


The show has been boring as hell in the last three months and now they are getting rid of one of the few entertaining characters left?


thank you, newmanwins
in the midst of a writingteam shakeup, yes, there will be a lul but in the meantime give the viewers at least one must see story to keep us glued….the show has been more repetitive and boring than the trump administration. same ol, repititve junk. …
hilary and devon breakup ..over tripping mariah?!….
cane and lily s marital issues over career choices?…it was done twenty years ago when dru became a model…and it was twenty times better., why is cane still on the show?!..
the two most sexy women on the show , ash and phyliss fighting over a nerd?…
jack sleeping wth his ex mom in law who he blamed for killing his pops?…
the hot and talented jason thompson giving dad tips?! chloe shldve been involved in a story with him over bella s paternity!….instead shes been also reduced
nick and his dead bros rapist exwife hooking up?
sharon picks up her life instead of suffering a breakdown because shes lost a son, custody of her daughter and her husband and wakes up and runs a empty coffee shop?
is this shit supposed to keep me tuned in????!!!!!!….major letdown 4 months into the supposed return of the bill bell trained writing staff


I’ve enjoyed the recent past few months… for 2 years it has been nothing but crashes and explosions and people constantly yelling at each other. The Ravi storyline interests me as well as Scott’s backdrop war zone journalism saga.

BUT, to the question posed on this post: what about Chloe? I never liked the lack of chemistry between her and Kevin or her and Billy. Now Chloe and Ravi– there’s a thought!


Well…about a half million people have tuned out since the outdated snoozefest Sally with her fluff filler stories took over…let’s face it the show was more entertaining with a faster tempo under Pratt…look at the ratings last Jan-March compared to now….around a difference of 500,000…never did Pratt let the demos fall as low as Sally has either.

Kevin C

Ron, I am right there with you enjoying the show. It seems like more people are enjoying the show with a few that are still complaining. I only have one complaint but it’s not the writing or the stories.


Also wanted to add that the biggest issue I had with the former writing regime was how they repeatedly violated the basic principle of storytelling: SHOW don’t TELL. Week after week we were forced to find out about things that happened off-screen.

I am happy with the slower pace, the details, the qualities of storytelling. The characters are PEOPLE again with droves of humanity.


Newman, your anti Y&R stance is puzzling.
You say half a million people have tunned out of Y&R since Sally took over. Could it be that the decline in ratings have something to do with the emergency state our country has been in since the King of Orange of reality took over as our pretend president? I mean, really. Y&R has been interrupted on average, about once a week since this narcissistic monster took over.


I would let Liz go and remove Chloe from the canvas with no real drama. She had plenty of stories and none were told!

A: Her involvement with Victor

B: The Paternity of Bella

C: Adams demise.

Its too much to tell in a few months even if they wanted to go there. I would not ATTEMPT to tell ANY of these stories until Adam returns [We know Chloe didn’t kill him] and Liz is signed to a contract.

In the meantime, Liz is welcomed over at GH as Elizabeth’s sister Sarah, who all the fans desperately want on canvas. Liz and Billy Miller are also good friends and they would have scenes and maybe a story together. It’s a win win for BOTH soaps!

Valerie Hallums

Good riddance


It’s just too bad that Victoria/Billy get daily boring airtime while someone like EH gets none. They should really try to balance out the s/l’s more and, in addition, not leave so many hanging.


Billy and Victoria have zero chemistry, in my opinion. I don’t see or feel “super couple” when they are on-screen.


What a shame. I really enjoyed having Elizabeth back on the show. She always breezes through her scenes so effortlessly. She’s fantastic and hope that she’s able to come back at some point! Best of luck to her!

joy earles

I am glad she is leaving. I did not like her role. Thought she was self centered and mean


I agree, she is very mean.


I am sad to see Chloe go but I anticipated some shakeup as Y&R rights the ship. I do feel shortchanged as we do not know the father of her daughter, and her role in the Adam exit seems forgotten. (My guess is we must accept Adam is dead. And that is OK as Y&R did everything they could with a character who had become so bad,. They were able to redeem him in the end.) She is Esther’s daughter, after all, so maybe there will be some recurring appearances. But things change with new writers. Look all that happened with the team shifts in the last dozen or so years. I am very happy with the course Y&R is taking and do not find it boring at all. There surely will be some surprises once we have some course and character corrections.


I will miss Choe( Elizabeth) too. I enjoy the wackiest characters so much more than the goody-goodies. I miss also, Michelle ‘s Phyllis, Michael’s adam and Billy M’s Billy. I was expecting so much more from this new writing team. After 30 years of watching I’m becoming less and less interested in the people of Genoa City


There r a lot of questions that need to b answered. Can’t leave faithful viewers hanging. I like Elizabeth as actor but cannot stand Chloe. We need her secrets exposed.


Now that Chloe has left Y&R Chelsea will not know that she was the one who had Adam killed and that she was the one that was with working with Victor has well

Leonora Chek

Love her. Let’s finish with her story with Adam, discover who is father of Bella’s.


We need more Chloe on-screen. Let’s see Chloe and Kevin at home with Gloria. That should be fun.

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