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EMPIRE Grows Audience To 14.7 Million, Most Tweeted Episode-To-Date, Demo Dips Ever So Slightly!



Wednesday night after another juicy episode of Fox’s hit sudsy drama Empire, the hip-hop familial drama  scored its largest audience to date with 14.7 million based on preliminary numbers.

In addition, Fox tweeted this morning that the episode was the most-tweeted-episode to date with a whopping +750K live tweets! The only ratings numbers to dip ever so slightly, and for the very first time in the series record-breaking inaugural season run was in it’s unprecedented eight-week growth streak in the key demo.

Wednesday’s episode brought in a 5.6 rating among adults 18-49, per Fast National Nielsen returns. That will probably end up being one tenth or two tenths off it’s best showing when final numbers come out.

Whatever the case, next week is the two-hour season finale on Wednesday March 18th, which could set more record breaking numbers.  And what did you think about the performance of Terrence Howard (Lucious), Jussie Smollett (Jamal), and the Lyon family on last night’s episode, when the “Who’s the daddy” drama took a turn, and Lucious put himself in the line of fire to save son Jamal and then Cookie (Taraji B. Henson)?

Watch last night’s Empire OMG Moment after the jump and then weigh-in!

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Julie Haze
Julie Haze

EMPIRE rules. That is all.


I love Empire !!!!!
Lucious has about 21/2 years to live, and during his remaining time he will eventually be in horrible condition, ALS is horrible..
there is no cure so Lucious is on his way to the grave, then will Empire be as good without him.. I wondered about that..


I guessed last week that Lucious would be revealed as the father when Jussie Smollett said he had this big secret and was behind it all. Plus that is a classic soap opera twist for the father to be revealed to be someone else in the family. It does explain why there was no paternity test and why he so willingly took the baby to his house. But still, I can’t help but hope that Olivia has slept with others and it turns out to not be his kid but in soap world, not likely.


I thought everyone did a great job.

Loved Rhonda standing up to Lucisous.

Will miss Lola. She’s so cute!


The reveal of Lola’s father was classic soap. I hope Lola and her mom visit with some frequency. Great show!


I’ve always loved the sniping between Cookie and “Boo-Boo Kitty.” I sort of wish they didn’t spend Annika out of both the Lyon household and Empire so quickly since they don’t interact as much anymore.


I actually thought Lucious was lying to protect his son…figuring he was going to die anyway from his illness anyway. In this uncharacteristic magnanimous gesture, it turns out that he loves his gay son after all. If it is the case he’s the father, I can see why Cookie would be hurt and Jamal devastatingly disappointed…but he did put himself in the line of fire for both of them. I thought it was a rare glimpse where his love for them came through and was surprised neither one showed relief or gratitude that he was willing to take the bullit. Great episode/acting. And, yes, Lola is beyond adorable!


I love the show but the writing in this episode didn’t measure up. If Luscious is truly the baby’s father (it seems like it was left vague), he would never have let Olivia waltz off with Lola like that. Plus, wouldn’t Jamal have had more of a horrified reaction? It was a great concept, but played out strangely. And if Naomi Campbell’s character refused Lucious’s money and threw his check back in his face, why did she leave? Even if he threw her out of his house, why would she go back to London with nothing at all? I didn’t think that made sense or was well-explained. Still more fun than most of what’s on TV, though!


I agree…I’m still not sure if he’s Lola’s father and, ye, was strange he didn’t encourage them to stay, offer them cold support, something. Also, as I mentioned, where was the love when he put himself in front of a potential bull it for them. Was a bit underdeveloped…


Child support

Breaking News

TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: ‘This Is Us’, ‘Empire’ & Actors Sterling K. Brown, Chrissy Metz, Jussie Smollett Score Nods

On Wednesday, the nominees for those ‘way cool’ surfboard trophies at the upcoming 2018 Teen Choice Awards were revealed.  The ceremony will air live on FOX on Sunday August 12th at 8/7c live from Los Angeles.

The awards voted on by fans for their favorites in television, movies and music kicked off the determination of the winners today. Fans have the chance to vote up to ten times a day on each platform: Twitter and at up until June 19.  For Twitter, viewers can tweet a category hashtag along with the nominee’s name for the vote to be counted.

In the television categories, Riverdale and the just cancelled Shadowhunters led the nominations. but a few of your favorite primetime soapy dramas also came away with nominations in the major categories … This Is Us, and Empire.  In addition, Sterling K. Brown (Randall) and Chrissy Metz (Kate) scored acting nominations for This Is Us, while Jussie Smollett (Jamal) received an acting nod for Empire.

Check out these main TV drama categories below and remember to vote.

Choice Drama TV Show (#ChoiceDramaTVShow)
Famous in Love
The Fosters
This Is Us

Choice Drama TV Actor (#ChoiceDramaTVActor)
Cole Sprouse — Riverdale
Freddie Highmore — The Good Doctor
Jesse Williams — Grey’s Anatomy
Jussie Smollett — Empire
K.J. Apa — Riverdale
Sterling K. Brown — This Is Us

Choice Drama TV Actress (#ChoiceDramaTVActress)
Bella Thorne — Famous in Love
Camila Mendes — Riverdale
Chrissy Metz — This Is Us
Lili Reinhart — Riverdale
Maia Mitchell — The Fosters
Ryan Destiny — Star

So, which show from the nominees do you think the voters will chose for Choice Drama TV Show, Actor and Actress?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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EMPIRE Season Four Finale: A Wedding, Two Deaths … Maybe More!

On the season four finale of Empire, two deaths, maybe another, and a marriage, highlighted the twists and turns of the Fox hip-hop music soap opera.

First, Cookie’s (Taraji P. Henson) long time rival, Boo Boo Kitty aka Anika, played by Grace Gealey, took one of the more horrific signature tumbles that Empire is known for.  Payback is definitely a bitch!


Andre (Trai Byers) spiked Anika’s champagne before her press conference when she announces she has taken over as CEO of “Empire.”  While she is making her speech, she starts seeing visions of Rhonda, featuring Kaitlin Doubleday reprising her role. As she is speaking to the press, Anika is having hallucinations of Rhonda and her delusions reach epic proportions.  Then, we watch Anika smash through glass and fall several floors below to her death. According to showrunner EP Greg Mahoney, Anika is truly dead.

But also, at the top of the hour, recovering junkie Tori, played by Rumer Willis, was rushed to the hospital.  This was following an emotional confrontation with Jamal (Jussie Smollett). He visits her in the rehab center where she realizes she’s still got deep addiction issues.  After, they have a talk, she tells him to watch out for himself, and that the Lyon family will bring him down, and he needs to find his own path in life. Later, Jamal comes back to see her, only to find out that she has suffered complications from a grand mal seizure, and has died.  This prompts Jamal to go on a self-journey, and leave the Lyon’s nest for now.

Meanwhile, at the end of the episode, Cookie and Lucious (Terrence Howard), finally, finally after all the bickering … all the backstabbing … all the health issues … all the betrayals … went down to city hall to get re-married.  This was a long time coming. It was a simple ceremony, but as with any Empire season finale, there was a major juxtaposition going on adjacent to the main scene, and this was also the case for season four’s final moments.

While Cookie and Lucious were getting married, the camera cuts to Hakeem (Bryshere Gray) and his baby mama Tiana (Serayah McNeill) getting ready to travel in a car along with white rapper Blake in tow, only to see that Blake’s racist father comes out of nowhere and attempts to assassinate Hakeem!  We don’t know if anyone was struck … we don’t know if anybody died … we fade to black.

On the business end of things, Eddie, played by Oscar winner Forest Whitaker, won the “Empire” auction.  He has forced the Lyon family to start from scratch as they no longer have the business that they spent years putting their blood, sweat, and tears into.


When TV Line asked showrunner Brett Mahoney about the shooting at the end of the episode and if it will lead to a third death, he said, “I won’t say.  I will say that things won’t be the same between the four people that were involved in that.” Mahoney added that the early part of season five will focus on the Lyon family building a new empire.  He teased, “Yes.  But I think it’s going to be a much more difficult process than Cookie thinks it’s going to be.  And it’ll tear at the relationship between Cookie and Lucious and the boys, in terms of trying to achieve that goal.”


So, what did you think about the season four finale of Empire?  What did you think about who died?  What did you think about Cookie and Lucious tying the knot?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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EMPIRE Renewed For Season 5!

The Lyon family drama lives on!  News today from Michael Thorn, entertainment president for Fox Broadcasting, confirmed that Empire has been officially renewed for its fifth season!

With only four episodes left in its fourth season, and the Upfronts in New York in just a few weeks previewing the  2018-2019 season for advertisers, this was the perfect time to reveal the pick-up for the sudsy musical drama series.

In his statement, Thorn said of the series: “Empire is as compelling, emotional and unpredictable as it ever was. We are so proud of our amazing cast, led by Terrence and Taraji, who deliver powerful performances week after week. We’d also like to thank our tremendous creative team – Lee, Danny, Brett, Ilene, Sanaa, Brian and Francie – whose inspired storytelling continues to create the unforgettable, jaw-dropping OMG moments that have always been signature to Empire.”

Although the once huge Wednesday juggernaut has slid significantly in the ratings in 14 episodes this season, the show is averaging a 1.9 rating in the 18-49 demo and 5.8 million total viewers — down 31% and 24%, respectively from last season, the series is the network’s second most watched in multi-platform viewing, averaging 11.3 million viewers.

There was no confirmation of how many episodes will be ordered for the fifth season of Empire, but it is says to be most likely 18. (more…)

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Video du Jour

This week, Nick lost temporary custody of Christian leading to a defiant and emotional turn by Joshua Morrow (Nick) as he has to say farewell to the little boy he has come to love as his own son, and give him to his father, Victor, who wanted and was granted custody of the child. Watch the hankie-inducing moment! Leave A Comment

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