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EMPIRE Season Two Finale: Who Plunged To Her Death … Rhonda Or Anika?



With a very clever play on their season finale promo, “A Lyon will fall”, a member of the family certainly did! They fell all the way to their death! But, who is it?  That is the cliffhanger left for viewers of the hit Fox sudser to ponder till next season!  If you caught Wednesday night’s season two finale you know that things get off to a bumpy start for Rhonda (Kaitlin Doubleday) and Anika (Grace Gealey) and tumbled downward from there.

First, Anika warns Lucious (Terrence Howard) the feds are questioning her about his past, but just then Rhonda busts into the home office and starts choking Anika.  Rhonda lets it be known that she believes that it is Anika who pushed her down the huge staircase and caused her to lose her baby.  Problem is … no one believes Rhonda!  Later, Rhonda tells Andre (Trai Byers) he needs him to a commit a murder for her.  She is clearly losing it.

Even later, Anika feeling no where to turn and in trouble with the feds tries to jump off the Empire headquarters balcony! But it’s Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) to the rescue who actually talks her down in a unique twist given their relationship.

After a huge bust-up of Hakeem (Bryshere Gray) and Laura’s (Laura Calleros) wedding, Lucious devises a quickly plan to marry Anika so she can’t testify against him with the feds.  Cookie is beyond livid and storms off.

Then comes the “quickie” nuptials.  Afterwards, Anika takes a moment for herself.  She goes to the rooftop to get some air, when Rhonda shows up out of the blue and attacks her, and Anika admits she did push her down the flight of stairs months ago! As the duo have the catfight to end all catfights (a Lee Daniels special), Andre happens upon the scene just as we hear one woman scream, and someone falling to her death.

So, who do you think met their maker … Rhonda, or a pregnant Anika? What did you think of the season two finale of Empire? Let us know!

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15 Comments on "EMPIRE Season Two Finale: Who Plunged To Her Death … Rhonda Or Anika?"

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Rhonda, unfortunately is the character I think they feel is more dispensable. As season finales go, this was a great cliffhanger à la great 1980’s prime time soap cliffhangers.


I agree Joel. .they want that baby drama. .and Ileen Chaiken am EP said in an interview. .you saw how high up they were. .you saw Dre’s reaction so it’s safe to say someone feel and couldn’t possibly have survived it except for the first few minutes of season three. Andre go off his meds and wreak havoc with his grandmother. ..lmao..Lucious mother telling Lucious..keep squeezing my arm harder and i’ma put my for in your mouth. ..


Someone fell not feel


Foot not for..I need to read before I post sorry


davlestev1 … it’s not your fault…it’s auto spell. Happens to me all the time.


Rhonda is the one who fell. They will NOT kill Anika. They need the drama between Boo Boo Kitty and Cookie. Yes, Andre will go off of his meds. Question: Are we even sure that one of the ladies did the pushing? They want us to believe that it was either Rhonda or Anika. JUST A THOUGHT…. And, we all know that Anika is D-E-A-D after the baby is born. Yayyyy, she is too thristy anyway!!!

paul connolly

I DON’T KNOW… sure they could keep Anika but getting rid of Rhonda seems like a waste of a great character. Anika is one of those characters that seems like she is one note with no real idea behind her. She spent season two and even one as a sideline character with no true direction. Sort of like Claudio, the daughter of the butler, on Dynasty. She was always there but never carried a story and even when given a story never morphed it into something big.

Sure, we don’t know who died as the shooting the week before with Jamal as the victim left us all wondering if he was dead… I mean, the actor even tweated THANK YOU FOR THE TIME on the show which made us believe for a moment he was gone.

If anything, I think that if Rhonda did go over she could be caught clinging to a ledge with Andre grabbing her and bringing her to safety. With that rescue, Anika with the help of Lucious (since he cares only for his own survival, claim Rhonda is nuts and Andre makes the decision to have Rhonda committed.

That said, the show is enjoyable to watch but the stories are soooooo repetitive that nonsensical that I only watch cause there is nothing better on and I do feel entertained. Cookie needs to be TOUGHER and stop getting jealous of Lucious and that character of Lucious needs to be more of a man and not a killer.

And while I am at it, why wasn’t Anika in 72 hour suicide watch? By law… sure this is Empire… anyone who attempts suicide is put into observation IMMEDIATELY. The day before Hakeem’s wedding she attempts to kill herself and then attends the wedding?! DUMB

James R. Poissant

I thought the whole season was awesome and sure did bring me back to the days of DALLAS and KNOTS LANDING. Television was never the same for me after those nighttime soaps went off the air. Glad to see that someone gave us a new soap that fits this genre!!!


I was surprised that I came away from the final episode feeling as if it was poorly written. Too many new elements and characters were added to move the plot along at the last minute with the thugs from Lucious past life. Rhonda’s reaction in both the first scene and the final were strange. She’s known for weeks about Annika pushing her and yet she made nice at Jamal’s homecoming then in the next scene went bat crazy. I expected more from a Lee Daniels script. There was also nothing of substance between Jama and his new love interest even though Jamal had been shot. And the worst plot point was Fredda’s jail scene and song. She tried to murder Lucious because he killed her father and in a three minute scene she’s persuaded? No..just didn’t work. The previous few episodes were expertly written but not the finale. Still a very good season overall.


Yep, I agree Joel, Rhonda. First, they wouldn’t kill two babies and there’s no way if Anika went over her baby could survive. Second, there’s too much drama to be had beween Cookie and Anika who is now married to Lucious. And then there’s Andre who will be pushed over the edge, no pun intended. They never expanded or featured Rhonda enough. Just when she was following in the footsteps of her in-laws her feet went flyin’ over ‘n’ down instead. Lol…zo sad. (Still, I’m not thrilled they sacrificed her. I liked the bond she and Andre ).Show is way too gangsta. Doesn’t exactly paint a positive image…yet it does draw me in…


Anika is pregnant and involved with the Lions in a betrayal, and she is a bitch now married to Lucious , she will not die ..

goodbye Rhonda …
hey she might survive the fall IF she even fell , perhaps she didn’t go over it was cliffhanger, afterall.


You know what su she may be hanging on something when season 3 starts it’s not impossible


I dont think they’d fake us out on her death twice, AND, they did say one of them was killed.


Sadly, I think it is Rhonda. I really liked her character as she, along with Jamaal, added most of the heart to the show in my opinion. I can’t imagine they’d have Anika marry Luscious and then kill her when there will be so much more Anika/Cookie drama to come. I was hoping they would have Rhonda steak Anika’s baby and run off with her versus offing Rhonda.


Did someone exactly fall? You never really know what’s going on with these networks. One of them could have imagined falling? LOL!


EMPIRE Season Four Finale: A Wedding, Two Deaths … Maybe More!

On the season four finale of Empire, two deaths, maybe another, and a marriage, highlighted the twists and turns of the Fox hip-hop music soap opera.

First, Cookie’s (Taraji P. Henson) long time rival, Boo Boo Kitty aka Anika, played by Grace Gealey, took one of the more horrific signature tumbles that Empire is known for.  Payback is definitely a bitch!


Andre (Trai Byers) spiked Anika’s champagne before her press conference when she announces she has taken over as CEO of “Empire.”  While she is making her speech, she starts seeing visions of Rhonda, featuring Kaitlin Doubleday reprising her role. As she is speaking to the press, Anika is having hallucinations of Rhonda and her delusions reach epic proportions.  Then, we watch Anika smash through glass and fall several floors below to her death. According to showrunner EP Greg Mahoney, Anika is truly dead.

But also, at the top of the hour, recovering junkie Tori, played by Rumer Willis, was rushed to the hospital.  This was following an emotional confrontation with Jamal (Jussie Smollett). He visits her in the rehab center where she realizes she’s still got deep addiction issues.  After, they have a talk, she tells him to watch out for himself, and that the Lyon family will bring him down, and he needs to find his own path in life. Later, Jamal comes back to see her, only to find out that she has suffered complications from a grand mal seizure, and has died.  This prompts Jamal to go on a self-journey, and leave the Lyon’s nest for now.

Meanwhile, at the end of the episode, Cookie and Lucious (Terrence Howard), finally, finally after all the bickering … all the backstabbing … all the health issues … all the betrayals … went down to city hall to get re-married.  This was a long time coming. It was a simple ceremony, but as with any Empire season finale, there was a major juxtaposition going on adjacent to the main scene, and this was also the case for season four’s final moments.

While Cookie and Lucious were getting married, the camera cuts to Hakeem (Bryshere Gray) and his baby mama Tiana (Serayah McNeill) getting ready to travel in a car along with white rapper Blake in tow, only to see that Blake’s racist father comes out of nowhere and attempts to assassinate Hakeem!  We don’t know if anyone was struck … we don’t know if anybody died … we fade to black.

On the business end of things, Eddie, played by Oscar winner Forest Whitaker, won the “Empire” auction.  He has forced the Lyon family to start from scratch as they no longer have the business that they spent years putting their blood, sweat, and tears into.


When TV Line asked showrunner Brett Mahoney about the shooting at the end of the episode and if it will lead to a third death, he said, “I won’t say.  I will say that things won’t be the same between the four people that were involved in that.” Mahoney added that the early part of season five will focus on the Lyon family building a new empire.  He teased, “Yes.  But I think it’s going to be a much more difficult process than Cookie thinks it’s going to be.  And it’ll tear at the relationship between Cookie and Lucious and the boys, in terms of trying to achieve that goal.”


So, what did you think about the season four finale of Empire?  What did you think about who died?  What did you think about Cookie and Lucious tying the knot?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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EMPIRE Renewed For Season 5!

The Lyon family drama lives on!  News today from Michael Thorn, entertainment president for Fox Broadcasting, confirmed that Empire has been officially renewed for its fifth season!

With only four episodes left in its fourth season, and the Upfronts in New York in just a few weeks previewing the  2018-2019 season for advertisers, this was the perfect time to reveal the pick-up for the sudsy musical drama series.

In his statement, Thorn said of the series: “Empire is as compelling, emotional and unpredictable as it ever was. We are so proud of our amazing cast, led by Terrence and Taraji, who deliver powerful performances week after week. We’d also like to thank our tremendous creative team – Lee, Danny, Brett, Ilene, Sanaa, Brian and Francie – whose inspired storytelling continues to create the unforgettable, jaw-dropping OMG moments that have always been signature to Empire.”

Although the once huge Wednesday juggernaut has slid significantly in the ratings in 14 episodes this season, the show is averaging a 1.9 rating in the 18-49 demo and 5.8 million total viewers — down 31% and 24%, respectively from last season, the series is the network’s second most watched in multi-platform viewing, averaging 11.3 million viewers.

There was no confirmation of how many episodes will be ordered for the fifth season of Empire, but it is says to be most likely 18. (more…)

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Sneak Peek: Alfre Woodard’s Debut as Cookie’s Mom on Empire!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

When the casting news broke that award-winning actress, Alfre Woodard was cast as Taraji P. Henson’s mom on Empire, fans of the series could not wait to see what would go down when Cookie was reunited with her momma!

Now that Empire is back on FOX for its back half of its fourth season, the series put out a teaser video of Woodard’s entrance into the storyline.

In the sneak peek video, Woodard plays Renee Holloway who is trying to reconnect with her daughter after many years.

Can this mother and daughter come to a resolution and move forward in their relationship, or does Renee have alterior motives when it comes to getting her hands on some of the money from the musical empire?

Watch Alfre on Empire after the jump.  Then ket us know, what do you think of the casting of Alfre as Taraji’s on-screen mom? Comment below. (more…)

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