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Erika Slezak Posts Official Message On Joining Prospect Park's One Life To Live!



The woman all One Life to Live fans were waiting to hear from has finally spoken!  Six-time Daytime Emmy winner Erika Slezak (Viki) last night sent a message to her Fan Club President, Walter Miller, and the message was posted today on her official website.  In the post, Erika gives the latest on her signing on to join Prospect Park’s reboot of One Life to Live!

Erika, the iconic star of One Life, stated:  “I am pleased to officially announce that, pending the final contract, I am joining the revival of One Life to Live which will be produced by Prospect Park and aired on Hulu and iTunes on the internet. We expect to begin production near the middle of March and the air dates are yet to be announced. This will be an exciting and groundbreaking adventure and we hope that you will all join us as we bring back all the characters you loved and possibly some new ones. I will let you all know when a firm air date is announced.”

So soapers, are you excited to hear from Erika? Does it make the whole situation that a year ago seemed impossible a reality for you?  Let us know your thoughts!

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This was the ONE I was waiting on!!!


Oh Happy Day! Yippee! So happy to hear this. All is definitely back on track with OLTL!

wanda page

WOW OH WOW!!! This does make me do a haPPy dance!! Can’t wait!


As always, such class !


Agreed… and it is so great to hear from her! Can’t wait to see Erika and Robin on screen again! Plus, the rest of the gang too, of course. 🙂

Lisa J.

Again, just thrilled!

sheila butler

can’t wait……


I can’t wait to see Erika/Viki again. This is great news!


Whoooo Hooooo!!! I am very happy!!!

Debbie Harris

It almost seems like a dream! Can’t wait til the time we will be able to watch our Beloved OLTL once again!! Not long ago it seemed hopeless and like our OLTL was gone forever. Now, it all seems much more like reality that it Will Be Back and with lots of our favorite characters and the actors that portrayed them before!!

Annie G

Oh, what great news! OLTL would not be the same without Victoria Lord! HaHa ABC, you lost all your viewers for nothing, we win!!!!


VERY happy about this!


now susan lucci, it’s your turn, please let us know that you’ll be a part of all my children….. thank you eriks slezak, you’re the best


NOW it’s official!


Thanks Ms. Erika Slezak!!!:) I cried at your “goodbye” speech on OLTL. Now I hope you give a hello, welcome back speech/sentiment!!!:) Hope everything work out and looking forward to watching.

Mr. Fairman–You were on the OLTL set when they bid adieu. I hope you’re on the set when they start production. Would love to watch and read all the interviews on that monumentous occasion!!!:) All the best!!


I agree. Michael, I hope you can make that happen.


YAhoooooooo! It is finally official & real….I think broadcast day should be a holiday for soap fans around the country….this def requires the snoopy dance….


I am thrilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait to see Viki and all her family and friends again. I’ve miss all of you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much.


Erika Slezak is a class act! She is also one of the most underrated stars of daytime. I still remember when she, Susan Lucci and Cameron Matheson appeared on the daytime Emmys after OLTL & AMC were cancelled. Such an uncomfortable moment that she handled with class. Erika is the real grand dame of ABC daytime.


Welcome back Erica. Viki isnt the only one to have died andngone to heaven. Us fans felt like we’ve gone there too!


Great post! My sentiments exactly!


Thank you


Yes Michael — they gotta have you on those sets for their new gig starting up! I hope everything goes well for all of them. They so deserve it!


I’m very torn. OLTL ended so perfectly and I’m just worried that this incarnation of the show is going to fail and then I’ll have bad memories of this show. As for Susan Lucci, the only reason all these name actors are signing up is because there is not a lot of work for NY soap actors these days and I’m sure these people want to work, even if it is for a fraction of what they made on ABC. Susan Lucci is doing fine. She has two series and is moving on. Plus I don’t think Propect Park could match her salary from her ABC days.


If Susan Lucci cannot or will not or is just not able to do the new ALL MY CHILDREN, they should let some time pass and re-introduce Erika Kane as played by another fine actress. I realize unfortunately that it is a pivotol role and would be difficult to re-cast, but there have been 4 Bianca’s and there have been countless actors playing Batman and Superman throughout the years – I just think that re-casting roles is a part of soap’s history and even though I love Susan Lucci if they have to re-cast the role then go for it.


Great point David, I agree that while I was heartbroken that OLTL ended. It did so with class and grace. A reboot that turns into a train wreak will tarnish the greatness of the show. I am willing to take the chance on what few would argue was the best soap in history!

Be well and lets all tune in!

Mary Fergen

The news just keeps getting better and better! So great to hear from Erika, and I’m anxiously waiting to see OLTL and AMC again. We soap fans have finally been heard!


It is really great news the Erica Slezak has signed on the OLTL reboot. I for one can’t wait for it to start!


Yes… great! They shouldn’t do it without her!



Anthony Masala

It wouldn’t be One Life to Live without her! This is the BEST news yet!!


Great news! Now let’s get Roxy, Tina, Nora, and Gabrielle back,and the actresses that played them!


I am overjoyed that there is more Life to Live.
I will do my part to help keep this wonderful show going.
Thank You!


Hallelujah! I have missed Erika’s portrayal of Vicki so much! Can’t wait!


Where is that LIKE button!! So glad she is on board!!

James McDonald

Erika Slezak is a smart business woman and she knows that the new One Life To Life can only survive with her aboard. I was never a regular viewer of One Live To Live, but caught some episodes along the way. I will watch this new One Life to Live and see how it develops.


erika slezak welcome back. you are such a nice classy sassy lady. i love you so much. i cannot wait for one life to live on line. please bring back andrea evans as tina. also bring back sexy roxy. that will make my day. thank you prospect park for bringing back one life to live and all my children. i hope they become hits on line. abc you made a huge mistake by cancelling all my children and one life to live. i only watch general hospital on abc. who really cares about katie couric. they renewed that awful talk show for a second season. it shows abc has bad taste. all my children need to bring back susan lucci now. i know she is busy with other projects. hopefully if the 2 soaps online become hits. extend them to 1 hour each. so happy that prospect park will bring us our beloved soaps back. good luck to the actors and writers. lets see good story telling. also robin strasser welcome back to one life to live. we all missed you so much. dorian and viki are going to be in our lives again. yay.


I am just so happy.. Yaaaaaaaaaay….welcome back guys… So ready to watch you again… <3


Yaaaaaaay…welcome my friends… I’ve so missed you… <3




I am delighted. I just hope ABC regrets letting our soaps go.


I’m so happy to hear this!!!!!


I am thrilled!! Long live OLTL and Viki!




Hot Damn and she is on twitter too


OLTL/ Viki RIP NO more notice u removed it


wonderful!!!!!!!!! love the show, love erika!!!!!!!! <3


That is great news. Viki is my favorite character on OLTL, and I have been waiting for Viki and Clint to get remarried. ES is my favorite actress, and the new OLTL should be a complete success as they are including most of the audience’s favorite actors. I cannot wait until the new shows come on my computer. ABC should regret cancelling OLTL as there are still so many passionate fans out there who have been waiting for the show’s return.


I’m so excited to watch One Life To Live again. Thank you Prospect Park for getting this show back in production. Many people have been missing it. Looking forward to the first episode. What a happy day it will be!!!


I missed the graciousness of her character!.

We need more Viki’s in this world.

Hulu will become my most popular internet channel (site). This is real now!

Horray – Erica you are a true trailblazer.


My heart is over joy with happiness. Can’t wait to see my One Life to Live family again!!!




Count on me

Pat Quinn



Here’s hoping there will be a way for us in Canada to see both soaps ..will be so disappointed after the build up off them coming back .

diana gantz

I still don’t know why they ever took it off the air to begin with.


Really happy to hear Erica will be back on OLTL So glad it is coming back. Fan since H.S. when it started.

Becky Cloutier

I am so excited!!! Cant wait to see my shows again!!! HAAAAAAA

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