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Ex-All My Children's Jennifer Bassey Tells Her Side Of The Story After Being Hauled Off Delta Flight!



Former All My Children actress Jennifer Bassey (Ex-Marian Colby) got her turn to tell her side of the story when she was taken off of a Delta Airlines flight earlier this week, after using the lavatory and mincing words with the flight attendant.  Bassey appeared on the series On the Record with Greta Van Susteren on the FOX News Channel on Friday.

Bassey told Van Susteren that she was on her way to Indianapolis to meet her boyfriend’s family when she got into a confrontation with a flight attendant over her decision not to wash her hands after using the lavatory.

She went on to tell Greta that the flight attendant repeatedly asked her, ‘You are not washing your hands?” Bassey then explained that she had Purell in her bag and chose not to use the airplane’s soap.  The story continued when Bassey said that her plane was in line waiting to take off when she took out her laptop.  Next, the flight attendant told her to put the computer away.

Jennifer also claimed during her segment on the plane incident, that she told the man seated next to her about the hand-washing confrontation, and then the flight attendant overheard her, and fired back at Bassey asking, “What did you say?”

Bassey claimed that the flight attendant then bumped into her arm and accused Bassey of touching her, and then admitted that she mouthed a swear word at the flight attendant, what followed was the actress being removed from the flight by police.

Watch Jennifer tell her story after the jump! Then, let us know what you thoughts of her side of the story as told to Greta Van Susteren

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45 Comments on "Ex-All My Children's Jennifer Bassey Tells Her Side Of The Story After Being Hauled Off Delta Flight!"

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Hmmm……and the rest of the story is?


So she was disruptive on a flight and removed. As she should be. Move on, nothing to see here.


Jennifer is a diva, the woman needs to shut the hell up. She is very difficult and needs to go away


And, how do you know this? Do you know her personally?…..Or are you repeating second-hand information?


Sara she is a diva and seems crazy, like Marion Colby LOL.


that was funny- life is full of dumb stuff..
A memory for her for sure..
She was polite to muth the the fug you, I couldn’t have held it back lol


Agreed, su.
I am wondering if she was in first class. Sadly (and, a shame), passengers are treated differently, in first class. I have seen passengers in coach given the Nikki Newman-nose-in-air-look.
I must say, stewardesses are very rude sometimes….then again, so are passengers. We were not there.


For a trashy ex stripper … Nikki does that snooty nouveau rich thing so well. Lol. I hope Melody wins an Emmy next year!


She still touched everything on her way to her Purell!


Maybe it will give new attention in getting her a part, although I’m sure she was not aiming for this…I tend to believe her but I wish she kept it shorter and had a better conclusion, the “lawyer thing” is kinda cliche. And dare I say, altough I always liked her and I actually like her less- mannered sound here, when she smiles she has a Carol Channing vibe…maybe that’s the roll! Seriously, I do feel she was frazzled by it all and that’s not fair to Ms. Bassey.


I’m interested in hearing what the flight attendant has to say as there are definitely two sides to every story. Clearly, there are obnoxious flight attendants as well as obnoxious passengers…

Barbara from Atlanta

Strange, very strange.

I kept thinking Bassey would make a good recast for Mary Williams, Paul’s meddling mother, on Y&R.

Karen from Toronto!

you are so Right! she would make an excellent addition to the Y&R family!…I’m sorry she had to go thru this..I surely hope delta looks into their employee further..& canns her ass!


Lol. People do not get tossed off of airplanes for good behaviour. According to American media…people don’t even get tossed off planes for having box cutters. Chick was probably whacked on meds and booze and got belligerent. Any publicity is good, I guess. Oh…to have the mind of an American.


No one could replace that whack job!! Lol. Carolyn Conwell played that role amazingly well and whoever wrote for her was brilliant!


Oooooooo gurl you trifuhlin’…wash dem hands child…LOL


Give me a break! Delta flight attendant over reacted and knew exactly what to say so that a customer (Jennifer B. ) would be “removed” based ONLY on flight attendant’s word. After that, the police confirmed that NOTHING threatening took place except an exchange of words. No charges. Nada. If Jennifer B. DID something wrong, she would NOT have been released immediately with NO charges. Abuse of “power” by the Delta flight attendant. Case closed. Good for Jennifer standing up for herself !


Absolutely, Mollie.
These attendants are Prima Donnas. They should keep in mind that we, the ‘ticket buyers’ keep their coffers full. Without us, they would not have jobs.


How would the attendant even know that she didn’t wash her hands? I keep the potty room door closed and locked until I’m completely finished.


Jennifer couldn’t figure out how to flush the toilet and had the door open. New boyfriend’s family now know what a jerk she is. Wash your hands, lady, and follow the rules about turning off devices.

Nick D.

Not that it’s any of the flight attendant’s business, but Jennifer should have washed her hands. I can’t believe she would go on national TV like this and so vehemently proclaim herself a non hand-washer! It’s like a Seinfeld episode (and she seems like a Seinfeld character in the interview).

I hope Auto-Tune the News gets a hold of that interview – it could be their next big hit!


Hi, Nick.
There are reasons why I would not use the airline’s soap. Some of it is very harsh to the skin. I actually carry my own soap. Another reason, everything in those lavatories houses bacteria. I don’t even touch the door handles…I use a tissue.
Just sayin’.

Nick D.

Fair points. Bottom line (no pun intended) is it’s not the flight attendant’s place to dictate these types of matters. There are certainly no FAA regulations mandating post-potty hand washing by paying passengers nor to flight attendants have any authority to police these matters.

However, to be safe I’d still probably avoid shaking hands with Jennifer were I to cross paths with her – maybe a fist bump.


@Nick …Oh, I agree, don’t get me wrong. The attendant had no right…until she speaks out…we only have one side.
I do not shake hands with anyone;…., period!!!!! And, I never, ever touch my face….germs are everywhere…especially the fingernails.
I am just not comfortable about people passing judgment, especially when they are not there.
Not only that, Nick, but, Jennifer is a woman of a certain age….some respect is in order.
My parents’ edict has always been part of my upbringing…respect one’s elders.


Thank you, Ann!! Did the flight attendant have a peephole she glances through into the restroom? This is all kinds of creepy!!

Many folks don’t touch public toilets & public sinks. Millions of germs!! I don’t blame her 1 bit for bringing her own, diva or not!


I know, that’s exactly whay I was thinking. Is she spying on all the travelers?? What makes her the hand washing police?!


She looks nuts in that photo. Probably a Diva!


OMG. LOL . I guess Jennifer was diagnosed, as nuts, just by a photo. Seriously?
The woman was let go immediately by the police. Can’t be that crazy…or the men-in-white would have ‘retrieved’ her.

Nick D.

There are many degrees of crazy. Men in white only come for the extreme cases. I think Jennifer’s definitely on the spectrum somewhere (based on that interview) but most likely “crazy in a good way” as they say.


Sorry, Nick. I suppose my sarcasms did not jive.
‘The men in white’ is a figure of speech, if you will. It was not meant literally…..LOL

4ever DAYS

I hope all involved wash their hands of this mess!


Too funny, 4ever…Google one!!


Good…not Google. Lol

4ever DAYS

LOL, CeeCee! I googled:

one, washing hands of a mess and 4ever DAYS!

Google knows who I am!!!!!

I’ll have to see if google knows you and several others too!


Oh, my gosh, 4ever. I typed ‘Good one’, but instead auto correct took over, and came up with ‘Google’…..LOL.
You must think I am out there, somewhere.
You truly are funny. Your play-on-words? Very clever!!!!


It is not the flight attendant’s business if she wants to wash her hands or not.. it sounds like the flight attendant had a bug up her butt.


Great! Now the bug needs some hand sanitizer…


OMG. You guys are cracking me up. James….too funny!!


Thanks, CeeCee! Likewise!


I am just disturbed she chose to go on Faux News!


April, thank you!!


Why didn’t she take her hand sanitizer into the loo with her? Did she touch stuff on the plane before using her sanitizer? I would say yes, which is gross.

I don’t understand how the flight attendant knew she had not washed her hands. I don’t know if I would have said anything, but it is nasty not to wash one’s hands after using the toilet. I would have taken the sanitizer in with me.

From what I’ve heard, I have to side with the flight attendant on this one.


Now, Mo. That is the most sensible comment on this board. Thank-you.


Did they have relations in the bathroom or something? How the heck does the f/a know she didn’t wash her hands??


I am a flight attendant and I must say we do know when passengers don’t wash their hands. We can hear the water run! Moms out there know exactly what I mean! When your children use the bathroom and don’t wash their hands, you know! The problem with you using the bathroom and not washing your hands as a passenger is this, you contaminate the aircraft and most importantly me! The contamination occurs when I am serving you your drink, you like to touch or cup my hands when retrieving the drink!! This is totally unacceptable!! Also, you like to use your hands to poke me in the arm to tell me what you want to drink, after you declined my offer the first go round. LMBO!! So……. nasty passengers, wash your hands or don’t touch anything; tray table, seat, entertainment controls, or better yet, ME!!!!!

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