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Ex-B&B’s Winsor Harmon Arrested

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Not great news to report about former The Bold and the Beautiful star, Winsor Harmon.

The actor who played Thorne Forrester for decades on the CBS Daytime drama, but was replaced last year by Ingo Rademacher in the role, reportedly was arrested for urinating in a park in the daylight.

According to, law enforcement sources say Harmon was arrested last week in the San Fernando Valley after eyewitnesses allegedly saw him in the act.  In addition, the report goes on to say, that cops were called to the scene and found Harmon inside his SUV in the parking lot with empty wine bottles scattered about, and without a pair of pants on.  Harmon admitted he had stayed in the parking lot overnight.

Winsor was then arrested for being drunk in public.

We never like to report this kind of story, but we hope Winsor is OK.  Share your thoughts on this item in the comment section below.

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52 Comments on "Ex-B&B’s Winsor Harmon Arrested"

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This makes me so sad to hear. As someone who just passed six years without a drink, I feel a deep empathy for him. Hopefully this will be the wake up call and he will get the help he needs.


I agree, I hope he gets help and someone can help him by offering him work also!


Wow this saddens me! Somebody from the cast please reach out to him I know he is still friends with Kelly and Ronn this is a cry for help.


It sure sounds like it, doesn’t it?

James R. Poissant

Oh no. Poor Winsor. I can’t help feeling that he is in a depressed state from being replaced on B&B. I could be wrong but either way, he might have a little trouble he has to deal with.


Yeah, the poor guy has been so loyal to B&B, I don’t blame him for being upset by this. He’s still very sexy and can act, don’t know why he can’t find work somewhere else.


Goes to show..
Well, boooz is wicked stuff, he needs to light up ..


YIKES! Way to go Brad Bell.


I have read reports about WH having trouble for years…financial debt, car repo, drinking…It is very possible (likely) that his personal problems came before his professional problems. Maybe that is WHY he was let go. Wish him all the best and hope some real friends reach out to him.


Mollie…check this out: A long time ago, I read somewhere that Winsor has a VERY, VERY COCKY ATTITUDE. It wouldn’t surprise me.

Have a good one.


Yes, maybe Brad knew something and that’s why the role was recast.

Is he still married?

He’s not the only former soap actor with recent legal troubles though. 🙁


I agree, Winsor should have been brought back as Thorne. Brad can finally learn to write for Thorne when he brings another actor playing him.


Poor guy, you really have to feel for him. He was perfect as Thorne, but as usual Brad Bell didn’t know how to write for him. Now when Brad wants to bring Thorne back he gets an Aussie to play him.

I always thought Winsor Harmon was super hot, a real life Ken doll. I wish another show would pick him, he got the looks and can act.


I agee with you Blake. The powers that be finally deceide to give Thorne a proper story for the first time in forever, and they replace him with someone else. So much for getting slapped in the face for the years of loyal service he gave the show. Out of all the actors who have portrayed Thorne over the years, WH was and always will be my favorite. I don’t know if I will ever get use to IR asThorne. I’m still not use to TK as Ridge. I wish WH the best of luck, and I hope he gets the help he needs.


I agree with never getting used to TK as Ridge, and it’s been years now. Same with IR as Thorne.

Brad Bell has really lost his touch, especially since Stephanie died. If only he wasn’t head writer and executive producer of the show.


Maybe he could play Jax when GH deigns to bring the character back to Port Charles for a visit…


That would be awesome! I’d love it if Winsor Harmon played Jax on GH!


Harmon doesn’t have that charismatic quality that’s important to Jax’s personality. He’s more of a Steven Lars actor. He and Rebecca Herbst would make a great brother/sister pair. Imagine Steven Lars at Elizabeth and Franco’s wedding as brother to both the bride and the groom!


@Steve….My suggestion was actually intended to be tongue-in-cheek…if an Aussie Ingo can play LA boy Thorne, then a guy with a Southern accent ought to be able to give the character of Jax from Down Under a go! But since Blake likes the idea, maybe it wasn’t such a daft notion after all!


Well, that was bold….but definitely not beautiful!


“The Bold and the Bladder full”


Didn’t TMZ use that as their headline for this story? It was a good one, so kudos to whomever came up with it!


Get help wino I mean windsor before you hurt yourself or someone else


Or better yet, “Wizzer!”

Mary SF

I hope he gets the help he needs– he wasn’t driving, but if he did this could have been a tragedy in the making–


I always wonder…was he drinking BEFORE he got to his destination (the park)? Or, is now SAYING he spent the night there(the park) as an excuse to cover up drinking and driving there? I don’t automatically believe people’s explanations under these circumstances…and I say this as a person who was deeply affected by a drunk driver. Check security cameras to verify.


I thought maybe the party was in the park…and this was the unfortunate aftermath!


His biggest mistake was in parking where he did…if he had only been in the GH lot, he might have landed a contract role…..seems to be the “go-to”place these days for out-of-work actors looking to score a new gig!




This is much ado about nothing. Time for some levity…

We’ve all been there… I mean, who hasn’t been caught with his pants down somewhere at some point?…

Urine trouble, Harmon…

Having been terminated from B&B, he has every right to be pissed…

This goes beyond the pale. Actually, if he had a pail, he wouldn’t have needed to exit the vehicle…

His mistake was visiting the park at night, he might not have been arrested…

That’s all I’ve got…

Thoughts and prayers…

Mark Y

I agree. Let’s not judge him too quickly.


Thanks, Mark. That’s really the point I was making…


Okay, one more. Glad to see the groundswell of support for Harmon, even if that ground is a bit damp…


You are now officially banned from the next poetry reading, Jamesj75. LOL…you must be a pissa (pisser) at parties! Sigh…now look what you made me say. I soooo wasn’t going there!

Mark Y

I wish Winsor peace. This is not the kind of news I want to read here, however. I’d rather read about the next big storyline on B&B.


The next big story for B&B would be Brooke having an affair with Thorne, get divorce, marry Thorne, then rinse and repeat.


Oh my goodness. Really sad news. I hope he can get help. Something is going on.


We are human. We make mistakes. We all need help, along with prayers, respect and understanding, especially when actions are more hurting to oneself than others.

Kevin C

I so agree Iakovos…I wish people wouldn’t be so judgmental. I for one am so happy that we aren’t judge by people when it comes judgement day…


I think he could had played David Banning on Days had the show not killed off the character…David would had added some angst in the Valerie/Abe relationship!!!

4ever DAYS

I feel cheated, Jimmy. I started watching DAYS a few years after David was off canvas. Then Val finally shows up with a grown son from David after David and Val hooked up off canvas, but then David is killed and never gets to see Eli…

Maybe David’s “death” was created because of something to do with the FBI which Eli worked for…

It would be an interesting dynamic for David and Eli to know each other as well as play into the Abe and Val story, not to mention Lani and JJ. There could be so much more for Julie to stir up! lol


I’d love to see Winsor cast on Days!

Lew S

Sad news for a talented actor. I pray that he receives the help he needs.


He drank too much..
He had to pee and when yah gotta go ya gotta go..
He should have pulled his pants back up lol

Anyways– I do not personally know the man and he hasn’t invited me into his life, and his business is none of my business..


Seriously this had to be published on this site. Obviously the man is going through some bad times. Why add to his misery.

Karen R

Sad because they dumped him for Ingo and they should have kept him.
I hope he gets help, he was great as Thorne, Ingo not so much.


Winsor Harmon clearly has issues.

Just saying……….

Scott (ATWT Fan)

Could you be any less compassionate or insensitive?

Just saying……….


Scott…I am just stating the obvious (or whatever).

Take care.


this is not in any way Brad Bell fault nor Ingo’s. Winsor is a grown man and he makes his own choices. He needs help and i hope he reaches out to someone sooner rather than later. The show must go on and i am glad B&B found a perfect new thorne to continue the legacy of the Forester men. winsor will be in my prayers.


Really Winsor? Peeing in a park? Because you lost a job? Gimme a break. If he has a problem with alcohol, then it’s time to seek help. But seriously, sitting in his car without pants on? Drinking cheap wine (or maybe expensive wine) in his SUV and then peeing? Hey, maybe a good story for B&B. Who could play the role better? Hey Winsor, I think you may have found a way to go back to B&B with a socially relevant story. Of course you’ll have to be a new character. Maybe you can be Eric and Stephanie’s long lost son , Splinter. He was given away to a family back in the 80’s and now he is back to collect his inheritance but he has a drinking problem and a deep secret. Then maybe Brooke can have an affair with Splinter cause she has had ALL the Forrester men. Or even better perhaps Splinter and Bill can have a thing together since Bill has bombed with every woman he’s diddled with. Splinter and Bill – now known as Spill. OMG, I should write. I’ve finally mastered soap plots.


Hey Mateo…GREAT storyline idea…SERIOUSLY!!!!!


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