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Former B&B Star Kim Matula In Graphic Sex Scene With Scott Eastwood In New Film DAWN PATROL!



Former The Bold and the Beautiful star Kim Matula is featured in an 180 degree turn than her soap role as the once innocent Hope Logan!

Now, she is literally steaming up people’s glasses and screens along with Scott Eastwood (the son of Clint Eastwood) in the new motion picture and VOD offering, Dawn Patrol. Over the weekend, this clip featuring Matula and Eastwood getting hot and heavy on a kitchen counter in their roles as Donna and John was posted at ET Online where Donna in heat says to John, ” I don’t know how to explain it. But for the first time in a really, really long time, I felt wanted instead of used.”

Set in 2008, Dawn Patrol depicts a families impoverished financial circumstances and blaming their issues on Mexicans who have come to their beach.  The plot is set in motion when the hotheaded Ben, brother to John  (Chris Brochu) sees his on-again/off-again girlfriend Donna getting cozy with the character of Miguel (Gabriel De Santi).  After a fight occurs, Ben  proposes to Donna, to which she responds by pulling down his pants!  When Ben is later found murdered on the beach his parents assume the killer is Miguel, leading them to exhort John to exact revenge.  Donna, meanwhile, attempts to deal with her grief by immediately coming on to John, who can’t resist her!

After the jump, watch Matula like you have never seen her before! Then, share your thoughts in the comment section below it.

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58 Comments on "Former B&B Star Kim Matula In Graphic Sex Scene With Scott Eastwood In New Film DAWN PATROL!"

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Lynda Westlake

Wow!!! Little innocent “Hope” is all grown up. Hope Kim’s career takes off.


I have no problem with the scene. It was a movie that had many intense moments. I think Kim is a great actress and would still absolutely love her to return to Bold.


Emphasis on the word “role”. Kim is an actor, telling a story. The best to Kim.


WOW! There is hope for the future!!

janice hoffman

Hope (her name on bold and beautiful) was a nightmare-horrible acgtor-so now shes made a porn film! OMG


Kim Matula is telling all of us that she’s not Hope Logan anymore!

You Go Girl!



Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Sex scenes have become banal and are really pointless plot fillers… no prude but what does a sex scene really do for any movie or tv show… just drags things out… we really need them to prove the characters are in love……cant words just do it…..a simple ‘I love you’ is all that is needed….just telling him or her that and a hug, complimenting and just being there is all that is necessary to prove you are needed and loved……nothing wrong with sex…..but just having sex isnt proof you are loved…jmo!!!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

I really have no problem with the scene……ive seen a million of them over the years……many were used just because Hollywood could and to bring attention to a film……just why cant there be more romantic moments???

Mary SF

Ahhhh aren’t you an old fashioned sweetheart, to still believe sex and love are still connected. Unfortunately, in the media most of all, sex is sex and love is love and the two really don’t need to go together anymore, which is why romance has taken a back seat. It is a lot easier to write a sex scene than to write a lovely romantic moment that leads up to lovemaking rather than humping.

For me the issue isn’t the portrayal of sex in movies or television, but the unrealistic portrayal. Honestly, how many people have sex remotely like that in real life? And excuse my graphic image here, but I don’t care how old the woman is, she is going to need the pump primed a bit before the main event if she is going to enjoy it as much as seen in this clip – there are quickies, but I think even rabbits spend more time doing it than some sex scenes in movies– it gives a false expectation on how human bodies work and reduces the act to its lowest level, which is expressing lust, not love.

Chrystie Delancey

Exactly, Mary SF!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

Im an old romantic at heart…i believe a woman should be wined and dined…dance to soft music in a candlelit room….walking barefoot on the beach under a moonlit sky…some would believe thats corny but i still believe in old fashion romance which is sorely lacking in Hollywood and real life too!!!


Agree with y’all. I don’t know WHERE Hollywood gets its version of “sexy”. Seeing promiscuous vapid brain dead women making soft core porn and calling it art…being exploited by gross men…..only in America. Lol.


If that was me and Scott Eastwood, I wouldn’t need much ” priming”. lol

Pg stiles

I agree wholeheartedly with you!

Scott (ATWT Fan)

This, to me, is no big deal. And why people would find something like this, nudity and all, a big deal is beyond my idea. Kim looked fantastic in the scene, and I felt it was tastefully shot.


That is common on cable.. in many sitcoms/movies..
(sorta makes 2015 soap sex look 1980 lame lol)
I always wonder if they are really ”doing it..
I say– yes ! they are gitten it on..

4ever DAYS

su0000, It’s simulation…not stimulation…well, not that kind of stimulation, anyway!


Kim Matula, is a wonderful actress. You go girlfriend. Wow hot scene, I need a cold drink now LOL.


Wow she’s so hot.


I don’t know what the issue is nudity isn’t new or uncommon in movies and Kim Matula is a great actress having played hope Logan for 5 years who was a very innocent character she probably wanted to do something completely different

Anne Lise

This is Porn movie for me…. i like Hope Logan better!




She’s an actor for heaven sakes. B&B is a soap, she just wants a better career!


I don’t think it needed the nudity.


Im in my mid twentys and find nothing wrong with the human body but i agree with Mo that nudity isnt needed and i agree with Jim that these sex scenes are pointless filler moments and lacking romance. I believe they are only written in movies for attention. This article is proof alone about that. Why not talk about the whole movie instead of one paticular sex scene? I love the old classics that concentrated more on telling a good story than most of todays movies that rely to heavily on sex, nudity, curse words, gorey violence to grab an audiences attention. There is nothing wrong with being classy.


So true..
nudity and sex is not needed but sure is wanted !!! 😉
I like it, as do most all.. it’s just being human.
We humans love having sex! and watching it is no big deal..


I REALLY wish Americans knew how ridiculous and absurd they look in entertainment offerings when they are trying to be sexy. L M A O. Memo….writhing and weird lip things, and strange body contortions and groaning does not constitute sexy.


aha if you didn’t think
”writhing and weird lip things, and strange body contortions and groaning does not constitute sexy””
you might want to seek help.. lol
(it tingled me! 😉
they only have 45 second to do what they gotta do, ya know..
talk about quickies !!


Hmmm, that’s embarrassing for her family, especially dad. Happy Father’s Day! LOL.

Jake from NJ

Scott Eastwood is soooo HOT!


Very Lucky Girl!


Um…you’re men.

Jake from NJ

Yeah…what fine man Scott is!!!


vapors… as soon as the camera panned to both parts

Kim Matula who?


Wow so intense! Great job Kim Matula! I wish her well. I’m telling you if Wyatt or Liam threw her on a counter top, she would have never left B and B. 😉

Chrystie Delancey

I could care less about the nudity or the sex, but it is the ACTING or the DIRECTING that is poorly done. She barely has his clothes off and she is already at orgasm. This is too much like soft porn to be taken seriously.

Hopefully the son of legend, Clint Eastwood, is on to bigger and much better things soon.


well, the they only have about 45 seconds to orgasm, so they can’t waste time!

4ever DAYS


Are you kidding me?

My comment was an observation of a scene that was featured in this very thread!!!

Was my comment deemed too graphic…more graphic than the scene?

“Matula meets mantool” is par for the course!


Yeah, I can’t see how a comment could be more graphic than that video they just showed us.


Three words. Direct to Video.


Glad her career is going well, hopefully we’ll NEVER have to see her on B&B again.


Ewwwwww……so now we know what she wants to do in her career. Geez.


Not going to make a big deal out of it, but that kind of scene will always cheapen an actor/actress. I really would like to see Hope recast after this, because Kim’s nudity has destroyed the image of Hope Logan. Here’s a tip young lady…A great actress can convey intimacy with her clothes on. Something to work on in your acting class.


Wow!!! – Not the Hope we are used to seeing. BB needs to do this!!!


I was so shocked to see Kim Matula in this role. I’m not one to get shocked easily, but WOW. I’ll never look at her the same way again.


I want Hope Back to B&B!!!please come back!!!












WOW! Her tits looks just like I imagined. Her entire body is hot……including those fantastic legs. I liked her on BB, but I love her in that steamy scene.


I absolutely adore her. I miss her character on B&B
But success is in her cards. Great clip


I watched the scene and it was waaaay over acted as far as the heavy breathing rantings from Kim, indicating to Scott “that she wanted him….”
And apparently it wasn’t that necessary to her career because it didn’t bring her more work in the process…… It was essentially a smutty, gratuitous scene like the ones you usually see on late night “Skinemax” >^,,^< tehehehe


Diappointed as I have been a fan for many years!!


I am actually disappointed. I had wondered what happened to her. Now I see. Hope for the best.


I’m fine with the scene. Get with it people! Good job Kim and do what’s best for you!

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