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Galen Gering Talks On Playing Cop In DAYS "Killer" Storyline!

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Days of our Lives stalwart Galen Gering is finally being positioned for some major story on the NBC soap opera as it begins its big 50th anniversary push.  Already Gering’s Rafe Hernandez has been hired back at the Salem PD, and immediately was thrown into the murder case of Serena Mason (Melissa Archer), who was found dead at the end of Thursday’s episode.  In addition to getting back in action to catch the bad guys, it’s clear that Rafe has a major crush on Hope Williams (Kristian Alfonso) his police partner!

Gering talked to TV Insider’s Michael Logan to weigh-in on the changes for his character, the on-screen murder investigation that began this week, and getting a new lease on his soap life after his character had not been in the thick of major story for a while.  Here are a few interesting excerpts below:

Galen on Rafe becoming a cop on the case of a murder spree:  “I hope Rafe’s getting overtime, because there are a lot of murders coming, plus some failed attempts. And just when you think you know what’s happening, there are some really fantastic twists. Holy mackerel, Rafe is on the case, baby! But it’s hard to be too enthusiastic and gush when so many of my castmates are now out of work. It’s brutal. But that’s why they call this show business, not show fun.”

Galen on the next victim in the murder mystery and how Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) is looking like the guilty party: “The second murder (airing September 8th) can also be traced to Chad. A preposterous amount of evidence is pointing at the guy. (Laughs) So, clearly, he is not the killer! Rafe won’t be looking exclusively at Chad but there’s big pressure from Justin (Wally Kurth), the new D.A., to put Chad behind bars. Justin is a Kiriakis and Chad’s a DiMera, so we play up that old family feud. When another murder happens and Chad is not in custody, well, the s—t really hits the fan. Justin is on Rafe’s ass. ‘It’s all your fault!’ Of course, the pressure will only get worse when there’s a new murder every couple of weeks.”

So, who do you think will be the next murder victim?  Who do you think could turn out to be the murderer?  Are you glad Rafe is back on the police force?  Are you into a Rafe and Hope romantic pairing? Comment below!

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38 Comments on "Galen Gering Talks On Playing Cop In DAYS "Killer" Storyline!"

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4ever DAYS

My Guess is Salem shut down all the tanning salons in order to go green and Dr Dan, the tan man, went crazy and is now a serial killer!


I want this more than u and …

along with another poster; he was playing detective.. and cited Ben

very good reason(s)

Daniel and Ben… victim or serial


Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

I bet its Ben who will be killed next…that would make Chad a bigger suspect…Abigail wil believe Chad killed his rival for her affections! An aged Chase or Aiden seem more like the killer….the copycat Salem strangular!!!…Rafe will protect Hope the same way Roman did for Marlena all those years ago!!!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)



HaHa, 4ever…you never cease to amuse me.
Well, it’s obvious someone is setting Chad up? The only conclusion would be Clyde. But, too easy, no? What about Aidan…can’t stand that pie-face.
Now, as I have already stated on another thread, what’s up with Rafe and Hope? Really? I just don’t see it. As much as I love Hope, she’s not hot or fiery…or spirited enough for Rafe. He needs someone like Theresa. Hope? Nawww!! I have a hard time picturing Hope with Rafe.

Mary SF

O CeeCee– you should have been watching in the eighties– Hope Brady was a spitfire– they really watered her down over the years, but I suspect under all that grownup veneer she is still as hot, and fiery as she was in her twenties. If there is a wet blanket to this pairing it would be Rafe, I don’t think he is passionate for Hope— I think his true love has yet to be found– I don’t see him and Hope long term. I think Theresa and Brady will be soulmates eventually, so that leaves her out. Don’t want Rafe dating all the matrons in town like Kate and Jenn. I really like him when he was with Carrie, but I don’t see them bringing her back since she is off in Europe raising her daughter with Austin. Rafe with Nicole wasn’t bad– but personally I would love for them to create another Dimera– a good one, like Lexie was and have Rafe fall for her. I can just see all the fun they could have with Rafe if his father-in-law was Stefano– LOL


@Mary SF.
Ooooo…..I can just see it, Mary! Watching Rafe, as Stefano’s son-in-law would be just as entertaining as Theresa being Victor’s daughter-in-law. Picture it….feathers would be flying hither and yon. LOL.
My Gran said the same thing about Hope–devil on wheels, she called her. Hope is so sedate, right now. I do agree about not coupling him with ‘matrons’ but Rafe, since he is so low-key, needs a woman with Kate’s personality to keep him on his toes. Sami was okay……she was too spastic for him, nonetheless.
Rafe will throw himself into the murder investigations, so , I think he’ll be too occupied and preoccupied for a ‘affaire du coeur’. Later, Mary.


I’m new..
I tuned in to see the murders lol
The promo was hard drama, murder stuff, and as me that is what entices people to tune in.
nothing like a good ol’fashion serial killer to draw a crowd..

Most all do not give a hoot about the campy sappy love couple stuff, they will not tune in for that but for murders they will come.
mystery, murder, twist & turns and the shocker, and most all will tune for that before a love gone wrong couple boring story..

I’m looking forward to some intriguing murders!! 😉 as advertised.

actually- Days is on the same track as GH, killings! dead bodies! whodunit, and all that good dark stuff ..
that’s why I’m in (better not disappoint me LOL 🙂


0ooh and these quotes;

“I hope Rafe’s getting overtime, because –there are a lot of murders coming,—
plus some failed attempts. And just when you think you know what’s happening, there are some really fantastic twists. Holy mackerel,”

” Of course, the pressure will only get worse when
–a new murder every couple of weeks’—‘

Ok, that is good soap stuff!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

People like a good murder mystery—i agree but you still need some lovey dovey stuff to balance things out…too much gloom and doom like GH is why that show has ratings trouble!!!


Oh no.


Su, my Gran said that the best serial killer on Days, or ever on soaps for her, was played by Jack Coleman, before either of us… or I, was born. The Salem Strangler became notoriously a household name. LOL. Enjoy!!!!

4ever DAYS

Hi CeeCee,

The Salem Strangler occurred a couple years before I started watching, but I have seen videos posted on YouTube. You can view “Marlena” being strangled!

The Salem Strangler is a favorite storyline of Jimh who not so long ago requested such a storyline for DAYS. Could the killer/killings be related? Who knows, but I’m having fun watching!!!!!

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

You make me feel old…lol…i was here and watched that storyline!!!


hi CeeCee.. I’m so lost with DOOL .. lol
I had forgotten how hard it is to get immersed/involved with a new soap..
I’ll need at least the average time of 3 months..

I can now see how ”new” viewers to any soap would struggle.
I can also see how a new viewer would throw their hands up and say ”I don’t have time for this”

probably the main reason no new viewers – you need to invest your time in something that means nothing to you LOL
(we are now of a fast world, every is fast, people like easy speed. that is why dumb reality shows are popular.. you can tune in at any point and not be lost..
plot writing is more gripping than decades of entwinement to get involved with..

And TV/Cable most all do not get involved with couples..
the only couple out of a million programs that have an actual couple would be Bones..


GH is noted for it’s humor along with drama..
GH is the only soap that has humor, I laugh, at times out loud.. I laughed many a time.
((I have never once laughed with Y&R))
maybe DOOL will offer laughs/humor, too.
All soaps are ”’doom and Gloom” at least GH shared it with humor 🙂


No worries, su. If you watch diligently every day, LOL, you will make sense of it. Look at me…I was new to GH just a little over a year ago. I was a pro after a few weeks….HAHA.
Seriously, it will help if you can do some research on utube, and catch some retro episodes.
And, I am sure you will soon pick out your favorite character. You will definitely love Victor. He will slay you…LOL.


Weird how soaps audiences dropped dramatically when they ceased focusing on people, and couples, and love, and romance…and started being aboUT devil possession, and murders, and non stop misery, and violence, etc. Soaps were never about those things.


I’m glad Galen has a storyline! I look forward to him and hope together. Bo doesn’t have a contract unfortunately!


I like hope and rafe.


I’ve only watched Days a little over a year and have been impressed by Galen. I’m happy to see him front and center in a major story line.


Very glad Rafe is back on the police force! I have shamelessly speculated on who the killer is. My guesses have included Clyde, Sàmi, Kristen, even Ben!

But I really don’t have a clue!

Mary SF

Well I’m going on record that my first guess, what my gut tells me, based on years of soap viewing, is the killer has to be someone no one would ever suspect in a million years. It has to be someone from the A list of players, not a newbie like Clyde– but someone who hasn’t had much of a story or might not have much of a story in the future so their loss will not impact the show greatly. It has to be someone who has a lot neckties to lose since the killer uses them to choke his victims– base on that list, the only logical person would be Justin. WK has lured back to Days from GH for a reason, and it wasn’t to be a bit player on the sidelines, so my guess he came back to be the killer. What makes Justin go off the deep end and start killing folks, I don’t know — but Justin being the killer is my best guess right now.


I really think it’s Aidan. But, he’s a newbie….unless he had plastic surgery and is in disguise. I even had a bolt of lightening pass right through my brain…LOL. I was actually enlightened…I think Aidan has Bo at his mercy. We DID see Bo on a dirty cell floor somewhere, in captivity. I bet Aidan is behind the whole thing, Mary. Too far fetched? LOL.

Mary SF

@ CeeCee– I think Aiden is slime and I do think he may have killed his first wife for the money after all, but if we are talking serial killer here, I don’t think Aiden is the killer. I predict Aiden will try to kill Hope, and will be killed by the cops, and then everyone will think he was the serial killer, because he was trying to kill Hope, but later we will find out it was someone else, when another body shows up. A good mystery will have twist and turns and I see Aiden being a red herring but not the real killer– and that is what fun about murder mystery trying to guess and then being totally wrong and surprised when the real killer is exposed.

As for Bo, if he was undercover for the ISA and is captured by someone it has to by a mastermind criminal not just a lacky like Aiden who is obviously is working for someone–my guess is one of the Dimera’s or maybe a new crime family related to that land in Ireland that Stefano wants so bad.


rafe being back on the force is major – so glad the new writers have corrected the error of him off the force –

Mary SF

Well it made NO sense whatsoever that Rafe would be running a nightclub for Victor of all people—-so I am so glad that they are putting the character back on the force where he belongs. Next victim has ties to Chad— so I would say the chick who runs Sonic magazine that Chad owes might be next.

4ever DAYS

Good guess, Mary! Zoe Browning should be careful, but not too careful because I never liked her. LOL!


Love Rafe’s character. Tired of Will’s character


Tired of Guy and his take on Will and what the writers have done to Will. Totally destroyed him.

4ever DAYS

Me too, Mo. It’s gotten to the point where Will should be recast or die!


That’s what I said on day one, Mo, and 4ever. He had a part on RIZZOLI AND ISLES the other night. He was the bartender. The acting and facial expressions stayed the same….his forehead shifting up and down….so irritating !!!!! He really needs to go. TPTB are trying to redeem him by making him Abby’s confidant; but, it ” ain’t ” working for me. A back stabber is a back stabber is a back stabber….AND, I do not ever empathize with cheaters, real life or not. There is NEVER a good reason to cheat !!!!

Jake from NJ

I can see Rafe Hope pairing


Justin is going to be DA?

I would have loved to have seen some Justin-Xander scenes as they are half-brothers. I think Days wasted the Xander character.

4ever DAYS

Justin and Xander are first cousins. Their fathers are/were the brothers of Victor.


I thought they had the same father. That’s what SOD said in answer to my question.

It was never fully explained on-screen. Still would have loved to have seen some Justin-Xander scenes and an explanation why Victor disliked Xander so much.

Brenda Weese

i want Bo and Hope to get back together. They need new women on the show for race and Eric.


I think Rafe is the Killer, it is convenient he is back on the force.. No one will suspect him. First him killing Serena, because chad mistreated her to blame chad.. The same way chad stole/ hurt Jordan. Second Killing paige, because again, if you saw him standing there he saw the altercation, and again to build a case against chad. Plus in the spoilers it said after Paige was killed, you would LATER see the real killers face. Rafe has a hate on for chad and what he pulled to get him off the force, Rafe is slighted in Love. If Clyde goes next it is because he is defending Jordan and getting retribution against him. Plus he knows Ben and Chad dont get along, so what better way to set up chad then to kill Ben;s dad. It will be about revenge for Rafe. It seems odd that Rafe hasnt made an arrest, only because if Chad goes down for all the murders, and they dont stop then rafe will know everyone will figure out it wasnt chad after all. This way the more he can build against him the better. Plus Rafe has the intel to pull it off.

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