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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Ol’ Blue Eyes Is Back!


Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital brought with it the return of Steve Burton, well, at least those memorable blue eyes, anyway.

As the mysterious story is mounting leaving viewers with questions and wanting to know the answers, Patient Six who in the facial reconstruction clinic in Russia, finally starts to take off all of the garb surrounding his face at the end of the episode. That is where the audience finally sees that underneath it all there are those big blue eyes … that are only Burton’s.

Previously, Ava (Maura West) decided to have a chitchat with Patient Six, and get emotional as she tells the patient about the good friend she once had, Nikolas Cassadine.  The man deemed by the clinic as a “dangerous psychopath” grabs her arm at the mention of Nik’s name.  Ava asks him to let go of her, which he does.

Then lo and behold in comes former Another World actress, Alla Korot, who we now know is involved in the Burton storyline.  Will she be a good nurse, a bad nurse, or turn out to be someone else, either trying to help Patient Six, or hurt him?

Back in Port Charles, viewers continue to see Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) lament over the horrific predicament their dear friend Jason is in.  Now on life support. Carly says he would never want this kind of life – to live hooked up to machines and to be placed in a long-term care facility.  Carly then comes to the conclusion that after Jason returned to Port Charles, they never got their connection back. Could it be Carly that is because that guy is not the real Jason?

Then there is Franco (Roger Howarth) who is trying to put the pieces together of the photograph from his childhood, where he is with a little boy who he thinks is Jason.  When he tries to question his mom who is in the picture with him, she tells him to meet her at her hotel room, so he leaves his gallery opening to meet with her.  When Franco goes to the hotel, his mother is gone. Leaving him with questions and no answers. Scott (Kin Shriner) follows Franco to the Metro Court, and tells him that he has known Jason his whole life, and insists the boy in the photo isn’t Jason.  Franco feels he would not have been the horrible person he grew up to be had the little boy been not taken out of his life at a young age, and viewers are continually reminded through story points and dialog that Franco was a very disturbed man.

So, what did you think of the reveal of Burton as Patient Six? Given the clues presented in the story thus far, who is Burton playing?  What will end up being the relationship between Franco/Billy Miller’s Jason/Steve Burton’s character? Weigh-in on your theories after yesterday’s episode below! But first watch a posting from Steve Burton on his social media accounts following yesterday’s airshow, as a special shout out and ‘thank you’ to the GH fans as the story kicks-off and he is home at General Hospital!

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I’m sure I’m in a very small minority, but I want him to be a reconstructed Nikolas. Before Nikolas “died”, he was starting to show his Cassidine true colors. Maybe becoming Jason was part of his plan with Valentin to take over Sonny’s territory. How else can you get the full trust of Sonny? Being Jason is the only way. I know many say SB is the only “true” Jason, but this long lost twin thing is boring. The “hit by a car” Jason being switched before/during surgery to become the Billy Miller Jason is boring. FV says this story line will effect EVERYONE in PC. Making him Nikolas brings in that side of things and making people think he’s Jason brings in that side. That will effect everyone more than a long lost twin… Just my 2 cents. Though I will say, I’m holding on to GH by a string. If this story doesn’t pan out in an interesting way (even if not my Nikolas hope), I’m done.


Most likely they are going to take the easy way out and use recycled scripts. Steve Burton will probably turn out to be Jason — not Nkolas.

As I am watching Y&R with Reed and Mattie, all I can see is those two running off to California just like Daniel and Lily did. Soaps just take the easy way out. It is too hard to come up with new ideas, apparently.


I hope Reed and Mattie run off the side of a building!


Yes, Timmm!!!! Me too! 🙂


I’m with you. I’m done guessing AJ……getting headaches.
I was so excited, at first, but, as it is the standard for me, the suspense wanes; especially when it makes no sense.
What did I miss? By MrMask’s reaction to what Ava said, it would imply it is Nikolas….then, he unmasks himself and we see Burton—playing whom?? Jason the twin ( of Franco)? Nikolas? Or any other Cassadine. Perhaps the meanest Cassadine Liesl alluded to as Nathan’s father?
I was surprised not to have seen a sacred illumination stars bursting over Burton’s head as MrMask removed the makeshift ‘iron’ mask…..which begs the question, why is his face covered? Is Bronsky a Frankenstein copy-cat with Burton as his creation of different body parts? …..oh, and yeah, a halo hovering over his head for good measure.
Were we expected to gasp in delight or shock when he revealed himself?


It is sad that people are so negative about Burton but it is completely understandable sgandable as to why. This anger is not aimed at him, it is aimed at the writers! Since 1996, lungless regimes have told the story of Jason the brain damaged murderer and his devotion to local mob boss Sonny. It was a neat idea with a shelf life of MAYBE a year, at which point Jason should have regained his memories, gone back to his family, became a doctor, and became the moral centre of GH. Instead, now 21 years later, recasts and plastic surgeries and deaths later, we have more of the same, only times two now.

People like Burton. He is inherently likeable. He is an actor who does what is asked of him, he doesn’t rock the boat, and he has won two Emmy awards as validation. When he has good material, as he had on Y & R for his exit, he is a very commanding actor. But let’s face it…playing a song one cold unrepentant brain damaged murderer does not offer or take much range.

The viewers are frustrated because we have been teased and promised so many times that Jason would get his memory back. This is what viewers want!!!!! For Jason to get his memory back, remember Jason Quartermaine, and cut all ties with Sonny, who took him in as a young kid and turned him into a blood thirsty killer!! Sonny did him no favours!! He ruined his life as he knew it! Sonny has since murdered Jason’s brother, and Millers version of Jason was not even written to care at all about that!!!!! With the return of Burton, this show has the chance to right so many wrongs! The real Jason Q, golden boy , leading man should return and be absolutely disgusted by Sonny and Carly. There was no great friendship between Carly and Jason. She used him for her own selfish pu poses every chance she got, and like a brain damaged puppy dog, he went along every time. That is abuse, not friendship. If Jason had refused to help her a few times, she would have had him bumped off faster than you can say Franco! She doesn’t LOVE Jason..because she doesn’t know Jason. She knows a brain damaged murderer created by Sonny that they both could use like a puppet anytime.

What I want to see is 21 years of rage spewed out of Jason onto Carly and Sonny….with NO future friendship or forgiveness!! It would be awesome if Jason was ultimately responsible for Sonny’s ultimate downfall! It would be poetic justice seeing as how Sonny took away Jason’s future all those years ago!! Bring it on GH!! No more Sonny glorification!

Francesca Bruno

So very well put. Jovin, your comment is remarkably well thought-out.


truly, had it not been for this site…

I don’t think I could have withstood GH

I want to cheer out loud so many of your “writing”

the most deafening on point being :

“What I want to see is 21 years of rage spewed out of Jason onto Carly and Sonny….with NO future friendship or forgiveness!! ”

i’d toss them a bone – LOVE your read on Carly.

“There was no great friendship between Carly and Jason. ”

ABSOLUTELY ! even back then.. “Jason” had to have thought up front.. he’s got to protect Michael. did “Jason” back then know Michael was AJ ? even with the familial discord (s) “Jason” was watching out for Michael.

once and for all… the absolute triumph for all the fans , be it decades plus or “newbies” the ultimate revel would be :

“No more Sonny glorification! ”



Jovin, excellent post!


Yes and No. Burton, like many others declare they are done, retiring, what-have-you only to get BIG contract money and push other characters to the back burner or off the canvas all together. But it is like that WITH everything in life. Everybody wants a name. So many times the Yankees under Steinbrenner would go out and buy a big name who just did not gel with the team.

Everybody wants a name. That’s it. Burton will not last long. He will get bored or come up with some new get-rich-quick thing and will “retire.”


wow – all that build up just to see his blue eyes………………i thought it was hilarious the way fans had social media on fire for the last couple of weeks……………i just hope the actual story line is worth all the hype…………………ijs


Right? Say, elm1951, since you mentioned the blue eyes ( big whoop), my theory above coud be feasible. That is, it may be Nikolas with a donor’s blue eyes….and other parts.
Since this is a predominantly a facial-reconstruction facility, Nik’s face could have been damaged beyond recognition and Bronsky ‘fixed’ him up by re-arranging his face. LOL.
I was baffled by Valentin sending Ava to Russia at first, but now it’s starting to make a little sense if what I assume is going on.
Why not the US? We have some of the best plastic surgeons in the world. But, I suppose patients want to travel ingognito….and, remain so. Ergo, off to Russia….albeit, not known as a world-renowned, medically sophisticated country. Ahh, well….it’s a soap. And, Valentin wanted Ava and Nik to come together, there.
Also, perhaps Russia is THE place where all the Cassadine witchcraft, in all its glory, is conducted?




Exactly, CeeCee….Russia is the traditional ground-zero for all the Cassadine clan’s skullduggery…the “Island” is simply their “home away from home” when the going gets too tough elsewhere! Still, as you state, this is a really curious choice of location for “plastic surgery shenanigans.” Guess Liesl’s Swiss clinic lost favor as the “go-to place” for all hijinks—of both the mental and physical variety—when she flew the coop! (And Brazil certainly hasn’t been the same since the famed Dr. Ivo Pitanguy kicked the proverbial bucket! So where does a girl go to get her original face back??? LOL.) All I know is that I’m really not liking this “Jason-faced” Nik connection if that is indeed what it shall turn out to be….sort of a bit too convenient for me. GH sorely needed the return of the prince for plot purposes as Steve Burton was coincidentally available for a return to the show so….voila, it’s more like killing two birds with one stone in a neat little package—as opposed to a fantastic storyline in the making—if this is the direction in which we are headed!


your theory is better than anything that these writers will give us………….lol


C, I dont see Steve staying past a year and Nic will someday return and should be long term so therefore I dont see Steve being Nic. Its all a twist to get us talking.


Same here, Shaybelle…..not liking which direction the wind seems to be bliwing. I cannot come to grips with fact that Burton could be playing Nikolas….simply does not compute. It will certainly be weird, if true.


LOL. great fun , was taken, at the expense of diehard ? no?

@Timmmmmm called this weeks ago. to no avail

this site is indeed for speculation… hope… and take no prisoners

TPTB … are you their ?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE @Jovin read, above

but.. I have to agree with @su.

GH – Shelley and Frank should have just hit the ground running… WITH their STARS.

NOW no matter how they spin this… Billy Miller and Steve Burton have to work that much more for their characters for believe and rationale.

alas.. the end result.. their grand prize of Sam.

all this mish mash and disheveling of what once was

I expect that at the very least… Billy Miller and Steve Burton, will flex more beefcake than the “glorified” Sonny will ever be


It’s beginning to look like the storyline is not worth a cent, my friend. I was ‘hyped’ for a NY minute, elm1951; but not for Steve B….he’s not one of my faves. But, the writers are all over the place. There is no format; no rhyme or reason. I do hope there IS a light at the end of this headache. A plausible ending will do.
I was infatuated with the idea of MrMask being Nikolas ( in the form of Nick Stabile) because I NEEDED Ava and Nik to resume what they had started: a true friendship on the path to romance. I loved those two together.
Also, I liked the idea of Franco as Jason1’s twin. Someone did say the two Jasons were twins. Well he/she guessed right. Whoever you are; Kudos. I was wong.
So, the confusion continues… does Franco fit into all this? It’s bad enough that we have no idea who Burton is playing; I’d like to have an idea as to what purpose Franco serves.
Is Burton simply picking up a different role, other than Jason? How do we reconcile ourselve with that, when he walks around with Jason1’s face? I am driving myself to the end of my tether, LOL.


Please. “Ol’ Blue Eyes” refers to Frank Sinatra. Steve Burton can’t hold a candle to him.


Chrystie…y-e-s…THANK YOU!!!!! MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!!!!!

Take care.


I also think of Paul Newman




Steve has better biceps!


Hey, Timmmy,
You are probably right….this ‘twist’ has gotten us talking for how long, now?? I guess it’s fun assuming and presenting different scenarios, until the situation gets so outlandish, we become indifferent: at least, I do… other words; whatever happens, happens.
The return of Nik will only be appreciated ( by moi) in the form of Nick Stabile….for Ava. LOL, are you tired of hearing me say that, yet?


LOL, T. His bicepts worked well for him today, but no match against a needle! Ha!!
This is truly ridiculous….driving me up the wall. You must agree, a little….agaib, what happened to Bronsky’s Thick Russian accent??
To top it all off, I really wish I could hear what Jason/Billy and Sam were saying to each other. I know I’m not going deaf!!
Lordy Lord; how do they understand each other? Do they practice lip-reading? I want to scream and tear my hair out…

4ever DAYS

General Hospital has just surpassed As the Word Turns as the second longest televised US soap opera ever! And if it continues, GH will turn 55 on 04-01-18! Also, somewhere around that time should be GH’s 14,000th episode! Congratulations! If GH makes it to mid June of 2020 it will surpass Guiding Light’s television run!

4ever DAYS



Guiding Light was on for 57 and remains the longest televised soap and is in The Guinness Book Of World records…before that it was on radio for 19 years making it the longest running soap…GH needs to be on three more years to beat GLs tv record but because it was also on radio too its considered the longest running soap!!!


Like AJ above, I may be in the minority with my thoughts on Steve Burton’s return as well; however, I do not care to see him in scenes with Monotone Sam. Honestly, more crying and delivering your lines in a monotone is not acting, IMO. I was hoping that Steve Burton would return as a doctor. For years, I wanted him to return to his Quartermaine roots, remember that he went to medical school, embrace his heritage, and come to terms with his mob life (leaving it behind). I was never a fan of Jasam (I or II) and I enjoy Steve Burton; however, I think I would enjoy him with more a different “group” and in the hospital setting. I think reintroducing into the fold with Maura West was a great idea. Maura West is phenomenal and I love Ava Jerome.


w – e – l – l

1. Stone Cold of young – in his youthful days… “his” blue eyes and guttural grunts were all that was needed.. and a good aim.

2. he goes to Y&R and becomes catty chatty… WITH blue shirts to – match – “his”
blue eyes. well whataya know.. he returns with an emmy. which I will never believe… he beat out John Anniston – AND – James Reynolds of DAYS.

3. he returns with – only – his blue eyes… in a wheel chair and , shall we say.. MUTE ? at least drugged out and lifeless.


whatayaknow – both Billy Miller and Steve Burton are either in a coma or stuck in a wheel chair.

is this cause and effect buildup for ???? the audience to get on the stick … belabor our real feelings for which Jason ?

oy ! this is going to be horrible… I already cannot stand Carly and Sonny , lamenting and carrying on forever and day about Billy Miller ‘ Jason – moving – to an assisted living facility. now they have to take over and ruin the show that much more whenst they get wind of Steve Burton’ Jason.

woah… give me an effin break

PS: I adored the banter and care that went in to the scenes with Scotty and Liz at the gallery opening.. and YES, once again… Maura West … oy! thank the soap god… she’s carrying this show.

I read a blip on yahoo… that Steve Burton is patient #6. if he turns out to be Nicholas i’m going upchuck.

Steve burton has all the time in the world to wait out fan implosion.

stone cold to catty chatty to drugged out stuck. um… let’s rub his new emmy and feel this one , OUT


“Guttural grunts,” Patrick? LOL….you make Burton’s original recipe Jason sound like a complete Neanderthal! C’mon….he was never THAT bad…just a bit too non-verbal for those of us who actually enjoy characters who employ the use of regular dialogue and engage in the art of conversation! But I’m totally with you on the notion of turning the actor into a “Jason-faced” Prince Nicky….not a good fit in my book either!


I am sick to death of Carly and Sonny, too. The scenes of them in Jason’s hospital room talking to a bed were ridiculous-rehashed and just plain stupid. I don’t see them as a “super couple.” In my opinion, they are boring and trite.


Suddenly Sonny and Carly have become parents of the year……that, and the loving, ‘sturdy’ couple one wishes to one day be, Patrick. Astounding how these writers try to prop this out-of-Hades twosome. There is nothing salvageable about them.
And, to add insult to injury, the word ‘Dad’ and ‘Son’ comes so easily from whimpy Michael’s and deflated mob-king Sonny’s mouths. It’s truly sickening.
Then, there’s Sam…..wish I had understood what that monologue to her presumptive husband in hospital, was all about…..what was she rambling ?? Not only is the sotto-voce mumbling lacking variance in tone ( the well-known word: monotone), but now it has reached the level of annoying. I do not think she has a voice above a whisper. Frustrating!!
As far as Burton, he is doing his job. I never liked him on Y&R until the end. It seems many are upset because Burton drifs from one doao to another and back. Well, he must go where his bread and butter is. Has a family to feed. That does not bother me. One must do what one must do….as long as the input is solid.
To me, Patrick, the fact that he can change from one role to the other, at will, or should I say, at the direction of the “director”, LOL, bespeaks of excellent acting. Not that I like him much, but credit must be given where credit is due.
I do agree about the Emmy, albeit he did surprise me ( positively) in his last few weeks on Y&R.
His pain over losing Christian was soooo tangible; it broke my heart!!
Nevertheless, I was hoping John Aniston would have had the honor, as well. He is my favorite actor. Love him so much….he cracks me up. LOL.


Yeah, I wish Steve had been Dr. Boronsky.


dmr…I NEVER SAW Sonny and Carly as a ‘super couple’…PERIOD!!!!! N-o-p-e.

Have a good one.


If Ava sees #6 with his full face mask off, will she recognize him? We believe her only interaction with Original Face Jason was when she hit him with the car, supposedly requiring the plastic surgery that introduced Billy Miller.

For a brief while, she did live at the Q mansion, so she might have seen photos of Jason Q from years ago.


Let’s not forget that Ava and her kid were squatting in the Quartermaine mansion for a while (when she was fraudulently claiming the Twit was an heir) and that she’s also spent a fair amount of time at Sonny’s house since Avery was born.

Are we supposed to believe she’s never seen an old picture of Jason??


“Tune in this Tuesday as Steve Burton Returns to General Hospital!” Okay, that was a lie. Here is the truth. “Tune in this Tuesday as Steve Burton’s eyes return to General Hospital at the 59 minute and 59 second mark!” I knew this would happen! It would have been great TV if the viewers didnt know about Burton’s return but we did and it fell flat! I get a funny feeling this is a sign of what is to come, FLAT! Fluke was horrible, Paul Hornsby was so bad and dont forget MAN LANDERS! I like Steve Burton. He seems like a decent guy. I enjoy him on my TV. I hope his return is not wasted. Good luck!


And furthermore if were billy miller’s Jason seeing Nicholas Cassidine come back with my original face and body I’d be soooo pissed off ..REALLY? REALLY? NOBODY could find this clinic to help me but this dude gets my face and abs? ? Very bad story.


Agreed, Timmm. Fluke was just awful-too drawn out, creepy, and it fell flat. Making Paul Hornsby the serial killer made absolutely no sense. It was a quick way to just end the stupid storyline. Oh, and Man Landers-introducing more annoying characters to an already bloated cast-no thank you.


Amen to all three of your assertions, dmr! (Oh, and Timmmbo’s too!)


Exactly, dmr. As soon as this story started derailing, I said the same thing, at one point….FLAT!!
And, hoped it would not turn into another FlukeFlop.
The Man Landers storyline ( other that the-out-of-this-world storylines on PASSIONS–which was, at least, more or less a “fantasy soap” to me), is the most uninspiring, infantile, idiotic writing, ever. What the fudge?


Exactly Timmm. ABC used a lot of valuable promo time for Steve’s return and gave a specific date to tune in. The target audience for a vet like steve is long time viewers who have tuned out. So you promote a specific day and not only do you give them the eyes 59 minutes in, but you give then an episode full of Franco.

The audience who might come back for Steve would be comprised of many who tuned out because GH became unrecognizable, filled with new actors and characters favored by Frank as so many vets, like Steve, disappeared. Roger would be one of the poster boys (along with Easton) for that situation.

So of course, promote Steve’s return and feed those people a big helping of Franco, Franco’s search, Franco propping from Liz etc. Frank can’t help himself, using the promise of vets as bait and then shoving the pets down viewers throats. Only this time, the episode was heavily promoted by ABC and valuable network resources were used.

So if lapsed viewers tuned in for Steve’s big return,they got Ava having a one sided conversation with a guy in a sweatshirt and then saw his eyes at the very end, when they could have at least done it at the half hour mark. But what they also got from Frank was a loud and clear message that he will continue to shove Howarth everywhere and you are going to have to put up with a ton of Franco. That seems self-defeating.

And then they didn’t even follow-up the next day! Lol! Frank and Co are so completely incompetent.




does any one else feel a disjoint … vibe here of disconnect

Franco is caught up in how his life went awry.. and how, because of this, he became this bad person ? now that in itself is stifling.. and enough ?

yeah, i’m caught up in SB and BM .. how will they spin and turn ?

it’s like Franco is really NOT NEEDED.. will he be the older brother ? which would at this point.. serve him better ? he’d at least have that to hover.

now, these three – uninteresting – threesome “brothers” have to REEL something. come on. will this fly

the best thing about Franco… IS Scotty, Liz, Heather.
@AJQ – right on about Franco – your 3rd para

Franco it seems is the only one who cares about himself


Not interested. N-e-x-t……….


I need to speak my piece..

Having Steve enter looking like a masked dumbshite was a poor decision..
THERE IS NO DRAMA, no nothing… BLAH ..

the writing of this hyped up story is absurd, dull-witted… dull, nothing to it to entice anyone to excitement.

GH , the Real GH use to burst from intense drama, intense moments, intruge and on the edge suspense..
Sadly GH has been gutted and has no way back to its’ glory because of the horrible writers.
Redeeming every darker exciting character has helped destroy GH.

Ava spilling her life to a masked man was absurd for her. to do.
Where is the real Ava because this Ava has had the vibrant life sucked out of her by redeeming turning her into a babbling dullard.

Nothing of this story has held drama , it has been sadly uneventful and drab.

I have little hope of the next 9 months of this story to be worthy of GH ..

Imagine this;
this story being written in the 90’s … think on that.

Will we sleep through the next 9 months? It looks that way.

note; there is no one left to be destroyed by redeeming..
GH has been destroyed by redeeming the life out of it.


I know, Ava should be solely focused on her face but she is flirting with a “Psycho!” STUPID!


Maybe he turns her on, T. Remember, she’s attracted to freaks?!?! HaHa and LOL.


Hey, T,
Rethinking what you said, in a more serious and “focused” tone…… LOL.
Jimh had mentioned that MrMask could be Morgan. Either he or Nikolas may be a candidate. I mean, Ava was attracted to them both. So, perhaps some force is pulling her towards this ‘thing’; vegetable, mineral, or animal—-some ” magnetic” part of Nik or Morgan must be embedded into MrMask by Dr. Bronsky. A medical experiment?
You know, T, my suggestion of a Dr Frankrnstein re-make isn’t so far-fetched. A science project?
You said you wished Steve were Dr Bronsky….well, maybe he is. Could Faison be involved in this? He’s the “mask-‘mad-scientist, afterall.
Do you remember the guessing game in which we were all playing, back and forth, with Fluke/Luke? The frustration? It fizzled without concrete answers. Well, expect the same….I doubt any explanation will satisfy. We shall see.




LOL, JK….,I get it !!…. oh, how I get it…sigh.


I really like steven Burton when he played as Jason but after he left I really like Billy Miller, I stayed in Dallas Texas for a while and when I readed were he was from I really happen
I really like all of the fans on General Hosiptal This is the only Story I look at


Same “Old No Range Blue Eyes”. Didn’t need him… The good actors on the show will get shafted again.


He can only act what is written! Open your closed mind!


Don’t reply if you have to be nasty. The closed mind belongs to you if that’s where you have to sink. Please stay off my commentaries.

Vicki Borken

Will they find ask I bring out the cover up of who ran Jason (Jake) over. Can Tobin weigh in on this since she was the only one that knew where Jason was.
What are the changes its Morgan and he didn’t like hearing her talk like that v because he had loved her


I have come to loathe facial reconstruction surgery story lines anymore. And in Port Charles, so overdone. I am sad Genoa City dipped into that well a few times in the last decade.

I would better accept a returning actor in a new role.


Facial reconstruction, dopplegangers, DNA switches, brain tumors that change your personality, people coming back from the dead, especially when they’ve been shot and fell into water (Morgan, Jason, Nicholas), lying to your spouse until it blows up in your face… the list goes on and is used on every show. Clearly they think their audience has a low IQ or they wouldn’t keep recycling and would try to something original.


Also the old story-line of DID (dissociative identity disorder) -lol! Been waaaay overdone!


Hey, Yvonne,
I have been saying the same thing, ad nauseam. LOL.
Whoever falls and ‘drowns’ off Pier 54, never dies. There is a vortex buried within its watery depths with magic powers…everyone emerges on the other side alive and kicking……
….agreed…getting old and boring.

Allen Saint James

I want to believe the powers that be understand that this come back story has to epic, intriguing, mysterious and adventurous. Great long term story can come out of this


He is Jason and that’s ok he played him for 21 years I ever thought BM was a good stone cold let it be whey have his face covered like silence of the lambs is nuts! Billy Miller just does not have it in him to be a killer type that’s ok come on back when they finish up this storyline we would love to see Billy Abbott back! Not worth fighting about they call this show bios to me it would have been more fun if he had been a doctor etc etc but that’s not what they did


I think the Shiloh w is struggling I watched today in the doctors office and said yep he is Jason I wish them the best but it could have been so much better but Douglas Marland plus others he truly understood the soaps are gone I am sad for that.


The show oops!


I’ve read this theory online a couple times from others, but does anyone believe that maybe BM’s Jason Morgan is actually Jason Quartermaine(so the Jason before the car accident with AJ) and SB’s Jason is Jason Morgan “Stone Cold” but birth name maybe Andrew Quartermaine?

I can’t remember-does BM’s Jason have any clear memories of life as a Quartermaine/his teen years? SB Jason doesn’t really correct? I started watching the show in 2007. I’ve been watching some of the old clips on youtube of Jason Q today and plan to watch more. I realize they are supposed to be one person, but what if the complete personality change wasn’t because of the accident at all?

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DAYS Preview – Week of May 28, 2018

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Rob Scott Wilson makes his return as killer Ben Weston.  How will he impact those that he once terrorized, and those that he’s trying to turn over a new leaf for?

Check out these teasers from upcoming episodes of Days of our Lives.

Monday, May 28


Tuesday, May 29

Brady is ready to decide whether he wants to be with Theresa or Eve, but before he can give an answer, he’s thrown a curveball.

Wednesday, May 30

Laura arrives to help Abigail integrate her personalities.

Thursday, May 31

Xander continues to be a thorn in Theresa’s side.

Friday, June 1

Marlena evaluates Ben and tries to determine if he’s telling the truth.

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Marci Miller Shares Sentiments On Her Final Tape Day At DAYS

Today was the last day of the incredible journey of Marci Miller as Abigail Deveraux DiMera.  After two years, the actress decided to not renew her contract after receiving a Daytime Emmy nomination and playing the multiple personalities storyline of Abigail, Gabby, and Dr. Laura.

Here, she shared her sentiments via an Instagram post on her final tape day at the NBC studios in Burbank.

“And just like that, 2 very meaningful years have come and gone. I have been loved so well today. I will miss this cast. I will miss these people. I will miss this place. I am both heavy and light at the same time. Much love to all, you have left just the sweetest impression on me. Xx #Days”

What did you think about the sentiments Marci Miller has shared?  Sad to know it’s Marci’s last day in Salem? Comment below.


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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Preview – Week of May 21, 2018

Next week on Days of our Lives, Brady (Eric Martsolf) is in for quite the surprise when Theresa (Jen Lilley) shows up and turns his world upside down again. What will happen when Theresa discovers that Brady and her sister, Eve (Kassie DePaiva) are engaged?Meanwhile, Sonny (Freddie Smith) is in for surprise also, when he realizes Leo (Greg Rikaart) is going to turn the tables on him, after their steamy passionate kiss. And, Will (Chandler Massey) find a new clue in Dr. Rolf’s diary, as Kate (Lauren Koslow) learns her fate in Vivian’s death.

Check out these teasers from upcoming episodes of DAYS below, and then watch the latest promo from NBC. Tell us what storyline has piqued your interest the most via the comment section below.

Monday, May 21

Stefan threatens Abigail with Chad’s freedom.

Tuesday, May 22

Lani has a scare concerning her unborn baby.

Wednesday, May 24

Sonny’s world is turned upside down when he receives stunning news.

Thursday, May 23

Xander taunts Jennifer about her relationship with Eric.

Friday, May 25

Gabi learns a judge has overturned her conviction… but a new problem arises.

Click HERE to see the video preview!


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Video du Jour

The GH Nurses Ball 2018 concludes this week. After all the performances, and all the drama, what will be the repercussions felt long after the last performance? Watch the latest promo and then let us know, how you think it will end! Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Marci Miller as Abigail

Days of our LIves

Airdate: 5-8-2018