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General Hospital Promotes An Epic Spencer Adventure: Where Will The Hunt For Lucky Lead?



Who ultimately is behind the disappearance of Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson)? That is the questions that General Hospital is teasing their fans with, in particular with this brand new teaser of a promotional photo.

In it are pictured: Laura Spencer (Genie Francis), Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary), and Ethan Lovett (Nathan Parsons) all seemingly united to find Lucky!  How will this all go down?

As GH fans know, this is the final act and the final storyline of Anthony Geary’s 37-year-run as the iconic Luke Spencer.  Genie Francis recently told TV Line that she is taping her final scenes with Geary, in fact, this week!

So far fans have seen the likes of Jennifer Smith (now played by Holly Gagnier) make a return, but who else is coming back to tell this story other than Emma Samms (Holly)?  And … where is Lucky?  Are you engaged in the story? Are you excited to the moment when Lucky is found and back on the canvas for a short bit? Share your theories and thoughts below!

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Well they started off this “epic adventure” by introducing the idea that a woman is blackmailing a 70 year old man for sex. I’m not excited, engaged or hopeful.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

She wouldnt need to blackmail me…lol


Wait, can’t believe I am being such a Pollyanna, but Matilda, I am really hoping that Jenifer Smith’s prime motivation is not to “get the cow for free.”
Luke Spencer the boy toy?
Hold on, I think things will improve.
Failing that, I hope Jennifer stocked up on the Viagra.


Harry, that’s possible and probable that there’s more to it. But even introducing that element, having the actors play those scenes, having the characters of Luke and Laura believe that is what is going on, even for a short time, is just beyond ridiculous and insulting to all of us.


Very true, already plenty of plotholes

Jake from NJ

I know…it is quite the opposite of engaging storytelling


It’s sad. Like everything else on this show that’s history and veteran related, it could’ve been so good. Why am I not surprised that this will go absolutely nowhere. No story here.

nancy dillingham

Nor I. And where is Lucky? And where will he be?
I afraid the answer is too cut-and-dried. And where will he be–nowhere, I’m afraid.
This regime appears to write only “for a day” or for one scene. The simply do not seem capable of writing a fleshed out storyline that makes any sense, excites, or does the actors any service at all. (To say nothing of the viewers. They seem to write in a vacuum, without even given the audience one thought.)


Good point!


Right? This is Tony Geary’s big good-bye? Jennifer ‘Sex Me Up or Your Son Dies’ Smith? I like the idea of going full circle to the Frank Smith era but I’m hoping Jennifer is just the tip of the iceburg. Both Luke and Tony deserve something more complex and less contrived.

nancy dillingham

How crass and insensitive and cynical can the writers (TPTB) be?
Jennifer saying that it would be “poetic justice” if she “raped” Luke like Luke “raped” Laura?? How sick can the writers be who are spouting that stuff? How offensive to my ears–and poor Genie Francis looking so very uncomfortable. And Tony Geary/Luke not even blinking an eye or looking pained in any way at the memory?

Why, oh why do TPTB insist on playing the story for camp? How ignominious a way to end TG’s run as Luke. So many other choices. Isn’t one purpose of the show to entertain? Nothing, absolutely nothing entertaining about perversion!
So very sick–makes one’s skin crawl. And I keep expecting something/someone to redeem this mess. Even Genie Francis cannot accomplish this impossible task, given the schlock she has been written and has to say. Pitiful. Sad. Sick. Disgusting. I, a loyal fan of L and L, am trying to hang on but TPTB are making keep digging a deeper hole for the actors.


He already had complex in FLUKE.


Hey, Tony’s only 68!


Hi, there.
Yeah, Shrona, a man will always be viable. But, medications….such as blood pressure pills/excessive pain killers/diuretics decrease potency …sometimes by 100%.
Besides, Luke looks like one sudden move and he’ll ‘be done for’……unless there’s such a thing as un-strenuous, quiet sex….LOL.


LOL…actually, I believe he’s 67. shrona.


So far it feels like an 8th grader is writing the exit storyline. Not impressed.


Lol, Matilda. That was my very first comment on the previous site. Ridiculous!!!!
Double up on those pills, Lukie!


@ Nancy dillingham
You, Nancy are 100% right. I found it indelicate, insensitive and tasteless myself. I am not shocked, any longer, by this tactless writing. The rein-holders should walk around shamefaced….they keep crossing the line. Then, we posters are banned for expressing certain truths.


I don’t disagree with any of you as far as the writing is concerned but things seem to be improving.
Laura looked amazing today!
Maybe I am just tired of bitching. I think the next ex Luke and Laura will confront will be Holly.
And Jackie Templeton’s name came up the other day…..hmmmm.


CeeCee, you have me in stitches here and elsewhere… 🙂 🙂 🙂

With regard to “un-strenuous quiet sex,” I believe it does exist … not that there’s anything wrong with that; … not that I can offer any personal anecdotes… Oh, I’d better quit now… 🙂


@CeeCee and @Nancy
I couldn’t agree MORE Ladies!! My French Maman would have
simply called it grotesque.


LOL, James.
So, there is such a thing as quiet sex and un-strenuous sex? Gee…what am I doing wrong? Tell me how….shhhh. I won’t say a word to anyone…it’ll be our secret. LOL.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

They might find him in Nashville…lol

Mary SF

Ahhh you just made my day with that one– thanks for the chuckle.


Carrie Underwood has Lucky, hence the name LUCKY!


HaHa, Timmm.


I think AG should have left after the Fluke s/l wrapped when he was on top. I’m afraid this s/l will drag him down due to it’s, so far at least, stupidity.


Yes, it’s very stupid thus far. It’s like they are begging to be cancelled now. I don’t care if they ARE bringing back old characters for people like me who grew up watching vintage LnL…they still aren’t doing it justice. I hope they have some true substance writing planned before the end of July. Been very disappointed thus far.


”Are you engaged in the story?”

Laura looked stupid with the gun ahaaaa!
Is she supposed to be an aged gangster gun moll or some such thing..
It was quite not working for me, not at all ..
however- I did have a laugh, ooohh geez RC lol
This story is is too far out of -the now- that it’s not compelling/enthralling, at this time.

I, so far, am not into it..
A million plus people do not know these people or their backstories, so ya I could care less.

I am really liking Nikolas ! That story is much better at this point in time. I hope he gets the share he needs!! I think Dillon gave him the 1/2 percent..
But– things are always changing and the L&L flooper may pick up steam and turn into something intriguing. I’m counting on that happening.
I will wait for it ..


Aged gun moll?


LOL. I am really liking Laura. I admired her spunk and confidence as she stood up to Jennifer. Now, here we have a real nutty, tutti frutti cake, in that one.
I am really hating Nikolas. He has proven to be a real jerk…scum. But I do understand you like storylines with strife and conflict, which is good. However, Nik is still a degenerate dirtbag.
Dillon (sp) did not give him the half percent…too wise and loyal to his name.
This game with Nik will go on for a while; especially with this new Lucy Coe twist.
Nik acquired these shares underhandedly. Should he not be arrested. I guess, not according to GH law. It’s a soap…I get it.
However, I have a feeling Lucy has something up her sleeve. Nik will receive a great blow from Lucy….she is just playing along.
I also believe that this new young, beautiful actress coming in is the Brooke-Lynn (sp) character.


CeeCee ,, 🙂
Nik is not ”’a degenerate dirtbag”’ (shame on you! lol)
He is a Cassidine !!!
GH’s Cassadines are legend and I love Nikolas grabbing his Cassidine balls!

Nik will be/is two sides of the coin..
A true Cassadine and sweetheat, Nikolas will rock it both ways..

I sooo love the new and improved Nik, he is now sexy and dangerous!
— Strut your stuff Tyler/Nik ..!!


I agree Lucy could have something up her sleeve. With her, though, there’s always a chance it could backfire.

Found it surprisingly naive that the Q’s thought there were good vibes between Lucy and the family, especially Tracy. I’m thinking there was a little payback when Lucy sided with Nik, because the Q’s hadn’t always treated her kindly. Not that Lucy didn’t deserve it…she helped break up Alan and Monica Q, and then married/divorced Alan. The Family really gave her a hard time, except Edward. Then years after, Lucy was forced to “negotiate” with Tracy and AJ to get the money to resurrect the Nurses Ball.


Triple LOL, Su. You have really put me in my place. I hang my head in shame!!!
You are a ray of sunlight, Su.
I bet that when all is said and done, Nik will repent. He’s just going through a demonic patch.
OR, he is under Helena’s spell. Better yet, he is Helena with a Nik mask and body suit. HaHa!!! Later.


Thanks, Rose. I did’t know all that. So I’m on the right track, where Lucy is concerned? Therefore, by the history between the Q’s and Lucy, which you just so clearly described, there is a lot of resentment there. But, as flighty as she seems, Lucy will ultimately do the right thing.


I am glad you’re enjoying Laura, Cee Cee.
She looked fabulous today in her jeans and leather jacket.


Not only was she BEAUTIFUL … Laura didn’t idly stand by his
side….She took charge, and came to LIFE today!! that was
encouraging to watch.


I smell Cassadines, for sure and maybe a nod toward the Ice Princess story. I see where Luke will be presumed dead and may only return IF GH is cancelled to say his goodbyes?


Fee Fye Foe Fum, I also smell the blood of Helenadum!!!


Yes, since this is her last chance to put the screws to Luke but I also see one or two other family members with her to bid him goodbye.


Timmm, are you thinking Stavros and Stephan?? Helena & Sons…
Each with their own agenda, Stravros isn’t finished torturing Lulu
over the embryo debacle. Stephan would want Laura, always has..
Victor would be the obvious choice, but that’s a completly different
storyline. In walks the Queen Mother of Revenge Helena, Luke’s
longest living enemy… It’s come full circle… Her only means to
get to Luke is by holding Lucky hostage. Their final go around
where one will leave and the other will die.


Good call, Fanny. If, indeed, Helena is holding Lucky, will this fact affect Nikolas in any way? Will he take his Cassadine cape off and Don the heroic one to rescue his brother? Perhaps this development will break the spell under which Helena has him. You know? Blood is thicker than water? Wouldn’t the world be a better place, if that were true….sigh!
That is the only part which interests me…..seeing Helena with her eye of newt and toe of frog…..


@CeeCee, Goodmorning…. Merci again for being a Sweet Coeur in
your last post… I was truly touched.
Helena is a Vindictive Sorceress with evil intent, what if Emily…Nik’s
one true love (never died) is being held frozen in limbo by said Witch
until he delivers ELQ into her greedy little hands. or maybe it’s Lucky
she’s holding over Nik and Luke’s head….two birds one stone..
During the Fluke storyline he didn’t come through on his promise
that ELQ would be hers,she doesn’t care if he calls himself Luke/
Fluke or PeterPan… What was promised her is owed to her..
One way or another.


Love your post, Fanny. You make really good points about Nik and Helena. I never met Emily, so it would be a treat for me if she came back. I did make myself familiar with her backstory. Such love and romance between her and Nik.
How can someone change so drastically?
The way everyone discusses GH and the birth of all these captivating, colorful characters, makes me wish I had been around then.
Alors, ma chere,,,, a’ bientot.


I also hope the end game is to oresume Luke dead. That will give the writers a chamce to do a real classic long soap funeral filled with great returns (think all of Lukes’s ex’s in one room all in black) and also a chance to show old Luke flashbacks !!
Hey they could also recast! KIDDING!!


Right now, on Youtube I am reliving the past and watching old episodes of GH
It’s nice to see Mitch and a very young Heather Webber.
The original Jennifer (Lisa Marie) bares an uncanny resemblance to the new Jennifer Smith.


She does resemble her a lot.


In reading all the comments about not being into the storyline and it being a lame reason to kidnap Lucky, I have to agree. However, I think it’s all a ruse. She does want the added benefit of getting Luke to have sex with her, and then we’ll find out there’s a lot more going on here. At least that’s what I hope will happen.


Hmmmm. That’s something of which I hadn’t hadn’t even thought. Could be a ruse, as you suggest, Becky……a way to get Luke for a completely different reason. Diabolical trap?
It makes reasonable sense. Maybe Lucky will show up out of the blue and there goes the kidnapping fiasco.


This storyline is being so poorly written it’s amazing that AG and GF can even say their lines. It seems TPTB are really not putting any effort into this plotline – at least wacky stories like the Ice Princess, etc were exciting. This is bordering on totally lame. Bottom line: SO FAR THERE IS NO DRAMA OR SUSPENSE here. It’s just plain ridiculous.


well, to talk truth-
we have not seen the story we have seen seen a couple of scenes,,
The whole of the story is yet to come ..

Lucy D.

If you know anything about Jennifer Smith, the fact she wants Luke is not surprising. What is also not surprising is everyone decided this is a lame direction when it’s been onscreen for 2 days. Why not give the story a chance to unfurl?


Carlivati’s writing does not demonstrate “adventure” or “epic”. His use of the words are empty hype.


TJ is a boring character and not interested in his character . I don’t find his part interesting at all.
He’s one character on GH we can do without.


Hi, Susanne.
Yes, I would have agreed with you a few days ago. But, it now appears, at least to me, that Sonny has plans for TJ. The kid will be groomed to follow in Shawn’s footsteps. Sonny is the sly one….he is taking TJ under his wing for the sole purpose of introducing him to the ways of a life of crime.
How ironic will that be? The commissioner’s son!!!!!!! “Another one bites the dust…and, another one gone…!” Freddie Mercury.


I’ve always liked TJ, Susanne. They needed a new crop of younger kids on the show, and I think his romance with Molly has been sweet, his relationship with Sean believable (would have liked to have seen how the father/son realization would have played out) and I think he’s a great character for impending conflict. He’s a good kid but he’s been hurt and betrayed, his mom’s the law and his new protector is the mob. I do believe Sonny wants to protect him, as he says, for Sean’s sake and in no way think Sonny will try to get him involved in his business. He’ll protect him from it just as he’s tried to do with Michael and Morgan. But it’ll be interesting to see the dynamic between Sonny, Jordan and the fallout…


Exactly, Susanne! I’ve never seen the point of this kid, and particularly once Shawn was gone, he—and his annoying mother—should have been shipped out of town! To enroll him in the “Corinthos’ Training Academy” as Sonny’s next thuggish protege is patently absurd…..especially since lost “son” Mikey may actually be returning Avery to the fold after his latest round of “Sappy Says!” (Now that she thinks she’s “in like Flynn” with the Quarterrmaine clan, she’s become such a bossy broad! First she wanted to run Patrick’s life, now Mikey’s….sheesh! I wish someone would tell this nosy Nellie to go back from whence she came…she is so NOT necessary!)


So far real disappointed maybe they should have taken a page out of B&B’s book and wrote an exit story like they did for Stephanie. Luke dies of liver cancer and everybody comes to say their goodbyes with each visitor flashbacks etc.


Just when Ron does something right H ave Michael reclaim his brain and keep the baby safe. Sabrina needs to STFU. Lucy ? I can’t .The women has always been a flake but siding with Nickolas because Michael is keeping his sister safe ? I can’t Lucy sided with Duke the mobster, Now TJ is living with Sonny , And his mother the cop is evil ? Something is in the water. The whole town is dead above the ears ,and the ratings are going to get worse, because even the return of GF won’t help The lets rescue lucky will not cut it..I want to see Lucky return, see him with his kids but return to Nashville. I watch that. Want to end Luke put a bullet between his eyes I would return for that !


Aha! It’s all in the hands…Ethan and Lucky left a clue when they were photographed…look at their fingers in the picture!

General Hospital

GH’s Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey Talk Their Love Connection & The Demands Of Daytime

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

After presenting for the first time together, at the 45th Annual Daytime Emmys since they’ve been a couple, Laura Wright (Carly) and Wes Ramsey (Peter aka Henrik) of General Hospital have certainly been in the throes of a romantic, fun, and cherished relationship. The two former stars of Guiding Light reconnected last year at Emmy time. Now, sharing their over one year anniversary, Michael Fairman TV caught up with Laura and Wes to get some insight into what makes their relationship work amidst the hustle and bustle, and pace of both being on a network television daytime drama series, and with the pressures of Hollywood where often relationships between two actors seem to start hot and heavy but then fizzle out.

If you caught this week’s GH, you witnessed that the town of Port Charles has found out that Peter is the notorious Cesar Faison’s son, and the ramifications that will be felt for weeks and months and potentially years to come. Meanwhile, Carly is in all sorts of trouble, thanks to naughty Nelle (Chloe Lanier). Nelle is making Carly look awfully unstable and what happens next could change Carly’s life forever.

So, what do these two lovebirds have to say about their relationship and their passion for working on the soaps? Check out what they had to share below. 

Wes, you had met Laura originally years ago on Guiding Light.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Wes: Yes, 15 years ago in New York.

And what did you think of her then?

Wes: Well, I was smitten, but I had to keep it to myself.

You had to keep it under wraps, huh?

Wes: Yep!

Laura: I was married then.

Wes: She was pregnant with her second child.

Laura: And he’s a good Kentucky boy.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Wes: Uh-huh! But we would run lines in the green room and I would try very hard to make sure she didn’t catch me staring at her… too often. But we laughed, and had great conversation.

Laura: I would always say, “Wes, will you run lines with me?,” because I would want to run my lines.

Wes: We never had story together, but she always knew I was game to hang out with her for a moment.

It’s good when you’re in a relationship with someone and you can laugh with them. You seem to be able to do that a lot!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Laura: Oh, gosh. I think that’s all we do.

Wes: Yes, yes, yes, yes…

Laura: Like, we belly laugh. It gets to the point where people would think we were ridiculous. We’ll say things and just think it’s the funniest thing ever and people would be like, “You guys have a problem …” and we’re like, “Yeah.” (Laughs)

Laura, and then he comes back into your life years later…

Wes: That’s right, it was Emmy weekend 2017.

Laura: I totally was not expecting it at all. Even when I gave him my number I walked away going “huh…”

You mean you thought he wouldn’t call?

Laura: No, I didn’t feel that… because he hit on me hard. He’ll tell you that.

Wes: I still am hitting on her.

Laura: I remember I walked away quick after he got my number. I was like, “Oh, my God … I gotta go.”


Wes: There was an assertiveness on my part that was for sure 15 years in the making. I did not expect to run into her. I also did not expect for her to tell me that she was recently single. In that split second, it was one of those, “stop the presses!” moments. Like, you need to give me your number, I’m taking you to dinner.

Laura: I go, “Oh, be quiet! Are you like, 32, because I can’t do that.” (Laughs)

Wes: And I said, “Far from it.”

Laura: He’s like, “I’m getting ready to be 40.” And I’m like, “I can do that!”

Then, on top of all of this, Wes, you land a primo role on General Hospital. That of Henrik aka Peter, Cesar Faison’s son.

Photo Credit: Courtesy/ABC

Wes: Yes, a dream come true.

Laura: I’m going to jump in and say it’s a role that he worked all on his own for. He had to screen test against 8 plus guys, 3 different auditions, 2 different days.

Wes: That’s true.

Laura: I can’t say strong enough that the best actor got the role. Meaning, Wesley is so talented and has the ability to give this character the depth, and emotion, and layers that it needs to tell the story that needs to be told. I just think he’s incredible.

So, did you know from the get-go who you were going to be playing?

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Wes: I did not.

Laura: I did! (Laughs)

Wes: I’m thrilled that the writers have been giving me such incredible material to dive into.   Each month that goes by, it becomes more and more complex, and more and more layered and intense. I love the depth… I love the conflicts… I love the humanity… I love the desperation… I love the psychology behind it. It’s a very interesting story and a great journey to tell.

Laura: I was getting ready to say, where you mentally have to go to be the son of Faison and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes)! To blend that together is amazing. It’s incredible to watch.

You used to run lines together on Guiding Light. Do you run lines together now on GH? It’s like a full circle moment.

Laura: We do, and we carpool.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Wes: Something we were trying to manifest together. We thought it would be a lot of fun to work together one day.

Laura: The last week we worked, we didn’t. He worked all afternoon. I worked all morning. I was like, “Are they doing this on purpose?” I was so mad! I was like, “Why are you in the afternoon everyday?” (Laughs)

Wes: She lost her chauffeur. (Laughs)

Laura: I did! He always drives us to work. I also love when we both have afternoon calls, because we love having mornings together. So, I didn’t get my morning, nor did I have my chauffeur!

So, two actors can have a good relationship? You see so many Hollywood relationships with actors and they go bust. But that’s not always the case …

Wes: Oh, my God, yes.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Laura: I’m going to say this; I think I can see it being more difficult for daytime

actors, because the work we do is so intense. I know the weeks he’s getting ready to go into, and I’m getting ready to go into. Where we go emotionally and psychologically to tell these stories, on the level that we tell them, as quick as we tell them, you kind of have to become really in a headspace. The fact that we can …

Wes: … the long hours …

Laura: Yes, and exhaustion! You really have to go, “Wow! It’s not about me right now. It’s about us individually as actors.” Thank God, we know the workload. I know what he’s getting ready to go through.

Wes: I have always had so much respect for Laura’s work. On Guiding Light, I’ve always been in awe of what she’s capable of doing. So, the level of respect is obviously there. But also, the understanding whatever it is that you need from a personal assistant in one moment… or a life partner in another moment … or a best friend in moment … or whatever it is in order to get through the day-to-day and the week-to-week, so we can do what we love to do. We know we’re very lucky to have the opportunity to do what we love.

Courtesy/welcometolaurasworld Instagram

Laura was such a great co-host on my Soap Nation Live! Daytime Emmy Nomination Specials, in particular when she talks about acting. It’s so rewarding to hear the other actors who are guests on the show listening to what Laura has to say about her craft and respecting the hell out of her.

Wes: Without a doubt. You can’t watch her work and not be in awe. It speaks for itself.

Laura: I just love the journey of going to the places that we go; to bleed for it.

Wes: Leave it all out on the floor.

Laura: I know that process. So, when I see another actor that’s bleeding, I just bow to them, because I know what it takes to go there. I know the work that Wesley does. When I see that he’s spent at the end of the day, I’m like, “Babe, I so get it.” So, I can see where it could be really difficult for people that haven’t been there, because it’s a lot of work and you’re spent. It’s hard! For us, that works.

What do you think of Laura and Wes’ love connection? What do you think of the latest developments for GH’s Carly and Henrik? Comment below.

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General Hospital

GH Nurses’ Ball 2018 Conclusion: Anna Learns Henrik Is Her Son, Maxie Has Her Son, Ava Wows, Mike & Sonny Duet!

In the most moving and exciting episode of this 2018 GH Nurses’ Ball, all roads lead to the truth about Henrik and how he is really living his life as none other than Peter August (Wes Ramsey).  First, Robert (Tristan Rogers) who has punched out by Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) on stage drags him outside of the ballroom for his part in the cover[up.  Robert is worried about Anna’s (Finola Hughes) safety. Nina (Michelle Stafford) confronts her husband about how long he’s known who Henrik is.  She later figures out why he has been trying to whisk her and Charlotte out of the country.


Onstage Mike (Max Gail) takes a mic, and makes a moment of saying he has Alzheimer’s and then launches into the song he remembers,“The Summer Wind.” As he sings, he imagines being accompanied by a big band as he proceeds to deliver a showstopper.  Suddenly, in reality, Mike is lost and disoriented … scared he stares around at the audience.  Sonny (Maurice Benard) gets up to the stage to help his dad by cluing him into the lyrics.  Sonny sings with Mike and gets him through the song.  They receive a standing ovation.

Ava (Maura West) who is preparing to perform her number comes across a moment between Kiki (Hayley Erin) and Griffin (Matt Cohen) backstage where they are in a hug.  Little does Ms. Jerome know that Griffin was consoling Kiki after her lewd run-in with Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva).   Then it is Maura West, who truly brings down the house for this year’s ball with her Ava’s rendition of “You Don’t Own Me.”  That tune was certainly a nod to all those that Ava feels have wronged her.  Yup! Sonny, Griffin and Kiki we think are some on her list!   Dressed in a white pant suit and accompanied by a bevy of male dancers, West knocked the interpretation of the song out of the park, to make it work for her character and the Nurses’ Ball.


Elsewhere, Maxie (Kristen Storms) has gone into labor, and Peter is right there safely delivering her baby boy. Maxie is taken by paramedics to the hospital, while Peter calls Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) at Maxie’s urging to let him know what happened.  Spinelli has just found out, through Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Steve Burton) that Peter is Henrick!

Anna is walking into a trap on the pier as she waits for Henrick. When he appears, he has no idea that Anna is his mother, and thinks it’s all been a set-up.  He points a gun to eliminate her once and for all, but Anna says she has something to tell him.

The Nurses’ Ball concludes with a touching finale of “Champion” featuring: Epiphany (Sonya Eddy), Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel), Bobbie (Jackie Zeman), Amy (Risa Dorken) and the other nurses.

So, what did you think of the final episode of the GH Nurses’ Ball 2018?  What did you think of the musical performances? Do you think Maxie’s baby will be OK? Will Anna be able to tell Henrik that she is his mom? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Ryan Paevey Sends Out Touching Tweet On The Birth Of His TV Son On General Hospital!

On yesterday’s GH, viewers saw the tender moment when Maxie (Kirsten Storms) delivered her baby, who is the bio-son of her late husband, Nathan West.

When Maxie finds out she had a boy to carry on the legacy of her beloved husband, she is overcome.

Ryan Paevey (Ex-Nathan), who left the series earlier this year, took to Twitter upon seeing the episode and the image of the little baby that is his on-screen offspring.

He expressed: “Welcome to the world, little one …. it’s a scary place sometimes, and i so wish i could have been there to show you all the good stuff. Your mother loves you,and will take care of you and teach you …. watch out for her her for me will ya?”

Aaawww.  So many GH fans have been touched by the gesture, and how nice it is that it makes the whole journey and end of Nathan’s West story heartbreaking and bittersweet.

Were you touched by Ryan’s tweet?  Missing him on GH? Comment below

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Video du Jour

The GH Nurses Ball 2018 concludes this week. After all the performances, and all the drama, what will be the repercussions felt long after the last performance? Watch the latest promo and then let us know, how you think it will end! Leave A Comment

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  • rebecca1: “I am loving Peter's story, su! And I think Wes is doing a a phenomenal job! He breaks my heart…

Power Performance

Marci Miller as Abigail

Days of our LIves

Airdate: 5-8-2018