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Greg Rikaart Leaving The Young and the Restless; Report Says Show Opted Not To Renew Contract

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In heartbreaking news, one of the finest actors in daytime television, or anywhere for that matter, Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher) is reportedly out at The Young and the Restless.  

After a 14-year run and an Emmy to boot, Rikaart’s contact is not being renewed by the top-rated CBS daytime drama series.

According to TV Line who broke the news, Greg will be exiting later summer and will continue to tape episodes through June, with his final episode slated to air in August.

The good news is that Rikaart’s character of a former bad boy who now work’s for the Genoa City Police department and is a computer genius will not be killed-off but written-off leaving the possibility for a return.

So, are you shocked and saddened with thew news of the upcoming departure of Greg Rikaart? Comment below!

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109 Comments on "Greg Rikaart Leaving The Young and the Restless; Report Says Show Opted Not To Renew Contract"

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Kevin is one of my faves on the show. I really liked him with Chloe. Love his scenes with Michael and Gloria.

Big mistake Y&R!!!!!


I was looking forward to seeing him raise Bella and with Gloria as his mom and B’s grandmother.


I could not agree more, Mo.
Greg is an amazing talent. He’s cute, affable, funny and manages to be so good and natural at acting that he makes it look easy.
Why get rid of Greg and not the yawn inducing Devon? I liked Mariah with Kevin but do not like her with Devon.
I do not get this decision at all……not even a little bit.
This is a HUGE mistake. HUGE!


I know, right, Mo?


Greg is a great actor.


Totally agree! This is nuts!
Very disappointed with this news.


it’s a bad decision. why give Kevin a kid,then a week later fire him


Kevin also adds humor and levity (and mad computer skills) to the show which are greatly needed!!!

It’s not too late to change your mind Y&R!!!!

Sally Roberts

Really R&Y are you crazy. I love kevin .. BIG BIG MISTAKE SOOOO SAD


I’m guessing it will be revealed that Victor had a hand in manipulating the DNA tests after reading the letters Chloe wrote to the prospective baby-daddies and Billy will learn he is Bella’s real father which will lead to Kevin leaving town.

I like the actor but sadly his character has been under-utilized for years. I’d much rather Kevin stick around Genoa City instead of Mariah, Noah, Tessa, Scott, Hilary, Devon, Cane, or Phyllis.


I read that mommy dearest -Gloria messed with the DNA test. She wanted happiness for Kevin


She didn’t even know it was happening. And if she were to tamper with the paternity test it would be to show Kevin was NOT the father.

Where’s Maury when you need him? LOL


I don’t!


That’s an excellent guess, Alan. You always call it, my friend.
I just had a thought……Is it possible for Victor to have forced Chloe’s hand? Did he make her write those letters?
Also, Kevin and Bella may be joining Chloe with Victor’s help?


it’s a possibility. i could see Kevin leave to be with Chloe


Of ALL the characters that finally have some potential, they decide to get rid of Kevin. I don’t understand it.

Poor Kevin has been PLAGUED by Chloe for YEARS. In my opinion, she brought out the WORST in him. She got him to steal things, etc.

He now has a daughter, a good job, good family, and he is being written off. I am very sad.


shucks… really nice write up, I agree… a sad situation

I don’t think the Baldwin family is dismissed… it’s just sad that TPTB don’t leave well enough alone.

I mean really… what a “cool” bunch of actors that make up this fine stalwart family.

Gloria, Michael, Lauren, and Kevin. add in Finn and Laurens other son, Scott. now we have Belle. this is knock out. dang it !

I’m never at a loss for words when it comes to the Newmans and Abbotts.. plus the Winters clan… how oft these core familys are forever featured. to denigrate the audience with the loss of ANY Baldwin . means loss of intelligence.

ps: like your last bit.. about Kevin at last having all the pieces fitting together… this is a blow to more scenes with Gloria and Michael.

Greg Rikaart… LOVE your acting … LOVE to you and yours. Always


Beautiful post, Patrick. I am so used to seeing Kevin…Wow, it’s going to be so weird watching from now on….just as it was when Michelle Stafford and Billy Miller left.


I agree, Chystie. Kevin also had a close relationship with Mrs. C and Esther. This doesn’t make any sense??


I’m guessing it will be revealed that Victor had a hand in manipulating the DNA tests after reading the letters Chloe wrote to the prospective baby-daddies and Billy will learn he is Bella’s real father which will lead to Kevin leaving town.

I like the actor but sadly his character has been under-utilized for years. I’d much rather the show keep Kevin and write out Mariah, Noah, Tessa, Scott, Hilary, Devon, Cane, or Phyllis instead.


Huge huge mistake on their part. If a veteran actor chooses to leave, that’s their business and their choice. It’s in any show’s best interest to hold onto actors that the audience is invested in.

Jessie Henson Long

He did not choose to leave.

Karen Clark

This is horrible news! Kevin has grown up, has Bella and a great job. Greg is a fabulous actor and can carry a story with the best of them.


Yeah it sucks, Greg is a very good actor. I really wish detective Harding would have stayed. Those two had mega chemistry! But anyway, Greg probably wants to do other things and be with his family. He will probably exit getting the lowdown on where Chloe is and he will take their daughter and hide away in another country.


Oh, my gosh, Timmmy. I wrote the same thing without scrolling down first. I do that all the time with you. What could it possibly mean? LOL.
It does make sense for Greg’s exit to lean that way. He and his husband adopted a child, not too long ago. Maybe he wants to spend quality time wth his baby.

Jimh(leave it to beaver)
Jimh(leave it to beaver)

It wont hurt the show…it survived many loses over the years but it still is a shock!!!


This is a bummer! Mr. Rikaart is wonderful and he has played through and risen above some real stinkers of story lines. My hope that when thew truth about Victor’s hand in Chloe’s return uis apparent, Kevin will think better of remaining in Genoa City and take his Bella to a new place where they can truly beginning anew. I pray Bella will remain his and we do not have to deal with more paternity mixing. We already have that sword of Damacles hanging over Nick and ghis (really Adam’s) son.

Anyway, Mr. Rikaart would have made for some wonderful single father plots with his way of being so real, so human, so humorous in his portrayal of Kevin. And I love the Kevin-Marisa vibe as best buds.

This is such sad news today!


GH or DAYs should pick him up!


He would be wonderful on days is so sad why let him go we all loved Kevin


Port Charles is already full of characters that don’t get enough airtime.


Greg will be unemployed 🙁 Ouch!
Hope he will find a really great job.
I will miss him, I liked Kevin. Perhaps Gloria will leave with him.


This is a ridiculously stupid decision. I will admit that I’ve been bored with Kevin’s storylines the last few years, but it’s the writing; it’s not the acting. Instead of getting rid of this terrific actor, they should have given him better storyline and/or better on-screen love interest. But what do I know?!?! 🙂


I know, James. Very disappointing. His contract won’t be renewed because he wants to leave, or was he let go?
And, you know plenty, my friend. LOL.


Celia, aren’t you a day brightener! Thanks for your reply!

I know these casting decisions happen all the time. This one is particularly disappointing and enigmatic. As viewers, rolling with the punches is all we can do. Take care, my Friend!


it wasn’t his choice to leave. TPTB chose not to renew his contact. i think their making a mistake


Aw, yeah…Brother…it’s a RIDICULOUSLY STUPID DECISION…PERIOD!!!!! Clueless morons.

As always, Peace, Brother.


it really is. the showrunners are out of touch


Thanks, Jay! Take care, Friend!

Alice Cassidy

This is bull!!!!! Please keep Kevin. He is a great actor and deserves to be resigned! Quit taking these great people off! Get a new Adam too. How rude.


We dont need a new adam . It was rude

sandy garrett

i can’t believe it greg is so important to the show i love him a great actor i don’t know who made that happen but i know it is a big mistake they have gotten rid of to many of our favorites soon no one will be watching


it was Mal and Sally. nobody cares about all the newbies they have brought on


And yet, Devon, possibly the most boring soap character who ever roamed the landscape ever, continues to be given front burner story lines. Then you have two new additions, Juliette and Jordan, who are so bad at acting that you fall asleep on the desk much like the students in the Ferris Bueller movie.
Kevin lights up the screen just from entering a scene. That’s all.


So true, Rhonda. Ugh. I don’t mind Juliette…she is ok, but nothing spectacular.
Devon the same. Jordan is a bore. But Kevin is funny, quirky, with a certain
spark that is rare. And with strong family ties and history. Hope something
changes and he can stay!!


I agree-big mistake Y&R. Greg Rikaart added a lot to the show every time he was given the chance. I will miss him,



Bad move Y&R!


terrible decision. this show keeps getting worse and worse. there’s so many more that should go before Greg. i can get a veteran wanting to leave,but forcing him out is so wrong.


Yes, Robert, agreed. If Greg was “fired”, it is a very bad move. Is it budget problems? Are TPTB trying to trim “the scenery”? …..perhaps they should think about letting Ravi go. He is there to hold Ashley’s hand. The writers don’t even try to make him interesting.
I am not looking forward to a boy-toy relationship. The prospect of pairing Ashley ( who is so gorgeous) and Ravi will make Ashley appear desperate.


” Rikaart’s contact is not being renewed by the top-rated CBS daytime drama series.”

Greg was not fired just not renewed= let go..
His leaving is by CBS apparently not wanting him, not renewing his contract 🙁


Sorry to see the Kevin character written out, especially now. He had the possibility of a really interesting storyline being a new baby daddy. Will really miss Mr. Rikaart/Kevin.

Jim Larson

I heard, and it’s probably not true, that he will be gone for a short while and will be recast with another actor – there are many “on line” rumors though and many of them are not accurate.


I think it is because he wanted a single father or a coming out story and CBS nixed the idea.

4ever DAYS

It’s true, GHlover. My sources say eight gay cast members were warned to not make waves or they’ll be following him out the door.


Really? Wow!!


Did your source also start a rumor about groping a costars boobs? Ridiculous. If that happened to Rikaart or any other gay cast member, he would be the first to sue the hell out of CBS. They probably could not think of anywhere for Kevin’s character to go. The new writer lady has zero creativity with writing ideas as we are seeing now so…this is probably best for him as Kevin would have been backburned for that oh so popular reed teen storyline (ala rehash Sharon nick teen storyline ).

Lew S.

DUMB move by Y&R! He will be truly missed. Not what I expected with the return of Sussman & Alden and I had high hopes with Mal Young as the new EP, but I guess I was wrong. For the past two to three months the storylines have not made sense to me. Believe me, I am not saying Pratt was better, but at least some of the characters were recognizable. All the best to Greg Rikkart in his future endeavors!


Sally has been a dissapointment. all the stories are boring and lame. i don’t like how their writing some characters


He is a solid performer and I think this isn’t a good move on behalf of Y&R. With that said, perhaps Greg could head over to Days of our Lives. I could see him as a DiMera or a Kiriakis.


so could I

Barbara from Atlanta

Rikkart is a good actor and was well cast as Kevin. However, I totally agree with another poster that Kevin has been underutilized for several years. I’m surprised that Y&R is simply cutting Rikkart lose but it won’t have much impact on the show since Kevin has been marginalized for quite a while.

I am a decades-long fan of Y&R and very supportive of using veteran characters. It is great to see the show heavily use Jack, Ashley, Nikki, Paul, Lauren and Victor (something that ATWT didn’t always do during its final years to its own demise). But you have to be realistic: How many years can the show rely solely on its over 50 characters? Even the “next generation” characters aren’t “young” — With the inane aging of them, Victoria, Nick, Sharon, Billy, and Phyllis must all be in their mid-40s.

A show needs to cultivate younger characters (in a delicate balance with using veteran characters) to keep going. IMO, Y&R has botched this task numerous times in the past decade —- the unnecessary death of Colleen Carlton; the recast of Abby Carlton Newman and Noah Newman with very attractive actors who are as interesting as wet paper towels; the killing of Delia Abbott. I’d put the marginalization (and, now, termination) of Kevin into that same category. The ONLY right move with a younger character has been the introduction of Mariah — a straight-talking character (reminding me a lot of the young, street-wise Nina Webster without Nina’s cunning ambition) who needs to used more effectively (Romance with the horrific Devon doesn’t cut it).

In any event, I thank Rikkart for his work over the years on the show and hope that he has future success in his acting career.


Thought the show would get better with the return of Alden and Sussman and with new Ep Young. Boy was I wrong. The show is not in good shape the characters are no longer wee defined. I can go days without watching and not miss it at all. Now this bonehead move getting rid of an interesting and very original character played by a fine actor.


the show is terrible. all the stories are boring


I hear that they aren’t renewing his contract. That’s ridiculous on CBS’ part. Y&R needs help.


Kevin is the father the show what’s no more ties for fake Billy so he and fake Phyllis can have a triangle with Victoria ! Kevin never had chemistry with anyone after Jana left they were quirky and fun! No where to go every pairing was a dud after that! Good luck GR you will land on your feet!

Robert S

Fake Phylllis?Fake Billy?Just because they did not originate the part doesn’t make them fake.Are Jack Abbott ,Victoria Newman,Jill and Gloria all also fake because they did not originate the roles?They are ALL re-casts you know.


Yes, we know Robert S; we are not stupid, LOL.
Personally, I have a hard time accepting Jason and Gina in these roles—they are completely transformed…not adhering to their essence—-what made those characters tick. I know I am being unreasonable, but, there you have it. Relax, my friend. Give Us some slack…LOL.
We can express opinions, yes?


Great points, k/kay! I agree with you 100% that the chemistry between Kevin and Jana was terrific and was never matched since. Take care, Friend!


Absolutely, James—I have always respected and trusted Kay’s opinions as I do yours.
TPTB should have never allowed ‘Jana’ to slip away. Too bad!
Later, my friend.


Yes! Yes! Yes! Regarding chemistry with no one but Jana. Was Sally a writer back then when the bonehead decision to kill her off was made too? Sally is awful!!!

Kevin C

I am one that never did ever really care for Greg’s character of Kevin…in the beginning with what he did with burning down Gina’s and tor putting Colleen in the freezer…I mush rather have him leave then Michael, Yes I know what Michael did to Christine but I like Michael…I also think that Y&R is much better since Sally and Kay have arrived and continues to get better…still miss my classic background music, just saying….

Robert S

I agree with you.never liked the character or the actor.


The last 2 years with Kevin have been a waste. The story with Mariah was never fleshed out nor was his return to Chloe. The after the fact reveal of Chloe’s daughter being jos has a much impact as trying to pop a deflating balloon.

Y&R is delivering story BUT not the impact. Kevin getting the lil girl does Nothing for the character other than drive him out of town.

If the writers are smart, Kevin should discover something on Victor and blackmails him (maybe Kevin discovers that Adam is alive and in hiding with a Victors help or something) for Chloe’s whereabouts.Victor compiles. The very last scene is Chloe waitressing somewhere in the world looking sad. Out of the blue we hear MOMMY. Chloe turns and there is her daughter running to her and Kevin following behind. Kevin tells Chloe That they need to be a family and now they can. He makes her promise to get therapy for her grief over Delia in exchange for that.

Kevin’s final scene is him walking off with Chloe and their daughter hand in hand into the sunset.

The following episode Gloria gets a note delivered to her from Kevin. It reads “with Victors help I’ve left town for good.” That pisses Gloria off and she threatens revenge on Victor. DRAMA WRTIERS. write drama!!!


Oh, Paul, I agree. Y&R is making my head spin and heart bleed…my favorite soap of all time!! What drama is there with the shenanigans going on between Hilary, Mariah, the photographer and Devon? What about this sordid affair between Jack and Gloria? Gimme a break!!
Cane and his shifty, cowardly moves against ( to quote K/Kay) fake Billy who is mooning after fake Phyllis.
Now the Bergeron deal is supposed to make us gasp with anticipation–who will Dina sell to?? I don’t know about you, Paul or anyone rlse, but is this storyline rattling anyone’s interest.
I cannot put my finger on any cohesive or coherent story happening. ….all over the place and whitewashed.


If Dina sticks around, slaps on her Belle wig from Secret Storm, takes control of the Chancellor mansion, has a stable of studs and goes head-to-head with Victor-well, yes.


Yes, Gary, my friend….perfect scenario; I can see Dina go toe to toe or head to head?, with Victor, LOL.
That would definitely spice things up!!!!


Big fan of Y&R, but really this insane, and those that made this decisions need to reconsider. Here you have an one hell of an actor, but in real life as a gay male who has a partner and all is getting canned, really, wow. He has a major fan base of men/guys who are also gay who watch the show and enjoy him being a part of the #1 soap.

This is horrible, keep him on! My goodness who are the idiots making this damn decision.

Linda Perry

That really sucks.I think him and Bella would have gotten interesting.want something exciting!


Good luck to you Greg we love you and wish you well days should pick you up

Mark Y

This is a big disappointment. Greg is a talented actor and Kevin is such an interesting character. Hopefully he’ll leave town with his little girl for an adventure and one day return. That’s the stuff soaps are made of.


I am really disappointed we are losing Greg. Enjoyed the Kevin character over the years and his family!

Dee McBridge

I am not shocked I am totally pissed off and yet we get more and more Newmans and Abbotts . Victoria is on day in and day out she does not deserve all this attention. Right now all I want to say is Go to Hell YR


This really sucks ,Greg Rikaart is one of my favorite actors on the show.
I always looked forward to Kevin interacting with his TV family, even more so now that you had brought back Judith Chapman (Gloria).
This stings……..

Maria Kastanis

So sad to see him go. He gave us a fine performance and still keeps going strong. It won’t be the same without him.




I’m not surprised. He hasn’t done much on the show. Y&R isn’t my favorite soap, in fact it’s my 4th favorite. I do like this actor and his quirky character. Hopefully GH or Days can find a role for him. Preferably Days, GH has a large enough cast.

James R. Poissant

This is crap. That’s all I have to say. I’ve loved having Kevin around for the last 14 years so the bright idea to write him off makes me sick.


Kevin finally gets some interesting story lines and some screen time so we can get invested in the character, and they take him off. That stinks.

jeanine girard

Dang it! Not a fan of today’s news. What a great actor and character. How could they even not think of renewing his contract??? Could have had some really good storylines for his character with all the changes in such a short span. So many other characters/actors could have been cut well before Greg/Kevin. Love him & Gloria together, especially lately. The whole Baldwin clan is gold. Why bring Gloria back and then send Kevin packing? Keep Kevin & dump this upcoming storyline with ‘Tessa’ and “Kendall” who are probably going to be related to someone on the canvas. (Seems like virtually every main character has a son/daughter they never knew about, LOL!). Wishing Greg the very best, he is a wonderful talent!

Lew S.

This move sorta reminds me of what DAYS did with the character of Will Horton. You have a main character and an actor who can certainly deliver, whether it’s heavy drama or comic relief, connected to one of the most unique families in daytime and the powers that be decide to fire him? Makes no sense. What is the purpose of Ravi? The character was more interesting before he was made more presentable to Ashley. Tessa, another “quirky” character, with a hidden agenda. The coupling of Sharon and Scott – I don’t feel the fire with them. But, I must say I like the new self-assured Sharon. I’ll say it again, DUMB move Y&R!


Big mistake. Why make him Bella’s dad then not renew his contract. Who else are you not gonna renew. Why I like Devon he is to mellow of an actor. He’s boring. Then Chloe is gone she is a great actress. Are you getting rid of all the gay actors is that it? This sucks


Let the good ones go and leave others that don’t have a story to tell. Missing out with Greg.
Hope we see you in the movies!


He’d make a great Spinelli on GH or Nick Fallon on Days


He will have no problem booking a new gig


I was really sad to hear this, but not surprised. What a wonderful actor and what a loss for the show! They really didn’t give him much to do as of late.

I can’t help but think what a missed opportunity it was for Y&R to not explore Kevin’s real-life homosexuality. There were a few moments one or two years back where it seemed they were taking the character in that direction (when Chloe left the first time), but it didn’t pan out. Greg even made comments he had hopes for that story line, but it never came to pass and it’s too bad because he had the chops and a strong enough fan base to give the story some serious legs.

Major failed chance for Y&R to have it’s first, front-burner gay story line with an established character. Sad.

Best of luck to the talented Mr. Rikaart. You’ll be VERY missed!


I agree. There is no more story for Kevin at this time. I do not understand why Y & R has not introduced a gay story line. Bill Bell was famous for doing real life stories like cancer and aids. Billy is Bella’s father. If Kevin is Bella’s dad, then Chloe would have told Kevin when she came back to town. This was a last minute decision for the writers and not well thought out.


stupid move Y&R!!!!


Hopefully he will return to the show someday, but in the mean time… Hopefully another soap can pick him up, IF that is what the very talented Greg Rikaart wants to actually do within his very own and next life endeavours……..


What’s the matter with you writers??? RENEW HIS CONTRACT AND BRING HIM BACK -FULL TIME!!! He’s one of the best actors on the show and his story line doesn’t bore me!!!

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