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Greg Rikaart Making September Return To The Young and the Restless!

Photo: Riker Bros.

After a 14-year-run, Greg Rikaart was written out of The Young and the Restless this summer, and his Daytime Emmy-winning role as Kevin Fisher.

A fan favorite, Rikaart’s exit from the show took not only the actor, but longtime fans of the CBS sudser by surprise.

Now, word from on Wednesday reveals the talented star will be back in Genoa City for a two-week run beginning with the upcoming September 20th episode.

Just what brings Kevin back onto the canvas? Details are hush-hush, but when Kevin was last seen back in July, he was going on the run and out of town with Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) and her daughter, Bella.

So, glad to hear Y&R is bringing back Rikaart for a limited run? What do you think will be Kevin’s involvement with the current on-air storylines? Comment below.

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54 Comments on "Greg Rikaart Making September Return To The Young and the Restless!"

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Karen Clark

Thrilled to have Kevin AND Greg back. Hoping he’s involved in the sting to stop the prostitute ring in GC!


Greg looks good hear I would much prefer him sticking around then the newbies and the Victoria Billy show so many missed opportunities to improve this show


Here oops!


It would be nice to see him back permanently. I love his scenes with Gloria as well as Michael. Gloria needs more story than just being Jack’s secretary. I am also getting tired of Nick and his poor little rich boy whining. I don’t know what Chelsea sees in him. I know they claim they were just friends back in the day, but I think Chelsea should dump Nick and hook up with Hillary’s ex. To me he’s more of a man than Nick. But having Kevin back will be a welcome treat. To bad it’s omly going to be a teaser.


soapqueenforever…EXACTLY!!!!! I mean…when it comes to women, Nick is nothing but A LOVESICK FOOL!!!!! To me, the LOVESICK CRAP gets VERY OLD, VERY FAST!!!!! Yep.

Have a good one.

Linda Besaw

I’m glad they’re bringing Kevin back.he really makes the show


I look forward to seeing Greg again but “limited run” sounds like they’re tossing us, his fans, a half-eaten bone. Why is Kevin Gone? So we can have more Charlie and Mattie drama? More of Tessa’s sister (who can’t act her way out of a paper bag) in peril? More of insipid Scott and slimy Zack? Yeah, we’re glad the wonderful Greg is back. Now get a clue and put him back on contract. Give us a break!


Totally agree with everything you’ve said here. I thought Greg was returning full time so while I’m glad to see him onscreen again I wish it was permanent. Can’t stand most of the newbies and am so tired of the Victoria/Billy show.


Carol, Victoria and Billy are so boring. Victoria seriously needs a life. She comes across as a boring hag, an insipid ex-wife who uses her kids to get to her ex who clearly has no interest in her (sexually)-IMO.


Exactly, Soaphound. The show’s focus has become this BORING sex ring “drama,” centered around 3 newcomers that we do not know, do not care to know, and do not want to know-Tessa, the sister, and Zack. No thank you.


For Kevin to return, leave Chloe and Bella; it must be something of great or grave importance. One of his loved ones is sick? He came to fetch Ester?
Nonetheless, whatever the reason, two week is not good enough….should come back for good!!
Well, if Adam returns, then, no need for Chloe to stay in hiding, right?
Oh, wait. Would Chloe, Kevin, the doc with the screw loose, and Victor still be in trouble with the law for faking her death?


Hey Celia, guilty confession: I was sorry they made Chloe’s doctor so unhinged…I thought the actor was sort of nerdily sexy. But I digress. I want Greg back full time even with Bella. A nice single dad (Chloe could conveniently disappear again) is always a character to root for. Cheers!


LOL, Soaphound…I never really saw the doctor as ‘nerdily sexy’, but I get it. He had sort of an intense presence. And, as far as turning him into a nut-case, in complete defiance of his profession ( the irony stings, my friend, lol), this is a PTB’s last-minute staple; climbing for a plausible excuse to satisfy a failed plot…..thing is; it’s never plausible. It simply made me do a double-take, in confusion.
The ever-so-knowing Victor could not see through the insanity?
I guess, ‘ole Vic is just as mentally ‘possessed’, thus never saw it coming.
Agreed about Chloe….too flighty; too intractable—-Kevin could never control her even with a team of wild horses. So, yeah….I would not mind a ‘lone’ Kevin rearing Bella.



Tomas Torquemada

P!ease let him stay for good. He’s such a good actor and the scenes BTW Baldwin bros and Tiger Mom Glo are a sheer delight.


I was happy to see him go.I hope he stays gone.


Me too.


Hi, Robert,
I promise I am not trying to be flippant. I would love to know why you do not want “Kevin” back.
I respect both you and Nikki, whom I love….always enjoy our exchanges. I am being very sincere.
Was there something about the character?
I know I did not like him when he first came to “town”…..but, he turned a new leaf.
I’d like yours and Nikki’s take.

Kevin C

Robert I totally agree with you and Nikki…Celia I have never liked the character of Kevin and I know most people do… I think his (Kevin’s) story has run out after all these years…I love Christian LeBlanc and his character of Michael which I hope he never leaves and I also love Tracy Bregman and her character….


It will be great to have Greg back, even if only for a two-week run ..
((( wish it were a full time return))


Love this character and actor SO much!! Have missed seeing him on Y&R….just grateful for his visits….even if it is only a couple weeks 🙂


I loved Greg as Kevin since he first appeared to Michael. Viewers have gone through a lot with Kevin and rooted for him. I don’t understand why Y&R keeps getting rid of our favorite characters instead of characters they throw at us that we don’t care about! That’s a sure way to lose viewers!


Why dont they take Hiilery off cant stand that women


Judy, I agree, she is useless. They must keep Hillary just to annoy us because everything she does is always annoying. Why don’t the writers give Hillary’s scenes to Kevin, since we all love him?


Oh, Judy, my friend. We need Hilary—-she is the spice that is so desperately needed. Yes, she’s a ‘bad’ girl….disrespectful, naughty, nosy, a trouble maker—all those things and then some.
She is the character you love to hate’….do not like using the word, but, ironically, it’s a necessary evil, as is Hilary; albeit, I’m not so sure she is evil.

Kevin C

Love Hillary for she is the spice of Y&R and Mishael Morgan is an excellent actress and beautiful…


I agree, Kevin and Celia. And the more dull and duller characters that keep showing up (Charlie, Mattie, Scott the Mop, Zach the slime, Crystal Lite-on-talent), the more we need the dynamo of Hilary.




Two weeks…can he clear Chloe’s name?


Absolutely thrilled to have Greg back. My fingers are crossed that it’s for much longer than 2 weeks.


From your words to the powers that be’s heads, Michele. We need him back full time. Ditch Charlie, Mattie, Zack, Tessa’s talentless sister, Jordan, and please get Reed a new hairdresser.


HaHa, Soaphound. Today, Cane, who should not wear spandex shirts of any kind, reprimanded his daughter not to be taken-in by Reed’s hair and his ‘aura’ ( paraphrasing), as if that “crowning glory” was an inspiration and a gift to girls.
Is this what young girls look for today? nondescript, wild hair? I don’t know…..
Oh, by the by, Lily is supposedly a fashionista…..can’t she help her daughter with her wardrobe? The girl dresses like a kindergartener.


Soaphound…to me, Reed needs AN ENTIRE MAKEOVER!!!!!

Hey…just saying……….


I read something somewhere that the plan is to come back to prove that Chloe didn’t kill Adam with proof that he found Adam. And that there is a possibility he brings him back so that his life with Chloe starts on a clean slate without running.

It would be the best option. I hope he’s not brought back for this silly and dull prostitution ring that doesn’t ring true or invests me in its story.


I totally agree, Paul. And is it just me or are Crystal’s emotions and reactions the exact opposite of what they should be? I don’t know what’s going on there and am more than bored with it.


Paul, I thought about just that, as I mentioned above. Makes sense.


2 weeks is not enough!

James R. Poissant

He never should have been let go. Still say it was a stupid move.


Since he’s not coming back long term, it might have better for him not to return. I thought he was back long term.


Why do we have Kevin on a limited run but have to suffer through Scott, Maddie, Charlie, Devon, Jordan and god awful FAKE Phyllis!

Kevin brings humor and history. He brings Paul into the mix. The worst mistake they ever made was letting detective Harding go. He and Kevin were gold! Plus, Kevin and Mariah belong together. Send Chloe down the river and let Kevin and Mariah raise his daughter.


Oh, me gosh, me gosh, b’ gosh, T……yes, and yes….you forgot Chelsea. LOL.


How could I forget HELLsea!


Timmm, I agree with you (although, I like Phyllis). I am sick and tired of the teen scene. What do I care if Reed and Maddie are not allowed to see each other? I’m 37 years old. I want to see daytime/lunchtime tv-heat and sizzle, not Mr. Rogers. Devon, ugh, what a useless, stupid character. It’s a good thing he got an inheritance, because the character is a useless idiot.


Devon should have NEVER gotten that money!


dmr…EXACTLY!!!!! To me, it’s FURTHER PROOF that the following characters need to be shown THE DOOR:

1. Charlie
2. Maddie
4. that SLIME-FEST Zack
5. Tessa’s BLUBBERING AND WHINY sister Crystal

Have a good one.


Once again, you speak gold, Timm. I thought Scott was going to be a short term character. Imagine my –GULP– surprise. I’m amazed Sharon doesn’t fall asleep during their “love” scenes. Heck, peanut butter has more charisma.


Peanut butter is great! It has substance. Scott does not!


hey Soaphound…’peanut butter has more charisma’…H-A H-A…LOVE IT…LOL!!!!!

Have a good one.


Tim…ya’ got that right!!!!! I still say that Katherine should have divided her money (and everything else) up 6 WAYS among the following people: Murphy, Brock, Mackenzie, Esther, Nina and Jill. Towards the end, Katherine made A REALLY AND TRULY STUPID DECISION by leaving EVERYTHING to Devon!!!!! And Katherine was usually A LOT SMARTER than that!!!!! LOTS!!!!!

Have a good one, Tim.


I have very much enjoyed my Y&R since new (now gone) writers took over a year ago. (Stronger family ties. Dina. Sharon 2.0!) My biggest beef was tying up the Chloe story line because it took Kevin Fisher and Greg Rikaart away from Genoa City. The previous regime really goofed on the Chloe/Adam plot which to me meant so little. I liked the idea of black sheep Adam but ever since he was gaslighting Ashley leading to that Gothic baby-switch thing involving Sharon and Faith, I loathed the character. I was all for redemption after return in guise of Gabriel. That could not last so let Adam lie, good, but I do not buy the Kevin/Chloe romance enough to have them be on the run. She became unlikable. I want all relevant secrets blown out of water and let chips fall and then move on. And let Kevin be a vital player! Anyway…

Violet Lemm

To use a famous quote, it ain’t gonna happen. Got that? Now you have a nice day.
Seariously, I don’t think they will be divulging any secrets, except for Graham, and his true agenda. I am thinking the sex ring will drag out longer, only to have Sharon getting busted and maybe captured. Don’t think she’d be much use to them though, she’s getting a little long in the tooth, for anyone to pay for her services. It’s no secret what will happen with Billy and Phyllis ,when they find out, that they’ve been sabatauging each other. Oh, what a web we weave!


So today Victor picks up the phone and calls someone and says(I told you I would call if I needed a favor well I do so you have to come back) Everyone is going to think he’s talking to Adam but in fact its really Kevin who will return for a short time but how many are going to be disappointed its not Adam?


Nothing against bringing back Kevin but for September sweep how about making the fans happy and bring back Adam Newman?




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