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Greg Rikaart's Emotional Y&R Goodbye Scenes Tug At the Heartstrings As Kevin Bids Farewell To His Loved Ones!


If you caught The Young and the Restless last Friday and today on Monday, it was time for viewers to watch the exit of one of the series finest actors, Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher).

In story, Kevin is telling everyone that he is leaving Genoa City with Bella and starting a new life with the little one in Portland, Oregon, completely on the other side of the country from Wisconsin. But, obviously Kevin has his master plan that looks like he and Bella will reunite with Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) and have their happily ever after, or will they?

When Y&R made the decision to not renew Rikaart’s contract, it left his loyal fans wondering just how could they write Kevin Fisher off the canvas? Will there be some heartfelt goodbyes? Well, yes, there were two major ones that had anyone who has loved Kevin and Rikaart’s portrayal of him something else to remember and keep close to their hearts.

On Monday, it was Rikaart’s final scenes with Judith Chapman (Gloria) and Kate Linder (Esther) that has us reaching for the hankies. Most notably, when Kevin said goodbye to his mother, Gloria. Tears welling up in his eyes, and that last hug between actors and their characters were beautifully portrayed.  Even more so was when Kevin is outside the door with Bella trying to compose himself, still overcome in tears from his emotional goodbyes with Bella’s grandmothers, that also gave the scene additional emotional weight.

As for last Friday, we witnessed the highly-anticipated last scenes between the Baldwin/Fisher brothers.  It was there that we were all reminded of just how great a dynamic duo Christian LeBlanc (Michael) and Greg Rikaart were as the misfit brothers.  Complete with an early flashback of Rikaart’s arrival in Genoa City as troubled Kevin, to an emotional goodbye hug between Michael and Kevin, the scene was played to perfection by Christian and Greg.

So, what have you thought of Kevin’s farewell tour of goodbyes on Y&R?  Share your thoughts on the scenes and more in the comment section below!

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67 Comments on "Greg Rikaart's Emotional Y&R Goodbye Scenes Tug At the Heartstrings As Kevin Bids Farewell To His Loved Ones!"

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Greg Rikaart , a great actor who owned his character !! BRAVO!

As for his write off, I’m not impressed of the way, it was done, absolutely not Greg’s awesome acting that was more than impressing.

I did was appalled that he left his friends, family, and good life for a nut case killer..

(((I would never leave my friends, my family, my life for any man— that is asking much more than I’d be willing to give.))))

Wishing Greg the best.. he will be imported to another soap, I’d bet..


Greg is not going to exit until mid August so more to come
Mal Young and head writer Sally Sussman have reportedly chosen not to kill off the character and have left the door open for Kevin’s return sometime down the road.

James R. Poissant

So can you tell me who the dingus is again for letting Greg go? Said it before and I’m saying it again: STUPID MOVE, Y&R!!!


It was beautifully acted and written, but it’s a real shame to write off Kevin. I love YR these days, but I think it was a mistake to send Rikaart packing.


I agree with you Douglas, Y&R made a huge mistake in not renewing his contract. Greg is a wonderful actor.

Mr. X

Love the heartfelt goodbyes between Kevin and his family but i’m so disappointed in this exit story for him and Chloe. They deserve so much better.


It is a HUGE mistake NOT to renew his contract? Why are they letting him go? Love him with Gloria and Michael, the Fishers all bring out the best and worst in each other.
Greg is a naturally gifted actor, so much better than some of the others who seem to be staying on.

jeanine girard

Beyond beautiful scenes! I couldn’t stop crying. You could feel how much love and affection all the actors have for each other in real life. GR & CLB are magic together! Those flashback scenes! I remember those vividly. Dumbfounded on how they can let GR go. At least they kept the door open (so far) for the character when Y & R execs come to their senses. Wishing Greg all the very best in whatever his next stops are. To have him off the canvas and keep Tessa and her ‘storyline’ going. The character/actress just doesn’t fit in and is the weakest thing going on Y & R.

Linda Rudzinski

It was total stupidity to let Kevin go! His transformation as a character & an actor was better than any academy award!! I will miss him, Y & R you made a boo-boo!!!!


Why his story has been told good luck to him maybe next time he won’t attack people of different views


The show should’ve kept Kevin and sent Cane, Mariah, Devon, Noah, Tessa, and Abby out of town. Nothing the show tries with that group generates any interest or excitement.

Karen Clark

I hate to see Kevin leave. Greg’s portrayal of the growth and humanity of Kevin through the years has been exceptional. I will miss Kevin and Greg.


Is that it” Mo goodbye with Mariah? They were besties, so they should have had a scene. Maybe Tuesdaly?


Oh, my gosh!! Sooo sad. …love you Greg!!!! Good luck. Be happy and healthy together with your little family. I am in tears….I will miss you already, so much. You have always been a sight for sore eyes for me, Greg. Sending you my love and good wishes. COME BACK TO THE SOAPS …..or anywhere on TV.

Speaking of tears….the emotional goodbyes between Kevin and Gloria were soooo real. I felt their nostalgia and deep-rooted love and respect for each other. How could anyone with a heart not be moved by that scene? The sadness, the ache of parting was palpable.
I have never felt such strong regret over losing a character/actor ( other than Michelle Stafford , Y&R) as I do for Kevin/Greg.

Sharon MacLean

I have been watching y&r for something like over 30 yrs. And have watched great actors just get the heave. WHY.? GREG IS A MAIN CHARICTOR their are not many left . Why they are letting him go I don’t understand. I am hoping they change their minds .
Their are also othdr charicters who are not being used and should be more or they might get cut and they arr great actord.


Very sad to see Greg/Kevin go. Have his last scenes aired?


Writing off Kevin is just another stupid decision this show has made and sums up why I stopped watching.


I always liked Kevin. His scenes were always watchable. I wish they would have paired up him and Harding. Oh well, time to say goodbye. But why? Why couldnt it be Jordan, Devon, that god awful Charlie, Cane, Tessa or Kenny G?


Kenny G, I’m dying! You are too funny, Timmm. Oh Good Gawd, Tessa, send her off to a place unknown, far, far away! Ugh, Charlie, yes, send him back to acting school!


It is Yanni get over it


Get over a gay story line on ok move on


Love Tessa but Jordan is so incredibly bad.


I’m with you, Timm, but they could have never paired Kevin romantically with Harding. There aren’t enough fire engines in Genoa City to put out that blaze! Though I had always held out hope of Kevin and Daniel back when both were unlucky in love. Rikaart and Graziadei…whew it’s getting hot in here.

Michael Taylor

Do we have an official last airdate for both Rikaart and Hendrickson yet?


Can’t be too soon


Y&R made a big mistake not renewing Greg’s contract. He’s one of the better actors on the show and will certainly be missed. The goodbye scenes were some of the best in a long while.


Oh, I hate to see Mr. Rikaart go. As Kevin, he was risen above some fairly stupid plot lines, and endured stories with less than loved characters. We need to see if he gets a happy ending with Chloe and Bella in the end, but I wish he did not have to go. I am not a great Chloe fan altghough like Mr. Rikaart, Elizabeth Hendrickson made the odd story twists palatable. I preferred Kevin with Mariah. I love Kevin with his brother Michael. These final scenes show what a treasure Mr. Rikaart is. I sensed he was a favorite of Jeanne Cooper’s too. And that is an endorsement that should win him a return to Genoa City some day. He just worked so well with everybody, and those are the characters that make a daily drama so appealing. Best of luck, Mr. Rikaart. I will be looking for you on prime time! CBS surely has a procedural you can land in and deliver your winning performances. Or maybe the stage! Many soap actors make great theatre performers.

Lew S.

BIG mistake Y&R! You released one of your best actors. There was so much more story to tell for Kevin


Heartbreaking is the word, alright. This wonderful, loveable actor should have never been let go. Seeing these scenes, especially the one with Judith Chapman, should remind the idiots that run this current sham of a show what a mistake they’ve made. Yeah, cut Greg Rikaart but give us more Matty and Charlie and Reed and Jordan and scuzzy Scott and the newly repulsive Billy. I’m so angry with this show I’d like to personally burn these scripts in a big bonfire! Shame on you, Y&R! My only hope is that Greg lands on another show I watch….or I’ll start watching the one he’s on.


I loved the scenes between Kevin,Gloria and Esther,as well as the scenes with Kevin and Michael saying good bye AND hello in flashback – it made me cry too.
Having said that – I’m still smarting from TPTB’s decision to not renew his contract …BOO !
I hope he will return one day.

Kj Martin

Will miss the character Kevin!!!,have always loved him…. Really not understanding why his contract wasn’t renewed.. Wishing you God speed in your new endeavors! !!!


Sally Sussman and Mal Young need to go.


Yes fire there asses.


You tell them, Claudio.LOL.
Greg is a trophy. He is so bright, never needed polishing…..he should be exhibited in the highest regard. Instead, the ‘biggies’ trashed him.


Shame on the Y&R writers for writing his character off. I feel hevis one of their best actors.


Bang UP Baldwin Troupe – Michael / Lauren / Kevin / Gloria / Bella / Chloe

I watched 2 eps today : for the farewell and finale of Mr. Kevin Fisher.

what a group of finesse and fine performance (s) any day of the week… Baldwin reign

Judith Chapman is LOVED for so many – reason –

she’s the quintessential performer. big as life. you could tell immediately that Judith was affected… watching her eyes well up and spill. did she call him her angel ? thought that was touching.

I hope it was telling that their is a future for this family… on the horizon. when Bella and even Kevin kept referring to Chloe.

– TPTB – Young and Sussman… the two of you HAVE GOT TO rally around the finest family you have. that’s the WHOLE lot… each character has so much presence.

seriously… I watched 2 hours of much ado about nada. WOW on Lilly. isn’t she a hardened NUT UP sooner than we care.

what will be happening with Nikki … with her MS relapse. watching her and Victor is so slow and tedious.

Nick and Chelsea… they seriously need acting classes.. especially when watching just these two in scenes . ??? woah. stop this


It was heart breaking to see Kevin leave,We have loved him from day one no one can replace him,I wish nothing but the best for him,who knows maybe God has a plan for Kevin,but from me to Kevin I wish you nothing but the best,I will always remember you from the young and restless you played your part til the end God bless you on your adventures.


Y&R made a huge mistake in letting go Greg Rikaart, he is awesome, a great person, great actor, and he even though he character was never to play a gay man, he did so well represent the LGBTQ well and so many guys and girls turned into Y&R to see the show, but see Greg as well.

I am really sad that the powers of Y&R would let him go, when they have others on this show that have nothing to do with any of the families etc.


Yes, and not only that, Adam, but Greg Rikaart is one of the shows’ few truly great looking men. Don’t give me scuzzball Scott, permanently angry Billy, dopey Devon, or that dreadful Ravi. Greg is a gorgeous class act and I will miss him more than I can admit.


I will miss Kevin. His rapper with Michael and Lauren. With his bestie Mariah. This stinks

Sharon Sarles

I didn’t realize these goodbyes were real ones!
So sad to learn that Greg’s leaving. He will be missed❤


They left the door wide open for Greg/Kevin’s return..
I feel it will come, his return ..


I hope so, su. I do trust your judgment and intuition.


From your words, su000, to those idiots’ pens…may you be right again.

Tani Sterling

Turned off the set. Don’t know that I can watch it. The ending appears too painful.

To give an up and down: The best to Greg. He certainly moved his character, along with writers, to what could have been the most hated to the most kind and loved. I did not want him to leave.

I don’t know how it ends; am building up my strength to watch. Must say that Chole ifs one of the best of the best. It saddens me the script put her in such awkward settings.

Totally off this topic, I was embarrassed by the July 4th display of bodies program. It was insulting, looked stupid and uncomfortable. That setting doesn’t resonate well with me.

It is interesting to me that when I found this site there were a lot of unhappy people. I don’t see many of them anymore. Guess that is a good sign. They were interesting.

Wish you had a simple question and answer section. I can’t recall why Adam was in jail. I never believed he killed the little girl. I Do recall it was more complicated than that.



OK…you know what: I think that BOTH Kevin and Bella are better off without that FLAKY AND EVEN MORE ANNOYING WHACK-JOB Chloe. And that guy Harris (or whatever his name is) looks like a serial killer. Furthermore, that dude gives me the creeps!!!!!

Hey…just saying……….


Totally agree, Jaybird. I hate Chloe, she’s been the worst thing that ever happened to Kevin.


I’m so sad to see him go. I am in Portland, Or and it’s totally perfect for them. I think Kevin deserves to be happy for a while though. They destroyed the character of Chloe and then got rid of Kevin. I can’t imagine Gloria and Michael without him. I don’t want him to become another family member you only hear about on holidays like “Oh, Kevin is fine. He and Bella are spending thanksgiving in Hawaii. Can you please pass the mashed potatoes?” I’m really sad.


just reading your post… had me tearing up. shucks… the near 100% LOVE for Greg and Kevin. yeah… it’s not good when a character as affecting as Kevin is mentioned as an afterthought.

I keep referring to this sublime family as The Baldwin Troupe.. which is OK since Michael was the first one to hit town… with his feet running.. and ; isn’t it something… all the Baldwin/Fisher family will not ever let up.

just too good

Michael / Lauren / Gloria / Kevin / Finn / Bella /Chloe

I readily put Chloe with; because of how effective Elizabeth Hendrickson delivers

TPTB simply have got to understand .. that this whole lot acts 100% plus… and can spiral every other family. ie: the nuMans, Abbotts, Winters, etc…

they could easily be the first family of Genoa City… look at all the humor they would give along with top notch drama.


Elizabeth is among the best. Were you an AMC watcher?
Well, she was superlative in the dual role of Frankie and Maggie Stone ( identical twin sisters).
Bianca and Maggie were, at one point, a supercouple.
Elizabeth killed both roles. So, I will always appreciate her stellar performance and her impeccable skill in any role in which she partakes. Excellent !!


“thank you” Celia for the nice prop of EH. she just does it for me.. her presence. kinda sorta like my Liz @GH. can do no wrong? hey, let’s add Nina @GH.

oh lordy.. I am so hoping for good things for Nina this turn around when Valentin gets back. no more of this questioning their love… it’s too powerful. bowls me over.

back to Liz Hendrickson… absolutely did I watch her with Jonathon Lavery who played her abusive husband…. CHILLING. . as played by another GREAT: Jeff Branson… who was also Ronin Malloy, Nina’s son @Y&R. dag! this never ends… and played the great…Shayne Lewis on Guiding Light.

WOW this may be the first time I’ve ever ??? noticed a male actor who just brought it home in three roles !

why isn’t he back on the air ? course I’ve posted.. this is where EH, Chloe lost energy and steam… after Ronin and Chance were let go. this had all the trappings of huge payoff. do I ever miss Chance as played by John Driscoll.

Elizabeth Hendrickson… “you are my girl”


Every time I thought this horrible storyline was over, Chloe showed up again on my screen, UGH! It was like the long good-bye! My favorite scenes of this terrible storyline were those with Gloria and Kevin. I just love Gloria, and I love how fierce and vulnerable she becomes when it comes to her sons. Best of luck to Greg. I know that he will be missed.


Right? And I got the feeling we were supposed to be all excited every time Chloe jumped back into the picture.

Barbara shea

Y & R is making a big mistake bye not renewing Greg ‘s contract he is going to be missed alot


The goodbyes scenes were very well done. These fine actors always deliver. They have wonderful family chemistry. That is why I don’t understand why Y&R is marginalizing the Baldwin Fisher family. Kevin, Fen and Bella have been written off screen. Lauren has been taken off contract and backburned often (notice no goodbye scene between Lauren and Kevin). Mijchael is only used in lawyer mode. You use actors this talented. Not fire or marginalize them .


Why? So they can spew their hate!! Just a thought for one day just say a positive thought just one day!!!


Another bad mistake letting Greg go from the show. Love the Baldwin’s story lines. Greg’s character had grown so much. There was a lot of “story” there yet to tell. Only hope they keep Michael and Gloria….AND bring back Kevin…soon.


I think it’s stupid for Y&R to let Greg Rikaart go, that really doesn’t make sense at all. They have plenty of story for Kevin, and he has sooo many connections to other characters on the show. I can only think it’s for budget reasons since he’s been on the show for so long.


Blake, you must be kidding. Story for Kevin? Who wants a touching story about a single dad who made good after a horrific childhood when we can have endless discussions about Mattie’s homework, Reed’s guitar, and Charlie’s lack of brain cells? Yet another idiotic move from a clueless group behind the scenes…and behind the times.


My opinion Soaphound, make your own post about it. Also, you seem to be in the minority about this according to comments here and the other soap news websites.


Blake, I was being facetious. I actually agree with you. I thought that was clear when I called the powers that be ‘idiots’. We need Kevin/Greg to stay!


My sincerest apology Soaphound!

Tani Sterling

When I wrote on the 11th it was my sense that Greg Rikarart was leaving the program on his own volition. Had I known otherwise comments would have been more appropriate.

Kevin/Greg has taken his character a long way. Although he kind of became the detective Paul should be, he developed this hidden intellectual geek and charming persona that so many of us loved. We already loved Paul. I hope the new writer introduced is not there to take over the detective skills. It won’t bear the same charisma. Greg/Kevin was the one, not in the spotlight, we all were cheering for.

As for Elizabeth Hendrickson, she returned to a most dismal role, but as an actor she shines as one of the best.

It worries me that the viewing was just starting to be comfortable and this disruption feels a step backwards with a bit too much forward.

How I wish both Greg and Elizabeth the most fond wishes for their tomorrows.


The goodbyes were very well done. These actors always deliver. That is why Y&R is making a mistake marginalizing the Baldwin Fishers. Kevin, Fen and Bella off screen. Lauren takenoff contract and backburned so often (notice they didn’t give Lauren a goodbye scene with Kev). Michael only used when somebody needs a lawyer. And Scott doesn’t count because he is more of a Newman these days.

Tani Sterling

As one who records, think I saw the last episode with Greg and Elizabeth departing with Victor’s cautious approval. “Kevin’s” strong performance was amazing — as was the concept the writer’s employed. Thank you writer’s for leaving an open door.

Kaye holder

What a mistake getting rid of kevin what were you thinking!!!!!!!!!!

think who ever made the decision to get rid of kevin fischer obviously doesn’t


Such a bad decision to not renew his contract. What a shame!! Hopefully the new boss will bring him back!

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