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UPDATED: How is your third week without One Life to Live?



UPDATED:  So many have posted comments since we originally posted this two weeks ago and are still reeling from the loss of their favorite soap.

Back on January 16th millions of soap fans for the first time in four decades could not sit down at 1 or 2 in the afternoon to watch One Life to Live.  As well, soap fans who would watch the new episodes at night on SOAPnet, could no longer do so, with their new realigned programming lineup sans One Life. And of course, still others might TIVO the show or would watch online at  One Life could no longer be  must-see appointment television having been canceled by the network for its replacement, The Revolution.

So, how are you coping this week without your favorite show? Your extended fictional friends and family? Do you find yourself craving the show, so you want to watch old clips on YouTube?  Did you watch the final week’s episodes again? Did you find yourself reaching out to other One Life fans to share in the loss?  Or, are you simply walking around lost and feeling depressed over it?

On-Air On-Soaps wants to hear from you and how you are coping or dealing with the first three weeks without One Life to Live.  We are sure there are at least 2.8 million fans or more out there feeling the same way!


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Joe DiMaria

It sucked.


Still does, always will.


Week 1 Sucked
Week 2 Sucked sucked


This was a horrible week – I did not know what to do with myself without One Life to Live – and everything seemed to go wrong that could – I really need for this show to come back so I can have a sense of normalcy. In a means to cope, I read all of your final interviews and watched your videos so I could still feel connected to some degree. I still need to know how this Victor thing plays out! Not ready to say good bye! UGHHH!

Susan M.

Michael, the code on your site.. ITo contact you with ..I put my Name, E-mail & the code thing you have to put letters & numbers ..This code have to do before I hit the submit !!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes I miss OLTL TERRIBLY!!!!!! Feel very lost without OLTL! They were a paert of my home for years.. Joining me in my living room everydat at 2:00 p. m……….They were like family…. I love them all !!!!!!!! The Revolution is BOMBING in ratings already!!!!!!!!!! I could of told ABC that>>. their such JERKS!!! Took off the BEST SOAP OPERA EVER!!!!!!!!!! Talk more later ….


Holly said it best for all of us.

cathy trinque

I have spent many hours a day contacting Disney and ABC and talking to my facebook friends of OLTL. But I can promise one thing that I did not do was watch ABC network!!! I celebrated about the laughable ratings of the Revulsion.

jan mcgrann

you are not accepting my correct email address.This week was sad and heartbreaking.How can ABC do this to millions of loyal viewers? I will support GH and if they cancel it I will never watch ABC> I already belong to groups that are Boycotting ABC.They better take us seriously.


I’ve had a hard time this week without OLTL. But I have been watching old episodes of OLTL on youtube. Plus going anywhere to talk about OLTL and get any news about it.

Judith Sekscenski

you can watch old episodes on Youtube? Didn’t know that. I must check it out.


Ditto, except I’ve been DVRing old episodes that air at 3 & 4AM. Going to lots of chats boards & FB pages. Obsessing without it 🙁


Oh, me too. I just found out that they are running old shows on Soapnet in the middle of the night so I am DVRing them too! I am addicted to this website, I feel like I am with friends!


I’m watching old episodes on Youtube also. I’ve just gotten to the Hospital Rapist Storyline. I miss my soap!


Me too!!! To get my “fix” I’ve been watching fav John and Nat youtube episodes and tape old 1’s from soap net. I miss the wonderful stories and the great actors who brought the stories to life. Daytime tv is depressing.


It was the worst week ever!!! Going through some major OLTL withdrawals. Haven’t turned to ABC….my anger level is too high right now.


Agree-I am still so furious over all this. I cannot even stand GH-first, because it is just SO BAD right now, and second because it forces me to watch ABC & be subjected to the HIDEOUS promos for the HIDEOUS crap that ABC is so in love with. I hope I can watch my dvrs of the old OLTLS that are running on Soapnet without the same promos!


They ruined everyone’s afternoons & they couldn’t care less! ABC was the best daytime network & now it’s the worst! They took it all away so fast.

David Larsson

I watched Celebrity Ghost Stories on the Bio Channel instead.


How do I feel?! Baby Drew is one week old today and I’m never going to see him grow up!

Okay, in all seriously (actually I was sort of serious there) there is a void in my television viewing that leaves me bitter, confused and heartbroken all at the same time. Nothing can replace the familial-feel of One Life To Live. I’m trying my best to watch General Hospital, but it’s hard to get into the mob-centered stories (reason I stopped watching years ago) and connect with characters I once cherished…wait, Robin is leaving GH soon right? Oh boy…

I wish none of this had to happen.


There was definitely a feeling of sadness and frustration. I can’t figure out the rationale of cancelling any soaps when there are so many channels dedicated to specific interests like golf, history etc. Leave us our soaps! This is an art form; it truly is. I know it’s been said many times but there is always an audience for a well told story.


I totally agree. The revolution will never be watched on our TV’S how could they do this to us?


It was horrible! First they took away AW n ATWT and now OLTL! As Carolyn Hinsey says Soaps Still Matter. Look at the success of shows such as Downton Abbey! And they are rebooting Dallas for Pete’s sake! Stupid people!


I miss my show!
I started taping the old ones from soapnet.
Tried watching a few of GH. Haven’t watched in decades – it is not the same is OLTL.


No words to describe how depressing it is… I miss both OLTL and AMC so much its just wrong – i have watched these over 25 years – and my husband watched too we got double depression in this house! Yikes!

Margaret Leonardi

I agree, I have watched both AMC and OLTL since the beginning. I worked alot this week, so it kind of help me deal with the loss of it. The days I was home, it felt very strange not to sit down between 1 & 3 to watch “my stories” for the first time in over 40 yrs. I miss them terribly.


It was a sad week for me also soap fans. I initially cried the week before knowing it was going to end soon. I miss AMC & OLTL sooooooooo much. I want them back. They are my part of my family.


I try to follow many soaps in one form or another through my life. OLTL was prominent in our home but I was an ATWT guy, too. When ATWT fell, I was comforted I could return to Llanview full time, so rich its character and story canvas. I liked AMC, too, and thought it odd in the days following its finale, but then there was Propsect Park hope. Now there is not. And… OLTL meant the end of New York-based soap production and say what you will, there is something so rich and wonderful and honest about that studio tradition and actors schooled in theatre. Like so many things today — and this make me sound aged beyond my youthful 48 years — corporate entertainment giants market, grind, and shine whatever jewels they have into dust. There is not so much to the jewel. I lament the loss of daytime drama: the ongoing stories, legacy chatacters, the announcers’ voices! OLTL had one long life and for that, I am forever appreciative.


I think I miss OLTL more than any other of my cancelled shows. I wish I could see John and Natalie moving on as a family with Liam and Matthew grow into a father with Bo’s and Nora’s support.

I have tried to focus on Days and GH but there is little incentive. I will keep trying especially with Days. At least Will and EJ are keeping it interesting and I am hoping for some EJ an Sami scenes in February.

ABC failed us and failed their employees. Here’s to all the people they have put out of work at OLTL and AMC in the past 6 months.


Days destroyed the Ej/Sami potential (and they had the best one on this show since decades imo) so i am not interested anymore and of course i don’t watch !

Lisa Kane

First week sucked. I guess if MA doesn’t go over to Gh with ME then all my weeks will suck!

Leigh Ann

This week without OLTL was harder than I ever imagined it would be. I’m a reasonable, intelligent, college educated woman who grew up watching this show. I’m almost 43 & can’t remember not watching. I grew up watching with my mom & share it now with my own 4 children. It has been a part of my life, a tradition, a friend, an escape. It was fun & entertaining! Now we are blanketed with a landscape of mediocre television that greedy men & women say we want. Well, I prefer the fictional town of Llandview, Nora, Viki, Dorian, Bo, Clint and all the wonderful characters in ths great town! This week I have missed the fabulous actors, characters & stories! What OLTL has been replaced with will never be watched in my home! So I reached out to fellow fans & watched old episodes that’s far better than the Repulsion!


I totally agree I am 46 and have watched the soaps since grade school with my Mom and now I watch them with my girls. My girls and I laughed, cried and yelled at the tv while watching the soaps. I feel like I lost my best friend. I just watched the show with the Fraternity last show and sat a cried my eyes out. I just want the stories back on tv. Wake up ABC!


I totally agree!!! I’m going 2 b 42 yrs old & i didn’t think i’d take it this hard. I was wrong!!! I sorely miss OLTL. Esp now that it’s Valentines day and wonder how the couples would’ve celebrated. I keep going on soap sites and fb wondering if ABC will reverse their decision and if Nat will join GH, something??? Rgt now daytime tv sucks. So boring for this stay at home moms. It seems like Oprah was the foundation of it all. Once she left the house of daytime cards just fell.


It was hard without my OLTL. I wanted to see if Viki said, “Yes”, I wanted to see what happened with Todd/Blair, I wanted to see Natalie, Liam and John together as a famiily. I wanted to see more of baby Drew. Hell, I just want my OLTL back.

Judith Sekscenski

Ditto! Couldn’t have said it better myself!


Ditto three. I might add: I want to see Trevor/Todd (can’t call him Victor) with Tea and Dani and Dorian back when Robin’s back feels better. Would even like to see Patrick and Marty- if she acts like the old marty, not a nut case. Give me back my One Life.


Ugh i hope to see Trevor as Todd/Victor again (on GH this time it seems) but not with Tea, not a good match to me..maybe he can be paired with a GH lady, maybe Elisabeth, maybe Carly, we will see, i would be curious to watch it.


Ditto four!


I agree, I just want OLTL back.

Devoted Fan

I feel for you all. When ATWT ended, I was lost. There was a huge void. It was more than a soap or a TV show; it was the first connection that I remembered to my grandmother. And it was gone.


There is a void on my television screen, a void in my day, a void in my heart, and a void in my soul–all where ONE LIFE TO LIVE should be. The fact that “The Revolution” is failing miserably certainly pleases me to no end, but it is small consolation for the fact that OLTL is not here anymore. I’ve been keeping an archive of OLTL episodes on my computer hard drive going back several years, so I’ve been watching some of those this week, but it is not the same as looking forward to a new episode each day.

This is also my first week of my Spring semester (in college) and it has been particularly difficult to be in class all day and then come home to find that OLTL is not there to provide me a much-needed respite from the difficulties of the day. It just makes everything so much harder. It’s like the sunshine has been taken away from the day, but I have no choice but to keep muddling through it anyway.

But rest assured, I will keep fighting for OLTL, and for AMC, until they are back on the air where they belong. This first week without OLTL was difficult, and I don’t see it getting any easier, which is why the only option is to continue to fight to get them back–someway, somehow–lest the rest our days be as LIFE-less as the ones which we’ve just experienced.

Sarah StJohn

My TV stays OFF of ABC until GH comes on! Then it goes off to another station until the next GH show……In other words, ABC no longer exists except for watching GH.
And so it will go on, until they wake up over there


I’m lost without OLTL

Nancy Melman

That is how I feel. Lost without OLTL. DEPRESSING.

Angie U

I was lost without my favorite soap which I have been watching 40+ years started watching with my greatgrandmother later watched with my grandmother & mother . My son & husband claim they weren’t into watching but knew characters & would ask questions when they missed something. I also watched AMC & GH from same time but OLTL was one I looked forward to and all week I would think it’s time & then remember no it’s not on anymore. I would read all comments from others on twitter and see I wasn’t alone in my feelings. I had already started watching Y&R after AMC went off had watched some before as grandmother watched. I am trying to get into B&B and Days to support ones left it is not the same as OLTL because I knew all the background but Its better than the crap they put on ABC will never watch it, it’s is a slap in face to women. Will continue to watch GH but there is a hole in my day & my heart with OLTL gone.


definitely sucked! It feels strange not to have this soap. there is definitely a void left to fill.




Horrible. I miss my OLTL. It was the only soap I watched religiously, gave me something to do while my daughter was in school, so now my afternoons feel very empty.

cri cri
I am still pretty raw about the loss – any least little thing at all can provoke spontaneous weeping or loud lamenting. I am taken aback at just how hard this has been for me – but am also not entirely surprised. The line between real direct human attachment and the attachment we create with the imaginary or fictional is questionable. Emotionally, mind does not fully recognize the difference, ESPECIALLY when these attachments are reinforced daily over a long period of time. The pain and loss FEEL much the same as losing the daily presence of a truly beloved friend and companion. And OLTL was such a fabulously compelling and highly, if imperfectly, entertaining companion – just like most of my “actual” friends come to think of it. Those of us who are able to fully embrace the peculiarities of this art form (yes, I said it) found its pinnacle in this wonderful and crazy show, whose imperfections were part of the ride. Some of us go a little off the rails over couple preferences and TOTALLY incredulous story lines, but we also know this is an inescapable and necessary part of the package – and we could relax and ultimately embrace it. Well, I could anyway. If we always got what we wanted, even if that were at all possible, it simply would not be as entertaining – even if it makes us feel a little crazy at times. I am a puddle of RH/KDP/TnB/Manning Clan fangurlery, and believe me – that is the worst position to have been in for 90% of the last nearly 20 years. I find it hilarious when folks threaten the writers that they will stop watching if they don’t get their fave couple together pronto LOL. And the 2 Todd’s SL? Lord what an impossible but thoroughly engaging and hilarious mess THAT was!! Don’t even get me started on the volume of dropped plot points, the over-the-top torturing of the Jolie fanbase, the early exit of characters I loved (*sob* DORIAN *sob*) and the addition of those who were a total waste of MY time. I, after all, did have to concede that there are a lot of folks out there who apparently DO love the Ford brothers LOL. They all probably despise TnB so what are you gonna do? Roll your eyes, bitch and laugh your fool head off at how completely out of their minds THOSE “OTHER PEOPLE,” who are your compatriots after all, are. Learning how not to be so concrete with our expectations and personal agendas is actually a sign of good mental hygiene and the ability to enjoy life in general LOL. Well – clearly I am still pissed and sad – and in denial that anything cannot still be done to bring my lovelies back. Maybe a small piece of OLTL will live on buried within a PT version of GH. Maybe the match will light and be extinguished before we know it. Maybe there are some… Read more »

In the end, I really miss Jess/Tess/Bess & Wes the most. I love the show infinitely and it’s doubtful I’ll ever find such an awesome character anywhere else. Whaaa.
PS- I’m in mourning. Stage 3. There’s a beating waiting for my poor tv when/if
The Revolution (accidentally and by total mistake) shadows the screen. 😉


This week was very hard, watched some old episodes from the dvr, then I started watching old Bo and Nora (first date, kiss, bath tub scene, etc.) which made it even more difficult. By the way they were the best couple ever, super HOT. Overall this week sucked!!! Missing my OLTL, but super glad that the replacement show is tanking!! Llandview forever!!!

John garrison

Go ahead ABC. Destroy the entire network. I along with alot of my friends will no longer watch anything that is produced by ABC. I knew that this would eventually happened when Loving was cancelled in favor of the view. Everyone is sick and tired of the programming incompetence of the ABC network. It is filled with too many commercials anyway. There is just too much good stuff to watch on HBO,SHO ESPN Etc to watch the garbage that you put on.

Carol Painter

Well said John……..So True…..
The only good shows left on ABC..are Grey’s Anatomy…and Castle…..Body of Proof…(is that Abc??.. ) and thats it for me……
I dvr the shows…too many commercials ..I hate it…
I feel the same way about TV now…that I felt about Radio…Too much talking and ads…went to serius radio..never went back…….!
It’s to the point, that it is mostly Ads…And very little of a Program…Just commercials…Hate that!

Mary Lou

It has been very depressing. I’ve been watching DAYS, and reruns of AMC on Soapnet to cope. OLTL was a wonderful show, & the Revulsion stinks. Stupid, stupid move.

Linda Dowell

I haven’t been able to get myself to watch the last four episodes yet…they’re on my DVR and I think about it every day, and it makes me feel so sad that I don’t watch them……I do know what happens the last minute or two, because there was no avoiding it…but, I feel sick at the thought of what I’ll feel watching those last four hours, so for me, I’m still basking in the glow of it not being over quite yet.

I’d better call my therapist and make an appointment…..



Watch the last four episodes, Linda, they are wonderful. Savor them. Maybe just watch so many minutes a day to prolong the experience. It might help you grieve and accept the reality of the loss to view them.

Linda Dowell

That’s exactly what my therapist would say, David, and it would cost me $150, so thank you, that’s what I’ll do this weekend – and I’ll let you know how it goes.


Just writing this to you filled me with sad, though…..I’m sure I’m going to love it all the while I’m sad, however…I never thought I’d be this sad over the end of this show..I didn’t go through this over AMC. OLTL is so much worse. Thank you, David!


I did the same thing-I started taping every show on Nov. 23 & watched up until the last 3 or 4 shows. I finally got brave & am 1/2 way thru the last show. Watched the 1st half yesterday but started crying too much to finish. As long as I haven’t watched to the end it’s like it’s not really over . . .

Linda Dowell

I keep thinking maybe it’ll be like Firefly and we’ll get lucky – that some intelligent group will make a movie so that it can all be ended appropriately – like they did with Serenity. Maybe at least we can get that.

I cannot get over how completely stupid they are to kick a dedicated audience in the @ss to take a chance on something that may completely fail – there are many other ways they could have cut costs – or added revenue – and kept OLTL alive. It’s so insane! They’re so INEPT!!! I’m so awed and mystified by it!


Linda, it’s going to be sad and painful watching the final episodes. It was hard the first time I watched and maybe even worse last weekend when I went back and viewed them again. Every moment, every glance, every word, every smile seemed so precious, but heartbreaking, knowing the stories would never continue and that I would never see the characters again. But you are not alone and you will get through it. (Save your money for yourself. Most therapists cannot tell you anything you don’t already know or that a friend could.)


My first full week without OLTL was dismal! Now down to viewing just three shows: B&B, then DOOL and finally Y&R late in the afternoon here in St. Louis. Y&R doesn’t air in STL until 4 pm, which really sucks!


I DVR the old episodes of OLTL and watch those, but it’s just not the same! I’ve called, emailed and begged ABC to re-think this nightmare to no avail. I just hope that the horrible ratings of the replacement shows speak for themselves. It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out! Apparently the people at ABC and Disney are brain dead!!!!


Yes, it’s been exactly like a nightmare! If only we could wake up and find ourselves in Llanview again. It would be heaven.

Apparently, it does take a rocket scientist, because the executives of ABC/Disney aren’t, and look what a f—ing mess remains.


This week I thought was very hard–like I was getting withdrawal syndrome–you know feeling edgy. I really missed OLTL. I just hope my favorite charactes go to General Hospital and then that way I can get my “soap fix”.
I want John, Natalie and baby Liam to go to General Hospita to be together. If the Mannings, Tomas and John go to General Hospital, why not also Natalie and baby Liam. Is John suppose to be without his chld? If I were him, I would do whatever it takes for him, Natalie and Liam to be together.

Lisa Kane

Sooo true!


I feel like I was robbed at gunpoint. Something was taken from me…..and it feels horrible. There was no reason it should have been cancelled, and the final ratings reflect what a loyal fanbase it has and could have with proper promotion. If GH can become a telenovela primetime show, then why not OLTL? It would fit on Bravo or Lifetime perfectly, or dare I say ABC family. I bought the box set of every Dawson’s Creek, which is helping slightly, but really not being able to see Viki on a regular basis is going to put me through withdrawal symptoms. I am happy for the stars that have found work after OLTL, like HBS, and the gang going to GH. Robin Strasser is doing theater so I am excited to see that, but please tell me Erika Slezak will grace our TV screens or Movie theaters soon!


I laugh every time I read your post. Who would think grown men could miss some 65 year old lady who doesn’t exist and compare it to withdrawal? Yes, Erika Slezak as Viki was that incredible.


I deliberately keep my TV dark now every afternoon at 2:00PM. I haven’t watched CBS’ “Deal” and “Talk” since GL and ATWT got axed and now with AMC and OLTL, no way am I even allowing ole Chew and Revo to even come into my house ! I forbid it.
Yeh, sure, you can go ahead and indeed call it a boycott. Yesiree.

In addition to having lost these two ABC soaps, the terrible empty “lonely” feeling in the house each afternoon? … is awful., It’s esp. daunting to just realize there’s NO soap available AT ALL now during the 2-3 PM hour (East coast time) for the first time in years and years and years of daytime TV.

More and more, it feels like an era ( a really GOOD era!) has ended. It will never be the same. The nets couldn’t care less, either. –It’s all about the almighty $ .

Ahh heck, let’s face it……we’re ALL in mourning this week.


You are so right. Immediately after B&B goes off I am done with CBS for the day. Replacing AWTW & GL with The Talk & a hundred year old boring ass game show is every bit as insulting as what ABC did to AMC & OLTL.

About the lonely feeling in the house-I always loved having the soaps on-whether I was sitting there watching or just passing thru the room doing chores-(always recording them for later) It was like having company over that you loved every day-never feeling alone. There were days I’d watch a show live, then play the tape or watch again on Soapnet at night just for the company when my husband worked the evening shift.


Not well! This is the first time a show’s cancellation has upset me so much. No offense to other soap fans, but I’m a fan of good TV, not necessarily a blind fan of the genre. I think there have been cancelled soaps that had simply run their course, but our beloved ONE LIFE TO LIVE was not one of them. It was the highest rated soap on the network and the most acclaimed soap on television. Why was GH saved just because it happened to be an 80’s powerhouse? GL, ATWT, AMC and GH (potential) cancellations were/would be (in the case of GH) unfortunate, IMHO, but ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s cancellation was an injustice and a travesty. I’ve been catching some Y&R and DAYS on SoapNet recently. Y&R seems to be getting interesting again, though I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE for the RC/FV dream team to take over this show and restore it to its former and rightful glory. DAYS is just okay, mediocre at best. I won’t watch B&B or GH. And again, I’m sorry to other soap fans, I just don’t get why ONE LIFE TO LIVE had to be the one cancelled, while 3 of the 4 shows still on don’t even compete with our show in quality. Seems so wrong.


It broke my heart to hear Robert S. Woods (Beau) say ” I love you red” To Hillary B. Smith (Nora) in the final episode. My heart is still broken, I have watched for the whole run. Daily for the last twenty seven years. Needless to say, I would plan my day around One Life To Live. Errands and appointments would be completed only after I had ensured taping and now PVR’ing the show. The stories were great and the acting even better. I feel like part of my family is missing. I feel betrayed by DisneyABCTV. They should sell the rights to the show, so it can be aired as promised. I am now boycotting ABC and all Disney Ventures.


Sadly… it is just one more thing that has disappeared in our all to changing to fast world.

i miss it greatly


I felt like I lost a dear friend or family member all week,…..


I just noticed at the top asking how the 1st.week was without OLTL.For me it has been poor hell.It has all way’s put me in a better mood.I’ve been able to have the right to watch it untill ABC screwed us all over.All because there so greedy for more money.And with all the people in this world out of work already they hurt our favorite soap star’s also.I hate ABC & Disney for taking away our right’s to be able to watch what we love…


I missed OLTL so much. It was like missing a close friend who moved far far away, in the days before the internet and email. It’s an empty feeling, almost like a death. But I’m not willing to lose all hope yet. I’m angry that this great show, which is much better than GH (though I do watch GH) is being replaced by ABC just because it’s so profit hungry it doesn’t care what kind of garbage it gives us and tells us it’s filet mignon. Do they thnk the viewers are so stupid that they’ll like this garbage if they hype it enough? How dare they hype ‘The Revolution” at the end of our last One Life episodes. The only shows I watch on aBC now are GH and Castle. I watch old OLTL on soapnet and elsewhere online. I hope against hope that some network wil revive my 2 favorite soaps. Maybe Ron and Frank can save GH.


It’s been horrible!


It’s hard but i expected it.

I can only hope that The Revolution fails and get canceled. It won’t bring back One Life to Live. But it may save General Hospital which will be able to get a timeslot for September.


I have been watching old episodes on You Tube also! I MISS MY SHOW!! ANYONE know where I can find the episode where Tess steals Nash’s car or the Spring Fling episode? BRING BACK OLTL!


Nash wants his wallet back after Tess stole his car:


Very sad and empty without my favorite Soap :'(

Elizabeth Owens

I think that it is dispicable to take a very high-rated soap(OLTL) off of the air and give us CRAP like (THE REVOLUTION),We have invested years and years into (OLTL)and we,the loyal fans of (OLTL) will fight to get our beloved SOAP back on the air,We don’t have to watch ABC,we can go elsewhere for quality programming,and I will,until(OLTL) is reinstated,if it means switching to another NETWORK,so be it.

Little Mary

Everyday @ 1:00 I went to ABC’s website and watched episodes of OLTL. I wanted them to know that OLTL was still getting hits especially during the “The Revolution”.

“The Revolution’s” ratings have dropped steadily this week, ending I believe at a 1.4, good job soap fans!

Susan M.



My first week w/o my shows has SUCKED…..Since 1982 Ive been watching AMC,OLTL and GH..Now I hear that GH is next to be cancelled,,they said probably later this year:(….I dont understand why they are taking all our shows away…Almost all the Dramas on TV these days are Soaps—-Greys Anatomy,Once Upon A Time just to mention a few..Their all ongoing stories…..


Michael,I have no idea what the network is thinking by putting daytime drama at its best on the back shelf never to be seen again.From my perpective,Daytime drama is a moving piece of artwork.It’s always been an educational experience for young and new performers to get their feet wet.I understand about the shortage of money and all of that but you would think there are ways to get around that corner.
It’s a crying shame that One Life to Live among its predecessors had to go.We,the viewers enjoy the story more than their replacements.

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Welcome To The New Michael Fairman TV: A Note From Michael Fairman

Photo Credit: Duff Images

By now, many of you have come across and seen that Michael Fairman On Air On Soaps has evolved into the new and exciting platform, Michael Fairman TV.

I hope you take the time to tour the new site, and enjoy its new look, new features, and extended coverage; which will focus on, and include, not only your beloved daytime soap operas, but primetime television drama, a slice of reality programming, as well as popular streaming and digital series.

This site has been a long time in the making, and we’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to make this transition as smooth as possible.  As with any change, we know that it will take some time for all of us, including me, to get used to it, and adjust to it.

I truly appreciate the community that we have built for the last 10 years, and I value each and every one of you.  As with any new launch, there will be small tweaks and revisions along the way that do come up.  Our goal is to make the best user experience for you, and to bring you the news, interviews, and coverage that you expect from the Michael Fairman brand.

I know many of you are already saying you miss the old Michael Fairman Soaps, but this is an upgrade, not a demolition.  That being said, Michael Fairman Soaps was no longer sustainable as is.  The site needed to grow, evolve, change, and modernize with the times. With modernization, part of that is making the site accessible, functional on mobile phones and devices, which we now are.  While some things can’t remain the same forever, we are always interested in your input.

I am very proud and excited for this new chapter.  I hope you will enjoy everything that is to come, and I appreciate all of your loyal support.  So, let’s christen this site together and celebrate turning over a new page.

With gratitude,



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